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Riding along in a fog

Before we get to my foggy ride, we’ll start with my trail run.  Coach and I made a last second change of venue to Prince William Forest National Park, instead of Fountainhead.  The reason was that he came up with … Read More Here

Lions, Tigers and (more) Gadgets…oh my!

This weekend was (and still is, three-day weekend after all!) packed!  Been busy doing lots of stuff.  First up on Saturday morning was a 10K race, one that was actually held on my very own street.  Crazy! But I’m gonna … Read More Here

Less than a week away…final training ensues!

With my ‘A’ race, Boise 70.3, being next weekend I’m now in the final stretch and full-on taper.  Though, taper doesn’t mean couch surfing and cheese sticks, but instead reduced mileage.  I always enjoy taper workouts though, mostly because the … Read More Here

Flight, Run, Soccer, Bike…oh, and tailgate.

A busy weekend was in store…but first, I had to get myself home from a brief 24 hours in Charlotte.  Actually, I think it was more like 22 hours to be exact.  Either way, a 45 minute flight is so … Read More Here

Swimming, crazy man, Tunebugs and Crabs

The weekend started Friday night with a nice continuous swim in a fairly empty Olympic sized swimming pool.  That’s the nice thing about Friday’s…the pool is always empty. I continue to play with both the Swimsense and the Pool-Mate Pro … Read More Here

Enjoying a weekend back in the country

I finally got to enjoy a weekend of Washington DC focused training…and it was great!  Beyond that there was of course much cooking around the house – though none of which I was doing, but rather, The Girl was busy … Read More Here

Baptizing the new bike

I was going to post about all sorts of things this weekend, from the way-too-hot run, to swimming to making homemade pizzas at home.  But…then my new bike came in.  And all that went out the window! After my other … Read More Here