My 2011 Season Race Schedule

Each year about this time I detail out my race plan for the year.  Normally ‘about this time’ is closer to the beginning of January…but this year it ended up being just a wee bit later.  Just had to have a moment to breathe and think about exactly what I wanted to do this year.

After taking last year to do shorter distance events, which meshed better with my travel schedule – I’m looking to get back into some longer distance stuff this year – something which the below schedule reflects.  So without further rambling, let’s get cookin’ with what I’ve got on the docket.

March: Washington DC St. Patrick’s Day 8K

stPatricksLike last year, I’ll start things off with the running side.  Being March, it’s still too cold to get yourself wet outdoors here (ok, ignoring the Polar Bear dips).  So instead I’ll run my butt off in a big circle around the touristy areas of DC.  Last year I ran this same race and kicked out at sub-30 run (thus, sub-6-minute-miles) – so I’m hoping to better it.  Though, with my training plan slightly behind schedule this year compared to last year due to all the recent travel – this might be a wee bit tough.

Anyway, deets are: Sunday, March 13th, 2011 – Washington DC

April: Rumpus in Bumpass Olympic Triathlon – WashDC Area

VTSContinuing the previous year trend, both The Girl and I will be returning to the Bumpass grounds for some Rumpus action.  Last year, we had our epic RV rental trip as part of this.  And while we haven’t quite decided if we’ll sport some motorhome flashiness this year – I can guarantee that the first triathlon of the year will probably be full of lesson’s learned.  It always seems that way anyway…

This race is on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 about 90 minutes south of DC

May: Escape from Fort Delaware Olympic Triathlon – Delaware

FtDelawareThis one will be a new one for me…never raced in Delaware to my knowledge (well, except perhaps on I-95 headed to NYC).  This triathlon includes a point to point river swim which is supposedly pretty challenging.  Following that we’ll get onto a flat and relatively fast bike and run course.  This should be pretty fun and the weather that time of year should be warm…but not yet too warm – making for a great day.

Full race details: Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 in Delaware City, DE

June: Ironman Boise 70.3 – Boise, Idaho

BoiseIdaho you say?  Yup…Idaho!  It’s relatively close by to my home state of Washington State – so I’m familiar with the weather that time of year around there.  Further – and most interestingly – it’s a rare 70.3 race that starts at 12PM.  Yup, a noon start time.  Awesome!  Looking forward to it  Temperatures should be exactly as I like them.  This is my ‘A’ race for triathlons this year.  I’m not aiming for a 70.3 Championship slot – I’m instead looking to better my previous 70.3 PR by a little bit.  Somewhere in the 4:30 range would be ideal.

Full race details: Saturday, June 11th, 2011 in Boise, Idaho

July: The Great Wedding Race!

Wedding-Icon_I-Did-I-DoSimple enough…we’re getting married!  While the wedding itself is at the beginning of the month, once you combine that with a honeymoon we’ve effectively whacked July off the race calendar – at least from a ‘properly trained standpoint’.  Still, somehow I think I’ll make do without a race this month. ;)


August: Luray Sprint Triathlon – Luray, VA

LurayWhile this one’s not quite set in stone – it seems pretty likely.  I like the area around Luray and have trained here quite a bit in the past on this course…but never actually raced it myself.  The swim is in a small pond, but the bike course has some pretty nasty climbs in it…which…sound perfect to me!

Full race details:  Sunday, August 14th, 2011 in Luray, VA

September: The Unknown 10K – Undisclosed Location

1147438_question_mark_iconAt some point between now and…well…then…I’ll figure out a 10K-ish race for September.  Luckily, since 99% of 10K’s don’t require 9 months advance registration – I should be good here making a decision later on.  This is ideally suited to fit into the build towards Philly two months later.  But, I’ll let this one ultimately be a game-day…err…month decision as to when and where.


October: Army 10-Miler- Washington DC

ArmyTenMilerLogoI’ve raced this event most years – though recently I haven’t actually ‘raced’ it but rather ‘participated’ in it.  This time around I’m looking to set a PR here in the 10-mile event, going into my final ‘A’ running event a month later.  For those in the DC area, this is a huge event with some 20,000-30,000 folks – starting and ending at the Pentagon – and one that’s typically well timed as a lead in for other area races.

All the goodness: Sunday, October 9th, 2011 – Washington DC

November: Philadelphia Marathon – Philadelphia, PA

Marathon%20LogoI’m returning to my marathon PR grounds to try and give it another go.  My last non-Ironman marathon was at Philly three years prior to this – where I qualified for Boston with a 2:54.  I’m looking to better that and see if I can slice off about 5 minutes.  I think it’s in the cards if I get the right day weather-wise.  Really looking forward to it!

The full monty: Sunday, November 20th, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA

November Part II: Turkey Trots!

TurkeyWhat?!?  Did you think I’d forget the Turkey Trots?  Nevah!  That’s like the pinnacle of my racing season!  Well, at least my costume-racing season anyway.  I’ll be wearing my usual Turkey costume for what is my customary double-dip in turkey trots.  First the always painful balls-to-the-wall 5K, followed up by a more relaxed 5-Miler (actually, it wasn’t that relaxing at all last time…)

All historical details are here…but essentially Thanksgiving Day 2011…two trots!

Wrap up

So there ya have it!  My 2011 race schedule in all its glory!  Of course, now I’ve gotta get out my little plastic cards and get a clickin’ on the registration sites.  After all, triathlons around these parts (and most parts these days), sell out pretty quickly!


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  1. Have you considered getting a road bike and doing some of the road races in the area? There are half a dozen very good criterium events in the Washington area and some rather interesting time trials if you don’t want to shell out for a road bike.

    (yes, I’m hoping to make a roadie out of you)

  2. What a great lookin’ race season!

  3. In case you need lodging in Newark, DE hit me up. (Thought I’d give back for all the awesome reviews you’ve done)

  4. Awesome, Ray, I’ll be at IM Boise 70.3 too, though much slower and farther behind. :)

  5. AHAHHHHHHH, i need to sign up for triathlons this season too. I didn’t realize they sold out down there like crazy too.

    Solid looking schedule that’s giving me lots of good ideas!

  6. Looks like a fun year ahead!!! I did Boise a couple years ago – the unfortunate part about that afternoon start (it was even later that year) is it allows time for Boise summer wind and thunderstorms to appear. It was a wooly wet windy race with whitecaps on the water. But as I understand it, it was bright and sunny last year so you may be in luck :-)

  7. Looks like you have a good year planned ahead. Have fun preparing and look forward to reading about them.

  8. great 2011 planned. you are a traveling machine!

  9. Looks like a fun schedule with July being the “A” race to focus on.

  10. SSB

    I want to do Boise someday. I am not a morning person or morning exerciser, so I think it would be ideal for me. It’s just too soon after Honu which is the local race.

  11. I am happy for ya. 1. That is a great race schedule and 2. Congrats on getting hitched.

  12. A race a month? Serious Ray? Race as much as you can before you and the (soon to be) wife start a family. That is an amazing list! Too bad there aren’t any in WA State, we might cross paths!

  13. Hey Ray-
    Just signed up for Boise…I’ll see you there. Should be fun! I hope the weather is nice.

  14. Ever considered coming to Norway for the Norseman?

  15. Saw that you didn’t have a 10K for September yet, you should totally sign up for the Cow Harbor Race 10K in Northport Long Island, NY. My best friend’s father is recognized in the race as the creator of the staggered start and this year, my friend also designed the shirt! Check it out!

  16. What’s your 2012 race season going to include?