Giveaway Extravaganza: Motorola Motoactv


The Motoactv with its super-crisp display changed the endurance watch game last fall. Like mixing music and running?  Or perhaps even golf and music (yup, it does golf, and cycling, and yoga and…).  In fact, upon further reflection, about the only ‘sport’ mode I can’t seem to find within the watch is for the romance dance.  But, perhaps they’ll consider that for a future upgrade…

Giveaway Closes: 6:00AM Eastern (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Motorola Motoactv

Product Source: Me

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above. Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


  1. That looks nice.

  2. I think these watches look so cool!

  3. I could definitely find a use for one of those.

  4. Sure does! Now back to bed to get 5h 55m of sleep! 😀

  5. I really appreciate your product reviews.

  6. WOuld like to try this one.

  7. My husband would love this!

  8. And programable too!

  9. looks like a fun running watch

  10. Wow, another great giveaway! Fingers still crossed, and thanks again!

  11. And another great giveaway!

  12. Sara Baker


  13. OK, I’m in also for this!

  14. Who couldnt use this!! Yes please.

  15. Putting my name in the hat for this one.

  16. You’ve outdone yourself again Ray. Thanks for the awesome reviews, recaps, and giveaways.

  17. Great effort Ray

  18. This one I really want.

  19. Good morning grom Warsaw. Please choose me!

  20. Iain M

    Badda Bing, put me in!

  21. Count me in 🙂

  22. Crossing my fingers here!

  23. Perfect replacement for my FR305!

  24. That could be a whole lot of fun. I’d love one!

  25. fancy excuse to pick up golfing imo 😀

  26. Erwan

    Great watch! I would take one…

  27. This device looks really interesting.

  28. Nathan

    Count me in,
    Nathan from Germany

  29. Quique

    I really love it

  30. I’d take that…it’s got music!

  31. I looks pretty, but if you’re wearing it as a watch how does the music work? Do you still need to plug headphones in?

  32. Very cool! I’ll take it!

  33. I could compare Motoactv with Garmin FR910XT:)

  34. excellent giveaway, count me in! thank you

  35. I’m in for this! =)

  36. Superduper! Good nIght!

  37. Ooo colour maps on your wrist. Shiny. Looks nice to me!

  38. Thanks for doing all these giveaways Ray!

  39. OndaEyes

    One more name in the bowl …

  40. Very cool….count me in please.

  41. Would be fun to have one, thanks.

  42. Looks like a really nice watch!


  43. Looks pretty sweet, count me in!

  44. This is one cool puppy! I’d sure like to have this strapped on my wrist.

  45. Good morning from Belgium.

  46. Now there’s a prize a could use 😉
    Just exactly how much faster will it make me? LOL

  47. Manly for premiers in 2012!!

  48. Amber


  49. Ray, greetings from India!

    Send me one, please?

  50. I give a shot 🙂

  51. that’s a very nice giveaway!

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  53. Well it’s no Garmin Edge 500 (so annoyed that I just missed the deadline), but still an awesome giveaway!

  54. Awesome ray!! Thanks from holland

  55. Here’s my comment, entering this too.

  56. OMG! Me want pleaze!!!

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  58. j

    That could help me running longer !

  59. This would be great.
    The device is still not available in Belgium 🙂

  60. Sweet, I’d find use for this, for sure.

  61. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for all the great reviews.

  62. Mathew Pottinger

    Winning this one would be a treat

  63. Cool little gadget. Count me in

  64. This is what I really wanted!

  65. Would love to give it a shot and compare to my favorite Garmin!

  66. I’d like this please!

  67. Cool I have lost mine!!

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  69. Now this would really help me out, especially now it incorporates golf gps !

