The Love You Wanted: $600 Gadget Giveaway


What’s that?  Your Valentine’s Day was a bust?  No worries, I’m here to try and cheer ya up.  It’s your opportunity to win something you’ll really love (which, may be in addition to someone else you love).

The winner will get a $600 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 HR to a GoPro Hero4 Black to a water bottle to the PowerTap G3 Hub Power Meter (all of which are under $600!), or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever warms your heart.

How to enter:

Simply let me know what was on your training log for last weekend from a workout perspective.  Quick and easy!

Try to make it more than a few words (i.e. not just ‘10K’), so you’ll avoid the SPAM holding tank (I manually clear it out). And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of old SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Saturday, February 20th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Maarten

    Feb 7, 13,5 run back from swimming pool home (enjoying the swimming pool with my kids)
    Feb 8, Crosssfit becoming my new addiction
    Feb 11, Crossfit again
    Feb 13, Tacx 1 hour, 30k ride

  2. Tom Smulders

    This weekend? On holiday at Curacao. So just renting a mtb and discover the island.

  3. Joe berry

    Base miles and some intervals on the bike with some gym/weight work.

  4. Michal

    Great news 🙂

  5. Doug

    Down with the lurgy and still waiting for it to clear. Hoping to get something done this weekend though!

  6. Julia

    My husband and I flew back home from Palm Springs on Saturday so no time for a workout then, but I ran 8 miles with our local running group on Sunday.

  7. JordiPalu

    I was traveling in Norway , north of Oslo, in a cabin in the woods , Saturday and Sunday sessions country skiing with stretches at night. I also built an igloo that counts.
    link to

  8. David

    Unfortunately, not much more than few walks with family come visiting us…

  9. peejers

    Hiking in the jungles of Costa Rica, did manage to get a run in.

  10. Mike Wordelman

    Worked all weekend but managed to squeeze in 30+ miles of running with my dog and some swimming with my son.

  11. Manuel

    Did an session on TR only managed to do 11.8km or like 30 min.
    Since my Thyroid cancer and removal last november 2015.
    I Struggle to do even little sessions like this.

  12. Gerrit

    Nothing on Saturday. 15k race in the “Hammer Winterlaufserie” on Sunday.

  13. Stingray

    I did a flat 100k ride, of which first 1/2 was fast & furious. Sunday was a rest day.

  14. Becky

    On my training plan for last weekend was a 14 mile run. I did that by running across lake Winnebago 🙂 My first time running across the frozen lake.

  15. Becker

    1 hour running on the treadmill everyday.

  16. irene

    Eight mile run on the treadmill (because it was too cold to run outside!).

  17. Chad Vacarella

    I received and used my new Tacx Vortex Trainer and did several workouts through Trainerroad (Epic Vermont and Slide Mountain).

  18. Agnès

    Just an easy run in the Pyrenees

  19. Jon Niehof

    Scheduled was a moderate (10mi) hike Saturday and a snowshoe race Sunday. Actual execution was laying curled up in a ball on the couch with excruciating gut pain.

  20. Brad Haveman-Gould

    I did about 4 miles of running in the snow and two snowy rides on my fat bike. You need to find ways to get outside, despite lake effect snow.

  21. Rebeca Chávez Herrera

    I had an easy run. 6 miles in the company of family and friends on Valentine’s Day .

  22. Adam

    5k run Friday, rest Saturday, 10k run Sunday

  23. It was my 3rd weekend of following the Hansons plan for a marathon in May. 7 miles on Friday, 6 on Saturday, 10 on Sunday. All on the treadmill because it was around 0 degrees in Michigan!

  24. Josh S

    I ran the LA Marathon with 20,000 friends

  25. Jamie

    I was a bad triathlete this weekend! Celebrated my birthday (and move to a new AG) and slacked on my workouts. Back at it this week and happy that beautiful weather is in the forecast for this weekend. Thanks for the chance!

  26. Kalman

    An 8 km hike with 2 geocaches thrown in for good measure and a one-hour group weight training 😉

  27. Mark M

    After a week of road biking in central Florida, I had to sit in a car for 18 hours for the drive back home!

  28. andres

    Saturday run on the beach and long bike ride on Sunday with friends

  29. Brody

    5k on Saturday with a high altitude training mask, because I hate myself. Then an easy 5k on Sunday with no mask.

  30. sara turbow

    I did a 3 hour ride on the trainer on saturday and ran a half marathon on sunday. 5 loops around a park plus an out-and-back–brutal!

  31. Rogge

    Did some ring training. Can’t wait to run again though.

  32. Cecilia

    I went to the gym for my training session.

  33. Dannyboy

    I ran a 5 k on Monday Wednesday and some intervals on Tuesday and Thursday. Or at least that’s what I wanted to do. $600 would get me motivated to work out!

  34. John Figueroa

    I was training intervals on my bike in “La Cuchilla” Hill (11.2Km at 3250mts on finish line) near Bogota, Colombia. Preparing training for GFNY Colombia.

  35. Tracey

    Cross-training with gym sessions.

  36. Steve

    Weight training Saturday. 45min indoor cardio Sunday.

  37. Micheal

    I have been training to run (as opposed to run-walk) a half marathon. This weekend I ran 13.1 miles without stopping for the first time! Sunday, I did some light jogging and rowing to recover.

  38. Matt Fenby Taylor

    Zwift sweet spot session and a 70km ride with friends. Cake stop included 🙂

  39. Yoong Khean

    Steady tempo spins for 4 days and a hard brick session on Sunday!

  40. Tom Gell

    53.2km ride on Saturday, it was cold and windy so I had a burrito after.

  41. Andreas


  42. Mathias

    Watching a movie on the bike trainer. Two birds with one stone.

  43. Adam

    last weekend was 20’threshold followed with 20’easy on pretty windy day.

  44. Mike G

    I had some treadmill runs, a run in the snow, and some calisthenics last week.

  45. tri-uese

    Last stage of “2016 Tour of Sufferlandria” (link to, which consists of two Sufferfest videos (with TrainerRoad, Wahoo Kickr). Took 2 hours. Had to do “Power Station” and “Violator”. Power Station is okay but Violator afterwards is heavy 🙂

  46. Christian

    Got back on the horse after some time off from a cold, so an 1.5 hrs on the bike and the same amt. running. The running hurt a bit.

  47. Joe Cooper

    Nice relaxing weekend watching the rugby, with a run on Sunday. Got the TomTom Spark working properly for the first time.

  48. Ravi Kiran

    10k indoor run followed by a 30 minute intense core workout in prep for busy running days ahead.

  49. Herve

    I’m preparing a 10K race in April so my here was my training log:
    Monday: tempo running; 30 min.
    Wednesday: intervalls: 1 min tempo, 2 min threshold, 10 times.
    Friday: intervalls: 1 min easy; 20 sec sprint; 10 times.
    Saturday: 45 min tempo.

    Note that each running workout starts and ends with a 10 min warm-up / cool-down step.

    On Tuesday I also did a bit of Kettlebell circuit, as core strength training.

    Pretty difficult week as I’m recovering from a flue 🙁

  50. Corfre

    small run and rollerskating, it was a relax weekend

  51. Ben Anderson

    Week 2 of P90X2 – still trying to figure out how to do a side arm balance on a stability ball without hitting the deck.

  52. David

    Long-run sandwich: 15M + 8M

  53. Chris Pope

    Morning run with the housemates Saturday followed by hangover recovery Sunday

  54. Brett Ward

    I had a split long run on Friday Night/Saturday morning and finished things up with an easy spin on the bike Saturday afternoon. Then on Sunday, it was time for some rest.

  55. Chris

    Business trip to NYC so thanks to body clock waking up at 4am I was at SoulCycle for the first session of the day, followed up with 20 miles walking the streets.

  56. Chris Kempton

    Resting my knee, would have rather been out on the bike!

  57. Håkan

    Swim camp, 8h swimming!

  58. Becky

    I was crazy enough to put 10 miles in on the treadmill! No way was I freezing trying to do that outside with -17F windchill!

  59. Kalauz Dániel

    Saturday Balboa Run in Hungary 🙂

  60. Bond

    I did long (as for me) run 14 km in Warsaw along the Wisla river 🙂

  61. James Millson

    Friday/Saturday I caught my 2 year old daughters chesty cough, Sunday’s 10k cross country run with the dog was therefore replaced with me on the bike and dog along side!

  62. Dom Ultram

    Was practising fast walking

  63. Derki

    Done some water aerobics in pool.

  64. Joe Byrne

    105km bike ride on Saturday morning, avoiding Ice and frost most of the way. Had to add a little on to get over the 100km mark and it was then my tube exploded and left my tyre with a nice hole in the side! Bit of a limp home after this!

    Sunday was a 1hr 30 min run in my easy heart rate zone, felt like I had never run before and was done in the pitch dark on a footpath that’s around 80cm wide on a busy road in the dark. And my light died. An interesting training weekend!

  65. Stefan

    Did easy, or probably not quite easy 14k of light hills on Saturday. On Sunday I wanted to do a long run of 30k, but ended up at 24k totally exhausted, and called it done. The next days I didn’t quite feel alright. So probably it was a kind of illness.

  66. PauliusN

    Back and hands muscle stretching activity in gym

  67. cross country ski, snowshoe, sauna, snowshoe, cross country ski

  68. Jeremii

    Easy Jogging after last week’s hard running

  69. DaveG

    Last weekend was a 20 gallon beer brew day, not much distance, but plenty of work. And a 45 minute HIIT in the basement.

  70. Carlos

    A long run and some drills on the pool on Saturday, and a 3 hour ride on the trainer on Sunday while watching a movie.

  71. WonderTom

    Running in Beskydy mountains, just quick snowy run. Amazing relax!

  72. Daryl

    Long run on Saturday morning, body-weight strength workout Saturday evening, and Sunday was a blessed day of rest!

  73. Gaudramre

    Tried zumba dance moves together with my girlfriend

  74. Mitch Winterman

    Last weekend I ran the A1A Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon…..First race back after breaking my ankle in an unfortunate skateboard accident 2.5 months ago.

  75. Narbus andrius

    Active yoga stretching in local gym

  76. Linouler

    Ice hockey with my pals

  77. Geduotis

    Run sprinting sessions outside

  78. Joachim

    A great strength work out, it should have been crosscountry skiing, but not enough snow. .

  79. Arne F

    Currently I am still in Wintertraining-Mode. Meaning that Mo/Tue and Thur/Fri I have 90min gym sessions, mostly weight training. Wednesday and Saturday I go on 45min runs or 90min swim session depending on the weather. Last week was mostly sunny so went running twice. Bike is still tucked away under winter blanket.

  80. De Klime

    Crossfit – enough said 🙂 Hard stuff!

  81. Cosmin

    My training log for the weekend:
    Saturday: Swimming 10x50m, 10x200m, 5x400m. Running 90min in Z2.
    Sunday: Swimming 2x(100-200-400-800-400-200-100) Cycling 150min Z2 with 3x10min in Z4.

  82. Dustin Carey

    I did a strength workout.

  83. Birbaleb

    Indoor volleyball for 3 hours

  84. Giedrstail

    Active ice skating with my friends

  85. Clai Selden

    Just a little cardio and kicking soccer ball around with my 12 year old

  86. Casey Roche

    Did two easy runs Friday and Saturday. Raced a 5k and pr’ed by 24 seconds!

  87. thounee

    Bad weather subsitute eg. Shoveling snow for hours… 🙂

  88. It was hard and dirty
    3k swim, 2h trainer, 2h running, 1h body strength

  89. Mantel Dab

    Table tennis and some weight lifting in gym

  90. Alessandro

    Planned to run a 20k trail… too much rain.
    Shift to the kitchen I made some “frittelle” venetian style filled with “Zabaione”, do you know them?
    Very satisfacting workout! 😀

  91. I did a tempo run (3x15min w/ 3min rec.) on Saturday morning, an easy 12km run on Saturday afternoon, a 15km run on Sunday morning and a slow cruise around the neighborhood on Sunday evening to wrap up the week. It was a solid weekend!

  92. I hiked and ran along the seafront in Cape Town… not looking forward to heading back to cold and wet London…

  93. Brett

    Hot Chocolate 15K Nashville road race on Saturday and a 3 mile hike with my girl and dog on Sunday.

  94. JP Savard

    Actually I just ran a short 10km on Saturday night but I transfered my long run to Monday night as I was sick and tired on Sunday…

  95. Rob Whitmill

    My wife and I both love to run (used to do triathlons before the kids were born). This Valentines weekend we got out for a rare easy run together.
    The snow has fallen heavily this last week in London, Ontario, and this Australian guy has been sent down to the treadmill for many workouts. My major workout this weekend was a 30km treadmill run with 20km @3:39 Marathon Pace. Amazingly I felt strong the whole way through and was glad I had the mental fortitude to run for that long and at that pace.

  96. yucko

    I hope the definition of “weekend” includes Friday. I took a half-day of vacation to get a long run in, as the rest of the weekend was filled with activities with the family (including state HS swim and diving championships).

  97. JiRa

    Skiing in Dolomites (Italy).

  98. Erika

    Run + walk +run.

  99. James

    5k and 10k plus riding on a trainer for 20km

  100. Saturday a 56.8 km KICKR session for 2:26:55 with the standard 10 warmup segments, then Z2 chunks @ cadence 105, 100 & 95 descending, followed with 15cm raised front wheel, Redshift seatpost “back” position @Z2 50 cadence climbing chunks and then higher wattage accelerations.

    Sunday AM 1650m in the pool focusing on David Marsh drills with a few hard finishing 100’s alternating some with closed fist since antipaddles not avail. Some Core Strength Prehab work for 7 minutues at the pool as well. Rehab nap.

    Sunday PM 18.8km run @Z2 with standard varying cadence thorough warmup, then 8 10 minute segments at increasing cadence from 184 to 194 cadence. Strides and a cool down to complete.

