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A recovery week riding and swimming in Vegas

No, not recovery swimming in the gigantic leisure pools here at the hotel.  Rather, swimming laps at the actual municipal city pool.  But before we get to that, I had to get to Las Vegas.  So after running the Paris … Read More Here

A working weekend in Vegas

The vast majority of partiers going to Vegas fly in on either Thursday or Friday evening, and by time I boarded by connecting flight in LA over to Vegas late Friday night – it was a clear reminder of my … Read More Here

CES 2012 Health and Fitness Gadget Roundup: Part II

We left off last week checking out a slew of cool things, so if you missed that pile of gadget awesomeness – definitely swing back and check it out. Without further ado – let’s get into it! First up is … Read More Here

Headed to CES 2012, what product details do you want?

As I sit here waiting for my connecting flight in San Francisco to Las Vegas, I just wanted to throw out a reminder to those also at CES that I’ll be moderating a Health and Fitness panel there tomorrow at … Read More Here

A split-brain week (and weekend)

Phew…Interbike.is.over. Last week was exhausting. Some days there were 2 hours of sleep, and some days…well…I collapsed into a lot more sleep. It was a see-saw of craziness.  Mixed in with all the walking (err…sprinting) across the show floor was … Read More Here

Interbike 2011 Outdoor Demo Highlights

For the type of reviews that I focus on, the Outdoor demo is a bit more fun than really specific testing work.  Now there’s of course some testing that I was doing (which you’ll see in some later posts), but … Read More Here

A look ahead to Interbike 2011

A little over a week from now the cycling world will converge on Las Vegas for the biggest show in the industry: Interbike.  While EuroBike has been hammering away at it for the last few days across the pond, the … Read More Here

The Las Vegas Triathlon (not much of a) Race Report

If you were following my Tweets this past weekend, you know that things weren’t quite all rosy in Las Vegas for me.  Shortly after wrapping up my week-long wandering of the Interbike floor, The Girl and I headed out for … Read More Here