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Video Long-Form Discussion on Best (and worst) Cycling Gadgets of 2020

Hey folks – just a quick one here today to share an episode I recorded with Het is Koers here in the Netherlands, which translated from Dutch to English would come out roughly as ‘The Game is On’. According to … Read More Here

The DCR Podcast is now on iTunes! Also: Episode 2 is out, RSS feed available

Just a super-quick update that earlier this week the DC Rainmaker Podcast got approved by Apple for iTunes.  That means you can subscribe to it right there from within your Apple device (or iTunes), as well as do something even … Read More Here

The DCR Podcast Pilot Episode is Now Available!

Back about two weeks ago while in Austin I spent the morning recording the first few episodes of the DC Rainmaker Podcast with TRS Triathlon.  And now, after much technical hand-wringing (read: we dug out of our inboxes) – the … Read More Here

DCR & TRS Triathlon Team Up For Podcast World Domination

And by world domination, I mean the worldly domination of the endurance sports technology segment.  Which based on our detailed multi-pronged collaborative research study is 12 people (8 if you don’t count both our parents).  No worries, we’re going to make … Read More Here

DC Rainmaker on IMTalk this week

Just a quick heads up to let you know that I recorded a great session with the guys behind IMTalk a few hours ago, which is now available through either iTunes or simple MP3.  It’s listed as Episode 302. For … Read More Here