The DCR’s on Vacation Fenix3 Giveaway!


It’s giveaway time!  Partly because it’s been a while, partly because it’s Friday and it seems fitting, and partly just cause I’m on vacation and this seemed a whole lot easier than writing an in-depth review.

This time I’m giving away a Garmin Fenix3 multisport watch, sponsored by Clever Training.  It’s the only watch I brought with me on vacation (yes, I know, only one watch – incredible!)

So how do you enter?

Simple: All you need to do is write a comment below with what type of training (or I suppose racing) you typically do on vacation.  Do you cut back, or press on as per the schedule?  Or does all training just simply shift to eating ice cream and chocolate bonbons?

The winner will get to choose any Fenix3 variant from Clever Training.  This could be the base grey one (seen middle in photo above), or the more swanky Sapphire unit with the metal link strap.  And then you can get it with or without the HR strap.  Totally your choice!

As usual, Clever Training is sponsoring the giveaway.  Remember you can save 10% off anything they sell through either the coupon code or the DCR/CT VIP program, plus of course free US shipping for goods over $75US.

Thanks for reading!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, April 27th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly. One entry per person. The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming in stock.


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  1. Donna Mulka

    Ice cream is delicious.

  2. Long run in the mountains

  3. Early morning runs and some random evening bodywheight sessions. Vacation is vacation, I focus on maintaining my fitness.

  4. Mark Allen

    I typically stick to running because finding swimming and biking resources can be a big hassle and or costly. I’ll usually hit up the hotel spin bike if they have one though! Thanks for another great giveaway, Ray!

  5. Dave T

    I always try to push it on vacation since its a different place to run. Getting new scenery is always good.

  6. Ricardo Lucas

    Normally we try the outmost to adhere with our current training plan. Often I choose the hotel with the facilities to help on that

  7. Fred D

    The goal is to go to walk around the volcanoes or mountains in the world. The training of the year allows me to enjoy the landscape. And breathe the pure air.

  8. Tim

    exploration run, exploration bike (if there are rental bikes available), beer / wine to end the day.

  9. whatnot2

    Running.. meditating.. but mostly eating 🙂

  10. Justin

    I don’t pack any gear other than running shoes, shorts, and shirt, then tour-by-run. Found a lot of cool stuff that way.

  11. old knackered retired guy

    What is a vacation? The days just blend into one long blur of suffering.

  12. TrainingOnVacation??

    What training?? OK, maybe some stretching and a bit of strength work.

  13. JPT

    Vacation means more training rathen than less.

    I alternate 3 kilometer swims in the sea with the equivalent in a pool 3 times a week.

    I run a program of 3 runs a week, including a long run and two sessions of high intensity intervals: cardio/strength/cardio with a lot of jump rope.

    Sometimes the runs come after a swim, some times they land on swimless days.

    oh..and there is the random hike in the countryside, some steep hills, about 2 hours up and half as much coming down. Just walking and sometimes light jogging when I get bored.

  14. Usually a morning run followed by massive quantities of beer!

  15. Stefan

    Running & swimming in the morning, having fun with my son afterwards and a short cicle turn in afternoon with and a bit of icecream in a small village or at a lake 🙂

  16. Jeff Roth

    Vacations are for cross training: skiing, hiking and drinking!

  17. Aydin

    I do light morning runs on vacation before a late breakfast. I also like occasional camp holidays which includes long hikes.

  18. Ross

    Vacations are for exercise filled activities but no ‘workouts’

  19. Bret Bartness

    Slow or minimal running.

  20. Quoc

    I just try to do a lot of walking around town and hopefully it’ll counter the calories I put on during vacationing 🙂

  21. Stefaan

    When going on a holiday, I usually plan to let my run-training catch up with my cycling. (At this time of the year, I can’t resist the urge to go for a ride). As we usually stay near the hills, it will allow for some good fartlek trainings. However, as I always manage to get injured or ill the days before departure, reality draws another plan. So most of the time, I end up riding a hired bike regretting it’s got no power meter.
    This year I intend to take my bike with me. I’m sure with Murphy’s help, it will allow me to do some serious running.

  22. Daniel

    Just some easy running a couple of times a week by the sea

  23. Heith

    Cyclist:I increase resistance training when on vacation if it’s a week or less..if more I bring my bike use hotel bike and run a little..along with resistance

  24. Michael


  25. Mike

    excessive eating and drinking, followed by bouts of guilt ridden poorly performed super short runs.

  26. Holly

    I just plan my vacations around my training schedule.

