DCR Cave Winter Open House Registration Is Now Open! December 3rd, 2022

Yup, you read the title right! It’s the annual winter DCR Cave Open House! With the event right around the corner, we have lots to do, but first, we need to know how many beers to buy! So don’t wait around, go ahead and get registered now! This is our 7th annual winter open house (plus the summer one we did this past July).

Here’s the first, second, thirdfourth, fifth, 1st summer edition, and sixth DCR Open Houses!

The last open house (2019, pre-Covid) was massive! Nearly 200 people showed up, despite strong and windy sideways rain (in other words, just another Saturday in Amsterdam). Additionally, last time the open house registration filled up super quick (we’re capping it again), though we will have a waitlist again, just in case someone else decides they have something better to do (what?!?).

As with all years, the event is broken up into two basic pieces: The morning run, and the evening open house party. First up in the morning we’ll head out for a group run. We’ve been mostly lucky each year with the weather…ignoring the one time it was well below the freezing point. So hopefully the trend holds true. The run is ‘no-drop’, so nobody is left behind, and we’ll do about 10KM at a fun pace, stopping to take a few photos along the way.

After that it’s a great time to explore Amsterdam for the day, especially if you’re coming from out of town (about 30-40% of folks last year came from around beyond the Netherlands, and even the US!). A lot of people make a fun weekend out of it. Come in Friday after work, enjoy the Amsterdam nightlife, do a morning run and then spend the weekend seeing the sights. Your significant other is more than welcome at the Open House!

The open house portion is where you’ll explore the DCR Cave, and all the goodness inside of it. You’re welcome to come check out all the cool gear and test out a smart bike or two! Or, you can just stare into the ever-bright overkill amount of studio lights.

We’ll be doing a live recording of sorts, like we have the past few events, including a bulky Q&A section for all your questions. It should be lots of fun!

Of course – there’s an endless supply of beer and wine. I think we had more than 800 servings at the last winter event. Seriously folks, you know how to party! Oh, and the instigator serving all those beers is The Girl – she will be holding down her now assumed role for the evening- bartending:

Plus of course, everyone can just chat and catch up. With a few special guests roaming around, and myself, we will be ready for all the geek-talk you can imagine!

And lastly, we’ll have a giveaway. It wouldn’t be complete without an epic giveaway!

Looking for recaps of years past? No problem, ask and you shall receive! First up the complete event recap 2018 (put together by Des):

And then Shane (GPLAMA) put together a preview walk-through of the DCR Cave about 90 minutes before the open house. You can still see us all working as efficiently as possible to set things up before everyone arrived.

And then Des delivered hilarity on the highest order of magnitude with this short video:

With that – I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there, hit up the registration link down below to get started!


For the Open House:

Date: Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 – 7PM (19:00)
Location: Exact location sent via e-mail to registered folks a few days ahead, but near the VU Medisch Centrum (VU University Medical Center/Hospital) in Amsterdam Zuid
Closest Tram Stop: VU Medisch Centrum – Tram Line #24 (2-minute walk)
Bike Parking: Plenty, more than you’d know what to do with
Car Parking: There is limited parking in the general vicinity
Food: We’ll have various appetizer & dessert items…and lots of beer and wine!
Price: Free!

For the DCR Group Run:

Date: Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 – 9:30AM
Address: We’ll start somewhere more central Amsterdam, likely from near the western side of Vondelpark
Price: Also free!

This group run will take us on an approximately 10KM route around Amsterdam. While the famous IAmsterdam sign in front of the Rijksmuseum is no longer there (2018 we managed a group photo the day before they removed it!), we’ll certainly try and find an equally iconic spot for the annual group photo. And ya never know, maybe the roaming signs will be within running distance!

Like years past we’ll have a place for you to store any bags/clothes/Haribo you want to leave during the run. Actually, scratch that – I can’t guarantee secure Haribo storage, but for everything else I’ve got ya covered!

Upon return, we’ll have some goodies to help you replenish your nutrition for a few hours. And again, we’ll leave nobody behind on the run – so fear not!

Get Registered!

For the open house simply use the form below to sign-up (just so we can figure out how much cheese, beer, and wine to buy…and cupcakes(?) to make!). We’re using a different registration system this year, which I hope will make things way easier (mainly for me, but also for you). If you want to register multiple people (such as your lovely significant other), you can do that via adding a second ticket, or just filling out the form twice – once in their name. Plus, it’ll make it easier for us to send you updates along the way.

We also have DCR products for sale on the website, which you can pick up at the door of the event on December 3rd. Free Shipping!


I’ll use the e-mail provided to send the final details (and a reminder) as we get closer to the date. See ya there!

Note: Folks from various sports tech companies are of course more than welcome! Just be sure to bring enough devices for everyone. Kidding! For real, you’re more than welcome to come!


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  1. Evert

    Count me in :)

  2. Joe

    This is literally the day I’m moving from USA to Germany and landing in Amsterdam. My wife would probably be mad if I told her to take the cats and drive to Düsseldorf alone… But I’m still tempted.

    • I mean, I could see a 6AM landing in Amsterdam, then grab the car and swing by Amsterdam for a nice shake-out run in the morning and some waffles, and then get on the road to Germany. See – problem solved!

  3. Colin Glogauer

    Hi, please unsubscribe me from the newsletter.

  4. Henrik

    The Open House event indicates that 2022 is almost over. Will we be getting a “State of Sports Tech” video this year? I have really enjoyed those videos!

  5. JimC

    Gutted – was in Amsterdam just this weekend, no way I can be back there so soon…

  6. Willem Vink

    Ik wil graag naar het open huis komen.

  7. Jim Hughes

    Shame you couldn’t fit Amsterdamse Bos parkrun in with the run – link to parkrun.co.nl

    It’d give the truly competitive a chance for a blast before the fun part of the run.

  8. miCoachFans

    best wish from China.

  9. Demi Duivenvoorden

    sign up

  10. SwimNbike

    Missed another opportunity being abroad!!

    Sure would like to try to make it to one of those, while you folks are still in Amsterdam!

    Have fun!

    and so close to Sinterklaas!