Giveaway Extravaganza Twofer: Polar RCX3’s


Yup, for this giveaway I’m giving away two separate units out to two winners.  One white edition, one black edition.  Twofer!!!

The Polar RCX3 is Polar’s latest slimmed down triathlon and running watch that doesn’t attract much unneeded attention with its small size. So small in fact that I’m reasonably certain my wife will be somewhat upset when she sees the white one up there on the giveaway block.  I think she thought/believed it was going to be hers.  Her bad, your win!

Giveaway Closes: 11:00AM Eastern (Duration: 3 Hours + 2 because of comment issues)

My In-Depth Product Review: Polar RCX3

Product Source: Polar, used in product review (both look new, with new batteries)

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above. Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


  1. I’m in x 2 :)

  2. Transporter

    Can’t wait to give it a try!
    Please remove xxx for real address.

  3. nice to be at the top!!!

  4. Please let it be me! :-)

  5. Good morning! *yawn*

  6. Awesome! I’ll throw my hat in the ring, these look nifty!

  7. mo

    You’re like the tooth fairy extraordinaire !

  8. Polar watches, sweet!

  9. I’d like two!

  10. Ian

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  11. Hoping to win one of them.
    Hopefullly black, but I won’t be picky :P

  12. Ups, I made it just in time

  13. The ant’s go marching two by two Hurrahh! Hurrah!

  14. Good Afternoon from Italy :)

  15. Yeah it is working

  16. Greetings form Poland DC (again) :)

  17. Ian

    I want one of these sooooo bad!!! PICK ME me me!! hehe

    UK, Kettering

  18. Hi. I’d love one of these

  19. Pick me! Pick me!

  20. I want the white one for my wife!! :)

  21. Love the compact size!

  22. Thanks for all the work, this is my favorite running blog.

  23. I’ll enter, hope you don’t get in too much trouble with your wife.

  24. One of the best looking sport watches

  25. let’s go!! I’m in!!

  26. I’m in
    Andrew Howard

  27. black one here! Great Job Ray

  28. I’m here, I’ll try to win this one. thanks for this runstravaganza!

  29. Len

    Wish i could give one to my other half :)

  30. Count me in…

  31. Iiiiieh…one for me and one for the wife

  32. TriMike

    It would be awesome, my otherstuff is polar, so would fit in nicely.

  33. JP

    fixed the comments just in time!

  34. slowman

    His and hers. Nice!

  35. Good morning.

  36. Phew, got mine in. Thanks

  37. Martijn KvdM


    I’m in for the Black RCX3 !

  38. Wouldn’t mind another Polar.

  39. what a great thing you are doing.

  40. Anonymous

    pick me! pick me! pick me! :)

    caitlindare *at*

  41. Looking forward to running with this

  42. It looks like there was a bug…

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  44. Love this Site Ray!

  45. Can’t wait to give it a try

  46. Željko

    Ha, ha, ha…

  47. Surely I am in!

  48. 2 watches for the price of none. Cant beat that. Hopefully, I’ll win.

  49. DC Rainmaker working towards becoming a minimalist every 3 hrs (+2 :) )… :)

  50. cmitchd

    oh pick me

  51. In on this too!

  52. I want one please.

  53. G.

    ole! finally able to comment :)

  54. DSK

    One for my wife, one for me!

  55. Would love to have this for Ironman training!

  56. I should have got up earlier.

  57. Here I am, buddy!

  58. Thanks again for such a nice blog and congrats for your excellent time (especially with a sprained ankle) at Escape from Alcatraz!

  59. Tim

    I’m normally a garmin guy, but I’ll try a Polar if it’s FREE! :)

  60. KDG

    would be nice for training with my girl/wife

  61. I’ll take the black one, please!

  62. Come on for the win!

  63. BigOrange

    Definitely have my eye on that black one!

  64. Hi Ray,
    I’m in. My wife would love one.


  65. Anonymous

    Nice, commenting is back up!