  70. Nice! Now time to set a reminder to check in another 3hrs 😀

  71. Ooh, came so close to buying this a few months ago.

  72. New gadgets? Yes, please. 🙂

  73. Pedro Fradique

    Well, hello again Ray.
    Thanks again, both for the blog, and the giveaways!
    Pedro Fradique @ gmail

  74. I would have loved this watch but it doesn’t do the romance dance. Wait… don’t think I’ve ever done that anyway.

  75. a

    Looks awesome!

  76. Wuuuhuu…I in for that

  77. Sweet! You’ve got some great gear!

  78. Kevin M

    My missus has been after one of these for a while now.

    Great work Ray

  79. Željko

    Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. 🙂

  80. Please please pick me

  81. That looks kinda cool. Would make a nice gift…

  82. hello from Australia!

  83. Would love that!

  84. Very cool. I’m in!

  85. Oh, heck yes! I’d love one of these!

  86. Alex Tinniswood

    Looks like a great watch, thanks for the giveaway.

  87. 2nd Sandijs! Hello Moto. Id love this!

  88. Ray, another great bit of gear

  89. Go Moto! Yes please!

  90. I would love this watch

  91. wow you are the man!!!

  92. I ain’t mad at it

  93. Yes, please!

    Thanks for the giveaways, Ray.

  94. I’d like one of those, might have to hide it from my husband tho’

  95. whoop-dee-doo 🙂

  96. Nice giveway device 🙂

  97. me me me me me meeeee! again

  98. I am in!
    Thanks for sharing!

  99. a_circelli

    Hi from Italy!

  100. pretty please

  101. Marcello

    Ciao from Italy again!

    This is nice!


  102. I would love to have one of those! And I really love your reviews!

  103. CarlosA_Garcia

    I want one of these!!!!

  104. Ciao from Italy again!

    This is nice!


  105. After a short bikeride – Hello World! 🙂

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  107. Wow, Ray sure is being generous. Cheers from Holland!

  108. Pick me! Pick me!

  109. I would like to have this one 🙂

  110. I would love that Motorollllaaa 😉

  111. Another toy for me

  112. You have an awesome blog. Just got to know it recently, but already read a lot… maybe even to much my roommate would say.

  113. Anonymous

    Giving this one a go as well.

  114. And number two 🙂

  115. I will be pleased to try this thing in my workouts 🙂

  116. I want one 😉

  117. Looks nice, count me in 🙂

  118. a really “different” object

  119. That looks nice!

    Stefan from SWE

  120. Interesting piece!


    Would love to win this, not even available to buy in my country!

  122. Nice!
    Greets from Luxembourg!

  123. I’ll stay up for a Motoactv.

  124. ABrennen

    Hi Ray,

    Keep up the good work!


  125. Love the combo! GPS with music. Sounds great!

  126. Nice gadget. 😉

  127. I would love to have!

  128. That would definitely be handy!

  129. Big shout out from Brussels, Belgium!!!

  130. Looks good 🙂

  131. AW9

    Obviously I wouldn#t mind, however I would just be happy with a Garmin Cadence sensor 🙂

  132. Sir, you are too kind!

  133. Thanks for doing this Ray!

  134. Yes please, would be nice

  135. Me again from Germany

  136. Yes Yes.
    Giv It To Me 🙂

  137. i could use that 😀

  138. Good morning (again).

  139. Just wish I could manage all the activities it supports.

  140. Mindz


  141. Dunhill Deodores

    hope I win.

  142. hi would love one of these!

  143. Oooo, that would be awesome!

  144. Looks good, would give it a try

  145. This giveaway gets better and better and we are only on number 2!

  146. i need a new watch. now i need to go to bed.


  147. I’m in for the Moto

  148. A Motorola Motoactv would be great!

  149. Whoohoo!
    the Moto, i am sure gonna enter for this giveaway.

    Hello Ray, thanks for your wonderful reviews.

    Greetz from Holland

  150. me gusta muchissimo

  151. Very much thank you!

  152. Thanks for this Extravaganza

  153. Anonymous

    Count me in!

