Giveaway Extravaganza: Timex Global Trainer


The Timex Global Trainer will easily track you across any sport (or medieval battlefield).  Which is exactly what Mythbusters did last summer.  They combined the unit with knights in shinning armor last summer to measure distance and speed/pace.  How much more manly awesome can you get?  Ok, good point, they could of added a chainsaw and explosions.  But with the 4th of July just around the corner you could re-enact their test and add those two last items yourself.  Sound good?

Giveaway Closes: 11:59PM Eastern (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Timex Global Trainer

Product Source: Me (new, unused)

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above. Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


  1. can u say no life

  2. Glad the blog held up with what I assume was a hug influx of traffic today.

  3. I’m in for it. Btw, thanks Ray

  4. Thanks again Ray!

  5. I love the Mythbusters reference!

  6. Last chance! Thanks for the fun day, Mr Maker!

  7. Count me in. Thanks!

  8. Best one yet. Awesome!

  9. Neither the first, nor the last…

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  11. I would love it!!!

  12. I would love to get that !

  13. Great reviews – thanks

  14. Me want, please!!!

  15. Boston Julie N

    Last chance!!!

  16. oh. oh. me sir. please. (waving hand around)

  17. Loved the fun day of prize games. Thanks for all of your hard work researching for us.

  18. Another great gift !

  19. Hello,

    Nice watch!

  20. 8 for 8! Managed to enter all 8

  21. You’ve got to love Mythbusters.

  22. Alex Tinniswood

    last giveaway! Thanks!

  23. Anonymous


  24. Craig Huggart. In on this one.

  25. Fingers crosse and thx!

  26. Last one of the day for me…thanks ray

  27. Of all the days to be busy at work. At least I can put my name in on the last one!

  28. Toss my name in the hat please. (and hopefully pull it out, lol)

  29. This one looks interesting too.

  30. Some melted cheese, a little tasbasco, on sour dough. Go well with timex global trainer?

  31. Wal-E

    I gotta stop drinking as I don’t think I can make it till midnight.

  32. I certainly have to have this…

  33. That’ll do nicely!

  34. Taking a licking and I keep on entering.

  35. I won’t be late for this one…

  36. hook me up 😉

  37. I am feeling it this time.

  38. Daniela

    thank you!

  39. one more ticket in the hat

  40. Please please please

  41. Evy

    Thanks Ray!

  42. Where are the results of the giveaways posted?

  43. This is the best of the lot!

  44. Only four people were first this time…

  45. Amber S.


  46. i’m never gonna be first…

  47. it’s HUGE- but it could be a really fun toy. With a support structure, I could mount it on my Humvee

  48. One more try for the global trainer
    Thanks for your posts

  49. I wouldn’t turn it down

  50. Jacques Cuneo


  51. Anonymous

    Pick me!

  52. Thanks again, Ray!

  53. Early fish

    Sweet piece of machinery.

  54. Hello, nice Timex!

  55. Ooooooooooh… pick me, pick me.
    I mean randomize me, randomize me…

  56. BigOrange

    Looks awesome

  57. I’m in x 7 🙂

  58. 2 Am in Portugal and I’m still here.

  59. trying again.


  60. Scott C, Waukesha WI

    Thanks for the chance to win this

  61. Anonymous

    thanks ray!
    Clinton from mooresville, NC

  62. a

    Count me in!

  63. Um… hi. 🙂

  64. I’ve only missed one post today. Pick me!

  65. Phil in oz

    Hi. Yes please!
    philipajjones at hotmail dot com

  66. My Timex Run Trainer needs a partner!

  67. Great watch! Hope to win one.

  68. In case I don’t get the 910xt.

  69. Yo quiero, yo quiero!! This is fun! Thanks for this fun day, and for your blog. It’s tops on my RSS feed.

  70. Definitely not the first…. 🙂

  71. thanks for give away day

  72. Looking to steal 3rd!! Si?

  73. Jolie Marie

    It looks like this may be the last giveaway! Thanks for doing all the giveaways! I Hope I WIN something!!!