    I’m at awcraigslistad@gmail dot com

  66. Oh yeah, back up and commenting!

  67. Appreciate your hard work Ray. Thanks

  68. Would love one of these watches for my wife.

  69. Awesome device!!

  70. Your whip so cold,
    this old thing?

  71. AW9

    His and hers for me and the missus would look good :)

  72. Would be useful for me and my wife

  73. It’s open again! \o/

  74. Nice that the comments work again

  75. Orbitbuster

    Ray’s the man, the man!

  76. Pretty please =)

  77. Please let it be me…

  78. Mathew Pottinger

    Well worth the wait.

  79. Posting here in case you don’t see my second post under Motoactv!

  80. winner winner chicken dinner

  81. Sounds great, count me in!

  82. Only blog that I check daily. Thanks for the efforts

  83. It’s my birthday, how could it not be a good day.

  84. Yey! The comments are enabled :D

  85. Back in the game

  86. Harr-i

    You are back again, good job!
    Continue the Giveaway

    Grtz Harr-1

  87. Sign me up! They look Immense! Perfect for running and biking round Edinburgh!

  88. I was wondering when it would come back up. Count me in.

  89. simon brimacombe

    I’m all in

  90. Small crowd.

    Something tells me commenting was down for a while there.

  91. Looks very nice ! (and thanks for reopening the comments section)

  92. Oh, the comments are back up!

  93. Dibs on the white one for my adorable wife!

  94. hello from australia, sorry if it’s the white one i get (your wife’s favorite!?!)

  95. Tag, you’re it.

  96. I feel a little like the seagulls from Finding Nemo.

  97. I love the white one!

  98. Hi. First post didn’t seem to register so trying again

  99. RG

    This is it!

  100. Hey Ray! Hope i win the Polar!

  101. I’m in. Great give aways!

  102. Hello from Croatia!
    Hope you ship overseas.

  103. Hi ray, I’d go for either

  104. yey, comments back on!

  105. Roger

    Mee to!

  106. Nice, they come in pairs!

  107. Count me in!

  108. count me in for this one, I will give it to my wife.

  109. Hello….I’m in.

  110. Utah, get me two!

  111. Just under the wire!

  112. It’s worth a shot!

  113. hyn

    I can’t decide between black and white…

  114. Thanks for opening it back up! I want these!

  115. pretty please with sugar on top

  116. I want them! Pick me!

  117. Count me in again :)

  118. A cool looking device

  119. Alex Tinniswood

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  120. TZ

    Pick me please. Cool stuff!

  121. Cool, its working!

  122. Nice watches, I hope I’m in the mix

  123. Thanks for the opportunity.

  124. woop. can comment again. his and hers :)

  125. Anonymous


    from doron from tel aviv

  126. Yay! We’re back on.

  127. count me in. it may be my lucky day. you’re great ray!

  128. Would love to win one for my better half who’s recently into triathlons.

  129. finally I can post!!!
    Fingers crossed ;-)

  130. This is great! Thanks!

  131. Me to please!

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. Mike Vitale

    Yes please

  134. contest comment

  135. Erwan

    Please consider this comment!!!

  136. Hi, Love to be included.

  137. Left a comment on the Motoactv giveaway, but I’ll put one here as well.

  138. Great looking watches! I’m in!

  139. Thanks for doing this, Ray


    Yes please!

  141. XXX

    Hello from canada’s most eastern province.

  142. Julie H

    I’d love one :)

  143. RCX3 for me and my wife please.

  144. hopefully this is included

  145. Amazing Watch!!

  146. Almost both this one yesterdag. So yes count me in. The White version please for my girlfriend.

  147. XXX

    Hey from atlantic canada. Glad to see that comments are back up and running.

  148. Couldn’t leave a comment earlier so I hope this still counts.

  149. Hi, thanks for the give aways!

  150. I definitely need this ones. Garmin XT910 a bit more, but this ones will do.

  151. Tweeted you earlier…hope not too late to enter via blog.

  152. now it’s working!

  153. Ahh much better now Ray. Thanks!

  154. Joe

    boo, too late.

  155. will definitely help my summer training

  156. Anonymous

    I love this watch!!
    Great Blog.

