The Love You Wanted: $600 Gadget Giveaway


What’s that?  Your Valentine’s Day was a bust?  No worries, I’m here to try and cheer ya up.  It’s your opportunity to win something you’ll really love (which, may be in addition to someone else you love).

The winner will get a $600 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 HR to a GoPro Hero4 Black to a water bottle to the PowerTap G3 Hub Power Meter (all of which are under $600!), or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever warms your heart.

How to enter:

Simply let me know what was on your training log for last weekend from a workout perspective.  Quick and easy!

Try to make it more than a few words (i.e. not just ‘10K’), so you’ll avoid the SPAM holding tank (I manually clear it out). And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of old SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Saturday, February 20th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.


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  1. Maryro

    Working through a niggle so less running than I would have liked. On Saturday ran 6 miles easy and on Sunday 2h30 mins on the indoor trainer watching track and field videos. Spring is close 🙂

  2. Metcon- 40:00 AMRAP 25 Kettlebell Swings, 20 Sit-ups, 15 Burpees
    Strength- Snatch Balance Work, Tempo Back Squats

  3. David

    Just a short long run of 16K. Starting my plan for my next half!

  4. Richard Wiltshire

    Training for my first 70.3. Swam Mon, Wed, Friday. HIT spinning Wednesday. Run Tuesday. Tomorrow 40km bike, 5k run brick session. Paint bathroom, play with my 3 kids. Training done, relax!

  5. Clas

    I’ve been testing my new Vortex Smart for 7 days in a row now 🙂

  6. Matthijs

    Hi Ray, last weekend in Saturday I clocked a 10k run (sadly without recording it because I forgot to charge the TomTom hr) and on Sunday it was time for some kms of rowing in the wet and cold.

  7. Broward Maryan

    CrossFit Mon-Fri, 5K run Tue, 10K run Thurs, 1hr spin on trainer Saturday, rest sunday.

  8. Anthony Veras

    Nothing!! Still in the off-season.

  9. Phillip Partridge

    My usual 30k in wind and rain.

  10. Alex

    Sunday: 2 hour sufferfest threshold endurance session
    Monday: rest
    Tuesday: 1.5 hour threshold session
    Wednesday: 2 hour zone 2 spin
    Thurs: 1 hour ftp build session
    Fri: 30min abs class, 30min zone 2 spin
    Saturday: 1 hour sufferfest threshold endurance.

  11. Evan

    3 mile run on Monday. Insanity Max 30 on Tuesday. Quick travel for work. 4 miles this morning.

  12. remko

    Nothing.. I caught a cold the week before so cancelled all plans

  13. I did my first Tabata interval. Quite tough but somehow fun. Also lent a roller so I’ll try that out this weekend, as it’s rain in The Netherlands.

  14. josie

    i did a tempo run on tuesday, an easy run on thursday and a long run on sunday. i need to prep for an upcoming half marathon!

  15. Remko van Hunen

    Normally I would run 10 to 12 Km on Sunday. This weekend I won’t even go outside. I have the flu with 40 C fever.

  16. Roger Harper

    33 mi ride and 5 mile power walk

  17. Anthony

    1.5 hour run on Saturday.
    2.0 hour cycle ride on Sunday.

  18. I had two runs this past weekend including an 8 mile and 5 mile!

  19. Jonathan

    Tried to combine Sufferfest vídeos while using Zwift….not the simplest arrangement but good enough to kick my ass…

  20. Derkommissar

    Because i ran a 70.3 in january and i am very lazzy now.
    Swim 1 hour three times a week.
    And 100 km of bike on saturdays

  21. Rob P

    Just a shortish trail run due to illness!

  22. Juuso

    Saturday I cycled 30 kilometers in Richmond (Zwift). I did Jon’s mix workout. Sunday I played floorball. (Salibandy or Sähly in Finnish). It’s a popular sport in Finland.

  23. Jeremy Raaen

    A part of my trainer broke so had to go old school and do some push ups, handstand push ups, and squats.

  24. Scott Baldwin

    A 90 min sweetspot trainer ride. Good stuff.

  25. Rich

    Last weekend I rode on my trainer for 2.5 hours at Z2 power with 2×20 comfortably hard towards the end and watched, “The Blacklist”. I then had a 15min run on a treadmill. Sunday I ran for an hour along the hudson river and then swam (in a pool not the river) for about 45 mins mixing in some 50s, 100s and 200s at hard, threshold and tempo paces.

  26. Simon Adams

    I did a 5km parkrun in Brentwood, England Sat & a gym weights session on legs and shoulders on Sunday.

  27. Mark Aroneck

    Mountain biking!

  28. Richard M

    Strict bed rest to get over a cold quickly, recovery as important as training!

  29. Alex

    Saturday: 1h30′ Home Trainer Session / IF=0.81 TSS=97 (Antelope on Trainerroad)
    + baby swimmer cool down 🙂
    Sunday: 14k run loops around Longchamp, including 3x3k half-marathon pace

  30. Adam Tomlin

    Coming back from a layoff so just an easy 10miles.