    Feeling blessed to have such a detail oriented coach!

  101. Lucik

    Xc skiing and skiing.

  102. Ale

    Sweating saturday doing 50k bike and 10k run….. Easy sunday with friends doing 100k bike

  103. Esteban Villegas

    Brick workout on sunday, swim and run on saturday.

  104. Vuppu Satya Praneeth

    monday- 10k run
    tuesday- rest day
    wednesday- 30k bike
    friday-60k bike
    saturday- rest
    sunday-10k run

  105. Igneliz

    Practice snowboarding after cross country skiing

  106. Babak Niroumand

    I did a short n easy 5K in Montreal. very cold though 🙂

  107. Nnerka

    Indoor velodrome cycling

  108. Paul

    21 miles running
    2 miles swim
    40 mile bike
    20 mile spin.

    Good Week.

  109. GiedGrus

    Playing badminton in local training facility

  110. Mark Auza

    Bondcliff workout from TrainerRoad

  111. Scott Langman

    I’m dealing with a recent high hamstring injury, so I just did some core strength training on each day and an easy 10K run on Saturday to see how I was progressing (that was a bad idea, actually).

  112. Melissa Garry

    Friday was a 11 mile long run with half mile intervals at hopeful marathon pace
    Saturday was a trainer ride with zone 3 tempo intervals and yoga class
    Sunday was a swim with endurance sets at
    T Pace +1

  113. MT

    I managed to hurt my knee badly during hill training…now it is rest for me

  114. Benjamin

    Calisthenics (YAYOG) and walking while recovering from a broken foot.

  115. RobBaj

    Powerlifting and intesne workouts for legs

  116. Daniel L.

    I hit the gym with my son. did some free weights, and then did 3 miles on the treadmill.

  117. Travis P

    50 miles total, with marathon “Time on Feet” run of 22.5 miles in 3:22:24

  118. Erik

    I was recovering from a marathon the weekend before, so my weekend consisted of a lot of rest.

  119. Enoch Palmer

    I tried to get as long a run in as I could on the coldest day I can remember…

  120. Marc Simkin

    This past weekend I was originally scheduled to do some indoor cardio. Treadmill at the gym, and Kickr at home. It was definitely too cold to be out here in the Northeast. However, having gotten sick late last week, this weekend become more of a sleep as much as I need weekend, and try to get well. So I ended up not training.

  121. Dom Broom

    Done some wrestling and weight training

  122. favad

    Just 30 mins on the trainer this weekend!

  123. GregTR

    No plan, I actually ran once and played hockey once and my road back to running has begun…

  124. Mansi Gupta

    I’m trying to get back into running after an ankle injury, so its been a lot of walks and a few short runs… about 2 – 3 miles each. Have also incorporated a short 5 min stretch session after each run, and thats made a huge difference in my calves and lower back!

  125. A Kondra

    Many basketball games with friends

  126. elquike

    Long and easy cycling. I really love recovery weeks …

  127. Mike

    I competed in a 10k race on sunday Bad Fuessing located at the german border to austria. The other training i did was on the eating side 🙂

  128. Inesa B

    Practising yoga at home

  129. Antoine

    Last week end, I was running a semi marathon, as a preparation for my next marathon. I took the occasion to shatter my personnal record by a handfull of seconds.

  130. Sven

    I did a 45min workout on the bike trainer. in fact, it was the TacX BRA-2 workout

  131. Sharas

    Treadmill running during the cold winter days

  132. lekkerbek

    Early-season indoor trainer ride on sunday.

  133. Domabil

    My friend talked me to try a Tai Chi training, done and liked it.

  134. Stef

    I did 90 minutes of intervals on the Computrainer.

  135. John

    Unfortunately I had to do treadmill runs both days due to the weather.

  136. Sean

    2.5hr ride in the rain while out house shopping.

  137. Andrej

    Swim, bike and run.

  138. Frank Brink

    I did some intervals near the SweetSpot on the very old CycleTacx monitored by the edge/vector products.

  139. Brendan Lewis

    First outdoor ride of the year now the ice is gone.

  140. Marcin

    I did a nice aerobic training session on my turbo trainer.

  141. talip atabey

    Run with my friend who is overweight to push him for healty life

  142. Giedr Spor

    Doing aerobics with my co-workers

  143. Tatiana

    I have several ways to spend $600… all good ones 🙂

  144. Matthew173

    Ran 3 miles on Saturday. Rode 30 miles on Sunday followed by an attempt to run 3 miles.

  145. David Sonenberg

    Upper body weights and 5k run.

  146. Jan

    No real workout for me, but I did cheer my husband and friends on at the Austin half and full marathon!

  147. Essy Heller

    Had my first OW swim in 2016, a bit cold, but the hot chocolate afterwards was worth it!

  148. Larry

    This was sort of a down weekend for me as I coped with a looming cold. But still i did 3.25 miles at a slow 10-minute pace Saturday, followed by a several mile walk later in the day with my wife. Then Sunday I did a little over 4 miles, still taking it easy. All in all a pretty light effort but getting in some work while enjoying this spring-like weather in Texas.

  149. Victor

    Too cold outside, so all weekend runs were on treadmill. 19K Saturday, 10K + 4K Sunday. Plus WaterRower and nice 15K indoor cycling session.
    Still better then doing nothing!

  150. Derrick

    did an indoor sprint tri in the gym

  151. James Gould

    Did 5×9 1under 2 over on Saturday, Sunday was 3 hours low and slow 🙂

  152. Gene S

    Brutal weather in NYC but I still managed to do a quick 10k run on Saturday and a 2 hour ride on the trainer Sunday

  153. Gold Kupina

    Water polo games

  154. Frank

    A nice run in the Florida sun

  155. Ted Howe

    Ugh… didn’t get out for a run on Saturday even though it was the best weather of the weekend – sometimes life gets in the way.

    I did get 5 miles in each day on Sunday and for the Monday President’s day holiday – but they were inside on the treadmill. 🙁

    So only 10 miles and I haven’t gotten outdoors for a run in over a week. Yuck!

  156. Liucpavlo

    Interval running workouts outside

  157. Ryan Goldring

    I am trying to build up to do a triathlon. My training on the weekend is 1600m swim, 6km run and 20km ride. Loving it!!

    Thank you for your blog. You really helped me make a decision about getting the Polar V800.

  158. Mike

    Speed workout on Sat and recovery run Sun morning.

  159. Viktorm

    Was competing in throwing heavy objects for distance on sunday

  160. Mark Pirri

    Three days of skiing in frigid New England, in lieu of the usual trainerroad indoor endurance rides.

  161. Valentinasz

    Easy 10k run on saturday

  162. Arnaud

    A nice long run

  163. Lisa Appelson

    Nice giveaway – thanks! I did an hour elliptical on Sat. to avoid a training run.

  164. Bert De Smul

    I did a long 2-hour run on Saturday of 18,3K in cold but mostly sunny weather.

  165. DaliusP

    Cross country race on sunday

  166. Gerry

    I’m on a bit of a strength building kick right now to lead into triathlon season so I am doing a lot of explosive plyometrics.

  167. Jorge

    Long trail run Saturday with 2400ft of elevation. Rest day on Sunday.

  168. JR

    First week training for what I hope will be a successful half IM. Did a couple 2 mile runs, some 30m interval sessions, and a nice short brick training session.

  169. Nacho Prieto

    Due to a problem on my knee, a small MTB track for 25 km on sunday an light workaout at home using the smart trainings from the “7 minutes workout” app, which I usually used a lot when I am on a business trip.

  170. Ezio

    Saturday run: interval + 10x uphill
    Sunday: “biking in the rain…” 70k in Z3

  171. Geriausias

    Heavy weight lifting on friday before weekend

  172. Ecnav

    25 miles on Zwift, quick run outside and a cold beer! 🙂

  173. Mathieu Tourangeau

    Foam Roller, ABC Running Drills, exercises to recover my left leg injury, 1h run last night with 2 friends.

  174. Samuel Khoo

    I tried a 5km run last Sunday and surprisingly I made it!

  175. Dovilux

    Jogging in the park on sunday

  176. Big Daddy

    Campus visits with my college bound son

  177. Thomas Niccum

    I did a 12 hour time trial in Sebring Florida… clocked (a slightly disappointing) 204.6 miles… in my defense, I had a mild case of food poisoning the night before, so I wasn’t quite at 100%

  178. Gregory Mauldin

    Last weekend I had a short swim session, and a 1 hour trainer ride. Among all of the family craziness and Triathlon Club duties.

  179. Lex

    Friday was the seconden to last dat of training camp in Malaga Spain (75 km rode with 2000 height meters) Saturday was planned to be a 2+ hour run/hike through a national park but a food poisoning destroyed that plan. Obviously Sunday wasn’t good for anything either

  180. Rutklim

    I hiked and ran along the forest near my home

  181. Bernardo Harvey

    Weekend had of a long bike ride through steep hills for 100k to arrive to the pool for 400m and 50m check-ups!
    On sunday it was turn for the trails (I think those minimus trail are done 🙁 )

  182. Joel Levitt

    Set out with a 10mile TT attempt on Saturday
    Followed by a 35mile relaxed ride around local roads with some friends

  183. AN

    Everything – easy runs, long run interval and LT

  184. Chris Rodriguez

    Saturday Subthreshold intervals followed by Sunday longer tempo ride.

  185. Stefan Gründel

    2,5 hour bike ride for strength and 1 hour run on Saturday, 3 hour easy bike on Sunday; glad it’s rest week now, not the best weather in Germany for so many hours on the bike outside 🙂

  186. James

    A session on Trainerroad and chasing my 4-year-old around the park.

  187. Alice

    Hi Ray, due to illness there was nothing on my training log, but hopefully that’ll change soon, with a little help from you possibly more effective training than ever 😉 Thank you!

  188. Stephanie Baxter

    Weekend workouts consisted of yoga and running both days

  189. Marek

    First time ever I ran (6km) to and from work place. Backpack with 17-inch notebook wasn’t help me much but I’m pretty happy finding new way to train without time for it 🙂 And on sunday 8.4km with pretty good pace (for me).

  190. Twice

    Got to Level 9 on the 15m Bleep Test… Once a week is enough !

  191. Mel

    Just indoor bike intervals. It was cold and snowy here.

  192. Bernard

    Saturday I did a virtual ride around Paris (41km with the Tacx trainer) while on Sunday I did a 5 km run and a 15 km ice skate on the Rideau canal in Ottawa. It was a ‘mild’ -42 C…..

  193. Michal Balicki

    A 30 minute high intensity indoor fluid trainer workout.

  194. Tim K

    Eat, drink, bike

  195. Laramie

    1 hr progression run.

  196. I only did a 8k run last sunday because it was -22F outside the whole weekend!

  197. Tonny Madsen

    Down with the flu…. Can’t wait to get back on the road.

  198. Nicholas

    Ride Zwift for 1hr in my garage pain cave.

  199. Beth

    Due to extremely cold temps (-11F) I did a lot of hot yoga class and only a short 2 mile run outside.

  200. Alex

    Weekend, unfortunately travelling and giving some rest to my knee after a week of hard skiing. But on Monday I returned to my HM traning plan doing 12km incl 10x30sec fast.

  201. MikeyD

    Mostly running and upper body, getting ready for the Savage race in May.

  202. Javel Silveira

    Easy jog on Saturday.
    Long run (21K) on Sunday.

  203. Dave

    1st 10k after a knee injury a few weeks back.

  204. Chris Tallman

    Simple, the Tour of Sufferlandria. A good way to spike your CTL after some time off in January.

  205. Bora

    A lazy 5K start after a long break. Happy to be back!

  206. Zeynep

    An hour at the gym on sunday with some group classes

  207. Cchin

    3mi run and strength training

  208. Chris Stepanski

    Saturday – Block – 10 mile bike – 3.5 mile run
    Sunday – Long Run – Tempo 10 miles

  209. Francisco Migoya

    Mountain bike ride on saturday and long rest on sunday

  210. David DeGuzman

    20 mile long run in 10 degree degree weather. Love the Midwest!

  211. Job

    First run after the birth of my daughter. 6K

  212. Leon

    A nice Run in the sun

  213. Israel Rosa

    In my last week I Running 3 miles evelyn day.

  214. Josh M

    There was a massive cold snap in Chicago (-20F with the wind chill.) Ended up doing a 12 mile run on a treadmill (painful.)
    A combination of cold and schedule meant I had to forgo my normal Sunday run, which I swapped out for my Monday strength training day.

  215. Marc

    4 hr ride in Z2 followed by 45 min run also in Z2

  216. Andrew

    Ran 16 easy on Saturday and 7 easy in the freezing cold on Sunday.

  217. Andrew Phillips

    Some of the snow here cleared away and let me put in a few snow miles on my favorite trail to run. It’s nice to be outside more.

  218. Francisco

    Working 12 hr midnight shift but took a break with my coworker to work on core strength. He is ex-military and worked it harder than a personal trainer. Pyramids of push ups, sit-ups, burpees, super mans… Wrapped it up with a 3 mile run/sprints in the office at 2 am. Loop around the floor is 1/10 mile. No one else on the floor but an occasional security guard. Then repeated the next night with pull up pyramids on jury rigged handles over an office door, followed up by 4 mile run. I was sore for a few days. Never thought I would be running at 2 am around the office floor a year ago, Helped keep me awake all night.

  219. Two sweetspot sessions of about 1 hour.. one on Saturday and one on Sunday 🙂

  220. Vanessa

    Intervals of running and walking on my treadmill.

  221. Adam Griffiths

    A run along the Hong Kong harbourfront on Saturday morning (before baking the worlds naughtiest chocolate and raspberry bread! – oops), and then on Sunday an hour on the turbo trying to work on cadence (avoiding a girly netflix series my girlfriend was watching in bed!)