  154. Worth waking up in the middle of the night to sign up for?

  155. I’m in! 🙂

  156. Not yet available in The Netherlands, so this is my only chance! 🙂

  157. Nice watch! Great giveaway!

  158. best screen evaar, too bad the battery life is not longer.

  159. Shubham

    I am in

  160. Hi Ray

    Glad to read you

  161. That would be nice

  162. Ho yes please! Thank you Ray!

  163. Rajesh

    Best give away ever…..

  164. This would be a huge upgrade for me!

  165. Motorainmaket!

  166. Well, hello again 🙂

  167. I really like this one 😛

  168. Darn, I’ve been looking for a device for romance dance

  169. Aaahhhh! I wan’t… Great blog!


  170. oh!! this looks really cool.
    I wish I had stayed up all night with coffee!! aaakkkk!

  171. i’m in – great fun

  172. Thanks for giveaways!

  173. That#s what she said

  174. Would be great to have it on my wrist!

  175. This sounds lika it would be useful to have – quite a different approach than the FR305…

    Thanks for sharing your surplus gear in this Extravaganza!

  176. Great product, I would like to try it.

  177. KC Krane

    one entry for me please

  178. Would love one of these! Hi from South Africa.

  179. Fantastic piece of kit

  180. Hi Ray,

    I love reading your site! Keep up the good work!

  181. Finally a watch for my tired old eyes…

  182. This is a very interesting watch.
    the short battery life is about the only shortcoming, I hope they fixed it by now with a firmware update.
    I would love to give it a try, even though I am too happy with my Garmin FR610.

    Cheers from Germany

  183. My next purchase, unless..

  184. My sister has for the last 6 months or so wanted a sport watch. she has asked if she could borrow mine (not a motoactv but anyway) to test, but Im never home when she goes out for training(I’m also using mine as a day-to-day watch).

  185. Cool watch, it would lovely in my arm, lol

  186. Thank you for most valuable reviews!

  187. Wow! Would love to have one of those.

  188. Hi, Ray. Third time lucky?

  189. looks amazing, I would love to have one 🙂

  190. Greets from Poland:)

  191. looks much cleaner than the forerunner. really nice design!


    Ray, I’m up at 3:30 in the am so I can a 15 mile run in before work, the MotoActv sure could help pass the time!

    Jason Clem

  193. Iain C

    Hope my number comes up

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  195. Would love one of these.

  196. Hey from Fla.


  197. Hey, I would love to win the watch, thanks.

  198. thanks for the giveaway

  199. yey, another one of Ray goodies. thanks ray :p

  200. keep up the great posts

  201. There’s already enough rain in Belgium, but I would still use it !

  202. Awesome bit of kit

  203. I like it!
    Count me in!

  204. Try two. Hey from Fla.


  205. Send it to its new home here in England, please!

  206. Send it to its new home here in England, please!

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  208. Oh yes – and we can’t buy the Moto yet in Switzerland. Thanks for the giveaway and kudos for the awesome blog!

  209. I would like to try it…

  210. TriMike

    I’d love one.

  211. Transporter

    Can’t wait to give it a try!
    Please remove xxx for real address.

  212. Stefania Francucci

    It will be mine!

  213. Cristina Ricciardi

    Go for it!

  214. Vasileios

    you ‘ re great!

  215. Would really help my run training.

  216. Wow, I want it.

  217. Wouldn’t mind winning this.

  218. Looks nice! Count me in!

  219. Great Comp! count me in. Top Bloke

  220. Great competition, Count me in! Top Bloke

  221. I fancy one of those!

  222. Ok, this one too 😉

  223. Hi Ray, your giveaways get better and better!

  224. Ohh, this looks so nice – and I just lost my running watch…

  225. I would like an entry please – thanks for a great blog Ray.

  226. My Fiance would love that

  227. Comment!


  228. Jalil

    I am the winner 😀

  229. Hey dude, appreciate the in dept reviews.

  230. These look awesome!!!

  231. nice! pick me please 🙂

  232. Hi Ray, missed the Garmin 500 but hope I’ll get this one!

  233. Karsten

    Hi DC, very,very good job!
    best regards from Germany!

