The DCR Podcast is now on iTunes! Also: Episode 2 is out, RSS feed available


Just a super-quick update that earlier this week the DC Rainmaker Podcast got approved by Apple for iTunes.  That means you can subscribe to it right there from within your Apple device (or iTunes), as well as do something even more important: Rate it. 

See, according to the podcast powers that be, ratings significantly impact visibility of podcasts within the iTunes realm.  So, if you’ve listed to the show and enjoyed it – providing a rating is much appreciated!

If you haven’t yet listened, then perhaps the newly posted Episode 2 is a good place to start. Here’s what on the plate this time around:

– My plans for building my own GPS watch
– How the media takes paid trips, and conflict of interest
– How do I plan to grow the site
– Time management, and will I keep my day job
– Testing methodologies and buggy products (aka people that don’t like how I test)
– How I manage travelling and training
– Using the Vivoactive without a smartphone

Plus lots of randomness like thoughts on my stay in Austin, as well as other companies I was visiting on my road trip (you’ll see those posts coming out starting next week), and much more.

Finally, in addition to iTunes, we got the RSS feed all squared away as well – so you can subscribe that way should you have another player of choice.  And what if you don’t have a player?  Well, you can always listen to it on nifty player within the podcast page here.

Phew – so many options!

Oh – and before I forget.  If you want to see different questions answered, then it’s up to you to ask them.  Simply leave a voice mail using the widget thingy below.  I don’t hear the question until it’s live on the air, which makes things a bit more entertaining.  So if you’ve got some super-technical question, or if you have something very much non-tech – go forth!

Thanks for listening!


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  1. Sagar

    “My plans for building my own GPS watch” :O

  2. AndiT

    Oh, are you going to publish a post on Under Armour? I use Endomondo and would be quiet interested in what’s happening with them.

  3. Sean Lally

    Thanks for the rss feed.

  4. Bryce

    Stopped by Berties Cupcakery yesterday in a rainstorm. Oreo and Mexican Chocolate! Having had the cupcakes in G’Town, I would actually give the nod to Bobby. Of course almost everything in Paris tastes better right? Triathlon is just a reason to be able to eat what she brings home eh?

    • Thanks Bryce! That’s a big compliment coming from someone who has had George Town Bakery cupcakes! The Mexican Chocolate is my new favorite, but it takes some convincing to get some people to try a taste of spicy chocolate!

      Great to hear from you :)

    • Bryce

      Wow, I am honored to have The Girl respond. Thank you. Also, my compliment is well deserved. I also agree with you on the spicy chocolate. It caught me by surprise at first, but I was wanting more after I finished. Ingenious really, I think you are on to something.

  5. Antonio

    Hello Ray, great site, enjoy it very much! I was wondering if you have any info on the Sony Smart Watch 3 as a running watch. I know it has GPS and ability to locally store music. Have you been able to run any tests on it?

  6. Paul

    Thanks for putting up an RSS feed. Just searched and found it in Downcast, so your podcast found its way into whatever directory that app uses too.

  7. Kyle

    Great episode, on a side note, why the need to bleep out stuff? Its a podcast, id rather hear it like a normal conversation rather than like I’m watching TV.

    • Graham

      just a guess, but likely to avoid an explicit rating in iTunes. Most iTunes podcasts will do that, then off “proper” ones elsewhere.

    • Partially iTunes rating, partially just because we heard from folks that were listening to the podcast with kids in the car/etc, and appreciated it.

      In general, I don’t swear too much in posts here – so that mostly carries over to the podcast. Of course, in real life…

    • Kevin R

      I think the bleeping makes it more obvious than intended. Blank audio would be better. If you can figure out what the word was, it wasn’t really bleeped.

      Just my 2 cents.

      Oh, and I’m enjoying the podcast so far.

  8. Brandon

    Can you get this put onto Sticher? I am an android user, so its just more of a pain when its only on iTunes.

  9. Kyle Polansky

    Great podcast, hope there are many more to come!

  10. Clinton

    Thank you for the podcast. Enjoyed listening while running… beats repetitive music.

  11. Reg S

    Loving the podcast Ray, keep it up!

    Got myself an apple watch, personally love it but realise it’s not really a fitness device. For someone like me (where I want a vague idea of my fitness and runs etc) it’s perfect.

  12. Midpackbiped

    Good podcast. We want Stitcher! No beeping!