  222. Gabriel G

    On saturday I ran 9k in the snow and on sunday I did 3x2k in half marathon speed + 4k slow jog on the treadmill.

  223. Koen Boer

    Did some skiing in the Alps.

  224. Kyle

    Trainer rides since it didn’t get above freezing

  225. Martijn

    Saturday: running 5x (400+800+400m) at track, with 20k bike ride warm-up/cool-down; Sunday 90min pool training: kick drills and intervals…

  226. Oleksandr

    Started with a long swim and then bike intervals on Saturday. Continued with a 15K run and then long swim again on Sunday.

  227. Erik Lundh

    I did a Sufferfest video and a 5k run.

  228. Adrian Cuciurean

    I did some interval running on Sunday, summing 12k with best 1k at 3’30 pace

  229. Jessica

    Too cold to be outside in Vermont. Ride on the trainer instead.

  230. Fred Garderes

    19miles of stationary bike + 30mn of Core work for Saturday
    15miles of biking on Sunday + 1hr sports massage to help my hamstring recovery
    …waiting for the injury to heal before putting in big mileage for the summer ultra races.

  231. Jason Looney

    Just did low impact elliptical due to a sore knee.

  232. Karl Trout

    SAT: Power Ladders on the Trainer 60%, 80%, 95%, All OUT – 95%, 80%, 60% rest – do that 4 times and wipe away the tears… go for a transition run… run a little longer then you want to.

    Sun: Hit the GYM and Pick up HEavy things, dont forget to put them down and do it over again….
    Run – Run and Run and Run 8 min Z2, 8min Z3 rinse, wash repeat 4x don’t rest, Z2 is your rest… dont rest…

  233. Neal

    Running, running and more running. Saturday was a long cold 22 miler on bridle trails. Saturday was 8 miles of greenway.

  234. Roman

    I lost my puppy – Leto, who was my best friend and my trail running partner for years couple of weeks back. Its been hard to get back on the same trails but with out her. My wife suggested to make some copper/zink memorial plaques and install them on the route on one of our favorite trail around Clinton Lake in KS. So I’m doing that this weekend. Is warming up too, I think she would have loved to be out again, but I will be hitting the trail with out her this time 🙁

  235. recovered from being ill so started to ramp up slowly with a long run of 7 miles and a sufferfest cycling video (hell hath no fury).

  236. Chong Wai Hoong

    Ridden 21k on roads and park connectors. The usual route.

  237. david coles

    Skiing in Stowe, VT with my wife and 6 yo son. -38F with wind chill on Sunday.

  238. Robbie G

    I had a 10k race (3rd in age group!) and a recovery swim

  239. Rich Hill

    I did a weights session on Saturday and a one hour FTP test on Sunday.

  240. Nick Campbell

    Last weekend: 12 miles with the last 6 at marathon pace in tough weather. Boston bound! (hopefully)

  241. Quek Ee Meng

    Completed planned training, including hill repeat, tempo and a self support half night marathon run.

  242. On saturday a 2.5 hour d1/d2 easy ride. On sunday a 1 hour ride with a few d3 blocks, but due to snow i stayed in bed…

  243. D Pindell

    One final 2 mile run/walk combo, followed by 2 2 mile runs. Just got back to running after lengthy rehab from knee surgery. I could use some new stuff to get me back in the swing of things..

  244. Niwla

    I zwifted a bit… ugly weather outside 🙂 !

  245. Greg

    couple of short runs and a few very nice swims.

  246. ampestijn

    empty i’m afraid 🙁

  247. Roel

    2 days of skiing in swiss alps combined with apres-ski.

  248. Peter

    5K Tempo run on Saturday and a long run on Sunday

  249. Fred

    Saturday = 32 mile / 2,664 ft chill road ride @ down to 14 degrees F
    Sunday = Thaw & Defrost

  250. Justas B.

    Had a season opening race this weekend – duathlon. Surprisingly ran even faster than at the end of last season. Winter trainings paid dividends.

  251. Anders

    Trainerroad. Traditional Base, medium week III. “North Pack” and “Mount Alice” = 5,5h. Phew…

  252. Devon

    Having some (lack of) free time from work issues, so my schedule looked like a whole lot of NOT running, swimming, or biking – It did, however, include quite a bit of overeating and desk sitting… Both of which make me more ‘buoyant’, so I guess that counts towards my swimming goals.

  253. Zenek

    7 days of flu

  254. vojta

    Did strength training followed by rollers ride on Saturday and hopped on bike again the day after.

  255. Francis Paulin

    A short and easy swim, as I am currently recovering from an ankle injury,

  256. Jon DeAngelis

    Lots of Zwifting as the temps here got down to -12F last weekend it was much safer to stay inside.

  257. Johan

    Finally started a proper training week after a muscle tear. Tuesday was threadmill day at the gym, Wednesday a nice MAF run at Lunch. Thursday evening was the swimming club finals, 100m medley at the best time in 20 years for me. Masters swimming is great fun! the week finished off with a run home from work Friday.

  258. Bear Creek (TrainerRoad); 5 mile treadmill run; Deerhorn 30 (TrainerRoad); 3 mile treadmill run; Still 45 (TrainerRoad); 273 yard pool swim

  259. Ingo

    How about 2:30 Bike Endurance and 45 Minutes run ?

  260. Francois C.

    The weekend is busy with running after the kids, as they older it’s getting more and more challenging.

  261. Wolfgang

    On Saturday I was skiing and on Sunday I did an 60 minutes run, 1km of swimming and then the rest of the day relaxing in a sauna…

  262. michael khamsot

    hill sessions on sunday 50 miles with 5,000 ft totally elevations, fun ish!

  263. William

    Poor weather kept me inside on the trainer.

  264. Simon

    ParkRun on Saturday then a more gentle long(ish) run on Sunday

  265. Ben

    40 mile bike ride with my brother in law.

  266. James Sim

    Ran 5 km for 3 days in a week.

  267. Ross

    Short run (5 miles) called the Heart Attack….where I ran as fast I could for five miles while nearly collapsing…fun times!

  268. Matthew

    1hr of Elliptical endurance to keep fitness up during stress fracture recovery, followed by weights/ strength workout on Sunday

  269. Nick Toth

    Mercedes Half Marathon in Alabama

  270. Monica Klimek

    Ran my VERY FIRST MARATHON! The LA Marathon… and was able to stand on my feet for 6 hours the day prior watching the AMAZING athletes at the Olympic Marathon Trials. What an amazing weekend, especially while training over with winter in MinneSNOWta!

  271. Pat

    Shortened my long run to 8 miles since the windchill was around -10 Saturday and did a 90 minute trainerroad session with some teammates in a garage during a snowstorm while watching a replay of Kona.

  272. Swim – Monday
    Bike/Run – Tuesday
    Rest – Wednesday
    Bike/Run – Thursday
    Swim – Friday
    Long Bike – Saturday
    Long Run – Sunday

  273. Julien

    Not much… I was in Russia for a business trip, cold weather and not much free time, so basically only eating and drinking beside work, not a very good training week!

  274. Johnny

    Two 4,5 hrs rides. Basemiles.

  275. Brian

    I biked for 1.5 hours. Ran 4 miles. Swam a few grand. I’m clearly not in training mode.

  276. Keith Gates

    I would have like to say that the last week of train was a 60 mile week. But work has been keeping me busy so it has been a week of zero miles. But I think times are changing and I am about to get back on the horse. And start the miles again. I have a few 100 mile races planed and would like to run them fast.

  277. Filipe Lopes

    Start trainning with the Maffetone Method.

  278. Ondra

    I did a hard intervals. I ran 6*4 minutes.

  279. Shawn

    Crosstraing and skiing last weekend.

  280. Brian S

    Did a couple 2 mile runs.

  281. frankbriss

    Home trainer and gym session

  282. Bruce

    Monday & Friday in the gym for core and resistance training;
    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday on the bike enjoying the unseasonably warm San Diego winter weather;
    Typical workout week for me…though I could likely benefit from structuring my workout sequence better 😮
    Appreciate the continued support to readers via Giveaways.

  283. Lev

    Had a great long run and afterwards an easy swim.

  284. LT

    Swimming and shoveling snow.

  285. Terry Betcher

    Last weekends workouts were up in the Duck Mountains in central Canada. 3 sessions of backcountry cross country skiing breaking trails through summer mtn biking trails of 10 miles in duration. To balance it off we had the fatty along for some fat tire riding on loosely packed snow, which by the way is real hard. No internet or cell coverage up there. Perfect weekend

  286. Michael Gross

    This past weekend was a bit frustrating as I injured my left calf on a hill workout the previous Thursday so I cannot run on it. I am using my bike on an old trainer. I really need to upgrade that to the 21st century! So I did an hour ride with some 90 second intervals on Sat and then a 2 hour ride on Sunday. Hoping to be running soon as Boston is fast approaching …..

  287. Sebastian

    just walking a lot… walking is also sport 🙂 especially with a young daughter

  288. Joshua Frederick

    Did 2 miles on a treadmill and 2 mile snowshoeing (~1k climb).
    Also walked into town (10 miles) but don’t think that counts as training.

  289. Julia

    Last weekend’s workout was a 22miler, moderate pace for the first 17, and progression for the last 5 cutting down to HMP!

  290. An hour of Trainerroad intervals on the Kickr last Saturday, and then spending the afternoon doing core work (juggling my two kids around while running errands :)). Sundaymorning was spent swimming with the kids, and running a half marathon for that Strava badge after they went to bed.

  291. Craig

    The weather was cold and miserable outside – so I did my Recovery and Long Run on the treadmill all at easy pace.

  292. Slowmo

    TR sessions as usual

  293. Matt Kaiser

    Last week was hard – I was traveling for work (and thanks for your tips on work travel and working out) to a place where it was sub zero (and I’m a wimp about running in the cold) there was no bike, and the only public pool had weird hours. As a result, I only swam 2 miles, biked around 70 and ran 14. Which isn’t bad, but I was hoping to do more.

    Stupid work travel.

  294. David

    5km run on the Saturday and a 30km mtb ride through the muddy local trails on the Sunday

  295. Rob

    I swam long intervals on Sunday. 4x800s w/ 1 min rest. A good way to kill an hour!

  296. Bruno C Medeiros

    I did 20 rep HIIT training

  297. Alex

    Recovery run and swim due to ITB syndrome 🙂

  298. Chad

    Mountain biking for 4 hours Saturday and gym work on Sunday

  299. Glad you asked about “what was on the plan” instead of “how did your training look like”. So the plan had me do 40 minute cross-training on Saturday and a 1h20 medium long run on Sunday to get back into things after a week of skiing. Alas, neither didn’t happen, since I messed up my back on Saturday morning and could hardly move all weekend. Cheers!

  300. Miguel Badillo

    With my new Garmin Fenix 2 I Cycled on the trainer for 6 and 11 miles. Just installed the Garmin speed and cadence sensors. Love them. Will do my first run with it tomorrow. Finally decided to upgrade from the Nike+ GPS watch I had.

  301. Fabian

    An endurance ride of 2,5 hours. It waas too cold though :-\

  302. Marc Kirsten

    4 mile Valentines race on Saturday morning followed by weight lifting on Sunday night.

  303. Jenny

    I did lots of yoga last week!

  304. Lauren Belisle

    My training last weekend included a strength training session & an hour and a half long group ride on the trainer. Fun!

  305. sabeard

    Had a nice 25 mile ride with my wife to kick off our endurance ride training. Followed it up with some long walks with the wife for cross training.

  306. Jacob

    On skiing vacation, so no training this weekend.

  307. JP

    Half marathon on Sunday on a cold and rainy day.

  308. Ronen

    Just spinning due to back injury

  309. Ryan LaChapelle

    5k Race, four mile easy run, and 25 miles easy ride!

  310. noseat

    Getting over a sickness (but honestly not not much faster when healthy).

    My runs this last week:

    Wed, Feb 17, 2016 5:42 PM
    1:11:12 time
    6.28 miles

    Mon, Feb 15, 2016 11:30 AM
    37:51 time
    3.45 miles

    Sat, Feb 6, 2016 5:00 PM
    9:31 time
    0.89 miles

    Sat, Feb 6, 2016 12:40 PM
    9:47 time
    0.97 miles

  311. Sunday is my day of rest & that rhythm works well for me as a pastor. On Saturday I hopped on the bike (KICKR trainer) early for ninety minutes with 3x20min @ 90% FTP intervals, then transitioned to five mile brick run (easy pace + some strides).

  312. Pat

    Hit up the concept2 rowing machine

  313. Shannon

    DC Tri Club off season spin on Saturday. Mid-distance swim on Sunday followed by helping a teammate with her stroke.

  314. Henri

    Leg day- bike intervals

  315. CK

    Lots of biking!

  316. Jos Dukers

    100 km with a nasty cold wind. Hopefully spring will arrive soon 🙂

  317. Howe Shien Chee

    Non-stop 10 lbs weight lifting for almost 12 hours…

    That’s the weight of my 7 weeks old daughter and she won’t stop crying last weekend unless I carried her…so it is a full day weight lifting exercise for daddy!

  318. Scott H.

    On Saturday did a a 2 hour ride for a cycle-thon benefitting the Blazeman foundation and then an early 1 hour treadmill (it’s still too cold) run on Sunday.

  319. theboxers

    Due to illness nothing. I am now getting seriously hacked off. I have had little training for the last 6 weeks due to various problems. 🙁

  320. Andres Bolanos

    10k trail race on Saturday night and 5x12k bike intervals on Sundays (last one hurted!)

  321. Greg

    Bike interval training two times this week, kettlebell routine, 60 miles on rollers, targeted core and stretch routine… can’t wait till spring

  322. Pieter

    3 days of skiing and 2 treadmill runs at 8,000 ft elevation.

  323. The plan was to head out for a few easy miles on Friday afternoon, but unfortunately poor weather and a half fitted set of ‘guards meant that I stayed at home and worked instead.

