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The Interbike 2012 Sports Tech Golden Nuggets (with Polar, Garmin, Timex, TrainingPeaks, Metawatch and more…)

There’s a ton of stuff I see each or hear while at Interbike that never makes it to a full scale post.  This year, that’s even more so true with most of the major companies holding back from releasing new … Read More Here

Two quick items of note: Looking for a good vertical bike stand, and Motoactv slashes price $100

Before we get onto the new Alpha watch post here in a few hours, I’ve got two quick items worthy of a separate call out. First item of note: First is that I’ve (well, we’ve) decided we need a vertical … Read More Here

A short update from the land of palm trees

After weeks (heck, over a month) of crazy work related hours and stuffs, I’ve finally got a week to relax.  And relax I shall. Well, mostly relax.  I took with me a huge pile of goods that all arrived in … Read More Here

Test of the weekend: Battle of the fitness/step monitors

Bonjour! This weekend is more than just two days, for me, I’m making it a four-day affair.  I’m over in Paris for some work related stuff on Friday and Monday, so I decided that given I’ll be doing a ton … Read More Here

Motorola MOTOACTV In Depth Review

(Please Note: This product has been discontinued by Motorola Mobility, which is now owned by Google.) As I noted two days ago, the Motorola Motoactv has completely and totally changed the face of sports watches…literally overnight.  Upon its initial release … Read More Here

The Weekend: Motorola MOTOACTV, Zeo Mobile, Jawbone Up, long battery tests

I didn’t exactly plan on having as many different gadgets arrive this weekend as occurred – it just sorta happened.  But holy cow – there’s some really cool stuff in here!  Like increda-cool. I can’t wait to get full in … Read More Here