Giveaway Extravaganza: SRAM Quarq RIKEN Power Meter


Your long wait is over.  It’s here.  That’s right…..It’s Power Meter time!  Behold the SRAM Quarq Riken.  Let the wagering begin.  All you have to wager is a comment, so it’s not really a wager; more like just a…well, a comment.

We gave away one of these last year and had well over 3,000 people vying for the chance to own this puppy.  But, alas, this year, just like last year; only one of you will win.  But don’t let the odds deter you; you can’t win if you don’t play.  Good luck!

Giveaway Opens: 2:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: SRAM Quarq Riken Power Meter In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10MHD to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Stephen


  2. Dennis B

    Be lucky!

  3. Sam

    Please give it to me, my powertap quit last fall.

  4. Jordan R.

    Looks like fun!

  5. Samantha


  6. Geoff

    Thanks Ray!

  7. Kevin Johnson

    Yes please

  8. Felix E

    I’ve got the power!

  9. federico


  10. Maria de Lourdes Macias Arias

    Looks great for my training

  11. Jeff Sammon

    Yes, yes, yes!!!

  12. Maryann

    I DEFINITELY need this!!!

  13. Pawel

    count me in

  14. Mayra

    Team Zombie!

  15. Matthias

    That’s exactly what I was looking for :)

  16. Andrew McCabe

    Definitely want to win this one!

  17. Ashley Kolb


  18. Mike D

    In. Looks great

  19. Gary Pigott

    Me please!

  20. Steven Wiens

    One vote for me.

  21. Tom lang

    Please and Thankyou

  22. Mike

    Me, please me

  23. Roberts

    I always wanted power!

  24. Thomas Strande

    This is exactly what I need to take my training to the next level!

  25. Chris Woosnam-Savage

    I need this in my life! :)

  26. Paul

    that would be cool to have!

  27. Frank

    Count me in!!

  28. Eric G.

    I hope I win!

  29. nikos

    hi from Athens Greece

  30. Krista Johnson

    More power!!

  31. Thomas

    First post?

  32. yannick

    power meter is ok for me

  33. Stewart Nisbet

    Yes please!

  34. Mike

    just give me this one!!!!

  35. Matt Farra

    Do want!

  36. Ken Miner

    Yes please!

  37. nicolas

    El mejor!

  38. Tyler


  39. ariel

    luis suarez is hungry!

  40. Jakub


  41. Damon

    In! In! In!

  42. Tim

    Maybe if I enter them all I might have a better chance

  43. Steve E

    Power meter

  44. josh

    Would be great to have one of these!!

  45. Christopher Larson

    Power would be awesome!

  46. conor

    yes please :)

  47. Steve Duval


  48. dixie king

    Would love this!!

  49. J_T


  50. Edin smajlovic

    YESSSS please

  51. Michael

    I want the power!!!

  52. Mansi Gupta

    Count me in!

  53. Stephen Murphy

    Hell yes!

  54. Louise Mortensen

    I like that for my gear

  55. MT

    I’ll take 1

  56. I wonder watt I would do with this.

  57. Aric

    Hot! Count me in!

  58. Robert

    Woo Hoo…I need one of these…

  59. Jarrod

    I need this more than Justin does!

  60. Sam

    Show me the power.

  61. Keith

    That would go very nicely with my kit.

  62. Beckie


  63. Jesse Dewey

    One last chance.

  64. Emilio

    I want one of those :)

  65. Dominique

    Very generous

  66. mander

    Power meter? Yes please!

  67. Bryan Thomson

    Lovin all this bike stuff

  68. John


  69. Lee Short

    Power on!

  70. Here it is, my comment.

  71. JimL


  72. Steven P

    Nice! I need a power meter

  73. Kyle K


  74. Stephanie

    Pick me please! This would be really sweet to Have1

  75. Johnny Hsu

    pick me!!

  76. Olli


  77. Paul Schwartz

    Thank you!

  78. Rich

    This is awesome!

  79. Sebastien

    Why not?!

  80. Vincent D


  81. Paras

    Thank you!

  82. Douglas

    Yes please!!!

  83. TheBigYin

    This Giveaway reminds me of the rant at the end of the Tubes Song – What Do You Want from Life…

    Well, you can’t have that, but if you’re an American citizen you are entitled to:
    a heated kidney shaped pool,
    a microwave oven–don’t watch the food cook,
    a Dyna-Gym–I’ll personally demonstrate it in the privacy of your own home,
    a king-size Titanic unsinkable Molly Brown waterbed with polybendum,
    a foolproof plan and an airtight alibi,
    real simulated Indian jewelry,
    a Gucci shoetree,
    a year’s supply of antibiotics,
    a personally autographed picture of Randy Mantooth
    and Bob Dylan’s new unlisted phone number,
    a beautifully restored 3rd Reich swizzle stick,
    Rosemary’s baby,
    a dream date in kneepads with Paul Williams,
    a new Matador, a new mastodon,
    a Maverick, a Mustang, a Montego,
    a Merc Montclair, a Mark IV, a meteor,
    a Mercedes, an MG, or a Malibu,
    a Mort Moriarty, a Maserati, a Mac truck,
    a Mazda, a new Monza, or a moped,
    a Winnebago–Hell, a herd of Winnebago’s we’re giving ’em away,
    or how about a McCulloch chainsaw,
    a Las Vegas wedding,
    a Mexican divorce,
    a solid gold Kama Sutra coffee pot,
    or a baby’s arm holding an apple?

    Personally, I’d take the Power Meter over the Gucci Shoe-Tree :-)

  84. Haukur


  85. Kathleen

    Pretty please!

  86. Matous

    Interesting this thing…

  87. David Burns

    I could use a power meter

  88. Jaakko

    I’m ready!

  89. Panos

    Good luck everyone!

