The Love You Wanted: $600 Gadget Giveaway


What’s that?  Your Valentine’s Day was a bust?  No worries, I’m here to try and cheer ya up.  It’s your opportunity to win something you’ll really love (which, may be in addition to someone else you love).

The winner will get a $600 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 HR to a GoPro Hero4 Black to a water bottle to the PowerTap G3 Hub Power Meter (all of which are under $600!), or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever warms your heart.

How to enter:

Simply let me know what was on your training log for last weekend from a workout perspective.  Quick and easy!

Try to make it more than a few words (i.e. not just ‘10K’), so you’ll avoid the SPAM holding tank (I manually clear it out). And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of old SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Saturday, February 20th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.


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  1. Roger B.

    Time off from triathlon workouts, skiing instead.

  2. Brad Ball

    Thanks to the snow vanishing I got to get back to a trail run in my local park, only about 3 miles before the park closed. Some weight training earlier in the week too and later this week hope to get the bike out around the county.
    Thanks Ray!

  3. Steve G

    Trainerroad Sweet Spot Base and a visit to the gym for some weight/resistance training.

  4. ALW

    Got in some cardio and some lifting (shoulders, chest, and back). All mixed in with tweaking my freestyle swimming stroke…and by tweak, I mean that I am actually learning how to swim!!

  5. Eric Livengood

    7 mile slow and easy run on Saturday and theme park on Sunday! (lots of walking…)

  6. Carolyn whyland

    3 long hours on the trainer (wahoo based on your detailed reviews), and then I was supposed to go for a 2hr run the next day. But seeing that the next day was Valentine’s Day, I decided to spend the day with my husband to thank him for being so understanding for all long workouts I do.

  7. Gaurav K

    65k on the bike, 10k run and a bootcamp session in the gym

  8. Michael Metzler

    Did 16 mi run with 9mi at marathon race pace. Training for my 1st. marathon for my 60th birthday!

  9. Steve

    40 mile ride on Saturday
    25 mile ride on Sunday

  10. Danielle Walsh

    I’m training to run the Sabino Canyon Sunset Run in Tucson, AZ in April. Last weekend was my first “long” run of 2 miles. Sunday was a rest day.

  11. John W.

    Quick interval rides after working on a weekend (lame….) and before coming home to make dinner for the wife – c’mon random number generator!

  12. Hugh Scaife

    5K run on Sabbath along with 43 Burpees & 110 Push-ups.
    Another 5K run on Sunday with 44 Burpees & 55 Push-ups.
    Worked on Taekwon-Do patterns

  13. James Cisneros

    Saturday: weight session (focused on chest and triceps) followed by a two mile run on the treadmill.
    Sunday: weight session (back and biceps) followed by 4 miles on the treadmill.
    Running paces for both days were started at 8:55 and finished at 8:15 per mile

  14. Catie

    I was traveling to visit my family and did not get to do any running :(

  15. Kevin Webb

    Did 5k on a treadmill, followed by PF’s 30 minute express workout. Helped me achieve my sub 28 5k goal at today’s Gasparilla 5k in Tampa. Still a couple minutes from where I was three years ago, but I’m getting there.

  16. Rick

    Recover ride with wife along SF Bay Trail. Long run and a fried egg sandwich.

  17. Fabian

    Took it easy and just ran to and from work for 3 miles.

  18. Dan Mitrovich

    A nice 16 mile outrigger (OC6) paddle, 6 mile beach run and plenty of San Diego craft brew

  19. Patrick

    Recovering from a pulled calf… out of commission for a couple of weeks :(

  20. Maysa

    Two outdoor bike rides totaling 39.2 mi on Saturday; 18.1 mi training indoors on Sunday.

  21. Lara

    Wow, almost missed this one!

    Not much on the training schedule due to an injured leg and crappy weather. Just some upper body workouts and trying to keep the other leg strong.

  22. Eric Matthews

    16 mile Interval ride on Monday, masters swim (2000m+) on Tuesday and Thursday, 12 mountain bike ride on Friday, hike with the wife tomorrow.

