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Garmin iPhone ANT+ Adapter and Garmin Fit app Review

(Update – July 2013: I’ve taken the rather unusual step of actually prefacing the review with some really clear guidance: Don’t buy this.  In short: It ONLY works with the Garmin Fit app, which won’t upload/download from your existing Garmin devices.  It won’t work with any other apps.  For the same price, you can get the Wahoo Fitness iPhone adapter, which works with 150+ apps and can actually upload your Garmin device files.  Full details in my review here.)

Garmin today announced a new iPhone ANT+ Adapter as well as a pair of fitness apps for both the iPhone and Android phone.  The adapter provides ANT+ enablement of your iPhone, similar to how the Wahoo Fitness iPhone ANT+ adapter works today.  This in turn allows you to use the Garmin Fit iPhone application, which can track your fitness activities with ANT+ data like heart rate or speed/cadence.  The Garmin Fit App doesn’t require you to have the ANT+ adapter however, and will work just fine recording your activities without it.  If you’re Android phone has ANT+ built into it, like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active – then you’re good to go without an adapter.

But first, let’s walk through the iPhone ANT+ adapter unboxing.

The Garmin ANT+ iPhone Adapter:


The Garmin ANT+ iPhone accessory costs $49 has precisely one piece.  Well, the packaging actually also has a piece of paper, but essentially just one physical component.


The dongle itself is a touch bit bigger than a quarter, and is slightly larger than the standard iPhone/iPod connector:


Installed, the dongle would add a bit of height to your iPhone – but as myself and many other iPhone accessory users would tell you, it’s not too bad.  I routinely use the Wahoo Fitness iPhone dongle on my iPhone all the time without issue:


When you plug the accessory in for the very first time it’ll automatically notify you that an app is available to download, which will take you to the Garmin Fit application page.


In addition, if you’re a feisty one and want to download the app using a QR code scanner, you can do that as well from the back of the packaging.  This would allow you to check out the app packaging in a retail store and then download the app first.



Now that you’ve got it all set and installed, it’s time to get on with using it.

Quickly though, for those familiar with the Wahoo Fitness dongle, you’ll find this nearly identical. Below, on the left is the Garmin ANT+ dongle, and on the right is the Wahoo Fitness dongle.


The Garmin Fit App:

When you first open up the app (which, btw, costs $.99), you’ll find the same series of questions around user profile that you would if you bought a Garmin Forerunner or Edge device:


From there you can go ahead and either create a Garmin Connect account, or sign in to an existing one.


Once signed in you’ll be brought to a welcome screen, where you can start a new activity.

You’ll also see all of your Garmin Connect activities along the top – which includes ones that you did on other devices.  For example, my swim for this evening with a FR910XT:


You’ve also got a settings icon where you can configure some basics such as units (miles/kilometers) and whether or not Auto Lap is configured.


Additionally, in here you can configure ANT+ sensors – including a heart rate sensor, bike sensor (Speed/Cadence) and running footpod.


Back onto the main page you have a history button, which enables you to look at any activity uploaded to Garmin Connect:


You can then drill down into a given activity to see maps, charts and laps:

IMG_3316 IMG_3313 IMG_3314

It’s this ability to quickly browse the Garmin Connect site that you get your 99 cents worth out of the app.  The app is very quick to respond, and the charts and detail come up seamlessly.


And from here you can also create new manual training log additions on the fly:


Finally, you can go out and record activity and have the ANT+ sensor gather the data along with GPS from the iPhone.  The app supports running/walking, cycling and ‘other’.  With ‘other’ essentially being anything you can think of.


When recording an activity, you can choose Indoor or Outdoors.  When Outdoors, you’ll use GPS for speed/distance.  While indoors you’ll use the ANT+ sensors (footpod or speed/cadence sensors):


Additionally, you can configure a playlist with the option to shuffle.  Once you’ve started your activity it gives you four screens of information.  First is the map screen, which shows you present location and total distance/time:


Next is a bit of a summary screen which shows time, distance, pace and calories:


Then we’ve got another screen showing heart rate, avg HR, cadence, and strides:


And finally, we have the lap screen, which shows information about the current lap:


Once you’re done you can select to end the activity and it’ll be automatically uploaded to Garmin Connect for you.  Additionally it’ll show up in the main screen of the Garmin Fit application.

General Thoughts:

At this point, I haven’t been able to get full use of the app yet due to it only being populated tonight in the iTunes store.  However, based on what I’m seeing thus far – it offers far less functionality than many other iPhone apps out there – including free ones.  It does however offer a really good way of viewing activities stored in Garmin Connect.

While I fully understand that this is indeed an initial release of the application, I had hoped to see some more bridging of the ecosystem between Garmin’s fitness devices and this app, aside from just looking at Garmin Connect uploaded data.  Of course, being a first release – the pickings usually tend to be slim.  After all, most iPhone apps that are now powerhouses in that arena started out with few data fields.  There’s no reason to think that eventually with more development this app wouldn’t end up the same way.

