DCR Summer 2019 Open House & Ride Recap Photos


A hop, skip, and two weekends ago was the first ever summer DCR Open house. Technically the 6th open house if counting all the previous Paris and Amsterdam events, but this one was quite different in that it was held on a warmish summer morning/afternoon rather than the usual miserable rainy and cold December evenings. And we did our first ever group ride.

Of course, we also kept to tradition with plenty of giveaways, cupcakes, beer, and an assortment of food (despite our butcher’s best attempts otherwise). Oh and yup – both GPLAMA (Shane Miller) and DesFit made the trek over as well. The event wouldn’t be complete without them!

The Morning Ride!

Ever since the very first Paris open house we’ve always done a morning run. But with Amsterdam being the cycling mecca it is, we figured it was time to break the mold and organize a group ride. This of course was fraught with ways it could go horribly wrong: It could heavily rain out (always complicated with a group of mixed abilities and nobody knowing each other), we could get lost (despite my 6 GPS devices), we could run out of windmills to take photos of, or a drunk cow could get loose and crash into the group. All totally plausible. Thankfully, most of that didn’t happen.

We met at the The Cave around 9AM, with the intention of setting out at 9:30AM. I had rented a slew of bike racks from the folks behind the TriHard triathlon series. Turns out that finding places to rent bike racks for events in the Netherlands is surprisingly difficult. The bike infrastructure here is so good that most business already have racks out front. But holding 50-75 largely high end ‘race/road’ bikes is a bit different.

2019-07-13 09.12.55 HDR 2019-07-13 11.19.27 HDR

The folks at Precision Hydration (our first and newest FIT File Podcast sponsor!) also hooked everyone up with piles of hydration product (and a 15% discount, also findable in the podcast show notes), woot! We’d be recording a live podcast session a bit later. But more on that in a minute.


And everyone that came got a DCR water bottle as well. My latest order had just arrived the day before, as we had gone through the majority of the previous order (no, Tacx didn’t sponsor this or anything else, we bought these).


While I was out running errands, Des, Shane, and Von decided to build the Great Wall of Bottles. No relation to any other built or unbuilt walls.

2019-07-13 09.15.13

With everyone all set we did a quick ride briefing before heading out. The usual: Stops required at all windmills for photos, avoid hitting small or large livestock, and keep things rubber side-down.


Then we headed out and crossed the street a few hundred meters away to allow everyone to get proper GPS reception.

Can’t have no bad GPS reception tracks for the start of an event like this (the DCR Cave is literally under a gigantic concrete building, GPS reception is a non-starter).

2019-07-13 09.36.41

After that it was off to the countryside! It’s only a 5-8 minute ride until we were riding along the Amstel River towards our first windmill. Due to just enacted regulations in the Netherlands, I was careful to properly stop my bike before taking any photos. Thus there are slightly less photos than you might otherwise see.

We had split the ~55 people who signed up for the morning ride (like usual, only a portion of the people signed up for the ride) into two groups. I’d lead the first, while Shane and Des rodeoed the second group. We spaced them only about 2-3 minutes apart, enabling us to get one big group picture in front of the first windmill we saw, easily:


Once that was complete, it was back to the river and out along the famed Ronde Loop for our journey. It was great rotating through the group and chatting with everyone. The roads out there are super quiet any day of the week, but especially on a Saturday morning. Usually only a couple of cars is what you’ll see.

2019-07-13 10.06.23 HDR

I sprinted ahead a bit to get a shot of the first group rolling past:

2019-07-13 10.23.35

I think at some point there might have been a sprinkle for a few seconds, but we lucked out weather-wise. Later in the day it’d get a bit sunnier. But hey, it wasn’t raining! Here’s a few shots of the second group rollin’ on by!

2019-07-13 10.35.59

After which I did my best interval impression to catch back up to the main group. Thankfully a few folks in there knew where they were going, so we didn’t have any navigational fails.