  90. Hugo Noronha

    Wow! Nice power meter

  91. Jean-Paul


  92. DaiPao

    press on the pedals and see the force

  93. Mary Wiens

    I could use one of those.

  94. Awesome…wattage!

  95. Donal

    And here we go again!

  96. Giuseppe Belotti

    I’m in!

  97. Dawn Ginzl

    Yes, please!!

  98. Steve

    I believe I will win!!!

  99. Justin

    OH MY GOD!

  100. TF

    Um, yes please.

  101. Chris Ryan

    I’m in!!

  102. beardyweirdy

    I’m power crazed!

  103. I want this!!!

  104. Amanda Law


  105. Peter Shellabarger

    Want it!

  106. Jamie pennell

    I hope the odds are in my favor!!crossing fingers!!!

  107. Moe

    Oh, why not?

  108. khai

    Wow this is cool.

  109. Marc Kirsten

    Good stuff!!!

  110. Jon Palmer

    Feeling Lucky!!!

  111. hans

    sign me up.

  112. Chris Koboldt

    This would be sweet.

  113. Shannon

    I’ll take those odds…

  114. Chris Kuchin

    I want one

  115. Andrea

    Ohhh I really want a power meter!

  116. Mark Wynn-Edwards

    yes please

  117. Ricardo Macias Arias

    I hope I can get it

  118. Jared Baker

    Looks good to me! POWAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  119. Randy Hammons


  120. Madeline

    Looks awesome!

  121. Christof

    This way please

  122. Chris M.

    Count me in!

  123. Tom Billinghurst

    Giggidy g

  124. marc

    Ray is like the Energizer bunny… keeps on going and going and going…. :-) Thanks!

  125. Michael bates

    Here we go!

  126. Michael

    Count me in!!! literally

  127. Jason Atwater

    Rock the Riken!

  128. ale c

    Damelo a mi

  129. CompleteUnknown

    I want it. I need it. :)

  130. AECSUSN

    Yes Please!

  131. Pat ramos

    Sounds great!

  132. Chris McD


  133. Phil Pattenden


  134. C.J.


  135. Niels Thijssen

    Could be very useful for my first Tri-experience in september!! :)

  136. Andrew Crockett

    Power me up!

  137. Mat0x4e

    Hi everyone !

  138. Sharon Howell

    Sounds good :-)

  139. Antti H.

    Enough said.

  140. Benjamin Winter

    Power to the People!

  141. Jürgen

    WIll fit perfect on my bike

  142. Can’t justify buying one for myself, but winning one would be great!

  143. Dr. D

    I’ve got the power!

  144. David R

    That looks awesome!

  145. Bcsteffes

    Love it

  146. Tera


  147. MIke Gathy


  148. stubs

    Yes please x10

  149. Nina Peycke

    I’ve got the POWER!

  150. Magne

    This will suit me just perfect :)

  151. Marco Tremblay

    Boom !

  152. Chad Beert

    Give me power!

  153. Brian Harris

    put a quarq in it

  154. Tamsin Douglas

    Thanks for doing this!

  155. jazzar


  156. Tovi


  157. Brian

    My wager… I bet my power would increase if I had a power meter to train with!

  158. bycho

    take it or leave it!

  159. Adam Zucker

    I can only hope…

  160. Rob


  161. Marcin K

    let’s try :)

  162. Daniel

    Count me in!

  163. Krystel Perez

    Please, I can use it

  164. Laura

    Yes please!

  165. rm2000


  166. cmb

    Would LAAV this!

  167. Mark

    Would be great on the new bike!!

  168. Sam


  169. lepadatu

    fingers cross !

  170. Luke Martinez

    Please pick me!!

  171. Eric S.


  172. Scott Trice


  173. Stephan

    Very nice indeed

  174. derNate

    Hi Ray, count me in please,

  175. marco

    I really need this!!

  176. Bill H.

    Power to the people!

  177. Leslie

    Ahhhh!!! So exciting!

  178. matthew jochym


  179. Kenneth

    My bike needs this :)

  180. Colin

    I would love that!

  181. Antti

    Gimme dat

  182. Keegan

    My comment is wagered.

  183. Elizabeth Fine

    Please pick me!

  184. Sam

    Oooo! Me me me me!

  185. Jan


  186. David

    I just bought a Power2Max, but I could move that to my commuter bike. This looks nice.

  187. eric

    Count me in.

  188. Ritu

    I am in.

  189. Vien

    Let’s see if I have a chance.

  190. Curt

    Here we go again!!

  191. Peter G

    Wow this would be awesome to win.

  192. Zeus


  193. Tonny Madsen

    Yes, please

  194. F.B.

    Power for all

  195. Erika

    Ja tack!

  196. Robin

    This would do quite nicely.

  197. corey

    Yes need So bad

  198. Stefan Wallström

    Very nice

  199. Greg C

    Yes Please, I would die a happy man if I won this!!!!! Cheers Ray

  200. Chris

    Yes, I need a power meter!!

  201. Jeremy


  202. Greg


  203. Philip Cumbus

    Yes please. This would be ace. many thanks

  204. Andrey

    Can’t wait to have a power meter!

  205. fuzzy

    Am I in? Thanks Ray!

  206. Simon

    Perfect for my yet to be bought new road bike.

  207. Brad Isenberg

    Hit me

  208. Don


  209. Martin


  210. Bryan

    Finally power meter time

  211. Timo

    :) Quarq for everybody!

  212. I have been dreaming of a power meter for a long time 😉

  213. Osman Mir


  214. Juanje

    It looks great!

  215. Karel


  216. Dustin harding

    A quark!? Wha!

  217. Pete Blair

    Hopefully this is a powerful comment.

  218. Greg Lanz

    Yes please!

  219. Antsa

    Going to sleep.

  220. skijeti

    Fight the Power 😀

  221. Sebastien Gagne

    The power in the giveaways !

  222. Jason

    This is awesome!

  223. gage

    winner, winner??

