Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar RCX5 with G5 GPS


Are you of the Polar persuasion? Then this watch is definitely your cup of tea (or cup of Gatorade).  It’s their top of the line triathlon watch, complete with the the G5 GPS pod.

And, unlike virtually every other watch out there, this unit can actually read and record your heart rate while underwater.  So this way on your next triathlon, you can have proof that you managed to hit your highest heart rate of the day in just the first 30 seconds of the swim, complimentary of 100 of your closest friends trying to drown you.

Giveaway Closes: 9:00PM Eastern (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Polar RCX5

Product Source: Polar, used in product review (looks/acts new, with new batteries)

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above. Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


  1. Am I the first? I want!

  2. Orbitbuster


  3. Wooooaaaah… cool 🙂 I wouldn’t mind getting one!

  4. No that is cool

  5. Holy cow, the comments come in FAST!

  6. Let us go then, you and I, as the evening is set out against the sky.

  7. Crossing Fingers 😉

  8. My experiences have always been with Garmin, but I’d give Polar a shot 😉

  9. Place me on the list. Thanks DC!

  10. Now this is an awesome package!

  11. Pick me! Pick me!

  12. This has been an awesome day. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the giveaways today!

  14. Would love that one

  15. Yes please! 🙂

  16. That would be fantastic. Sign me up!

  17. Harr-i

    this is the one and only!

    Grtz Harr-i

  18. Pick me random number

  19. OOoooohh! I hope I get it!

  20. Let’s see if this polar stays open for more than 1 minute 😉

  21. Nice, i want it!

  22. Nooooooooooo!!!! I missed the Garmin 910!!!!

  23. Mathew Pottinger

    Yes, please. Thank you.

  24. I keeps getting better and better!

  25. I so want to read my heart rate while I’m drowning.

  26. In it to win it!!!

  27. Pick me, pick me…please

  28. This would look nice with the one I don’t have!

  29. i just get better yes please

  30. Sweet! Another good choice of gadget!

  31. looks pretty, im in.

  32. This one looks great too.

  33. Yes please. thanks.

  34. I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

  35. Boombap I’m your area

  36. What a way to sell it. Still, I’m in.

  37. wow this is so cool i want it

  38. Sign me up

    -commented from my iPhone

  39. Here I am applying for this one also. Hope persistency pays.

  40. Oh boy, that looks tasty, can I have mine with sauce please?

  41. Nice, thanks mate!

  42. This is super
    Please pick me

  43. Me! Me! Pick me!

  44. maybe this time? 🙂

  45. Put me in the running.

  46. Next one. Nice! I’m in!

  47. please pick me

  48. Cool. This is one great piece of kit.

  49. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!s

  50. Daniela


  51. Holy smokes, 100+ comments in only (5) minutes!?!

  52. Jesper W

    Thanks for doing this!

  53. Yes, very much!

  54. Just made a cup of tea. Fitting comment I suppose.

  55. Nice Polar. I would use that! 😉

  56. If only I knew how to tell time…

  57. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  58. Pedro Fradique

    Hi Ray
    Thanks for the giveaways.
    Pedro Fradique @ gmail

  59. Wow great give-away!

  60. oh, I would certainly like this.

  61. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  62. Sweet give away!

  63. Beutifullll!!

  64. nice clock! 😉

  65. Anonymous

    I am in.
    but remove xxx

  66. Nathan

    Count me in,
    Nathan from Germany

  67. I want to win this!!

  68. My heart rate is going up just reading about it … now if only I had some way to measure it! : )

  69. Anonymous

    i just missed the last one!!! one more shot!!!


  70. HR underwater, cool!

  71. Thanks for all the work over the years Ray!

  72. Anonymous

    I wish this watch!!

  73. Give me a shot 🙂

  74. can’t hurt to try (again)

  75. Here’s my comment. Cheers.

  76. When will the winners be notified? I’m in again, pick me!

  77. Damn it, I missed the 910XT… Let’s try this one ! Thanks Ray !!

  78. Pick me! Pick me!

  79. Count me in! Thanks!

  80. what a great way to spend Saturday… yes please

  81. Yes Yes. Please.
    Giv it to me.
    Like this!
    Will Have 😉

  82. I’m sold! Although as long as you’re giving it away …

  83. Jolie Marie

    Woo Hoo

  84. Not sure if my post actually get posted so here I go again

  85. Slightly weird picture?

  86. Another one, yes!

  87. Looks like an awesome watch. Thanks for all of the info you provide.

  88. Resipsa99

    Entering again!

  89. That would be great for me
    Marc steingrand

  90. Andrew F

    Very nice, thanks for your efforts.