And of course, here’s another windmill shot:

2019-07-13 10.51.56

Can never have too many windmill shots in any Strava upload from the Netherlands.  We all cruised back to the DCR Cave around 11AM, separated by only a few minutes and without any livestock issues (that I’m aware of). Though Shane did post to Instagram stories a surprisingly long interaction with some baby farm animals.


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Meeting some of the locals on the DCR Open House bunch ride today. #dcropenhouse

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See, it’s like you were there on the ride!

The Open House:

With everyone back from the ride, The Girl was running the bar and there was an assortment of goods out and about to eat.

2019-07-13 11.46.13

She had made something like 500 or so cupcakes, which is apparently only barely enough for 150 hungry athletes. Pic of that a bit down below.

Though, it didn’t entirely help that our butcher (who was doing the BBQ’ing) was following in step with technology companies in terms of product delivery delays. They were supposed to deliver some 800 wings at 10:30AM. Reality: 150 wings at 11:20AM, with the rest ‘to come over the course of the afternoon’. Sigh. No matter how much planning you do and double-checking you can’t win them all.

While people were out and about eating goods downstairs, they were also exploring the main portion of the DCR Cave upstairs. The downstairs is essentially a warehouse space, while the upstairs is where all the gadget goodness awaits!

I had both a (final production) Tacx bike there for folks to try side by side with a Wattbike Atom. Downstairs was the KICKR+CLIMB, and the CycleOps H2 with their prototype rocker plate.

2019-07-13 12.30.53

All in, guests would do some 18.3mi/29.5km on the Tacx bike during the afternoon:

2019-07-13 16.08.52

Of course, we also had a pile of giveaways from Clever Training UK/Europe as well. They sent over a bunch of watches, though, we also had a bunch of extra leftover watches from the December open house after a some shipments got caught up in the mail and a few last minute shipments were sent to try and make the event. More for everyone then!


We first gave away an Edge 530 to people that went on the ride in the morning, and then from there we did random giveaways for most of the remainder of items. This also included a sweet set of prize packages by Precision Hydration as well.

However, there were two watch giveaways I did based on people’s posts of photos to social media with the correct tag. For the first one I gave away a set of his and her watches to Magda & Michael – partially for their great photo, but also because while they had lined up a rental bike for the morning ride (they were backpacking across Europe), the rental company fell through. So instead they got pulled into The Girl’s volunteer prep crew getting all sorts of things ready during those two hours. From cutting vegetables to organizing cupcakes. They were awesome!


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Enjoying “The Cave” #dcropenhouse #nomadexplorers #netherlands #amsterdam

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Then I gave another pile of goodies out to Paul Waye for his great gallery from the ride:


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Photo impressions of #dcropenhouse (Yep. I still plogged) . Narrative for the photos 1. “Err, guys.. cycle on the right side of the road and respect the Dutch law”. Ray lists the disclaimers 2. Des has calves the size of babies . Big babies 3. Back of the pack. Great chats with riders and Shane 4. Uh oh.. am I last?! 5. Stop for group photo with mandatory windmill 6. My fav picture.. spot the children’s paintings on the back of the garage door. Ray is also a proud dad 7. I never do sport without a bit of a plog. But some lovely clean roads I have to say 8. But there is always a red bull can somewhere on the ground 9. Back at the DCRainmaker cave. Err, Ray.. that is a whole box of GoPros dude! . . Still loads more action, so I may post another batch . . #instagood #body #vegancyclist #stravaphoto #cyclingphotos #cyclingshots #cyclingpics #stravaphoto #cycling #instacycling #stravaphotos #cyclingphoto #dutchlife #holland #plantbasedcyclist #velo #cycliq #captureeverything #besafebeseen #ploggingnetherlands #ploggingnederland

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Though there were plenty of other great tagged photos on Instagram as well. So here’s a few:


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#dcropenhouse Mmmm, cupcakes view on life

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#DCROPENHOUSE in Amsterdam! Mmmmm…… Chicken wings.

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With the first round of giveaways set, it was time to start a ‘live studio audience’ recording of The FIT File podcast. We’ve never done that before, but it turned out awesome. We had our usual run of weekly sports topics, including our visits to both the Tour de France and Giro Rosa that week, as well other news like the Strava/Relive fiasco. But after each one we took audience questions on it. Then at the end we took any other random questions.