  224. anibal c


  225. Robert

    Nice replacement for my old powertap !

  226. Stefan

    Must have :)

  227. deane hafling


  228. Kris Chiu


  229. Steve

    Sign me up!

  230. Ben M

    Pretty please

  231. Simon Morton


  232. Domi

    Its a birthday extravagance

  233. Flemming Vind

    gadget = me bike more

  234. Mike rocks


  235. Chris M.

    need more power.

  236. Victor

    Come to papa!

  237. Justin Fabian

    This is where I put my vote for American Idol, right?

  238. Mike Parker

    Please enter me

  239. Mark

    Exciting, exactly what I need!!

  240. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  241. Isaac

    can I put this on my SS Mountain bike?

  242. Eric Lofgren

    The one thing (so far) I’m not sure if I’d use. So I wager I’ll win it.

  243. iwik

    power meter for me 😛

  244. Lev

    Not sure how to use?!

  245. Jonatan

    Oh my god, I want it!

  246. Gary

    Power me up

  247. Kasper Vainio

    Give me more power!

  248. Michelle Buczkowski

    Oh God, yes!

  249. Jonas

    I hope to win at least one power meter type enhancement :)

  250. Renee Preziuso

    Yes please!

  251. Eric

    This…would…be…..nice to have!

  252. Roddy Harwell

    I want power!!

  253. Raiki

    Nicely done.

  254. Sebastian

    Super !

  255. Mehtab Singh

    Whoa! I want!

  256. Vrabie


  257. Mitch D

    I could use another power meter for the tri bike I plan to buy next year!

  258. Sascha

    I need power!

  259. Mark

    This is cool!

  260. Anthony Warner

    Yes please!!! :)

  261. Scott Baldwin

    Would love a power meter!

  262. Chuck Yang

    I’ll wager one comment!

  263. Jerzy Trzebiatowski

    Oh my god!

  264. matt b

    i want one!

  265. Aaron

    Pulling out the big guns

  266. Tom

    looks good!

  267. John Bonneville

    I can wish to win this gem

  268. FRiC

    I want it!

  269. Stijn

    It’s getting better and better!

  270. Steven Ren

    Moarz Power!

  271. Javier Jose Romano

    I bet this one will break the record for number of comments, nevertheless, I think I can beat the odds :) JJ from Argentina.

  272. robert

    good luck folks :I

  273. Luis

    c’mon me me me me

  274. Ben Fysh

    So 1 of 4000 this year?

  275. Claus Kaastrup

    I like this one:-)

  276. Derek Briton

    Really, really, really want a power meter.

  277. MANL

    Take it

  278. Frank Cundiff


  279. Henrik

    Quark me up!

  280. Kay Y.

    i wager 1 comment

  281. Jani

    Uuh yeah! :) If I only win one competition, this could be it 😛

  282. Jessie t

    Me me me

  283. Ellie


  284. Ryan Gard


  285. Antsa h

    Certainly not going to win this.

  286. David Zuniga

    Gimme power!

  287. Matthieu

    Ho yeah

  288. gandhareee

    one more try )

  289. Nick Dorling

    me please

  290. Nicholas Frenette

    I want it badly !!!

  291. Jason

    Power me up!

  292. I TOTALLY would love to win this!

  293. Laura

    Wow, this is a crazy giveaway!!

  294. Nike

    Yeah, bring it on!!!

  295. Jeff McFarland

    More power.

  296. Ro.

    How cool is this? Thanks.

  297. jozsef kovacs

    thank you DC

  298. Joe White

    Yes please!

  299. David Weisz

    I’ve got the power?

  300. Martin

    I wish hehe

  301. erik

    I want to know how powerful I am!

  302. Michael B

    Powering up!

  303. Remco

    Wanna have…

  304. Chris Kloc

    That would be good to have

  305. earnie

    If I win, please answer this: during the giveaway, you stay awake 24 hours straight, or does the girl post some on your behalf?

  306. Carey

    Power me up!

  307. Ryan Heisler

    Oh yes please!!!

  308. Sean

    Yes, please!

  309. Martin Kirkegaard

    Uuuuuuuh… Nice :-)

  310. Steven S

    I’m sure I can find a use for this…

  311. Joyce j

    One more try

  312. Jamie G

    Power Time

  313. Ben

    Hell yeah!

  314. EJ Stanley

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this! Would be awesome! Good luck to everyone.

  315. Taylor Drage

    yeah baby!

  316. Hans

    may the odds be ever in your favor

  317. Chou Li

    Don’t have a bike for this, but why not :)

  318. Steve Taylor

    Yes please!

  319. Jake H

    This would be awesome to have

  320. Svenn-Ivar

    Me please :)

  321. Nathan Kelley


  322. Paul Q


  323. Ian Darling


  324. Bo

    In. Thanks.

  325. Mosez


  326. Matt

    Free power meter? YES

  327. Ronald

    More power

  328. Paul S

    You rock! Great contest(s)!

  329. Jota

    Very nice!!

  330. DanielC

    I’m in! Thank’s!

  331. RealDanyo

    I would love to win this.

  332. EricW

    Power to the people! :)

  333. Would definitely welcome the chance to train with power!

  334. Joe Radench

    Are you kidding me?!? Wow!

  335. Simon Oxenham

    Yes please :))

  336. Would like to win one!

  337. Jon

    I wanna be like all the cool kids with the power meters!

  338. Gae

    hi Ray!

  339. Jonathan C


  340. NJ Beams


  341. Keith McUmber


  342. Adrian A

    Lemme have it

  343. Saif


  344. Seth Downs

    Definitely need one so I can stop changing crank between bikes!

  345. Joel A

    This looks awesome!

  346. Marcel

    Yes please

  347. James McGuire

    Yes Please!!!!!

  348. Jonathan Palmer

    I really hope I win this one!

