The Love You Wanted: $600 Gadget Giveaway


What’s that?  Your Valentine’s Day was a bust?  No worries, I’m here to try and cheer ya up.  It’s your opportunity to win something you’ll really love (which, may be in addition to someone else you love).

The winner will get a $600 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 HR to a GoPro Hero4 Black to a water bottle to the PowerTap G3 Hub Power Meter (all of which are under $600!), or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever warms your heart.

How to enter:

Simply let me know what was on your training log for last weekend from a workout perspective.  Quick and easy!

Try to make it more than a few words (i.e. not just ‘10K’), so you’ll avoid the SPAM holding tank (I manually clear it out). And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of old SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Saturday, February 20th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Mario Ritschard

    Did a 35k very runhappy Longrun just yesterday

  2. Vitaliy

    Getting over my pneumonia. Still trying.. unsuccessfully

  3. Rob Montgomery

    Simple plan, just getting in 10k steps. Currently in weight loss mode!

  4. Jason Hughes

    Three days in Switzerland riding my cyclocross bike. First day 20 miles; second day 62 miles with 8,000+ feet of elevation gain; third day 40 miles with 6,000+ feet of elevation gain. Mud, snow, wind and rain…great time!

  5. Matt Schmidt

    Got up to 40 miles for the week with a 15-miler on Sunday.

  6. Murphy

    My training log has consisted of rest and light walking to recover from hernia surgery.

  7. Blaine Boxwell

    I ran 12 miles Saturday morning before the temps dropped to -stupid degrees F. Forecast for Sunday was -5F with wind chills to -35F, so Sunday was strength training inside

  8. Niklas Johansson

    17k i strong winds and wet snow.

  9. Geoff hancox

    Last weekend I swam with my tri club, 10 times 100m on 2.00mins

  10. Josh

    I ran 5 days, 3 easy, 1 track workout, 1 long run. Race next Saturday!!!

  11. Daniel Viens

    5k speed workout on Saturday and a 50minute technique workout (one leg drills, high candence intervals, etc.) on the trianer on Sunday.

  12. Jonathan Martel

    Nothing, really, nothing on the schedule. It was the begining of my taper week. A week-end of with lots of food ans wine. Really good for the mood, but not for the stomach!

  13. Nick14

    Lots of Netflix and time on the trainer

  14. 10km run. And swam 1,5km. It was a busy week at work. And I still have a sore ankle. And it’s cold and raining. (Yes that’s more excuses than actual training…)

  15. Amie

    6 mile easy run.

  16. Jesse

    Even Steven on Saturday and 22k easy run on Sunday… The usual formula for weekends is tempo/intervals on Sat, long run on Sun.

  17. Lynn

    Paddleboarded over to Deerfield Island Park and transplanted mangroves and harvested mangrove propagules (yes, it’s a real word). Paddled back.

  18. Axel Klaus

    Just did a spinning session and watched the gunners against Leicester

  19. Most of the winter has been pretty vegetative. But just outside of a week ago, I hiked around the world heritage site Teotihuacan near Mexico City. Climbing up and down the pyramids there was a good workout.

    Last week, work emergencies and weather prevented any training.

    Tomorrow I am leading a wet and muddy Fat bike ride for our local club.

    I hope that counts.


  20. wb

    A couple of hours of steady Z4 on the trainer and some kettlebell swings.

  21. Mike L

    Gordo burn’s. Core block modified for 70.3. Two 70.3s in 2 1/2 days

  22. Saturday: 55km@233W Zwift Richmond
    Sunday: 100km@238W Zwift Watopia
    Power from the Vortex, which might not be accurate but still much better than my Stages, which turned out to be worse than useless (no metrics are better training input than completely wrong metrics…).

  23. Jonathan Street

    Just working out in the gym nothing fancy!

  24. sophie

    Well, let’s say that’s vacation time. So it was an off week… but if skiing counts I could add a few ski hours each day of the week to my training log.