  74. One more!! I’m in!

  75. Anonymous

    This looks good too!

    but omit xxx’s

  76. Y

    Count me in!

  77. Still looking to replace that aging Garmin 305

  78. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks.

  79. I’ll take it. Thanks.

  80. winner winner chicken dinner

  81. please please please

  82. Thanks for the hook ups Ray.

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  84. Natalie cudney

    Luv this!

  85. ive been on here all day, probably like everyone else. wish i could win something

  86. What a great day!

  87. save best for last, thanks Ray!

  88. Andrew F

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for all you do.

  89. Hook me up please

  90. Hopefully I’ll win instead of my husband

  91. I’ve been looking for one. Thanks for the chance

  92. awesome! i could totally use this.

  93. Here we go again!

  94. Fingers crossed!

  95. Word is the cupcake giveaway extravaganza begins at midnight.

  96. Medieval triathlons? I’m in!

  97. My Mythbusters-obsessed 7-year-old would love to reenact that episode! And I’d be happy to use it the rest of the time. 🙂

  98. ABrennen

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

  99. Jiminy Cricket

    Love to have it!

  100. This is the best day ever.

  101. Love to try this watch

  102. Hey hey hey…Ray Ray Ray

  103. JDB

    Sign me up!

  104. Looks awesome!

  105. Trying again! Appreciate all the in depth reviews!

  106. Pick Me!!! Thanks again!

  107. For me? Thanks!

  108. this will be mine!!! Thanks Ray!

  109. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: yes please!

  110. I like dump trucks and farts.

  111. Hi DC rain maker! Rain this prize down on me!

  112. Mary

    I need this!!!

  113. Major upgrade from my original Ironman!

  114. Thank you for your generosity today.

  115. Ironman branding! How could I pass this up? Slept through the last one 😉

  116. Thanks for the day of giveaways.

  117. This would be an awesome early birthday gift to me. Thanks for all the great reviews.

  118. This would be good. Good indeed.

  119. I’ll have another.

  120. I guess this watch has been sitting there a long time now(unless I misread the review)

  121. This would look awesome in my mailbox!


  122. Hope the randomness hits me…

  123. I want to be a time traveler with Times

  124. Elive

    I’m in!

  125. I’ll take it!

  126. Hey Ray,

    Thanks for doing this! I hope I win!


  127. Working on improving my odds. I’ll probably end up with a 6 day-old cupcake from The Girl. Worth a shot, though.

  128. I’m in….this is great!



  130. Also very cool!

  131. Would gift this one, grudgingly.

  132. I’d love to win it!

  133. Pick me, pick me!

  134. So much extravaganza Ray!

  135. Wow this one very cool thanks ray 🙂

  136. And the party goes on!

  137. If I win the prize you will not need to ship it to me, I live just right around the corner. Thanks

  138. Mike vitale

    Yes please

  139. last one – hope it’s a winner

  140. I hope it’s me!

  141. This would look so good on my wrist.

  142. What a fun day following your blog to see what is next. I am curious to know how many visitors you had today.

  143. Global did you say?

  144. Yes, please!

    Vitamin G

  145. thanks for all that all you do – just discovered this site this week!

  146. I missed the giveaway that I really wanted, but this will do nicely!

  147. Fingers are crossed!!!

  148. It’s huge, but who doesn’t love a huge….. giveaway! 🙂

  149. Anonymous

    Thanks ray.
    You da. Man


  150. Let’s try…

  151. 267th – back of the pack again!

  152. just wanted to say thank you to Ray for doing this. You didnt have to, but this is why we all come back to your blog every day.

  153. Yes, I want it! And your blog is awesome! Thanks.


    Please? Can I win *something*?

  155. I am a hammerhead

  156. I’d love to try this one too…

  157. Anonymous


  158. It is plausible I want this watch. Ok Ok, its confirmed. Dont make me bust you uo.

  159. Thanks for the great blog and opportunity!

  160. Hello! Thank Ray

  161. I need that tank! Hello from Singapore.

  162. Sign me up! My 305 is beginning to show its age.

  163. Anonymous

    Im in for hubby…

  164. I need that tank! Hello from Singapore

    Kokoy B.

