The DCR’s on Vacation Fenix3 Giveaway!


It’s giveaway time!  Partly because it’s been a while, partly because it’s Friday and it seems fitting, and partly just cause I’m on vacation and this seemed a whole lot easier than writing an in-depth review.

This time I’m giving away a Garmin Fenix3 multisport watch, sponsored by Clever Training.  It’s the only watch I brought with me on vacation (yes, I know, only one watch – incredible!)

So how do you enter?

Simple: All you need to do is write a comment below with what type of training (or I suppose racing) you typically do on vacation.  Do you cut back, or press on as per the schedule?  Or does all training just simply shift to eating ice cream and chocolate bonbons?

The winner will get to choose any Fenix3 variant from Clever Training.  This could be the base grey one (seen middle in photo above), or the more swanky Sapphire unit with the metal link strap.  And then you can get it with or without the HR strap.  Totally your choice!

As usual, Clever Training is sponsoring the giveaway.  Remember you can save 10% off anything they sell through either the coupon code or the DCR/CT VIP program, plus of course free US shipping for goods over $75US.

Thanks for reading!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, April 27th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly. One entry per person. The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming in stock.



  1. Hock Yeoh

    No let up on training. Just new routes to try.

  2. Francisco Migoya

    Normally my vacations are race related and when not I usually do a light run 40 or 50min.

  3. sarah

    It depends on the type of vacation. I’m getting ready to spend a week in CO camping, so I will be hiking and riding bikes every day. When I go to the beach, I runrun.

  4. Brien

    I usually dial it back with any type of long mileage but sometimes ran up the intensity so it feels like I’m doing a lot. It is vacation right?

  5. Mike

    Running mainly

  6. Adam

    I usually holiday at the beach so I do a block of openwater swimming and running on the beach.

  7. Angelo Bryant Licup

    I usually bring my bike with me during vacation and just do exploratory rides. No sense in hammering and not see the surroundings be it good or bad.

  8. Mariana

    I have a travel pattern very similar to yours (which means helluva lot!). When I’m on a true vacation, I do double sessions of strength and running to take advantage of the extra free time.

  9. Luke

    It would probably become my everyday watch, going everywhere with me.

  10. Some laps of swimming will always be in my schedule. Although i admit, BBQ sessions at night by the beach is also too irresistible to resist. That’s why my early morning swims would cover up. It’s like doing a sin at night time, and working out the next day to stay fit.

  11. As many of our vacations are multipurpose events like link to and or half / full marathons and fun – I train up to the event and then move into full on chill mode. . . Libations and Lounging. . . Battery Recharging. . .

  12. Dylan

    Running, maybe some swimming, maybe some biking depending on destination. Volume-wise usually cut down, and more recreation oriented.

  13. tom s.

    Hope you had a nice vacation.
    I like to ski on vacation. Or in the summer do some paddle boarding.


  14. Acwna

    I keep on riding, try not to drop the training at all. In fact given the right location its an opportunity for more.

    Love the site.
    Have a great holiday!

  15. I just keep on keeping on. When I travel, I typically enjoy running around the new terrain and environment, so I end up running more!

  16. Anthony

    Training??? What’s that? It’s a holiday

  17. Matt Reier

    It depends where the vacation is in the training cycle. I usually try to get vacation to line up with a recovery week.

  18. Robert Lee

    Keep right on with the running aspects of my training

  19. Jason

    During vacation I try to keep on the same training regimen however it never works out that way. Usually I have good intentions but always take the rest and relaxation route.

  20. erica

    I cut back a bit, but try to route my runs through interesting areas so I am doing a bit of sightseeing while running.

  21. Alejandra Ruiz Bernal

    I try to keep pace with my trainnings depending on the next race

  22. Shaun Gill

    Between the pace of work and personal life, getting to exercise without distraction on vacation is the vacation.

  23. Bethany

    For me it depends on the location of my vacation. Most of the time I will keep training, but in some places I have to cut back because of lack of access to swim/bike/run opportunities.

  24. Paul

    I usually try to take it a bit easy on vacation. I’ll get a few morning runs in, especially if the hotel had a gym but I let myself catch up on my rest if I don’t feel like running.

  25. Happy Runner

    Workouts of opportunity. Try to stay on schedule as much as possible.

  26. Gary Roberts

    I sadly haven’t had a vacation since I started running. I am actually looking forward to the chance to see new places by running through them. I know it would have changed some of my past vacations for the better

  27. Jeff Gibson

    I try to stay on my training schedule as much as I can.

  28. Lionel Lau

    I pause from my training during vacation and train harder after returning to catch up.

  29. Sergio

    running, taking it easier, but really nice to sightsee!

  30. Iva

    We walk and hike all day on our vacations, so that leaves little time for running.

  31. Stephen

    Vacation is time to put up your feet, grab a drink and enjoy the sun on your face! There’s always another day to train!

  32. Matthew

    Run Run In the Sun!

  33. Kris

    I prefer to get out and explore by running or cycling and then later take the family out to places I have found.

  34. Fabian

    I love to turn vacation into a training: trekking somewhere nice for example. Also had a great week once with a good friend in a Thai Boxing Camp in Thailand.

    Other than that: barfeet runs at the beach?

  35. Timo

    Can’t cut off training completely so even though cycling is the thing for me, I pack my running shoes with me. A great way to get to know the destination, too.

  36. DAn

    Rent any bike available (sometimes heavy kiosk bikes) & explore unknown cities and roads at sunrise

  37. Yanick

    I go out for some run and hiking and ride what ever is possible to do.

  38. David

    Crank up the distance because work time constraints aren’t there. Also try and make runs more scenic and also add some trail runs/hikes.

  39. J. T.

    I take it a little easier (i.e. no speed work), but not cut it to zero either. I start getting fidgety if I take too many days off.

  40. Andrew

    If Im at the beach on vacation I go running along the beach… watch out for chafing though – sand in the crotch is painful when running 🙂

  41. Seth Frankel

    I’ll do one session, to avoid feeling guilty….

  42. Paul Horsley

    Holiday, it’s the only time my wife and me can train together, good fun and relaxing 🙂

  43. I always pack my running shorts and shoes, and use my Garmin to get tracks in new places. Though my favorite vacay workout was biking the Sea to Summit route on Maui….10,000ft gain in one ride!

  44. Dana

    The only vacation plans I have are to be active for at least half the days and not gain more than 5 lbs.

  45. Dean

    Running! Short, intense and leave lots of time for relaxing!

  46. Simon gordon

    Chasing after my 5 year old boy

  47. Per Stenvall


  48. David

    Logging miles and recording a GPS route somewhere new is a must. As a reminder of where I have been and to hunt some new Strava segments. A Fenix3 would sure help me get a few top 10s!

  49. Nico

    Hum… have some alternate bike/runs. Takes more time than regular training – and some nap afterwards 🙂

  50. Mark Howman

    I enjoy winding back whilst on holiday. Isn’t that what they are for?! I enjoy riding with the kids – if they are keen, or just hanging out in the pool.

  51. Canan

    Nowadays just an easy walk with the newborn 🙂

  52. Michael Lee

    As I’m a college student, vacation is more often than not actually going back home. Leave the training behind and let my mind and body recover and relax by going for long hikes. Then eat and sleep as much as possible. Repeat.

  53. Sebastian Kaul

    I do sightseeing running and swim a lot in the ocean.

  54. m

    sleep and relax 🙂

  55. bismi

    I love running and I do what I love on my vacation. Just like that. 🙂

  56. doing all kinds of triathlon in between museums and stuff, like this weekend where Honeymoon is being celebrated in Paris and also with a long run, my girl and me

  57. Kachlicka

    I have recently fallen in love with trail running on longer distances, so I try to find appropriate routes around the place I’m staying. Also all-day trekking trips are my cup of joe. I just love the idea of getting somewhere far far away using only my legs 🙂

  58. Jimbob

    Holiday means holiday for me! Have enough going on during non-holiday, so a break means eating, drinking and doing what ever I feel like it 🙂 although it gets a bit confusing during a working holiday 🙂

  59. Bartosz Szymański

    MTB and road bike!

  60. Francois C.

    Mostly depend on the place of holidays: running is usually part of morning routine.
    Cycling / Swimming depends on the neighborhood and vacation schedule.

  61. Mat Luebbers

    Run, run, swim, run!

  62. Andrzej

    I plan to start trail/mountain running (instead of typical, boring running on flat) as complement to mountain hiking, climbing and strength workouts for runmageddon race types which I do already. 🙂

  63. Andrea

    Runner 3 x 2 km 4′ pace my training

  64. Doug McDonald

    I always check out the gym at hotels I stay at…then largely just swim and perform ‘Apres-Beach’ activities!

  65. RO

    Mostly tons of walking for sightseeing or playing/swimming with my kids in a beach. Sometimes a 30 minute jogging in the morning (only if I can wake up early before everybody else does).

  66. It depends where I go. If it’s nice hotel with swimming pool and temperature over 30 Celsius I only swim and relax. You know it’s kind of rest time. 😉
    If destination is mountains it’s time to walk and run up and down and get some diluted air… 😉

  67. Michiel

    Run, bike, hike but mostly for recreation, rather than training purposes.
    Mostly to enjoy the scenery and to discover new places.

  68. EmersonNZ

    The last holiday I had included the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend where I ran the 5k, 10k, 21.1k and 42.2k over the weekend… Silly thing? I’ve signed up for next years race as well (It get even sillier, I have to travel from New Zealand to Florida).

    I travel a bit for work and always try and find a course that takes me around the sights of the city I am in. One of my favourites is a course I have in Sydney which includes crossing the harbour bridge, around the Opera House and then through Darling Harbour. Running is a great way to appreciate the sights of the town you are in.

  69. John

    While I do train quite a bit, I won’t let this get in the way of my vacation. I train a bit, but only what my vacation plans allows.

  70. babel

    I always take my running gear with me, but too often I might had as well left it at home…

  71. shane Porteous

    Over easter and Australia day, we go camping. Nice and relaxing for some. However, our training always gets ramped up and we seem to do more then usual. We call it our training camp.

  72. Tarquin

    Time for long slow runs to see the sites and fast short ones to blow the hangover away!

  73. JSlator

    Up a mountain or in the sea. Somewhere in between is ok, as long as I’m in cycling distance of one of those extremes.

    The main thing for me is getting away from the normal training routine. Cycling, Rowing, Swimming and Running with lots of people, traffic and pollution is the norm for me. Being able to get away from all of that to find terrain and conditions to challenge me in new ways, not only keeps me sane, but also motivates me through the rest of the year.

  74. Txus

    While on vacation I stick to running, because the only thing you need for that is your shoes (no pool/sea/whatever, no bike,…), and mix it with some custom workout in-between. Then, depending on the location or available tools, it can be expanded, like for example if there is a pool I occasionally swim.

    But who am I kidding. Even with some training, with all the wonderful food an recipes on this world and time to cook/enjoy them, I always end up with more weight than before the holiday anyway 😛

  75. Ali Blanch

    I use my holidays to travel to amazing destinations to race at… next stop Ironman 70.3 Haugesund, Norway. You get the best of adventure, racing, meeting new people from around the world and guilt free beers and local delicacies!

  76. drink chlorine … eat flies … breaths wind

  77. Kada

    I do nothing, it’s a vacation :-).

  78. Ravi Kiran

    Usually stick to the schedule and enjoy the food.
    Who said you cant enjoy the treats 🙂 I guess the body’s earned them.

  79. Alex

    the question of running on holiday requires robust analysis of various factors. Pro’s are running in new places and putting unique routes on Strava and Garmin Connect to the envy of your running buds and it helps counter holiday booze and food calorie overload. Con’s are you are on holiday and there is holiday stuff to do and I want to remain married and running can get expensive in terms of guilt presents!

