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The Escape from Alcatraz GoPro Bike Course video in less than 4 minutes

As I noted in my Escape from Alcatraz Race Report on Monday, I had the GoPro camera clipped on my aerobars for the bike portion of the event.  Unfortunately, between the plane flight back and limited battery, I couldn’t quite … Read More Here

2012 Escape from Alcatraz Race Report

There are just a handful of triathlon events out there that seem to make nearly every triathlete’s bucket list.  This past winter when I heard of the opportunity to qualify for the Escape from Alcatraz event via a local yet … Read More Here

Off to Alcatraz…or rather, off to Escape from Alcatraz!

I’m just about ready to head out to San Francisco, I’ve got my bike all packed up in its case and have the rest of my gear (mostly) packed. As you may remember, here’s my long-form packing list for triathlons, … Read More Here