It should be noted that the Garmin iPhone ANT+ adapter is not compatible with the Wahoo Fitness dongle, and more importantly – not compatible with any of the 100+ applications out there today that support the Wahoo Fitness dongle.  In my opinion, I think the ANT+ ecosystem would have benefited from Garmin simply re-branding the Wahoo Fitness dongle (like other companies have done) – rather than creating yet another ANT+ dongle (there are many past entrants here, most eventually ending up dead).

With the app priced at $.99 it’s already priced higher than incredibly popular and free MapMyRun/MapMyRide and RunKeeper apps. And there are of course literally hundreds of other fitness tracking apps out there.  Thus at this time, I’d be leery of the value it delivers compared to other apps out there in the market that are free or of similar price.

I do think that ultimately the accessory will sell well – merely because of the Garmin brand and name recognition.  Ultimately there are tons of creative things that Garmin could do or develop to make this accessory unique.  For example – adding ANT+ Forerunner download support like Wahoo has done.  Or an assortment of other ANT+ enabled functions like Geocaching with the ANT+ enabled Chirp.  But we didn’t seem to see those being delivered in the first generation, which ultimately would have significantly differentiated this app from the already crowded field.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any questions, feel free to post below.  Additionally, with the app just launching in the Android store today as well – I’ll look to update this review in the near future for that also.

Found this review useful?  Here’s how you can help support future reviews with just a single click!  Read on…

Hopefully you found this review useful.  At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device.  The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so it’s a fair bit of work (and labor of love).  As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well.

I’ve partnered with Clever Training to offer all DC Rainmaker readers an exclusive 10% discount across the board on all products (except clearance items).  In the event you for some reason decide to, you can pickup the Garmin FIT ANT+ Adapter below (honestly, again, buy the Wahoo one instead).  Then receive 10% off of everything in your cart by adding code DCR10BTF at checkout.  By doing so, you not only support the site (and all the work I do here) – but you also get a sweet discount.  And if you happen to spend more than $75, you get free US shipping as well.

Garmin ANT+ iPhone Adapter

Additionally, you can also use Amazon to purchase the unit (though, no discount).  Or, anything else you pickup on Amazon helps support the site as well (socks, laundry detergent, cowbells).  If you’re outside the US, I’ve got links to all of the major individual country Amazon stores on the sidebar towards the top.  Though, Clever Training also ships there too and you get the 10% discount.

Thanks for reading!  And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible.  And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below.  Thanks!

Finally, I’ve written up a ton of helpful guides around using most of the major fitness devices, which you may find useful in getting started with the devices.  These guides are all listed on this page here.

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  1. You can slap me for asking this, I don’t think I saw it though. Will this dongle work exactly like Wahoo Fitness one and could it be used with QALVIN for a Quarq?

    Thanks Ray!

    • Assaf


      Did this Q receive a reply?
      I also am wondering whether the Quarq Qalvin app will work with the Garmin Ant+ adapter.


    • It does not/will not. Only the Wahoo adapter works. Which is simply because the Garmin adapter is fully closed and no other companies can utilize it except Garmin. Whereas the Wahoo adapter is used by close to 200 companies/apps.

  2. When is this due to retail (specifically in the UK)

  3. Just tried the App, but its not accepting my login details for GarminConnect. Anybody else had same issue?

  4. Hi Ray!
    Why do they don’t make an android adapter? All the major phone producers have made the micro-USB a standard so there is no reason not to make an ANT+ micro-USB adapter for android phones.

    (As you might suspect, I am an android user.)

  5. Hi Ray!
    Why do they don’t make an android adapter? All the major phone producers have made the micro-USB a standard so there is no reason not to make an ANT+ micro-USB adapter for android phones.

    (As you might suspect, I am an android user.)

  6. Darren

    Sounds great! Would also be fantastic if the iPhone could talk directly with the watch while you ran. E.g. for voice coaching etc.

    I have a FR210. Is it technically possible to link the two and transfer information, or only with the more expensive watches (610 etc)?

  7. Hi,
    thanks for the review.

    Does the Wahoo or Garmin dongle work also on an iPad?


  8. I was in the beginning believing that this would make it possible to get a wahoo type device for a lower price point but if it doesn’t work with other apps it just makes it useless for others. IMHO

  9. Anonymous

    You said that the garmin adaptor and wahoo dongle are not compatible. But is the garmin APP compatible with the wahoo dongle? I like garmin connect a lot better than the map my tri online functionality.

  10. Anonymous

    I have a 610 watch. Will this upload duplicates to garmin connect? May be worth the .99 to access the full data from connect, but I am concerned that the app will upload and then when I get back the 610 will do the same and have 2 entries of the same data.

  11. I actually don´t see the point in using a smartphone (iphone or android) as long as the apps don´t deliver. That´s true for the MapMyRun app as well – as long as it just records training summaries but not the full heart rate / power data…?