  80. Keith

    Always throw the runners in the bag when on hols. Great way to go exploring where the car cant go and also get some nice Strava KOM’s along the way 🙂

  81. TheHut

    More food and longer, slower rides 🙂

  82. Rick Wintheiser

    Vacation is a time for rejuvenation so I try to do training or workouts that are different. Additionally, I am in “maintenance” mode, no pushing or extending. Ideally, you plan your vacation to fit your training schedule.

  83. Tan Yee Hou

    To be honest, I just bum around a lot hah.

  84. Alex

    My holiday training consists of exploring via foot and sipping cold beverages.

  85. Majk

    I usually train sleeping…

  86. Yuval

    runing, biking and swiming if rental/pool is available.
    Thanks DCR for this great site.

  87. Sebastiano

    Running 2x + swimming 1x + gym 1x per week.

  88. Jon Heard

    In the past it was ice cream and bon bons. Now it’s running and core work. Swimming if a venue is available.

  89. I try to run as I do at home, and do some trekkings

  90. Per Fjellheim

    I normally try to get a run before breakfast, outside or on a treadmill This way I can spend the rest of the day with my wife and kids.

  91. When I’m alone I usually am on holidays near a lake or at the sea. I wake up around 7 a.m, go for an hour of swim and then I go take my breakfast. During the breakfast I prepare my cycling route for the morning or my trail / running. I like to do sports while traveling, I appreciate more the view from the top of the mountain by climbing it instead of taking the cable from the bottom to the top and staying (usually 1 hour in line).
    When I’m with other people, I go run before they wake up, between 5:30 a.m and 7 a.m, take a shower and then I’m fresh for the day!

  92. Robert

    More time off work, the more I train, that’s the way I roll

  93. Jonas L

    During vacations I try to make use of any available hotel gym or pool. Also power walking around the sightseeing spots are easy way to avoid getting too lazy, even if a beer or two is nice on a vacation.

  94. Steve

    More training on vacations than work days. That’s what they’re for! Tx DCR.

  95. Daniel

    Normaly i only train my skin -> better sun resistance is the goal 🙂

  96. Trygve Haaland

    When at the cabin I try to fit in some low pace runs. If possible I will go mountain hiking.

  97. Christian Kuipers

    My next vacation: 01.05.-17.05. Scheduled is running, especially hills, cause i`m lifing in a plain area in North-west Germany. By the way I hate hill running cause not only the hills but also my weight is much to high!!

  98. brett

    Less training on holiday but usually it involves some kind of activity like mountain biking, hiking, swimming etc. So still keeping busy.

  99. Richard R

    I just run before breakfast, then the holiday can go as usual. If there is a pool, there is not reaosn not to do some swimming too though

  100. Lukasz

    Not many nice mountain bike trails in my area, so I always try to find some when on holiday.

  101. Steve

    I try and fit in a few early morning runs when it’s a bit cooler, and if there’s a beach I might try and get a swim in occasionally too. Living in the UK where most vacations involve flying, I don’t usually get the chance to take my bike.

    But it is meant to be a vacation, so I’m not going to worry too much about my training plan.

  102. Katja P.

    I do my usual training at the local gym.

  103. skijeti

    I rehydrate myself with local beer 🙂

  104. Alfie

    Usually try to squeeze in one run wherever we are as it is nice to have a change of scenery.

  105. Gareth Whelan

    much more time to train when on holiday so lots of long runs

  106. Fabrizio

    Usually I try to go running every second day to compensate for ice cream and Pizza.
    Still trying to find a way to mount the roof box plus a bike stand but it’s a too large box…

  107. Człowieniu

    During vacation I run, cycling and try to visit a lot of new places – day by day

  108. chris

    Well, normally I go out to train a littlebit more since on vacation it’s just easier to shedule a training. But, icecream, uuuuhaaa, when I go to Italy for training or racing, there is alot of first class ice cream and awesome coffee as well =)

  109. nick keen

    The spirit is willing but the flesh just wants to take it easy wit a cheeky beer or two.

  110. Joe


    we usually use the hotel gym to keep our regular routine

  111. Amy Nickolas

    i love to run on vacation, it gives you the chance to go exploring, especially early in the mornings!

  112. Stacey

    Bike rides along the beach!

  113. Liauzun Philippe

    Morning run, trying to find back those beautiful “chocolate tabs” i’ve lost many years ago….

  114. Ikihiutale

    Swim, bike, run…

  115. Maria

    I focus on hiking or nordic walking.

  116. Miguel

    A lot of biking and swimming.

  117. erwanM

    I generally try to go out for longer runs, generally early in the morning.

  118. Mark

    Running a new trail with my my seven year old daughter and 2 year old in the stroller followed by a swim the icecream for all 🙂

  119. Max

    Try to do some relaxing and have good food and drink. Then try to work that off by walking everywhere.

  120. Jilly Bean

    i usually try to keep up with the plan. I’m off my training cycle due to an injury now, so I was more of a slug while recently at Disney. Lots of walking with the kiddo hopefully offset the food.

  121. Thomas Cameron

    Mostly walking with a stroller.

  122. Scott

    Toned down, with a light run and weight training depending where and availability of a gym at a hotel or not.
    If the guilts settle in after too much drinking / eating than I most likely go for a longer run.

  123. jm1

    Running and cycling (and some wine-tasting)

  124. Petr Kovar

    Training during holidays is very limited. Holidays = time with family and energy recharging.. So no training unless I am close to some important race

  125. Richard B

    Full speed ahead! No rest for the wicked.

  126. Piotr

    Usually I do few starts per summer time, 1/8 and 1/5 ironman. Also there is quite a few run and bike events that I take part in.

  127. Peter

    Cycling, my next vacation includes some mountainbiking..

  128. Peter

    During vacation I preferably go running in the woods, no pressure on time, just enjoying the scenery!

  129. Eirik Eikeberg

    I usually train more the on a regular basis. I get to do one sesssion pr. day whereas normally i get 2-5 a week
    As i live in norway, my vacatiopns are usually to wormer coutryes and i do a lot of swimming.

  130. Lee Bourgoin

    On vacation, I’ll still do Swim, Bike and Run per schedule but I will indulge in some chocolate or other treats! So I do cut back a little on strict nutrition plan 😉

  131. Mark

    I like to go for a good hard hike with my Fenix 2, which I just did at Big Bend Nat’l Park!

  132. Bach

    Mostly jogging, and gym workouts when it’s available at the hotel.

  133. Julien Chenelat

    Morning runs are great to wake up

  134. Malte Hillebrand

    My training on vacation is improved because only then I am able to relax and enjoy running and swimming.

  135. baelrati

    Most of my vacation trips have cycling as purpose … but otherwise it depends on the nature, location, timeschedule, etc. But I will fit in at least some runs if at all possible.

  136. Martin

    Running in the evening and enjoying the sun for the rest of the day.

  137. Matt M

    Mostly kicking back, but may fit in a few “feel good” runs to keep from feeling too lazy.

  138. Alfiniess

    Running in the woods 🙂

  139. Eric

    I prefer to sleep-in, eat a brunch, then do a long slow run. Afterwards I can stat the drinking.

  140. Olov

    Taking by road bike for a ride

  141. Vito

    Usually I give up on cycling, to avoid troubles with bike packing.
    So just running and, if possible, swimming.

    Not to aggressively….it’s supposed to be a vacation!:)

  142. Elke W

    hiking, running in the woods & enjoy my family!

  143. K

    The best training on vacation is to do running tours, the miles just add up, plus it enforces slow running due to enjoying the scenic routes.

  144. tri-uese

    I always run, no matter where I am. If it has a pool or beach I swim sometimes. But I don’t follow my training plan, just for fun.

  145. Dylan

    when its 95 degrees run barefoot on sand for 8-10 kms

  146. Trail running/hiking 🙂

  147. JSN

    Many of my ‘vacations’ are planned specifically for mountain biking or hiking.

  148. Rodolphe

    Switch from road to trail, alpine hikes !!

  149. Keith

    Normally do no training – although on my last vacation I ran every couple of days!

  150. Matt field

    Try to fit in a few runs, hopefully around some iconic sites if in the area. Running around Central Park was a highlight of mine

  151. Steven DeArment

    I do never-ending repeat swim workouts while on vacation…provided there is a swim-up bar!

  152. Barry Hobson

    Take the trainers every holiday, with good intentions, and the good intentions never make it past the first bar and mojito.

  153. Johan Barenfeld

    I like the summer mornings or evnings on the empty tracks.

  154. Max

    I usually take a bike on vacation (even long-haul) and ride that. My hand luggage is almost all essential riding gear.

  155. Jon H

    Pack the running gear and press on, making the most of the opportunity to explore new trails. Great to look back over runs in foreign places as another memory trigger, similar to photos or journal entries.

  156. Harrison Zucker

    I usually just run and lift, I dont have much more time to ride since I am in college…

  157. Rita

    I prefer walking or hiking and swim if there is a possibility.

  158. Larry

    Muchos beer and wine, with a few runs thrown in!

  159. Joe

    Stick with my schedule, but all the runs get done early mornings when it’s not so hot in France….

  160. Matthew Pull

    If there’s a beach and sea, I’ll try and do some swimming, otherwise if on a city break I’ll do my best not to get lost on a street run.

  161. Sean Logue

    Since being stationed in Italy most of my vacations have included days upon days of walking tours aorund the city. But the wife and I try to get one run in just to say I ran there.

  162. Lukasz

    Since I started running, I have been only one on vacation and unfortunately had an injury, so couldn’t really do any workouts. But I can only imagine that the early mornings or late evenings when the sun set’s must be really nice to do some easy running, but just a bit to not fall out of shape 😉 Let’s hope this works out during next vacation.

  163. Rene A

    While on vacation, I still try to get my training runs and will opt for a couple of sets of the 7-min workout variations to still get exercise in.

  164. Ryan

    low intensity, longer duration on my vacations.

  165. Stefan T.

    while on vacation – relaxed trail-running with my daughter (10yrs old), 8 to 13 kilometers > perfect to get to know the surroundings

  166. B Bloch

    I generally travel west, so the jetlag has me up early every day leading to more running than usual.
    Of course, a local race is always a great bonus!

  167. Jim Shepherd

    On vacation, I will typically go for longer, slower runs to take in as much scenery as possible. Sometimes the runs serve as a scouting trip before taking the family to see a nearby attraction.

  168. Alvaro Lobo Costa

    Running by the seaside!!!

  169. Nelson B

    On vacation i’ll walk for the most part and go for a swim.

  170. Mark Visser

    After doing the first half marathon of the year (i hate ankle injuries !) we’re getting back to what we like to do running. Today’s program: 3 km easy run followed by several 400 meter sprints ending with a 3 km easy run again. Nothing too shabby, just fun.

  171. pascal lantaigne

    like too bike racer mtb and running thanks for info review keep moving yes

  172. norge

    On vacation I usuly do runnin everey 2-3 days in the morning.

  173. Mike

    Runs and beer on vacation!

  174. ncd91

    Triple wet : swim, bike and run under the rain… While singing of course.

  175. Nicola Zandonà

    Run (only because of hot sand 😀 )

  176. Marc

    Run in the morning with my fiance and then lots of walking allover during the day.
    Diet kinda goes out the window though with new food options.

  177. Francisco Moreira

    I actually started running on january, instantly got hooked and participated in some 10K races. I have a solid background in swimming and cycling so my goal is racing a 70.3 within one year. I’ve always loved triathlons and watched them on TV and stuff, so my actual vacations will be training hard than ever.. running, swimming and cycling because my goal of 70.3 will not get out of my head otherwise!

  178. Matt Z.

    In season I like to combine my vacation with a race. This week I fly out to Utah for the St. George Ironman 70.3. My week will consist of a nice taper, race, recovery workouts (Swim, Bike, and Run), and some hiking in Bryce Canyon/Zion National Park!

