Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR910XT


Here’s your chance to grab a brand new Garmin FR910XT.  As you probably know, the FR910XT can be used across a number of sports.  You could swim effortlessly in a giant vat of beer, compete in tandem mountain bike racing, or run nude like you’re in that Nike running commercial.  Or, you could just do one of those normal triathlon things.  Your choice.

Giveaway Closes:  3:00PM Eastern  (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Garmin FR910XT

Product Source: Me

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012.  All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above.  Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


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  1. Comment X1000.

  2. Please . . .

  3. I would love one

  4. What, I’m not the only one that would like to win a Garmin 910? Aw man?

  5. Awesomesauce!! I would LOVE to win!! 😉

  6. Alex Tinniswood

    Only run at the moment but maybe this watch would persuade me to try swimming and cycling.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Jim

    Slim on the rolling pin!


    Giddy Up!

  9. Here waiting !

  10. Yes please.

  11. FR910XT would be a fantastic upgrade from my 305 forerunner. I would love to have a watch that can be used for my open water sessions…

  12. Looks like an impressive piece of kit.

  13. Awesome. Memememeeee!

  14. E. Mineau

    Yes please, would love to have this!

  15. In for this!

  16. Hey. Over here. Aw gee. I’m too small, he’ll never see me. Mom, can we go home now? But there’s always a chance, isn’t there? I would like it.

  17. It could take the place of my old 205 AND my Gymboss for Run-Walk-Run! That would be cool!

  18. Hi Ray, definitively need this one to drive you to Vexin and Vallée de Chevreuse 😉

  19. I would love to have one of these. You are the best!!!

  20. Hi Ray! Definitively need this one!

  21. EDr

    It is I, Leclerc.

  22. Supernice! Wohoooo

  23. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

  24. please put me in

  25. I am in! Thanks!

  26. I wouldn’t ask for anything else. Ever!

  27. Jed

    please please please!!!

  28. Hi Ray! Definitively need this one 😉

  29. Could use that in Kona

  30. Ashley B

    I just tried my husbands watch just like this today and would love my own!

  31. I’ll take it, thanks!

  32. Gil

    yes , please.

  33. kmando

    Woot woot 910xt please

  34. I want I want I WANT!

  35. OMG! Yes yes yes!!

  36. Gaaah! You’re greeeaaat! Give me one!


  37. Nice watch!!!!!

  38. In with 15 min to spare

  39. Looks like an impressive piece of kit.

  40. Nice! Would love it.

  41. I’d love to win this!!

  42. Count me in.

  43. I’m not sure if my first post went through, but I’d love to get my hands on a 910.

  44. I would be thrilled to win!! New runner here and I need a Garmin!! 🙂

  45. Hope I got it in under the wire. This would make quite a father’s day gift to replace my FR 305 (a Father’s day gift from my daughter when it was released).

  46. Hi there, thanks for this..

  47. would love to have one

  48. I’d love to win this!

  49. EOQ

    if i win it, i’ll try it on beer based on your suggestion!!!

  50. Love your work – would love this device almost as much!

  51. Pick me, pick me!!

  52. I would be thrilled to win! I’m a new runner and would LOVE a Garmin!! Lois Sorensen

  53. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! I really want it!

  54. would love to own one

  55. In under the wire.

  56. Komodo


  57. I’ve been coveting the 910XT! I am very interested in the swim function. My 305 died just before the 910XT was announced so I was not in a position to wait for it to come out (and ship!) with my first IM on the way. I would love one!

  58. I really really really want this one! 🙂

  59. You’re the man!

  60. My 310 is on its last leg. This would be perfect!

  61. This watch is awesome! Twitter: @nickjconnolly

  62. Most definitely want!

  63. Anonymous

    will be good for my bf. Irina.

  64. Mike Labordus

    I Want

  65. hi, this Eric.
    Thanks for the contest and the great watch reviews.

  66. yyeeesssss…..

  67. Yes, please. BTW, is this the most comments any post you’ve written has ever received?

  68. my wife would like one

  69. please add me! Hi from down the road in Arlington!

  70. Drool… would stalk someone to get my hands on one of these 🙂

  71. Holy crud I want this! :p

  72. Andrei. S

    Hey……i want it!!