  349. KAREL


  350. Thomas Hormby

    I’d like one

  351. Shaun

    So need bad

  352. Jason

    Come on! I am feeling lucky!

  353. Tobias

    Would love to test a power meter …

  354. Shannon

    Could use some power…meter.

  355. Erik

    Oh man, I could really use a power meter. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing keeping me out of the pro peloton

  356. Matias Casiva

    for the power of Greyskull!!!

  357. Oriol


  358. Nektaria Kladitis

    lets see if this is the lucky one!!

  359. may the force ..ops.. THE POWER be with you.

  360. Jason Andersson

    Me pleeeeeeze!

  361. James Nguyen

    I would love this!

  362. Matthew Basanta


  363. Margaret Mackey

    Yes please!!

  364. Sam Baldwin


  365. Tadeusz Trzebiatowski


  366. patricia

    Suerte a todos pero lo quierooo

  367. Paul

    DO WANT!

  368. Quentin

    Oh yes, I would love one.

  369. Ted Chauvin

    I need (more like want) power for my CX bike!

  370. Funmi

    Have the winners for the other giveaways been announced yet?

  371. Sergio V.

    Another great stuff!!!

  372. Oleg

    Would look good on my bike!

  373. Steve Tornio

    This is a comment

  374. Jared


  375. Susan Mansfield

    Ohhh yes please

  376. Stephen Leitch

    Holy cow this would be the most awesome thing ever. Is a power meter that is worth more than my bike a ridiculous look? I’m okay with ridiculous.

  377. Andrii

    I would like one!

  378. Kevin M

    Frickin sweat man!

  379. stefan papusoi

    This one sounds great!

  380. Greg Z


  381. Eric

    Power up

  382. Patrick

    Yes, please!

  383. Steven Cameron

    Defo after this one

  384. Michael Gibbs

    By the Power of Quarq!

  385. Dave F

    pretty please

  386. Mike

    I love you Ray!!

  387. Houston


  388. Love your site, Ray! Would love a Quarq just as much! :)

  389. Clint Lehman

    Yes Please!!

  390. Must get a power meter!

  391. Jay


  392. Neal

    Need more power!

  393. Tiffany Billue

    Thanks for give away

  394. Chuck McGee

    Great product…I am envious of my friends who have one. Here’s to hoping.

  395. Andreas

    More power! 😉

  396. Marc

    Thanks again!

  397. Erica

    Mommy likey!

  398. Billh

    I need that

  399. Will

    I’ll wager it all Alex!

  400. Chris Bigley

    I would like that please

  401. Aaron

    I wonder if it could record the power of Thor’s hammer in mid swing

  402. Wilbert kroon

    Keep on trying

  403. Erik T. O.

    Would make a great addition to my bike!

  404. Maciej

    Yes, that’ll do.

  405. Quentin Lachaud

    Power to the people! :)

  406. Björn

    A powermeter is missing on my bike.

  407. likepend1

    nice! I’m in!!

  408. Ellie


  409. Laura Becker

    I need this!!

  410. Bret Cole

    great stuff

  411. Jason C.

    Looking forward to winning.


    thank you so much!!! :)

  413. Shahar monovich

    Show me the power

  414. Gene Fitzhugh

    Right on…

  415. Billy Tyo


  416. Robert

    Made my Day – again :)

  417. Nadine

    Love it

  418. Ilya T

    sick… in for one

  419. Melanie Hoff

    I want one!

  420. Vipin Aggarwal

    Perfect !!

  421. Wally Bixby

    Yes please

  422. Xavier Enriquez

    Quarq me!

  423. Nick

    Yes please!

  424. John Green

    Holy crap! Please let me be the lucky bugger who wins this one!

  425. Todd Koleszar

    Uh, yes please!!!

  426. Hayden Smith

    I think my bike would love that.

  427. Maarten S

    Me, me, me

  428. Dagfinn

    Oh what a Joy to win this 😀

  429. Paul

    i could use that too :)

  430. dona cardenas


  431. Stijn

    Power Meter Time ^^


    Pick me. Pick me. No really…..

  433. Rom1

    my precious 😉

  434. Todd v

    Me pls

  435. Stephen


  436. jason mant

    Gimme gimme gimme a powermeter pls

  437. flopi

    Me gusta

  438. Derick Smith

    I really hope I win this.

  439. Fredrik Lanz

    Power to the people!

  440. Dave


  441. Soner

    Let the power be with me.

  442. Filipe Lopes

    Tô dentro (I’m in)!

  443. Jonathan Ho

    Hoping to win it for my Dad.

  444. Simon

    Would LOVE this!

  445. Sagar

    Quarq quarq quarq!!

  446. Nathan Kiser


  447. Brad R

    Oh baby please

  448. Genna Lehman

    Well of course I would take this….. :-)

  449. BillG

    Oh boy

  450. Martin E.

    I need to measure how many cakes I can eat!

  451. Robert Pettifer

    Looks good to me.

  452. Alex

    Want it!

  453. ProSchro


  454. Mack Huntress


  455. Chuck

    Now this… This is what errrrr body has been waiting for. Oh please oh please.

  456. Rondon


  457. Henro

    I will need edge 1000 too!

  458. Bond

    It would be nice to have it

  459. Robert


  460. Kyle Freeman

    In! Would love a power meter!

  461. Seba

    That’s it !

  462. Mark

    That’s sexy!

  463. Przemyslaw Ciupinski

    I’d like one.

  464. stan


  465. Nathan Brown

    Pick this one, random selector thing.

  466. myk83

    Positive Mental Attitude…

  467. Michelle

    I have been glued to my computer all day entering every 2 hours!

  468. Adam Neilson

    5000-1 to win!

  469. Marius Popovici

    my chainring is bigger than yours

  470. Arend

    Ok, this belongs to me! Everyone else, keep out!

  471. JJCV

    Amazing product!