    I went to the Bike Show in London on Saturday so didn’t ride then, and Sunday was valentines day and we stayed at home… no training for me last weekend!

  324. Alice

    Did a 8.88km run with Gei Gei Running Club to celebrate Lunar New Year on Sunday. Huat ah!

  325. Vincent

    ce week-end au menu, petite sortie de 50 km à vélo avec un travail en force en cote et en vélocité en décente.

    Ca va piquer….

  326. Geri

    A session at the climbing gym. Great fun!

  327. Federico

    Saturday 80km cycling and Sunday 4100mt swimming.
    Training for Ironman 70.3 Pays d’Aix

  328. Steve Kantor

    I’m shifting up my usual marathon/triathlon goals this year, doing a lot more weight and circuit training so I can complete the GoRuck Challenge in May. So that means lots of weighted runs, metabolic circuits, lots of squats and burpees. What fun!

  329. Bernard Bloch

    Friday – 10k race as a pace test for upcoming marathon,
    Saturday – 11k recovery run
    Sunday – 12k tempo!

  330. Bsquared

    35 mile Sunday morning ride up into Sierra foothills and back.

  331. Pierre

    Swimming and Skiing!!! Great weekend for skiing in the Great White North

  332. chris

    Tried yoga to deal with knee pain on Saturday. On Sunday after pain medication went out for a nice hike.

  333. David Selko

    I live in a pretty cold area with lots of snow, so I have been doing indoor cycling using the Stages Indoor Cycling bikes. I do 3 sessions of about 1 hour and 1 about 1.5 hours. My goals are to lose weight and improve my power output.

  334. Matt

    One mile repeats at the track and a trail run.

  335. Sean G

    5k on treadmill

  336. Nick

    Was able to briefly ditch the indoor training with a break in the Seattle rain and get a good ride in outside. Looks like this coming weekend is more indoor training though…

  337. Matthew

    I did 2 hours on the trainer on Saturday and an hour run on Sunday

  338. Jiannis Alp

    17 km trail run instead of road long run. Preparing for May and June trail races. Great weather for easy forest run.

  339. Paul W

    Saturday: Indoor Treadmill Hill Interval Run with Sports Club Running group – 4.79miles and then Sunday outdoor (16 degree with wind) 4.4 miles – freezing my a## off.

  340. Mickie AndrePont

    I got in a 6 mile training run. Split it up into a 3 mile warm up and then did an inaugural 5K race. Great run with great friends!

  341. Kendal Dodge

    1:30 zone 2 ride on the bike followed by an easy 1:15 run with some hills worked in.

  342. Santiago

    Saturday – easy spin
    Sunday – 1/2 Marathon on a hilly course and missed PR from 4 weeks prior by 3 minutes
    Monday – easy spin and swim technique with tri coach

  343. Josh

    Sat: off
    Sun: 14 mile run, LSD

  344. Margaret

    On Saturday I raced a 5k (on a snow covered path in 9 degree temps!), then a long 15 miler on Sunday

  345. Joshua

    Took a much needed rest on Saturday, then a 15 mile city run on Sunday!

  346. Rob F

    Saturday: Easy 9 mile trail run and then hill repeats on Sunday.

  347. steve

    Running on a treadmill

  348. Trey M

    Training log shows 6 hours of moving.

  349. Maggie

    8 mi on Sat (mostly on treadmill) and 15 mi on Sunday (training for a marathon!)

  350. Crystall

    Coming back from a knee and hip injury. Slowly getting back into running with a 30 min run in preparation for a trail run this summer!

  351. Ken Germaine

    2 1/2 hrs of Technical MTB riding at Hartland trails Victoria BC

  352. Mark Melton

    Down week in my half marathon training, 7 mile “long run” and 45 min trainer ride.

  353. Scott

    I did two days of interval runs, about five miles each; one 40 minute recovery run, one long easy paced run and circuit training.

  354. Kunal Patel

    Did 10 mile run on Saturday and 6 mile run on Sunday.

  355. Matt

    Went for a 10k easy run on sunday. Plantar fasciitis is back. Stopped at 5k

  356. Nicholas Frenette

    Cross-country skiing, weight lifting and a zwift ride

  357. Mike De Luca

    I had a 3.5hr brick, ugh! 2.5hr trainer ride (including a 30 minute Critical Power test…which hurt) and a 1hr run.

  358. Sonny7

    No workouts this weekend unfortunately due to an injury.. 🙁

  359. Philip

    Did some Gym workout and Intervalls on the Ergometer to prepare for skiing holiday.

  360. Fabian Campo

    Half marathon race: 1:28, PBed it!!!

  361. Davin Reid-Montanaro

    I did a couple of very slow 5ks over the weekend due to an excess of food

  362. Pierre-Luc

    Did the two trainings (Dana and Carson) scheduled in the General Build with TrainerRoad

  363. Simon Saunders

    Sadly the only thing on my training log from last weekend was 8hours in work. The joys of weekend working.

  364. Gunther M

    Had the pleasure of moving my apartment across town.

  365. George

    I went on a 3 mile run, nice weather to be outside.

  366. Chris

    Focusing on my marathon training I did a 30km on Saturday and 10k interval run on Sunday.

  367. Paul K.

    Just 25k steps walking last week

  368. Otto Becerril

    I did a couple of medium runs. On saturday, i did a one hour run and on sunday, a 1:30 run. Both were great runs because they were in a hilly and sunny coastal city in Mexico.

  369. Andrew

    58 – Miles: The start the ride malnourished and lacking in sun and try to finish in time but fail but thankfully my wife could pick me up, Ride. (It appears that my wheel magnet got lost on Tram road and my Garmin was not too happy about it.)

  370. Robert Alayeto

    Ran out of steam on Saturday’s big guns ride, so this week has been dedicated to rebuilding my base with recovery and high cadence rides.

  371. Paul

    Saturday – 2.5hrs endurance zone (Bike)
    Sunday – 2hrs intervals (Bike)

  372. Tim T.

    2600 in the pool with 4 mile run; 30 min trainerroad with 4 mile post-run; 6 miles in the morning on Carlsbad Blvd (beautiful place to run) with another 4 in the evening just because….

  373. Just trying to run fast enough enough to beat the freeze!
    Intervals were out due to icing, so just steady pace effort

  374. Jeff

    Going to gym trying to survive the Winter

  375. Chris T.

    Saturday I had a 5.5 mile run (early on in my half marathon training). Sunday I rested, as I started to come down with something.

    Thanks for all your great product reviews!!

  376. David R

    I ran a long run Saturday and an easy run with the wifey Sunday afternoon.

  377. John Oxley

    Recovery day Saturday and stead swim on Sunday

  378. Claudiu D.

    Sunday I ride 57 km.

  379. I have been doing a FTP improvement plan via Zwift with lots of OU and SS sessions. It’s getting brutal, but cutting weight and seeing gains is awesome!

  380. Marta

    I run 15km with my love 🙂

  381. Colleen

    Ran 6.5 miles on Saturday and went to the gym on Sunday

  382. Jason A

    I went out for a 30 mile ride in 30 degree weather in the DC area. Turned out to not be so bad!?

  383. Marocas

    saturday: 10km
    sunday: 15 km

  384. pk

    I have broken knee, so easy swim only 🙁

  385. SS76

    Played soccer, did the treadmill for 30 min.

  386. bure

    Pool swimming and cycling on a trainer on sunday.

  387. Emmanuel Millan

    I had a Saturday’s 12 Km run and a Sunday’s 35 Km climbing ride.

  388. William

    Training for Tuscaloosa Half Marathon on March 5, unfortunately been sick with flu like symptoms. So training runs were lite, to try and push all the crud out of my lungs. Also, I did have to find my inhaler(puff,puff)

  389. Alexandre

    4 hours cycling ! Hope any show in Paris…

  390. Jon

    Base building bike workout with my wife and a brisk run with the dogs.

  391. Carlos

    Long run in freezing conditions around washington but beautiful anyways!

  392. Kyle

    4 intervals of 30 minutes in power zone 3 on the trainer. Follow with a quick transition run.

  393. Hugh

    Light gym work followed by a long run the next day!

  394. Adrian

    Barcelona Half Marathon!

  395. Kayce

    I was on vactaion, riding my bike around new orleans. So its lots of 15 minute rides at 15mph

  396. Maddy

    My training is on hiatus until I address a torn ligament 🙁

  397. Monalisa Moura

    Just went for a 5km on saturday and a bit longer (one and a half hour) on sunday.

  398. Jon

    Part of the “fun” of having a high-energy breed of dog is going for runs is a requirement.

  399. Kathleen

    Did an easy paced 5 mile run along Lake Michigan. Saw some cool snow dunes on the way.

  400. Landry Bennett

    I tempo’d a local couples 5k race with my girlfriend and did 10 x (30 s on, 30 s off) afterward with a nice cool down. Ran 17:38 for the win and we won the couples division as well! My girl really got after it out there. #proud

  401. Fabi

    8k in sunday

  402. Just upgraded from a Fitbit Charge HR to the Garmin Fenix 3 HR. Definitely a “big boy” tracker! I’ve since started dieting/actively working out a bit over a year ago. Lost 65lbs in 5 months. Mostly doing indoor treadmill, rower, punching bags, etc. Now will venture outside when the weather gets warmer to use my new GPS tracker! Also great review of it on this site! Made my decision in getting the Fenix 3 HR easier! Thank you DC Rainmaker!

  403. Alan

    I was traveling to a ski resort, but managed to do a sort of long training of 90 minutes on a treadmill

  404. Matteo

    I did some road cycling and 2 indoor bike training.

  405. joubex

    Can not run these days… Achille tendinitis 🙁
    So bike training and Core training only

  406. Zhen Ning Yeo

    Went for a hike up Ryan Mountain trail and took a half hour swim

  407. Jim D

    Last weekend happened to be recovery days after two hard weeks. I only did a 1000 meter swim.

  408. Tristan

    Does being a couch patato counts as well?

  409. Leandro Anjos

    I did a gym workout last saturday plus some slacklining training…

  410. Shawn

    Last weekend I did a 2 hour road ride followed by a 5k run on Saturday. Sunday I did a short 1 hour mountain bike ride.

  411. Ross Isenberg

    Last weekend was a 22 mile bike ride on Saturday with a 14 mile shorter bike ride on Sunday. While not super long, it is still super cold here!!

  412. Vincent

    First outdoor ride of this year. Observed effect from long hard on trainer ride on road ride.

  413. Chan

    90 minute session on trainer with target power. Nothing on sunday unfortunately

  414. Wilbert Kroon

    The usual winter weekend stuff: 2 mountainbike rides in the woods

  415. JT

    I did some strength work on Saturday, then a nice progressive long run on Sunday.

  416. Nate

    I was only able to manager a 4 mile outdoor run on Sunday.

  417. Tom Albrecht

    I was supposed to run a half marathon, but a stress fracture prevented me.

  418. Susan

    My training last weekend called for a 22 miler on Saturday an a 10 on Sunday, I did the 22 on a local trail, my longest ever on a trail. Parts were still snow covered so I worked really hard on making my feet go straight and not falling. I guess I tried too hard because my hips did NOT want to move that night! There went my Sunday run too!

  419. Renato Felipe

    Just a pool swimming, 1.4km… trying to get a better rhythm from now on!

  420. Eugenio

    Swim and Bike for 7 and a half hours 🙂

  421. Austin W

    Mon – Fri: Gym during lunch. 1k ft vertical in the evening. Sat – Sun: 75 road miles. Surfing.

  422. Jay Kammerzell

    Ran 3 miles on Saturday.
    Ran 2 miles on Sunday.

    Also assisted on Sunday with traffic control during the 48th annual Birch Bay Marathon.

  423. Mark H

    FTP building sessions with Zwift.

  424. Brian

    Blew out my ACL skiing so my workout log for last weekend was lay in bed with ice on my knee.

  425. Martin

    2k easy as a warm up, then 10x400m repetitions / 400m jogging and then 2k easy. Pleasant weather & no wind resulted in a really good training session.

  426. dan johnson

    some solid run /walking, just getting back from an injury!

  427. Dylan Attia

    Hi! I had a couple solid trainer sessions using my Wahoo Kickr and Trainer Road, and ran 5.5 miles through Central Park!

  428. Rich D.

    Sunday: Race Support for my wife running Austin Marathon
    Monday: 12 Miles, Outdoor on Bike
    Tuesday: 6 Mile Run AM; 10 Miles, Outdoor Bike
    Thursday: 7 Mile Run AM

  429. Freek

    Did an early Saturday morning 10k run in the forest with the dog, I often borrow for this from a friend. Very nice to have company. Sunday just being lazy.

  430. Steve Baldwin

    It was a 10 mile run with 8 of those at steady state pace.

  431. Christoph

    The weekend was busy from a training perspective: a trainer ride testing RLV stuff, some short running intervalls and then the swimming workout with the local tri club.

  432. Matt Sanders

    This weekend I skipped any real workouts and moved my entire family in a matter of three days!

  433. Kirk

    Just a 5 hour kayak and 55km bike ride.

  434. Jason

    I did an interval run on the treadmill and some light resistance band training.

  435. Helder

    Onde Hilly run on Saturday and a 60km bike ride on Sunday. Had a marvellous, under strong wind and heavy rain, run on Saturday which was my birthday. But had to skip the bike on Sunday. Monday crashed in to a car and now I am lying on an hospital awaiting surgery. But in 4 to 5 weeks I’ll be black!

  436. GoldRush

    Long steady state swim and a 120 minute ride.

  437. Erik K

    On saturday I did just a 2h ride in zone two after a 15h car ride to intaly to my first trainingcamp since 8 years Sunday was a 5,5h ride in the hills with sone nice weather.