  12. Check out this coming app: link to kickstarter.com
    Will definitely get my butt out and running.

  13. DS

    Which case would you recommend for running with an iPhone 4S? I just got the new iPhone and might try one of these apps as a replacement / supplement for my dated GPS watch. But I don’t want to drop the iPhone.

  14. Rob

    I’m really curious also if the app will work with the Wahoo dongle. I have an Ipod Touch and wouldn’t mind using it with the Garmin App when working out indoors, but I’d rather not be limited by the Garmin dongle to only Garmin ant+ accessories. I also prefer Garmin Connect a lot over other sites.

  15. Hi All-

    Answering some quick questions:

    1) Is Garmin App compatible with Wahoo Dongle?

    No, as noted above it is not (tried). The Garmin Fit app will not work with the existing Wahoo dongles.

    2) Is Garmin Dongle compatible with existing Wahoo support apps?

    Same as well, they are not compatible (Yup, tried that too). The Garmin dongle will ONLY work with the Garmin Fit app.

    3) Is the Garmin Dongle compatible with the iPad?

    Yup, works just fine. Though app is not written for iPad, so it runs like an iPhone app in the middle, or you can tap to zoom it.

    Thanks all!

  16. Felipe

    This looks great…anybody knows of an ANT+ device that can act as a GPS Antenna? Does the interface support this type of communication?
    The reason for such a device would be open water swimming. Hopefully something small that you hook to the goggles strap and allows for precise GPS reception.
    With devices like the 910xt there is a benefit of keeping it in the wrist (cadence measurement)…

  17. This is sad, at least 3 different ANT+ adapters on the market and the apps do not work interchangeably. Major opportunity missed. Imagine if your wifi adapter only worked with a particular brand of laptop or wireless station. Apps need to work with different hardware.

  18. Forgive me, but I really don’t get it. Why would I ever want to run with an iPhone attached to me? I get all the same data from a Garmin and I can even upload it when I get home or get to the car via the Wahoo dongle. Why would I want to drag around the weight/size of an iPhone? I really don’t understand the upside.

  19. It doesn’t sound like it works with power meters…at least I didn’t see it in the article.

    Did I miss something or is Garmin reaaally not going to make it fully ANT+ capable.

  20. RE: Duplicate uploads

    No, as of now – either you record a session on your phone or on your FR610 (any devices). So there wouldn’t be a duplicate scenario unless you recorded a given run on both your phone and your device at the same time.

    Because you cannot upload today from the FR610 to Garmin’s Fit app (only using the Wahoo app), you wouldn’t have to worry about a duplicate scenario in uploading from the Garmin Fit app to GC…since that functionality doesn’t exist. 😉

    RE: Why you’d want to wear phone

    For a very large segment of the population who don’t own a GPS watch, thier iPhone/iPod is a logical extension. Today RunKeeper has 6 million active users – an astounding number for a single application dedicated to running with their phone. It’s also a lot cheap. Folks grab a $20 armband and they’re good to go with a $1 or free app. Far cheaper than a baseline $125 Garmin GPS, or more common $250-$400 watch. It’s not for everyone of course, as there are numerous drawbacks – but there are also numerous advantages, such as live tracking, etc…

    RE: ANT+ GPS device

    While there is an ANT+ GPS Device Profile, there are today no ANT+ GPS standalone devices on the market that I’m aware of. I think the market direction is towards integrated devices that simply do a better job of swimming (i.e. like the FR910XT in openwater).

    RE: Power meters

    Today the Garmin Fit App does not support power meters.

  21. Sounds interesting. I would pay the 99c just to be able to view my Garmin Connect data on my iPad! (Presumably the App is iPad friendly)
    In the interest of cross testing it would be great if you could test this with the bushido test to see if you can capture live data (HR speed cadence wattage) straight from Bushido to Garmin Connect. That would be worthwhile!

  22. Too bad that it doesn´t support power meter.
    I would love to have a good app (preferable android and to buy the SE active to use instead of Garmin 500/800)
    Which is the best power meter app for Android?

  23. I have downloaded the application Garmin fit for iPhone. When I go to my garmin account through the application, all the distances of my workouts or race are equals to 0 kilometers. Have you the same problems ?
    (garmin fit v1.0 frnch version)

  24. Anonymous

    Same problem with the Danish version. You Can se the distance from individual laos but the total distance is 0 km. Likewise, HR from garmin connect is not transfered

  25. I really like the Strava app. No ANT+ support on the mobile app, but it does produce segment matching (ranking activity versus other users on the same geographical course segments, like hills or popular trails) and nice pacing plots versus distance. Version 1.0 defaults uploads to cycling (which can then be fixed on the web site) but I understand this will be fixed in version 2. For ANT+ sport data, it still requires web-based uploads, for example from a Garmin Edge 500.

