A short update from the land of palm trees

After weeks (heck, over a month) of crazy work related hours and stuffs, I’ve finally got a week to relax.  And relax I shall.


Well, mostly relax.  I took with me a huge pile of goods that all arrived in the last week to test out.  Or at least, products that bubbled to the surface to test out this week.


I’m down here near Sarasota, Florida for about 8 days enjoying all the relaxation the beach has to offer.  I brought my bike down, which successfully navigated its way onboard the correct plane this time (unlike last week to Alcatraz).


And, the Garmin GTU agreed:


On the charts this week include a wide variety of things.  I’ve got the hot-off-the-presses Cerevellum Hindsight kit, which enables you to monitor traffic coming up on you from behind (or, just for watching the peloton about to crush ya).  Plus, it includes the usual bike computer goodness, as well as the ability for app modules to be added.  I’m interested to see if this helps push the industry forward as far as an app-like model for bike head units.


Then I’ve got the O-Synce Screeneye X, which I showed off last fall.  The unit allows you to see your ANT+ sensor data displayed up on the brim of the visor, like a heads up display.  The product has made it to production and I’ve got one of the first units, direct shipped from the factory in Asia to my doorstep.


After which, I’ll be testing out the Motorola quick-release ANT+ speed/cadence sensor.  Since this is nearly identical in form to the ANT+ Bontrager one, and the Wahoo BlueSC I reviewed two weeks ago (though that’s Bluetooth Smart), I’m pretty much guessing it’ll be an easy review.  I simply picked this one up myself, purely to ensure I could recommend it if asked.


Tied into all this I’ll be ensuring the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate strap works as advertised.  I’ll be trying it out with the handful of apps and devices that support it.


And finally, simply because I can, I’ll be trying out the new fangled GoPro Wireless remote and WiFi trigger system, which just came out last week.  It allows you to setup up to 50 GoPro cameras and remotely control them – up to about 800ft away.  I had pre-ordered this approximately 9 years ago, and it finally released over the past week or so.  I’m honestly not yet sure what I’m going to use it for…but I’ll find a creative way to incorporate it into something (suggestions?).  I don’t really plan to write a review on this, but rather just use it here and there like I usually do with all my photographic stuff.


And of course, I’ll be looking to get the required shots and data I need to wrap up the Magellan Switch review (having access to beach a hundred yards away to be able to simulate swim/bike/run bricks makes this much easier), the FINIS Hydrotracker (something I should have just written the review on this past winter after I had the device in Bora Bora), and perhaps just maybe I’ll get around to the Garmin GTU10 review.  Maybe.  And of course, there’s the Polar/Look Power System pedals.  Busy bee!

So with that, hope everyone has a great week ahead.  In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the sand and sun!


Thanks for reading!


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  1. Looking forward to reading your reviews. Just a suggestion for future text – when you mention included software with products, I’d be interested to hear if there’s a Mac version as well as PC/Windows.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Just left Sarasota a few days ago. The weather was wonderful!

    Looking forward to all the reviews, especially the Gopro and screen eye X

  3. Bill

    Power2Max review?

  4. Shortly. It’s been a bit longer Saga than I hoped for. Not really the fault of me or them, just bad luck.

    I went to do the first tests in late May, got everything uninstalled from my bike, and then found that the BB kit sent over didn’t match the one on my bike. I went ahead and ordered a new BB for my bike (Cervelo). Given my travel schedule, the next opportunity for install was just post-Alcatraz (last Monday).

    Monday we went to install it and got everything set, but as attaching the non-drive side crank arm we noticed the screw was broken/non-movable. Not sure where the fault lies here, but it wasn’t working. They’re sending out a new crankarm – which in theory arrives today (a day late). Assuming the arm is there, it’s on the schedule to install next Monday night when I get back to DC.

    Trust me, I want it there too!

  5. Garmin GTU10 review, please.

    I’d like to know if it’s useful for something other than tracking luggage?

    Thanks, dude.

  6. Enjoy your time here in FL. I have enjoyed your reviews. Still trying to decide on a GPS enabled watch.

  7. Really look forward to the Switch Up review. I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it delivers what was promised. If catch any wind of a possible ship date, that would help, since they have passed the Spring announced ship date.

  8. Anonymous

    Is the GTU approved to be used during flight?

  9. Martin

    Consumer Reports recommends the No-Ad SPF 30.

  10. Suggestion for Go Pro Remote. If the signal is strong enough to go thru a few inches of water it would make the Go Pro a great tool for swim coaches and masters teams.

  11. Derek, Magellan tweeted the other day that they’re targeting early July for the Switch release. I could imagine one of these being my next GPS – also looking forward to Ray’s review!

  12. GT

    Ray direct a GPS to Yoder’s Amish restaurant while your in Sarasota…pies to die for…food is wonderful and so is their fruit and veggie market but if you go you will need alot of riding to make up for their peanut butter pie!

  13. Peanut butter pie! Nom!

  14. Anonymous

    …So u had electronic equipment activated while during take off?

    …Rather a gross violation of FAA regulations and Homeland Security Airplane Passenger Rules, isn’t it?

  15. The Screaming Geckos Ultra Running Relay Team will keep a new and close eye on this blog. We’re adding 2-wheelin’ adventures to our vita! Cool stuff goin’ on here… Mama (gecko)

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great reviews – I won’t buy a sports gps untill I have read your reviews, and am really looking forward to the Switch data.

    But, is there any way to add a section on display quality? Screen glare, poor contrast, hard to read fonts, and small display/font sizes are big issues to me. I don’t use tri bars, and need to see the device at 24-36″

    Thanks for the consideration!

  17. I was wondering if the Polar H7 will work with the Motoactv? I was wondering if you have any feed back in regards to it?


    Doug R.

  18. Anonymous


    Are your still planing to review the Polar H7? I’am wating ;)

  19. Yup, still working on it – in the queue with others. Been using it on and off.

  20. The current Motoactv firmware does not work correctly with the Polar H7. The monitor pairs fine but workouts are immediately terminated upon pressing start. Very frustrating as I’ve been told previous firmware versions have worked. Also, Motorola doesn’t seem too concerned with fixing.

  21. Funny, I thought it might have just been my Motoactv that it was doing that with…good to know it’s not just me. :(