  438. Caleb Jahn

    I ran for a total of 8.8 miles, two different runs. Walked for 3 miles split into three days. I also biked for 6.5 miles. I have also done a workout video about 5 times the last week.

  439. John Veeneman

    Had and off day and an active recovery day. Mostly body weight exercises to get the blood flowing then lots of rolling.

  440. Jimbo

    Last weekend my training log had the last two stages of the Tour of Sufferlandria; which meant 4 sufferfest videos. In between, I did a very hard hilly run.

  441. SuperUser

    Saturday morning spin class with the DC Tri Club!

  442. Zac

    I did a 20-miler on the treadmill due to a cold snap. I followed that up with a two hour trainer ride. Thanks!

  443. Keith P.

    I did a 55 mile solo ride on flats on Saturday while on Sunday, my friend and I did a climb day with 3000′ climbing over 30 miles.

  444. David Snyder

    4 mile jog on Saturday and a 12 mile run in -8 degrees wind chill on Sunday

  445. no run last week-end, still in my recovery of my last 100 miles , and it was too cold in Quebec, -40F

  446. Brad Hammond

    3 hrs of running and biking on both Saturday and Sunday.

  447. Andrea

    I should have had a long run but I found a cheap flight to Madrid (where my girlfriend actually is right now) and decided it was a better option putting in some 25km and aLOT of vertical elevation wondering by that city. Oh it poured rain too for half of the time.

    As usual thanks for your wise and Funny words on the blog, we all appreciate it!

    Have a nice day

  448. Tyler

    10k/40k run-bike brick on Saturday (indoors, it’s cold here), followed by a 5k V-Day-themed tune-up race Sunday.

  449. Joseph McLeod

    15 mile run one day then 2.5 hrs on the trainer with 10×6 mins at 85-90% with 3 min rest in between

  450. Vit Vojtech

    Because of injury it says 6weeks nothing :-(.

  451. Amedeo

    My second road bike training: 25km through “piccolo Stelvio”.
    It’s so fun!!!!

  452. Daniel Bloor

    Had a great ride on Saturday…that ended with my first flat ever! Then I had to complete the 2 mile walk home!

  453. John H

    It was time to blow through my Zwift trial, started my FTP builder, Days 1 and 2, it was quad-crushing magic.

  454. Jean Rojas

    I have 3 bricks with a lot of bike and run intervals… i don’t swim…. yet

  455. Dan

    Seven mile run along the beach

  456. Long 23 km with a friend along Brisbane River

  457. christoph

    preparing for my first sub 3 marathon I had to 24km with 19km at marathon pace
    (4:16/km). One of the coldest runs I ever did. Almost froze to death on my way back because
    of the awful headwind. Does Clever Training offer a Treadmill for less than 600$ ?

  458. Jim

    A light week on the bike with four rides and a total of 72 miles, finished with two days of snowboarding to mix things up.

  459. boris

    Running three times this week, running slower to ameliorate heart condition and run faster later !

  460. Josh

    40 mins on the trainer because I wasn’t feeling the best and then a 9+ mile run outside in 10F weather

  461. Stephane

    Last we… that was hard to choose between a ski day and a Cycle-cross session. But the weather chose for me. Gravel bike, mud, cold and rain for a fantastic workout 😉

  462. James

    Four round brick of 20 min cycle, 10 min run on Saturday, long run Sunday.

  463. Arianna Russo

    Consisted of one hour road bike and 12 kilometers run in Intervals: 5min run – 2 min walk. Training towards my second tri! Woo 🙂

  464. Caferey

    First 25K run of the year.

  465. Peter Day

    Saturday weight training doing 5 x 5’s. Sunday was just a light swim.

  466. Tom Box

    I did a 5K time trial. 20 second improvement from 2 months ago!

  467. Dancov

    3 nice running sessions of 6km each, after a long stop for injury

  468. Houston

    90 minutes on the bike Saturday and two hours Sunday. Both days had short runs.

  469. Giles Levy

    Mostly laziness. Some sprints with my fast dog (part greyhound) but, unfortunately for both of us, not enough to be called a workout.

  470. thelina

    i was swimming and indoor cycling

  471. Uri

    A 10K run and some weight lifting

  472. Lars

    After an injury break I got back on track. I did a relaxed 12.6 km run on Saturday and Sufferfest’s “To Get To The Other Side” /w TrainerRoad (1.5 h) on Sunday.

  473. Patrik

    A couple of walks, due to injury.

  474. Karen Lemley

    Soccer game, chasing the kids around, and 2 5k runs.

  475. Levente Varga

    12k easy run on sunday

  476. Wawan Setiawan

    It’s been a while. I have not visited your site to prevent me from buying more things. Haha. I have missed A LOT of product reviews indeed. Time to catch up.

  477. With it being a bit crappy (wet and slippy underfoot) took to the roads rather than the country for 5 x 1km Reps off 90 seconds with some 100 metre strides at the end to round things off 🙂

  478. Michael Francis

    Taking the kids snowboarding

  479. fisao

    last weekend I did a trainerroad workout on Saturday and had a club ride on Sunday.

    Thanks for the opportunity Ray!

  480. Harith K

    7 KM tempo run.

  481. Chris

    Saturday has generally been my rest day lately, but Sunday was my “long run” for an hour on the treadmill at the gym due to the extremely frigid temperatures and ridiculous winds that occurred up here in the New England area.

  482. Patrick

    Lots of running last weekend :-).
    Friday morning was an icy 5mile run (lots of black ice).
    Saturday morning was interval training down at the beach (blowing a gale with horizontal sleet/rain).
    Sunday’s long run was 26miles out and back along the Fife coastal path (and sunny for a change)

    Lots of running, but then I’m training for a 53 mile ultra at the end of April.

  483. Brett

    Had to work the weekend, but managed to slip in a half marathon along the river in Munich. Not a bad little 6AM workout.

  484. xiaogaza

    Saturday 8 miles with 5 miles tempo, Sunday 20 miles long run (my longest run).

  485. Jan

    Well, 2 kids – that is enough workout for this week!

  486. kokica

    i ran 10km in the forrest nearby my home in Luxembourg

  487. Ron

    Couple of short runs – avoiding the brutal cold in the North East.

  488. Ruedi Berg

    Due to the fact that i am currently at home, my program last week was as follows:
    Monday running 6km, Tuesday rowing 5km, Wednesday running 10km, Thursday rowing 5km, Friday and Saturday running (each between 7-10km), Sunday day off.

  489. Jack

    For me about 8km with a 4:30 pace!

  490. Christian Hipp

    Did hill reps on saturday and crossfit on sunday. Legs on fire 🙂

  491. Rob

    I did a HIIT session of about 20 minutes on Saturday, painful Sunday 🙂

  492. Jon

    I spent three days of playing in the snow/ice on my new cyclocross bike. Only a handful of dodgy moments and crashes 🙂

  493. Patrick O'Connor

    I did a 5k, a one-hour LT session on the bike, and a transition tempo run of 15 minutes.

  494. Simon Morton

    A long weekend of work and no training!

  495. Ryan

    Made it to the gym a couple of times…I’m really pathetic right now. Sad face

  496. Iona

    8 miles on Saturday and then 16 beautiful miles on Sunday with my wife. We ran along the river and saw a pair of kingfishers.

  497. Alexis Michael

    Due to work in saturday, only a 38k/1h FTP test in sunday. 220W, theres spme more work to do.

  498. Craig

    A couple of training rides on my Kickr Snap and Trainer Road

  499. Aaron

    Ran on of my longest workouts ~15miles and did 4 miles with some nasty hillwork on a dam near my house.

  500. Victor Mateos

    Ehhhhhhhh I watched some sports on TV if that counts?

  501. Volkmar

    Saturday: just a brief spin around the block for 45min
    Sunday: my first proper long run this year (29k). Tried out a new route around northern Munich and discovered a fairly newly created nature reserve squeezed between the soccer arena, motorway and a recycling plant. Quite happy about it, because there is going for sure an abundance of butterflies to watch there in summer 🙂
    No I now longer need to take the are to get to a place to watch loads of these guys 🙂

  502. Mia

    Travelled to a new location to ride our fat bikes in the mountains with my husband and another couple on Saturday, then did my first hour long run on the mend of bad left hip. Georgeous weather and lots of sunshine!

  503. Kraig

    A long slow distance run!

  504. BG

    4x400m run interval at Z4 with easy 5 min jog in-between. Thanks DCR!

  505. Joe

    Was traveling but managed a 3.5 mile jog along the beach and a 30 minute workout with what weights I could find at the hotel.

  506. Austin Daley

    This last weekend I was able to do a short run of 5 miles followed by core muscle training. IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

  507. Reid K

    I plan to get a couple of miles in on Saturday, a short swim, and, weather permitting, fifteen miles or so on the bike on Sunday. Now, if it’d only stop snowing.

  508. Melissa P

    Last weekend was freezing cold in Michigan. Like single digits, negative wind chills kind of cold… Saturday was a 4 mile pace run. I was able to keep my pace the first 3 miles and then I hit a stretch a snow covered sidewalks. So, that slowed me down, and I decided to run 5. Sunday was long run day! After having to get a new parks sticker and the fiancé realizing he forgot his running shoes, we got the miles in (a little later than anticipated).

  509. Jesse

    HIIT Training session consisted of four rounds of kettlebell swings / box jumps / pull ups / weighted rows + rowing machine


  510. Dirk

    Saturday turbo training on Zwift, Sunday a nice long run!

  511. Josh W

    Last weekend was a moderate run of 9 miles since I am training for a half marathon coming up next month! We also just recently started to convert our garage into a gym, so moving around heavy equipment was a workout in itself. Thanks for all you do, Ray!

  512. Alex Arnason

    Did a fartlek swim in the pool! Trying to stay warm in the Midwest winter!

  513. Nilla

    I did a quick and energetic yoga workout.

  514. Xander

    I was watching the rain pouring down the window with an injured hip (it rained continuously for some 8 hours or so… plenty of time, sigh).

  515. Mo

    It’s still the base period and anatomical adaptation for strength training. So hit the gym twice and did one run, one bike ride and one swimming. I also went snowboarding on Saturday!

  516. JoniS

    Last weekend was tough training for me. Friday I did 1 hour spinning session at my local club, Saturday was 15km run in wet, medium snowfall, and Sunday was 12km snowy bike ride plus 1 hour football practice in the evening. I was completely spent but sometimes it’s good to do a bit more.

  517. Susan

    I did a 5k race on Saturday and then an easy run on Sunday. Was down in Pensacola and both runs were BEAUTIFUL.

  518. Alistair Jordan

    parkrun with my adult daughter whose internal argument about how much she was hating was so loud I could hear it. Still we finished together and she was glad the complete it argument had beaten the stop one.

  519. Goswins

    Endurance ride of 130 k, with a few harder efforts on small hills.

  520. Atesz

    I was training with the Sworkit app in my Ipad. Every day i did 10 min lower body training. I hope the weather turn to better and i will cycling with my new Edge 520 🙂

  521. Meng

    Road bike and was planning long run but no show contractors killed that 2nd part 🙁

  522. A 3 mile run without stopping and a hour long barre session!

  523. David Klotzkin

    A bit of an indoor tri – spinning class, treadmill run, hit the pool – in the unconventional brs order.

  524. Felix

    Last weekend I was ‘enjoying’ -30C in Ottawa. I didn’t do any regular training, but I did skate on the Rideau canal for the first time!

  525. Jeff Gillen

    Saturday was a 35 mile easy group bike ride and a 2500 yard swim SWOLF 30. Sunday was also an easy 25 mile bike to watch the Glendale IMS marathon. Then back for an easy 5 k run.

  526. Martin Moran

    A decent 5k run around my girldriend’s place, followed by a night of dancing and a very late night soak in the hot tub!

  527. Dezlwin

    Skipped training and visited my folks for the weekend. Plenty of 12oz curls!

  528. Sebastian

    A nice easy “as you feel” 11k with a friend.

  529. Javier Perez

    I was supposed to go out and enjoy my new cross-bike, but due to a nasty virus affecting the whole family, the final workout was pushing the twins in the stroller through the Aquarium in Munich 🙂

  530. Bill

    Absolutely nothing. Running the kids around.

  531. DRino

    24km long run, slowly……very slowly………..too slowly

  532. Joshua

    100k ride to keep my randonneur P12 streak alive and hill repeats to catch up on the Strava February climbing challenge.

  533. Dennis Wright

    Last weekend was a killer long ride on Saturday and the run/speed work on Sunday. Legs were trashed Sunday night. Felt awesome.

  534. Ty

    4000yd swim with the local masters group and a 7 mile easy run with the tri club.

  535. Stijn

    This weekend i had 2 resting days – intensity level 1 garmin wise.

  536. Paul

    On Saturday, I went on a long bike ride to get ready for an upcoming 106 mile race. Tons of personal “2nd place” medals on Strava, so not too shabby! Followed it up with some much needed rest on Sunday.

  537. Joel Melburn

    Hitting back at winter with some Fat Bike action and keeping the legs moving with some treadmill efforts. On the couple bad days, Zwift was the answer. At least the days are getting longer!

  538. Noel de Kock

    Due to illness (and Valentine’s day) we spent the weekend away from home at a resort for some family time. If I was healthy, I would have been prepping for South African Xterra Championships that is happening this weekend

  539. Daniel Vela

    I did a 2h walk/hike through the woods with my 1year old son in my shoulders… the nicest 8kg weight to keep recovering from my jumpers knee issue.

  540. Ariel

    Weekend long run:
    * 110 minutes at Z2
    * 20 minutes at Z4

  541. Matt

    25K run on Saturday in Budapest with the last 10K around 4:10/K. Sunday was an easy 7k run.

  542. Steph

    Suffering. And by that I mean I was supposed to do 8 miles but was at 7200+ ft in New Mexico and died after 3.

  543. Will

    16 mile long run in preparation for Boston. Not as long as I was hoping but excited to be running my first Boston this year!

