Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR910XT


Here’s your chance to grab a brand new Garmin FR910XT.  As you probably know, the FR910XT can be used across a number of sports.  You could swim effortlessly in a giant vat of beer, compete in tandem mountain bike racing, or run nude like you’re in that Nike running commercial.  Or, you could just do one of those normal triathlon things.  Your choice.

Giveaway Closes:  3:00PM Eastern  (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Garmin FR910XT

Product Source: Me

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012.  All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above.  Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


  1. Put me in the running

  2. Anonymous

    would love one.

  3. Thanks for the reviews, I’d love to win!

  4. Orbitbuster

    yes yes yes like

  5. Yes please DC please please please what a unit :)

  6. Good night from Singapore. I really want this one!

  7. I wouldn’t mind having that one!

  8. Thanks Ray, I’m in :)

  9. This is the one I’d love

  10. I just bought one, but pick me anyway! :-)

  11. Hey Hey Ray Ray

  12. This would perfectly replace my dying 305 … :-)

  13. Pretty, pretty please.

  14. I would love one!

  15. Awesome contest!

  16. Oooh, would definitely love this.

  17. I’ll take one please

  18. count me in for this one!!!

  19. Wow! Please be the one!

  20. Good Afternoon All !!

  21. I’ll take it!!

  22. wow…you are just awesome…

  23. Yes Please !!!!

  24. Wow! Thanks, Ray – for the giveaway and also for the fantastic blog!

  25. Yes please, haha. Thank you :)

  26. Another sweet freebie.


  28. Blowing on dice …

  29. Pure awesomeness! Thanks Ray!

  30. This is an AMAZING giveaway!! thanks ray!

  31. oooh, I’m in!!

  32. Big please… I’ll be your best friend and read your blog forever (OK, I’ll do that last thing anyway… but please)

  33. Thank you for all that you do!

  34. That’s a cool watch

  35. No shipping, and you’d be helping out a beginner to the sport! :-)

  36. simon brimacombe

    i need this watch please

  37. bign321

    Please, Please, Please?

    bbreuner (at) me (dot) com

  38. Oh, I would love one of these!

  39. whooo baby, pulling out the big guns I see. I’m in!

  40. This is what I have been waiting for!

  41. This is the one. I would exchange any of the others for this. Good luck eveyone!

  42. Can’t hurt to try…

  43. Wonderful update for my 305… :)

  44. Sliding in to 2nd! I like this one very much.

  45. This would be great for my training…

  46. Uhh, yes please :)

  47. this is amazing!!

  48. Damn! Awsome giveway!

  49. This is one awesome watch!

  50. Another awesome watch.

  51. Wowza, thanks for the chance Ray!

  52. I feel lucky today!

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  54. Damn! Awsome giveway!

  55. please please please
    – Felix

  56. Cool, update for my wife’s 310xt!

  57. Hi. You’re melting the server. People’s names are getting jumbled up.

  58. I was just thinking about replacing my 610 with one of these. You can be my hero, Maker…

  59. Oh wow. Newly laid off me desperately needs an Garmin!! So fabulous!

  60. Awesome! Third’s a charm, maybe?

  61. Uaaaa! This is wet dream. Or Darth Vader”s watch. Need this ones so bad. Please pick me ;)

  62. Anonymous

    you rock Ray!

    Clinton from Mooresville, nc

  63. Anonymous

    I would like it.

  64. Wow – it would be awesome to return the 910XT I just purchased!

  65. This sounds awesome!

  66. Shawn D

    make it rain, rain!

  67. Harr-i

    You continue the good job!!

  68. wow the comments are flying in. Thanks for all of the info you provide.

  69. Pedro Fradique

    Hello Ray
    Thanks for the giveaways.
    Pedro Fradique @ gmail

  70. Ray, is your second nickname Santa Claus?

  71. Amazing product, would love to own one of these! :)

  72. This would be great!

  73. That was “a Garmin.” Please don’t disqualify me for poor grammar (and this isn’t an entry, just an update :)

  74. Me Me ME!!!!

  75. That looks like a nice one to win!

  76. Count me in. Thanks!

  77. Please, por favor…

  78. I’m in! it has my name

  79. really, like a tri beginner i need them. hate counting pools :/

  80. This is the best GPS sports watch ever… until you need to tell the date and time at a glance. :-p

  81. Would love an update to my 310. Thanks!

  82. Would love to replace my aging 305 with one of these! pick me, the one with his hand up.

  83. cant believe you’re giving one of these away!!!