  26. Anonymous

    why both? Easy, a garmin watch doesn’t play music or podcasts very well. I run with both my iphone in an amphipod pouch and the garmin 610. I also use runkeeper for its online and even use runmeter as well because it dumps every run to my google calendar. A bit over the top I suppose, but I have learned lots of lessons from having all data in one program and then it becomes obsolete and your data is gone. Sounds like it would make no sense to use a garmin watch AND this app at the same time, but in fact I think a few of the other more mature iphone apps do make sense–just my opinion for what its worth

  27. RE: Problems with zero distances – I’m not seeing it my account (all the above screenshots were from my account).

    RE: Double dipping

    Ahh, makes sense. I agree with your final conclusion that a program aimed at a more detailed musical experiance while running makes more sense. Currently the Garmin Fit app is pretty slim on the music options.

  28. FYI – To those folks having the zero problem with activies on GC, I’ve been told that a simply refresh of your screen should fix it. I’ve also been told the bug is set for an upcoming update.

  29. Installed the app yesterday. Seems very basic feature wise. Maybe ver 2 will improve on that.


    Do you know of any of these Android apps that would make use of the barometric altimeter of the Xperia active ?

    I am seriously considering the Xperia active as my next mobile phone. It has all the hw features like ant+ and barometer for serious use as a bike computer. But if none of the apps make use of these features there seems little reason to get it.

    The barometer feature seems to come to other devices like Motorola Xoom and the new Android 4 Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Should add interest to enable it among those app developers like RunKeeper etc.

  30. Darren

    Hi Ray!

    Refresh doesn’t fix it for me unfortunately. Guess I’ll have to wait for the update. Perhaps only a problem for overseas users? (i’m in Australia)

    Any word on if the FR210 can talk to the iPhone through the dongle?

  31. Same 0.0KM distance issue for me. Have deleted and reinstalled the app and this doesn’t help. Also no chart data, I guess this is because it has no distance. I’m in the UK.

    Annoying as I only bought the app to view GC as I train with a 310xt.

  32. I am looking for an iphone app that will allow me to enter my bike, runs AND weight training. So I would be able to enter exercises / sets as well as pick up heartrate, distance, etc. Looks like this won’t do it, right? Do you know of any? I am desperate as my iPhone weight app seems to be dead with iOS5.

    I am looking at the Motorola Motoactv and hoping (obviously not iPhone), Even that is already questionable as can’t wear the heartrate earphones on the bike. Love to see the review if you do one.

    Please help on the iPhone app.!


  33. If anyone is still having 0 distance issues, try to sign out and sign back in. Go to Setting in the app then hit the Sign Out option at the top. Then, hit Sign In.

    For iPhone users, you might want to exit and kill the app from the multitasking view (double tap Home) just to be sure you are launching the app fresh after signing out but before you sign back in.

  34. Have tired logging in and out, even deleted and reinstalled the app – doesn’t make any difference.

  35. Tried the Android version. All distances are null. Some Force Close.
    Speed is in mn/km (not km/h) even for Bike. Can’t see the cadence.
    GaCoMo is better for now .

  36. JonT

    @DC Rainmaker: It is a nice and timely review. Agree that each of these Apps has its pros and cons. Even this is the initial version, it already has the proper concept of lap and in-app iPod control which till now Runkeeper does not have yet.

    I do have one question: does the Garmin ANT+ iphone adapter compatible with 3rd party heart rate monitoring belt?

    Garmin official website only mentioned support of its own devices… 🙁

  37. Anonymous

    Ray, you mentioned that others have re-branded the wahoo dongle – what other companies have done so?

    I am hoping to be able to pick one up through retail channels in Canada. Thanks.

  38. Hey there!

    Molly from Wahoo Fitness here. Just wanted to help Ray out with a few Wahoo specific answers to your questions!

    Rafintimor: The Wahoo Key works with iPhones, iPod Touches, and both generations of the iPad.

    Alex: We’re working on solutions for Android phones, so stay tuned!

    Anonymous (October 25, 2011 9:53 AM): You can workout with the Wahoo Fitness app (and hardware) and then upload your stats to your Garmin Connect account online (as well as many other online training platforms!). You can also import the history from your Garmin watch so you can send your stats to Garmin Connect through your iPhone.

    DS: Our Wahoo Bike Case will fit the iPhone 4S and connect to your ANT+ speed/cadence/heart rate/power sensors. It’s water/shock resistent and pretty tough. Then you can connect to your ANT+ sensors (speed/cadence/heart rate/power) and use whichever app you like best.

    Anonymous (October 26, 2011 11:53 AM): You can find them up at MEC!

    If anyone else has Wahoo specific questions feel free to shoot me an email at marketing@wahoofitness.com!

  39. Anonymous

    I have tried everything suggested and is consistently getting the distance zero transfered from Garmin Connect to Garmin Fit. When it comes to other informations it is almost random what come across from Garmin Connect to Garmin Fit.