  179. aigi_nr1

    I spend my vocation only in the Alps. Skiing in winter or MTB/road cycling in summer.

  180. Can’t usually bring the bike, so my vacation training is usually limited to running and some basic strength training. And ok…maybe some ice cream.

  181. Matthew Clemente

    I try to schedule my longer / less intense runs for vacations, as an opportunity to see new places. Early morning runs in new cities provide a totally different perspective than you can get anywhere/anytime else. And they leave the rest of the day for relaxing, eating, and being with friends and family.

  182. Thomas

    I normally go to France or Italy, meaning nice weather and good circumstances to run more frequently and longer!

  183. RunAwayWard

    Vacation is a family event, and with 4 kiddos it’s difficult to get any real training in. I try to run when I can, but mostly play.

  184. Jim

    I would have to say the training usually becomes more like cross training. My fitbit usually records as much or more steps on vacation as compared to normal training routine.

  185. Steve

    Since I’m training for my first triathlon and I’m deadly afraid of the swim part of the race, I press on even when on vacation. At least I enjoy running/biking/swimming so it’s not a chore.

  186. John L

    I squeeze it in whenever I can…as many miles as possible.

  187. Martin

    only a bit of light running and maybe swimming…

  188. Jean-Philippe Beaulieu-Savard

    I got two options: I plan for a big race at the beginning of the vacation or no race at all and in both cases, I cut down on training to be full time with the kids!

  189. Nigel

    Mountain biking vacations and hikes with my kids!

  190. Stephen Cooper

    The bike stays at home, the running shoes come along. The workout often consists of equal parts gym work, running and 12 oz. curls.

  191. When in vacation, if it’s not a vacation around a special racing event, I tend to do other sports than the usual ones (skiing, surfing, cycling, hiking, …) or I go on runs in special locations to discover more than to train. For example, I won’t go running on a track just to have my quota of kilometers.

  192. Mathieu Tourangeau

    Run 5 days a week even in vacation.

  193. Jeff

    I was actually on vacation at Cape Henlopen State Park this past weekend. Training was definitely relaxed but ditching the car for cycling everywhere ends up being a good amount of mileage by the end of the weekend.

  194. Effi

    What’s a vacation if you’re not active?

  195. Matt Seeds

    No training on vacation. I just spend time with the family.

  196. jamie pennell

    When on vacation….We go on family walks/runs together!!!! We find new trails to explore! That is our favorite part! Then after we get back from our run/walk we go have dinner….and desert!! 😉 It is vacation afterall!! 🙂

  197. Toomas

    Easy jogs because they can be done almost anywhere and swims where possible.

  198. Zagi

    I lay back, take it easy, maybe go for a short run, and of course eat alot of ice cream 😉

  199. Niko

    I use my vacation for packed bike touring with my girlfriend and my friends… greetz Niko

  200. C Y

    Swimming in hotel pool before breakfast and 40 minutes run in the gym post dinner to keep up with training

  201. Alex A.

    I tend to just pull back and do some easy workouts when on vacation. Most of my vacations are pretty active to begin with. I’m not a lay on the beach kind of guy.

  202. Ward

    Vacation = catching up on the training schedule to finish the sessions I postponed while working. I train at least once a day, taking the most out of running in the morning and in broad day light. Two things that are quite difficult during the week while working and travelling.

    On top of that, the prospect of a training session in the near future is a good motivation not to eat or drink too much. So, training during vacation is both limiting the calorie intake and burning loads of calories. Win-win.

    Come to think of it… I need a vacation! 🙂

  203. Marshall Hunt

    Vacation is sleeping time.

  204. Reagan E

    What is a vacation? Usually just a light run 2-3 times through the week to keep some sort of fitness while the wife is still sleeping.

  205. Just broke my little toe before a trail ultramarathon, so all I’m going to do on vacation is rest, eats cookies and drink beer.

  206. David

    I normally just do easy runs in the morning while on vacation.

  207. Ryan

    I’ll run on vacation and will swim if there is ocean. Don’t care enough to swim laps. Usually no biking.

  208. iztok

    Swim or run.

  209. sovy

    Trial run and hike.

  210. mo

    I usually try to have active vacations so I can mentally take a vacation from training too.

  211. Doy

    Nothing serious, just a relaxing run or a low swim if I’m at a beach.

  212. Nicolas Tyhurst

    no change on vacation.

  213. Kevin Randall

    I usually go for a couple of easy runs as a way of exploring areas I wouldn’t normally get to.

  214. Thounee

    Vacations usually are family activities, meaning basically skiing(downhill mostly but some cross country once in a while) and swimming(and here mostly meaning playing in the pools or aquaparks). Other than that it pretty much relaxing and eating too much! 😉

  215. Chad W

    I love running while on vacation. Especially with large time-zone differences, an early morning run can get you going before a long day of being a tourist or lazing on the beach. My favorites have been running the golden gate bridge while visiting San Fran which inspired me to run the Paris Marathon as a destination marathon vacation trip. There’s the saying: have shoes, will travel. I like: have shoes, will run.

  216. Darren Curzon

    Typically, i’m not fortunate enough to get away on vacations very often, other than perhaps a weekend away with the family. Fortunately (?) i’m the early riser, so i can usually get something done first thing in the morning before anyone else is awake! As the majority of luggage tends to be child entertainment, i take just 2 ‘exercise’ items. Firstly, running shoes. A nice early morning run is a great wake up, and a way to explore the new surroundings. Plus, with it logged on Garmin, it adds another memory. The second item is a simple skipping rope. You can squeeze in a great cardio session with some ropework.

  217. Petar

    Just following the training plan no matter if it is vacation or not.

  218. marc van der linden

    Because i’m from The Netherlands. I try To get als much altitude als possible in my training endeavours when im on holiday in a mountainous Region. Other

  219. Mikerl S

    Walk and site see, Walk and site see….all day long.

  220. I might get a run or bike in, but it’s typically walks or hikes with the fam.

  221. Michael

    I enjoy early morning runs, followed by nothing but relaxation. Depending on location, that can include some great hikes.

  222. Renee

    It really depends on the type of vacation. I usually ‘plan’ to do formal training, but despite my best intentions, I am usually too tired before or after a full day of cross training to get to the gym. My last vacation was in February; during our week away, we went alpine skiing, nordic skiing, fat biking, snow shoeing, skating, swimming & spent one relaxing day at the spa.

  223. Florian S

    I do early morning runs and explore the area. Feels great to be back before the family is up. Bike and swim usually have to take a back seat during family holidays.

  224. Pieter

    Riding on my bike and fitness.

  225. Greg K

    I’ve been hitting some trail runs. Could use the Fenix 3.

  226. Alexey

    Easy morning runs

  227. Kristin K

    Lots of walking with the dog for future 5K.

  228. Guy

    I try to schedule some runs when the children take there nap.

  229. Simon C

    50 laps around the cruise ship “jogging track” dodging all kings of impediments.

  230. Lucas

    Early morning runs, afternoon swims. Nice hikes and free diving always welcome.

  231. Mike G

    Usually one or two runs will take place (or more depending on length of the vacation) but they take a backseat to everything else. Vacations usually involve lots of walking around so that usually is my default “training.”

  232. Henry Wang

    On vacation, I run. It’s simple and I get to take in the sights!

  233. Jon Griffiths

    Usually I dont do much apart from walking to and from the bar. Unfortunately this year I had a lapse of judgment and signed up for a Tough Mudder in the UK. so guess I will spend the vacation running, swimming and trawling through as much mud as possible

  234. Marcus

    I typically do variations of the 7 minute work out, jump rope and a bit of TRX. Typically work out in a hotel room, and it is nice to keep it simple.

  235. Laura

    mainly hiking, swimming, and some early morning run, but sunbathing while eating ice creams takes quite some time too…

  236. Grant

    With kids and all, their is just enough space in the baggage for running kit. So normally a short run in the morning while the family still asleep.

  237. hf

    I mostly relax, on vacation.
    Light jog in the morning + swimming afternoon…

  238. Jorge D.

    Slow runs and some gym work, for me there is no use in overdoing it since I should be on vacation.

  239. James Leone

    Training on vacation is usually going for a run with easy swim planned in the middle. If the motivation even strikes…

  240. scott jones

    I think that vacations are a time to dial it back a little..unless there’s a scheduled event coming up. If that’s the case, I train as usual albeit earlier in the day so I can enjoy the rest of the hours in the day.

  241. Lasse Helstrup

    I try to run a couple of times every week, but find it difficuelt as it often requires that you get up early in the morning which is not my favorite thing when I am on vacation

  242. Pete Dougherty

    Vacation usually get more training in as usual time constraints arent there!

  243. Dan

    I like to do an orientation run of a new city or place. If I am in a city I like to find a point to point route using public transit.

  244. Dave

    I don’t pay much attention to training while on vacation

  245. I love to run when I’m on vacation because generally I’m exploring a new city or a city I’ve not run in before. I generally up my miles because I’m just so much better rested and get that sense of urgency about life that one gets with a change of perspective.

  246. Snews

    Road and mountain biking, some open water swimming and hiking!

  247. Alan

    Training on vacation depends on where I go: runs in urban areas, hiking or biking on rented bikes in more rural areas.

  248. Joshua Schiffman

    I try to maintain my running schedule whenever I’m on vacation. I usually plan (at least tentatively) my running routes ahead of time, and have just “graduated” to that phase in life where I no longer pick the least expensive hotel possible in order to save money and instead select a hotel that offers good access to what look like nice running routes. If I can’t run or be outside, I’ll usually find a local gym, including the one time I accidentally snuck into fairly upscale fitness facility. (I’ll tell you the rest of that story if I win!)

  249. Ken Leach

    I just got back from a vacation in San Diego where I did the following:
    Ran on the beach in Del Mar.
    Ran through Torrey Pines, golf course and state park.
    Ran around Miramar Air Base.
    Ran La Jolla Village.
    Swam San Enjilo state beach.
    Swam La Jolla Cove.
    Swam at Magdelena Ecke YMCA, what a pool!
    A few gym workouts and swims.
    Walked a lot. Zoo, downtown, gaslamp.

    So to answer,
    I usually don’t take my bike. I prefer running, swimming and walking.
    I usually get a true workout done early while family still sleeping and waking.
    We tend to do a lot of miles as a family, usually walking or swimming.

    In total, I end up with 2 workouts a day, 1 good workout plus another if I can fit it in, or family activities. So in total, I am probably short miles, but more intense as I trade bike for run and swim.

  250. Alanna

    I like to try something local when I’m in a new place. Maybe nothing crazy new, but runs around the lake/ocean or kayaking/trail running, whatever is around to take advantage of the new place. I tend to loosen up on the training schedule but still stay active

  251. Eric Lewis

    I hope I win! I usually start off a vacation with an easy run around the hotel so I have some reference to where my wife and I can walk. Most of the rest of the vacation is walking places instead of driving, so having the pedometer would be nice.

  252. Amy

    i’m still a minor so when my family goes on vacation, workouts are limited to hotel gyms

  253. If there’s a race, why not sign up? Otherwise, find local trails or paths and carve out the miles. I don’t try to cut back, because generally there’s always a good eating spot to hit during vacation. Everything in moderation I suppose? 🙂

  254. Brian Faure

    I bring my running shoes and burn off the beer….so that I can drink some more…

  255. Running on the beach is my #1 vacation workout!

  256. JP

    I run almost everywhere I travel. If I am driving and will have time, I might take my bike.

  257. marco

    take my doughters to the park…

  258. Markus

    Do some easy jogging in the morning while the family sleeps.

  259. On my “staycations” — because having a vacation with my growing family can be a bit challenging — I like to keep running, late night, as a way to calm the mind and let the events of the day drift away.

  260. Andy

    Just a few short runs, vacation should be relaxing!