  23. Vil

    Did Sufferfest Blender ride on Trainer Road Saturday. And 1 hour tempo run Sunday.

  24. David Hill

    Saturday was a 30 minute trainer ride and Sunday was a 1600 yd swim.

  25. Jan Knyttl

    As usual I have intervals from strenght training up to hills to speed intervals on flat route or on track. Every week 3-4times

  26. Jamie

    A couple of long runs planned.

  27. Katie

    Nordic ski training, speed work + light distance

  28. Cate

    Cross training week-end for me! Saturday was a rest day, and Sunday I did 40 minutes of yoga followed by a couple of hours of friendly tennis :)

  29. JeanneB

    Interval based cardio class ; hiked back woods for hour with my dog

  30. Alexis

    Did some outdoor runs this weekend when the weather finally permitted exercise outdoors away from the trainer!

  31. dusty

    1 day of alpin skiing on Saturday and 47 km on Zwift on Sunday.

  32. Luis Iturralde

    Going to do some transition training and open water swim!! also 40 mile bike ride

  33. Antonio

    Got sick last week so I didn’t get to log any mile, I’m hoping winning this gadget will get me back on track. Thanks DCR.

  34. Dan8588

    A ski trip that I’m counting as cross training.

  35. oleg

    Crosscountry biking on mud/snow/ice terrain 50km

  36. Dan

    ran 6 miles

  37. Casey gourley

    Just a couple hours on Zwift due to schedule constraints!

  38. Mathieu Cagnard

    2 hours spinning class on Saturday and 90 minutes slow run on Sunday

  39. Mike Gluz

    Kickr, TrainerRoad, 5×10 min intervals at threshold and a 2 hr endurance ride

  40. Will

    An easy bike on Saturday and a rest day for Sunday

  41. Joe

    Broken Collarbone…. Limited to walking….but did in sunny FLA instead of brutally cold New England.

  42. Scott

    Long run on the treadmill. Thankfully, some good college hoops on TV.

  43. Pavel Nouel

    Travelling for work in Mexico, but was I able to do 1 hour and 15 minutes in the Kickr before taking off for the airport. Added 3 nice hilly runs in Queretaro of about 10K.

  44. Tyler Bowers

    Had a recovery weekend. On Saturday I broke in the Supercross race bike then spun out the legs and did some stretching. Tried to max out some miles on the couch on Sunday.
    Really need a new FR235 to track progress on those couch miles from now on ?

  45. Colleen Braun

    3.5 hour Snowshoe hike in beautiful weather.

  46. Dave B

    I did a couple of mid-distance runs (10 miles), a few laps of the pool, and an hour Zwifting. My Fenix 2 is officially on the fritz (temperature reading 302 degrees celsius, altimeter stuck at 20000 m).

  47. Last weekend was a 2xFTP Interval day on Watopia. Followed by a hike on Sunday through the remains of an old RCAF base.

  48. Robert W

    Saturday: 2200 m swim, 6 mile run
    Sunday: 10 mile run, 18 mile bike

  49. hflack

    Morning run 45′ slow pace, did not counts miles, active recovery…
    Strenght training in the afternoon.
    Sunday going for a bike ride 1 to 2 hours.

  50. Rafal

    I rode 40k and swam 1500 yards last weekend

  51. Rene Amador Jr.

    Long run on the training log for this week based on time. Time for long run – 52 minutes.

  52. Dennis J.

    I ran 3 miles on the Sunday and did another 4 miles on the Monday holiday… :-)

  53. Jower Garcia

    Training for upcoming marathon

  54. Dylan D

    17 mile long run and a couple of broom ball games (I live in MN)

  55. Richard

    Did some hills, biked around a bit to enjoy the views

  56. Walked 14000 steps & 1 plus hours on trainer.

  57. Bryan D

    Went surfing for a couole hours. Not on my log though bc I take off my V800 before surfing due to the sand, salt water, ETC.

  58. Joe Navratil

    Last week I was on vacation in NYC, so I was running daily in Central Park. Hill intervals at Harlem Hill on Wednesday and k-pump intervals this morning were the highlights; oddly(?), I also ran my fastest estimated 5k time. Guess the change of scenery and throng of other runners did well for my pace!

