DC Rainmaker Cave Video Tour – January 2019


It’s been almost two months since the DCR Open House, when nearly 200 folks descended on the DCR Cave to take their first look at things. And while I’d like to say that things are dramatically different – the reality is that tweaks are more minor day to day things. Effectively changing things as I need to for specific projects or same-day reasons, rather than en masse ahead of time.

Still, it’s been quite the journey. This is what it looked like prior to us moving in – part of a warehouse space that sits under another building – thus, retaining its Cave namesake.

DSC_4609 DSC_4604 DSC_5493

And construction seemed to drag on forever. Or, at least about 5 months. Which, is forever for me.

IMG_3737 IMG_3565

I noted somewhere else that they finished up the painting at 1AM the night before the long-planned DCR Open House. So…yeah, a wee bit tight!

Still, I figured I’d give folks a quick tour of the Cave as it stands today. No really, it’s quick. Like speedy. Probably too speedy. But, if you change YouTube’s settings to .75 playback speed (lower right corner), it’ll be just right!

Once I get back from Cape Town I might film a prettier one, or dig into specific areas in more detail. Plus, I’ve still gotta cover the entire bottom of the cave too!

Though, you can see some hints of that in Shane’s video from back at the Open House:

Oh, and in the event you haven’t seen the most masterful DCR Cave video to date, it’s actually one from DesFit. It’s epically awesome:

I don’t expect I’ll be topping that anytime soon. At least not until I can convince Des to come back to Amsterdam and shoot a proper cave tour. Perhaps even use some of the fancy gimbals and sliders you see in said tour above. Hmm…maybe that’s the idea!

I know the last two days have been a bit video heavy. Tomorrow we’ll return with more text goodness though with the CycleOps Hammer 2 In-Depth Review. Though, there is one video in that one…it’s when I manage to break my KICKR while comparing sound to the Hammer 2. I figured you’d make an exception for that. Gotta have a sound comparison test after all, right?

Thanks for reading (and watching)!


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  1. Neo.e92

    Congrat, Ray!

    I wish i can do the same.

    Good luck!

  2. ao

    Ray, I’m curious about your storage organization. What are those slide-out wire baskets on the walls between the shelving? Also, where do you store your (bike) tools?

    • Daniel

      I don’t know whats worse…the fact that I remember this question being asked before, or the fact that I knew where to look on this site for the answer

      Ray Maker
      December 16, 2014 at 10:46 am #47
      The storage system is called ‘Elfa’, and I found it at Leroy Merlin (our equivelant of Home Depot), here’s Elfa’s site: link to elfa.com – It looks like in the US the Container store carries it.

      The thing I liked most about it, is that all I had to drill into the wall is the single track at the top. Everything else just hangs. So there’s none of that aweful keeping each spar perfectly level while you drill it piece. Just the one top one and done. Here’s a photo I took at the hardware store showing some of the options: link to dcrainmaker.com

  3. Thomas Conroy

    You do a great job with reviews and are super prolific. My kid lives and works in Europe on a work visa. Just curious about your European residency as a self-employed blogger. Any issues?

    • When we lived in France, it was much more cumbersome. It took about 18 months to get all the visas in place for that. Lots and lots of work (and money).

      In the Netherlands though, it’s far easier due to the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. Pretty much trivial actually for a small business like ours.

  4. Congrats to Ray and family that always try their best to keep us up-to-date..!!
    Hi from Historic Marathon ..a place not to be missed
    http://www.marathonblue.com team

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