  544. Sean

    Workout 1

    FOCUS: Aerobic/Threshold
    WARM UP:
    300 to 500 smooth choice of strokes

    100 smooth
    2 x 75 build easy to fast
    3 x 50 progress 1 to 3 to fast
    4 x 25 fast. ALL 15 sec rest throughout.

    6 x 75 at 85% on shortest send off, 30 sec rest.

    300 SBB at 80%, 1 min rest.

    6 x 75 at 85% on shortest send off, 30 rest.

    300 Snorkel at 80%, 1 min rest.

    8 x 50 85-90% with shortest send off.

    400 at best effort (aiming to be NEAR the pace/per 100 you did to begin the set).

    View Full Workout
    Workout 2
    Key Run

    FOCUS: Muscular Endurance

    This run is pure muscular endurance and maintenance. Should be completed on rolling or flat terrain. We simply evolve the duration, but sneak it in as a sign of things to come, by adding some strides and hill power at the end of the run.

    WARM UP:

    5 min walk into 10 min easy jog including 2-3 min dynamic stretches.

    50 – 80 minutes Z2 throughout. Nudge effort on any hills Z2/Z3, but holding good form and not creeping up.
    Keep a LID on heart rate here. Nothing forces you to lose the ability to chat, and HR never creeps above Z2/Z3 to Z3.


    4 x 20 sec Z5 effort with good form on a 6-10% grade. Walk down or 1 to 1.5 min complete rest between.
    View Full Workout
    Workout 1
    Key Bike

    FOCUS: Endurance

    We go on a bigger gear, muscle-tension endurance focus. A challenging session that will stretch. If able to ride outside, then take advantage with a steady endurance session (which is preferred always).

    WARM UP:

    10 min easy spin

    3 x 3 min Z2 (1 min 70, 1 min 80, 30 sec 90, 30 sec 100 rpm). No breaks.

    2 x (3 min Z2/Z3 to Z3 at 35-45 rpm with 1 min Z1 choice)

    2 min easy spin

    4 x (1.5 min Z3 at 45-55 rpm with 1 min Z1 choice)

    2 min easy spin

    6 x (1 min Z3 at 55-65 rpm with 1 min Z1 choice)


    10-15 min smooth Z2/Z3 fluid and steady form-based riding at choice rpm.
    OUTSIDE OPTION: – You can accumulate an enjoyable form-based endurance ride, up to 3 hours. No need to add intervals, but a smooth Z2 ride.

    Only focus is the initial 15-20 minutes of Z1, small chain ring fast rpm (over 100 rpm) to begin and finish the ride.

  545. 3 runs, 1 bike 2 days of laying tiled floor in my basment

  546. Sheila P

    A good swim session on Saturday was on the books and completed. Felt great.

  547. Hill repeats and a 8x400m interval workout!

  548. Stubs

    I spent the weekend skiing in achensee.

  549. Luke T.

    I just went for a walk on the weekend …… a half-marathon walk!

  550. Frank Cosgrove

    Atlantic open water swimming, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  551. brad

    Saturday – 30 minutes high intensity interval training. 30 Minutes every minute on the minute training. 60 minutes of mitt class kickboxing. Capped the day off with a 10 mile fat bike ride on snow covered single track with my dog leading the way…awesome!
    Sunday – 20 mile fat bike ride in fresh powder…more awesomeness!!!

  552. Ralph

    I did the first time kettlebell training. I couldn’t walk for 2 days after it

  553. Kelly

    Saturday – 3 hour steady trainer ride with 30 minute steady brick run.
    Sunday – 75 minutes of 3 minute 7:35 intervals and 45 minute high cadence spin on bike.

  554. Stepan

    90mins of turbo trainer bike

  555. Mihkel

    Just the daily treadmill grind. 30 minutes a day in front of the TV, instead of wet everything.

  556. Eirik

    Long and easy run with a colleague on Sat, and easy run by myself on Sun. First days of nice weather in Norway this year, so really enjoyable!

  557. Nigel

    My train home involved a 45km bike Road ride which involved me carrying my bike over 2km worth of mud track

  558. Saturday 2.5 Hour Trainer Ride w/Intervals
    Sunday 90 Minute Run

    What I actually accomplished was laying in bed trying to get healthy.

  559. Tom

    Thanks for this giveaway! And thanks for the site! Last weekend I did an easy 10 mile run, a couple of mountain bike rides, and lots of walking around watching a youth soccer tournament.

  560. Fred

    Morning : 1h30 swim workout
    40mins bike on the trainer.

    It was -40 Sunday so I stayed inside.

  561. Sarah W

    Finished up the Tour of Sufferlandria on TrainerRoad.

  562. Chris

    Weights at the gym, trip to the dog park with my Boxer on Sat. Followed by gym on Sunday along with lots of snow blowing/shoveling 🙂

  563. Josh Louviere

    2.5 hours with Z3 and Z4 intervals on Saturday.

    90 minutes Z2 with strides on Sunday.

  564. Pedro

    25k run training.

  565. Iva

    Just running, but all around me there was stunning nature so I pretty enjoyed it.

  566. Harry

    Indoor cycling with sufferfest videos!

  567. Gary

    50 mile on Saturday and 70 mile on Sunday, got to make the most of a few dry days when they come around.

  568. Matt LeGrand

    Love me some Zwifting. Getting back in shape isn’t easy but Zwift’s new workouts are a fantastic tool. Last week I was beaten by ‘The McCarthy Special’

  569. Tim Johnson

    Bummer for workouts this weekend. Normally get to do about a 30 mile bike ride and perhaps some swimming or running to go along with it. This weekend was limited to walking do to doctors orders (stitches). Hope to get back at it in the next couple of weeks would be even better with new gear.

  570. The Coach scheduled a 2 hour tempo Ride on Saturday and a 45 minute easy run on Sunday.
    I did zero.
    Although, we did cook some healthy meals for the upcoming week. That counts for something, right?

  571. Derek Lee-Wo

    Just started back running so an easy 3 miles on Sunday

  572. Rebecca

    Trainerroad Sprint Triathlon Base workout Saturday morning and a 3 mile run in the evening.

  573. tim

    2 hours easy endurance ride on trainer road and sunday 1 hour cleaning the chain off my commuter bike.

  574. juergen

    Saturday 21k @ 5:00 min/km and a well deserved pizza after the run
    Sunday 15k @ 5:30 min/km

  575. Starting to get tempo road runs back into the program.

  576. Stewart

    20 mile trail run on Saturday
    1 hour easy recovery run on Sunday

  577. Keaton S.

    I jogged a nice even 10k, keeping my HR below 150, on Saturday with some friends and then did some strength training after. Sunday was my day off so I just did some yoga, stretching, and foam rolling.

  578. Run on Saturday and run on Saturday, Quick and easy! 😉

  579. Craig

    Crushed a 12 mile run on Saturday concluding my second consecutive week at 40 miles. Feeling lucky and needing (ok, more like wanting) a 920xt.

  580. Leo

    Saturday max power intervals on the trainer and sunday leg workout at the gym with 30min spin before and after.

  581. Jeniffer peeples

    Did interval run/walk training on sat – warm up 5 minutes then ran 90sec/fast walk 60 seconds -repeated 5 times
    Sunday-yoga (to stretch my sore muscles lol)

  582. Tom S

    Was in AZ for the kids swim meet.
    So I fit in a couple 5 mile runs between sessions.

    Thanks for the give away.

  583. Lars Roenning

    Last week i had 7 bicycle workouts, 3 outdoor runs, 1 indoor run and 1 row machine exercise.

  584. Euan

    No cycling because I was ill so stretching on Saturday and foam rolling in Sunday.

  585. John S.

    I did The Sufferfest – Power Station and a short spin outside.

  586. Neda

    Valentine’s Day Kaiser Half Marathon with my main man

  587. Beñat

    65km ride with friends on saturday and rest on sunday

  588. Laney

    I did intervals on Saturday morning and strength training that evening. On Sunday I had a long ride with a friend.

  589. sko

    Nice brisk walk through the snowy streets of Chicago! And some swimming – indoors, of course.

  590. Jamie Palmer

    I decided to follow your advice from a previous post of navigating my way around Heathrow Airport on a run/ obstacle course.
    Still more fun than just a local known route!

  591. Jake

    10 mile run at Cherry Creek Reservoir

  592. Carmen

    Cutback week so 20km Sunday run and some hotspring soaking.

  593. Rick B.

    Swim workout on Sunday.

  594. DaveG

    So far, 2016 has not been very good (training wise). Last weekend, I got in a couple walks in single digit (oF) temps, but that was it. Hoping for some better weather soon. Thanks for setting up the “Gadget Giveaway”!

  595. Elie Silver

    Hit the treadmill saturday for 15k and then a very hilly 32k on Sunday for my Boston prep.

  596. ein_radler

    Hit the slopes for some serious powder. Also pulled the kids up a hill on their sled (that counts right?)

  597. Claudio

    Saturday: Bike – 4hs30 60-70% HR Max with 6x5k 70-80% HR Max
    Sunday: Bike – 2hs with 3x3k high cadence. Run – 6k recovery

    Would like to get the PowerTap G3 Hub Power Meter.

  598. Farhan

    Run 10km in – 15 degree centigrade..

  599. Nikolay

    Just a short run. Not the most pleasant weather for training here in Moscow.

  600. ktx

    3runs: 8k, 10k, 9k and some sleep 🙂

  601. Andy Barlow

    Friday night 2 hours indoor climbing. Saturday morning 5K parkrun, afternoon and Sunday watching Six Nations Rugby on television.

  602. Michel

    Did the texel super sunday mountainbike ride(only the 50k not the 100) lot of mud and rain

  603. Joe

    5 minute walk, 5k run, and 5 minute cooldown with my dogs.

  604. Starr

    I skate skied both Saturday and Sunday. Birkie this Saturday!

  605. Robert

    Injured so no running. Three steady state, 3-hour bikes and two power/hill workouts on the trainer.

  606. Matt

    Does watching kids play basketball all weekend count as training?

  607. Craig D

    I was at the pool doing some swim sets this weekend.

  608. David

    Ran some hard interval repeats (4x 4min hard, then 3min easy) plus shoulder presses on Saturday, then back squats (297.5 for 10 reps!) on Sunday). Standard weekend activities.

  609. Brick on Tuesday (hour long bike on trainer / 20 min run)
    Long Run Wed (hour for about 6.8 miles)
    Recover bike Thur
    Swim – Friday (apx 3500 yards)

  610. Olivier from Paris

    Good idea to fly away to Mallorca, because last week-end was quite rainy here in Paris
    18,5km run on saturday avoiding the puddles around the Versailles Grand Canal
    50K road ride on sunday between two showers

  611. Tobias

    Did 26k run on Saturday and was supposed to do an easy jog on Sunday, but got some company after a couple of k’s that pushed the speed so I don’t think it was so easy that it was supposed to be…

  612. Joey A Jablonski

    I ran 6 miles on the treadmill and rode 20 miles on the trainer. Gotta love winter training in Erie, Pa!

  613. roger

    Busy Saturday with no time to train. On Sunday I made a nice 21k run in Collserola. Beautiful views of Barcelona from the top of the mountain

  614. Shannon

    My husband paced me to a 1:28 half marathon. It was my fastest race in years!

  615. Nawar

    Last weekend ! I work on weekend but still can do some training before my shift started my workout was 8x1km with 1km easy jog in between thanks

  616. CMV

    Return to running in the forest after 6 weeks of swimming in the pool, due to an injury. Just a 40min run to check everything was OK. Fingers crossed!

  617. Néstor

    Saturday: 3*6´Th(rec:1´30´´) in 65´runing / Sunday: 65´<ccl

  618. Max

    Did a 5km run with intervals.

  619. James

    Introduced a friend to road riding for the first time last weekend. Only did 30k, and she only fell once. Apparently her experience with clip-ins in spin class did not prepare her for more dynamic contexts (like a falling water bottle). 🙂

    Then I lifted and ran.

  620. Molly

    Friday evening: yoga
    Saturday: long run (for me) of 7miles
    Sunday: recovery run 3 miles easy pace

  621. Patrick Tidy

    20 km long run, waited till Monday because of very cold weather!

  622. Thomas

    7.5 mile 1,500 ft climb tempo run

  623. Cody

    I did 10 mi on the bike trainer. It was -5ºF I stayed in the warmth!

  624. Kurt M

    I needed two long slow(ish) rides to kick off my spring training.

  625. Falko

    3.5 mile treadmill run with iFit

  626. Derek

    Got a bike on fathers day and have been riding 10 – 20 mi 3 times a week but not losing any weight. Decided to try high intensity intervals before work. Not sure I’m doing them correctly though, i puked about 3/4 of the way through.

  627. David Vazquez

    On saturday i ran 12km intervals, and sunday a 36km long run

  628. Colin Caughran

    Sub zero in NH, no running, some skiing and ice fishing

  629. Em

    A 2 hour trainer ride, 6 mile run, and a short easy hike!

  630. Johank

    Saturday: 25min strength weight session and 2h03 bike session power zone 2 and 3.
    Sunday: 2h45 bike session power zone 1 and 2


    I had a sufferfest weekend. Sat Morning – 50km bike ride – Coyote Hills Trail. Sat Eve- 2 hr gym workout – rowing, TRX, weight training. Sun Morn – 30 km long run – Coyote Hills Trail.

  632. Jerry

    Did a fast paced Saturday morning run around the local lake

  633. Keith P

    Sat 8mi moderate walk
    Sun 9mi moderate walk

  634. Aaron Gray

    Galveston Marathon. Took the overall in 2:52:xx

  635. James D.

    Getting ready for CA70.3 event. I did a 38-mile training road bike ride then short run after.

  636. Raphael

    I had a nice ride outside in the rain on Sunday. Saturday was a family day.

