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Garmin’s New Tactix Bravo: An Explainer


While earlier in the week I gave you a look at the new Garmin Fenix3 HR, the extent of my Tactix-Bravo photography was rather limited (I only included one photo).  However, the reasoning will explain why this post will be shorter than my norm.  And, I’ll also explain what the heck the watch is.

See, in many ways the Tactix Bravo and Fenix3 are like twin siblings.  Not identical twins, but twins nonetheless.  As such, they largely share the same firmware between them.  So in my case while I had a Tactix Bravo I lacked the Tactix Bravo firmware, instead having the Fenix3 firmware on it.  So, on account of keeping everything photographically tidy with showing you the right things I waited till now to have photos with the correct watch software version.

What’s different:


So what’s different then between the Fenix3 and the Tactix Bravo?  Beyond the price ($499 vs $699), not a ton.  But for a very slim segment of the population, those differences are significant.  Here’s the distilled version of what’s different:

– Night Vision Goggle Friendly Backlight: If you’re wearing NVG’s, the watch display will still be readable when you enable the backlight
– Slight difference in bezel/case design: Ensuring it’s non-reflective.  Also is carbon-coated to “prevent knicks and scratches” (their words, not mine)
– Contains Sapphire glass: Some Fenix3 units do not (varies by model). The Tactix Bravo is Sapphire-only
– By default includes nylon (fabric) strap: Similar to NATO style, just slightly different size specifications.  You can always swap it out for any other Fenix3 straps.

– Added ‘Tactical’ Mode: This mode allows you to display two sets of coordinates on a single screen (seen below).  It’s technically considered a separate activity/sport mode (like swim, bike, run, etc…).
– Added ‘Jumpmaster’ Mode: This mode allows you to coordinate jumping out of an aircraft with a variety of different configuration components.  This is the same Jumpmaster mode that you know and love from past Garmin wearables.

Now, both of the above modes can actually be added to your Fenix3 if you go into ‘Settings > Apps > Add new’.  What’s strange here is that while these have been on Garmin Fenix3 beta builds for a while, Garmin also stated to me at CES they wouldn’t be on production Fenix3 builds.  So, I’m not entirely sure what to think since they clearly are in current production builds.

Here’s a quick gallery of the two unique software features, and just some pretty watch photos.  Because everyone likes some pretty watch photos.

If you’re comparing additional differences between the Fenix3 and the Tactix Bravo, you need only go as far back as elementary school with the whole square is a rectangle thing, but a rectangle may not always be a square.  The Tactix Bravo has every software feature of the Fenix3. Period.  The only hardware feature that’s different (or lacks) is that the Fenix3 HR version includes an optical HR sensor, while the Tactix doesn’t have that option.

Oh – but what about the Tactix Bravo and the original (older) Tactix?  Well, the differences there are quite frankly too numerous to list.  The easiest way to compare them is to just remember that the original Tactix is basically just Fenix1 with the same slight hardware/software differences that we now see in the Fenix3/Tactix Bravo.  Of course, the gap between the Fenix1 and Fenix3 is generational.  I’d never recommend anyone to buy a Fenix1 or original Tactix now.

Simple Recommendations:


So ultimately you may be asking yourself who the market is for this unit and if you’re it.  Or, if any one of the umpteen other Fenix3 units seen above are better options (the Tactix Bravo is far left).  Well, it’s easy if you really just distill it all down.  If you answer yes to one of these three questions, it’s for you:

1) Do you need Night Vision Goggle support?
2) Do you need the Jumpmaster mode (falling off your bike doesn’t count)?*
3) Do you need the Tactical ‘mode’?*

For the ones with the *, see my earlier note about Fenix3 versions having it, but maybe not forever?  Of course on the hardware side, if you just like the look and feel of the Tactix Bravo, that’s always a perfectly acceptable excuse too.  If none of those three things appeals to you, then simply save your cash and get the Fenix3.  Easy as that.

With that – thanks for reading!

Update: You can now pre-order the Garmin Tactix Bravo on either Clever Training or Amazon.  If you use Clever Training you’ll get free US shipping, and you can save a bundle of cash using the DCR/CT VIP Program! All of which helps support the site here.

Don’t forget to check out all of the DCR CES 2016 coverage, as well as a slew of updates that were only seen on Twitter.  It was a crazy busy week!

