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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

And in just a matter of days it’s gone from freezing temps with once in a decade snowstorms and ice skating here in the Netherlands, to the warmest day ever recorded for yesterday (Feb 21st). And just like last weekend … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend (Sea Otter Edition)

I’m just wrapping up my long weekend here in Monterey, CA hanging out at the Sea Otter Classic bike festival/event. While I’ve got a couple of tech-focused posts coming up over the next 24-36 hours, I figured I’d dive into … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

This was definitely a very busy weekend. It was jam-packed with sporting related goodness! Plus, each day I managed to walk over 10 miles (15KM) in steps, plus whatever other random activities I did. Well, I think I still get … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

With an exactly 7 days trip to the US complete (almost to the minute in fact), I’m working my way back to Europe as we speak.  But here’s what I was up to, spending the last few days in warmer … Read More Here

13 Tidbits from a Week in Park City

I’ve been in Park City (Utah) since Sunday night, having all assortment of meetings and (perhaps more importantly) getting in plenty of time running around the mountains.  And riding.  And bobsledding.  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I figure … Read More Here

New Zealand Part I: Caves, cows, sheep and mountain biking

Most conventional itineraries to New Zealand from the United States usually fly across the Pacific from either LA or San Francisco, with a relatively short 11-13 hour flight straight to Auckland.  But, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I usually … Read More Here

Demo Day 2 at Interbike

The second and final day of the Outdoor Demo Day’s here at Interbike promised to be pretty packed – as most folks end up coming in for a day of outdoor action, followed by a few days of indoor action … Read More Here

Braving the mountain ledge bike bus…Interbike style

When Interbike moves to Anaheim next year in August, I’m fairly certain the attendees won’t find anything like the below.  That’s unfortunate, as I think it’s scenes like this that really make Interbike a truly unique event – something different … Read More Here

Wet and Snowy Saturday, Muddy Buddy Sunday

Since the weather first shifted towards snow on Saturday, I was pretty jazzed.  I like snow, lots of it.  And even though the Washington DC has no useful hills (Read: Nothing to ski down or chairs to ride back up), … Read More Here

Steaks, Mud and the Track

With training in ‘off-season’ mode for a few weeks, I find myself with plenty of extra time.  I wandered to the pool early Friday evening and bumbled around a bit doing about 2,300 yards.  Nothing significant, a few sets of … Read More Here

Weekend Wrap-up

First off – Friday night I finally got my act together and registered for next year’s Nation’s Triathlon (an Olympic distance event).  Given my enjoyment at this past year’s event, I added it to my schedule for next (err…this) year.  … Read More Here

My poor mountain bike

When I bought the ‘Black Diamond’ some 12-15 years ago to deliver the local hometown newspaper on a short 2.2 mile route – it had no idea what was in store for it.  It must thought life was grand splashing … Read More Here