  637. Did a 25 mile group ride with a bike shop in Phoenix.

  638. Very cold cross country race on the Saturday, followed by a nice easy long run on Sunday!

  639. Andrew

    Since I was volunteering for the LA Marathon SAT/SUN, my weekend workout consisted of standing for a few hours each day and about 25,000 steps.

  640. Allan

    My training log says “Trainer Road Steamboat”. That must be what I did.

  641. Tom

    A couple of short runs, some intervals, a longish run, a bike ride and a couple of trips to the gym.
    I think i managed 50% of that…

  642. Bogdan Vreuls

    I hammered myself through the rain for 3 hours on the weekly sunday club ride. The pitty thing was all teammates failled to show up.

    🙁 or after all 🙂

  643. Richard Withington

    Sufferfest. Oh, and more Sufferfest…

  644. Daniel

    Emptiness in the training log due to a cold instead of the planned 5k race. Oh well.

  645. Rui Silva

    Hi Ray.

    Last week i trained karate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tueday i ran 8 km and, on Thursday i did a crossfit class.

    On Saturday and Sunday i Had to rest.

    Thank you very much.

  646. Chris K

    Scheduled: Sat: 45 trainer; Sun: 1 hour
    Actual: Sat: 30; Sun: 0

    Chest cold upgraded from excuse to reason. #SadPanda

  647. Nathaniel Evan Klein

    simple run

  648. Alex

    Assuming that “weekend” means as soon as work finishes Friday arvo:

    1.5km swim followed by 58km cycle
    11km run
    5km bushwalk

    Thanks for the comps!

  649. Drew Eckhardt

    I went for my first 200K ride, solo and unsupported.

    I started at home in SIlicon Valley, rode over the Santa Cruz mountains, up the Pacific coast on Highway 1, past the Golden Gate bridge, and returned following the San Francisco Bay to minimize time riding without daylight. It was awesome.

    133 miles, 6000 feet, 9:37 moving out of 11:36, 442 TSS, .60 IF, 4147 kj

    San Francisco added an hour of waiting for traffic, but was worth it.

  650. Justin

    A 2hr ride on Saturday then a 3mi run in 10degree temps on Sunday.

  651. William Maher Perron

    I went to the pool for lifeguard training with some special drills. also went to the gym on monday

  652. Dan Sheldon

    120 minutes of steady state intervals on TrainerRoad.

  653. Jessy

    Run/walk for 60 minutes on the treadmill – on the recovery train from an injury last fall.

  654. Asher Sweet

    It was post injury physicial therapy. I pulled my back in January and I’m hoping to be back on the bike by March. But right now I can’t even sit on the bike.

  655. Alex Ralton

    Punishing ironman training. 20 mile run on Sat followed by sme fun tennis and unfun hoovering. Sunday 65 mile sportive with 3000 feet ascent and so much crud on road I had to stop to clear my mudguards!

  656. Hector Pacheco

    Valentine’s day, I proposed to my wife a romantic 10 mill run. Ended running by myself.

  657. Jonathan

    Slow recovery ride on Saturday and rest on Sunday!!

  658. Luke Franklin

    My girlfriend and I did a quick three mile run together on Saturday.

  659. Greg K.

    Six mile run in South Lake Tahoe.

  660. Nicholas Eckermann

    I didn’t get any workouts in.. 🙁 was busy spending time with the girl so that made up for it~

  661. Jonathan

    Long run with the double stroller.

  662. Doug l

    Did a long climb and a long run.

  663. Will Nickell

    Unfortunately my workout agenda was empty. Wintertime inversion was so thick it was like walking through those spiderwebs in those Indiana Jones movies. Did not want to be outside exercising in that unhealthy air. This weekend inversion is gone so a nice early spring 1-1/2 to 2 hour bike ride is in my plan for both Saturday and Sunday.

  664. Paul McGrath

    I had a Sprint Triathlon on Sunday, into a 30km recovery ride Monday. Tuesday was 10 x 400 m intervals with a running group, followed up by 3 days of gastro!! Great to get the racing weight down 🙁

  665. Chris Boyer

    I did laps in the pool on Saturday and biking (on trainer, sadly) on Sunday

  666. Meat

    cleaning house and drinking beer

  667. Lisa Rogers

    Long run and weights!

  668. I ran the Great Aloha Run on Monday (Aloha Tower to Aloha Stadium, 8.15 miles), so my weekend was restful. On Saturday I did some taper repeats, 3 x 90 sec at race pace. On Sunday I joined my wife’s ride group for a bike tour of Kakaako urban art and the annual Ukulele Festival, 10 easy miles.

    I am impressed by your ability to find so many random things to do. Impressed, and inspired to do more. My habit is to be routine, which eventually becomes boring.

  669. David Swafford

    Fri – 55 Miles on bike while climbing 7500ft of elevation!
    Sat – Pilates class, 3,000Y swim
    Sun – 4Mi run and 5500Y swim
    Mon – 36Miles on bike

    I’m tired now :-D!

  670. Benyamin

    It was a rainy week (and it is still), so i made only two running training; first was 10km under the rain, and second one was 400m intervals. Lack of nice weather make me to start popular insanity training which killed me and I realized that I have weak core so at the end there is some good from that rain. Running and insanity 🙂

  671. paco

    Fri: 10 warming 8×1000 @4:40 2min rest 10min cooling
    Sat: 20min row 20min abdominals 20min weight lift
    Sun: 18 Km @5:15

  672. Jezza

    Visited Liverpool for the first time and went for a run around Sefton Park on Sunday morning.

  673. Sydney

    I ran three miles last weekend

  674. Maja

    This weekend we finnaly got some snow, so we went cross country skiing for 3 hours. This would translate into cardio and leg workout. Sunday was a rest day!

  675. Baz

    Hilly 10k with mates on Sunday. Really cold but good fun. Far from PB but still made it back for lunch.

  676. Pedro

    As it was our anniversary, just had a 6k walk with my wife in the Jenolan caves

  677. Richard Mable

    Last weekend was a solid Zwift workout on Saturday followed by a solid late night cross training workout on Sunday.

  678. Marek

    90 minutes spin on turbo with few TT elements.
    I had to skip 90 minutes run on Sunday due to injury in the trampoline park o.O

  679. Tyler Kennedy

    got my first brick done this season! (thought it was quite short)

  680. Renee

    45 minute swim & 45 minute run on Saturday, 1 hour bike on Sunday

  681. Pete G

    Strength session at the gym. Heavy Back squats and some box jumps, amongst some other stuff.

  682. edwin

    5mi and 12mi long runs as training sessions for an upcoming half marathon in May.

  683. Rafael Ramos

    Just intervals on the trainer. Not much you want to do when it’s -30C out !

  684. sadewo

    It was an 8k run that I had to do indoor due to Elsa from Frozen going berserk

  685. Michael Brown

    Did some big gear repeats on the trainer on Saturday, followed by 2k swim with main set of 100’s on 2 mins. Sunday was a longer run day, 15k steady pace.

  686. Rob

    45 minutes of body weight exercises on Saturday, and a very easy 15k on Sunday since I was just getting over a brutal cold and hadn’t run in about a week.

  687. Hank Remington

    Last Saturday was just my long run, 13.2 miles at easy pace. That plus walking dog etc got me 30,000 steps for the day on my Garmin 15.

    Probably won’t get answered here, but since the checkbox is below, I did the $20 paid membership but still can’t sign on, despite sending my email address with Forgot Password. It says I’ll get an email confirmation to reset but never do. I’ve emailed Ray from here, to no avail. Suggestions?

  688. LaTonya Atkinson

    On my log was to do at least 14 miles on my treadclimber. Walk my dog for at least 30 minutes every morning and to lift weights for 15 minutes every other day.

  689. stephen butler

    I had a little Hockey practice, followed by a light 5km run the following morning, and a pull workout of my push, pull, legs rotation. Counting down the days to get a little spring cycling action in.

  690. John D

    plyo and run, then long run on. Beginning to get back into spring workouts

  691. Lorne

    I rode my indoor trainer 3 times and did 3×3 intervals along with 15 minutes stretching.

  692. Ayse

    I had a 3-mile run Saturday (treadmill, in a hotel fitness center because it was -10 and I don’t own any clothes for that weather, much less workout clothes), then Sunday I planned a long run but ended up sleeping through it because of jet lag and the sugar crash from two days in the Midwest. I did run Monday but my whole week has been off because of that.

  693. Ryan Ravinsky

    Active recovery from cross fit on Friday. And lots of skiing.

  694. Nancy Marie

    This weekend I did swim drills for 45 minutes and jogged for 45 minutes.

  695. Dan Paietta

    I was icing my knee over the weekend. Injured washing the car.

  696. Jerome

    I rode 8 miles on Friday. I ran 3 miles on Sat. And I missed the Sunday run.

  697. Graham

    I got about 80 km of riding in the coldest heaviest rain I’ve seen in a long time. Winter, please leave now!

  698. Sono

    Short hike and some painful foam rolling

  699. marc

    race on Zwift and interval training

  700. Craig

    Upper body weights training followed by easy 20km ride on Saturday, Spin bike session followed by HIT on treadmill for Sunday session.

  701. Steve

    Mostly Zwifting with a little Pilates for core

  702. Regis

    Interval running, Stand Up paddle boarding and some hiking

  703. Damo

    Saturday – 90mins – building phase
    Sunday – 90mins – building phase
    lots of TDF replays

  704. peter takeda

    saturday 3.5 hour trainer ride using trainerroad and kickr, then 45 minute booty bootcamp

    sunday 15 km run in -28C and then 45 minute booty bootcamp

  705. Lorraine

    No training due to a bad cold.

  706. Guillaume Nolain

    A nice 15km in a big city Park and a long walk followed by a yoga the next day.

  707. Moshe Cattan

    I ran my second full marathon in three weeks in Fort Lauderdale (the first being Miami).
    I was never a runner until now and I ran this past one in 4:57 reaching my goal to break 5 hours.

  708. Seth

    A long and easy cardio session.

  709. Chris

    Short, cold North Dakota runs.

  710. Barry D.

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray. Didn’t quite get what I wanted to done training, but it was an easier week anyway. On Saturday I did a swim workout for 110 min with my club then later on an easy 60 min ride using Trainer Road and Sunday did another easy 60 min ride using Trainer Road again. Skipped the run I had planned, but oh well.

  711. Snooly

    training log for last week (busy week that it was). 3 weights sessions; 1 turbo session, 1 LSD run and 1 orienteering training session. Variety is the spice of life 🙂

  712. Mark

    -15degC here on the weekend so 1 hour spin class (at gym), 1 hour treadmill running (at gym), 1 hour drooling over Fenix 3 HR (at

  713. Jeff

    I did some work on my bike trainer and very wet 10k. Thanks Oregon weather

  714. Romain C

    I spent most of my week-end in airports or planes, but I ran as soon as possible in the morning heat (a sluggish agonizing 8km…)

  715. Chris Lawrence

    Sunday was 50 minutes of Spin and a 30 minute run. Saturday was our anniversary so it was a rest day though we did about an hour of hilly snowshoeing together!

  716. Andrew

    I actually did run a 10k on Saturday. Training for a half the first week of March.

  717. Aaron Cowan

    I had a 40 minute run on Saturday, where I tried to stay in V02Max speed zone for as long as possible. Managed it but was gasping…..Later that afternoon I did a quiet 20 minute swim.
    On Sunday I went out and ran a moderately sedate but hilly 16k long run.

  718. John p

    4 solid days of training on the trainer.

  719. Den

    spent the weekend discovering new trails on my mountain bike, nothing structured just a good pace and plenty of fresh scenery.

  720. Robert

    My training log consisted of marathon #2 – Mercedes Marathon followed by a nice easy 30 minute ride

  721. Wow what a terrific training week for me consisting swimming, biking and running in both the Philippines and Republic of Korea! Got in a 50K bike on Clark AB, 10 Miler run up to Sapang Bato, 4 Mile jungle trail run and few 1,000M meter pool swims all in PI, arrived in Korea and had a nice 10K around Yongsan Army South Post and will run tonight with a drinking buddies. Life is gr8 in Asia; OnOn to more super training and racing in Asia!

  722. Marcello Canuto

    Preparing for the the Roxk n Roll Half-marathon. One long run of 2 hrs on Sunday.

  723. Fisherman Richardson

    Fishing Trip in the cold northwest of Indiana. Nothing was caught, but good times hiking in the woods and along the streams.

  724. Ernesto

    160k ride with 3.500 ascent towards a skiing center and plenty of cold beers on the way back.

  725. Paul Irwin

    500 pool
    15 bike
    5 run

  726. Clinton Anderson

    My first adventure race – The Falls Creek Mountain Raid. 16 hours & ~100 km over two days.

  727. Martin R

    swimm drills all week long as well + bike trainer sessions + gym

  728. Jacob Sconyers

    Last weekend, I actually had to cancel my training plans due to a family medical emergency. Because of the medical situation, I ended up moving a lot of snow and splitting a fair amount of firewood.

    The previous weekend, I put in a 19 mile run, and this weekend, I’m going to catch up with a 1000 yard swim, a 4.5 mile trail run, and a 15-17 mile run with some friends who are training for Boston.

  729. Brett

    I completed my base period on the trainer with an easy Saturday ride. Onward to the build phase using trainerroad.

  730. Andrew Jones

    I did ‘HiiT’ training chasing my 2yr old (Love to see the HRM data on that)
    Then ‘Core Strength’ exercises by lying on the floor holding my 3mth old while the 2yr old used me as a plyo box

  731. James Hardi

    3 hour bike w/30 min brick and 2 hour run.

  732. Carl H.

    Downhill skiing with my boys and some quality trainer time.

  733. Luke Petrini

    16k ride to Tri training. Slow speed bike skills. 3.5k fast run. 1km swim. 16k home.

  734. Alex A.

    The dreaded hill repeats since I did the long run midweek.

