The DCR’s on Vacation Fenix3 Giveaway Winner!


Holy cow, there were almost 7,000 entries on the giveaway – the largest to date around these parts!  To be precise, some 6,911 comments in total, after removal of duplicates and the like.  Apparently people really want the new Fenix3.

Also unsurprisingly, most of you seem to workout while on your vacations (just like I did this past week with my swim around the island).  Though, like me, most of you tend to make those workouts less structured and more about enjoying the destination you’re in.  Be it hiking, swimming, or just bumbling around the city for an easy run.

So, who won themselves a new Fenix3 of their choosing from Clever Training?  Well, first up is taking those 6,911 folks over to my most favorite random site in the random –, and seeing what their crystal ball says:


Then I took lucky number 6,684 and found it within the entry list:


It’d be Kelly (who like most of us also seems to workout on vacation a bit)!  Congrats Kelly!

For the other 6,910 of you that didn’t win, no worries – you can still support the site.  By using Clever Training (who sponsored the giveaway) you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  Oh, and free US shipping for anything over $75.

Thanks for the support, and thanks for reading!


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  1. Hugo

    Congrats to Kelly, lucky you.

  2. Congrats to Kelly. Thanks to Ray for the fair sweepstake. :-)

  3. Matt

    Yay Kelly. .. enjoy!

  4. Pierre

    Congrats Kelly :)

  5. Fran

    Big congrats to Kelly, and thanks a lot to Ray and CT for making it happen!

  6. Fab

    Thanks to Ray and congrats to the winner.

    (almost missed the Giveaway screen in the F3 pic above. cool)

  7. Mario Lira Junior

    snif, snif, buahhh
    congrats Kelly and DC…

  8. Mike 9

    Congrats Kelly, you’ll really enjoy it.

  9. likepend1

    jeah kelly! HF with your new F3 :D

  10. Jallal

    Congrats Kelly !

  11. Rafael Olea

    Thanks Ray and congrats Kelly!!

  12. MAGNUS


    Next one is mine. I’m calling dibs ahead of time.

  13. morey000

    I was trying to hack the atmospheric noise such that the random number would come out in my favor… but I guess it didn’t work. Rock it Kelly! Congrats.

  14. Marcel

    Great contest Ray, thanks! And congrats to Kelly :)

  15. Allan

    Congratulations Kelly! Thanks for the contest!

  16. Navnit

    Congrats to Kelly!!



  18. Acwna

    This is lucky Kelly!

  19. Jason Raath

    Congrats, just got my email confirming that my fēnix 3 Saphire order will be shipped this week. Used my DCR discount code and am super excited to receive my fēnix 2 replacement.

    Must say though, gonna keep my f2 for the rough stuff as I’ve been on vacation this week as it happens and it’s served me well. Plenty of waves and sand and not even a scratch. I also see a few adventure races in my future and I don’t wanna kill the swanky metal strap.

    Thanks Ray, your site is awesome and CT is also the bomb for keeping us in the loop and sponsoring some super cool giveaways!

  20. Thomas leong

    Thanks as usual Ray for the giveaway. Congrats to Kelly.

  21. Mike Hensen

    Its cool that Ray worries enough to use a true random number, yeah science as Jesse Pinkman would say.


    Congratulations Kelly.

  23. Jamie Belcher

    I genuinely accidently added another comment as I couldn’t see my first, so it appear both were removed?