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  1. gasteropod

    My Fenix 3 on production 6.50 firmware has both Tactical and Jumpmaster Mode. I have never been on any beta firmware so this is not something left behind from testing either.

  2. Volker

    But didn’t garmin add tactical app and jumpmaster with a beta fw update to the f3, so there is no difference?

    • Just cleaned up a few things, but I’m still getting conflicting information though. Garmin told me at CES that these weren’t to be in the production versions of the Fenix3. Yet at the same time, they do appear to be there under the ‘Add’ options to add new modes (but not otherwise shown by default).

      Rather odd discrepancy.

  3. Justin

    For a visual perspective that is great!

    Did the guys at Garmin give you an update on the epix when you spoke with them at CES? Personally I don’t care about adding new features but I’m hoping they get around to fixing the bugs soon. Thanks!

  4. Johan

    Is it possible to use those straps – nylon and leather – on the Fenix3 HR, or do the straps cover the optical Heartrate reader ?

  5. Ronald

    Ray, I see row indoor displayed. Does it mean it works with Concept2?

  6. Tomas

    In my fenix 3 New firmware i can see those two modes

  7. Daniel

    Her Ray, first of all let me state that I am a huge fan. Nevertheless there is one thing I am curious about. What’s the reason that you are writing that regularly about new Garmin products, but almost never about Suunto devices? Especially as Suunto introduced several new watches during the recent couple of weeks.

    • Super simple: Suunto has yet to get the device in my hands. You’ll notice virtually all of my posts are based on actual hands-on usage, however brief it may be. Garmin, Polar, Under Armor, GoPro and virtually every other company has done so pre-launch.

      I gave Suunto numerous heads-up over the last month about impending CES related posts. They believe however they’ll be able to get a unit to me later this week. Looking forward to it.

    • Matt

      Also, to be fair to Ray, he is specifically reporting on CES this week, and Suunto chose not to have a stand at CES. You can hardly blame him for that.

    • And, I even offered to fly myself up one day from Vegas (CES) to Salt Lake City (OR) in the event they had some announcements to ensure they had proper coverage. Which undoubtedly would have been a full days worth of non-CES coverage given up, just dedicated to them. I gave them advance warnings numerous times over the month prior so I could arrange my schedule accordingly to ensure they got coverage. They didn’t respond till the night before the announcement.

      Sometimes, I can really only do so much before I have to give up.

  8. Volker

    So the “tactical app” is nothing more as a marketing gag. Showing two different coordinate systems at the same time is no big thing…(perhaps for garmin).

    And talking about jumpmaster:

    Will someone ever be so stupid to jump out of a plane and rely on the garmin jumpmaster?????

    • Bertrram

      I think you are supposed to use them in *addition* to a parachute…..

    • Volker

      That should be clear.

    • likepend1

      & 99% of people purchasing a thing like that because

      1) looks good
      2) don’t use/need the NVG/Jumpmaster options!

      +200$ for sapphire & rarely used NVG/Jumpmaster??

      Just like Ray said it: Use the features, buy it! if not, go with the fenix3 (and invest the 200$ in sensors or other usefull stuff)

    • Neil Joned

      Yes, and I have to add that in my own time in the Forces, the guys who opted for the £10 Casios or whatever didn’t seem to fare any worse than those with “tactical” watches

      I also found it amusing a week or so ago that the Tactix supported the Garmin Golf stuff, but the fenix3 still didn’t (I think it does now). Essential feature for every SpecOps team member!

    • chris g

      I am interested in both of Tactix watches because of :

      Slight difference in bezel/case design: Ensuring it’s non-reflective. Also is carbon-coated to “prevent knicks and scratches” (their words, not mine)

      I really really hate reflections when I am riding. I will admit it might not be worth the extra 200USD.

      It’s the number 1 thing I hate about my 910 … the sliver strip around the face is very very lame.


    • ezio

      Golf is a requirement for “survivor mode”… remember bat21… :)

  9. Ernst Weel

    Hi Ray, if I run a comparison on Garmin’s website between the Tactix Bravo and Fenix 3, I see some additional differences in the Maps & Memory and Swimming Features sections: link to buy.garmin.com

    Do these indeed exists, or has these been equaled now with a software update? I prefer the looks of the Tactix, but dont want to trade in (key) functions of the Fenix.

    On a different note, any news on updates to the Scosche Rhythm+ (measure metrics, data storage, battery life, size) or alternatives with similar/improved functions?