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  235. Looks good, would love to try one

  236. Great Comp! Top Bloke

  237. Would love to win this.

  238. Orbitbuster

    yes, yes, yes, like, like RAY!

  239. Hello! Run & Music, a perfect match! Thanks!

  240. Looks nice, I’m in again

  241. Woah, so many comments already…

  242. Ray will always please us!

  243. I so want one of these. You can’t even get them here (Australia)

  244. I really like! 🙂

  245. may I partecipate? 😉

  246. Please Ray I will be always on time !!!

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  248. Once again!!!!

  249. the perfect watch for a girl like me. 🙂

  250. Hi from France !
    I want it, please 😉

  251. the perfect watch for a girl like me. 🙂

  252. Whoa, nice 🙂

  253. Oh please please! I would love to have this!!

  254. Nice “watch” 🙂

  255. Im also in 😉

  256. Missed Edge 500, so I will gladly take this one 🙂

  257. Shlumpen

    I wouldn’t mind this.

  258. Oh dear, the Garmin 500 is cool, but this is the future!!!

  259. Mmmm nice one. Yes Please

  260. Thanks for the excellent reviews, and the humor…

  261. This is sweet.

  262. This would be great for my mom who has just started running! Count me in! 🙂

  263. Love your work Ray

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  265. Best join in the fray to see if I can win something for a change.

  266. so cool… and I need a watch 😉

    Greets and thanx for the great blogs.


  267. me me me… 😉

  268. I can find a suitable home for it here

  269. That would be nice. Count me in.

  270. It’s months I am tempted in buying it 😉

  271. Really cool what you are doing here.
    I hope i will get something. This internet giveaway thing never worked for me.

  272. Hi! This thing is AWESOME and I would LOVE to be able to use this at my next long run! 🙂

  273. It’s no Garmin, but it’s free!

    Thanks, Ray.

  274. I could definitely use this whach for my long runs.

  275. As if your reviews were not awesome enough, you are now giving away these cool devices!

    Me too!!

  276. I could definitely use this watch for my long runs.

  277. I could definitely use this watch for my long runs

  278. This would be a great gift for my girlfriend who recently started running!

  279. Motorolaaa! Put me in! 😉

  280. Yes please! 🙂

  281. Very nice – This is one watch that to me is attractive enough to wear

  282. The Europeans def had an advantage on the early items

  283. Hello Ray !
    Great blog. Very interesting and motivating.

  284. This could be the perfect update of my FR305 for short rides 🙂

  285. Great event, great product

  286. Yes would be a nice win this one.

  287. Carina Rodd

    Yes please!!

  288. Great idea – thanks Ray!

  289. Would be perfect for me.

  290. That would be a great “extravaganza”. 😉

  291. Looks like a great idea to me. Thanks!

  292. That’s really nice of you !

    Steve Vaillancourt

  293. Me me me! Pick me!

  294. We go Loco for Moto!

  295. Herbert

    hallo! nice idea to make a giveaway. hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.
    greetings from vienna/austria.

  296. this will really help my training

  297. Thanks for all the great info you’ve ever posted.

  298. Awesome! I want one!

  299. Sweet. U da man, Ray

  300. Hi, this is something I would like to try!

  301. Good morning! I’d like to have a new MOTOACTV!

  302. Nice! Geeks in running shoes will be jealous!

  303. I want it, I want it!

  304. looks fantastic, I would definitaly make good use of that!

  305. This one is even better.

  306. oh for the love of toys!

  307. Good morning! I’d like to have one too

  308. Ohhh… Shiny toys. Yes please.

  309. Much coolness. Another yes please.

  310. it plays music!