  59. Brian

    Last weekend I swam about 1200 yards, biked 18 miles, and ran 5 miles. All part of the master training plan in preparation of the IM 70.3 Raleigh! This will be my first 70.3 distance race.

  60. Erm

    rowing :D

    30 minutes trainings, usually making 7200 meters approximately.

  61. Kevin

    12k run with kids in the stroller and 2hrs on the trainer.

  62. LC

    Womens Cat 3/4 42K road race, which I won! And a 8 mi run the following day

  63. Cari C

    Nothing but looking forward to getting back on the bike soon!

  64. Ian

    All I could muster was a nice casual 50K rode with a Friend. Didn’t want to overtrain!

  65. Francisco

    Coming back to my long runs. 8.72 miles on the bridge from Miami to Key Biscayne.

  66. Alan

    Took my Mom to Monument Valley and ran 5 miles

  67. Andrew

    looking for some warm weather to knock out a 90 minute run on Sunday.

  68. Robert

    ok, here it goes:
    following TrainerRoad pretty religious: Sweet Spot Base, high volume week 5. On rollers. Some fun outside too.
    Better part: my better half is following Trainer Road too! General build Week 7. Kickr
    Keep spinning!

  69. Charles

    I’m training for an Spring Olympic Tri, so it was a 1HR Endurance run and Gym workout.

  70. Casey Ross

    I was at police academy all week so took the weekend off to rest and recover.

  71. Drew

    Hit the pool to learn some kick turns for an upcoming pool triathlon and then Sunday was 60 miles on the bike!

  72. Alan T.

    Daylight Saturday pyramid with wife and labrador! 100×2, 200×2, 400×2, 800×2, 400×2, 200×2, 100×2
    Saturday afternoon pool swim of 3k.
    Sunday morning bike of 63 km.

    Have a great weekend Ray!

  73. Chet S

    Traveled to Chicago and forced to run tempo runs on a treadmill.

  74. Brent wiese

    1700 swim with 4 mi run and a couple hill repeats on the bike

  75. Leonardo

    Did a brick 60mile bike followed by a 10mile run

  76. Neil

    Gave Orange Theory Fitness a try on a friend’s recommendation – interesting concept. Ran a 5 miler and slipped on ice. Spent the week healing.

  77. Ed Oliver

    Saturday was an intense virtual group ride on Zwift with 10 training group friends and teammates. We played Cat and Mouse. A group of 6 with a 5 minute lead with a group of 5 chasing and trying to catch them before the end of 12 “flat” laps on the Richmond course. Sunday was a recovery day.

  78. kris

    24 Hours in Old Pueblo Mtn bike race

  79. Dan

    Introduced a friend to cycling on a 17 mile loop

  80. Al

    Doing a bit of climbing on the side, and a long bike ride since the weather allowed for it. Also running in the gym.

  81. Conor O' Leary

    Weekend training sessions were tough, mostly due to the heat and humidity in Brisbane Australia….! Friday was running – 400m speed intervals, Saturday – 2.5km swim and Sunday – 10km run all in +30ºC.

  82. Julie

    I did an open water 2km swim on Saturday and just heading out for a 10km run now. A 920xt would definitely compliment my training logs!!! :)

  83. UliS

    Nothing much, just a 45min walk/run. Hopefully there will be time for more in the future.

  84. Christiaan

    À slow training weekend with juist 30min swimming.

  85. Hasan

    Nice long run :)

  86. Had 3 workouts planned : 1 with intervals, a smooth 10K and a longer run on Sunday.

  87. Jildou Oosterhof

    10k run

  88. Francis Limousy

    My training for last week-end was:
    – 7 miles run with 1min on – 1min off
    – Stairs climbing race in the morning
    – Bike trainer 1h

  89. alexey

    fartlek with 5x(5 min active part and 5 min easy)

  90. Christian

    A bike ride in snow and icy condition.

  91. Verdy

    Broke my half marathon PR last weekend run.. Yeeey

  92. Shane

    A couple of short runs.