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My 2014 Race Schedule….Roughly.

It’s slightly past that time of year, again, but, I figured I’d give a quick overview of some of the races I’ve got on the calendar for the upcoming year.  As is usually the case, the events I ultimately end … Read More Here

Reminder and tips: The triathlon registration season is upon us

Yesterday I was sifting through a slew of e-mail messages in what I’d consider a bit of a ‘junk’ e-mail account – essentially one I use for things like race registration (who really needs that Brightroom holiday photo offer for … Read More Here

How to select your races for next year

It’s that time of the year where the triathlon events start to go on sale for next year, and also the time of year where you’ve got to pick and choose how to structure your season.  In some ways, how … Read More Here

Training and scheduling for a long season

This weekends fun on the trainer got me thinking a bit about advice around training for a triathlon season that extends well into the fall.  When one looks at a typical triathlon season it tends to follow the weather in … Read More Here

My 2011 Season Race Schedule

Each year about this time I detail out my race plan for the year.  Normally ‘about this time’ is closer to the beginning of January…but this year it ended up being just a wee bit later.  Just had to have … Read More Here