It went really well! And you can listen to the full episode here on the podcast page (or via your favorite player).

2019-07-13 13.21.00

Once that was all wrapped up it was late afternoon and time to call it a day!

However, once again like years past I need to leave you with a pic of Harry and I. He’s made it to 5 out of 6 DCR Open Houses AND Open House Runners/Riders – the current record holder! Plus, he won something this time around. Also, he has an amazing cookie monster cycling jersey:


Oh – wait – a huge thanks as well to Des of DesFit for all his help. Sure, he ate the leftover cupcake icing:

2019-07-12 19.48.15

But he also jumped into the recycle bins too, and did countless other less than desirable things cleaning up.

And then there’s The Girl as well – who organized almost everything at the DCR Open House. From painting the entire place in the couple weeks prior (compare it to back in December), to baking all the cupcakes, to going and getting all the food and organizing vendors, giveaways, etc…

2019-07-12 19.59.04

Then of course there’s Shane and Von. They both did tons of setup and during event things, including stealing the yellow jersey Tour de France Tacx Neo 2 trainer from Tacx. I guess he thought it’d fit in his luggage or something. In turn we stole a few more pallets from our neighbors and built a fancy stand for it.

2019-07-12 17.48.42

And last but definitely not least – thanks to Erin and her husband Dawie (both readers and close by friends). They made it so you can pee in the dark. Or rather, not be in the dark. The lighting fixture in the bathroom died and Dawie came in on emergency call to not only replace that light, but wiring up secondary light now. Let there be crap lighting! I mean, the lighting is great. Never mind, you know what I mean.

And in case you were wondering – the last set of wings from the butcher finally came as we were closing up. So we took them home and had dinner on the floor, campfire style. Donut plates optional.

2019-07-13 17.14.42-1

With that – looking forward to seeing everyone in December for the annual winter version. We’ll aim to finalize the dates earlier in the fall this year, but historically it’s been the first Saturday of December, with a run in the morning too.

And of course – a huge thanks to everyone who flew, drove, trained, or peddled to the event – in some cases from very, very, very far away. It was awesome meeting and chatting with everyone! I’m always humbled by getting the chance to talk with all the people behind the screens that quietly (or otherwise) read and watch my ramblings.

Thanks again!


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  1. Frank

    OMG, New peanut coming up ??? congrats!!!

  2. made a little video of the morning ride.

    link to youtu.be

  3. Woooooohoooooo.. got a mention!!

    Slight correction though. I got a t-shirt and resistance bands, not a watch (just in case my son is wondering why he doesn’t have a cool new GPS haha).. the t-shirt is awesome though. I seriously have it on right now!!
    Clever Training should get into clothing. It is super soft.

    The day was so much fun. Looking forward to the next one.. and even more so.. the Santa run!.. with plogging happening at both events! ?

  4. John

    Hello Ray,
    The event looks wonderful. Congrats to everyone who participate on the preparation :)

    Two questions:
    Are you already preparing a review for the Tacx Neo Smart Bike?
    Do you know when we can expect the product to be available for public (EU region)?

    I am waitining for it for quite some time so now I got a feeling that it actually may become a reality :)
    Kind Regards,

    • Yup, I am preparing a review on the Neo bike – but I’m also holding to my guns on not really publishing anything (one way or the other) until units start going out the door to real-life people (orders). I don’t know when that is exactly, though I did e-mail them last night about it. I suspect I’ll hear back sometime today assuming folks aren’t on vacation.

      Typically speaking Tacx (and Elite) usually will take the first week or two of production and then put them in containers to head across the pond to North America, since that takes 3-5 weeks to get there. Once that’s done, then usually weeks 3+ are for Europe. I know they’ve been in production, but at the same time that’s been the case on and off since April or so. Just been a few revisions along the way.

