The DCR Podcast Pilot Episode is Now Available!


Back about two weeks ago while in Austin I spent the morning recording the first few episodes of the DC Rainmaker Podcast with TRS Triathlon.  And now, after much technical hand-wringing (read: we dug out of our inboxes) – the first episode is live and ready for your listening pleasure!

As you’ll remember from before, the 30-minute long weekly podcast is aimed at covering not only sports technology, but random other things that you might ask.  See, you’re the one in control as you leave voicemail messages and then they’re played on the air for me to respond.  I don’t know the questions ahead of time, only Ben does.

So what’s on tap in the first episode?

Well, we’ll start with a few thoughts on the Apple Watch and then we’ll dive into KICKR vs CompuTrainer, whether or not Garmin will add a features to older products (and structured swim workouts?), and whether or not someone should ditch their ultra running partner.  Not to mention what I’d do differently if I were to start DCR all over again, and how I manage travelling and training.  Plus, when do I call out companies when they crap the bed on product support?

Yup, all that and more in one episode.  Good times!  Just click the little ‘Play’ button below to get started.

You can visit the podcast page anytime right here, to always check on the latest episodes (Easy to remember: Simply put /Podcast after and whack the enter key).  And once Apple approves the iTunes podcast link, I’ll throw up a quick announcement here too on that so you can subscribe and never miss an episode.  And for those asking this morning, I’ll get an RSS link available shortly too. (Update: RSS feed here now!)

Thanks for listening!


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  1. Could you publish the RSS URL for us not in the iTunes universe?

  2. Very interesting pod cast. Thanks.

    It would be very useful if you could put up the running order so that the people who don’t have a lot of time, if there is a piece on the topic of particular interest, we can go directly to it.

  3. Happy Runner

    Any chance this could be put through transcript software for those who prefer to read?

    • Having tried doing both automated and human transcriptions before, when it comes to subjects that have a lot of tech, the translations tend to come out really bad. Ends up usually not being worth it.

  4. Paul Allen

    Nice podcast, will sub as soon as my Overcast software lets me. :)

  5. Joshua

    How does one get one of the cool oval DC stickers?

  6. fisao

    Hi Ray,

    love your site and the tech info it gives, but I was not so fond of this podcast in that it had actually very few real tech/gadget related questions and too much, well for lack of a better word, blabla questions presented by Ben.
    In my opinion people come to your site (mostly) for the kickass in-depth geekout info that can not be found anywhere else. This podcast had too little of that for my taste.

    I know it’s a process, so I will still be listening with great interest to the next few ones.

    Great work setting it all up !

    • Thanks, we’ll definitely keep that in mind for future episodes!

      For some areas (such as the support question) – I tried to provide a bit more detail on the how/why behind the way things work.

      Of course, the questions are 100% based on what folks ask via the voicemails. So, the more technical the questions…the more technical the answers. :)

    • E Kutter

      I have to agree with Fisao. Great that you want to inject a little humor but it seemed pretty short on interesting technical info and insights. The analysis of the Apple watch and how it relates to fitness was good as was the CT vs Kickr discussion. After that you kind of lost me.

      That said, your blog is an incredible resource. One of the few that doesn’t sound like a marketing arm for the products being reviewed.

  7. Lars

    Just listened to the pilot episode and liked it. I agreee to fisao above in that I would prefer it to be a little more tech and gadget related, but I’m sure that will come around. Will definitely tune in for the next show – just keep ’em coming…

  8. Chris

    Just had a listen and enjoyed the podcast. Just to counter a couple of the other folks – I prefer my technology mixed with a bit of irreverence and shenanigans and think the balance was just right given the questions.

    • Dan

      I agree with Chris – you’ve got the balance just right; bit of humour and not-taking-ourselves-too-seriously-are-we—really? With some great tech discussion. How about a bit more relationship counselling, there’s clearly some that really need it. Here’s some other suggestions just for fun during my lunch break:-

      -Weekly gadget round-up top 5;
      -top five bikes of all time
      -food supplement of the week
      -How far ahead is Gwen Jorgenson going to be this time competition?
      -When is Alistair Brownlee actually going to do a triathlon competition?
      -Will budgie smugglers ever make a retro comeback to tri competition?