  27. Ben

    No schedule here: Any early morning swim in the mediterranean sea, a long run in the warm setting sun or
    maybe a big loop through the majorcan tramuntana will do the trick! 😉

  28. Stefan

    A lot of running and swimming, when thinking on races, I often thought about having a short half-marathon but there where no possibilities in the area..

  29. Eric

    I run after my kids!

  30. Edward Ng

    On vacations, I switch to short, gym-based full-body workouts rather than my normal regimen of outdoor runs or rides.

  31. Oleksiy

    Usually I combine my vacations with the races, so it is more about tapering before and recovering after racing.

  32. Carlos Durante

    I stop runing tarde Montes ago, so im restar pting yo run tiene vacations

  33. patrick

    Just running and hiking. That’s it!

  34. I haven’t actually taken a vacation ever since I started running…but if I were to now, I’d probably tone it back for the sake of the people who came on vacation with me for reasons besides running.

  35. Jonas Dobberow

    I just do long Distance runs and build the base 🙂

  36. Michelle

    Chasing the kids on the beach is usually about all I do.

  37. Joel

    I try to keep up the training, but it usually just ends up with relaxation time.

  38. Brian Dickens

    Typically I go with the intention of training as rigorously as at home. And then I never take my shoes out of my bag. :/

  39. Sue Lottridge

    How funny you asked that. My vacations involve mountain biking, hiking/trail running, and/or climbing. So, unstructured fun that requires R&R after!

  40. Jens

    I try to take my race bike to Tuscany and seriously avoid the beach, but try some nice climbs and distance. I love how nice Italian car drivers respect cyclists there!!!

  41. Steve Cliffe

    I continue my training schedule as much as possible, even on holiday. I just make sure I fit it in around the demands of my family time which usually can be done…most of the time! 🙂

  42. alleexxiiss

    “No sport!”

  43. Jeremy

    I usually cut back on training, just maintain fitness and focus more on portion control while vacationing. Vacationing shouldn’t be stressful trying to continue training.

  44. Geoffrey

    Long run at low speed to enjoy the view.

  45. Nathan Simpson

    Run whenever and wherever I can

  46. Kjetil Molteberg

    Usually cut back on training, with some running. When its not too hot 🙂

  47. Andrew Sack

    I always bring my running shoes no matter where I go. Usually that’s it, but if I’m heading somewhere local I’ll consider bringing a bike. Running requires practically no extra “stuff” and I can do it anywhere.

  48. David

    Definitely more ice cream, but also more running… nothing better than hill training in North Africa 😉

  49. Zvonimir Hrkac

    No any kind of training, it is a vacation after all. Maybe, depending of location, i would include some kind of trekking, but mostly it is drinking, eating and reading.

  50. Stephen Guerrera

    Definitely a cutback, but not a completely layoff. If there’s interesting terrain / trails, I like to do a trail run or hike. Leisurely biking around, not paying attention to speed.

  51. Raf

    Less training to share max time with the family, although I like running at dawn to discover new places. Typically 1-2 dawn patrol per week when on vacation, back for breakfast.

  52. Barry

    Running gear is always with me, so I’ll run where I can, good way to explore for later. If I can fit a race in, all the better.

  53. Andreas

    On holidays, early morning training is always the perfect excuse for a long night out the previous day…

  54. Will

    I run and swim, so long as the vacationing doesn’t get in the way.

  55. jose

    Vacation for me= mainly for fun
    1.Mountain bike on amelia earth park,
    2.road bike in key biscayne,
    3.runs are in any place and
    4.beers on all night To be ready for next day.

  56. Thomas

    Usually hiking or some swimming!

  57. Fredric

    Depends on where I am. Last few vacations it has either been late evening runs or orienteering competitions. Other than that it has mostly long walks when abroad

  58. Ted

    Trail runs as much as possible, if no trails then roads it is. Either way I’m sure to be in for a solid workout as I nearly always get lost…

  59. Christopher Rodriguez

    On vacation I typically don’t work out much at all, its a vacation so I let things slack.

  60. katy

    I usually spend my vacations backpacking or canoe tripping, no additional training!

  61. Seb Gorrec

    As long as there is a piece of water not far I will try to swim once a day, but gently. Just to enjoy swimming without trying to pace myself.

  62. We try to do something we wouldn’t normally get to incorporate into our training at home – In Kentucky we get plenty of time to run through the forest and past farm fields, so we took advantage of a San Diego trip last fall to run on the beach!

  63. Larry Ellis

    My training usually consists of lifting free weights, between 375 and 600ml, for as long as i can, usually in the evenings.