  10. StefanosM

    Maybe fenix and tactics have the same firmware.
    Maybe garmin add an algorithm to the firmware and show or hide these futures based on watch SN.

    And this algorithm is confused by some fenix SN and shows the futures.
    I think that the same is happening with 230/630 and indoor bike

  11. Mario

    I got a short explanation on Jumpmaster on my FB site which can be found here link to facebook.com

  12. Tichy

    Hello, thanks for the sum-up and the additional pictures!

    * Are the measurements (especially thickness) of the Tactix different from the usual Fenix 3 (not counting the HR variant, of course)?
    * If the firmware isn’t fully compatible, will the Tactix still get the same updates as the Fenix?
    * Is there any notable difference in the background light visible with the naked eye? I.E. is it darker? I’m sometimes in some very dark environments and some headlights (even with red LEDs) really ruin my nightsight…

    Greetings from the North,


  13. morey000

    Nice image of over $4500 in Fenixes. I’m trying to figure out how two of them have different times, and a few of them have different dates. Don’t they all sync their time to GPS time?

    • I’ve got one of each style, and mostly just use one, so the others sit around in a drawer. Sometimes I’ll take on or more on a trip, and not update time when I get back, etc… Usually just too lazy to take them all outside to get GPS time for a single photo.

  14. Thomas Wylie

    Off topic but have you run into the guys from Bragi at CES? I’d be interested to know what you make of the finished Dash.

  15. timster

    Is there a documentation or demo on how the Jumpmaster mode can be used for recreational parachuting (skydiving)

  16. Tosin

    What about the D2 Bravo? Is it just additional aviation stuff?

  17. Joe

    My F3 now has Jumpmaster and Tactical apps with the latest firmware but lost the ability to set crank length on the P1 pedals. :(

  18. So when will you be writing up a night-vision goggle review??? :)

  19. Johnny Row

    Garmin must have a model that fits every person’s needs exactly, or they have the most confusing line-up of products, or both.

  20. kyle

    Why doesnt Garmin just make a “special edition fenix 3 tactix” makes no sense why they would have a whole new product for basically the same watch except for a few small things.

    • Matt

      This isn’t a whole new product. Essentially what you suggested is what Garmin has done. Other than a new ‘knurled’ effect bezel, the underlying technology hasn’t changed much, as Ray said in the article “So what’s different then between the Fenix3 and the Tactix Bravo? Beyond the price ($699 vs $499), not a ton.”

      The only other thing that has actually (possibly) changed is the screen, being night-vision friendly, though I couldn’t tell you if the old F3 screen is necessarily night-vision unfriendly… (read: segment & price differentiation doesn’t always mean hardware differentiation). Garmin even used current F3 users on the beta program to test the Jumpmaster and Tactical apps. The watch is to all intentions physically exactly the same as an F3.

      Clearly the F3 has been a huge hit for Garmin, and by adding in a load of “slightly-different-but-bascially-the-same” variants, they are milking the market for as much as they can for basically zero new R&D cost. Which, to be fair, makes pretty good business sense to me.

    • kyle

      I guess I just worded it wrong. I get what they are doing but calling it a “tactix” instead of a version of the Fenix 3 is just silly to me. I know it cost them basically nothing research the “new” features so it is smart business in that sense. Im surprised they didnt call the fenix 3 HR something totally different.

  21. eli

    I’m surprised the rowing part wouldn’t be on the 920 as it’s more an exercise thing then and adventure thing

  22. Volker

    Wasn`t the old tactix able to display tides? The new tactix bravo isn´t able?

    • Tichy

      I doubt that the Tactix (or Fenix 3, for that matter) will include a tide display. Most likely it will be provided as a Connect IQ App.

      I really don’t know why not even the simple tide display (i.e. moon-age + graph based on a specific high-tide time) is included…


    From what I saw when playing with this (CES) its not so much the “tactical’ or “jump master” SW your talking about that sets these two units apart (fenix 3/Tactix).  Its the Dual Position Format and the quick access to this information.  It’s one button press away all the time. You dont need be in a profile or active route to see your position, just press and hold the top right button and within sec’s you have your coordinates (MGRS or whatever you use along with D.M.SS.S for your air support needs).  I think with just using the DPF and not being in a active GPS mode you would extend your battery life even longer then what is spec’d In the NVG case, it’s a two button process, press the light button and hold, do you want NVG mode?  Second button press yes….done!  You don’t need to adjust the backlight % (I have forgotten that at times….not cool) and it goes from the white backlight to the green for proper light discipline  and no flare on the NOD’s (I couldn’t test this at the time) but the original tactix is great with Gen III’s so one would assume the same.   For most of the prior post this may not be for you.  Stick with the fenix 3 and save some money, its a great unit.  Bravo appears to be for the professional who is in need of real world application.