  31. Marija

    I am having blast over last weekends. For that I need some good weather (some warm sun and good – snow conditions up in the hills.) and couple hours of free time, extra is if there is some good company…
    Starting on Friday evening playing basketball with group of friends. Coming from Slovenia, it is easy to have a nice bike ride at the coast and do some ski-touring same or next day… So on Saturday I went for c/a 2hrs. easy bike ride on recumbent bike (It is always fun ride.) With nice sun up on Sunday morning, I went to near by ski resort with my parents… I went for ski touring around near by hills and they for hike. “Crème de la crème” was the fact my parents saw me skiing down after 25 years. It was just an awesome feeling… Only wish I have: to repeat weekends like that as many times as possible. Its is maybe not straight training, but for sure is feels great doing it and after it. At the end “nature is my church where I heal my hurts.”…
    * I do not do training “per se”, I just like to spend hours outside as much as possible, which is also “training” for my next project at the end of the year….

  32. Vrush

    It wasn’t raining much on Saturday so I managed to go for a run for about 90min and on Sunday I went for a nice easy walk along the canal with the family 🙂

  33. Oscar

    Saturday: terrible cold windy run. Sunday: terrible FTP test on Zwift. Holiday Monday: happy run in the middle of a snow storm with the yak trax!

  34. Rob

    I had anti-Malaria and Yellow Fever jabs last week so just took it… easy.

  35. ted b.

    Double Bridge 15K in PCOLA!! Awesome Race.

  36. Pete

    A turbo session on the Saturday and an open water swim on the Sunday – 7C water!

  37. Mike Gendron

    17 k on treadmill and some stabilisation workout

  38. Alge

    Hi Ray, polarized 4 hours ride with 20% in Z4 on Saturday and a FREE session with friends on sunday, enjoying the rising temperature here in north of Italy. Enjoy your week end!

  39. Destin 50k beach ultra -

  40. Ian T

    40min high intensity trainer ride. It should have been 60km from Greenpoint to Chapmans peak in Cape Town, but it was bucketing down with rain.

  41. 2k

    On Valentine’s Day I did an 18 mile run while the misses was in bed asleep still – link to

    I’m doing the Brighton marathon on April 17th which is my first ever marathon hoping for a 3:15 or slightly quicker. I’ve done half marathons and Standard Triathlon distances but never a marathon. I’m thinking this will be a good way to make myself take the plung into an ironman!

    Training is going well averaging 35+ miles a week and running 5 days a week. So could reeeeeeeelly do with another pair of trainers, a knew watch, loooooads more energy gels running clothes, it’s not very nice putting the same compression top back on the next day after a 9 mile track session lol… the smell ?. Wouldn’t mind a turbo trainer for when I fully commit to the ironman training. The list could go on and on.

    Thanks for your time dcrainmaker

  42. Grant Acost

    Swim/bike brick, zwift group ride, trail run….mellow week.

  43. David Smoot

    Last weekend was pretty simple but it works for me. Did strength conditioning for an hour Saturday with my wife. Sunday I swam a very slow and clumsy 1000 meters but it was tiring.


  44. Martin Nel

    No training at all for a change.

  45. Sascha

    I did Week 7 Day 1 and 2 of Zwift’s 10-12wk FTP Builder program. And hope it actually increases my FTP 🙂

  46. Jake Saunders

    I did s 3.5 hour bike ride on the trainer Saturday, on Sunday I swam 2000 yards and then ran 15.5 miles on the treadmill.

  47. Bek

    Did spin classes both days last weekend and did a short run both Saturday and Sunday as well!

  48. Antonio

    Ready for the marathon of February 28th

  49. Damian

    Last weekend was a 40min session of Maraton Pace alternating with Threshold. Followed by a 25k long run the next day.

  50. Tuomas O

    10k run on snow with fatbike. It was a fun ride.

  51. Matthew

    Struggling to shake a persistent chest infection, so just a relaxed 65km ride. Keeping the heart rate low.

  52. Jacky Wong

    Workout at gym on Wednesday for lower body then Friday for upper bodies. Ride 36km on Saturday.

  53. Vincent Karsten

    Just a 15k training run nothing fancy at all since I had other plans in the weekend 🙂

  54. sun

    Easy ride

  55. Juki

    I did 60km of cross-country skiing last weekend. Lots of fun.

  56. Wayne

    Limited to spin class and swimming at the moment. I go under the knife tomorrow to try and get my knee sorted. Hopefully I can be back running in a month or so.

  57. Mindaugas

    I had a 14 km run, like always.
    Pity that I still do not have a smart watch. But soon, very soon… 🙂

  58. Matthew

    Race practice on Zwift and an hour at threshold

  59. Phil

    15 mile run with target average hr of 145 as focused on building base fitness. Suffered much than expected over the last 3 miles.

  60. George

    2 x 4 hours hilly rides!

  61. KJ

    5 mile run, a hike, and a few miles of biking. I was sick 🙁

  62. Blair Cabot

    I had my first out door bike ride of the winter. It was good not to be on the trainer.