  261. Steven

    Cut back… I can’t convince my girlfriend to let me train as usual when we are supposed to be “relaxing”

  262. Zach

    A few morning runs to help justify the gluttony later in the day

  263. Evan

    if true vacation, then i’m running on some slow jogs just to see the city/beach. if surrounding a race, then obviously tuning up, and then gettin’ out there!

  264. Raphael

    I typically cut back on vacation…

  265. Zach

    Vacation normally means getting more workouts in the way of “doing something fun outside”. Snorkeling, Climbing, Hiking, etc.

  266. Jason

    Depends on where I am at, everything from the in Hotel Gym to a run or open-water swim! With business travel I tend to have a little more time on my hands and sometimes I train a little more than what I do at home.

  267. Blair

    As a cyclist, the only running I do is out of necessity, that is when on vacation. Minimalist, and a great way to explore.

  268. Mark

    I cut back a bit, but usually keep pretty active on vacations anyway.

  269. Athina Kollia

    Swimming only

  270. Jeff

    I try to stay active and follow my training plans, but give vacation opportunities a reasonable chance – a moderation approach, I reckon.

  271. Doug Gardiner

    I keep my workouts about the same and use my runs as a chance to explore.

  272. Katya

    Oh, I always struggle to work out on vacation! Usually I just do easy runs (20-30 min) once or twice a week, and try to get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water. On the bright side, I mostly go to visit my parents or my boyfriends’ parents, who live in big cities, so I get plenty of walk!

    By coming back home to my routine is always a great feeling 🙂

  273. Guillermo

    I do easy runs to get to know better the place I’m vacationing in.

  274. SH

    Cut back…
    …to the pub.

  275. Michael O

    Try to locate local trails and run, hike them.

  276. Diogo

    Ice cream for me!

  277. Karen K

    Treadmill in the hotel

  278. Andy Du

    I’m a runner, cycler and soccer player ))

  279. I prefer reducing the workout schedule and replace it with relaxing and eating.
    However, after a few days I get restless and I usually start running short distances and/or swim lanes in the pool.

  280. Valentine

    Depends on vacation place.
    Ocean – swim, kite.
    Mountains – run, bike, hike, ski.
    City – walk my self to death through the sightseeings counts as a workout?

  281. Krzysztof R

    It depends where I am on vacations, if close to a see I love running on a beach every morning if in the mountains I love hiking.

  282. Ted

    I train on when on vacation.

  283. Andrew

    I always go for a run. It helps me explore the area and unwind.

  284. When on vacation at the coast, then definitely as many runs along the water and open water swims as possible.

  285. George Skoubis

    Most of my vacations i bring my bike and ride for a workout. Otherwise I use it for a rest period and workout when i return home.

  286. Alex Chavez

    I love to train when I’m on vacation, running kind of allows you to explore the area that you’re visiting, and swimming in a speedo in the hotel pool always gets some funny looks! Although, sometimes just eating and relaxing is the best thing to do!

  287. Chris

    Going for runs to explore. Then recreational hiking, biking or whatever active vacationing I can get in depending on the location. Someday’s though you just have to do nothing training related at all.

  288. Kyle Smith

    I try to run each day and use it to explore different areas.

  289. Sojka

    I love the vacation and I spend it almost always outdoors, in the nature. There, I like to apappreciate it by hard and demanding training or just relaxing.
    And doing anything out there, utit is always good to know what is the time ane where you are 🙂

  290. Gabriel

    know the city riding a bike and if is possible swin in lake or sea

  291. Marcopolox78

    L’idée est de faire tout ce qu’il n’est pas possible de faire les reste de l’année !
    Donc un mélange de randonnées, de footing et de vélo de course afin de découvrir la région.
    Cette période de vacances se prépare à l’avance pour trouver les meilleurs sites pour ces activités de plein air.

  292. Bob B

    We will vacation at friend’s cottage this summer near Parry Sound. Our training/activities will include swimming, hiking, cycling the Seguin trail. Of course vacationing includes frequent recovery activities involving cold beverages and barbequing on the deck.

  293. Josh S

    I usually combine a run with exploration to check out a new city or area on foot

  294. Fran

    run and surf as much as the kids allow!

  295. Lorcan

    Can’t beat sunrise runs along a sandy beach!

  296. Fabian Salazar

    I bring along my running shoes and try to plan a good scenic early morning run before every one wakes up!

  297. Walker McSwain

    Vacation = more time on dirt!

  298. LaFred Garderes

    Stay on the plan schedule most often for my runs…now Body Pump classes don’t follow me…

  299. Mike C

    Training is much more fun while on vacation! New sights and sounds keep it interesting…

  300. Ming Lam

    I usually wake up early and look up running routes close to the hotel that I stay in.

  301. rick nelson

    i generally cut back to just a bit of cycling or running depending on what works with the family schedule. they put up with my “training” enough during our regular lives, they don’t need to on vacation as well!

  302. Dave Dupuis

    More training on vacation since I’m less tired than on work days !

  303. Andrew

    come on random number generator!!
    I try to do some running, because it’s fun to add to the Strava heat map

  304. Lukas

    I tend to go on cycling holidays as I find it’s the best way to explore a country, so my trusty Cube Cross Race Disc Pro comes with me on every vacation.

  305. fink

    morning runs and gym sessions.

  306. Kaupo

    Long & slow runs, 20+ km in new places, does not matter whether in cities, villages or trail. Just explore slowly, and get this wonderful relaxing sensation. Sweet!

  307. Ben W

    Mostly running unless the vacation involves a triathlon.

  308. We just took a little vacation to St Paul this weekend, and spent all day Saturday biking the city. I wouldn’t call it training, just a great time.

  309. Albert T

    When on vacation, I typically stick with the training prescribed for the upcoming race as I have more time to do a casual run or speedwork.

  310. Gabriel

    Simply shifts to icecream and eating all day long 🙂

  311. Doug Hopkins

    Long distance mountain biking through the valleys every now and then, and running training for the next races I’ll be doing.

  312. Arthur L

    Do more in the summer to find new courses and lakes. Do mostly running cycling and swimming. Want is start sea swimming because living in Swansea.

  313. Ryan

    Usually end up running and try to get some pool time when possible. Take it easy for the most part and fit things in around family plans.

  314. Greg Park

    I do long distance running and cycling in Texas. Adding more swim time so I can improve my triathlons!

  315. Spencer Jones

    If there is a gym, I try to work out. More likely it is a bike ride with the kids in a trailer. It’s kind of bike resistance training…

  316. stephane dechaux

    Vacation is the perfect time to get longer miles on the bike, as well as long runs, for fall races prep. Also great time for the pool, which can be a little hard to get to during the winter (motivation-wise).

  317. Burgess Eberhardt

    Since I am retired, I am always on vacation! Training therefore does not change at all.

  318. Fab

    Hi Ray,

    During vacations I love to have some endurance run while discovering aera


  319. pooleje

    Stick with the schedule.

  320. Bob

    When on vacation I actually enjoy doing a little more then what was planned, well my plan involves vacation training so I guess it really isn’t more then. So what I’m saying is a stay consistent

  321. gabe

    Great question. I’m taking off for church camp and was told no swimming in the lake with a life jacket. But they are good by to allow me to swim after 10:00 so the kids will be in bed for curfew!

  322. Jonathan

    Vacation training is usually whatever running sounds fun that day/week. No hard speed work and as many woodsy trails as I can locate.

  323. Mike

    I’ve had some great experiences with runs to explore new cities.

  324. Thomas

    eat & drink 🙂

  325. Eduardo

    Do you know what is a great vacation workout?

    Doing laps while navigating the sea on the top deck of the ship… I love it!

  326. Alex Whyte

    Training on vacation usually consists of segment hunting. AND ice cream.

  327. Mehmet Bayram

    I give a short break to my daily cycling routine with short, fun rides. And add up open sea swimming 😀

  328. Meghan

    Vacation typically = even more training because I actually have more time and flexibility.

  329. Janus

    Often great chance for a swim.

  330. errol viquez

    just easy run… hopefully, in front of a beautiful costa rican beach!!!

  331. Faja

    Cycling all the time 🙂

  332. wim

    I’m planning my vacation after my main race… recovery time

  333. Scott Bradbury

    I love running on vacation – great to get out and run in new places.

  334. stan

    training on vacation consists of a brick workout drink-walk-drink…70.3 drinks

  335. DavidH

    Haven’t had a vacation in about 7 years where I haven’t taken my bike and running / swim gear.
    Much to the annoyance of my family.

  336. Cam

    I like to try and get a few more workouts in than usually. I’m just finishing up my masters degree in engineering while working part time for the company I will eventually transition to full time. The student\work mix sometimes takes precedent over a workout so vacation I have a blank page to mix it up.

  337. Cameron McLeod

    I wish I could say that I train just as hard as normal…. But that would be a lie! I love my relaxing vacations!

  338. Broward Maryan

    Vacation training consists of moving workouts closer to the middle of the day and getting more than 6 hours of sleep! Plus, I get to do more multi-discipline workouts in a day vice my usual routing of a run or bike and gym workout daily if my schedule permits!

  339. Sara

    I usually prepare some routes in the city. I do a quick run in the spot, where I will be visiting later with the family.

  340. Find as much mountain biking as I can…

  341. scottmacs

    If I’m training for something and I go on vacation, then I cut back on training but sill try to remain active.

  342. Victor Lessa

    morning runs and noon swim sessions….

  343. hey c’mon on vacation it’s always a great time to have some downtime and relax but it’s also a great opportunity to explore what’s around you and not just slob on a beach lounger or by the pool.

    Whether it be biking, kayaking or running I you get to see the world from a different perspective. For me I am off to the volcanic island of Lanzarote in the summer and cannot wait to run some volcanic trails to see the sunrise.

  344. I wake up early for a first easy run and at mid afternoon I do some bodyweight exercises… prepared for the ice cream 😀

  345. Andreas

    do an early morning ride on my roadbike and be right back for breakfast

  346. Matt

    when i’m on vacation, i try to find a local 10k-HM race to hop into. If a 10k, i’ll race it hard, for a HM, it depends where i’m at in my training cycle.

  347. Tim Caputo

    I usually add more running to make up for my lack of a bike comute

  348. Francis Jago

    Holiday is exactly that, family and holiday time. Bring on the ice cream…

  349. Trikev77

    With more time and new places tend to go further with less intensity

  350. Honza

    Hiking with my girlfriend:)

  351. John

    Running with new scenery to help refill the motivation tank

  352. Jessie

    I don’t have a training schedule on vacation. I get exercise in by walking all over and call that good enough. Maybe if I had more serious races scheduled that would change. Thanks for the contest!

  353. davefromva

    Ha. I usually find it easier to train on vacation. Early mornings while everyone else is sleeping in. Then I grin all morning because I’ve done more than they will all day 😉

  354. Scott

    usually scale back

  355. I always pack a pair of running shoes, a pair of shorts and two shirts for a day trip or extended vacation. You never know what opportunities you have while you’re away from home!

  356. Matt O'Brien

    Just running and swimming for me, the better half won’t let me take the bike!

  357. Chris L

    Try to still get a morning run in to feel better about being lazy the rest of the day.

  358. Matt H

    Couple 45 minute runs and thats it

  359. Jeff

    I try to survive on hotel gyms for a ~day…then end up going off the wagon. 🙁

  360. Owen

    At the very minimum I’ll get running in. Biking and swimming if at all possible, but usually ends up being just running.

  361. Caferey

    I try to get in the runs where possible, outside or on the hotel TM. If I´m marathon training I load the week before and after so while I´m away it´s a cutback week.

  362. Chris Banting

    My Vacation training will usually be a light version of the run training that I am on at that time. And MAYBE a small amount of swimming.

