The Love You Wanted: $600 Gadget Giveaway


What’s that?  Your Valentine’s Day was a bust?  No worries, I’m here to try and cheer ya up.  It’s your opportunity to win something you’ll really love (which, may be in addition to someone else you love).

The winner will get a $600 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 HR to a GoPro Hero4 Black to a water bottle to the PowerTap G3 Hub Power Meter (all of which are under $600!), or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever warms your heart.

How to enter:

Simply let me know what was on your training log for last weekend from a workout perspective.  Quick and easy!

Try to make it more than a few words (i.e. not just ‘10K’), so you’ll avoid the SPAM holding tank (I manually clear it out). And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of old SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Saturday, February 20th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. LJ

    Getting moving again!

  2. Andrey

    Nothing special, just doing some intervals on the Tacx trainer.

  3. Jerome

    Sweating off a flu in bed. It worked !

  4. John Horncastle

    110k ride around Vallderossa to Soller and back to S’Arenal with the February Majorca Club…bonked at Soller but well worth it!

  5. Jason C

    Finally set up my new trainer and did an interval workout!

  6. Merlyn Abong

    Had sets of SBR simulation in Subic Bay with the team

  7. Joshua Styron

    Rest day, then 22 miles on Sunday. I’m almost at the peak of my marathon buildup.

  8. carlos

    Long run on Saturday and recovery bike on sunday

  9. Bryan Chapman

    Over the previous weekend, besides exercising my eating muscles: 3,000yd swim, 7mi run. Thx, as always, for the site

  10. Jeff

    Last weekend just consisted of two short runs (less than 10k). I can’t wait to get back on the bike in a couple months though!

  11. steve saltzman

    Sub freezing weather so 2 hrs on the trainer on Sat and skipped sunday TT for pizza and beer. paying for it this week w heavy load of cadence pyramids and push intervals

  12. Abby Chapman

    Last weekend, to show up my husband, I also swam 3k yds, but ran 9mi to his 7… 🙂

  13. Russell T

    Saturday and Sunday were the last two stages of the Tour of Sufferlandria. The official start to my training for the racing season.

  14. Rohan

    No training for me, instead it was a snowboarding weekend

  15. Chris

    A 22k trail run on Saturday followed by 10k Intervall training on Sunday …

  16. SkiRunSleep

    A little treadmill and a little weight training – and some downhill skiing in VT

  17. Eric Apple

    Zwifting isn’t the workout of choice of late. Trying their workouts lately.
    Easy run as well about 4 miles.
    Winter stinks

  18. Ola

    I did a treadmill run before commencing my skiing vacation with the family.

  19. Kara T

    Just a few snowy and slippery runs around the neighbourhood.

  20. Thierry K

    Saturday Cycling class at local gym and treadmill work on Sunday.

  21. Justin

    A couple of runs… one long and one easy.

  22. Tanya Hug

    I ran a 5k with my husband. It was super windy!

  23. Clapping Monkey

    In Saturday running about 70 minutes and after I got home some rope jumping, in Sunday I just chill, cause is Sunday, Yo! 🙂

  24. SweetSweat

    restarting my training once more…

  25. Working towards my first 70.3 and trying to transition into Altra Zero Drop shoes. Focusing on form and endurance. Also last weekend went bike shopping. Looking at a nice Scott CR1 bike when weather gets warmer.

  26. Adam Pavlak

    Long training run for my spring 50 miler.

  27. Erich

    Saturday: mildly hungover 2.5 mile jog to pick up the car after a good Friday night out.
    Sunday: 14 mile run as I’m gearing up for a half and full marathon this spring.

  28. jeff mosher

    Sat: Urban vertical. 16k long run, up and down the steepest hill i could find.

    Sun: 8k easy run.

  29. Julian Wong

    During the winter months, I ride indoor regularly at a training facility that has CompuTrainer. Last weekend I rode 62km in one sitting. Oh boy, I was sore afterwards.