  157. I’m in. Thanks Ray!

  158. Would be a great replacement for my FR305!

  159. Would be happy to be happy soon ;-)

  160. Thanks for the contest(s)

  161. -S

    Still open!

  162. Dunhill Deodores

    I’m in

  163. Ciao! Grazie per i regali :)

  164. I want these 2 polars!!!

  165. Trying this again. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  166. hello hello.

  167. i want the black one :)

  168. Anonymous

    Please, i want it.

  169. Kim

    I’d love the Polar watch

  170. I would prefer white one.

  171. Ray, you’re the best! :-)

  172. Love your site. Thanks for all the useful info.

  173. White one…pls become mine.

  174. All is better in Twos.

  175. OJ

    In it to win it!

  176. Count me in.

  177. Please, please.

  178. It’s mine…all mine

  179. Count me in.

  180. I will try again. This did not work before… I would love one of the watches

  181. Yay! Comment issue fixed!

  182. one more time

  183. Ah, seems this post was reopen

  184. I’m in. Thanks for the opportunity.

  185. dano

    Polar I love you!

  186. RS

    Hello! Black or white, let’s try it!

  187. Thanks! Hm, if my wife hops in then we could have matching units on the tandem.

  188. 2 extra hours? YAY!


    great stuff

  190. Here is a try

  191. Would love to use the black one.

  192. Thanks for opening comments again!

  193. Thanks for the great give aways Ray!

  194. Would’t mind one of these…

  195. Nice looking watch

  196. Hello, and hooray for giveaways!

  197. Looks good, I’m In!

  198. Count me in.

  199. Would like, it was locked earlier, I commented in the one before hoping to get in on this one!

  200. Thanks for all of the contests!

  201. Count me in!

  202. I would love to win these!

  203. Ivy Y

    I’m in!

  204. Blog wasnt letting me comment. Please let me enter ;)

  205. Always like new gear!

  206. Lisa A.

    Great giveaway!

  207. Another one with BIG letters :-)

  208. Hello there. TGIF!

  209. yes please – thanks DCR

  210. Pick me!!!!!

  211. Daniela

    I want the black one. Hubby can have the white.

  212. Evy

    Looks good!

  213. Glad comments are working again! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  214. dia dhuit ! (Hello in Irish)

  215. Love the white one! But I would be happy with either!


  216. is it too late? as it was not working properly in the last hour or so. we could not leave comments. So hopefully it will be considered. Thanks

  217. Hi….Love your posts!

  218. Did I make it? It was locked earlitr

  219. Thanks Ray! Appreciate the giveaways.

  220. There we go again ;)

  221. in it to win it!

  222. and so off they went to explore the extremes of the polar landscape

  223. Let’s try again. At least one for me!

  224. Thanks for the fix Ray!!

  225. How fun it would be to win… :)

  226. Yes. I like it!

  227. Oohh pretty things

  228. I’m in. Am I in? :)

  229. Why not, I’d give one these a try!

  230. Sweet, one for me and one for him!!

  231. Wish me luck again

  232. One for each wrist!

  233. Madelein Said – all the way from SA!

  234. Hey Ray! Pick Me!

  235. As always, a thousand thanks, Ray! We all appreciate your generosity, of which the giveaways are the smallest part.

  236. Ooh, these look awesome! Thanks!

  237. Pat

    would love one!

  238. Do I still get in since it was locked out?

  239. Another nice giveaway.

  240. This watch would be aweomse! :)

  241. black or white, doesn’t matter, I like both!

  242. I’d love either!

  243. Anonymous

    Your blog is amazing!


  244. the white one please! :)

  245. His and Her’s devices, how fun!

  246. Count me in!

  247. Fingers crossed!

  248. Betted late than never?

  249. This will make a great present for my wife; please pick me.

  250. Great giveaway! Twitter: @nickjconnolly

  251. could be cool. love the site

  252. Thanks for doing this – all your work is really appreciated!

  253. PK

    hopefully this will be valid as comments were closed for most of the 3 hour time period

  254. Edwin

    Count me in!

