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Recon Instruments cuts Jet’s price, and actually gives back rebates to early customers

I normally wouldn’t have posted on just a standalone permanent price cut unless I felt it was of immediate interest to a large number of people.  However, I think what Recon Instruments has done is more intriguing than that.  See, … Read More Here

Recon Jet starts shipping, a look at my first month with it

Earlier this week Recon Instruments started shipping their long-awaited Recon Jet heads up display for sports, to real-life actual consumers.  Completing a journey that began just over two years ago upon announcement of the product.  In fact, a few DCR … Read More Here

Recon Jet Update: Hands on, and a discussion with their executive team

It’s been a while since I last talked about the Recon Jet around these parts, aside from passing on the occasional newsletter update.  For those unfamiliar with the product, it’s effectively a heads up display of sorts with a sports … Read More Here

Recon Jet: Hands on with the endurance sports heads up display

While the Recon Jet was introduced this past spring, it’s a project I’ve been following for quite a long time. I first sat down with the company over a year ago to talk about what athletes would want in a … Read More Here

Recon Instruments previews cycling heads-up display

Today Recon Instruments gave a small sneak peek  of their upcoming heads up display unit aimed at cycling.  And by ‘small sneak peek’, I mean a single image, with a handful of text.  Perhaps ‘very small sneak peak’ was more … Read More Here

An epic week skiing in the French Alps

This past week my brother and I have been down in Alpe d’Huez enjoying the fresh powder.  Of course, most folks reading this will recognize Alpe d’Huez as the famous mountain stage in the Tour de France.  That cultural history … Read More Here

Behind the Scenes at Recon Instruments

I’m never one to turn down the opportunity to chat with folks in the sports technology industry about what all of you want in consumer products.  So last Thursday night I made a beeline for the airport, first catching a … Read More Here

New products, cold runs…and homemade cheese balls!

After getting back from Vegas on (yet another) redeye and going straight to work, I was exhausted come Thursday evening and Friday.  Which might explain why I managed now almost three straight days of falling asleep early, and sleeping really … Read More Here

CES 2012 Health and Fitness Gadget Roundup: Part I

I spent a crazy busy 24 hours in Las Vegas on Wednesday, as part of speaking at a session/panel on Wednesday there (which I’ll be posting on here shortly).  During that time I talked to just about everyone that I … Read More Here