  165. Sorry guys, I got it…

  166. Sorry guys, got this one… Tks Ray

  167. How sweet it would be … thanks

  168. My sense of humor is more refined

  169. I’m not first but I’ll give it a shot.

  170. I appreciate your generosity!

  171. I missed the whole day. Sadness.

  172. I’d love to have it. Thank you.

  173. It would be incredible if this were mine.

  174. one more time, for luck…

  175. Andy Wood

    I’m in!

  176. hey Ray…
    I’m in.

  177. Thank you for the great day

  178. I’ll take it off your hands.

  179. Anonymous

    A Cuban in Europe… want it

  180. In it to win it.

  181. bun b

    Thank you!

  182. Francesca

    Count me in!

  183. Timex for life 🙂

  184. yum yum, lapping it up!!

  185. Martin Weir

    My first GPS!

  186. Not as BA as the RCX5, but I’ll take it.

  187. Oh! Pick me! Pick me!

  188. Ben T

    Thank you.

  189. Awesome, something else to keep me motivated!

  190. Hello. Brian in Little Rock.

  191. Martin Weir

    My first GPS!

  192. Matt Morenzoni


  193. Count me in please.

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  195. Would love one!

  196. Please, please, please!!!

  197. I’m in ….

  198. Let’s do it again tomorrow,

  199. Count me in please

  200. chrisseg at msft

    Me too!

  201. Last but most certainly not least.

  202. Thanks again for the great giveaways!

  203. Anonymous

    My first GPS!

  204. Grand finale. Thanks Ray!

  205. Whoo! Almost forgot while making dinner for the kids!

  206. I’m in! Would love to have it to replace the watch that just but the dust.

  207. D

    Your generosity is impressive – both with your time and your things!

  208. I’ll have a go at this one too.

  209. Great Way to test for loads

  210. Brian Sauerhage



  212. Jamie

    Not first, but not last either.

  213. Count me it, Thanks!

  214. I think I signed my name wrong in the last… just want to make sure im IN!!!

  215. Dying to try one of these.

  216. Guillermo

    Pick me again…

  217. Et hop ça repart!

  218. chris

    Ray, you rock!

  219. 411…lucky number

  220. Still in London and still raining. Yes it is 3.30 am.

  221. Wow, I’m just seeing all these. A lot of nice toys going out.

  222. I’ve been at it all day, I’m not giving up now.

  223. sign me up for a chance please and thank you!!!

  224. You shouldn’t have.

  225. pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me

  226. Trying again. Thanks.

  227. Looks like a great watch

  228. fragile stick car

  229. Sorry the Nats lost tonight, but you’re the best, Ray.

  230. I think my wrist is big enough foe this watch.

  231. Transporter

    Can’t wait to give it a try!
    Please remove xxx for real address.

  232. Pick me! Thanks Ray!

  233. TriMike

    Looks good! Love one!

  234. Sorry the Nats lost tonight, but you’re the best, Ray.

  235. Last giveaway of the day = good luck for me?

  236. Thanks again for your efforts with this site!

  237. this will go great with my swatch watch

  238. Okay you twisted my arm. I’ll take it.

  239. This will make my husband happy.

  240. Anonymous

    Me please. Cheers from
    rkl_chan AT hotmAiL DOT c0m

  241. Love one, Please!!!!

  242. Jw smith

    Great Blog, lots of hard work for sure!

  243. Thanks for opportunity! It would be awesome to have one of these.

  244. Dunhill Deodores


  245. Thanks for the great giveaday!!! DCR

  246. I’ll take it! Thx

  247. Thanks DCR for the great giveAday!!!

  248. Please sign me up Ray.

  249. Sounds cool, count me in!

  250. thanks for all the great games today.