  91. That would be great for me
    Marc steingrand

  92. Alright I’ll take it!

  93. This is the on i want

  94. Please I really want this one

  95. You should definitely do this more often 😛

  96. What are the odds? Thanks again, Ray.

  97. oh boy. Could you take the bones out first? This is ONE meaty offering.

  98. Jiminy Cricket

    Not the first this time, but the luckiest!

  99. Wal-E

    Nice, nice, very nice.

  100. And the awesome stuff keeps coming!

  101. Would love to win this!!!

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  103. Would love this!

  104. Beam me up, Scotty!!

  105. “…complimentary of 100 of your closest friends trying to drown you.”

    Best line ever. 🙂

    Thanks for the contest.

  106. Paul Kelman

    Can you convert me from Garmin to Polar?

  107. I’m in x 6 🙂

  108. This is seriously awesome!



  110. Fingers crossed…

  111. Francesca

    Would love it. Thanks!

  112. KC Krane

    I like it

  113. i’d love to try this one

  114. Big money, big money, no whammies!

  115. Looks awesome. Great job!

  116. This would look great on my wrist

  117. Looks tasty…

  118. I really want it.. !!

  119. This looks so cool.

  120. gimmee gimmee gimmee

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  122. So is this the watch that will finally get me swimming?

  123. Très élégante cette rcx

  124. And again 😛 That’s the last try for today. Time to get some sleep and regenerate.

  125. nice.. fingers crossed x_x

  126. no whammies, no whammies aaaannd STOP!

  127. Alex Tinniswood

    Looks great! Hope I’m the lucky winner. alextinniswood(at)

  128. Sliding into 3rd!!! SAFE!! Polar please!

  129. That’s the king of the give aways.

  130. Good review, looks the best profile on the rolling pin test

  131. increasing your visitor count 🙂

  132. Awesome gadget!

  133. The freshman out of Turlock, California.

  134. Pick me, pick me! Great blog btw

  135. Time to change back to Polar?

  136. a

    My first serious running watch was a Polar!

  137. Peter vW

    Yes please!

  138. Yup, sign me up 🙂

  139. Thanks for everything you do. Brian from Little Rock

  140. Trying for this one

  141. RCX5 with G5 GPS, please?

  142. Once more, yes please 🙂

  143. Swimming hr…very cool

  144. In!

    Rich from Jensen

  145. cause when you dis dre you dis yourself

  146. Thanks again for your work!


  147. Very cool, fun contest.Av8rtx

  148. For Narnia! Or.. That watch.

  149. I could really use this.

  150. in for another one

  151. Chris Stepanski


  152. I knew it will come 🙂

  153. Cool, dc rules

  154. Nice! Thank you!

  155. BigOrange

    Looks great!

  156. This would get me to drag out the old Polar accessories I have in the bike cupboard.

  157. Mike Vitale


  158. Another great giveaway. You are too good to us.

  159. Anonymous

    I like the newest Polar a lot :).

  160. ABrennen

    Duh duh da daaahhh…I’m Lovin’ it

  161. You made a lot of people hopeful today…

  162. T

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  163. I’d like to enter my name for this piece!

  164. Natalie Cudney

    Luv it!

  165. In – somewhere nicely in the middle

  166. I will take one 🙂

  167. What a glorious day!

  168. Thanks for your support and dedication to the Tri Community.


  169. ooh! Polar! Please?

  170. This has been fun, Thanks

  171. Another great looking watch

  172. no wammies!

    You know, for sailing, I think a GPS watch would be much more useful and less likely to fall over board then my edge500.

  173. I am going for as many as I can

  174. Am I first, second???
    Randomly in the middle somewhere?

  175. over here…in the corner….

  176. winner winner chicken dinner

  177. 3245th? or whatever? I’m in 🙂

  178. garts

    ok this might work

  179. Nice, want it!!!

  180. Oh, why not? 🙂

  181. Wow, even more!

  182. Akemi

    Very nice.

  183. Great giveaway, don’t how can you part with it but you can certainly add me to the hat.

  184. Please please…

  185. Today is so much fun!

  186. Thanks again for the contest and great blog

  187. Please please ….

  188. Dunhill Deodores

    yes pls.

  189. please please please please:)

  190. Show me the prizes!!!

  191. Thanks for the chance.

  192. Andy P

    yes please!

  193. Why not?! I’ve been wanting to incorporate heart rate monitoring into my training 🙂

  194. Please, dump truck loads of please!

  195. i’ll take one. 🙂

  196. This would be very nice.

  197. my polar died, need a new one!