    • Paul Chambers

      Quick access to dual position is there in the f3 firmware too.

      The NVG mode looks like the only software difference and even that sounds like it just sets the backlight to the lowest level for you rather than it being a different physical led or anything.

  24. Tactix Owner

    I got excited when you wrote about the price difference: “So what’s different then between the Fenix3 and the Tactix Bravo? Beyond the price ($699 vs $499), not a ton.” Then reality struck. The prices in your sentence are reversed. Drats.

  25. So, if the Tactix Bravo is Sapphire only, this means it should be compared to the F3 Sapphire. On that ground, its $100 extra for the “special coating, less-reflective-lens and NV compatibility”. Plus the special software modes, if they remain as Tactix exclusives.

    • I could see it that way. But at the same time, it goes towards (IMHO) the whole trying to get people to pay extra for something that’s honestly not needed.

      I’ve yet to hear of anyone breaking the non-sapphire glass units, and upon quick glance I could only find a single person who scratched their Fenix3 non-sapphire glass . Scratches on the bezel are however far more common.

    • Yeah, I can totally understand that and you may be right.

      I don’t own any Garmins, my previous experience is limited to a Timex Adventure something which I completely trashed airsofting (broken glass by bb included) and A Casio Pro-Trek which apart from broken strap due to age seems to continue ticking.

    • GregTR

      Make that two people as my Fenix 3 glass also has a small scratch on it. I’m glad the Fenix 3HR will be sapphire but I’m disappointed that it’s grey and not silver.

    • John Kyong

      Any insight on the durability of the different bezels: Tactix, Titanium, Sapphire Grey, and the regular Fenix silver? As you mentioned, there are plenty of online posts complaining of scratches to the grey bezels of the regular Fenix 3.

  26. Ben boujemaa

    Hi the fenix 3 hr , It is available in France maintenantou well right? and thank you

  27. Andrew Kuhn


    Question about “Tactical Mode”. How does Garmin let you update what coordinate system to use as the alternative one. I work outdoors surveying and the ability to view the local state plane coordinate system along with the Lat/Longs would be very useful to me professionally. This could be a dumb question but I have been a Suunto Ambit 3 user and only read about the Fenix capabilities on your blog. Thanks!

  28. Michael

    Why are they making such a big deal about the “dual mode” night vision “capability”.

    It’s simply a quick brightness control. It still relies on inferior (light up the whole screen instead of just the digits) LED backlighting.

    Looking at the Fenix 3 watch at night is like looking at a computer display. The original Tactix with electro-luminescent backlighting is far superior for night ops/discreetness and Garmin knows it. For the extra $200 beyond the cost of the Fenix 3, Garmin could have designed a true “dual mode” night vision capability into the watch, allowing the user to perhaps switch the backlight from “enemy sniper-beacon blue” (which lights up the whole display instead of just the digits and blows your naked-eye night vision as well) to green or red. Or perhaps they could have integrated a dual electro-luminescent/LED display into the watch. Garmin should stop hyping a brightness control as a cutting edge NVG feature.

    That said, I’m really hoping I’ve missed some critical fact about this new feature and that someone will correct me and help me see it in a new light.

  29. Steve

    Thanks for the review. While I don’t need the Jumpmaster mode, since I deploy globally for disaster response, the “Tactical” mode displaying two coordinate sets is something that could be quite useful. I’m also a firefighter & USAR tech, so I could see a benefit of the sapphire display. I’m sitting on the fence as to whether they are worth the extra money for me.

    You didn’t mention any differences in terms of the display colors and backlight. In the original Tactix, there was a distinct and very significant difference. I recall that the standard layout was designed with a dark background, and the backlight was a subdued color (red?), whereas the Fenix 2 could double as a flashlight. Since you didn’t mention any difference between the Fenix 3 and the Tactix Bravo, are they now identical in terms of display color and backlight?