  84. That looks super sweeet!

  85. Would love this!

  86. Ho Ho Ho! I’m going crazy following the extravaganza posts! Tonoght I’ll dream about it.

  87. Yes yes yes!!!

  88. Oh yes please! This is one I would not even dream of affording…

  89. Now this is awesome! Would love to get this!

  90. They just keep getting better and better!

  91. The big kahuna! Always wanted a GPS watch. Count me in!

  92. Thanks Ray, I’m in..

  93. that looks awesome :)

  94. Let me grab my upside down horseshoe.

  95. Andrew Li

    Great giveaway!

    Andrew (imctriguy2001)

  96. Chrisseg at

    add me to the list!

  97. Uf, dream watch!!!!

  98. Boston Julie N

    would love love love this one!

  99. This one I really, really want!!

  100. Scott, Waukesha WI

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Awesomeness!!!

  102. Yes please! Thanks!!

  103. Bobus

    This just gets better and better, thanks Ray!

  104. This is my dream watch…

  105. Awesome! Please?

  106. WOOHOO!!!!!! Count me in!

  107. Oooh! Really want this one. :)

  108. Another great giveaway, I’m pretty curious to see hear how much your site traffic spiked during the contest!

  109. My 305 is really getting long in the tooth. This sure would be a great upgrade.

  110. Hey

    Good luck everyone!

  111. wow u are really giving away a Garmin FR910XT.

  112. This is the one, come on the lucky one!

  113. Thank you for doing these giveaways

  114. Count me in.

  115. Oh, yes! Thank you!

  116. I’d love to be entered. Thanks.

  117. I promise I won’t run nude with this.

  118. I’m in x 4 :)

  119. Lots of entries already, here is another.

  120. Best of luck to all!!!!

    Hope xmas comes early this year :)

  121. I’m in for a 910XT :)

  122. Four times a charm. I hope.

  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. I want it!! please!!

  125. maybe this time I win

  126. I will take it. No drawing necessary. Ha!

    Amber H

  127. The Mack Daddy for triathletes…

  128. I’m in for one, wow these people are fast. (BTW my 305 is leaking water now so pick me pick me!)

  129. Todd H, Pattaya Thailand

    You’re going to spend a fortune on shipping aren’t you?

  130. Yep, in again. But who on Earth has an EXTRA 910XT?

  131. j

    This is the one I was looking for ! Thanks for the good reviews.

  132. Would love to update my 210 with one of these!

  133. I had one once its at the bottom of a lake now, this would be a great replacement

  134. This is one awesome watch!

  135. thank you and good night

  136. uh duh! my 305 just broke last week after 5 years of use! i need a new watch bad!

  137. Yes pretty please! And even better, I won’t run nude with it…

  138. Željko

    I’m not that lucky.

  139. Definitely like this one!


  140. I was hoping one of these would come up. I would love a replacement for my aging 305.

  141. I’m in! Awesome!

  142. my husband needs this. his 310xt crapped out recently

  143. This would be nice.

  144. Wooo, yes please!

  145. Amber S.

    This is awesome and will make someone very happy- hopefully it’s me!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  146. I want it!! please!!

  147. carlkelley

    I’m in it to win it!

  148. Nice! Count me in.

  149. The Buckley Barn Burner would love one.

  150. Woops, I checked the “Email follow-up comments to…” box. Not a good idea.

  151. Oh. Thanks for doing this.

    you rock

  152. Thanks for putting on the give-away extravaganza!

  153. Jalil

    the best one !

  154. kab

    would love to replace the 310 with this!!

  155. lucky number –>

  156. Is it just me or are the captchas really difficult to read?

  157. Count me in please! Really need this so I can update my FR305!!

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  158. That’s the one!

  159. Chris -

    Thanks for the great site!

  160. i love garmins :)

  161. Thank for doing this.

    you rock

  162. Third time lucky?

  163. I’m sitting in Dulles, waiting for a delayed flight home. Does that count?

    Yes, please, enter me in the give away.


  164. Oh yes. I’d love to win this one! Thanks again Ray.

  165. Me, me, meeeeeee!

  166. Hi this is badass!

  167. Let’s try my luck again!

  168. Jesper W

    Wow. Just wow.

  169. Love a garmin!!

  170. Cynthy

    Count me in!!

  171. Needed upgrade

  172. I bent my wookie

    Josh in Trabuco Canyon

  173. This just keeps getting better and better!


    Pete the sheet



  176. Uoooow…would love to win this!!!

  177. If I win this Jason will be very jealous!

  178. wow! This is the most I want!!

