Asia & Pacific Ocean

A weekend in Saipan

Over the last 8 weeks or so I’ve been jetting in and out of countries all over the place, mostly in Central America.  In the vast majority of the cases, I was there working for only 24 hours, sometimes up … Read More Here

Days 14…and 14 – Three countries, one 30+ hour day

On Friday it was time to depart the Maldives and begin our journey home.  So we packed up our little villa and then headed out to catch the seaplane.  But before leaving, The Girl lined up her complete collection of … Read More Here

A day with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme

Back a few months ago while following the Underwater Thrills blog, I saw a story about a Whale Shark research program in the Maldives.  After a bit of poking around, it turned out the program is partially supported by the … Read More Here

Days 11-13 – Maldivian water games, a night and day difference

Given the Maldives are a collection of tiny islands in a vast ocean, you spend the majority of your time in or around the water.  The good news is…I like the water.  The bad news is that there isn’t enough … Read More Here

Days 9-10 – Welcome to the Maldives

After a short hop through Singapore (again), and then a longer four hour hop, we arrived at a very small slim parcel of land in the Indian ocean where the Male Airport sits.  Of course, since I’m pretty sure only … Read More Here

Days 4-6 – A prelude to a Bali Triathlon

After arriving on the island of Bali from Singapore, we sought out our pre-booked rental car place at the airport.  However, despite booking with a major international car rental company via a major travel service (Travelocity), no car rental humans … Read More Here

Day 3 – The Singapore Sleepover

After a 6 hour flight from Beijing, China our Boeing 777 landed in Singapore, Singapore (the city with the same name as the country, sorta like New York, New York).  By time we cleared immigration, customs and everything else it … Read More Here

Day 2 – (A very cold) Beijing and some really big wall

For reasons only the time zone gods can explain, after just 5ish hours of sleep, we were both wide awake and ready to go. As soon as the hotel’s breakfast place opened up we headed on down to check it … Read More Here

Day 1 – The Tokyo shuffle and beyond

The first flight, on the first day.  Our trip started in Seattle just after noon where we jumped on a very empty United 777 headed nonstop to Tokyo. After departure we climbed out over Puget Sound under clear and sunny … Read More Here

Voted off the island!

Ha!  Awesome!  I was watching tonight’s Survivor – more out of interest after my trip to Palau over the holiday break than the show itself.  We had been told that the tribal council area was at a place near where … Read More Here

Palau Travel Information and Logistics

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post – I wanted to do a roundup of travel related information for Palau.  Information on travel to Palau is fairly sparse as I found out – so I figured anything I can add to … Read More Here

Palau: From the Air

After we had completed enough kayaking through Palau, we decided to take to the air.  Our intent was to get to the island of Peleliu, which was where a large World War II battle occurred – the Battle of Peleliu.  … Read More Here

Kayaking Day 3: Jellyfish Lake

After coming back a day ahead of schedule (we were cruisin’!) from our kayak camping trip, we got persuaded into going back out in the kayaks for another day (although after a good nights sleep in a real bed). It’s … Read More Here

Kayaking Day 2: Here comes the sun!

(If you’re just joining me, check out day one first) We got an early start due to being up before sunrise. We tooled around our beach area a bit, basically just wasting time. After a breakfast consisting of Pop Tarts, … Read More Here

Kayaking Day 1: For the love of all raindrops holy, please stop raining!

That’s it – I’m changing my blog name, blogger ID and everything else associated with ‘rainmaker’. Clearly it was omen. But…let’s back up a second first. So we set out this morning (well, three days ago – but you’re going … Read More Here

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish

One of the major advantages of traveling in a westerly direction is that you body naturally wakes up earlier. Yesterday I was up at 6AM, right now it’s 5:30AM. After getting up at six yesterday, it was off to the … Read More Here

The Tour de Guam

We arrived into Guam last night late enough that it was dark out.  I was looking forward to getting out and exploring things in the daylight, and in particular looking forward to going for an open water swim.  Daylight struck … Read More Here