    Edwin. (remove xxx for real address.

  255. ron

    you are awesome

  256. Thanks for doing this! Please choose me!

  257. Give it to me! :-p

  258. Count me in!

  259. Count me in. Please.

  260. hoping the +2 is hrs haha thanks. great blog.

  261. One can never have too many training tools

  262. Oh yeah, gimme some of that polar lovin’

  263. Hope I am till in with a chance for one of these :)

  264. Wow, these look great. I bet the GF would love it.

  265. Hi, please put may name in the bucket. Thanks/Fernando

  266. Thanks for fixing the bug!

  267. It would be nice replacement fot my Garmin 305

  268. Count me in, please.

  269. look forward to your new posts each week.

  270. This is my prefered giveaway (until now)!

  271. I bet those 10 people that commented before it got locked thought they had a great chance!

    Sorry, count me in too!!!

  272. If this is still open, I’m in.

  273. I would love to win this!!!!!!!!!

  274. Great! Count me in.

  275. Count me in.

  276. Hope I still count!

  277. Put in for this one. Thanks

  278. I’m just waiting for the cupcake giveaway.

  279. Brian Breuner

    me, me, pick me

    bbreuner @ me . com

  280. I promise to love and honour… Oh, and obey.

  281. Ian

    Also me ;-)

  282. Ya, nice, another chance …

  283. SWEET!! I’d love to be in for this.

    -Robert H. (from AL)

  284. Thanks for extending this

  285. I’d like the Polar watches!!!

  286. AK

    It’s a longshot, but I’ll try!

  287. Hello from Brian in Little Rock

  288. Hello DC, please pick me!!!! :)

  289. Thanks for all the great reviews.

  290. we could make use of a polar!

  291. C

    Love the white one!

  292. Please pick me!

  293. maybe i am still in :D

  294. This would be nice to add to my collection. Hopefully you ship to APO. I am feeling lucky.

  295. Please sign me up!

  296. Thanks for the giveaway.

  297. linda obrien hello

  298. Sweet!! Would love one!

  299. Hi from Spain… We are in a hole here…

  300. Count me in!

  301. Jopode

    Girlfriend and I would love these.

  302. Trying here again (ignore the one on FB), when you fixed the commentability of this post:
    Hope that you don’t get into trouble for giving away the watch that your wife wants. :)

  303. In for a chance.

  304. Give me some mo.

  305. Dimitri VDW

    i want one!!!

  306. Woot – can add to this one now!

  307. bun b

    Thank you!

  308. Hmm. Not sure if I made the deadline or not. Regardless, I would definitely like to put some miles on one of these.

  309. Give me some mo.

  310. toh

    I am not your wife but…

  311. Looking for a running watch! Thanks!

  312. CarlosA_Garcia

    Am I to late??

  313. is it too late?

  314. oh me me me me me me me

  315. Good excuse for my wife and I to train more!!

  316. awesome idea ray – thanks!

  317. Bill L

    I’m in!

  318. Ooh, I’m in!

  319. This would be great! Thanks for sharing!

  320. Would be great to have something like this for swimming.

  321. Herbert

    hallo! nice parts!
    can’t wait to get one for my girlfriend!

  322. I”d like to win one…or both :)

  323. D

    If The Girl likes it, I’m sure I will!

  324. this would be sweet!

  325. Count me in… U Rthe best!!

  326. Fine. If I must!

  327. yeah! would like to have the black one!

  328. Prefer the black one…

  329. Count me in… U R the best!!

  330. Looks like something I could use training for my IM

  331. not sure whats going on with posting on here with the problems earlier, but i would love to win.

  332. Ivo

    that black one looks cool!

  333. I’ll take ’em

  334. Yo Rainmaker! That’s right I’m talking to you homie!

  335. Anonymous

    thanks ray!
    Clinton, Mooresville, NC10xpendss

  336. Since I missed the Motorola.

    Thanks for the entry.

  337. Anonymous

    Any chance I can still get in on this one, since the comment system was down for so long?