  40. Anonymous

    The 0 distance problem is related to Settings on the Connect website. If I change my Display Preferences to use Statute, then the problem goes away after I give it some time (20 minutes) and manually refresh.

    I sent an email to the Android app support email address and they confirmed the problem and that a server side fix was in the works so once that server change is pushed it will be fixed the next time you sync.

    • Bruce

      I have the display setting at statute, it does see the steps, may be ten percent at most.
      I am also trying to get the device to calculate calories based on heart rate. Anyone help here?
      Just changed some stuff today so I’ll see if workout changes.
      If it doesn’t do heart rate it is of no use to me. I usually do some cardio, more weights and finish with abs.
      I did buy the foot pod as well as HRM.

  41. Anonymous

    Also, anyone NOT seeing the correct activity type (Running, Cycling, Walking) and seeing Other instead. This is caused by setting the activity to be a sub-type like “Street Running” or “Road Cycling” rather than “Running” or “Cycling”.

    Again, the support email address confirmed the problem and said server fix is in the works so a future refresh will fix it without an app update.

  42. Anonymous

    Wahoomolly: Thank you! it is just down the street from me!

  43. Hi Ray,

    I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention to an app (iPhone/iPad) that I developed and has been on the app store for more than a year.

    It not only downloads data from your Garmin Connect account but you can also transfer .tcx files, .fitlog data from SportTracks, and Polar HRM files.

    The app is here: link to hrmtraininglog.info
    it’s not free but there is a lot in it and there is no other app on the store which competes.

    In about a week a new update will be released which will include a SportTracks plugin for direct connectivity between SportTracks and the app. It will also accept import/export of CSV files so you can save manually entered data.

    It will also soon have a connection with DailyMile and Runkeeper as well as twitter/facebook built-in.

  44. Digifit app (www.digifit.com) is an excellent choice for Iphone app. It uses a Wahoo dongle (ant +) for Heart Rate, Power, Speed Cadence, Footpod. UI is excellent and intuitive. They have a dongle licensed from Wahoo that only works with their app as well for under $50.00. They connect to Fitbit, Withings scale, New Leaf (VO2 max), MyZeo for sleep monitoring. The app is $9.95 and worth every penny. I have at least 30 people from our indoor cycling studio using it and they use it outdoors running as well, email their workouts via one click share and there is a direct upload to Training Peaks. Hasn’t been reviewed here, but it truly is a well thought out and constantly updated app.

  45. Hey Fit On Studios,

    I do have the Digifit free app. and there are several nice features. Integration with Withings scale, and the MyZeo (I have both). But there isn’t weight training tracking – so I did not buy it.

    It would also be nice if they had a better calendar view or you could change the health dashboard to show weight, myzeo score, calories burned all in one.

    I called the Digifit company just today – super nice and the support guy said weight training tracking was something he wanted as well, he uses the notes section to write down his workout. This won’t provide any tracking of progress in weight training over time (increased weight, sets, etc.)

    Right now I use a Suunto Memory belt for swimming and wear it when doing other training and upload the activity to Movescount. There is an iPhone Movescount app recently released which is why I mention it. The iPhone app is very limited and other than indicating a heart beat session was weight training there is no capture of exercises. I use Gymbuddy on Iphone for that.

    So I am still looking for an all in one for iPhone.

  46. Only 30 days of past Garmin Connect data available = epic fail

  47. As anon noted, here’s refresh issue is indeed linked to statue/metric, here’s a bit more info from the Garmin folk on a workaround for the next few days:

    “If a Connect user has Settings on the website set to display distance as meters, then this will happen. So a temporary workaround for users until we can get a fix pushed out (which is looking like Thursday or Friday) is to change their Settings in Connect to display Statute. After that, it will take 10-15 minutes and a manual refresh of the history list (pull down the list in iPhone and menu option on Android) to fix the issues.”

  48. Anonymous

    Changing from metric to statute on the website solve – on my system – not only the zero distance problem, but also the random nature of which other informations are being transfered to the app. Still, however, the tempo chart is never transfered to the app

  49. Anonymous

    Thanks for the info on the zero distance problem, I can easily wait until next week for a fix.

  50. David

    Full Disclosure–I work for/with WahooMolly

    Senior Homer…Most of the Apps will upload automatically to any of a number of sites at the end of a workout from any location with cell service. Additionally, many people workout with their iPhone anyway so being able to consolidate units is a plus. AFAIK, Garmins don’t play music either.
    I can’t speak to all Apps because there are so many I haven’t been able to try them all

    djconnel…Strava is one of the sites that many Apps will upload to. For example, finish a workout and the Wahoo Fitness App gives you the option to upload to any or all of: Training Peaks, Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Garmin Connect, Nike+, MapMyTracks, and will e-mail you the data files in 3 formats (IIRC). iMobileIntervals supports their site, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, Nike+, Dropbox, and Facebook. Upload data will be whatever data the site supports.

    Hope this helps.

    David in New England

  51. Hi Ray,

    I tried the android app on my Xperia Active (thanks for the review).