  363. SpacemanFry

    Usually tend to stay away from any “planned” training or exercise during vacations. Unplanned hikes, swims, etc bring them on. Though usually chocolate (or other local sweet delicacies) abound 🙂

  364. Sanja

    On my vacation i mostly eat, drink and relax! 🙂

  365. Ryan

    Always love some light exercise while on vacation. Nothing too intense though!

  366. Mick Collins

    Make a list of all the places that i would like to see whilst there and either ride a bike or walk around to see them all, R&R is the key so keeping it easy (not hard in my case) is paramount

  367. More or less the same but without pressure.

  368. Tom Gell

    I usually do a triathlon of eating, drinking and having a relaxing time.

  369. Mike

    I use my run as a well to tour the city I am visiting. Usually ends up being a shorter run, but lots more pictures!

  370. Clas

    If I have vacation I usually try to do nothing but it happens I fail with that. But I am very active anyway, I dont like lying on the beach.

  371. Jeff Kauppila

    Press on with the morning runs, or move them to the evening depending on schedule. A lot of my vacations consist of hiking, so those runs are usually reduced a bit or eliminated if I’m hitting a long or steep hike.

  372. Joe

    Always go with the best intentions but never do any exercise apart from my beer arm.

  373. Jim Bartling

    Light running and try with all of my will power not to gain too much weight.

  374. Ann-Marie Delahunty

    I always stick with my run training, not so much swim or bike!

  375. James

    Stealth training!!! Whatever training I can hide/camouflage as “recreation” from my SO. Most normal people (non triathletes) think training during your vacation is crazy. Really, they do!

  376. Ben

    Early runs + some pushups.

  377. Rich

    I tend to do more hiking/exploring rather than running. I do try and sneak a few runs in though.

  378. Ryan

    I do more hiking, and exercise my eating muscles.

  379. Clair Stewart

    I find that on vacation I try to increase my workouts out doors to take advantage of the new surroundings and see our vacation spot as much as possible.

  380. Maren

    Runs and family hikes!

  381. Jeff Nicoson

    Run the hills near my family’s house. Where I live is flat, my folks live in rolling hills, so visiting them is a great time to work on running uphill and downhill, working on form, and then sprinting up a steep climb just before I get back. Makes other hills seem small.

  382. Most recent vacations have been to training camps, so the training’s been ramped up there! Albeit with a bit of extra beer, wine and sampling local foods…

  383. Stephen Smith

    Need this for the comrades marathon. My FR620 wont last.

  384. Paul

    Short runs to decompress after a day of sightseeing is the best. Smelling running clothes are the worst.

  385. Patrick C.

    Training on vacay = no training.

  386. Jay Kammerzell

    Most of my running is usually on the road. On vacations I look for interesting trail runs. Just read “America’s Best Places to Run” by Jeff Galloway. I need to get out more!

  387. Smash

    Enjoy to chill and doing diiferent sports I normally not do

  388. Neil

    I’ll usually keep up with running and core exercises. If I’m somewhere that I can swim then I’ll do that too. I find I can do a little more volume than usual, as I have more time.

  389. brandon F

    Going to the beach and plan to do some casual beach running and then business as usual with heart rate training!

    RUN so then I can eat!!

  390. Nate page

    i basically just cut back to base training to counteract the extra food I pack down my gullet

  391. Anders

    Vacation training is usually some early running, walking/hiking for discovery of the vacation place. Otherwise ther is a need for some sort of activity that isn’t training specific.

  392. Scott Carnie

    I like early morning runs both as a means of exercise and also a great way to explore your holiday destination.

  393. Justin

    I cut back and try to arrange my training so that the trip coincides with my low volume/recovery week. I’ll try to get some runs in if weather permits.

  394. Sara Davidson

    I only bring my running gear if we’re going to a friend’s beach house. If we’re going somewhere new we usually spend so much time walking, biking and exploring that I don’t need to worry about working out.

  395. jazy

    Stop training, yoga instead!

  396. Jesse Marcus

    Usually an early morning run and calisthenics. Then whatever the fay brings

  397. jay

    It’s of course a long ride with road bike. 🙂

  398. Bill

    Overseas holidays = running, great way to explore
    UK holidays = cycling, including cycling to get there (with wife in car with luggage and dog)

  399. vojta

    I usually avoid running, swimming or cycling and devote my vacation to activities I dont have time for during the year, mainly due to the training itself. Its usually physically challenging anyway, so it makes up for the lost training…

  400. Ben

    If I’m training for something specific I try and keep going with my program; if not probably light running / swimming etc. but depending on where!

  401. Artur Halat

    What I like to do on vacation is swim half mile (if possible), run 5k and 10k, but only one time. After that hiking as much as possible, just to see the area take some pictures and simply enjoy the off time.

  402. RQE

    I typically try to structure vacation around riding. Great opportunity to see the country and get some good miles in.

  403. Cristian

    On vacations I try to take my Brompton with me in the cities I visit, so a lot of cycling.
    Other than that, hiking, swimming and perhaps some running.


  404. Denis Lapierre

    going for the ice cream (and beer) bucket :S but hollidays are usually spent on mountain bikes with the kids.

  405. Ulf E

    Taking a run is the best training on vacation, can be done everywhere.

  406. Igor Rybalchenko

    Some say they have a problem combining travelling and vacation with their training schedule. They tell us it’s so hard to find time to do your running intervals or worse – long bike rides having your family at your hand, willing to go to another museum or amusement park and so on and so forth.

    There is no such thing. The vacation is built around your stars through the season – early spring marathon or late autumn full distance it is. All the family members are eager to get on plane and give you their best support, because they know and respect the things you do.

    And if you find yourself in the middle of foreign country in your build-base-phase, don’t hesitate to put on your favourite shoes you brought with you and show all these people how do they do proper training in your place. If it’s mid-season, it’s not a vacation. It’s training camp.

  407. Ben

    2-3 days for acclimating… then try to adapt my training to my destination… moutains, beach, cities… but every time, holidays are holidays and I am satisfied even if I run only once per week.

  408. Paul Garner

    Honestly I do nothing On holiday. Just enjoy my family.

  409. Sebastian

    If I’m training for a specific event then I stick to the program, otherwise I try to get at least a session or two of some sort of exercise in each week.

  410. triathlonchris

    Depends on the Type of vacation. But normally a run before breakfast always fits in and then in the afternoon bike ride if i finden some time. If there is a pool around or a possibility for a open water some this is also welcome. But everything not very structured in family vacation.

  411. Max

    My next “vacation” will be in Prague where I look forward to traversing all the trails in the Czech Republic. Also, just want to mention that your reviews are very, very helpful to me because I work at a running specialty store and I don’t have the means to test each device. I often send my customers to your blog before they purchase a watch. Thanks!

  412. Chris

    hit the gym, cut back the cardio, then the beach for suns out guns out

  413. German

    i usually do a short run.

  414. Navnit

    Vacation -“extra time for running/riding”. Starts with morning ride late evening run and ends with swimming.

  415. Julia

    I strap on the running shoes and walk everywhere! Who needs a taxi when you can head everywhere on foot! Berlin, Vegas, Victoria BC, they all put many many miles on my trusty old Fitbit!

  416. Isha

    Vacation are dedicated to family, no training.

  417. Graeme cowling

    The old ‘Dash and Splash’ every time.

    A good quick run those 2 inch race shorts you can’t getaway with wearing anywhere where someone may recognise you. Followed by a good old fashioned tucked bomb into a cool pool to ease and reduce muscle fatigue.

    Lovely stuff.

  418. Pilar

    When possible I run in the baech.

  419. Mike

    My wife and I are trying to get the marathons in all 50 states, so our trips generally involve a marathon. We even did one in Hawaii on our honeymoon.

  420. John Himes

    Running and hiking. Swim if near the open.

  421. Dave

    Walk everywhere from the time we wake up until dinner, then sleep rinse and repeat.

  422. Rob Pineau

    I usually find more time to run while on vacation than I do otherwise, as a result many of my longest runs have been while away.

  423. Tim Corso

    Holiday is holiday and time to go steady. Normally this involves at a minimum 25 miles of biking each day, followed by beer or wine training.

  424. Steve

    Running continues through vacation to matter where I am and actually increases.

  425. Grant

    relaxed runs and cycles

  426. Martin K

    First bike ride, then ice cream. Or the other way around.

  427. Jeremy

    Depends on the destination but generally take my bike and run / cycle every day and if the sea is inviting I may also get some swimming in. You have to earn the evening excesses after all!

  428. Gert

    Swim, bike and run:)

  429. Aaron S.

    I typically swim so long as I can get a hotel with a pool or a gym nearby. I stay on track if I am currently training no matter how difficult it can get. Gotta keep in mind vacation is for relaxing so have to fit it in early to not interfere!

  430. Krishna

    Chocolate, ice cream and rum punch. Maybe some kayaking. :-).

  431. Bex Green

    Holiday what’s that? 🙂

  432. Quentin

    Crossfit 2 times a week and running 3 times a week.

  433. Jeanne Bishop

    My husband and I travel for races so our racing schedule determines where we go on vacation! This year it’s Colorado for the Leadville 100 MTB race and Eugene, Or for a marathon. So we get there, do our event and then eat ice cream! We have had some wonderful weekends picking marathons and going someplace new.

  434. Navnit R

    gets extra time for long run in morning…

  435. Pedro Navarro

    Exploring whatever place I happen to be by running all around it!

  436. MarkW

    Normally, I try to do shorter runs. Depends on length and location of vacation though.

  437. Lcp

    Vacations this year involve racing tris In different states and enjoying local cuisine

  438. Prafful

    Long street walk…

  439. David B

    City exploration running (in the morning) to burn that last nights ice cream off 😉

  440. Phil

    Intervals of eat…sleep…eat…sleep
    Repeat each day of vacation

  441. Ken Clark

    Morning runs before everybody else is up, then family time!

  442. Gary Webster

    I love how running on vacation leads to an exploration of a new part of the world. It’s all about the joy of discovery!

  443. fabio

    Bike and rest

  444. Vincent Coupat

    Vacation means training camp.

  445. Gordon Warren

    While planning a vacation my wife and I choose locals that have scenic areas to run, swim and/or cycle. The training becomes more leisurely, but always adds something special to the vacation.

  446. Jessica

    I generally prefer ice cream to running, but when I’m on vacation, I embrace the ice cream more than I normally would.

  447. josh leahy

    Rest, play with kids and usually swim

  448. Simon Freathy

    Training on holiday luckily involves cross training with tandem surfing with 6 year old daughter and a bit of sup’ing. Rides are sedate and to French markets…

  449. Jon

    I typically run on vacation. You can get a run in anywhere with limited gear.

  450. Gwen

    Run & swim

  451. Dave Osswald

    usually able to fit in longer runs, esp. if on a beach vacation

  452. David G

    Vacation means hiking, backpacking, mountain biking or kayaking. Maybe not full training but enjoying the outdoors.

  453. Tara

    I tailor my training to my vacation. Depending on where I’m going I use my workouts as another way to get to experience the location/sights. So I run, hike, or bike depending on which is the best way to enjoy the trip.

  454. Shawn

    I typically scale back my training but still get in some running on the beach and riding in the gym before I begin enjoying frosty beverages for the rest of the day.

  455. Dirk

    Cut back a little with just a little running

  456. Jeroen V

    Vacation is drinking beer in massive quantities …

    • Todd Koleszar

      It depends on where I go. I usually at least run. If I can get a swim or hike in that is bonus. I only ride on vacation if I’m going for a race like IMFL.

    • Todd Koleszar

      Running usually. If I’m going for a race like IMFL, I will bike and swim too.

  457. Gary

    Run the World!
    A chance to get up early and get lost in a completly different place.

  458. Thom Wood

    Start with big plans to bike on the trainer, run the beach roads and do some ocean swims in OBX, North Carolina and usually end on the Duck Donut line. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do for us gadget geeks.

