Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR910XT


Here’s your chance to grab a brand new Garmin FR910XT.  As you probably know, the FR910XT can be used across a number of sports.  You could swim effortlessly in a giant vat of beer, compete in tandem mountain bike racing, or run nude like you’re in that Nike running commercial.  Or, you could just do one of those normal triathlon things.  Your choice.

Giveaway Closes:  3:00PM Eastern  (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Garmin FR910XT

Product Source: Me

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012.  All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above.  Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


  1. Your reviews are the best. Thank you!

  2. Could really use one of these!

  3. Great watch.

  4. Awesome again!
    Thanks, Ray
    Matt in San Diego

  5. Of course this would be a wonderful device

  6. Love the 910xt. My wife will love this one more!!!

  7. Hellooooooooooooooooooo!!!!:)

  8. Me please!! Thanks!!

  9. Can I use it to measure my slide-writing performance?

  10. RIC

    Please pick me!

  11. Couldn’t wish for anything better!

  12. I could use one of these to help me fight the battle.

  13. Dan Mc

    Hook me up!

  14. yes please!!!!

  15. aside from all the running, racing, swimming, working, traveling, and gear reviews, do you also run a hedge fund? i’m still struggling to figure out how you afford all this gear. 🙂

  16. Rob

    Alaska needs a winner. I’ll volunteer!!

  17. Not sure my original on worked so posting again 😉

  18. Yup. This one is for me.

  19. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  20. Would love to win this fabulous item

  21. I enjoyed your review. Yes, please!

  22. Please Put me in the Running for the 910XT. Thanks, UltraFerg

  23. Yes Please! that would be qyite nice!

  24. Please enter me!

  25. It’s been on my wishlist.

  26. My girlfriend could really use a 910XT to train for her upcoming triathlon!

  27. I love your site. Every time someone asks about equipment and watches I send them here. Would be fantastic to win this watch!

  28. dimitri vdw Belgium

    great watch, i want one.

  29. IAN

    Thanks for the comp

  30. Awesome! Thanks for the great blogs and all the awesome tech info over the years

  31. i would love to get this

  32. Love this, new runner needing some motivation.

  33. Uber yes 😀

  34. RSW

    Please, this was my birthday and Father’s Day wish! 😉

  35. What a giveaway!

  36. DO you really choose randomly?!? :))))

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  38. JDB

    I’m in

  39. My girlfriend could really use a 910XT to train for her upcoming triathlon!

  40. I didn’t like my FR610, so this would be a nice replacement.

  41. Awesome giveaway!

  42. Helloooooooooooooooo!!!!:)

  43. Perfect watch to replace my 305 that bit the dust yesterday!

  44. Erwan

    I would need a FR910XT! Finger crossed…

  45. This is not going to stop.

  46. Sooo pretty….time for an upgrade!

  47. love giveaways!

  48. Yes please! Awesome giveaway!

  49. yahoooo YES PLEASE!!! 😀

  50. Pick me, pick me

  51. Thanks Ray!

  52. You must be getting thousands of hits.. 😉

  53. Missed the Edge this morning, wouldn’t mind the FR910XT. Thanks a lot for doing that !

  54. Nice Giveaway! I’ll throw my hat into the ring…

  55. I’m in for this! Thanks for all the great content!

  56. Andrew F

    Great giveaways…thanks..

  57. This would be a nice replacement for my FR305….

  58. IMG

    Name dropped in hat… awesome blog

  59. Ian

    would be cool 😉

  60. This is a terrific giveaway! Thank you!!

  61. Please enter (read “pick”) me!

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  63. Hello Garmin!

  64. This would be awesome. Thanks for the opportunity.

  65. Yes please! Awesome giveaway!

  66. Oh dear mother, please!

  67. Thanks for the contest!

  68. For me, please.

  69. would love one.

  70. I’d love to have a 910 to replace my 405