    I can pair with a Bontrager HRM, but it doesn’t recognise the Garmin speed/cadence sensor. Mapmyride did recognise the spd/cad sensor. I noticed on the Garmin support FAQ for Fit, quote:
    “Although your Android phone may have ANT+ enabled, we cannot guarantee compatibility with ANT+ accessories.”

    Have you (or anyone else reading) tried the Xperia Active with the spd/cad sensor?

  52. Anonymous

    If you were the owner of a Garmin Edge (I have the 500), would you consider the Garmin Fit App + the dongle a substitute? I already have the Garmin HR monitor, speed, and cadence sensors on my bike so it seems to be a good fit. I already ride with my iPhone so that just leaves one less piece of equipment I’d need to have with me on my rides.

  53. FYI to all: The change has been pushed to the server for the fix, which means your activities should now be showing up correctly. Enjoy!

    Hi Anthony-
    RE: Xperia Active with GSC-10

    Strange, I’ll hobble downstairs in a few minutes and try out (just finished hard run). I’ll post back in a bit.

    Hi Anon-
    RE: Edge 500 replacement

    No, unfortunately not. It’d be like trying to replace an 40′ RV (with satellite dish) with one of those Red and Yellow plastic cars that little kids push around their driveways. Roughly.

  54. Hi Anthony-
    RE: GSC-10 with Xperia Active

    Well, I’ve got good news and bad news.

    The good news is I can replicate it. The bad news is…well..I can replicate it. In fact, I’ll even go a step further, I can’t get it to see either the GSC-10 or the Bontrager Duotrap. If I switch over to MapMyFitness, it easily sees both instantly.

    I’ll pass it on…

  55. Anonymous

    The best Android app I’ve found for GPS tracking is AllSportGPS at http://www.AllSportGPS.com. It can be configured to list almost any stat you want, and has an auto-stop feature which works really well. Using auto-stop, it calculates active and inactive time, average speed, etc. To compensate for GPS elevation inaccuracies it will optionally use topo data when you upload to their web site. Very nice app and works on Blackberry too.

  56. Bill W

    I tried this app today for 2 bike rides. I believe its giving absurdly high calorie readings. 591 calories for a 6.7 mile, 25 minute ride? AllSport gps gave me 358, seems much more reasonable.

  57. Anonymous

    Garmin has a track record of being very “closed”. A lot of small events are publishing their track by a link to a recording on Garmin Connect. However, that makes it impossible to export the track as a file, unless you own a Garmin device.
    Garmin – shame on you! 🙁

  58. I may be in the minority, but I’m very interested in the dongles just to be able to upload data from my Garmin devices without a PC (better yet, from a parking lot seconds after a race). I have a FR910XT on order, and it will be my first Garmin that can upload via ANT+ instead of usb. I’d love to be able to avoid plugging an ANT+ dongle into my PC and instead have it send data to my iphone/pad and it upload it. Questions:
    1 – sounds like this is NOT possible with the garmin dongle yet – right?
    2 – sounds like it IS possible with the wahoo dongle – right?
    3 – any advice on what app is best for that specific task with wahoo? i.e. just talking to the watch, grabbing data and sending it to Garmin connect etc. Is the wahoo native app the simplest for this approach?

  59. answered my own question. Sounds like a yes to all of the above… and I imagine wahoo will add the 910XT to supported devices as soon as they can (purely speculative… )
    link to dcrainmaker.com

  60. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll check it again when there’s an update for the Garmin Fit Android app in the market.

  61. Has anyone else seen accuracy issues with the iPhone app, specifically distance and calories. Distance low and calories. Also noticed my sensors would drop from the app during exercise. Would like to see Tanita scale support.

  62. Ray,

    Just an update, I updated the ANT+ radio service on the Xperia Active, and now the Fit app recognises both the Garmin HRM strap, and the GSC-10 sensor. The Fit app is still at v1.0
    go figure!

  63. Luc

    Is there a bicycle case available to hold an iPhone 4 with the Garmin ANT+ connector?

  64. Anonymous

    Is there/will there be support for Tanita BC 1000. It would be nice to use instead of the $200 Ant+ to Wifi adapter.

  65. Have they done any updates yet since this came out? Curious to know if it’s constantly being improved or just thrown together and pushed out there. Tried it a few times on my Android and it’s fairly accurate, but love having the data in GC and the GC data on my phone. The screen data DURING workouts though could use some improvements. I’ll give the “opposite of Forerunner 110” complaint and say it’s strange they show the VERY jumpy current pace, but don’t show average pace and no way to add it. I’d MUCH rather have average pace since pace (current pace) jumps around WAY too much. If you wait for autolap or just hit lap you get a 2nd screen that DOES have something labled “avg pace” but is this really avg. pace or a mislabled “lap pace” instead? I bet it’s lap pace based on it’s placement on the lap screen. With that said it’s still a better metric than the Pace (current pace) on the main screen, but you can’t access it until you’ve completed a lap or hit the lap button. SOOO on a run it’s best to hit the lap button right after your underway to give you more data options LOL kinda clunky but it’s a start.