  459. Jovan

    Cycling after playing with kids.

  460. oleg

    I typically run

  461. john jensen

    Hiking om the mountains

  462. Jacob

    Typically, I try to cut back when on vacation because those I travel with don’t want to get out and I want to spend time with them. I figure the added walking counts for something.

  463. Eshan

    I’ll usually change my training plan while on vacation to better suit the facilities I’d have access to while abroad. For shorter trips I continue to follow my regimen.

  464. Adam DV

    I try and find local trails to explore wherever I go.

  465. Stefan Raab

    Really depends on where the vacation goes. There’s always activity, but it fits the location more than the schedule.

  466. Gary

    Running early morning and walking(sometimes driving) rest of the day.

  467. Uwe

    some runs, depends on vacation

  468. Eric Sommer

    Big run week!

  469. randee

    training on vacation continues as much as possible – which usually means no biking but I can run or swim anywhere!

  470. Jurre

    I press more during the holidays because I have more time than during the working weeks! This would make the training more focused!

  471. Tom

    Only fishing on vacation!

  472. Fernando

    It’s my highest mileage week(s) every year… Running one day, biking the other…

  473. Kelly

    I try to keep running as-is since I do enjoy it and plus it’s a great way to see where I’m vacationing. I also try to get in open water swims as much as I can too. Biking, usually takes a hit while I’m on vacation.

  474. Nik1Tweezy

    i like to relax while on vaction. i usually do a 5 to 7 mile run every other day and that’s good enough for me!

  475. Marek

    I usually do a run – because it’s easy and you can run *almost* anywhere.
    On top of that, I try to add something that the specific location offers – swimming in the sea, hiking on the trails, or skiing – depending on where I am.

  476. Kevin R

    Early morning runs are always a great way to start the day even on Vacations!

  477. Casey M

    On vacation I only do 12oz curls (beer drinking!).

  478. Chris

    My training ceases and donuts reign supreme.

  479. Rapeepat Lekkham

    Vacation is reading running and eating good food:)

  480. Chris

    I try to stay on schedule with runs. I try to find trails near where I’m staying.

  481. Eric

    I love vacation runs! Great way to mix it up and break out of a rut.

  482. Johan Sleeckx

    On vacations we try to log a couple of runs but only if we feel like it. Not because we have to. On vacations there are no “must do’s”.

  483. Vien

    Hit the trails!

  484. Emma

    I usually just run on vacation unless I can find a bike somewhere and then I’ll do that too.

  485. Dan

    Best scenarions is to bring bike along to continue my training plans as normal. If I can’t do that pack up the shoes and goggles to cross train.

  486. Thibaut

    Love tour site!

  487. Teague

    I usually put off training while on vacation but I did once run a half marathon around a 1/9 mile track on a cruise ship.

  488. trevor

    Running is the best way to see a new city. Almost every city has a park or a cool district to explore on foot. Way better than being stuck in traffic.

    Plus, exercise is great for helping with jet lag!

  489. Rick

    I like to try to get in a few runs someplace new…

  490. Alison egan

    I eat ice cream on vacation

  491. Gunnar

    lots of climbing by bike. Giro this year. Tuscany!

  492. AK

    I usually just vegetate during vacations

  493. Micah

    Usually early morning runs followed by vegging out at the beach. We don’t do cold places!

  494. ap

    Just running, as I am with my family and no room for the Bike 🙂

    Also some swimming if we are to the sea

  495. I love booking a race during a vacation. Gives you an excuse to take a detour and possibly see something cool and different. No too mention alleviates the guilt of vacation eating!

  496. Will

    Always try to manage at least a few quick jogs!

  497. Frank

    I try to keep my training going while travelling. I like finding new routes, and find the change of scenery to be refreshing!

  498. Thomas

    If possible, I bring my bike and ride before breakfast. Otherwise, I run or have a TRX with me.

  499. Opa

    I usually cut back a bit, but not totally! When abroad it’s fun to go to a local gym, where few to no tourists ever visit 🙂

  500. Matthew J

    I usually always run early in the morning before my family wakes up. If the weather is bad, I’ll sneak down to the gym. This winter, while I was on a cruise, I had the opportunity to swim, bike and run (around the .25 mile track on the top deck).

  501. Bartosz N.

    Adventure ride on the trail bike in the morning and then resting thru the second half of the day.

  502. Melanie P

    Usually I get some running in, swimming and biking if the locale allows. And ice cream, of course. 🙂

  503. Massimiliano

    Running early in the morning and sometimes swimming

  504. Aaron Wixom

    Typical vacation activities for us include mountain biking, hiking to waterfalls, and body-weight workouts at the hotel. Also swimming, pizza, and lots of ice cream for sure.

  505. Joe Wilensky

    Short runs before people are awake. I don’t want to miss out on vacation activities while actually on vacation. Fitness can take a bit of a back seat to enjoying my time away

  506. Ulrika Båving

    Vacation is participating in an IM with my husband

  507. I typically try and get out earlier in the day, and my mileage is more flexible. I love exploring new areas, even if it’s just some new neighborhoods, while on vacation so my training stays pretty strong.

  508. Tagg LeDuc

    Working out is usually an option if we get bored. Our last vacation was skiing at Whistler. Never got bored.

  509. Ryan W

    I scale back the intensity a bit, but use my runs as a way to explore my destination on foot.

  510. Patrick Reilly

    Depends, sometimes its biking to get some alone time, but most of the time it’s drinking beer and laying on the beach.

  511. Philipp

    I try to do some easy runs. But usually I do less than planned :D.

  512. Jerry Pringle

    i try to get in a run early, then recover with the ice cream!

  513. Alberto

    I love to run on vacation, its a way to discover new places, new people and new challenges =)

  514. Mike O

    Usually just a lot of walking during the sightseeing…

  515. Mark

    For me it’s always exploratory runs — I look at a map and pick an interesting looking place to run to — the idea is to have an adventure. Once in Hawaii my girlfriend and I ran out of beach and had to wade through the water along and jump from rock to rock. I love running in new cities as well, especially in the morning when you can see the whole city coming to life.

  516. Jason Raath

    Living inland I tend to do the works, so swimming(pool only), running and MTB if I can find the time. Holiday time though, is beach time, so it’s off to the beach for some running and if it’s safe, a little up and down the coast for the rare treat of an ocean open water swim. I don’t get to do too much open water swimming, so when I do I’m stoked. I must say though, my vívofit is registering some impressive numbers when compared to my normal routine, so I feel I’ve earned the extra icecream!

  517. George C.

    Walking, or swimming in the sea when available.

  518. Milo

    I always try to maintain my training schedule while on vacation. The actual results vary… a lot…

  519. James P Koelzer

    Whether on a business trip or vacation, I love to run around tourist sites and post to Strava. As good as my intentions are, though, my training usually suffers somewhat when I’m traveling. I always get a few workouts in, but perhaps not as many as I had planned.

  520. Tyler

    Try to keep up on running at least, try to make up for the extra vacation calories consumed 🙂

  521. Emerald de los Angeles

    Love to run on the beach.

  522. Gene

    I try to run, but usually end up just walking everywhere, although racecations are common.

  523. john

    Vacation run great way to train in different weather and terrain.

  524. Kopi Zoli

    Not too much training, usually short runs.

  525. Rob

    I cut back on my training during vacation and simply run once every two days.

  526. Tommy S. Sørensen

    Cycling and maby a little running.

  527. Argyris

    E & trail running & bike & C2!

  528. Ale c

    Biking all day…

  529. Alex

    Sea Swims, long bike rides and short runs. Having the time and the beautiful weather is the most enjoyable part.

  530. rohit khanna

    My holidays have been around events recently. Hardly get any days off. Do most of my training on weekdays

  531. RJ

    been dying to get this watch. I bought the vivoactive. Its nice, but the Fenix3 is just awesome!!! I do long endurance rides and also training for my first iron sprint.

    On vacation I keep up with my training. I actually will cycle more 🙂

  532. Kelly

    I like active vacations, so I am usually doing some exercise even if it isn’t exactly as per my plan. I try to adjust my schedule before and after to accommodate the important workouts if I don’t feel I did enough on vacation!

  533. Stephanos Ritsi

    Generally vacations are a form of crosstraining, backpacking! So structured training falls off completely but most of the day is spent on the trail.

  534. Daniel

    I don’t do too much training on holidays, but I run sometimes

  535. welshcakes

    Mainly road bike training camps (6 days or more), at least twice a year with a lot of climbing. Wake up, eat, ride, eat, sleep, repeat. That’s how it goes 🙂

  536. Andy

    I always run/plan vacation around running. Paced at the Indiana 100, camped with my wife and daughter. My wife also paced. Stuck to my taper for a 24h race this weekend. I eat all the icecream

  537. Markus S.

    Relax, be, relax, be….

  538. Carter

    I try to find a 10 k and race against the locals.

  539. Marcel van Boxtel

    I run almost every day on vacature, because I have a lot of time ;). That means I run about 80-90 km’s a week.

    Running is more fun with a Garmin Fenix 3 I guess!

  540. Ryan K

    Usually do nothing except for huge amounts of walking + swimming

  541. Tom

    Running. Lots of running. And eating. Lots of eating. Donuts. Yum.

  542. I like to run mornings on vacation, especially in new places. It’s a great way to explore while most everyone is still waking up. Plus, I like adding to my Strava heatmap!

  543. Michael

    I run on every vacation. Exploring new places keeps it fun and keeps it real.

  544. David Santino

    I pack my running shoes and try to get in as many runs as I can on local trails.

  545. Josh D.

    Run early to explore, then use the extra free time (no work!) in the afternoon or evening to catch up on a few weights…all while wearing my extremely battered fenix 1.

  546. Geoff

    The only serious training I do on vacation is running. Good for exploring new places whilst the kids are waking up.

  547. Ol

    Running, it is the only thing I can add in my suitcase 😉

  548. Colin Duffett

    usually a few minutes on the treadmill

  549. CSPeluches

    Vacation means family training, so runs without intervals, bike without tempo and swim without goggles. I wonder, can this still be called training?

  550. SteveT

    I’ve really enjoyed renting a mountain bike and doing the local downhill/around town trek. Best was Christchurch NZ.

  551. Gareth Davis

    Vacation usually means I’m more focused on spending time with the people I’m on vacation with. This equates to light cross-training, or catching a few laps in the pool 🙂

  552. John Saal

    Run, beach, beer, repeat. I’m flexible on order. 😉

  553. JK

    For me vacation means long runs with low pace.

  554. Erik

    Perfect timing, we have a vacation coming up in a few weeks and I already have planned some; street runs, trail runs, open water swims and some hiking!!

  555. Kent Johnson

    I try to drop in to a new CrossFit gym anytime I’m out of town, but my usual diet goes completely out of the window!

  556. Russell Govender

    I usually run a bit less on holiday, but I do use my runs as an opportunity to explore the place I am visiting.

  557. Todd

    I try to pick a destination race that is also a vacation spot for both myself and my wife such as Cozumel, Mexico.

  558. Patrick Mountford

    Vacation for me usually turns into a mini training camp where I train hard in the am and kick it back in the PM with family and friends! Keep up the amazing work!

  559. Nathan

    I try to maintain a balance between diet and training. If I slack on one, I press on with the other.

  560. Kirsten

    Depends…usually try to keep up with the training schedule as much as itinerary will allow, but have no issues with slacking off if need be 🙂

  561. Brad Goodridge

    always a race vacation

  562. Ilya

    I am russian and on vacations i walk with my bear.

  563. Nikoleta

    Honestly…my holidays are just about relaxing..maybe some flyfishing. 😉

  564. Marty

    If the stay is more than a couple of days, then I’ll bring my gear and do some running early in the morning.