  472. Navnit Ranjan


  473. Andrew


  474. Jeremiah Juneau

    Wow! Please!!!!

  475. Vugi

    waaaaw! More power !

  476. Jon P

    Oooh … Aaah… This would take a pound off my bike by replacing my older PowerTap!

  477. Mark


  478. Greg

    I could use this!

  479. Paul

    Now one of these I need. Like a fish… Oh.

  480. John


  481. tero

    count me in

  482. Michael

    This would allow me to step up my training a notch

  483. Shai Simchi

    oh yeah – I need that one!

  484. Tavis

    I’m gonna win this one

  485. Federico

    Me too!!

  486. Simon J

    There can be only one. Me.

  487. Mike D.

    Hello, hi!

  488. Carlos

    that’s amazing

  489. Lester Li


  490. DENIS M

    would love to win this!

  491. Gabrielle

    so pretty…

  492. Tyrell

    MAN this thing is expensive!

  493. jean

    I want to win!

  494. Bill

    A power meter would definitely take my training to the next level!

  495. Peter Dieser

    Unbelievable! I love this!

  496. Rasmus Aabo

    Me me me me

  497. David Opalach

    Holy RIKEN Batman!!!

  498. Andrew Collins


  499. Chris C.

    This one is for me :-)

  500. robert mcmillan

    this will totally fit on my beach cruiser……right?

  501. Linus De Paoli

    Mine mine mine

  502. Jason


  503. Changren Yong

    Hell yeah!

  504. Nancy

    That would be great!!!

  505. kristof

    Powaaah! To the world and just a tiny little bit to myself :-)

  506. Elliott

    Need more power

  507. Scott Stoddart

    awesomeness! training indoors during the cold Utah winters just got better

  508. joe


  509. Hack Kampbjørn

    Yes, please 😉

  510. Brian

    I have no power. That’s where this comes in…

  511. Tiffany

    How cool would that be?

  512. colin

    pick me

  513. Jacob


  514. Tarsh

    Yes pls DC

  515. Simon

    I need more power!

  516. Armand

    Good luck.

  517. Brian Ruggles

    Again – my wife would LOVE one of these. Thanks!

  518. Pafleherisson


  519. Robert Bates


  520. Adriana Airinei

    So you’re telling me there’s a CHANCE? 😀 over here!!!!

  521. dariozzu

    I want it!

  522. Elaine K

    More power!

  523. Michel

    Need it

  524. Kaska

    I’d have to buy a new bike…..what the heck ~ I want it!!!

  525. Matt mason

    NEED one of these!

  526. Matt B

    Liking the Riken!

  527. This giveaway keeps getting better and better!! I have to return to my computer every two hours to check it out :).

  528. Eyal Drori


  529. Damian

    Me Please.

  530. David00

    Count me in

  531. David

    Yep I want it

  532. Mike K

    Me Me Me!

  533. Katie Wilson


  534. John Henault

    This is something I need!!

  535. Tiago Madeira

    This one could certainly light up my rides 😛

  536. stuart

    Need one

  537. Isha

    I m in for this

  538. Nick Valaitis

    Wow. You’re not playing around!

  539. Anna Trzebiatowska

    Thanks :-)

  540. Nelson


  541. Tim Seal


  542. viki

    Es para mi

  543. Cody

    I’ll take one of those!

  544. Marcel

    Whowwwww, this is not normal…
    How powerfull…..

  545. Philippe Godbout

    Ho wow,
    This is So something I would like but can’t afford.
    Thanks for these awesome giveaways.

  546. Anika

    I like this one!

  547. Chupalt


  548. Tabatha

    Oh yeah!

  549. os

    Moving closer to the end.

  550. Joe Rubino

    Whoa. Unreal. Me please!!!

  551. Wes


  552. Eric Meyers

    This would help my training so much!

  553. Oscar

    This is likely the only way I’ll ever own a power meter, unless they become really cheap a decade or two from now.

  554. Frantisek

    Good luck everyone!

  555. Larry

    yes please

  556. Chris Wilson

    would love it!

  557. Dustin

    Looks good.

  558. Chris Y

    I’m ready. I’m ready!

  559. Kelly Juneau

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  560. Lindsey Holland

    Power meter… drooooool!
    Great review!

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  562. Chris

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  565. Uriele

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  566. Kyle Pennell


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  568. taylor


  569. Tiffany

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  570. Michael P.

    Yes, please!

  571. Souza

    The amazingness continues to amaze

  572. Alex Bradley

    Love your work, Ray

  573. Mikael Schrage

    Power to the People :-)

  574. Crispin Ellisdon

    I can feel the power!

  575. Tatar Pastiu Horatiu Andrei

    Like it!

  576. Brett

    Yes! Thanks!

  577. Frank

    By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!

  578. david

    uh, yes please.

  579. Rado


  580. Jesi

    Nice toy

  581. Michael Watkins


  582. HA

    Powermeter! Are you kidding?

  583. Kenneth Wee

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  584. John

    WHOA!!!! This contest keeps getting better. Thank you!

  585. John K

    I turned 50 not too long ago. I deserve this.

  586. Ben Dobson

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  587. Emma

    Lo voglio!

  588. Mark in Kansas

    Here we go!!

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  591. Shiri Shapira-Simchi


  592. Bill

    I’m in

  593. mgresele


  594. Atis

    Wow!Count me in!

  595. RJ Maguire

    This is going to be the winner!

  596. Derek Lam

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  597. Harliv

    wouldn’t mind a power meter!

  598. Dan Spangler

    Oh so useful!

  599. Neil

    Yes yes yes

  600. Sami


  601. Elena M

    bring it on!

  602. Joe K


  603. Adisorn

    Please give me!!!

  604. Barry

    oké let’s go

  605. Anthony

    I want this

  606. jonathan


  607. JL


  608. Bill R.

    Feel the power.

  609. Markus

    very cool!