      I have more. Lots. Just ask.


  9. Steve E.

    Thanks for the 30-minute time limit (hopefully you’ll be able to keep it close and split up anything going longer). I’ve been listening to podcasts for four or five years now and many of my favorite ~1hr podcasts are starting to push past the 90 minute threshold lately. At some point, it’s a little much. I often find myself looking for podcasts I like with shorter episodes when I’m getting towards the end of the day. Also, when doing a shorter run, it’s nice to be able to finish an episode without having to pick up at a later date.

    Also, I keep looking at your image with the Blue Yeti mic – not that it matters for the photo, but that mic isn’t made to “aim” towards the speaker. It should be straight up while you speak into the side of it. They even have an image on their page showing this. link to

    Looking forward to this podcast – I was needing some fresh ones.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, just a photo thing. It looked a little awkward just pointing straight up, hence the tilt. :)

    • I prefer podcasts without a time limit. It feels to much like a radio limitation.

      Sometimes you will have a really interesting topic or guest and I like to continue the show until the topic is exhausted. I can always pause and continue listening another time.

    • Ian

      Me too – and Ray has tons of time to spare so no reason why he can’t extend it. How does he fill his time anyways? :)

    • There isn’t a hard/fast 30 minute rule for us. If we’re chatting about something and it’s at 32 minutes, then that’s totally cool.

      I just don’t want it to be a 90-minute long podcast. That honestly is just far too long for my attention span.

  10. Sinukneela

    Could this be on pocketcast

  11. HK

    I really enjoyed the podcast! I have an iPhone and was so excited to listen to it that I just made it stream from safari… just like others RSS feed could be nice. And also want to acknowledge you for beeping out the curse words. I had 3 kids in the car with me… :-) Keep up the great work!

  12. Ray, nice that you’re doing this. However protip, normalize the questions to the same volume level as the actual podcast.

  13. spokejunky

    RE: Wahoo versus Computrainer. I’m curious about the variation time to adjust power in ergo mode for the Wahoo. I know the Computrainer is maybe 2 seconds tops, but a previous iteration of standalone trainer took upwards of 10 seconds to adjust power curve. While not important for steady efforts, those who are doing sprint sets that’s just an unacceptable variation.

    • I’m using them for 20-sec intervals without issue with the default app. I’ve seen some folks say they have more problems with specific apps adding a bit of a curve there. For the 20s intervals it’s roughly 100w/550w.

  14. Peter

    Nice fun podcast. I feel like the last question had more potential for a more substantial answer in regards to products depending on future updates. Two good cases worth discussing is Suuntos use of their apps solution in the ambit watches and mobile apps(still not on android) and maybe also Garmins venture into IQ connect apps(I know you have covered the potential of IQ). In regards to Suunto, did it really add value to the watches, could we have expected more? On Garmins side It seems that some IQ developers are complaining about the platform currently being to restrictive… we also haven’t seen any ‘substantial apps beyond ‘star watch’ why is that? and where are the pro-developers in regards to IQ apps is it a money thing?. Sorry for the rant, just find it interesting with many products being so ‘dependent’ on the software platforms;)

  15. dolf

    Any updated timeline yet for appearance on itunes?

    Thanks once again for all the great work you do.

  16. Hi All-

    Here’s the RSS feed: link to

    The iTunes approval is coming shortly (well, I hope it is anyway).


  17. Garry Curley

    Both episodes now available on iTunes :)

  18. Gary B

    Very enjoyable. I don’t really listen podcasts as I find my mind wandering off but I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the humor as well as the opinions. The Wahoo watch sounds interesting. I’ll be listening to episode 2 soon.

  19. Adam

    Hey you keep asking for names for the Podcast, and I keep thinking of one, but it ain’t good.

    Riding in the Rain and Shine (Ray’n and Shane)

    Yeah not great, I know.