  565. bjarke

    Whatever I can fit in during vacations with three small children, tends to be running mostly due to time efficiency.

  566. kidseboricor

    Run with my dad

  567. Johnny Nordahl

    Normally I settle for running…reducing the frequency to every other day. If I stay at a hotel with a gym I throw in some weight training too.

  568. cool69

    Swiming as much I can, with running every second day in the morning. Only hobby biking occasionally.

  569. Pauline

    Too tired -> Sleep !
    and read DC posts ;o)

  570. Cristina

    I don’t plan workouts during vacations. I end up running and riding where and when makes sense in the vacation itself.

  571. kelsi

    Train hard no matter what!!

  572. Raf

    Riding a bike with my friend on the sea side in Poland

  573. christopher nysaeter

    As much as I can!

  574. S2

    No holidays at the moment :o(
    For the next ones, i hope to train for the automn vertical kilometers …

  575. jason

    i train my tan on vacation

  576. Mike

    UK Park runs are always good when you are in a different area.

  577. Michael

    I cut down a bit, but still try to get a couple of workouts in.

  578. Bodo Knudsen

    In the summer I often bring my Niner RIP9RDO bike along so I try and get some riding in. If I don’t bring a bike I’ll usually rent one and ride some of the local trails if I’m in the right locale.

    In the winter I tend to focus on fun outdoor activities but not as much focused training. Hiking, walking, and swimming predominate. I usually up the yoga while on vacation as well and I’ll often sneak in a few aerobase rides in the hotel gym if I am up early in the AM.

  579. Maciej

    I schedule vacations just after the season ends, so there are no workouts to do

  580. Alex Bretean

    A beer and a tan!

  581. Vacations are extensions of what I do when I’m at home; just in a new location. Why would you only choose to live your life the few weeks of the year that you are on vacation?

  582. Alice

    Do my homework !!!!

  583. Tor Hunemark

    Vacation time is the ideal time for adventure like long runs with sleepovers. Same with rides and mountain bike rides.

  584. Petteri

    late afternoon easy runs just before dinner. perfect recipe for holiday.

  585. William Lindberg

    Running is a great way to sight see in a City. If I am staying in a place that offers Bike rentals I try to rent a bike because you can cover even more mileage for sightseeing. The nice thing about running or Biking you do not incur extra parking fee charges

  586. K X

    Morning runs to explore the new place. And occasionally swimming pool plus A LOT of eatarathon!!:)

  587. Rich O'Kelly

    Find some routes hitting as many cool place in as possible and get out early doors to see them on as many days as possible.

  588. Kirk

    Vacation means maybe a quick run every second day, but nothing too stressful!

  589. Sebestyen

    I don’t go on vacation rather travel. The more remote location, the less online info available and tourist around me the better it is. And sometimes that puts your body into extreme challenges to get it trough.

  590. Jesper Petersen

    Love to start the day with a run followed up by a workout in the fitness room at the hotel. Makes the hotel breakfast taste even better

  591. Steven Wiens

    I usually don’t have time for a workout when I’m on vacation.

  592. Popity Flavius

    Drinking beer all day long 🙂

  593. Keith

    Typically running, but also count snorkeling and hiking (only because I am on vacation).

  594. James Lee

    Training during vacation just shifts to off hour training so family time is kept up 🙂

  595. EvE

    I like to run, mountainbike or windsurf on my holidays. Depending on location and weather.

  596. CaptainChris

    Beach runs and ocean swims… the perfect way to spend a vacation when not soaking up rays.

  597. Ericka Rio

    A light running in the morning and that’s it. Enjoy vacation time

  598. Greg Mulka

    I think my vacations this year are going to be races. So, go hard?

  599. Dirk 1507

    During my holidays, i drive home to my parents and discover with my bicycle new beautiful places in the Spreewald (spreeforest)

  600. Donna Mulka

    Ice cream is delicious.

  601. Long run in the mountains

  602. Early morning runs and some random evening bodywheight sessions. Vacation is vacation, I focus on maintaining my fitness.

  603. Mark Allen

    I typically stick to running because finding swimming and biking resources can be a big hassle and or costly. I’ll usually hit up the hotel spin bike if they have one though! Thanks for another great giveaway, Ray!

  604. Dave T

    I always try to push it on vacation since its a different place to run. Getting new scenery is always good.

  605. Ricardo Lucas

    Normally we try the outmost to adhere with our current training plan. Often I choose the hotel with the facilities to help on that

  606. Fred D

    The goal is to go to walk around the volcanoes or mountains in the world. The training of the year allows me to enjoy the landscape. And breathe the pure air.

  607. Tim

    exploration run, exploration bike (if there are rental bikes available), beer / wine to end the day.

  608. whatnot2

    Running.. meditating.. but mostly eating 🙂

  609. Justin

    I don’t pack any gear other than running shoes, shorts, and shirt, then tour-by-run. Found a lot of cool stuff that way.

  610. old knackered retired guy

    What is a vacation? The days just blend into one long blur of suffering.

  611. TrainingOnVacation??

    What training?? OK, maybe some stretching and a bit of strength work.

  612. JPT

    Vacation means more training rathen than less.

    I alternate 3 kilometer swims in the sea with the equivalent in a pool 3 times a week.

    I run a program of 3 runs a week, including a long run and two sessions of high intensity intervals: cardio/strength/cardio with a lot of jump rope.

    Sometimes the runs come after a swim, some times they land on swimless days.

    oh..and there is the random hike in the countryside, some steep hills, about 2 hours up and half as much coming down. Just walking and sometimes light jogging when I get bored.

  613. Usually a morning run followed by massive quantities of beer!

  614. Stefan

    Running & swimming in the morning, having fun with my son afterwards and a short cicle turn in afternoon with and a bit of icecream in a small village or at a lake 🙂

  615. Jeff Roth

    Vacations are for cross training: skiing, hiking and drinking!

  616. Aydin

    I do light morning runs on vacation before a late breakfast. I also like occasional camp holidays which includes long hikes.

  617. Ross

    Vacations are for exercise filled activities but no ‘workouts’

  618. Bret Bartness

    Slow or minimal running.

  619. Quoc

    I just try to do a lot of walking around town and hopefully it’ll counter the calories I put on during vacationing 🙂

  620. Stefaan

    When going on a holiday, I usually plan to let my run-training catch up with my cycling. (At this time of the year, I can’t resist the urge to go for a ride). As we usually stay near the hills, it will allow for some good fartlek trainings. However, as I always manage to get injured or ill the days before departure, reality draws another plan. So most of the time, I end up riding a hired bike regretting it’s got no power meter.
    This year I intend to take my bike with me. I’m sure with Murphy’s help, it will allow me to do some serious running.

  621. Daniel

    Just some easy running a couple of times a week by the sea

  622. Heith

    Cyclist:I increase resistance training when on vacation if it’s a week or less..if more I bring my bike use hotel bike and run a little..along with resistance

  623. Michael


  624. Mike

    excessive eating and drinking, followed by bouts of guilt ridden poorly performed super short runs.

  625. Holly

    I just plan my vacations around my training schedule.

  626. Ben

    No schedule here: Any early morning swim in the mediterranean sea, a long run in the warm setting sun or
    maybe a big loop through the majorcan tramuntana will do the trick! 😉

  627. Stefan

    A lot of running and swimming, when thinking on races, I often thought about having a short half-marathon but there where no possibilities in the area..

  628. Eric

    I run after my kids!

  629. Edward Ng

    On vacations, I switch to short, gym-based full-body workouts rather than my normal regimen of outdoor runs or rides.

  630. Oleksiy

    Usually I combine my vacations with the races, so it is more about tapering before and recovering after racing.

  631. Carlos Durante

    I stop runing tarde Montes ago, so im restar pting yo run tiene vacations

  632. patrick

    Just running and hiking. That’s it!

  633. I haven’t actually taken a vacation ever since I started running…but if I were to now, I’d probably tone it back for the sake of the people who came on vacation with me for reasons besides running.

  634. Jonas Dobberow

    I just do long Distance runs and build the base 🙂

  635. Michelle

    Chasing the kids on the beach is usually about all I do.

  636. Joel

    I try to keep up the training, but it usually just ends up with relaxation time.

  637. Brian Dickens

    Typically I go with the intention of training as rigorously as at home. And then I never take my shoes out of my bag. :/

  638. Sue Lottridge

    How funny you asked that. My vacations involve mountain biking, hiking/trail running, and/or climbing. So, unstructured fun that requires R&R after!

  639. Jens

    I try to take my race bike to Tuscany and seriously avoid the beach, but try some nice climbs and distance. I love how nice Italian car drivers respect cyclists there!!!

  640. Steve Cliffe

    I continue my training schedule as much as possible, even on holiday. I just make sure I fit it in around the demands of my family time which usually can be done…most of the time! 🙂

  641. alleexxiiss

    “No sport!”

  642. Jeremy

    I usually cut back on training, just maintain fitness and focus more on portion control while vacationing. Vacationing shouldn’t be stressful trying to continue training.

  643. Geoffrey

    Long run at low speed to enjoy the view.

  644. Nathan Simpson

    Run whenever and wherever I can

  645. Kjetil Molteberg

    Usually cut back on training, with some running. When its not too hot 🙂

  646. Andrew Sack

    I always bring my running shoes no matter where I go. Usually that’s it, but if I’m heading somewhere local I’ll consider bringing a bike. Running requires practically no extra “stuff” and I can do it anywhere.

  647. David

    Definitely more ice cream, but also more running… nothing better than hill training in North Africa 😉

  648. Zvonimir Hrkac

    No any kind of training, it is a vacation after all. Maybe, depending of location, i would include some kind of trekking, but mostly it is drinking, eating and reading.

  649. Stephen Guerrera

    Definitely a cutback, but not a completely layoff. If there’s interesting terrain / trails, I like to do a trail run or hike. Leisurely biking around, not paying attention to speed.

  650. Raf

    Less training to share max time with the family, although I like running at dawn to discover new places. Typically 1-2 dawn patrol per week when on vacation, back for breakfast.

  651. Barry

    Running gear is always with me, so I’ll run where I can, good way to explore for later. If I can fit a race in, all the better.

  652. Andreas

    On holidays, early morning training is always the perfect excuse for a long night out the previous day…

  653. Will

    I run and swim, so long as the vacationing doesn’t get in the way.

  654. jose

    Vacation for me= mainly for fun
    1.Mountain bike on amelia earth park,
    2.road bike in key biscayne,
    3.runs are in any place and
    4.beers on all night To be ready for next day.

  655. Thomas

    Usually hiking or some swimming!

  656. Fredric

    Depends on where I am. Last few vacations it has either been late evening runs or orienteering competitions. Other than that it has mostly long walks when abroad

  657. Ted

    Trail runs as much as possible, if no trails then roads it is. Either way I’m sure to be in for a solid workout as I nearly always get lost…

  658. Christopher Rodriguez

    On vacation I typically don’t work out much at all, its a vacation so I let things slack.

  659. katy

    I usually spend my vacations backpacking or canoe tripping, no additional training!

  660. Seb Gorrec

    As long as there is a piece of water not far I will try to swim once a day, but gently. Just to enjoy swimming without trying to pace myself.

  661. We try to do something we wouldn’t normally get to incorporate into our training at home – In Kentucky we get plenty of time to run through the forest and past farm fields, so we took advantage of a San Diego trip last fall to run on the beach!

  662. Larry Ellis

    My training usually consists of lifting free weights, between 375 and 600ml, for as long as i can, usually in the evenings.

    This is hopefully followed with rigorous pelvic thrusting for sometimes up to 2 minutes.

    Then a nap.

  663. Ev

    Do wave pools and waterslides count as swimming?

  664. Matt Langford

    Modify the training to suit the environment and increase recovery with food and beverages!