  610. charley

    Im in

  611. Tapani Tuppurainen

    This is the one!

  612. Nick

    Pick me

  613. screwdriver

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  614. KevinT

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  615. Danny

    Best day ever!

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  617. doot4runner


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  619. Logan

    Fingers Crossed!

  620. Tom V


  621. Ole

    Pretty please =)

  622. Joseph Russell


  623. Koo Chan

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  624. Greg

    Let’s see…

  625. Nick S.

    Would love this!

  626. mike

    Yes please!

  627. Brian Hill

    Of all of the things given away in this… PLEASE let it be this one.

  628. Donald Edwards

    Looks good.

  629. Andy

    le POWER!!

  630. Hans


  631. Rónán Mac Con Iomaire

    Power me up!

  632. Marcin

    Power comment for Power Meter! :)

  633. John George

    OooHH, ooOOH, ooooHHHH, Mr Kotter…Pick ME! PICK ME!!!

  634. vivian

    Re bueno

  635. Jay

    Yes, please!

  636. Marcelo

    love it!

  637. joe

    This guy!!

  638. tomco3131


  639. Warner Blom

    Totally need one!

  640. Pierre

    green power. I like it.

  641. Marius Risa Bachmann

    Go go go! :)

  642. Marty Serauskis

    Sounds awesome!

  643. Tomer shahar

    need it so bed for my first half ironman

  644. Annelies

    Whooop, whooooop.

  645. Arno Lamprecht


  646. BornJ

    Would be nice!

  647. brad

    i would like for me to have this please

  648. Anabel

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  649. Simone

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  650. Stan Alexandru George

    Thank you for your reviews !!!

  651. Miranda

    I’m in

  652. Sheryl Davies

    maybe then I can keep up with my boys…

  653. Mixuli

    This would be nice addition to my bike.

  654. Erica

    This would be amazing.

  655. Bill L

    I’m in!

  656. Martijn

    Would be great to win this!

  657. Jared Harley

    Ooooo, pick me!

  658. Gaurav

    ooo… this is some serious pro stuff

  659. Luke


  660. Sas

    Give a ride

  661. Norbert

    that’s what I need for my bike

  662. Jennie Horton

    I need one of these!

  663. Tony


  664. brokv

    Do want

  665. Genevieve B


  666. Brian Drought


  667. Matthew Aguirre

    Random number Gods please help;)

  668. Johan B

    So once again the day is saved… thanks to the Power Meter Cranks?

  669. Joe

    Feet dont fail me now!

  670. John Stuart

    Keeps on getting better and better, so yes please 😉

  671. Jamie Vanhuis


  672. Matt Seeds


  673. Cason

    come to daddy!

  674. Andrea M

    Would love this! Thank you.

  675. Jon Niehof

    I *so* need to make the move to power measurement…

  676. Colin Caughran

    pick me

  677. BlakeW

    I feel the power!

  678. Deanna Doohaluk

    My road bike needs one :)

  679. Frank Pedersen

    Get in! Me want! :)

  680. Tijmen Hupkens

    I would love to have a power meter!

  681. Dillan

    That’s a nice piece of kit!

  682. Rob Hahn

    Rookie Triathlete here. Please pick me

  683. Tom

    Sign me up.

  684. foot596

    I want!

  685. Avigail Cohen

    Gotta train with power!

  686. Will

    Not what I want the most but I’ll take it. Thanks, Ray

  687. Grant Halsey


  688. Heather


  689. Duncan


  690. Steph

    Best blog ever!

  691. Tina Cai

    Yes please!

  692. Brian O.

    Give me power!

  693. Tamas


  694. Eric Biles

    700000000 Watts… Ez enough

  695. Would love to win this — it could take my cycling to a new level! Thanks!

  696. piechu

    nice one

  697. Audrey

    Rolling the proverbial dice…

  698. joris

    I just love the smell of power in the morning

  699. Sreenath

    do i need that ?!

  700. Ben M


  701. Matthew Vance

    When do I pick it up 😉

  702. Andy

    now i would just need to have a bike in the same country

  703. Sean Holland

    power to the pedal

  704. Ab

    yes please!!!

  705. Martin


  706. Stuart


  707. Katarzyna Wroblewska

    I knew it!

  708. Kasey

    please mister rainmaker

  709. Gregorio

    Would love to try it!

  710. Mark


  711. Chris

    Power to you mr rainmaker

  712. Lasse Soerensen

    Meassure them watts!

  713. remco

    As Clarckson would say POWERRRRR, nice to know how much.

  714. Mark Kline

    Let me be the one.

  715. fabian g


  716. Monika

    something for my husband 😉

  717. Martin


  718. Grant

    I’m in

  719. Robert

    Wow, I never had a power meter before.

  720. Jacy Crosby

    Pick me!

  721. RLanrivain

    Wahou !!

  722. James Huntsman

    Looking forward to winning !

  723. Tyler Bargen

    This would be sweet.

  724. Navnit

    M in

  725. Monica

    I’m wagering a comment! Hope I win :)

  726. Tom

    This would make training with power affordable for me :)!

  727. Kevin booth


  728. carnetremula

    i need this tool!

  729. jason

    best giveaway yet!

  730. Dusan

    This is something I would like to have…

  731. brianne

    I would love a power meter!

  732. Justin Myers


  733. David James


  734. Turt99

    So what if the crank is as much as the whole bike :)

  735. Jose

    Count me in to get this prize

  736. Stephanie

    Yes please!

  737. Erick Roen


  738. Sebby

    Great deal!

  739. Tad Sacheck

    Thanks Ray

  740. David Hill

    This would be awesome!!!

  741. Justin

    For real? This is crazy!

  742. Adam


  743. *Jasper


  744. Derek


  745. Pol Steiner

    I will wager that this will make my FTP go up 30 points!