  198. Never had a Polar before, now’s my chance!

  199. i’m in.

    thank you again

  200. Simon Brimacombe

    Yes please

  201. Still nodding vigorously … Count me in!

  202. “There can be only one”

  203. I want! Keep it up

  204. Nice, want it!!!

  205. Amber S.

    Sounds good to me!

  206. oh, yes. yes. yes. yes. This would be a great Father’s day DcRainmaker win.

  207. This would be nice!

  208. Now THAT is the one I really cross my fingers for!

  209. A peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party loser.

  210. Awesome, count me in!

  211. I really need this. I have lost the weight, now I need to improve my times.

  212. Steve in Houston

    trying again! 🙂

  213. Not a bike GPS, But still cool!

  214. You can randomly choose me 🙂

  215. Pick me! Pick me!

  216. I could use something to replace my aging Garmin 305

  217. Fingers crossed and thanks!

  218. Hmmm. I haven’t used a Polar device in a few years. This would be cool to play with.

  219. Thanks for all the giveaways, Ray!

  220. put my name in the hat

  221. Am I too late, been out and just seen the closing time!!

  222. Gusgurus from Spain
    hoping to be on time


  223. I would love this!

  224. HR under water? that would be handy. Mine probably goes up when I lose the guy I’m drafting, until I can catch him again.

  225. Can I win this one? Please.

  226. Hello from SC!

  227. chris

    I don’t trust any other reviews now. Thank you.

  228. In for me too!

  229. Why not?
    – Matt from San Diego

  230. ‘Twould be wonderous!

  231. I would take that.

  232. This is great!

  233. Yes, please. Love to try a Polar

  234. Hi fromage France, and huh, I need it 🙂

  235. I would love to run with this watch. Twitter: @nickjconnolly

  236. Brilliant. Thanks Ray

  237. David Wright

    So many prizes!

  238. mine mine mine … please!

  239. This would definitely be an awesome replacement for my Polar 625X.

  240. I’ll take it off your hands.

  241. This looks sweet! Sign me up!

  242. Me! Me! Me! (please 🙂

  243. They just get tastier!

  244. Boston Julie N

    Sounds great to me!

  245. Hello and welcome to Bob’s Burgers. The burger of the day is the child molester, it comes with candy.


    Please !!!!!

  247. Do all the parts come in one box? Will this box be compatible with any other boxes? Sarcasm on Polar, but wouldn’t mind having it.

  248. Ray you rock for doing this!

  249. Thanks for the blog Rainmaker

  250. This would be amazing

  251. oh, yes please!

  252. Hello I really appreciate your product reviews.

  253. swimming heart rate would be cool!

  254. I’m finishing my PhD, trying for my first tri and I love Polar products. BTW Ray, I went to Tosca based on your recommendation in a previous post and I loved it! Almost lost my manners eating the spinach ravioli. Yum!

  255. Very nice of you. I’m in!

  256. would love to have it…

  257. Ivy Y

    Me! Me! Me!

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  259. Hi Ray. Thanks for the giveaway.

  260. I’m not the first but still want that!

  261. looks pretty cool.

  262. im in..thanks for the giveaways!

  263. Please, Please, Please

  264. Please, please, please …

  265. The ironman on goodies

  266. Anonymous

    Thanks Ray
    Clinton from mooresville, nc

  267. Thanks for the give aways

  268. Looks good to me.

  269. Hoping for a win on this one…

  270. Fantastic site – very helpful

  271. I think I need this too. Man do you have some cool toys to play with.

  272. I want it! I want it! I would love to win it!

  273. Count me in!

    Vitamin G

  274. I admire your ingenuity on this genius idea!!

  275. Man you have some cool toys.

  276. So far I have put in for every entry. Cmon odds. Thanks Ray.

  277. hello Ray

    The polar is the brand of my first 3 heartrate monitors, since then, it has been Garmins. Would be fun to run with a polar again.



  278. JDB

    Sign me up!

  279. great site !!!!!!!!!!

  280. Good morning from Singapore. Thanks for the great reviews.

    Kokoy B

  281. Still divided about Polar and Garmin. They produce similar but not identical products.

  282. I’m in for this too! =)

  283. Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar RCX5 with G5 GPS
    Oh yeah baby!

  284. Best thing in case my 305 dies!

  285. It’s been a long time since I used a polar watch!

  286. Thanks for your great reviews.

  287. Count me in. Craig Huggart

  288. Sure, I’ll take it

  289. Part 2. This one looks more like a watch.

  290. Wow! This is big 🙂

  291. Count me in.

    Andrew howard

  292. 4th times a charm?