    • Steve

      To expand on my own question, I stopped by REI to compare an in-stock Tactix Bravo and Fenix 3 Sapphire. I couldn’t see any difference in the backlight or the display format/coloring between the two. Did I miss something?

      Since the Fenix 3 Sapphire bundle includes the HRM ($99 separely) and metal band ($129 separately) for less than the price of the Tactix Bravo that includes neither, I’m struggling here.

      The Tactical and Waypoint Projection modes are important for me. Is there any chance Garmin will remove them from the general Fenix 3 firmware? Are there any other differences to the various status screen or menu layouts between the two?

      I like the appearance of the Tactix more, but not necessarily $230 more. I want the Tactix, but if the software modes that are important to me will definitely be in the Fenix 3, I may make a more practical decision.


    • I didn’t see any difference either, but I only had the Tactix during daylight – so I didn’t have a chance to see how it looked at night.

      As far as removing features from the Fenix3 – I think it’s safe at this point that it won’t happen.

    • Steve

      Thanks. I guess I’ll go for the Fenix 3 Sapphire. As much as I like the aesthetics of the watch casing, the added $230 for the metal band and HRM aren’t justified if they are otherwise identical in function.

    • TEMS

      Hi Steve,

      Came across your comments about the Bravo while looking to replace a beater watch. I’m a retired Jake that continues to serve and deploy with Flannigan, Brannigan and Iscovicz as a Medic. (CONTOMS ’90’) The NVG mode is a nice feature but the killer for me is that I have to use both hands and push a button to illuminate the watch taking hands off vehicle and boat wheel.

      I played with it at REI, maybe I don’t understand fully understand. Did you end up buying the watch?

      Take care and stay safe.


    • Steve

      Thanks for your service. If you’re out of HQ, it sounds like we might shop at the same REI store. :)

      As much as the price penalty pissed me off, when they dropped the prices of the Fenix3/Tactix line by $100 across the board, I decided to bite the bullet.

      I found 2 settings that should help you. I can’t speak to the NVG mode, but there is an auto-backlight mode that I assume should function exactly the same if the NVG backlight is in use.

      With the auto-backlight “gesture” mode on and the accelerometers detect a motion similar to your flipping your wrist up, it will turn on the backlight so that you don’t have to use the button. I just tried it out, and with my thumb and forefinger remaining in contact with the desk surface, I was able to flick the rest of my wrist enough for the watch to turn on the backlight.

      You can set the gesture mode to “after sunset” or “on”, so the later would help in a structure.

      The second option is to adjust the backlight timeout setting. You can also set the backlight timeout anywhere from 4 seconds up to 1 minute.

      You can also set the backlight timeout to “Stays on”, so you could use either the button or the gesture trigger to turn it on, and then it would stay on until you manually turned it off.

      If you’re out of HQ or down in PWC, happy to figure out way to let you try mine out with your NVGs.


    • k

      Thanks Steve, been busy, and I regret the delay getting back to you. I really appreciate the info regarding the wrist activation; I’ll have to experiment with it.
      Not at HQ, I’m north of there and am frequently abroad.
      It is likely I will get the Bravo this week. After a few weeks playing with it, I’ll let you know how it goes. (I’m terrible with technology!)

      My best to you, be careful and take care.


  30. Michael


    The answers to your questions are here:

    link to forums.watchuseek.com

  31. Michael


    From the above link:

    I find that a lot of reviewers minimize or miss all the differences between the Tactix Bravo and fēnix 3 models.

    Here is what sets the Tactix Bravo apart (aside from the Sapphire Crystal also present on some fēnix 3 models, and the new Tactical Software Profile present on all):

    • Low-Reflectivity, All Matte Black (the only black watch in the fēnix 3 family)

    • Inner Bezel Marked in 24 Hour/Military Time, Hours 13-24, Along with a Subdued Garmin Logo (fēnix 3 models are marked in seconds/minutes)

    • Abrasion-Resistant, Diamond-Like Carbon Bezel and Buttons

    • Night-Vision Goggle Compatible Backlight Mode (Hardware-Based)

    [Also, there are two box versions of the Tactix Bravo being sold. The only difference between the two versions is the strap style included with the watch. One version comes with a silicone band. REI only carries the NATO strap version currently—regardless of whether you buy online or in store. You get two NATO Straps in the box, one black, one olive drab.]