  251. this is a good one

  252. I can’t prove I’m not a robot.

  253. I need one of these to be more manly!

  254. Extravaganza Extravaganza Extravaganza Extravaganza Extravaganza !! I love that word.

  255. One last item, one last try. Anyways, thanks for all the reviews!

  256. deal me in my friend thx!

  257. in the run..for the last one..

  258. I’m in for the last one one!

  259. Grant Ironside

    I hope I am not too late,,,

  260. Thanks for the giveaways, Ray!

  261. Please pick me. Smile

  262. Sorry the Nats lost tonight, but you’re the best, Ray.

  263. This has been great fun. Thanks for all the giveaways.

  264. Thanks for a fun day.

  265. Pick me, pick me……

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  267. Resipsa99


  268. Pick me, pick me….

  269. this would be great! thanks ray.

  270. they just keep coming
    yes please

  271. awesome ray – thank you!

  272. I would be happy to be chosen.

  273. Kevin V


  274. Send it to me!

  275. Tyler Glaze


  276. Fingers crossed.

  277. Hi, thanks. I don’t think my first entry worked.

  278. Nathan

    Count me in,
    Nathan in Germany

  279. Thanks for the chance Ray!

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  281. Anonymous

    oboy another watch

  282. This would help out after losing my Garmin 305 at my last triathlon!

  283. David w.


  284. David Wright

    Good luck everyone!

  285. I ll take one, please.

  286. Thanks Ray, another great bit of gear

  287. 549th Comment…. I WIN!

    Very Excited for the Timex Global Trainer


  288. Awesome giveaway!
    -Megan Tannahill in San Antonio, TX

  289. Last call! 🙂

  290. Yes!!!! Please!

  291. Aww, how sweet! You shouldn’t have!

  292. I’ll try my luck with this one!

  293. Just in time… Give it to me !

  294. Pease. Pick me

  295. I love Adan & Jamie!

  296. It would be nice to win one of these.

  297. Andy P

    Yes please

  298. Count me in–thanks!

  299. Love Myth Busters.

  300. Harr-i

    You just go on! Keep up the good works

    Grtz Harr-i

  301. Not sure my first try worked

  302. Andy p

    Yes please

  303. I know I’ll win of these draws!

  304. Would love it!!!!!

  305. Another great giveaway…

  306. Good luck, everyone!

  307. I’m in. Thanks Ray!

  308. Oh how awesome… yes please!!!

  309. This is great!

  310. I love things!

  311. Thanks for the chance to win cool stuff. Keep up the awesome reviews!

  312. Alright, I’ll take it. Thanks!

  313. Mark J. in Dallas

    I’ll be glad to take this off your hands Ray. Thanks.

  314. woo hoo… the endless toy box… yes please.

  315. Anonymous

    Run in the snow Jim

  316. Anonymous



    doron from tel aviv

  317. I never win anything 🙁

  318. Global trainer for a Globo Gym!

  319. Anonymous

    This is run in the snow Jim

  320. Nice! I can haz timex?

  321. Pick Me!!! A miiii yoooooo

  322. Thanks for the opportunity!

  323. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  324. Also pretty sweet!

  325. Will K

    In it to win it.

  326. I am running out of comments to leave other than I want all of these!

  327. Awesome! Cheers!

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  328. Last try. In for this one too!

  329. Random pick me! Random pick me!

  330. OK gotta give it another shot.

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  332. Early Christmas present?!

  333. what a bad time to have a late day at work without a phone.

  334. I have always wanted one of these!

  335. I think that watch is what I need to be tough enough!

  336. woooo! Please enter me!!

  337. in italy it’s nearly 6 am! 😉

  338. you are just awesome…

  339. Oui, si vous plais!

  340. Pick me! Pick me!

  341. Thanks for the contests!

  342. Thanks for the day full of goodies!

  343. First attempt at a win.

  344. Im in for this one

  345. good luck everyone 🙂

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    I am in, hope I win 🙂

  347. This could be an interesting addition.

  348. And here we go!!!

  349. Im in! Nice blog 😉

  350. Woot, and I even do reneactments!

  351. Third times a charm?

  352. sergio

    would be nice 🙂