Swimming, crazy man, Tunebugs and Crabs

The weekend started Friday night with a nice continuous swim in a fairly empty Olympic sized swimming pool.  That’s the nice thing about Friday’s…the pool is always empty.

I continue to play with both the Swimsense and the Pool-Mate Pro swimming watches.  And both continue to perform well without issue.  They really are very similar in many ways.  I still plan a shootout between the two comparing each feature line by line, likely in the next few weeks.  On Friday’s swim, I used the Swimsense, while The Girl used the Pool-Mate Pro.

My swimming is still a wee bit rusty – primarily given how little of it I’ve done over the past 3-4 months while travelling.  It’s just very difficult to get to and find pools when you’re changing countries every 24-36 hours.  The good news here is that I see pretty rapid improvements in splits now, and over the past few weeks.

Saturday morning brought a 10-ish mile run along the Potomac, much like a few weeks ago.  The weather was in the low-30’s, but with the sun shining it felt a bit warmer than it was.  Plus, no wind!  Woohoo!


Following the run we ran to the mall for what seemed like hours.  Probably because it was hours.  Some of it I spent while The Girl was getting her haircut, but most of it we spent wandering around.  We even spent some time at Crate and Barrel scoping out Wedding Registry ideas.  Good stuff!

Well, except the part about the crazy stalker man in the parking lot.

That was just whacky.

See, I was sitting there in my car just waiting for The Girl to finish up.  I was on my laptop answering questions and updating post comments just minding myself.  Out of the corner of my eye I see a man approaching the car, he was semi-bundled up – kinda like he’s going hiking.   Given it’s a parking lot with tons of people, I don’t think much of it.  Then he stops in front of the car and starts writing down information on a clipboard about my car.

At first I figure maybe they’re doing a survey or something on total cars in the lots.

Then he goes behind me car and takes more notes…just my car though.

At this point I figure I better find out what I’ve managed to do wrong.  So I half-open my door and ask if I can help him out, or if there’s something I’ve done wrong.

At which point…the man goes berserk!

Starts yelling back if I have a problem.  Asking me why I’m stalking him.  Why I parked next to his car, and why I’m following him.  Further, he then wades into a string of profanity followed by more profanity.

The coup de grace though was when he starts into a tirade about how ‘Everyone is following him’, some 1,500 people a day (as he gestures to the mall), and that I’ve got a transmitter in my ear and am talking to people right now following him (Note: I had nothing in/around/near/on/below/above/under/over my ear).

At this juncture I ask if he’s alright and if I need to go ahead and call the police.  He informs me that he’s calling the police to report me as a stalker.  All this while getting closer and closer to me, where I’m still belted in my car.

I simply close the door (lock it), and then pickup my cell phone.  Three digits later and I’m chatting with a nice operator explaining my crazy-man dilemma.  Meanwhile, he decided to drive up in front of me and sit right in front of my car while giving some birdlike visual affirmation of his dislike, after which – he drives away.

As I suspected, there wasn’t much the operator could do – though I did note the license plate should stalker man show up at my door.  I’ll be ready…you know, to chuck water bottles at him or something.

Anyway…moving on to less exciting things.

I cycled Sunday, and spent time enjoying my last outdoor ride on the CycleOps Wheelset with the PowerTap.  They’ll get packed up Monday and sent back to the folks in Madison, Wisconsin.


The Girl and I below, passing each other on an out and back section, while crossing a wooden bridge.


It was a good ride – with nice power numbers for the 40 mile, two hour ride.


I used the TuneBug again – which I continue to enjoy when it works.  About 80% of the time it’s flawless, but there’s 20% where it drops out constantly.  It seems ride-based, meaning it works 100% on a given ride, and works 0% on a different ride.  It’s gotta be something I’m doing, but I haven’t figured out the pattern yet.  Doesn’t appear to be placement dependent though.


But, that said – when it does work – it’s pretty awesome.  I can clearly hear the cars and environmental sounds around me, while streaming music via Bluetooth from my phone.  Sweetness!

After that…only one thing left to do…cook-up a bunch of crabs!


Well, crab legs actually.  Lots of them…for just me and The Girl.  All ours!

With that, thanks for reading, and hope you have a great week ahead!

P.S. – I spent a bunch of time this weekend responding to comments in all the following review posts, plus a handful of other How-To type posts (you did know about that section, right?).

  • CompuTrainer
  • Garmin Forerunner FR60
  • Garmin Forerunner 110
  • Garmin Forerunner 210
  • Garmin Forerunner 305
  • Garmin Forerunner 310XT
  • Garmin Forerunner 405
  • Garmin Forerunner 410
  • Garmin Edge 500
  • Garmin Edge 705
  • Garmin Edge 800
  • Timex Global Trainer
  • Tanita BC-1000 ANT+ Scale
  • Wahoo Fitness ANT+ iPhone Adapter

    Did you know the FR310XT review has over 260 comments?  Crazy!  I’m finally all caught up there!  Now…onto the e-mail’s!


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    1. You’re description of that parking-lot guy sounded to me a bit like he was a Schizophrenic – in which case the incident is still unfortunate for you, but really he is just a pitiable guy…

    2. All I can say is wow! Got to be careful nowadays, never know what people are thinking.

    3. Anonymous

      where’d you get all those crab legs? Forget the training, how was the meal?

    4. Wegman’s, it’s a big grocery store with a few places in the DC area – it was on the way back from the ride. Initially we were going to pick them up at Costco, but Costco have only a handful and they were super-expensive.

      Oh, and they were awesome!

    5. wow what a crazy experience with that man. good for you for keeping a cool head about it. i probably would have gotten way freaked out.

      that tune bug sounds pretty cool! i think that’s exactly something i should invest in

    6. Yikes, that man sounds totally psycho. Excellent story, though!

    7. Wes

      oh crap… I need to start swimming soon….

    8. Dont’ worry Wes…I think you’re allowed to skip it until daylight savings kicks back in. It says so in the rules.

    9. Ugh, scary. THere are no good rules for dealing with paranoid schizos, except don’t engage.
      Sooooo glad the Girl wasn’t actually with you then.