  25. Jack Jones

    60k CompuTrainer workout with 75-80% FTP interval

  26. kyle

    12.February 2016
    Run: I did 10,4 km in 0:59:29. Pace 5:51 min/km.
    Swim: I did 2.000 m in 1:00:00. Pace 03:00 sec/100m.

    13.February 2016
    Run: I did 15,0 km in 1:16:43. Pace 5:16 min/km.

    14.February 2016
    Run: I did 22,7 km in 2:03:52. Pace 5:31 min/km.


  27. TheHut

    2h fast group ride on Saturday
    2,5h LSD ride on Sunday

  28. Blair Faulk

    Going up and down the stairs bringing stuff to my sick family!

  29. JF St-Amour

    3h MTB saturday, 1h30 progressive run Sunday

  30. Ježo

    Well, there was a rainy period in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, so my only “weekend” workout was on Friday evening. It was 12km run in the Chřiby hills range, most of the workout was along the Koryčany dam. I did not run far into the hills, just because of mud everywhere.

  31. Mindoza

    1 hour in a gym, 1 hour for a run 😉

  32. Alejandro

    2 x 1 hr run,

  33. Paul Niekrasz

    100k tempo ride on saturday and another on sunday. Also 20 min yoga core workout on saturday

  34. Ty

    My wife treated me to a Garth Brooks concert. My workouts consisted of morning calisthenics. Nothing fancy

  35. Raul Montelongo

    9 mile run

  36. Clint Lehman

    Working through Boston training with my wife 39 weeks pregnant so a 20 treadmill run and a 8 mile recovery run.

  37. Niek

    Last sunday, a swim with Trionysos. And on monday and wednesday a running training with my runteam

  38. Mark Pruim

    Fat biking snow covered gravel roads, 45 miles, 17 degrees. Not the easiest ride but beats the trainer any day.

  39. Vidar Fjelltun

    One trail run on snow and in fantastic weather early in the morning, and one long run on sunday.

  40. Morten Saey

    Tomorrow cyclocross, yesterday a 70k road bike ride together with my girlfriend. Rest of the week was just commuting.

  41. Derek

    Short run on Saturday and then an easy one hour on the trainer on Sunday.

  42. Oleg D

    5 mile pace run on Saturday. Sunday was too cold to go outside, so I did 11 miles on the treadmill.

  43. Pete R.

    One session of cross country skiing each day, before the snow melts.

  44. Eric Simpson

    Today was a 20k low speed distance in icy rain, and sludgy roads

  45. Declan Ruane

    No training alas because a few days before I stacked it at 25mph and broke my thumb into small pieces.

  46. Den

    Tempo run today and a long run tomorrow. Business as usual 🙂

  47. Will Wright

    Steady 38 Miles on the bike. Followed by a cupple of pints at the pub.

  48. Andrew

    Sunday long run, Monday easy run with strides, Tuesday intervals, Wednesday rest, Thursday easy run, Friday 20 minute tempo and then a relaxing Saturday.

  49. Art Morse

    1 hour LSD run.

  50. Adrian Collins

    7.5 mile run on dark, muddy trails illuminated by head torch with my hound and also some running club buddies on Thursday night. Another 7 miles or so running on road and trail this morning in the rain just to prove that adverse weather can’t stop the fun.

  51. Damon Brinson

    Easy running miles building base. Strength training: core, upper, lower.

  52. Darlene

    Training for Boston. Saturday was a 7 mile MP run and Sunday was a 17 mile long run.

  53. Veronica

    Training called for a recovery week – went snowboarding.

  54. Aldo

    I went for a 90min run at Z3

  55. Jeff B

    1 hour interval trainer ride, 3 hour trainer ride, 1:45 swim.

  56. Steven

    Last weekend was a 2 mile run friday night
    10 mile ride on saturday
    Played 5a side football on sunday
    Still trying to get my fitness back

  57. Went for a 60km tempo ride and I was feeling pretty great, love to ride outside.

  58. Kay Estes

    I’m recovering from a stress fracture so Saturday was gym day. One hour spin class then weights. Sunday was an easy 45 minutes on the trainer.

