Tips & Tricks

How-To: Using Zwift and TrainerRoad Concurrently

For many of you more tech-focused folks, this quick how-to guide will be old hat to you. However, as was made abundantly clear to me a few days ago when I posted a picture on my Instagram stories of me … Read More Here

How I configure my watches (and bike computers)

It’s been a number of years since I last wrote about how I setup my different GPS devices when it comes to screens for training and racing.  Given it’s one of the most popular questions around these parts, I figured … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How to display your name and phone number on your Garmin Edge

A few days ago a reader tweeted me an interesting little tip that I hadn’t seen before.  It allows you to specify a startup message that’s displayed to the person turning on your Garmin Edge unit (hopefully you).  And in … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How to easily remove bike zip ties without scratching your bike

Perhaps it’s just me, but I find removing bike accessories secured by zip ties to be fraught with ways to scratch up that perfect paint job on your bike.  And, given there’s a constant flow of new accessories to secure … Read More Here

Tip of the Day: How to clean your trainer tire block…the easy way.

Recently I was taking some shots for a product review and somehow the trainer block that holds up my front tire ended up being part of the shot.  As I reviewed the shot in question on the camera, I realized … Read More Here

Comparing Race Times, PR’s, and Others Results

A recent discussion with some friends around groups and training teams comparing race times got me thinking a bit about how most of us glance at race times we see on the Internet and make broad assumptions about one’s athletic … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How to avoid decapitating your bike

If you have a bike…and you have a car…it’s likely the two occasionally mate.  There are many ways they can have a relationship together – be it inside the car, hanging out on the back, or one of the most … Read More Here

Other peoples workouts

The Internet’s a funny thing.  It offers vast amounts of data, opinions and educational reference points.  While at the same time that vastness in information can be overwhelming.  It can lead you to change your mind a multitude of times … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Avoid Doing The GPS Dance

Given it’s Friday and if you’re like me by this time of the week you’re probably just looking for a quick read.  So I’m offering you a quick tip that I use to ensure I spend less time waiting around, … Read More Here

Biospeed Aerus Bike Case Review: How I travel with my bike

A Bit of Background: If you travel as much as I do for work (150,000+ miles last year), you’ve got no choice but to get creative with your training.  There’s simply no way you can be competitive at all three … Read More Here

Random Running and Triathlon Tips

Hi all!In the interest of keeping this simple, I’ve consolidated this page, into my other ‘How To’ page.  So if you found this, what you’re really looking for is this:, and sorry for the misdirect!-DCRainmaker