Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR910XT


Here’s your chance to grab a brand new Garmin FR910XT.  As you probably know, the FR910XT can be used across a number of sports.  You could swim effortlessly in a giant vat of beer, compete in tandem mountain bike racing, or run nude like you’re in that Nike running commercial.  Or, you could just do one of those normal triathlon things.  Your choice.

Giveaway Closes:  3:00PM Eastern  (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Garmin FR910XT

Product Source: Me

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012.  All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above.  Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


  1. Yes, thank you!

  2. Yes, thank you!

  3. Eva

    I am training for my first half-marathon and this would be amazing!!

  4. Oh, yes please!!!

  5. Count me in! Thanks Ray.

  6. Thanks for the in depth reviews…

  7. I’ll take it!

  8. This is awesome. Sign me up.

  9. awesome giveaway! Thanks

  10. Would love to have one of these!

  11. This would be a great tool to help me in my weight loss journey!

  12. yes, yes, please I want this soo bad.

  13. Sign me up please.

    Thank you!!!

  14. This would be great for my first IM in November.

  15. Anonymous

    Sign me up I could use a 910.

    John the lowman

  16. Cheers! definitely have been eyeing this one!

  17. The best watch ever !

  18. Martijn KvdM

    I’m in for it!


  19. Sol

    Wo wow wow I want!

  20. Please put me in the running

  21. It’s for me 🙂

  22. It’s for me

  23. Hope to win this!

  24. Greetings from Spain 🙂

  25. 808pj


  26. Put my name in the hat please

  27. SAC

    Thanks for all of your efforts with this site.

  28. Jurgen

    It’s for me!

  29. I would love that!

  30. Garmin 910 a Dream come True.

  31. cristina ricciardi

    I want it

  32. MJ

    I’m in.

  33. Lucky number 1520.

  34. Watch me please.

  35. I’d like that one please

  36. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  37. Pick me! Pick me!

  38. Jurgen

    I want one!

  39. I’d love this!

  40. Anonymous

    would love it for my open water swims and upcoming bike competition!

    Cheers, Malene D.

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  42. Yes please!

  43. Anonymous

    Im pushing my luck with this one…

  44. for all my triathlon aspirations…

  45. Chiara Cavallo

    Thankyou Ray

  46. Simon J

    Yes please

  47. Thanks for these giveaways

  48. Anonymous


  49. Wow. This would be fantastic.
    Cheers from Bristol, UK

  50. Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  51. have a great day!

  52. Thank you, would love it! Gogomama.

  53. Craig Huggart says “count me in”!

  54. I would to upgrade from my 305. Thank you!

  55. Would be great ,
    Your are doing an exclent job…

    Keep going
    Marc Steingrand

  56. Randomly pick me please!

  57. Thanks! I would love it! Gogomama.

  58. If I win, I’ll start racing triathlons! =P

  59. Oh, please, oh, please!

  60. Mathew Pottinger

    Yep, this would be good.

  61. Yes I’m in!

  62. Please please please pick me

  63. Hello there.

  64. Enter me please!

  65. tms

    Count me in 😀

  66. I could use one of those!

    Thanks Ray for all your work over the past few years!

  67. Awesome site, thanks for all of the great reviews!

  68. this is my favourite sport smart-watch, is THE WATCH! i want it!!! Grettings Ray!

  69. Love your blog!

  70. Need to update from my old Forerunner 110. Choose me, please 🙂

  71. Wil

    This is awesome, I’m keeping my fingers crossed……

  72. Do want to be in this contest!

  73. I read your blog every day, fantastic work. I’d like a shot.

  74. j_bates04

    Thanks DCR! Very cool.

  75. Tried entering and my network kept dropping. I hope this isn’t a double entry… Anyway, this is awesome!

  76. dsv

    Running nude wearing only the 910xt? Mmm… not sure, but…

  77. i don’t really need this watch, BUT, can’t say no to Garmin products

  78. My buddy’s 910 got stolen from T1 at the Kansas 70.3 last week. Hopefully I can win this one for him so he has something to use while training for Vegas.

  79. Anonymous

    I’d love one.