  59. Mike

    2000m swim with my tri training group, 25mi basement bike ride and 10k run

  60. Joe R

    X-Country ski for 50 minutes and hit the computrainer for 45 minutes next day.

  61. Ermanno

    I hope to do a good lap training with my friends

  62. JB

    Bad weather down there, so easy run for 1 hour and relax.

  63. Jon

    15km slow-ish distance run followed by a 5km short distance progression run the next day (parkrun) and then a rest day.

  64. Damien

    No training… Ski week !

  65. Lars

    Ran a 20 k race in way too warm conditions. Tough.

  66. juan

    i did a 90km bike ride in la sierra de madrid

  67. Julian

    Sat, 7 mile Trail/cross country run. Sun, 37 mile road ride

  68. Arash Fallah

    Been doing interval training on stationary bike for the past 2 weeks on weekdays.
    Also some weight training and stretching to rehab my right ankle that was dislocated 7 months ago

  69. Sebastien

    80km ride and 15km run around Longchamp

  70. Marco

    I have some knee problems, so long swimming sessions, and some gentle biking on the turbo

  71. Joakim

    Did Sufferfest Blender

  72. Daniel Devine

    Swam bike and ran 3 times each. Also did weekly core workout!…in building base period for the worlds highest 70.3 in September!

  73. Dave Swindells

    Parkrun, kids swimming lessons

  74. I didn’t get much done, I only went for a 7k run at a steady pace.

  75. Ken G

    Ran a Valentine’s Day 10k with the wife and a family 2 mile trail run prepping for our local off road series.

  76. Christian

    16 mile cycle, the first of the year:(

  77. Alberto

    01:05 hours of bike, 40′ uphill and then down (16.73 Kms), getting ready to do the 40 kms up, to get to the skies resorts before winter.

  78. Mark R.

    Started with a 5K in the rain at the Oxford ParkRun which while sunny was a bit chilly at just 3℃. Then an evening of indoor climbing at the local wall.

  79. Melisa Boyvat

    Ran couple of miles/day

  80. Doug S

    Base workouts with TrainerRoad.

  81. Couple of zwift rides (cold here) but then managed an outdoor ride today – first in a couple of weeks. Psyched.

  82. A. Fader

    Easy five mile run. Not in racing shape lately.

  83. Daisy

    almost nothing 🙁 i was working this week end.
    just a little jog.

  84. Rhonda

    Yoga, 1 hour wind trainer, 1 hour run

  85. Scott L

    Core workout, long walk and a lot of playtime with the kids.

  86. mindux

    14 km run and ~500 m swim.

  87. Toni T

    Sat: Recover
    Sun: 21km (3h) offroad run in ankle deep wet snow. First 2h HRavg > 170, last hour slow crawling. 400m vertical.

  88. Ivanneman

    Rest as i traveled back from Las Vegas where I have been cycling on Mountains Rovers Loop, Red rock canyon an Zion National park.

  89. Oliver

    I would love to surf the Clevertraining site for a full day planing how to spend $600 😉

  90. Fernando

    A really muddy 30km trail run 😉

  91. Simon

    Nothing at all as I am laid up with a broken ankle.

  92. Robert

    Quad grinding ride up High Grade in Colorado.

  93. Spencer Oswald

    Hey i ran a bit and i started moving boxes and that was quite a good workout!

  94. Manu

    I did my longest run yet, a little over 25K. 🙂

  95. Patrick

    Leg day at the gym! Squats, dead lifts, lunges, and leg presses with alternating isolated movements at each set.

  96. RDH1

    I did a good 70 minutes on the Elliptical on Saturday. Then, I took Sunday off. An old man has to rest every now and then.

  97. J Jugdev

    Rollers, Rollers and a 70k slow ride with the lads

  98. Nick

    I did two interval workouts on the trainer.

  99. stephen N

    No workouts last weekend, full on converting garage to gym and utility room. Made up for it tuesday big style. 90 mins turbo and 10 k on treadmill. Top base training. Big confidence builder for my 2nd olympic tri later in year. Aiming to improve rather than finish

  100. Greg

    Still recovering from surgery and it was barely above 10 degrees out, so does walking around my house count?