  63. Miles

    I set out to do a RUSA 100k +15k and ended up in the ER with Pericarditis! Spent the weekend in the hospital and didn’t get to ride at all. 🙁

  64. Kir

    Had a 5km ski race. The best time ever – 14.16!

  65. Dan Barry

    40k windy cycle involving poor drivers and a puncture!

  66. mike

    1 our run, 1 hour bike

  67. Dave

    Had it been an ordinary weekend I’d have the usual stuff to write about, but this was a special weekend. I spent the weekend NOT training as we had a family weekend away. I did walk miles and miles around the holiday park we were staying in and I helped my 3 year old to swim in the “big” pool instead of the baby pool (does that count?). I also sat and watched lots of kids themed shows, including Angelina Ballerina and Thomas the Tank. It was a great weekend. You’ve got all this to come!!!!!

  68. Antonio

    Run along the Neckar river!

  69. Todd

    Short 5k, and then a 6 mile hike with the girlfriend.

  70. Jason

    Did a 5K on Saturday and a recovery ride on Sunday.

  71. Ulf Eriksson

    Cross country skiing in Northen Sweden, 2x20km Saturday and another 2x20km on Sunday.

  72. Mostly work last week, but I did manage to get a short swim in on Tuesday and then a “Dreadmill” workout at the Hotel on Friday Morning. Official training season starts in another week.

  73. Jaap Wagenvoort

    Did two stages of London-Edinburgh-London on the trainer. Recon & training for the real thing in ’17!

  74. Matt Stanley

    Saturday morning ride on the trainer for 1 hour then a 3 mile run with my son in the afternoon.

  75. Jeff

    10k trail run with friends in Napa Valley– followed by some lunch an wine tasting.

  76. Sean

    6 miles easy
    4 miles @ 6:53 (MP)
    2 miles @ 6:30
    2 miles easy
    Getting ready for a BQ attempt in the Spring.

  77. dimakor

    It was 30k xc ski race and i did it in 1:44 which is my PB for now!

    Best wishes from Moscow and thanks for fantastic work you do here!

  78. Brian

    Trainging last weekend included 2hrs of spinning, 30 minutes of running and 10km of cross country skiing.

  79. Charlie S

    – 4 days to work and back on the bike at 6.5 miles a day.
    – Easy spin for an hour on the road bike
    – Fatbike 10 miles at 9500′
    – Ski day ~6 hours

  80. Basil

    7k run home from work. without my garmin FR, which I have got used to. Weird feeling

  81. Saturday 6,15 km run /duration 50,20 tracked on sports-tracker with iphone 5s and HR polar H7.

  82. Blake Middleton

    Did some running, some wall balls, Turkish get ups, and lunges. Then repeated 3 more times.

  83. Ruud

    I went on a snowboarding trip with my friends, so mostly did some recovery beer drinking training while doing some height training. 🙂

  84. Gerard

    Fought the rush-traffic during three commutes to work on my bike (a measly 7.5km each way) then ripped up one of Christchurch, New Zealand’s local mountain bike trails called McLeans Island (funnily enough, it’s not an island: apparently it used to have water nearby) for an hour, almost clipping a tree with my right pedal during an over enthusiastic cornering manoeuver!

  85. Phill smith

    Racing track league

  86. EddieV

    In south Louisiana spring has sprung, so my training plan was put on hold last weekend in order to do some cross training. I spent 2 1/2 hours raking leaves and doing general yard work.

  87. Will O'Connor

    Last weekend I was away at a wedding so I did 2 1hr cross-country runs (Sat-Sun) in the beautiful Martinborough of New Zealand. I used my tomtom spark cardio + music too although I have never used the music function!

  88. Leonard

    Today a mtb ride. On Monday I planned a conconnietest.

  89. Jan

    Kettlebell training, 2 hours 30 mins of swim and then valentine’s walk and evening running with my GF. 🙂 It was really nice weekend!

  90. Pinquin Chou Li

    Rest, have a fractured sesamoid and it hurts…..

  91. Laurent

    35km bike followed by 9km run

  92. Wim

    Short rode on the tax on monday
    A run folowed by a swimsession on thuesday
    Rest of the week Off die tot a serieus cold
    On sunday an oriëntering race

  93. sonny

    Easy recovery day after a long week. Rode a 25mi recovery dawn ride at 75% FTP, recovery drink, Tom Danielson core workout then 30 minutes with compression boots, then jumped back in bed.

  94. Ivar

    Last weekend I took out the Tacx and did a Virtual rode in South Africa’s Kogelbay for a easy 1 hour and 10 minutes. And the next day a nice one hour swim with the tri-club.

  95. Roger Leirvik

    Dynamic warmup.
    5 exercizes in the gym. Living in Scandinavia this time of year force you indoor.

  96. Jitendra

    45 mins of run at Barangaroo, Sydney. A beautiful place by by Sydney Harbour.

  97. Phil W

    Rode my bike for the first time in a couple of months.

  98. Barry

    I did absolutely nothing! It was -7 outside.

  99. Pawel

    As weekend is for family ( all the hard work done during week) purposess,I did “only” 30k run early morning on Saturday and then 20′ stretching/easy general fitness workout,as everyday.

  100. Looking after the kids.