  746. YES!! Total engineering geek over here and this would be PERFECT!

  747. Phil Pearce

    Full powet

  748. Fabio Reis

    Just need this!!!

  749. Andrew

    Watts Watts Watts Watts

  750. Keith Rees

    Never trained with power, but why not.

  751. Corey Morreale

    very nice!

  752. Rob L

    Really want it!

  753. Janis Zaharans

    Oh, this is really nice gadget.

  754. Nigel Pond


  755. Bill


  756. Alex

    Amazing ….!!!

  757. Ken

    go! go! go!!!

  758. Adam

    would love this!

  759. Michael Jones

    OK now it is getting serious!

  760. Joe Pitkin


  761. Steffen

    Would love to win one.

  762. Chris B

    I’d love a power meter :)

  763. Pam

    Want it!

  764. Liesbeth

    A nice to have. 😉

  765. Petra Grahn

    me me me

  766. Jarle

    Yes please!

  767. Nick

    Definitely wouldn’t mind one of these…

  768. LT

    I’m a winner!

  769. Gala

    I wish!!!

  770. bhavna


  771. Frank McVeigh

    Yes please

  772. Rob Forshaw

    I want Power…Feel the Power!!!

  773. Dinesh Kumar

    Thanks Rey

  774. FJ

    Me want so bad!

  775. Niels

    This will do good!!!

  776. derek

    Old Gill needs this one

  777. Pat T


  778. Seb Lov

    Would love to own it!

  779. Kenneth

    Riken FTW!

  780. Eduardo Fiallos

    A power meter such as this would be a nice addition to this gear whore’s collection.

  781. Eli

    Oh my. Oh my my my. I don’t… I can’t even…. sheesh, Ray. As if your detailed reviews weren’t enough, this is insane. Best site on the internet? Best site on the internet.

  782. Lance Reynolds

    Power me up

  783. Owen Delaney

    I’ll take one

  784. Rob

    Yup .. need it

  785. Kelsey T

    Very cool!

  786. Tiffany G

    Me me!

  787. Aidan

    count me in 😀

  788. Noah McMurray

    One gadget I’d really like but really can afford (or justify the expense).

  789. Chiya

    Will go well with my bike

  790. Paul Lee


  791. Kristopher


  792. Jon Douglas

    I’m in!

  793. Tom Holzweg

    Thank you for your great work.

  794. AK


  795. Fernando

    I will even buy a bike if I get this…

  796. yuval aharoni

    big like

  797. Tom Rebbitt

    Yes please!

  798. Tom

    Would love it!

  799. Hector


  800. Gustavo Jiménez

    Thanks Ray, for the oportunity !!!

  801. Shawna Turner

    Would be awesome to get!

  802. Jose Dalisay

    Definitely need this one.

  803. Eisen


  804. tudor

    OMG!!! this is big :d

  805. Nick B

    This is a winning comment

  806. Stephen Bilen

    Yes, please!

  807. Janyne Kizer

    Oh! Training with power would be awesome!

  808. Billy Chan

    Powermeter to tell me how little watts im pushing please 😀

  809. Johan Hoogeveen


  810. Inma MS

    wooow!! I want it!!

  811. VRubletz

    Nice. My husband is loves his data….

  812. Kirkhart


  813. Matthew

    Me to

  814. Marc Beyer

    I can feel the Quark

  815. Aaron Q.

    Wow. Is this the big one?

  816. Adam W


  817. Paul E

    This is exactly what I’m needing to take my cycle training up to the next level!!! This would be great! Even if I have to swap out any more parts for the drivetrain on the bike!

  818. Karina

    I would love this one:)

  819. Eric Meunier

    This would be awesome.

  820. Nick

    For sure want!

  821. Chris Nixon-Giles

    Would love this.

  822. Joe rosat

    Pick me!

  823. Jack

    Send it my way – Ray is the best!

  824. Will Nickell

    Power meter? I don’t have one of those yet!

  825. I would die if I won this. Pick me!

  826. Hendrik Hemmler

    In 4 it.

  827. Sean Mackin

    Yes please!

  828. Petr

    Let me win something finally :)

  829. Chaim

    Ill see your comment and wager you one more

  830. Frisbie


  831. Christian C

    Ryu-Ken, hadouken power!

  832. Mirek_


  833. Jørn

    Oh yeah!

  834. Chris Hutton

    Pick me!

  835. Emma


  836. Maarten

    “Hey, how would you like a chance at a free power meter”

  837. Chris Walkup

    8 for 8 and counting

  838. Chris

    Would love to have one

  839. David


  840. Ryan

    Is this for real?

  841. Colin

    Perfect product for me, it will help in both my niche cycling pursuits, triathlon and cyclocross. Thanks so much for picking me!

  842. Michael Hughes

    Thanks for picking my comment!

  843. Lucas P

    luck > “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

  844. jonathan

    ohhh legs are burning
    must produce more power

  845. brian

    I would love one!!

  846. william mcanirlin


  847. Pete Mannarino

    Oh this is the ONE

  848. Zac

    Me Me Me!

  849. Joe B

    Ooo, oooo, pick me! Pick me!!!

  850. Christopher Smith

    WOW! Must have!

  851. Daniele

    Yes for my fix bike… :)

  852. wannes

    Very interested to know how many watts I can push.

  853. Aryeh

    Me too

  854. Chris Furner

    Sweet, that is a badass giveaway!

  855. Daniela S.

    Yes please!

  856. Doug

    Yes please. Thanks Ray!

  857. Todd

    Random number for a random guy.

  858. Chris S

    Yes please!

  859. Sean

    would be very cool.

  860. Scott gray

    I’m in

  861. Mike

    crazy good! thanks!

  862. Justin

    Oooh a power meter would be awesome!

  863. Tim Schulze

    Oh yes please!!

  864. Lennart Blom

    Yep, I’m in!

  865. Tim

    Omg – yes please !!!