  311. Anonymous

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways! I hope I win

  312. Nice! I’m in again! 🙂

  313. Awsome giveaway – would be great to win!

  314. Anonymous

    Im in, Fox @ London

  315. Hello Mister Motoactv!

  316. RRufino

    Cool, nice product!

  317. Hi Ray
    Great giveaways

  318. Thanks for doing this!

  319. w00t! im in. fingers crossed

  320. Seems like a nice watch

  321. That’s a tasty looking gizmo.

    Chalk me down please kind sir

  322. I would love this, thanks for all that you do!

  323. Ahhh man this really is an extravaganza!! Woot woot!

  324. really appreciate your product reviews.

  325. Great sports & fitness tech blog, best out there – keep up the good work!

  326. Looks good. I am loving the give aways.

  327. Very cool! Me like!


  328. Interessant product !
    Let’s try ;))

  329. Anonymous

    Jep jep!

  330. LucaB

    Here I’m

  331. Hello from Czech Rep.! I like your blog 😉

  332. Ok, for most things I was just going to say hello, but that is TREMENDOUS.

  333. wow…great give away!

  334. Thanks for the day loaded with goodies!

  335. Boston Julie N

    I’ve been looking at one of these!

  336. Love reading your adventures. PLS KEEP IT COMING!

  337. i skipped the Edge500 purposely to win this puppy! 🙂

  338. Love reading your adventures. PLS KEEP IT COMING!

  339. Hello from Czech Rep. again! Hope this time with name 😉
    I like your blog 😉

  340. Wow, what a nice gift that would make!

  341. Anonymous

    thanks Ray! You da Man!!

  342. Ray is making it rain!

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  344. Looks awesome. I love your posts.

  345. Thanks to a crying one year old, I am up in time to enter this one.

  346. gimmee gimmee gimmee

  347. my favorite blog

  348. Ok. For most things I was just going to say hello, but HELLO. That think looks TREMENDOUS.

  349. gimmee gimmee gimmee

  350. Very shiny, please?

  351. Hello from Italy

  352. yes please!!! WANT!!

    UK, Kettering

  353. Anonymous

    clinton from mooresville nc

  354. I would not mind having this in my wrist 🙂

  355. Love the giveaways

  356. Great, I’m in! DCR, thanx in advance, and keep up the good work!

  357. Oh, that’s sweet.

  358. I do like the look of these

  359. DC Rainmaker working towards becoming a minimalist every 3 hrs… 🙂

  360. Hi, greetings from Sao Paulo

  361. Love these. Awesome Ray


    i would love this

  363. Just what my dad needs for his birthday

  364. Andy Wood

    Thanks for all your reviews!

  365. I would love to take it off of your hands! Thanks.

  366. I would enjoy that.

  367. Does this giveaway come with cupcakes?

  368. ME please! Great gift for the wifey who is training for her first marathon.

  369. slowcop

    Good morning, I really appreciate your work.

  370. This could replace my damaged MotoACTV

  371. This could replace my damaged MotoACTV

  372. Sweet looking!

  373. is it too late?

  374. Crazy, a display with colors? Neat!

  375. Would love to have this

  376. gahhh, too late?!

  377. please, let it be me!

  378. I’m in. Am I too late?

  379. Great looking equipment.

  380. I’m in, too 🙂

  381. rkl_chan AT hotmail DOT com

    Perfect for bike – better than Garmin 610s which does not display power

  382. Here’s to hoping!

  383. Hey did I make it?

  384. winner winner chicken dinner

  385. thanks for the watch!

  386. Hi Ray,

    thanks for putting this up.

  387. winner winner chicken dinner

  388. Wish I could give one to my other half 🙂

  389. De plus en plus…

  390. Tom

    You’re too kind!

