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Running Track Measurements: A Brief Rabbit Hole

Last week I posted about the update to Garmin’s wearables that now includes a database of running tracks for their running track mode, in addition to the pre-existing ‘learned’ track mode where it learns the running track you have without … Read More Here

Wahoo Adds Track Running Mode to RIVAL GPS Watch: Hands-on Test

It’s been 5 months since Wahoo released their RIVAL GPS watch, aimed primarily at the triathlete crowd. The watch has seen a few firmware updates along the way, mostly minor tweaks though. Albeit, one of the bigger updates was adding … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Gone is the warm weather of Australia and Singapore, and now it’s back to the mostly dreary weather of Amsterdam. Though honestly, it wasn’t that bad this weekend. In fact, it felt unseasonably warm for the first weekend of February. … Read More Here

A split-brain week (and weekend)

Phew…Interbike.is.over. Last week was exhausting. Some days there were 2 hours of sleep, and some days…well…I collapsed into a lot more sleep. It was a see-saw of craziness.  Mixed in with all the walking (err…sprinting) across the show floor was … Read More Here

Tuesday nights at the track

The last few weeks I’ve been heading out just as the sun sets to hit up the track and get in my speed work.  Why wait so late in the day though? Well I’ve been trying to get it as … Read More Here

Steaks, Mud and the Track

With training in ‘off-season’ mode for a few weeks, I find myself with plenty of extra time.  I wandered to the pool early Friday evening and bumbled around a bit doing about 2,300 yards.  Nothing significant, a few sets of … Read More Here

Night Rider

Most times for my weekly track brick I tend to manage to get to the track in the 4-5PM hour, thus having me finished with my workout some two hours later in the 7PM range.  This makes for a semi-normal … Read More Here

75 Seconds to Evaporation

Yesterday’s brick and track workout was a hot one.  When we arrived at the school, the little reader board temperature thing said 98*F.  Though that felt a bit high, a quick check later on revealed it was instead 90*F with … Read More Here

Track Rabbits

Just a quick post to prove that this not-so-early-bird can indeed be up before the sun shines. 5:22AM – I start on my first lap at the track at the middle school just across the street from my hotel. A … Read More Here

The wheels on the track go round and round

After flying somewhere on the order of a 300-400 times in/out of SEATAC (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport), I’ve gotten really really good at figuring out which side of the aircraft to sit on on for the best views (outside the plane, … Read More Here