  338. Great giveaway action going on here! I’m in.

  339. Awesome, thanks for the chance :)

  340. One for me one for the missus!

  341. ms

    My wife would be happy with the white one.

  342. Guillermo

    I want in!

  343. Kim

    I want to win!

  344. Hello from Singapore!!! Eager to try a Polar watch once more.

    Kokoy B

  345. GT

    Woot in! Morning!

  346. Nice, a twofer!

  347. Thanks for re-opening and letting us in :o)

  348. Kim

    Keep getting errors when posting a comment :(

  349. Hey from Afghanistan, time difference got me goofed up!

  350. Sweet. I’d love it!

  351. M

    I’m in.


  352. I’m in.


  353. Alright, back in for this one… Ray you rock!

  354. Yes please, thanks!

  355. Jon

    Count me in!!!!

  356. That looks pretty nice

  357. I’m in for 2!!!! Thanks Ray!

  358. Count me in. Thanks

  359. I’m in for 2!!! Thanks Ray!

  360. I am feeling lucky today. Thanks again.

  361. SpenceB

    I want in! Enjoy your site.


    Count me in please

  363. Morning again,
    I’ll throw my name into the hat

  364. Polar would be nice, thanks for opening it back up

  365. Hello!!

    ~ newtotri

  366. cool site and product reviews

  367. Yay extended entry!


    I’m moving back to Michigan from VA so a memento would be nice ;)

  369. I was afraid The Wife claimed both of them, but good to see the post is open to comments again! Consider this my YES PLEASE!!!!

  370. Tom

    Hallo from Denmark

  371. BR

    Wow this is fun Thanks again

  372. Anonymous

    I’m in. Eric in Chicago.

  373. I Want to win :-)

  374. Pedro Fradique

    Thanks for the giveaways
    Pedro Fradique @ gmail

  375. I would love to have this.

  376. Way cool. Want one!

  377. Still in time I think

  378. Count me in. Great contest…

  379. Great stuff like always

  380. hope, I am in, cant see my post..

  381. RCX3 entry take 2.

  382. Do you ship to Japan

  383. rmp

    Did I make it?

  384. My Preciooous

  385. Hi I’m in.
    Thanks for all good writing.Best regards

  386. Way. Cool. Want one.

  387. Such a nice watch

  388. One for my girl??

  389. The same colors as my native region!

  390. Lee

    Another watch would complete my collection

  391. I still use my 20 year old Polar….

  392. hoping to win one for the wife. :)

  393. I like very nice :)

  394. I’ll take one

  395. Thanks for the great reviews, would love to win the watch.

  396. Scott C. Waukesha, WI

    Thanks for the opportunity to track how slow I am!

  397. pick me pick me

  398. thanks for the extension!

  399. I would love to win this

  400. I really like like like like these!

  401. Wil

    thanks for the giveaway, i hope i’m the lucky winner

  402. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  403. nice looking watch. Would like to have one.

  404. HUGE fan of your work!

  405. Nice watch. Crossing my fingers!

  406. SAC

    Worth a shot!

  407. would love to have it :-)

  408. Trying to work this comments box out so I can enter for the RCX5

  409. Ça ne s’arrête jamais…

  410. The rcx5 was nice and the rcx3 sure would be nice and smaller

  411. Tom

    cool – hallo from Denmark

  412. I enjoy the Blog. Nice One

  413. Yes! Was locked out, but now I’m in!

  414. Wil

    Thanks for the giveaway and your great blog.

  415. comment!

    Josh in Trabuco Canyon

  416. That white one looks awesome!!

  417. Nice watches

  418. Two would be nice

  419. Interested as well.

  420. will love that if that was possible.

  421. really last.

  422. MrT

    hello Ray

    this would perfect for my winter 200km skating event

    keep up the good reviews


  423. Zman

    Please make mine white, thanks

  424. Carina Rodd

    I would love this!

  425. Kevin R.

    Great blog Ray. It keeps me sane at work.

    -Kevin R.