  30. Carlos Martins

    It was a hard working week. Weights training: chest, bíceps, tríceps and back. A total count of 165 burpees, and more than 50 long jumps. A session of deadlifs and two Pilates workouts. 1860 calories drained 🙂

  31. Carlton

    My training last weekend was a complete bust. I skipped both my bike and run workouts. But it was for a great reason: getting together with great friends for a wedding.

  32. Keroma

    Swimming at Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 45 mins.

  33. Sunday was our local Bramley 20/10. I opted for the 10mi, couldn’t quite stick with the PB pace I wanted but a decent morning’s run nonetheless.

  34. Jon

    I’m following Hal Higdon & had a 7 mile run.

  35. Johnny

    2k swimming session and a 10k run through the forest.

  36. James Miller

    6*5km relay race on Saturday with University team. (unfortunately didn’t win 🙁 )

  37. Stefan

    On Saturday I went up early and ran 10 km. On Sunday I ran 5 km with my son (he went cycling…uff) and in the evening I did some bodywheigt training (with runtastic result).

  38. Helen

    With record rainfall this winter, weights, treadmill and elliptical have been getting lots of love. Hoping to get back out again when the rain stops.

  39. Marc Salvia

    Taking advantge of the travel to support my football team, I did my first run in Valencia city…

  40. Gabriel

    Did 26K last Saturday, training for Montevideo (URU) Marathon in April.

  41. Kim

    Working on increasing my running distance – did a 6 mile run and followed with some weights.

  42. Abel Oyhamburu

    Training to complete a half marathon in less than 90 minutes.

  43. Reinhard

    I did two hours of cross-country skiing – finally had smoe snow to do so 🙂

  44. Jukka

    On saturday I did a trainer session in the garage. Wanted to go out for a ride, but snowfall made that impossible. or more like useless training wise. Sunday was an unplanned rest day, don’t ask…

  45. Alfonso

    1 hour swimming on Saturday, and 30 minutes run and gym on Sunday

  46. Andy Hill

    Spent this week slowly rebuilding my distance base. Have a relay in May and a half in June that I’d love to do so it was all about clocking those miles!

  47. errol viquez

    I hope to run at least 10 k on saturday and sunday run 20 k around Heredia City, here in Costa Rica!!

  48. Catherine

    A short trail run to prepare for an upcoming race!

  49. Jesper

    An hour of strength and flexibility training

  50. Greg Henley

    Saturday 5 mile easy pace run and Sunday final 20 mile long run before the Little Rock Marathon on March 6th.

  51. Rien

    From a workout perspective I had two rest days; from another perspective I am recovering from a serious crash which resulted into a broken bike and a broken wrist…

  52. Roelof

    Saturday 13km interval running. Sunday 25km long run. Training for the Rotterdam marathon!

  53. Sixto

    Preparing BArcelona marathon, so 30Km test run “Maratest” this Sunday !

  54. Ana

    With a bad cold… so just a gentle walk instead of a proper training run

  55. Iris

    The usual Sunday run with my dad is going to be postponed because he will go to a race, so just some cheerleading on Saturday (if you do it seriously it is still some exercise)

  56. Rob Gipe

    I rode my bike 329 miles this week (47 miles a day on my Assault Air Bike), I walked 20 miles, I averaged about 13,000 steps a day and 2700 calories through workouts a day.

  57. Andreas

    A short run on Saturday followed by hours of power-shopping with the kids. The second part for sure was the real weekend workout.

  58. Derek

    Outdoor ride / brick!

  59. Tom Hunt

    Some tough sweetspot intervals on Saturday, then a nice 3 hour ride on a balmy Sunday.

  60. Sarah

    4x400m run intervals at z4 with 5 min rest in-between. Thanks for what you do!!!

  61. Nick

    Swim set Saturday morning, long run sunday morning, loving the mild weather

  62. Frank

    my weekend was a couple of relaxing rest days!

  63. Sat double run, 30 min and 60 min
    Sun 1h44 bike trainer interval and brick run 20 mins

  64. Eric

    Saturday involved a long run and some weight lifting. On Sunday I was told there will be no working out today.