  391. I’d love to have one of these

  392. I’d love to have one of these

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  394. I’d love to have one of these

  395. The Polar Comments giveaways is closed?

  396. I think Ray you’ve blocked wrong post;/ RCX3 is blocked but we can comment here.. I’m not sure how to give you a notification other way about the problem

  397. I’d love to have one of these

  398. one please 🙂

  399. Ray,
    Blog is diabled by administrator for Polar units!
    It’s 6:36 eastern 🙁

  400. Andy P

    Yes please

  401. Oooh, his ‘n’ hers 🙂

  402. As others have pointed out – the wrong comments post has been blocked. This is my entry for the Polar RCX3!

  403. Hopefully it’s me. I know I’m past the deadline, but your site won’t let me post to the current (Polar RCX3) giveaway.

  404. Yes, I would like one of those please.

  405. I think there’s a mistake on the blog. This blog entry is still open for comments and the competition has closed, but the next blog entry is closed for comments. 🙁

  406. I am posting this for RCX3 Giveaway. Really hope it is me!!

  407. Swag is always good! Thanks first for a great blog and second for this cool give-away.

  408. Aurimas P (LT)

    I am in for this one 🙂

  409. Please consider this my entry for ‘Polar RCX3’

  410. Karsten

    Hi, very,very good job!
    best regards from Germany!

  411. Thanks for a great blog!

  412. me…me…me…me…. 😀

  413. Dave

    Could certainly put this to good use.

  414. The comments are broke for te 2 polar watches

  415. The comments are broke for te 2 polar watches 😉 too

  416. Really, a Motoactv? Ray, you’re awesome!

  417. This comment has been removed by the author.

  418. I’d reeeaaally like one!

  419. I’m in. Thanks Ray!

  420. Please consider this the entry for the 2 x Polar devices as comments on that blog entry’s giveaway page are currently blocked

  421. please put me in the Polar giveaway section

  422. please put me in the Polar giveaway section

  423. For the awesome rx3, thx!

  424. I’ll do as other have and use this for my Polar entry.

  425. Good Luck, everyone!

  426. Comments on the Polar RCX3 are blocked!

  427. This comment has been removed by the author.

  428. Comments on the Polar RCX3 are blocked!

  429. Why are the comments disabled on the current giveaway?

  430. Good luck, everyone.

  431. POst for the RX3 too,
    I hope it will be ok 😉
    Keep the spirit

  432. this would be nice!
    Thank you Ray

  433. It won’t let me leave a post for the Polar stuff (comments have been disabled?), so here’s a late entry?

  434. Cool giveaway!

  435. I want this so badly!

  436. One each RCX3 for me and my wife, pleese.

  437. Anonymous

    Cool giveaways.
    Your current one (2 Polar watches) says that ‘comments are disabled by blog administrator’.
    Guess those who made it in have a 1/10 chance.

  438. Comments were disabled on wrong post, I suppose.

  439. As others noticed, wrong comment option blocked …

  440. please consider this my entry for the polar device. The black one please 🙂

  441. You disabled comments on the wrong post, Ray. You locked the one above at 6am..

  442. Did someone say “Giveaway Extravaganza Twofer: Polar RCX3’s”
    This is going to be complicated for you…

  443. Really like your reviews. Point others toward them all of the time.


  444. Comments on RCX3 have been closed but it isn’t 6AM EDT yet… Please use this comment for RCX3 entry.

  445. Martijn KvdM


    I’m in for the black RCX3


  446. Nice gadget! I love it!

  447. Posting here for the RCX3 competition!!

  448. The Polar watches would bring a smile to my face on another wet London day.

  449. Martijn KvdM


    I’m in for the black RCX3

  450. Love to have this, thanks for giving all of us the chance.

  451. Confused as to whether this is for the moto or the polar, cant leave a comment for polar. Put me in for both?

  452. Daniela

    This one is still open? Cool! I was trying to enter for the Polar watches but the comments are turned off early.

  453. I very much like to be the proud owner of this device

  454. Another entry for the Polar RCX3 comp – just in case!

  455. Polar comments are disabled so I thought I would post here

  456. OHHHH, i choose this!!!!

  457. Polar Comment Post: This could replace Franklyn’s old Polar 🙂

  458. Too late to enter for this one, sleep ruled out over entering. As you can see comments are disabled on the Polar post, so entering here like so many others, just in case.

