Kona FR920XT or Fenix2 Giveaway Results!

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend, and everyone that raced (or trained) was successful in that venture – especially those enduring the lava fields at Kona!  Since Friday when the giveaway opened, a mind-boggling metric crapton of you entered the giveaway.

All in a total of 4,996 of you successfully entered by the closing time (and after I removed a bunch of duplicates).  By far the biggest single-item giveaway ever around these parts!  Apparently people like free triathlon stuff on the biggest triathlon focused weekend of the year.

From there, it was off to my favorite Random.org to find a winner:


So, I then took that number and went off to find a winner for the Garmin FR920XT (or Fenix2) in the comments:


Woot, congrats Matt R!  And, pretty funny snippet as well.  I’ll be in touch shortly for you to pick your gadget!

Finally, a huge thanks to Clever Training who sponsored all the goods, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) with the VIP program and/or DCR reader exclusive coupon code (depends on product), plus free US shipping.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!


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  1. cj

    Congrats Matt R and thank you Ray and Clever Training for the give away!

  2. David

    Congrats to Matt R. And thanks again for a very nice giveaway, Ray/CT. One of these days I have to win, right?

    Slightly off-topic.
    Is there any chance that _next time_ you can have the comments/entries NOT show up in the comments RSS feed. I always feel like every contest I spend an entire weekend deleting items from my RSS feed. (my reader doesn’t have an easy way to filter exclude items based on content. Maybe I just need a better reader.)

  3. Scott E

    Always an awesome time with the Giveaways Ray – Thanks to you and the sponsor for the effort!

    Note: ” By far the biggest single-item giveaway ever around these parts! ”

    Probably could double the number of entrants with a “Cupcakey” giveaway – just saying :-)

  4. SZ

    What was the Leader doing when he stood up for a bit in transition? I don’t have triathlon experience so I’m missing something here…

  5. Dennis J

    Congrats to Matt! And Thank You Ray for all your effort…

  6. I think that was Chris Lieto a while back, and he was peeing while riding.


    Lucky! congrats guy!!

  8. Larry Brown "bromasi"

    I lost again waaaaaaaaaaaa!

  9. Drew

    The 0-fer streak continues! Congrats Matt!

  10. jm1

    Someone mentioned this already: What do you think about a new partnership with somebody with office in EU?

    Approx. 40% of your readers (source: ANTSy pDCR 2014.pdf ;-) ) have problems with Clever Training generated by custom officers…

    • ASR1927

      I agree. Go with Wiggle.co.uk!

    • Thanks JM1-

      I’m already in process with a European partner, it’s merely working through some complex paperwork pieces and approvals. Hang tight!

      (Also, many Euro readers do order from CT, and most do end up saving a bit – though it does depend heavily on your local customs rates)

  11. Bora

    Fully support jm1’s comment there. For most of the folks residing in EU; Clever Training takes a lot of time & it ends up eating all the benefits of 10% by paying the customs.
    An EU partner will be a great thing.

  12. Bora

    And congrats Matt R!

  13. Matt B

    Just one letter (and 2700 posts) away! Congratulations to Matt R, and thankyou to Ray and CT for the giveaway!

    My wife, brother-in-law and I watched quite a lot of the live feed over the weekend – it was awesome watching Carfrae reeling everyone in from so far back. I’m just a little scared that Kona is the only thing that will keep my wife up until the wee small hours…. I can see where this is heading!

  14. maxbre

    Ciao Ray,
    Good to have a retailer here in Europe to “thank-you” for your work…

  15. Anthony Anicete


    Garmin hrm run vs wahoo tickr x? Pros and cons?

  16. flarunner

    Congrats Matt R! Thanks to Ray and Clever Training for the give away!

  17. Ray D

    Congrats Matt R. and thanks Ray& Clevery Training for doing these give aways!

  18. Scott

    Alas, I didn’t win the bonus Kona entry either… I guess there’s always next time… Congrats to Matt R.

  19. poutyrunner

    I never win *runs away crying*.

    I mean, congrats Matt R. And many thanks to Ray and Clever Training for making my loss possible *still pouting*.

  20. Magnus

    Congrats to the lucky winner and a big thank you for the chance to win.

  21. Eric

    Congrats Matt! Enjoy it.

  22. Santhosh K

    One day..on a giveaway day..I’m gonna have random.org hacked. I’ll hire anonymous if that’s what it takes.

  23. Andrea

    Congrats, Matt! And thanks to Ray and CT for the chance to enter. It was a blast reading through the comments :)

  24. Robert

    Congrats, Matt! And Ray, keep up the good work, fun to read, good to know, well to choose!

  25. Jal

    Congrats Matt !

  26. Matt R

    Thanks Ray for the giveaway and the website. Out here in the mountains of Tn your posts are a taste of civilization! I have a 910xt and love it, and am leaning toward the upgrade to the 920. But we do some hiking so I wonder how helpful the map function would be on the Fenix?

  27. Josh

    Ray, I was able to hold a 920 after the race in Kona (unfortunately the Garmin folks had already headed home from their spot at the expo) and it is definitely a cool piece of equipment. Watching this amazing race now has me ready to learn to swim and bike, the running part I have down. Thanks for all you do, and for in part providing some of the inspiration for my journey.

  28. Guillaume

    What are the differences btw fenix 2 et 920xt ? Actualité ut looks Like the fenix 2 hase the same functions and add others like skiing, hiking, trail etc and the 920xt has a better connectivity but less activites possible. What about this ?
    Thanks for all these informations.

  29. Mark A.

    Any word on a release date for the 920?

    • It’s been released (a few days after announcement). It’s slowly shipping out, just in very limited quantities. You’ll find a few at some major running/tri events (Ironman Kona, Army 10-Miler, etc…). With the majority of shipments supposedly planned for the next 2-3 weeks.

  30. Also a Matt R

    So, I am on the train commuting to work right now. I just scrolled down on the post and before I read the actual winning post all I saw was “Matt R” and embarrassingly jumped out of my seat and yelled oh my god! The train is packed and people are still staring. I think I might change train cars now. Darn you other “Matt R”.