  179. This comment has been removed by the author.

  180. Im in for this one. I think its really cool what youre doing. Thanks!

  181. Thanks for everything!!

  182. oohhh, i want this badly!

  183. I’d LOVE to have one of these! The lap counts would be so valuable. What? Swim data? Woohoo!

  184. I second the yes please!

  185. Fingers and toes are crossed.

  186. It would be a nice upgrade. Thanks Ray for running these giveaways.

  187. C’mon baby, daddy needs a new 910!!!!

  188. It has been a long day, following thsi giveaway stuff.

  189. I definitely need this one.

  190. This is really nice!

  191. Michael B Lauritzen

    I wan’t Theis beauty:-)

    Michael B Lauritzen

  192. Damn, so much I want… in Poland I’d to work entire month for this stuff :P

  193. count me in

  194. please, please, please can i have this one?

  195. wow, the holy grail :)

  196. Hopefully, I’ll get this ine!

  197. I’ve only missed the Garmin 500 so far. Really hope one of these comes this way.

  198. All this great stuff!

  199. MPerez

    Would love to have one of those.

  200. Who couldn’t use one of these? Way to go, Ray Ray!

  201. ok please – ty

  202. Matt Morenzoni

    oh, pick me!

  203. I really really want this!!

  204. amazing giveaway

  205. Great Review as usual. Free Stuff is cool too.

  206. Insert random witty comment!

  207. Alright! A 910XT!

  208. Et ça continue encore…

  209. This would be a dream come true!!

  210. Yes!!! I would love it!

  211. Aloha again. Por favor!

  212. I’m in! The best one yet! Keep it coming!

  213. If you’re running nude in a Nike commercial, shouldn’t you be wearing a Nike watch? Or would you not be considered nude if you were wearing a watch?

  214. Eliott Kennedy

    Would be nice.

  215. Now that would be sweet so yes please!

  216. still raining in Manchester

  217. Hopefully, I’ll get this one!

  218. Pleeeaaase let this come my way!! With a cherry on top??

    UK, Kettering

  219. Anonymous


    doron from tel aviv

  220. put me in the running!

  221. As a triathlete who is using a Garmin 310 I think it is…older then dirt….I could put this to realllllyyyy good use. :)

  222. Hello! Thanks for posting up these nice offerings. I would love this.
    Kind regards from Newfoundland.

  223. Kevin m

    Oooooh yes please

  224. Would love one too!

  225. I desperately need and upgrade from my 405CX.

  226. drownbikerun

    Insert witty comment here!

  227. Fingers crossed! You rock Ray!

  228. Hello, this would be awesome. Thanks.

  229. This is awesome.

  230. This is the one! I can feel it in my bones! I hope!


  231. C

    Then I could do multi-sport with the husband!

  232. [nodding vigorously] Please include me!

  233. What a prize!

  234. That is so much nicer than my ancient 305.

  235. Brian O.

    I need this Forerunner!

  236. Anonymous

    That’s the best thing so far!

    but please remove xxx

  237. I’m in, please pick me!!!

  238. Hi, The watch is amazing. I love sports. All my family love sports..specially ride a bike. Your blog is very interesting. Thanks

  239. I need this.

  240. I need to change mine!! Tri training in PTY.

  241. I’m drooling over this one!

  242. Brian O.

    I need this Forerunner!

  243. Hi! Greetings from Sao Paulo

  244. You can take my name off all the contest lists if I could just win this one!

  245. Mark me down. I am down.

  246. This would be great! Thanks.

  247. Ok, sure I would love the Timex. But I’ve been reading about this watch for weeks…I didn’t get it for you my birthday on June 10th, so how about a belated b-day gift? BTW I’m also making the jump to TRIs from Road racing, so the Garmin 800 ain’t enough! Please!

  248. Hola hola, maybe i’m luck number 333?

  249. mondoshawan

    Hello from Fhloston Paradise

  250. Oh lordy yes, this one! You wouldn’t even have to ship, man… I’m right here in Arlington!

  251. I want to win this one!



  253. Please oh please oh supermega please!!!

  254. Now this I’d absolutely love to win! Go on Ray – make my day!!!


  255. Thanks for all of our great reviews!

  256. This would certainly help with my training!

  257. Need, Want, my Forerunner 305 is dying a slow painful death!

  258. Would love to win this! With new twins in the family, my budget is broken until about 2030!

  259. Please pick me!

  260. Bert Lüchies


  261. YNWA Steve

    I like the idea of effortlessly swimming in a giant vat of beer. Sign me up.