    Thanks Ray

  293. Great blogger/reviewer!

  294. Yes please, thanks 🙂

  295. I would love it!!!

  296. Love your work, one of the best review sites out there.

  297. Erwan

    Great! I’d love one…

  298. yeah more cool stuff.


    Maybe I’ll get lucky this time…

  300. Ben T

    Thanks Ray!

  301. Phil in oz

    Would love this.
    philipajjones at hotmail dot com

  302. Elive


  303. Awesome daily wear watch… count me in!

    Thanks again Ray, this is awesome.

  304. Was looking for reviews of GPS watches and came across your blog. Love it!

  305. Let’s try my luck again. And thanks for this incredible set of giveaways. Fun!!!

  306. I love extravaganza!

  307. Awesome!
    Thanks Ray!

  308. from Athens Greece hi

  309. I so need one of this…

  310. I’d love this!

  311. Transporter

    Can’t wait to give it a try!
    Please remove xxx for real address.

  312. wow! love polar, have an S720i, ready for GPS!

  313. I want one for Afghanistan – but I won’t have a pool ;(

  314. Fathers day gift, please!? ha.

  315. hmmm…my post is not showing up…so this is #2. love polar, have an S720i…ready for GPS

  316. Thank you for all the reviews, yes, please!

  317. does my comment keep disappearing?

  318. Damn…I am too late for anything else. Oh well, I probably won’t win anything anyway.

  319. Pick me please!

  320. Anonymous

    Didn’t know I needed to leave a comment for every item.


  321. arrgh…still trying to get the captch to work

  322. my garmin is dying…

  323. this watch is cool. can it be mine

  324. this is my entry for this contest, thanks for doing this!

  325. Ian

    In it to win it!

  326. Hopefully this is my lucky number….

  327. Rolling the Dice!!!

  328. Mary

    Pretty please!

  329. Looks pretty! (lisa b. from NYC)

  330. This would be a great watch to have!

  331. yay! a second chance at polar. i missed #1

  332. Yes please!! I would love this!

  333. Pick me’ramdom number generator!

  334. This is so cool!

  335. Spring cleaning is awesome

  336. I’d love it, thanks.

  337. Looks like a beaut unit :^)

  338. Anonymous

    Just want it for my love. good luck for me….
    quetzalina_74 at

  339. Cool I’d love to win this!

  340. Not sure if the last one worked, so i’m trying again

  341. I would like entry to this contest! Awesome!

  342. perky people looking to run ragged

  343. im interested sure!

  344. Earlyfish

    My naked wrist needs to be covered.

  345. Love your site! Thank you!

  346. Tristan Jones

    Yes please!

  347. Sweet, am I the first? I want it.

  348. Fantastic piece of kit.

  349. I’m still trying

  350. I am of the Garmin persuasion, but would be more than happy to give Polar a try. Especially since I ruined my Garmin during my last Tough Mudder!


  351. Anonymous

    Hope I win this one.
    rkl_chan AT hotmail DOT com

  352. Wawaweewawa lots of things

  353. Does anyone know a good joke?

  354. Greetings from Malaysia!

  355. thanks for all the great work.


  356. Yes please, good sir

  357. This giveaway is such a fantastic idea.

  358. That is a cool watch!

  359. Ok, this time for sure!

  360. Would totally dig this. Hooray HR in the pool!

  361. Would love to have me an RCX5. Hook me up brotha!

  362. Hey Ray! Stick my name somewhere in the pile! Finally home and can submit comments for myself!

  363. like the watch. Love the blog

  364. Thanks for doing this kind of thing. Pretty cool

  365. I don’t know if I double posted this or not. But Hi Ray! Thanks for all the amazing information you provide us on stuff we’re all confused about! Toss my name into the pile for the RCX5 and G5 if you can still!

  366. Please pick me.

  367. Third times a charm. Please?

  368. Would love a GPS to run with.


    Thanks ray, love the blog

  370. Getting closer to the end

  371. this would be fun to use.

  372. It’s getting heated.

    pete the sheet

  373. That is a nice one!

  374. Sounds good.

  375. Nothin like watchin “O’ Brother Where Art Though” and waiting to win an RCX5

  376. Thanks for sharing Ray!

  377. Ray, Do you get paid by the number of comments you get? Just kiddin’! LOL

  378. Let’s try again…

  379. Jeff "WOO" watterson

    This is the first chance I have had to win today!! Thanks Ray!

  380. Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick

  381. Once again – I’m in.

  382. More goodness.

  383. Jacques Cuneo

    Would love to win this.

  384. Fabian

    Yes please!