    This is hopefully followed with rigorous pelvic thrusting for sometimes up to 2 minutes.

    Then a nap.

  64. Ev

    Do wave pools and waterslides count as swimming?

  65. Matt Langford

    Modify the training to suit the environment and increase recovery with food and beverages!

  66. Shawn Hime

    If I go on vacation and I’m able to take my bike with me, then nothing changes. Otherwise, I’m left to running, hopefully outside, but may be inside on a treadmill. Yuck.

  67. Alex

    I tend to slack off on vacations. Maybe a scenic run, but thats about it.

  68. Ian

    Great website. A friend directed me here a few months ago.
    We typically vacation in warmer climates during the Canadian winter and I definitely try to maintain or increase my running and swimming. I have lots of time, running outside is a pleasure verses a chore and its a great way to explore new places. It also helps counteract the significant and inevitable calorie spike from ice cream etc.

  69. Tal

    It depends on the racing schedule, but I try to mix an early morning run with some ice cream throughout the day 😉

  70. LT Thompson

    i just try to get something in. usually three miles does it, then off to vacation!

  71. jason

    indoor bike trainer. VH1 on repeat. Pop music in my head for months.

  72. Espen

    On vacation; running! Either on treadmill or outside, depending on the location

  73. Dane Watt

    I’ll run a few times, but I usually take it very easy.

  74. Gustavo Jomenez

    I prepare the holidays as the main trail running objetive of the year.

  75. Grrrippp

    Family first. Enjoying the running and cycling diet surpressed by the eat- and beerfest.

  76. Samuel

    I usually run about an hour in vacation before my girlfriend wakes up!!

  77. Darlene

    Just a little weight training……picking up the grandbabies

  78. Stephanie

    hotel gym early in the morning if available

  79. Actaswu

    Appreciating the little episodes within the knowledge that time goes by too fast.

  80. Mark Chitty

    My workouts on vacation consist of a little bit of running + some body weight exercises, unless where I am vacationing has some sort of free fitness center

  81. Jesus Climent

    I go running outside. Or swimming, if the place is by the sea/lake.

  82. Kate Weber

    With the best of intentions, I carry my workout plans and triathlon bits with me – and then I instantly succumb to vacation time and come back altogether too well-rested.

    Although I must say: if I had a chance to swim around that island, I might be more inclined to stay on track.

  83. Steve

    typically try to get in some hiking and biking

  84. Joakim

    Cycling, running or taking a nice walk in the park 🙂

  85. Nick Connor

    Try and stick to the programme as much as possible. Usually fail and drink instead.

  86. Susan

    I usually end up just sticking worth running, but I try to get in all the hills I can, because there aren’t any at home.

  87. Ben

    Running is definitely easiest but I like trying to drop in a masters swim.

  88. Change from late afternoon runs to morning runs. sometimes I’ll switch to treadmill running dependent on the holiday location. Holiday’s are my chance to mix it up a little.

  89. Alan Mohr

    Typically my vacations are scheduled to where I have a race in the city I’m heading to. This year that will include Washington (state), Pennsylvania, and Maine.

  90. Judah

    Love running and exploring new places!

  91. Tyler Ross

    I pack work out clothes and then let them taunt me for most of the trip. If I can’t sleep or want to explore a particular area exclusively on foot – on come the running shoes and the 620

  92. Richard S

    If I have a race in the near future I will seek out a treadmill, or better yet a trail run or bike. Sessions are kept shorter so I don’t have to pack as much, and keep time for play with the little one.

  93. Mike

    Vacation time is relaxation time for me. I don’t usually find training relaxing, so I tend to cut back on vacations.

  94. Ian

    Usually run more than swim and bike unless the vacation is a bike tour!

  95. Jonathan Herpel

    Running shoes which stay in the suitcase.

  96. Jimmy

    I love to hop on my bike once or twice while on vacation. I don’t do anything hard, or even really planned out. I just find a local route or trail and start riding. If I’m near the ocean I might get in an open water swim. Although, the last time I tried that I got stung by Jellyfish. That stopped my training on that trip.

  97. Andrew

    I look forward to vacations as a way to mix it up…longer runs, mountain biking instead of road biking and even some paddling, if I get a chance.

  98. Elizeu Jonas

    vacation time = just chill time, unless it´s an awesome location then I might throw in a few runs.

  99. Fidel Barranca de la Paz

    I like to run in the beach and feel the sand and water trough my feet

  100. Maro

    I usually get lazy and completely stop exercising.