  262. Oooooo! That’s nice!

  263. Who ever wins this is lucky!

  264. Please please please

  265. What the heck – count me in.

  266. Thanks for doing this!

  267. This would be great for my hubby. His 305 isn’t working well anymore.

  268. LC

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  269. I need it! Thanks.

  270. love to give this one a try,

  271. Let it be me, pick me pick me! :)

  272. I would love this!

  273. lucky number 421?

  274. I’d swim, bike, and run my way for to this one…. :-)

  275. Comments are flying in. Here’s mine

  276. Thanks for the reviews!

  277. Give it to me baby!!!

  278. Thanks, this is really nice!

  279. Ok Ray, I’d really like to win this one.

  280. Would love to use it.

  281. Anonymous


  282. Thomas C

    Thomas C

  283. Wouldn’t mind this one :-)

  284. oh yea! yes please. (and thank you)

  285. Afternoon Ray,
    Ill take one


  287. Hi Ray !
    Thanks for your great blog.

  288. Oh heck ya! I am so down with that!

  289. Please let me win!!!

  290. Yes, please. Just what I need for these rainy London days.

  291. I’m about 500th again. That would be very nice indeed!

  292. Would be a great tool for my tri training.

  293. This watch would help motivate me to do a tri!

  294. Would love to play along on this one! Have a lovely weekend:)

  295. Come on baby!

  296. Yes Please. My 305 doesn’t like swimming.

  297. Would be a great tool for my tri training.

  298. This is the big one!

  299. This thing is pretty seriously awesome.

  300. Fingers crossed. x2

  301. Wow, nice watch! Im in ;)

  302. Would be a great tool for my tri training.

  303. this would be MUCH better than my 110 :)

  304. Fingers crossed. Please count me in.

  305. would love one for the swim. Thx Ray!

  306. This website is the greatest! Keep up your awesome reviews. Thanks.

  307. Yay! I made it under the wire on this one. I’m disappointed I missed the last couple but being on the west coast and working out first thing in the morning didn’t help.

    I would love this watch. This is the one I’ve been eyeing since it came out. I think it is about time to retire my Polar 710i.

  308. nobody will read this here

  309. Natalie Cudney


  310. OMG this is the best Friday ever!!!

  311. Anonymous


  312. This is becoming a full-time activity… :-)

  313. Amazing watch!

  314. Now this is one I’d really like to have. Pick me!

  315. I do like the option of swimming in beer.

  316. Love the site – keep up the good work!

  317. Wow! this is the best one yet.

  318. Someone has to win why not me?

  319. I would never be so lucky….

  320. I dream about this watch it´s awesome…

  321. Sweet!! Awesome giveaway.

  322. Hopefully with HR strap…

  323. I’m in as well please.

  324. Winning would make my day!

  325. What a fun end to the work week! Sign me up :)

  326. mk317


  327. I have been looking at purchasing one but it is out of my budget, thanks for doing this!

  328. Anonymous

    Carolyn from Mooresville, nc

  329. Keep up the good work. Love your blog.

  330. Hello Ray,
    You have some fantastic products in this giveaway!

    I would live to use this waterproof garmin for my autumn evening runs in the rain.

    Keep up the nice site



  331. Anonymous

    Excellent watch!!

  332. I’ll take one

  333. I’m in. Hope all is well back east.

  334. Thanks Ray – I’m in.

  335. That could be useful!

  336. Hello from Brian in Little Rock

  337. Woot a tri watch!

  338. Hello again…

  339. Thanks again Ray!

  340. Are you kidding me! I don’t think it can it get any better than this?

  341. Been wanting one of these for a while now.

  342. Look no further, I am your winner and will run nude if I win!

  343. Brian L @ 72764


  344. 3rd time lucky!
    you da man!

  345. Awesome give-away!!!

  346. Tim V

    can use this for Muncie 70.3

  347. predes

    Greetings from Germany/ Bremen

  348. Anonymous

    Cool to be in!!

  349. not sure if this worked the first time – sorry if this is a double-post

  350. Yes please with bells on! :)

  351. David Woodruff

    Thanks for doing this.

  352. Like always, thanks for review! Would love one!

  353. You Rock, Thanks for my new toy…

  354. Let’s be sure my comments posted.

  355. Hello, and hooray for the excitement of giveaways!

  356. Count me in! Nice one!

  357. This would eliminate the need for the FR50 mounted to the bike, the FR60 on my wrist and the Swimsense for training! Please…….