  665. Shawn Hime

    If I go on vacation and I’m able to take my bike with me, then nothing changes. Otherwise, I’m left to running, hopefully outside, but may be inside on a treadmill. Yuck.

  666. Alex

    I tend to slack off on vacations. Maybe a scenic run, but thats about it.

  667. Ian

    Great website. A friend directed me here a few months ago.
    We typically vacation in warmer climates during the Canadian winter and I definitely try to maintain or increase my running and swimming. I have lots of time, running outside is a pleasure verses a chore and its a great way to explore new places. It also helps counteract the significant and inevitable calorie spike from ice cream etc.

  668. Tal

    It depends on the racing schedule, but I try to mix an early morning run with some ice cream throughout the day 😉

  669. LT Thompson

    i just try to get something in. usually three miles does it, then off to vacation!

  670. jason

    indoor bike trainer. VH1 on repeat. Pop music in my head for months.

  671. Espen

    On vacation; running! Either on treadmill or outside, depending on the location

  672. Dane Watt

    I’ll run a few times, but I usually take it very easy.

  673. Gustavo Jomenez

    I prepare the holidays as the main trail running objetive of the year.

  674. Grrrippp

    Family first. Enjoying the running and cycling diet surpressed by the eat- and beerfest.

  675. Samuel

    I usually run about an hour in vacation before my girlfriend wakes up!!

  676. Darlene

    Just a little weight training……picking up the grandbabies

  677. Stephanie

    hotel gym early in the morning if available

  678. Actaswu

    Appreciating the little episodes within the knowledge that time goes by too fast.

  679. Mark Chitty

    My workouts on vacation consist of a little bit of running + some body weight exercises, unless where I am vacationing has some sort of free fitness center

  680. Jesus Climent

    I go running outside. Or swimming, if the place is by the sea/lake.

  681. Kate Weber

    With the best of intentions, I carry my workout plans and triathlon bits with me – and then I instantly succumb to vacation time and come back altogether too well-rested.

    Although I must say: if I had a chance to swim around that island, I might be more inclined to stay on track.

  682. Steve

    typically try to get in some hiking and biking

  683. Joakim

    Cycling, running or taking a nice walk in the park 🙂

  684. Nick Connor

    Try and stick to the programme as much as possible. Usually fail and drink instead.

  685. Susan

    I usually end up just sticking worth running, but I try to get in all the hills I can, because there aren’t any at home.

  686. Ben

    Running is definitely easiest but I like trying to drop in a masters swim.

  687. Change from late afternoon runs to morning runs. sometimes I’ll switch to treadmill running dependent on the holiday location. Holiday’s are my chance to mix it up a little.

  688. Alan Mohr

    Typically my vacations are scheduled to where I have a race in the city I’m heading to. This year that will include Washington (state), Pennsylvania, and Maine.

  689. Judah

    Love running and exploring new places!

  690. Tyler Ross

    I pack work out clothes and then let them taunt me for most of the trip. If I can’t sleep or want to explore a particular area exclusively on foot – on come the running shoes and the 620

  691. Richard S

    If I have a race in the near future I will seek out a treadmill, or better yet a trail run or bike. Sessions are kept shorter so I don’t have to pack as much, and keep time for play with the little one.

  692. Mike

    Vacation time is relaxation time for me. I don’t usually find training relaxing, so I tend to cut back on vacations.

  693. Ian

    Usually run more than swim and bike unless the vacation is a bike tour!

  694. Jonathan Herpel

    Running shoes which stay in the suitcase.

  695. Jimmy

    I love to hop on my bike once or twice while on vacation. I don’t do anything hard, or even really planned out. I just find a local route or trail and start riding. If I’m near the ocean I might get in an open water swim. Although, the last time I tried that I got stung by Jellyfish. That stopped my training on that trip.

  696. Andrew

    I look forward to vacations as a way to mix it up…longer runs, mountain biking instead of road biking and even some paddling, if I get a chance.

  697. Elizeu Jonas

    vacation time = just chill time, unless it´s an awesome location then I might throw in a few runs.

  698. Fidel Barranca de la Paz

    I like to run in the beach and feel the sand and water trough my feet

  699. Maro

    I usually get lazy and completely stop exercising.

  700. Anant

    I’ll do some running but mostly vacation is about relaxing for me.

  701. Leo Goodstadt

    When I am on vacation, I try to find the biggest mountain around. I get such an unbelievable high early in the morning when I can look down on the whole world from the highest vantage point. My happiest memories of my honey moon are (leaving my newly wedded beloved!) setting off at the crack of dawn from a Sicilian beach to wind my way up craggy volcanic roads. Just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and not get too distracted by the view…

  702. Dan

    Typically I try and walk as many places as I can unless I’m by the ocean in which case I will swim at about the same pace as at home during training.

  703. Gary Artinger

    I love getting out of the city and doing a little running and biking on mountain trails

  704. LP

    Increase my cycling miles and use up all my rest time.

  705. Gary

    I generally continue on with my usual workouts and many times increase activity due to the calorie consumption boost that usually accompanies vacation.

  706. Adam

    Mostly run to see the sites – and always bring the bike if driving to the vacation destination!

  707. Darin Markford

    I usually keep up my activity level, but don’t follow a schedule while I’m on vacation. I fit in a run or two when I can and do family bike rides and walks. My Dad and I will usually fit in at least one fitness ride at the beach.

  708. Unimaginative Pseudonym

    Nothing changes, I’m just free to change what I like, and mix it up on vacation to offset the “vacation diet”!

  709. Jeffrey Foldenauer

    It depends on the destination; if it’s pretty, coastal and features great trails, then I ramp it up, but if a gym is the only option I give it a break.

  710. Jason

    Vacations!? What are those??? I would probably just run…in the morning before the wife and kid wake up.

  711. Paul Martin

    Depending on plans. Regular weights sessions stay regular (ideally). No work gives opportunity for longer adventures depending on family requirements.

  712. Jason

    Will usually stick to my run schedule, and get a swim in and/or cross train if the facilities allow.

  713. Andrew

    On most trips, the training is typically solo exploration (long) runs where I try to hit a few landmarks along the way. Running the whole Vegas strip last time I was there was nice!

  714. Catherine Hill

    I disable all alarms and wake ups on vacation… Sleep is my preferred activity

  715. Ben

    I like to do early morning walks from the hotel and explore the local area a bit. Great for finding out interesting spots to eat at later in the day!

  716. Cody Kleven

    I love a good destination race, but if I’m with the family I prefer to keep my running mileage moderate – enough to enjoy excess calories but not too much as to take away from time with my wife and kids.

  717. Stacy

    Life should be one long vacation spent with hubby and the kids – as work gets in the way I just enjoy the actual time off with them when I can

  718. Josh

    exploring the scenery with a long run through the town/city

  719. Jandro Mendoza

    Try to find a half at the vacation spot to see the area.

  720. Pete

    Biking or running before my travel companion wakes up.

  721. Vitaliy Uvakin

    Just enough to burn all the calories consumed 🙂

  722. Paul Gerber

    Fit some training in but keep it causal and unplanned. Family trip, family comes first. If the training never happens so be it.

  723. Olivier Caza-Lapointe

    The runs are the easiest to do…just bring shoes and go for it. Otherwise, the best vacations are sport specific, i.e. a ski trip or, even better, a mountain biking trip with a bunch of friends. The crazy amounts of workouts are done seamlessly on the bikes…too much fun. Now, I want that F3 so bad. 🙂

  724. Laurent Rivard

    I usually try to run early in the morning since it’s usually a pain to bring a bike

  725. Martin Salva

    I try to get in at least a 5K run in the morning whether on the treadmill or exploring the town.

  726. Brian

    Try to get some running in on vacation.

  727. Ulysses Billips

    I have been trying to record runs everywhere I go. Recently traveled for my first race. IT was GREAT!

  728. Daniel B

    I usually try to run at the minimum but usually working out gets pushed to the side because family wants to see me for some reason…

  729. Mary

    Well my husband doesn’t let me take my bike trainer on vacation so I usually end up running and/or hitting the hotel gym.

  730. JoeyD

    Running with the wife. My bike goes with me if we have room. I do my best to keep up with my schedule.

  731. Rick B

    I like to go out for a run early in the morning and try to stick to my training program as best I can.

  732. Daniel Karp

    i usually use vacations as a rest period, with little or no training. if im somewhere pretty, i like to go on hikes or easy bike rides and enjoy the moment, instead of training.

  733. John Lea

    Training is hard enough to do when I’m not on vacation, but mostly I try to fit in some cycling and not eating too much.

  734. Brad

    Hiking and biking

  735. Otto Ulrike

    Since I have more time, I usually go for longer runs, besides, vacations are only for two weeks long, so it does’t change a lot my routine and I get the chance to enjoy the city (Mexico City). If my girlfriend is on vacation too, we’ll run together even though it will be a shorter and light run, but a really pleasent one.

  736. Marc Metakis

    run in the AM and swim in the afternoon

  737. Santiago

    Stick to running and finding new routes.

  738. P-A

    Running near the hotel I’m staying at – a nice way to get a feel for the surroundings.

  739. Ian

    As vacations a ‘break from normal life’, I use them to mix-up my training. Normally I do mostly cycling and swimming, therefore I use vacations for running and (if available gym work). It’s hard to change routine, but it makes it feel different from my normal day to day, ie, feels more like a change and they say ‘a change is as god as a rest’.

  740. Dan

    Honestly, vacation is vacation. Ice cream and bon bons for me!

  741. Billy Badger

    I just press on as normal or schedule a “rest week”

  742. ashri S

    No training on my vacation, just eat eat eat sightseeing and spend like crazy.

  743. Jerry Nelligan

    I typically do a running race with my wife and kids. We have done 5k to half marathon. I have sometimes done some very focused training on vacation. I once ran 15 miles around a 1/3 mile cruise ship. Diet generally suffers, but I typically add additional strength training due to extra time without work.

  744. Jeremy Jake Tan

    Slow early morning runs around the city I’m visitng

  745. Miguel Quinones

    What vacation? I always combine vacation with new sport adventures. Last vaca it was Kite Surfing (didn’t happen because there was no wind but that’s another story). Before that it was Free Diving, sailing, climbing, shooting, you name it.

  746. Rich

    If I’m in training I do my best to stick to the schedule but not cut int sightseeing too much. In St Lucia, I ran on the beach barefoot, hit the treadmill to beat the mid-day heat, and also took in the scenery on shorter HILLY runs.

  747. Adrian Chavez

    One of the best ways to explore a new city is on foot. I train everyday on vacation!

  748. Natasha Garcia

    Running during vacation is the ultimate excursion!

  749. Chase F

    I just try and limit the amount of junk food that I come across on vacation.

  750. Jaime J

    Generally some running and maybe biking. Rarely I will do swimming.

  751. Torin La Liberte

    Depends on the vacation. Sometimes it’s business as usual, but mostly I tone it back quite a bit and enjoy the area.

  752. Dustin Marcus

    Vacation training = increased focus on the run! – great way to discover the best bakeries and ice-creameries of a new location by expedited exploration on foot!

  753. Pat A

    I always try to get a long run in early during a visit to a new city. It definitely helps with learning the layout and provides some quick sight-seeing.

  754. Jody

    Casual running to enjoy cool and sunny mornings if weather is good at our frequented beach town.

  755. Tim Criag

    run, walk,ride, drink.
    not necessarily in that order.

  756. Rob Padinha

    Try for one run, but end up the rest of the week eating ice-cream.

  757. Matt Sanders

    I always attempt to workout enough to keep me from feeling bad for eating what I please.

  758. Jerome S

    I usually take my summer holidays in the south of France. I like running in the small rocky mountains called Esterel. It’s also a premium location for riding, both on and off road. But my favorite training is the villa-to-beach workout: a run through the moutains, from my family’s villa to our favorite beach.