The Escape from Alcatraz GoPro Bike Course video in less than 4 minutes

As I noted in my Escape from Alcatraz Race Report on Monday, I had the GoPro camera clipped on my aerobars for the bike portion of the event.  Unfortunately, between the plane flight back and limited battery, I couldn’t quite get the video done in time to post for Monday.  But, after winning the battle with my laptop (working with 50+ minutes of 1080p HD video is not for the timid), I’ve finally got the files combined and re-condensed down into less than 4 minutes.

Yup, the full 18 miles of Escape from Alcatraz glory in almost to the second the time it took for the current record holder to blister out a mile on the track (3:43).

So – let’s get right into it!  Enjoy!

Escape from Alcatraz

For those that are curious, I usually mount the GoPro HD2 just below my aerobars, fairly close to the end of the bars to minimize getting the wheel in the shot.

And finally, I feel like it would be of disservice to not post a specific photo that The Girl captured on Sunday morning at the swim exit during the race.  This particular photo shows what happens when you get just a bit too far downstream during the 1.5 mile swim crossing from Alcatraz Island:


What?  You can’t see what’s wrong?  Here, I’ll help out:


The poor guy was one of a few athletes that she noticed trying to work their way back on the rocky barrier to T1.  Sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose.

With that, enjoy the rest of your day – and remember, the giveaway extravaganza event starts at midnight eastern Friday morning!


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  1. If only we could all ride that fast.

  2. Serious passing going on in that video – great work!

    As for “that guy”, I was in his place as well; for anyone else reading this planning to do Alcatraz 2013 (or whenever) who’s not a great swimmer, I will say that once you overshoot by a little its a complete waste of time to try to claw your way back against the current. Go ahead and swim to shore then pick your way along the rocks. Its slow going, but far faster than doing it in the water against that tide.

  3. Just to add to @Richard, don’t bother clawing along the rocks, there is a path right behind there. So, climb over the rocks, and run back down the path towards T1. It’s totally legal, and you’ll be in a lot better shape than those trying to work their way back along the beach.

  4. Did the Contour 1080p not work out for you?

  5. Dude, you’re a stud. You got passed, like, once, and the people you passed looked like they were standing still!

  6. Hey, that’s me at 2:58 in the prisoner outfit handing out Cytomax!

  7. Arnaud

    Very Cool! Is there a longer version, it goes so fast it is hard to really appreciate the course.

  8. Jake

    Are you doing these videos for a project or just for fun/personal reasons? I know the upcoming virtual training software from saris/cycleops for use with their power beam pro lets users upload gps courses with video. I hope your videos are for an in depth review of that software because I am waiting for reviews before deciding between the powerbeam and the computrainer.

  9. Ray, what brand mount do you use for the GoPro?

  10. Mark J. in Dallas

    Damn dude how many people did you pass? Looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

  11. Appreciate all the work you do! Enjoy your product reviews and following your races.

  12. Haha, better than strobe lighting. Excellent riding, great photography.

  13. Can we get the 8 min version;-)

  14. Thanks all!

    Shaun- Funny, I thought about making it longer since I did four minutes for a sprint before and that was about right. But at 8 minutes, it’s a bit more boring. :(

    Jake- Mostly for fun, though, I do have it in mind to find a way to publish these in conjunction with a few different products that do as you describe (Kinomap, CycleOps trainer, etc…). Haven’t figurd out the logistcs yet of publishing 8GB of HD files (without costing me a massive bucketload) – but it’s on my radar for certain.

    Fitknight- Just the generic GoPro bike handlebar mount. I hear there’s a few bike companies that make fancy ones, but I’m an unfancy kinda guy.

    Thanks all!

  15. You gained 374 spots in a sub 60 minute bike ride!

  16. BarneyCoopersmith

    Great video. Any chance you can upload the full (i.e. real-time) video of the bike course? I’m doing Escape from Alcatraz in a few months but won’t get a chance to do a preview ride of the course beforehand. I’d really like to identify some of the potential dangerous curves and other nuances ahead of time if possible.

  17. BarneyCoopersmith

    Great video! Any chance you can upload the full , i.e. real-time, video of the bike course? I’m doing Escape from Alcatraz in a few months but won’t get a chance to do a preview ride of the course beforehand. I’d really like to identify some of the potential dangerous curves and other nuances ahead of time if possible.