  358. My 305 is about to die.

  359. One of us will be very lucky …

  360. You Rock, Thanks for my new toy…

  361. David Beever

    Jolly nice too….

  362. nice triathlon watch!

  363. This would be nice to win!

  364. WOw it really is an extravaganza

  365. hot diggity! awesome watch wanna win it :) also great product reviews ray, I read all of them (just cant afford them!)

  366. Please and thank you.


    I have been watching since this started, but this would be a great gift, so here’s my entry.
    Thanks for the blog too.

  368. Thank you for doing these giveaways

  369. brad birkel, please…


    yes please ray!

  371. Wow, sign me up for this beauty!! Best GPS out there!

  372. This would look really nice on my wrist!

  373. Of course I’d like it…

  374. Nice! *fingers crossed*

  375. Andy P

    Yes please!

  376. Going strong here, I believe this is the fourth one I comment on :)

  377. Been lost since my 610 broke, halp me find my way! @darsal

  378. I’d really like this…

  379. This is the one I want…

  380. I want one!!!!

  381. Gabriela Villalobos

    Me encantaría tener uno!!! Mi correo

  382. excellent choice to giveaway. Sign me up.

  383. I love swimming naked in vats of beer! Now, if I win, I will be able to measure my stroke efficiency. Will it also measure the 12oz curls?

  384. I’d love this watch.

  385. Sol

    I want it and deserve it! Thanks for doing this.

  386. Woo hoo! Love it! Swim – Bike – Run!

  387. I really want this one!

  388. I really want one of these!

  389. E knee meany miney mo.. I hope I get to exercise with floe :)

  390. Would love to have that!

  391. Nickel

    Smurf me this watch ASAP!

  392. While I do love my current watch, this would be the watch I would exchange it with! barometric altimeter ftw

  393. Righty-o, count me in for the drawing!!!!

  394. I ain’t mad at it

  395. yes please! awesome giveaway

  396. I would LOVE to have one!

  397. I would love to win! Thanks for doing this!

  398. I really want this – and I’m sorry if this is a duplicate entry!

  399. man oh man i’d love one of these. I saw it at CES this january, and ui was hoping to get a review unit but it never worked out. Would be stoked to win one. thanks for all you do in covering products so well!

  400. Mark J. in Dallas

    600+ comments!? I guess we ALL want this one huh?

    I’ll take it Ray. You rule.
    -Mark J. in Dallas.

  401. Love to win this one.

  402. My husband would love this.

  403. I’d swim, bike, and run for that this one….

  404. tri_noob_things

    I used to have a GPS watch, then I took an arrow in the knee

  405. Nathan

    Count me in,
    Nathan in Germany

  406. Love to win this one.

  407. Do the right thing Ray, pick me!


  408. please, oh please

  409. this would replace my swatch watch

  410. My 305 has been getting wacky on me, thanks for doing this!

  411. Dude.. This contest is OUT OF CONTROL! Count me in.

  412. Im in please – thanks and good luck to all!

  413. Love your blog

  414. looks like a great watch to win.

  415. Me me me me me me

  416. Looks like something I need!


  417. I need a 910 badly! Would be so awesome to win! Meredith

  418. FR910XT !!! ;) Nice

  419. Now we’re talking!!!!

  420. This would be great

  421. My wife needs one!

  422. My girlfriend sure could use one!

  423. Garmin is the best! This is great! I am in!

  424. Oh wowsa! Super-please!

  425. Oh man. Awesomeness.

  426. It’s getting better and better today. Nice one!

  427. Add me to the running

  428. Now this one I REALLY WANT!

  429. Would love one. My old 305 is crapping out on me.

  430. Count me in for free stuff Friday!


  431. Rob

    Yes please!

  432. Throw my name in the hat

  433. I would like to enter please.

  434. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  435. I’ll try again…

  436. This comment has been removed by the author.

  437. I guess this has been on a lot of wishlists for a while. Great bit of kit.

  438. I’m in for this one!

  439. I could use an upgrade. Good luck everyone

  440. Oooooh.. nice!
    Beginning to feel like Christmas over here! Wanna trade it for my 310? ;-)

  441. Not first – not last…

  442. I’d like this.

  443. Wow, almost 700 comments, but I’ll give it a try!

  444. You Rock, Thanks for my new toy…

  445. If it’s not too much trouble…

  446. tha’s amazing!

