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Initial thoughts on Garmin VIRB sports camera with ANT+ connectivity

My Full In-Depth Review of the VIRB and VIRB Elite has been published! Check it out here! On Tuesday Garmin announced their entry into the sports action camera market – a market currently dominated by GoPro, with a slew of … Read More Here

A short update from the land of palm trees

After weeks (heck, over a month) of crazy work related hours and stuffs, I’ve finally got a week to relax.  And relax I shall. Well, mostly relax.  I took with me a huge pile of goods that all arrived in … Read More Here

The Escape from Alcatraz GoPro Bike Course video in less than 4 minutes

As I noted in my Escape from Alcatraz Race Report on Monday, I had the GoPro camera clipped on my aerobars for the bike portion of the event.  Unfortunately, between the plane flight back and limited battery, I couldn’t quite … Read More Here

Riding along in a fog

Before we get to my foggy ride, we’ll start with my trail run.  Coach and I made a last second change of venue to Prince William Forest National Park, instead of Fountainhead.  The reason was that he came up with … Read More Here

Lions, Tigers and (more) Gadgets…oh my!

This weekend was (and still is, three-day weekend after all!) packed!  Been busy doing lots of stuff.  First up on Saturday morning was a 10K race, one that was actually held on my very own street.  Crazy! But I’m gonna … Read More Here

CES 2012 Health and Fitness Gadget Roundup: Part II

We left off last week checking out a slew of cool things, so if you missed that pile of gadget awesomeness – definitely swing back and check it out. Without further ado – let’s get into it! First up is … Read More Here

2011 DC Tri Race Report –3rd Overall!

Prior to the race, many folks asked how I thought the race might go – and my only answer was to sum it up simply as a ‘Hail Mary’ of sorts. The last week has been far from ideal as … Read More Here

Analyzing your swim technique in the pool with the GoPro HD

As part of my never ending quest to improve my swim from not-so-great to ‘better’, I’ve been recently playing around with the waterproof GoPro HD camera in the pool.  This allows me to record video of my swimming (as well … Read More Here

Enjoying a weekend back in the country

I finally got to enjoy a weekend of Washington DC focused training…and it was great!  Beyond that there was of course much cooking around the house – though none of which I was doing, but rather, The Girl was busy … Read More Here

Week in Review–February 13th, 2011

I’ve long since wondered what to do with all the random tidbits of things I collect each week – or the little thoughts that don’t quite make for a full post.  But I finally came up with a solution: The … Read More Here

Cycling around South Africa

If you’ve never been to Africa, you probably have a specific representation of what the continent looks like.  In your mind, it probably looks a lot like many of my past posts – usually out in the bush, in places … Read More Here

Checking out the EZ-Trainer iPad ANT+ App

With the introduction of the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Dongle last year, there’s been a flood of iPhone apps that have supported adding ANT+ data (Heart Rate, Power, Speed, Cadence, Weight Scales, etc…).  Everything from small apps you’ve never heard of, … Read More Here