  735. Mark Skattum

    3 mile run just getting back into running using my Garmin 220 after a winter layoff due to work!

  736. Marty

    In China for work so I was stuck on a bad stationary bike watching TV I didn’t understand…

  737. MChin

    2 mile run and repeats

  738. Ed

    I worked through recovery, being ill with cold and having a hard workout with the ACA in Austin, TX…now on to training camp in AR…

  739. Cristina

    I did my first 10K !!!! And now I’m going for more 🙂

  740. Darin

    M: Off
    T: 4×10 – 30s@105% and 2min@95% | 1.25hr
    W: Off
    R: 2×20@95% | 1.5hr
    F: 2hrs Z2 with some cadence drills and techniques
    S: 4hrs Z2 group ride
    S: 4×8@100%

    Just double checked the requirements and you only wanted the weekend training log…well you go the whole week!

  741. Brett

    No workout. Wife Boston training so st v gift was watching kids all weekend.

  742. Tom

    Light snow forced a 4.75 mile run on the treadmill

  743. Josh howard

    Three running workouts, with fartleks, lsr, and hill drills.

  744. I got a new fat bike. Love it entered the Maah Daah Hey race in ND and so training to get fit. Lots 54 pounds last year goal this year though Cycling to loose another 50 . Thank for all the info and motivation.

  745. Greg

    Presidents’ Day Weekend:

    Saturday: morning run, afternoon swim
    Sunday: morning run, afternoon planned race calendar for spring/summer
    Monday: afternoon swim

    TomTom Spark is much better than my old Nike Sportwatch, but its use in the pool seems to be limited to stopwatch mode – it misses many lengths.

  746. Ned

    A few long hikes in the desert (Canyonlands) in the snow!

  747. David Rodgers

    Hello DCR! Enjoy your site daily. As you may know, this past weekend in the U.S. mid-atlantic was a 3-day winter mess. Two days of sub-freezing weather meant 1 hour indoors each day on the elliptical on Saturday and Sunday. (Caught up on Flash and Arrow on the ipad!) Hip coffee shop Vigilante in Hyattsville, MD with my valentine. Then Monday meant a workout shoveling snow. Back on the bike Tuesday for the commute to work. Hankering for longer rides soon….

  748. Daniel S

    Island loop in Singapore.

  749. Josh

    Saturday: Long bike, 4×10 min tempo up long climb.
    Sunday: Long run, 15 miles with 2×10 min 10k pace mixed in

  750. Jack T Allen

    Knee healed, foot healed. Starting running again 2 weeks ago. Last week I logged 25 miles on the treadmill.

  751. Josue d.

    2/9/16-5×1 mile repeats with 400m recovery jog, 2/10/16-7 mile easy run, 2/11/16- 4 mile tempo run at 6:35 pace. 2/13/16 LA big 5k in 19:28, 2/14/16-8 mile easy run

  752. Brian Greaney

    A couple of 8 mile commuter rides, some done in sub-zero temperatures. Isn’t Clever Training in Florida?

  753. Diane Giles

    2 road rides. The snow is melting, but still a little too muddy for mtb

  754. jessie

    last weekend : only TRX!

  755. Chad H

    4 Mile Race (running) on Saturday and 35 Mile speed work (road bike) on Sunday.

  756. Peter P

    Jut some short runs as -25 was a bit too cold for a long one.

  757. Jason

    11 mile run Saturday, Fatbike ride Sunday

  758. Stefan Raab

    14 miles with a HRM that needs to be replaced. My garmin app kept telling me that my HR was 30.

  759. Jeff Mrachek

    Five vo2 max intervals for 3 min each. Then 2 by 15 sweet spot intervals. I hate myself. Sunday, easy ride outside

  760. Ailsa C

    Did my 5k valentine run

  761. Benjamin

    I did a 50kms recovery ride on the Saturday, well recovery pace!

  762. Jonathan Dodd

    Friday- Easy 4 run Saturday- Rest Day Sunday- Mercedes Half Marathon

  763. Holly S.

    Sadly nothing, but I watched eight hockey games as my kids played in a tournament. Soon, the seasons will change!

  764. Matt

    Just recovery in the gym for me 🙁

  765. AJ Brandt

    bike trainer, bike trainer, bike trainer, hockey and then hockey again

  766. Moose

    Weekend away for my birthday, so no training for me.

  767. Ryan D

    5K Sunday in 0°F. Hoping for warmer weather!

  768. Hussam

    1) Friday: 10k run at just under 6min per km pace.
    2) Sunday: 10k easy run approx. 6:30 per km pace.
    3) Wednesday: 4mm Run Intervals at approx 5min per km pace with 1 minute rest in between, repeat 8 times.
    4) Saturday: 20km bike ride attempt at an approx. 25km/h speed.
    I started recently, so I’m slow on all aspects. But I feel GREAT!!

  769. Camp Murphy

    Recovering from knee injury so my runs are spaced by a few days but I still managed a couple (slow) 10 milers and added 2 weight lifting sessions along with a spin Class to boot.

  770. Jon M

    I’ll be recovering this weekend from a slip last weekend. Hoping it will be warm enough to take my daughter out for a walk.

  771. Javier montenegro

    I set out on the trails to formally begin training for Cascade Crest 100.

  772. Eduardo

    A couple of hour-long runs, one flat, one hilly.

  773. Thibaut

    100km cycling up and down Tama river in Tokyo, Japan.

  774. Kevin Scott

    I did an hour and a half on the bike. It was largely endurance with a few intervals of sweet spot. I usually do this while listening to you guys on the podcast!

  775. Andrea

    Saturday: brick in Albert park along the F1 circuit: BIKE: 2 5km laps race pace, 1 easy, 2 race pace
    RUN: piramid interval race pace [1 2 3 4 3 2 1] with 1 min recovery pace in between
    Sunday: RUN interval 4x[7min Z4 + 3min Z3]

  776. RAFrisk2

    The wife and I went for a long ride (without the kid for a change) in uncharted territory for us on an awesome 78 degree Northern California day.

    PS – for reals Ray ya gotta check out the Thule ride along now. I use one on my aluminum roadie.

  777. Lance L

    Saturday: 4 mile run
    Sunday: 1 hour trainer ride and 3 mile run with the wife.

  778. Tracey

    Short treadmill run on Saturday. Tried for a longer run on Sunday, but strong winds and freezing temps had me heading home after only about 7 miles. 🙁

  779. Carl J Thomas

    I work Sundays but I cycled long (for me) on Saturday and Monday.

  780. H.R.

    I did the 3rd week of Couch-to-5K program.

  781. David Tjiptogarsono

    Rode Zwift for one hour. It’s kinda lame but it’s better than nothing, besides I am no fan of riding in 10 deg F weather.

  782. Matt Dennie

    2500 yard swim. All pull due to sprained ankle!

  783. Brilly

    Installing flooring and lights into the roof cavity to allow me to reclaim my study. At long last I might have room to set the trainer up again and put some distance in the legs after little person bed time.

  784. Dave

    A 5 mile run on roads close to home on Sunday afternoon replaced my normal 6-8 mile trail run – just too cold for that stuff last weekend and wanted to stay close to home/family. Saturday workouts vetoed by dead furnace and frozen water pipes

  785. Katie

    I ran for 30 minutes, foam rolled, stretched, and did 5 minutes of planks on Saturday. On Sunday I did an 8 mile run and then stretched and foam rolled.

  786. Darren Augustyn

    First week of half marathon training going rough after taking too much time off

  787. Jason

    I’m training for my first 50 mile. Since I live in Alaska I had a couple of days of long treadmill workouts. Thankful that is over and ready for the Sun.

  788. Mike

    No workouts last weekend due to weather, but did go with the wife to order her new ride for the upcoming season.

  789. Jesus Climent

    Nothing at all, as I was injured. But getting back in the game!

  790. Daniel

    Few strengthening trainings at the gym plus a run inside.

  791. Nancy Shedd

    I went to an Orange Theory (HIIT) class on Saturday and Sunday rode my bike
    nowhere on the trainer. Too cold for me outside!

  792. Ang Lay Ping

    First tempo run for my sub-65 training: 1.61km of easy run -> 25 mins tempo -> 1.61km easy run. Achieved PB pace.

  793. Michel

    Friday evening: 20k speedwork/interval running
    Saturday: 33k mud trail. More mud than trail.
    Sunday: 25k recuperation in the rain

  794. Ron Gubitz

    Long run around the park pushing a stroller. Needed Sunday off.

  795. Nestor

    Saturday: 14 mile trail run race – Cross Timbers trail run
    Sunday: Turbo trainer 95′, warm up and a pyramid 3,5,7,9,7,5,3 at pwr z3 and 100+ cadence with 2′ easy between each step. Cool down.

  796. François Duperré

    1h30 of home traîner friday, 5k swim saturday and 1h of home traîner sunday

  797. Erica

    The hubs and I did a romantic trainer ride on Sunday. Too many hours on a trainer. Woof.

  798. Andrew

    A cold run and a warm swim

  799. Andrew

    Met my former teammates in sunny SoCal for a training camp. Covered 160 miles and 16000 feet of climbing over 3 day weekend.

  800. Kyle Polansky

    11 mile long run on Saturday and a 50 mile long ride Sunday!

  801. Michael du Toit

    21km hilly long run on Sunday and 7km tempo on Tuesday.

  802. Jake T

    100km coast and mountains ride in Cymru , sunny and blue skys and training partner followed by a good cafe stop to round the morning off.

  803. Alex

    A 6 stage gravity enduro race in Rotorua.

  804. Sambo

    Valentines day run 13.25 miles training for my first Marathon in June.

  805. Y.L.

    Too cold outside. I did an interval training on the treadmill for 40 min.

  806. Ed St John

    Son’s hockey tournament with Zwift mixed in as time permitted. . .

  807. Kristen Cortright

    I got in 46 hilly miles on the road bike and ran 14 miles on trails (not on the same day). And got a long swim in, too!

  808. Ambre

    Tuesday: Afternoon high intensity spin class for 45 minutes; evening core training 30 minutes
    Wednesday: Shoulders and arms super sets; 20 min spinning
    Thursday: Back workout followed by 30 minute spin

  809. Ryan B

    3 days of downhill skiing with 10 kids…..burned enough calories for the entire week

  810. J. Berg

    Saturday morning: Run Club (short on time, so just 5K on the indoor track)
    Sunday morning: cycling on the indoor trainer (Sufferfest video)
    Sunday evening: lifting heavy things and setting them back down.

  811. Chris

    Downhill skiing – but not as much as I’d hoped due to extreme cold.

  812. Johannes

    Last weekend was a bit of a bust as I had to work so my long run was postponed. Planned on 10 miles Sunday but ended up only doing 8 on Monday. At least it was President’s Day so I had some free time.

  813. Osbert

    #allflashnodash. I thought about training a lot but I’m going thru the third week of a #goutattack so basically immobile except for swimming with a pool buoy.

  814. Avishai Moscovich

    Saturday, bike: MS: 2 x 12′ (4′) @ Zone4. MS2: 1 x 7′ (5′) @Zone4, 40 minutes @ Zone3.
    Sunday, 75 minutes run: MS: 2 x 1.5 mile (5′) @ Zone4. Remainder of run @ Z2

  815. gerard

    My workouts for last weekend:
    – taught 2 Reformer pilates classes, and in one of them i was able to do pretty much the entire class alongside my clients since they’re such pros
    – got in a 6k treadmill run (brutally cold temps that day)
    – did a 90 minute hot yoga class on Sunday
    – wrapped up the weekend with 50 pushups/50 situps x 3 so i wouldn’t feel like a sloth for mostly staying in from the cold on Sunday

  816. norman

    Running 2 10K’s one sat, one sun

  817. Raymond_B

    Easy 8 mile run

  818. Tracy

    5M trail run, 1 hr mountain bike ride, a long hike, and some yoga

  819. Owen

    8 mile run.

  820. Richard

    pool swim, indoor cycling on the trainer, weights, eats

  821. Fran

    I can’t compare to many of the commenters as far as fitness goes, but I’m trying, and I walked on my treadmill both days last weekend, and I’m slowly increasing the length of my workout and the speed of the incline.

  822. Jim W

    4 rides and 2 runs. None long, but good quality.

  823. Maurice

    Heart melting MTB ride under heavy rain, that’s all!

  824. Op E

    Easy 5k at long run pace and then some strength work

  825. Robert

    Valentine’s week training log was very untraditional for me . . . backpacked with two kids and the wife through Budapest, Vienna and Munich. All 50 lbs on my back and 10+ hours walking for just over a week. Didn’t have anything left for a Ray travel run.

  826. ventura

    80K Ride on sat, 2k swim sunday…thanks!!

  827. Nikita

    Updated FTP value. New power zones will make me suffer next few weeks.

  828. Christopher Henning

    I did some base cadence biking drills, with a short run before the bike and then a longer run the next day.

  829. Sergio

    I’d been sick for a few weeks so last week was the first one I ran in a while, two 40 minute run, felt good to be back on the road

  830. Tim V

    OWS then parkrun on Saturday. High intensity hilly bike Sunday

  831. stephan

    Will be a great priza

  832. Nikos K.

    1 Circuit Training Work Out (with gym rings and pull bar) and 1 Soccer Work Out.

    Time spend at each work out : Circuit Tr. 70 minutes and Soccer 90-100 minutes.

    Have a nice Day !!!

  833. Jake

    I’m on the mend from surgery, so was limited to a couple long snowshoe hikes. Maybe more of the same for a few more weeks, and then I’ll start shopping out that trainer.

  834. Chris EchoHawk

    Trainer road! Melting soggy trails and ice patches are not yet gone at 7,000 ft in the US southwestern mountains. One workout of over/under intervals and one endurance workout indoors last weekend. I’m ready for spring and riding outdoors again!

    PS: Congratulations on the new addition to the family!