  65. Becky

    Spent both days on the trainer and doing some yoga!

  66. Ian

    Nice slow steady run for 40 mins

  67. Matt

    10 miles lsd planned but a sick little guy led to zeros on the log.

  68. Belinda Bobst

    Saturday a run in the morning for 30 minutes and a second run in the afternoon for 60 minutes out in the cold
    Sunday 1:44 on the indoor trainer followed by a brick run for 20 minutes

  69. Eric R

    Long run Sat, and long bike Sunday.

  70. Jens

    Did a nice 10km trail run on Saturday and a hills training on the MTB on Sunday!

  71. Scott D

    18 mile mountain bike ride Saturday and 45 mile road ride Sunday

  72. Jhonathan

    I did two cycling sessions for about 14km each, i’m just new to cycling 🙂

  73. Julian Middlewick

    Portsmouth Coastal half marathon for me. Run as a training race rather than for a time

  74. Dan

    short and fast Wed, slow Thurs, long Friday…not as many miles as i wanted, but good enough

  75. Ismailra

    Played squash on Saturday morning and a 30 minute pool swim on Sunday.

  76. Mick Wall

    Much like your trip to Mallorca I spent the week on Tenerife with the family, but managed to sneak in 3 runs along the sea front. Pretty nice!

  77. Peter

    I had a long run (10+ miles) but bailed to do a shorter run on the treadmill due to sub zero temps here in the north east (US)

  78. Daryl klassen

    Ran for 60 min sat and rode 60 min Sunday

  79. Rob

    Trying to figure out how get started training again

  80. MarkPF

    18k run and 2 hour MTB

  81. L Mend

    Power yoga Friday, 7 mile run Saturday, rest day sunday

  82. Ricky

    Strength training at the gym on Saturday and a long turbo session on Sunday.

  83. Jose Badilla

    I squeezed a 15 km bike ride with hills at the start and the end in a 1 hour slot

  84. Marie

    Unfortunately it was -20F/-30C here in Boston last weekend, so the intended outdoor training became an hour of steady state on the indoor bicycle 🙁

  85. Luc

    Completed my first sweet base program on TrainerRoad. Should be a step in the right direction for preforming well next summer!

  86. Keith

    Intervals on the bike and a long recovery session on the bike.

  87. Frank

    20 miles on the trainer Friday, 42 miles outside in 28 deg, windy conditions on Saturday, then 24 miles back on the trainer again on Sunday.

  88. ilias stefanidis

    I did running intervals 5x2k and 5×30′ step workout.

  89. Jason

    A 2 hour date with trainerroad and a 65 minute run with a headlamp on a cold February evening. Netflix and chill recovery.

  90. James Coleman

    I did 48 1 hour intervals fighting off man flu…

  91. Ellen

    I did two spin classes and some weights.

  92. Peter Wellsman

    Hmmm what was on the log or what I actually did… Log 5-10 km easy run and 2-3 hr easy ride, yoga and strength work… Actual 5km sprint in the pouring rain (had to stay warm) 1hr rollers and none of the good recovery stuff. It will be better this weekend!

  93. chris midiati

    i did 21k on friday and 10k on saturday.

  94. CAG

    Tempo run for 1/2 marathon training

  95. Jake

    2hr bike with a 30 min run with the great folks at the Ottawa Triathlon Club. Followed by a 45 min swim session.

  96. David morris

    Sat failed to get on the kickr, Sunday made up with a 13 mile run with the dog

  97. Mariusz

    Sat: 10km run and after that 30km ride on my trainer.
    Sun: Upper body workout with dumbells.

  98. Russ Lilley

    Last weekend was Tempo intervals on Saturday and a nice long run on Sunday. The snow was beautiful and the roads were clear.

  99. Matt Robertson

    1hr ride Saturday and 2hr ride on the trainer on Sunday

  100. Jon Western

    10-mile trail run in the New England snow!