  447. tha’s amazing!

  448. Awesome fitness tool.

  449. I will not miss this one count me in thanks

  450. Anonymous

    I’m in it to win it!

  451. Mindz


  452. I’d be happy to take that off your hands. Thanks.

  453. Pick me… Pick me…!

  454. This comment has been removed by the author.

  455. Stefania Francucci

    Hope i’ll win

  456. I feel lucky this time…

  457. I’d love a 910XT.

  458. D

    My husband will love me forever!

  459. Count me in, and if I win, I would strongly consider running nude with it!

    Not sure, who would want to see that site though?!?!

  460. Would be so useful.

  461. Make it rain this time, rainmaker!

  462. Well this one sure is popular!

  463. T.J. Hannigan

    Would love to enter my name into the draw for this – thanks!

  464. I would really like to have this one :)

  465. Great giveaway!
    I will win it!!!
    Post me to the list!!!


  466. I’m in, its a must buy

  467. I’d like to enter the giveaway!

  468. Oh god, I”m not good with time zones.

  469. My 310XT has served me so well… one way or another, 910XT is my next GPS watch :)

  470. Anonymous

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  471. Wouldn’t it be nice to win…

  472. Well looks like I’m not the first one, nevertheless I’ll give it a try!

  473. I’m in for the 910

  474. Nice update for my Garmin 110

  475. j_u_k_i

    Hello from Finland.

  476. could use a garmin upgrade!

  477. ekutter

    You are way too generous.

  478. Wait… so if I win this, I have to enter my first try? Ok, I’ll do it :-)

  479. im in
    Andrew Howard

  480. Would love to have this one!

  481. quite a piece of technology, please count me in.

  482. Just read the review &… WOW

  483. I would love to win this!

  484. Anonymous

    That would be a nice gift!

  485. Best give away day ever!

  486. well, this is the best giveaway ever!

  487. Ooh that’s cool :)

  488. Please count me in. Thanks!

  489. Anonymous

    I’m in it to win it!

  490. Anonymous

    That would be a nice gift!

  491. Now this is the business. Oi, oi!

  492. I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery. :)

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    This can really help me train for my 1st ever marathon.

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  500. Yes Yes.
    Giv It To Me :-)

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  513. Droffen

    Ich auch.

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  515. Please pick me


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  518. Travis443




  520. My 310XT is broken, the screen is crashed (I send you a picture by twitter several weeks ago), it would be a great help to have a new garming to keep training.

  521. I would love one. Owen Y

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  529. Hello from Brian in little rock

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    make me swim faster? i’m in.

  534. Thanks for everything.


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  542. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  545. Trey Reeder. This would be just what I need!

  546. I am not a triathlete but I play one on TV. Not really though.

  547. My 310XT is broken, the screen is crashed (I send you a picture by twitter several weeks ago), it would be a great help to have a new garming to keep training.

    Here is the link, I would not be able to send it to fix it

    link to

  548. I’m in!
    Sergio Melo (Brazil)

  549. Hey Ray, winning might inspire me to take up swimming!


    This is the cream of the cream, yes?

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  553. Did my comment not post?

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  605. Mary

    Looks good!

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  608. i’ll take one in black, if you don’t mind.

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    Totally dude, I am there

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  612. i swear i am not a robot but it wont let me enter

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  614. Insert short lame comment in hopes of winning something right…. “here”

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  616. As a Strava addict this would definitely help continue the addiction. Especially in running which I still have to improve immensely.

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  618. If you see me collapse, please pause my Garmin!
    I guess that kind of person deserves this Garmin.
    Maybe I’m not the right one, but I’d die trying to be!

  619. Hi Ray! Love your blog!

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    (sorry if this posts twice, got an error the first try…)

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  631. 9 10 begin again

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    I just ruined my 310XT doing Tough Mudder!

    Thanks for all your hardwork on these reviews and your blogs.


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  637. matttyz


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    Always enjoy this blog

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    Cheers! -Bridget

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  671. Y

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    I’d love to have this!

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  704. Swim features! Good luck to me …

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    Oh this would definitely be a “happy beginner running” gift! I have been wanting one for awhile now and especially since I started running again! Best of luck to everyone!! :)

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  713. Gimme That Please

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  719. Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  720. Henry H


  721. *fingers crossed

  722. This comment has been removed by the author.

  723. Guillermo

    You are blocked at work and i’m trying to do this on my phone, so sorry if I actually have a double entry, but I don’t think my last comment went through.

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