  66. Can I use the Garmin Ant+ adaptor with a Suunto M5???

  67. Can I use the Garmin iPhone ANT+ Adapter for Trainerroad.com?

  68. Ken

    I use Ascent on my Mac, but would like to have a log of my runs on my iPhone. I don’t need the iPhone for actual running; I use a FR210 for that. Will the Fit app download all my runs from Garmin Connect? I don’t mind uploading my runs to GC at the same time as “syncing” with Ascent on the desktop. I use “syncing” in quotes since Ascent, still my favorite Mac app to log my runs, is hardly maintained anymore, same with the iPhone app. I will not spend $10 on something I don’t know if it will ever be updated.


  69. Ken

    Oh, just saw that it only shows the last 30 days from GC. No sale. 🙁

  70. Anonymous

    Does anybody know whether this dongle will fit in the connector cutout of a typical hardcase/bumper/etc? I don’t want to take the phone out every time to attach the Garmin adapter. If it is bigger in diameter that the Wahoo dongle, however, I’m in doubt.

  71. Hi I was just wondering I have a Polar HRM and Watch and I was wondering if the Garmin would pick that signal up or do you have to have the GARMIN heart rate monitor for this to work?

  72. Hi Anon-

    No, it does not fit within the typical bumpber, it must be removed.

    Hi Kerrington-

    No, it would not. Only accessible with ANT+ accessories, Polar uses their W.I.N.D. protocal (or, in some of their newer units BT or BTLE) – but either way, neither are compat with the Garmin unit. Sorry!

  73. FWIW – I got tired of removing my bumper to use the wahoo dongle, so I modified it with a Dremel and a small bit. First I tried to use a razor knife, but I quickly destroyed the case – they are too delicate. With the dremel, however, I was able to easily widen the aperature, and there is ample rigidity left to keep the case stable. Not having to take it off/on alone lessens the risk of damage substantially. This was a big win.

  74. Anonymous

    so this dongle will not enable my iphone/ipad to download workouts from my forerunner 310xt? Any update on whether they are working on this feature? seems a pretty major oversight.
    Assuming I should go straight for the wahoo dongle if I only want to this to transfer files from my forerunner… right?

  75. No, for uploads to Garmin Connect from your FR310XT you’ll need the Wahoo variant instead. But, you can still use this app afterwards to simply look at the data on your phone.

    I do expect to see more updates to the app over time, but we’ll have to see exactly what shakes out.

    • Henrik

      Hi Rainmaker,

      Any news from Garmin about enabling upload from FR310XT to iPhone with their iPhone adapter attached?

      Have still not understood why the feature is disabled when the adapter is branded Garmin while the feature is enabled when it is branded Wahoo – to my knowledge those are the exact same devices.

      Hope to hear some great news about this topic, since I have spend 60$ for that currently useless Garmin device.


    • DC Rainmaker

      Nothing has changed there. And I’m not optimistic at this point that we will see a change.

      The hardware is similar, but not exactly the same as the Garmin unit has blocks in place to prohibit other apps from using it.

  76. Sorry if this has already been asked but i could not see an answer. Does this work with the Garmin USB ANT Agent stick

  77. Is there a way that using this app I can start the music automatically when I hit start? I can’t be fumbling around with several buttons when the gun sounds (yes i like music when i race)… and/or i can’t see the screen well b/c of the sun. Runtracker app does this, however it’s been off lately, so I’m looking to move on. Otherwise, this seems to be perfect since it syncs with my 305.

    Also, what is the benefit of getting the Ant+? It seems like it records GPS without it. Am i missing something?

    thanks for your help and for all your reviews!

  78. MichaelM

    Thanks for the review (and the rest on your site).

    Based on the Sony Xperia Active review I went out and got one. Nice phone for “being sporty” with. I like the fact that it is waterproof, fairly small and has Ant+.

    I’m struggling to find a suitable app to record HR, speed+cadence and power from my SRM on the bike. Various apps can see various devices.

    The Garmin fit app sees the HR strap right away but does not find the Garmin GSC-10. I was surprised to not see an option to enable power either in this app.

    Any news on getting the app to see the speed/cadence sensor and if the app will ever be able to record power?

    What is the best app for recording HR and power?

    Thanks for the great posts and useful info.

  79. If (like me) you mostly use the Garmin Fit app to view your training history from Garmin Connect on your iPhone, you might be disappointed that only the most recent workouts are available.

    I wrote a free iPhone App to overcome that limitation and do other stuff like backing up and sharing my Garmin Data. Check it out: http://www.rungap.com

  80. Ken

    Hi, Kristian. Looks really nice! Only problem is that it downloaded a lot of incorrect titles for my runs. Most are not even mine. No idea where they came from.