  426. I would like black please. – Chris M.

  427. Count me in please.

  428. Love the site!!

  429. I’m in. Send the white one

  430. Dan

    such a nice little watch…

  431. Carina Rodd

    Yes please =)

  432. Awesome! Thanks for having these giveaways!

  433. Hmm, maybe I can even convince my significant other to ware one of these?

  434. Throw my name in the hat for these

  435. Wal-E

    Why not?

  436. winner winner, chicken dinner

  437. This website is great!

  438. Sweet duo deal! Love to get either.

  439. Hi there. Am I too late?

  440. I’ve never one anything, but still have hope. Love your blog.

  441. In black, if possible, please!

  442. This comment has been removed by the author.

  443. Count me in!

  444. This comment has been removed by the author.

  445. Ben

    Id love one of these!

  446. This will be the perfect replacement for my old Polar watch…

  447. Hit me up….I like timing stuff!

  448. This comment has been removed by the author.

  449. This comment has been removed by the author.

  450. Thank you Ray!

  451. Anonymous

    Otka thanx you!!!

  452. Jalil

    Nice one !

  453. Should have written “won” not “one”. Homonyms! I really do speak English.

  454. nice watch :-)

  455. Boston Julie N

    I like the white one!

  456. Thanks for the great blog, learned a lot here.


  457. Thanks for the reviews!

  458. Natalie cudney

    I have no idea what time it is but I’m in!

  459. goslipstream would love this, since she gets discounts on her health insurance for using a Polar product to measure activity!

  460. Count me in – this will be perfect!

  461. Count me in! I hope not too late… Regards!

  462. try here to :)

  463. In ?? might be doing math wrong, no coffee

  464. This comment has been removed by the author.

  465. hello from Florida!

  466. Yes, made it in after all :-)

  467. I’m in :) Jeremy Becker

  468. thanks for doing this for us Ray.

  469. This comment has been removed by the author.

  470. jh

    Thanks Ray !

  471. in with the extension.

  472. Sol

    Me me meeee!

  473. Nice watch, good addition to my gears.

  474. Im in on this too :)

  475. Add me to the virtual hat!!

  476. Andy

    Ray, Keep up the good work.

  477. Woo-hoo! Its back!

  478. crossing my fingers..

  479. i’m back again. it would be awesome to get this watch for my girlfriend :)
    Maybe I can get the white one, if i win? Pleeeease ;)

  480. cool i want one.

  481. BG


  482. I’m in if still open till eleven!

  483. Justin Bates

    Thanks DCR! Very cool.

  484. Hello…I’m in

  485. me too please.

  486. Me too please? ;-)

  487. Yay. Comments unlocked and time extended! This is cool.

  488. Not much time left…

  489. awesome, thanks!

  490. These watches are awesome! Hope I am lucky!

  491. This comment has been removed by the author.

  492. Ben

    Hello World

  493. they look nice and small :)

  494. Thanks for the extension Ray!

    Never tried Polar, but this looks awesome… count me in!

  495. Tristan Jones

    Yes please!

  496. 2 Min to go, must type quicker!! Many thanks!

  497. Not sure if this deal is still open but I will try anyways.

  498. This is fun stuff, many thanks!

  499. Ben T

    Me too!

  500. Ben T

    Me too!

  501. I don´t mind the colour, no worries!

  502. Mmight be my second entry, was to tired during night to remember if I signed up :)

  503. Yesyesyes i love when you make giveaways!
    Lots of coments but this is me with 1 trying to win!

  504. Anonymous

    im in

  505. steve_n_houston


  506. Steve in Houston


  507. MickyC

    Cool! Pick me, pick me!

  508. Greetings from Malaysia!

  509. Giveaway Extravaganza!!!

  510. try for this one

  511. Thanks for the reviews

  512. That would be nice!

  513. I love the white one, I really want it!

  514. defenitly not hte last

  515. Yes!! Thanks for this!!

  516. zom y.


  517. Another want!

  518. Excellent pair :)

  519. Thanks! Fingers crossed!

  520. har

    So I now have a third chance, nice. One of these watches would come really handy.:)

  521. Thanks for offering these giveaways!

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