    • Steve


      Thanks for the detailed response. I noticed those various differences, such as the low-reflectivity, 24hr markings and diamond pattern on the bezel. I really prefer those design elements on the Tactix, and if the difference in price were reasonable, I’d go for it without hesitating. Since the Sapphire bundle includes the HRM and metal band, which would add an additional $210-230 on top of the Tactix that already lists $60-70 more than the Sapphire bundle, I just can’t justify $300 for the nicer bezel if the display and functionality is absolutely identical. I was just really hoping I was missing something.

      Thanks a lot.


  32. Michael


    Two things to consider:

    1. If you buy either watch from REI between now and March 8th, you get a $20 REI gift card.

    2. You get back $70 cash from REI as part of your dividend by buying the Tactix Bravo and $60 for buying the fēnix 3 Sapphire.

  33. Michael


    Just to be clear. The diamond pattern on the bezel is a nice design element, but is not what Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) is referring to. DLC is an abrasion resistant coating to the metal and significantly cuts down on damage to the bezel and buttons from scrapes, scuffs, and dings.

    • Steve

      Oh, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification on the DLC.

      Good suggestion regarding REI. I hadn’t thought of that. I was looking at either Clever Training (10% off for $5 via DCR program), or GovX (discounts for military & first responders) that is similarly priced but final sale.

    • Steve

      I wanted to thank everyone for all of the help.

      In the end, I realized that given my lifestyle, a $600 watch with scuff marks would no longer be presentable in a professional environment, so the Tactix was the better route with the protective coating. However, when I did the math on the accessories (metal band & HRM), I realized that the bundles offered with **every other model** of the Fenix 3 reduced them to half of their individual retail price. Yet the watch that was being marketed to those for whom fitness is more than a lifestyle…but rather can mean the difference between life or death for themselves or their buddy…did not offer the discount on the HRM. That really turned me off. I provided feedback about this to Garmin in the hopes they might reconsider. They said they had no intention of offering a bundle for the Tactix.

      I’m ok paying extra to get something more. I realized that I’m not ok paying extra for the same thing, with the only ones facing this being people who serve. This turned me off enough that I’m choosing to vote with my wallet, and I’m going to abandon plans to buy any of them.

    • Kassad

      We get it Steve, you are a jilted operator operating at a peak operating condition. Its a shame Garmin couldn’t keep up with you

    • Steve

      Didn’t your parents ever teach you something about keeping your mouth shut when you have nothing useful or nice to say?

  34. tmax


    tried someone to add maps into the new Tactix Bravo? Thanks.

  35. NVG guy

    The Tactix’s NVG compatibility refers to the backlight’s ability to be invisible to the NVGs rather than visible. Modern NVG’s have a coating on the objective lens that prevents light of a specific wavelength (typically blue-green) from being amplified by the NVGs. The utility of this is that it prevents the NVGs from degaining your’s and your buddy’s NVGs everytime you use the backlight on your watch. When there is a bright light in an otherwise dark environment the NVGs decrease the overall light amplification (degain) to reduce the displayed intensity of the bright light with the adverse consequence of making the rest of the image too dark to see. It’s like when you look at the sun with your naked eye and then look away you are momentarily unable to see until your eyes adjust. The NVGs experience the same response but many times over because they amplify light tens of thousands of times and thus the degaining response is that much more drastic than the naked eye’s. The color/wavelength of the Tactix’s illumination is matched to the most common NVG lens filter coating allowing folks to use their watch and their NVGs at the same time, which is useful for those late night attempts at a Strava PR in rougher parts of the world.

  36. john

    What is the usual daily battery consumption for tactix bravo in watch mode only? mine with all apps off (gps/activity tracker/bluetooth/notifications etc) consumes abt 7-8% per day. Garmin says approx 6 weeks which seems rather impossible in my case.

  37. Butler

    Wondering if you could do a really quick breakdown of the differences between the original Tactix and the Tactix Bravo. All I see on my own are the Bravo has the nylon straps and sapphire glass. To that end, do you know if the nylon straps fit the original Tactix? and if the software is still being/can be updated?

    Thanks, your site has the most in-depth and useful reviews I’ve ever seen.

  38. yano


    are the differences between the QUATIX3 and the FENIX3 the same as the ones described above, i.e. nothing but for a couple of apps/modes (that can be installed anytime in the F3 anyway) … ? :-\


  39. Yes, the article I was looking for. Your article gives me another approach on the subject. I hope to read more articles from you.