  459. Heather

    Have had my eye on this for a while…

  460. Am i the lucky one?

  461. This is for Polar RCX3 giveaway.

  462. Hello from Brazil.

  463. Please consider this my entry for the Timex watches.

  464. Hello from Brazil.

  465. Anonymous


    doron from tel aviv

  466. Another entry for the Polar RCX3 comp – just in case!

  467. I want to participate!! And win!!

  468. I want to participate

  469. I already posted earlier at like 3:15 am for the Motoactv, but here is my entry for the two Polars since the comments are closed on that post!

  470. Polar entry! Again thanks for the great giveaway!

  471. OndaEyes

    Wauw, wifey would be happy …

  472. Hi Ray
    Can I enter for the RCX3 here

  473. Is it a Googlerola now 🙂

  474. Entered for the Moto but commenting here for the Polar giveaway like many others

  475. I could use one of these!

  476. Trying to enter for the Polar giveaway, might as well try here…

  477. is this line filling also Polar RCX3 extravaganza? coz it is closed…
    never saw that Polars before, but after reading In-Depth Review I know i need them so much ;).

  478. Predes


    greetings from germany / Bremen


  479. Guess there’s a problem with posting comments on the Polar giveaway. Heck I’d take any of these gadgets! Consider myself entered! 🙂

  480. Trying for the Polar RCX5 here due to the glitch on comments on that blog!

  481. Ray, Can you move this post into the Polar section. Like everyone else, I think you closed the wrong one.

    either way, i hope i win

  482. This comment has been removed by the author.

  483. Posting here for Polar too, because other link is not working.

  484. Am I too late?

  485. This comment has been removed by the author.

  486. Can you move me to the polar giveaway. Either way, Id love one of these watches.

  487. I want it, awesome!!!

  488. I’d love to try this out! Thanks for the giveaways!

  489. Hi. Wanted to post for the Polar giveaway – the problem seems to have been well documented. So, I’d like to put my hat in the ring for the Motoactv or one of the Polars.

    Thanks for letting us be part of an awesome giveaway.


  490. I’d love to use this to enhance my training!

  491. This comment has been removed by the author.

  492. Neal Tipton

    Pick me!

  493. Im in for the polar

  494. This is my second comment here but this one is for the polar!

  495. Polar comments is locked…please count me in for the polar extravaganza….. 😀

  496. I so want a new gadget!

  497. This is my entry for the Polar RCX3!

  498. you’re the best man

  499. Hello DC. Like this one mucho mas.

  500. I’d love to try one of these.

  501. am i too late?

  502. I’m in for the Polar RCX3 giveaway

  503. did i miss this one? The newer one is disabled.

  504. We can’t comment on the Polar post :(. Hopefully one of those lucky 10 will enjoy their watch

  505. Hi Ray, hello from Germany.
    Let me win!!!

  506. I need good luck!

  507. Hi,

    I’d like to enter for the Polar giveaway also since that thread is closed

  508. Hope i can win this! My screen just shattered yesterday on mine on a bike ride 🙁 launched off the bike mount.

  509. This would be awesome!

  510. David B

    Pick me!

  511. David B NYC

    Pick me!

  512. David B NYC

    Pick me!

  513. yes please for number 2

  514. I like Polar too, but I can’t comment there as it is disabled for some reason 🙁

  515. Boohoo, the RCX3 is still blocked 🙁

  516. Marcus Rees-Whybrow

    Oo oo Pick ME 🙂

  517. Andreas Mavrides


  518. I always wished this was a more successful product, and now I just wish I had it

  519. Fabian

    Yes please!

  520. Ron Melton

    Nice backup to a Garmin

  521. Kathy

    Am I too late for this one?

  522. Let’s go for it!!!