      Hang tight! Once I have word that units (in mass) have left their facility for 3rd party distribution/retail, then I’ll need a few more days to wrap things up. I’ve been using a variety of units since back in April, so got a mostly good handle on it. As always just want to ensure though that what I have right now is exactly what people are getting (which, I believe is the case since my latest unit is from a few days prior to the open house).

    • Justin

      me too. I can’t wait to read the review on this. I’ve even provisionally factored the cost into my new pain cave (the justification being that my version of The Girl might use it but doesn’t have a suitable bike for putting on a normal turbo)

  5. Dave Lusty

    Why has nobody ever mentioned the Neo bags before?! I didn’t even know they existed but will make this thing so much easier to store over summer.

    • Wait, you store your trainer over the summer? ;)

      See…that there is the problem!

      Funny, I’d actually never seen one before either until just the week prior when I saw some pics of them bagging up the special NEO’s.

  6. Thijs

    Whoah! You actually had iced cupcakes this time around! And chairs! If I’d have known I would’ve showed up :P
    Nah, just kidding. Life was slightly more important that weekend. I’ll be sure to come to the Winter event again!

    Veeeeery nice giveaway prizes by the way, big props to CT, Garmin and others for showing their promo-muscle there. That’s the kind of stuff that gets your name out there.

    And last, but not least, lots of fun people around once again, it looks very “gezellig” :)

    • Haha…yeah, this time we had slightly more time for setup than the 6-8 hours we did last time (since construction had finished). Thus, the icing made it from the mixer to the cupcakes (last time, it sat in the gondola, untransferred).

      Just a minor note – but no sponsorship from Garmin. It’s just what Clever Training happened to send over (tends to be the most popular items to give away). They had sent a small batch of newer stuff (FR245 Music, Edge 530, and something else), but I still had two extra batches of stuff from back in December (some FR35’s, Fenix 5s, etc…). So decided to pull those out and give them away too as they’d been sitting in the boxes since then. :)

  7. ReHMn

    Happy Birthday, Ray!
    and congratulations BB!… is there a boy on the way?

    • Thanks!

      Peanut #3 will be joining her sisters. :)

    • Karl

      Ray vs. 4 females, er, 5 (sorry Lucy).

      You are seriously outnumbered at home. ;)

    • Michiel Sinke

      Hi Ray,

      Congratulations! Like your site and read a lot of your posts.
      You inspired me to finish my first (1/8) triathlon.

      Now I see we share the same birthday!

      All the best!


    • ReHMn

      The Urban Arrow bike was designed for 3 kiddos, however, it is manageable up to 6…

    • Yeah, it’s easy with 3 kids (and a dog) in the Urban Arrow. Four is trickier since the Urban Arrow specifically (the bigger of the two pictures) doesn’t have a mid-seat like some other models. Instead it has a front bench option and a rear bench option. The front bench option though doesn’t have shoulder straps like the rear bench, rather, just a single lap belt across the entire thing. Not a huge issue if the kids are trustable to not try and escape.

      Of course, if you’re just tossing kids in the bucket, then we can go way beyond four. :)

  8. Thank you Ray for your work.
    The idea of the Open House is a perfect one!
    I hope you will do this for many years, so that I can make it to this event sometime.

    Greets from Austria :)

  9. Alistair Flack

    Aw man, one day I’ll be there – looks like you all had an awesome time and it just…sounds…wholesome!

    That last pic with Shane, des and the kids makes me think of Thor ragnarok – ‘he’s a friend from work!’

    Happy days

  10. jay

    off topic…will you have a review soon of Haloneuro hesdphones?
    thank you

  11. Floris

    Looks great! Hope to join next time!
    Question: who are the guys in the orange jersey with the dutch flag on the back and on the trousers… (GS or CS something on the back…)?
    Looks like a cool club!


  12. Erin

    Dawie and I are super impressed you spelt his name right ? was fun and always willing to help out ?

  13. Michael Wangrat

    Thanks for having us ;) Was great time and happy to meet you all

  14. That was a year ago. This year was much more quiet. Probably something to do with the virus.
    In any case, I was there. As usual :-)
    link to strava.com