  866. Steve

    Hello again 😉

  867. Orit

    Just need to buy a bike now

  868. Rob

    This has to be the grand daddy of them all.

  869. Cody Coleman

    I’d like one too

  870. David

    Me please

  871. Jake

    Need need need

  872. Kelly

    Oh really want this one, please.

  873. Jakub


  874. AK

    I would like this please

  875. Peter Leventis

    Please, sir, may I?

  876. Donny Neal

    Yes sir!

  877. Andrew Morris

    I’m in

  878. Rick Lindquist

    Wow, winning this would be awesome.

  879. I would love a power meter for this tri season

  880. Jen

    This would help my World Domination plan tremendously.

  881. Craig

    More power!

  882. Andrew Madsen

    Would absolutely love one of these bad boys!

  883. Glenn Gervais

    I would love a Quarq

  884. Gerard Colling

    Here is my comment!

  885. Timothy Daley

    Sounds Awesome

  886. Gary B

    Nice prize I am happy to get up at 4am to be in the running for.

  887. Tristan Ledard

    I really really need that one!

  888. juan

    pretty please

  889. Jean Marc Gagnon

    Take me

  890. bert reed

    Yes, please and thank you.

  891. Dmj


  892. Luiz

    Go, Ray!

  893. Charles


  894. Juergen Veith

    Running late again :-(

  895. Matthew


  896. Carolyn

    Really nice

  897. My first power meter!

  898. Matt

    Have wanted a power meter for years, but never took the leap. This would seriously fill a void in my training!!

  899. Marianna T

    I want!!

  900. Wim Van Dyck

    I’m in!

  901. Rebecca

    Yes, please!

  902. Brent Kendall

    Power it my way.

  903. Sergio Matos


  904. Henrich

    I’m in

  905. Josh Grant

    Should I put a power meter on a bike that cost less than the meter?

  906. Andre


  907. Mats B.

    Please give me.

  908. Alexis

    pretty please?

  909. Chris Jennings

    I feel the need for power.

  910. Matt Priddle

    Make it rain!

  911. Ben

    Sweet, a power meter!

  912. Todd fujimoto

    This would be awesome to win!

  913. glenn elliott

    Wow this awesome and all are things on the want list and of course the need list too!! Thanks

  914. Mark Crighton

    It would be very nice and I would appreciate it.

  915. Px

    Come on, daddy needs a new powermeter!

  916. Eyal Zoran

    My birthday wish.

  917. Rich

    Ohhhhh, to complete my set of toys … Pluheeeezzzzeeee!

  918. Frederic S

    I’m in

  919. Pedro

    This baby will look awesome in my bike!

  920. Thomas Anderson

    Would love to train with a power meter

  921. Kenni Lund

    Wild wild Riken.
    It would be cool to win this :)

  922. Maurits

    Hubba hubba

  923. SW

    I’m in!

  924. Valerie

    Awesome! I want to win this for my husband!

  925. Giorgio

    Want it

  926. Mark Cvetkovich

    Awesome gear!

  927. carndegos

    Awesome !!!

  928. Charlie G


  929. Lezlie McCoy

    I’d love to have one….I’m pretty sure I can produce more power than my boyfriend. :) Heh.

  930. Brian Lam

    Need some power

  931. Bart De Weirdt

    gimme gimme gimme …… :-)

  932. Steve Hall

    I’ve always wanted a power meter!!!

  933. Peter

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  934. laurent

    Yes! I need it :)

  935. Dale Ballard

    Holy crap I want this!

  936. kev. s

    Now we are talking!!!

  937. Mark Goldman

    This is cool….

  938. William Powers

    Want it!

  939. Frank

    Me gustoooooooo!!!!!

  940. Mine, that must be.

  941. Tom Gell

    I would really love to win this, please.

  942. Aaron B

    I need this!

  943. Frosty

    Yeah power meters

  944. Frank B.


  945. Cristina Burbach

    for my boyfriend.

  946. K Roland

    Please please please

  947. Steve


  948. Nina


  949. Grant

    Me Please. Need to up my game.

  950. Jakub

    Please Please! :) me me me me

  951. Roelof


  952. Photomei


  953. Becki S.

    Oh my gosh… this would be amazing! Thanks for doing all these giveaways!

  954. Mike C

    I want it!

  955. Mehmet Bayram

    this thing is becoming insane 😀

  956. Alistair Howard


  957. martin

    WANT! 😉

  958. Teddy

    Really want one of those badboys

  959. jason kuper

    Getting serious about my training. I NEED this!

  960. Will R

    Oh please be me.

  961. Linda mckellar

    Nice. Good luck everyone

  962. Perry Taylor

    Wow. That would be fantastic.

  963. Samantha Stevenson

    Me!!! Pick me!!! :)

  964. Ethan

    Here’s hoping!

  965. Scott Mason


  966. Sean Dooley


  967. Chris

    I could use one.

  968. keith

    I need power!

  969. Daniel

    Power to the people!

  970. Floris Van de Vijver

    power is what we need

  971. Tim Kerby

    I really want a power meter. Would love one of these thanks

  972. Gagi


  973. Gabriel Proulx

    Hot damn!

  974. Brian

    I need this.

  975. Allen Ashforth


  976. Scott Turvey

    I’m in, I’m in, I’m in :)

  977. Richard C.

    I would love to train with power.

  978. katia

    one for me;-)

  979. Stephane Breault


  980. Stefani

    Please, please!

  981. Ziv


  982. Declan Mc Glone

    Winner winner chicken dinner :-)

  983. Suzanne

    Getting better!

  984. Kyle Kennison

    Thank you

  985. Kristina K

    Thank you for doing the giveaway!

  986. matej


  987. Thom Wood


  988. Nicholas Pawley

    Always wanted one.

  989. asher


  990. Carl grimshaw

    Can I enter or is if to late

  991. Peter W

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  992. Jon King


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