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How I capture photos while openwater swimming

(Both The Girl and I are incredibly sad about the attack that occurred in Nice last night.  Bastille Day – La fête nationale- is our favorite day of the year here in France, and is incredibly special on so many … Read More Here


Behind the Scenes: An Impromptu Photo Shoot with Ray

Finally back home after a busy week with Ray in Las Vegas for the CES coverage, while backing up photo files, I ran across a few shots that a lot of you will find interesting.  Last Monday, my first day … Read More Here

Interesting photo crowd sourcing service for Kona this weekend

This is a super-quick post, merely because I wanted to draw attention to it before this weekend (as doing it afterwards would be silly). Long-time readers may remember that I’ve ranted in the past about both the quality and pricing … Read More Here

The lost photos archive

Over the last few weeks my cell phone has been acting a wee bit slow when I go to take photos.  After a bit of searching I found that it may be because I have too many photos on it.  … Read More Here

Guest Post: How to take great triathlon photos

Note from Ray: Hi All!  I’m venturing into my first guest poster on the blog.  Bruce is not only the guy who takes all my awesome triathlon race pictures, but also flies The Girl and I around to races.  Bruce … Read More Here

Checkin’ out a Space Shuttle launch

Back a few years ago a friend (Bruce) and I started talking about the idea of going to see a Space Shuttle launch.  We’re both fairly interested in aviation and space, and it seemed like a logical road trip to … Read More Here

Weekly Mailbag–May 15th, 2010

Here’s this week’s edition of the weekly mailbag.  This is a weekly series where I feature a handful of the e-mailed questions I received from the previous week or so.  I try and pick a wide variety of questions. Some … Read More Here