  81. Thanks Ken,

    If no title is found for a workout the app will automatically pick a title from the most recent previous workout on the same track or alternatively look up the names of places along the route. Likewise, when you edit the title of a workout, the app will look for similar workouts and offer to rename them as well.

    Feel free to post comments and suggestions at http://support.rungap.com.

  82. swat


    I’m planning on gettting the Garmin foot pod, will I be able to connect to my iphone directly, without a watch? Also, upload this to Garmin connect and view a .csv file later? What parameters will the .csv file show?

  83. Vidal

    Hi Ray,
    Will the foot pod provide current running cadence even when the GPS is active? If so, have you found that most devices have this functionality?(those that can pair w/ a foot pod)

    Thanks for your excellent site and information!

  84. Thanks for the info on the zero distance problem, I can easily wait until next week for a fix.

  85. Bert

    I have the Garmin 910 with HR, Foot pod and cadence senser. Will this enable me to upload workouts from my iPad 2 to Garmin Connect?

  86. I just noticed that Android Garmin Fit app stores more samples of HR data than FR70 does. (If I record with both devices, I can see the difference even in Garmin Connect) Well, it can be useful if you are going to analyze data somehow… but most users wouldn’t care 🙂

  87. Anonymous

    i use garmin fir on my iphone and have a garmin connect account on which i manage my rides BUT i do not get the pace screen on my app, just the summary screen. can anyone help me find out why?


  88. Ian Lloyd

    I have and iPhone 4S and a Garmin Ant. Is there an App or away of reconfiguring garmin fit to display heart rate, speed, time, average speed and cadence on the same screen.



  89. Hi!

    Does it work with RunKeeper?


  90. Janine

    I just got the Garmin Ant adapter, i have iPhone 5 so using it with with 30 pin to lighting adapter, when i first plugged it in it identified that i didn’t have the Garmin connect app, got the app and Garmin Fit, my workouts are not transferring from my FR70 – there is no “sensor” tab in the settings like in your pics – any ideas how I can get this to work?

    • Janine

      Okay so I found the sensor link it is in the activity setup part, so I scanned and it set up ok for use as a hr monitor from the FR70 all good but how do I get my workouts to transfer from the watch when I get back from exercise when I don’t want to take the phone? I lost my Ant stick that came with the watch so thought the iPhone ant adapter would give me a mobile solution for uploading my workouts

    • No, the Garmin Fit adapter doesn’t upload from any Garmin devices unfortunately. One of the primary reasons I really recommend the Wahoo adapter instead (I don’t recommend the Garmin Fit adapter at all actually).

  91. Janine

    Seriously Garmin is flogging something off that does only half a job i have a $50 bit of plastic they call an iPhone adaptor that is useless – wish i had found your blog before i got it!

  92. Les

    Hi, I have bought a garmin for 310xt and a wahoo ant+ dongle to plug into my ipad. Wahoo fitness connects to the ant+ dongle as it states its connected and it also says that it can see the 310xt garmin device but when it comes to pairing it will not. I have double checked the 310xt has pairing enabled but I cannot pair the device to wahoo fitness to download my data. Could anybody steer me in the right direction please? Thanks……..

  93. Ricardo

    El garmin Fit funciona con el ant de wahoo

    The Garmin Fit works with the Wahoo ant

    • Umm, it doesn’t. At least as of 1 minute it doesn’t for me (just tested it). That would seem to be a bit of a change of direction, given the point of the Garmin Fit app is to get you to buy the Garmin adapter.

  94. Joe

    I got the Digifit version of this and report that this only works with the Digifit app. For uploading of workouts to Garmin Connect or even Strava, this is pretty much worthless even though I got it for $30 on eBay.

    Bottom line get the Wahoo version.

  95. I read every post you make and I forgot this post 🙁 I’ve just bought this adapter to use with the Tacx Cycling app for iPad and I’ve realized it doesn’t work just after trying it on my iPad. Wasted time and money. The Garmin App isn’t even worth its ridiculous price and Garmin has never taken it seriously. In fact Garmin has never taken seriously any sports app for iPhone/iPad.
    Thanks for the review 🙂

  96. Renata

    Reading the comments, I am struggling to see what the point of the gamin ant+ adapter is. I see two possible advantages:-
    1. You don’t need a watch, so effectively it is a cheap option of using your iphone instead of having two devices
    2. Does it enable you to access GPS free like a watch? To use GPS on a phone you need a data connection, and this costs.

    Can anyone confirm the GPS useage when using garmin ant+ and iphone?

  97. Brian

    Got this as an early xmas present to help get through the winter training season. Just curious if there is a way to calibrate my foot pod with this for when I am on the treadmill?

  98. Holger

    I just bought the Wahoo Dongle but it can’t find my Garmin 910xt on iPad or iPhone / any thoughts?

  99. Nikos_

    I’ve just been informed by Wahoo that they have discontinued the Garmin Watch import for the Wahoo Fitness app