Headed to CES 2012, what product details do you want?

As I sit here waiting for my connecting flight in San Francisco to Las Vegas, I just wanted to throw out a reminder to those also at CES that I’ll be moderating a Health and Fitness panel there tomorrow at 11:35AM.  If you still have any last minute additions/questions that you’d like me to grill ask the panel tomorrow, definitely drop a note – either in that post, or this one.  I’d love to hear your feedback!


If you’re at CES this year – you should definitely come and check out the talk (which will undoubtedly be awesome), if for no other reason than that I just might have stickers.  And while I’m sure everyone else in Vegas probably has stickers (and other free items), my stickers are simply cooler.

Now, even if you’re not in Vegas, and you don’t have any feedback for the panel – I’d love to hear what new and just announced products you’d like to hear more details about.

I’ll have the remainder of the day to walk the show floor, and check out the 2,700 or so companies showing their wares.  Probably the best all around source of CES news is Engadget, but if you see anything that you’d like some DCRainmaker style detail coverage on, likely within the sport/health world, then give me a shout out in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. D

    The Magellan Switch and Switch Up GPS watches seem interesting. I would love to hear your opinion.

  2. tom

    Love to hear about the basis watch..

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, please find out where the Basis watch is…

  4. Anonymous

    I would like to see a list of new phones supporting @ANTPlus carrier commitments optional. I know about the MAXX & xperias

  5. Max

    Also Basis watch, particularly interested in dimensions, ease of use and your opinion on it.

    Enjoy the show, wish I could be there but a bit far from the Netherlands unfortunately…

  6. I would like to hear more regarding the Switch UP as well. In particular does it have a courses feature similar to the 310Xt/910XT and how does it compare.

    I know Suunto has a GPS watch soon to be released so if there is anything available on that it would be great to hear about it as well.


  7. Garmin Sync for Android/IOS, which is to say, one of the last things I need my Windows PC for is to upload data from my Garmin (500 and 610). What I’d really like is an ANT+ chip in my phone/tablet that would just upload from my existing devices directly but a dongle would be an acceptable solution for existing devices. My next Garmin device should support both ANT+ and some Bluetooth variant for data upload via an Android/IOS app. (If the SportTracks guys are there they need to convert their PC app to browser-based as well but I’m assuming they’re working on that or someone else will provide the same functionality in a browser-based tool soon enough.)

  8. The Switch Up does looking interesting but this video link to engadget.com shows the device as huge on the wrist and they say it can be used as a normal watch. Don’t know about that and I reckon Ray might have some problems getting his wetsuit off wearing this watch.

  9. any speed/ cadence with bluetooth 4???

  10. Update on Garmin Vector release and release date for TSS/NP update for Edge 500. Thans and enjoy the show.

  11. Basis watch and the new Magellan watches. And the new fitbit scale

  12. Is Nike coming out with anything new? How much will the Magellan watch run?

  13. I would to hear what the industry to doing about standards on the data our sports/health gadgets collect. Ease of access to the same data on Training Peaks, Garmin Connect or other third party applications.

    ANT+/Bluetooth on cell phones, who is doing what?

    MotoACTV – what is Motorola doing with this game changing device?

  14. Hi Ray,
    Please come see our booth #3224 in the North Hall, just in front of the Ant+ pavilion. We released today a Game Center enabled version of our iPad/iPhone application Kinomap Trainer. Anyone shoot and upload a GPS located video on its outdoor bike that becomes available for the community to train… indoor!
    We use Ant+ for the connectivity.
    More info on our dedicated website link to kinomaptrainer.com
    Hope to see you!

  15. Mark

    I don’t know if RunKeeper will be there, but I’m curious to hear what we can expect from the Health Graph.

    I use RK exclusively to track my running and happy with it. Want to start tracking my weight training too. So far RK doesn’t really do that well. Curious to see what kind of unified platforms are coming up that can tie together all my fitness data (RK, Withings, strength training, etc.).

  16. I would like to know when Motoactv is going to enable route creation on their website. Many of the features are not yet available including this one.

  17. Love all the feedback folks!

    I had a chance to hang out with the Magellan folks this evening for an hour and play with the new device. Got tons of pics and video, will knock out a post tomorrow once things calm down. I think you’re really gonna like it though!

    Keep the suggestions coming, I’m reading them constantly all day via cell and will happily detour around the floor to find hidden gems.

    Thanks again everyone!

  18. Anonymous

    Update on Garmin vector release schedule.

  19. Anonymous

    Curious about the new iBike iPhone case. If its truly a sub $300 power meter, seems like a great option for entry level even if you give up a little accuracy.

  20. Anonymous

    New Suunto GPS training watch? Really? Now that would be interesting!

    Thanks a million and have fun.

  21. Hey Ray – I’d really like to hear what you think about what Recon is showing at CES… for example: link to androplex.com

  22. Anonymous

    Ooh new suunto gps watch? More on this please.

  23. Ray,

    If garmin has any upadates on new featured planned for 2012 in connect. I still would like to have manual input of scale data for those that don’t have a compatible watch yet plus have a few years of data that would be fun to integrate.

    For sports tracks I would like a polar import as I trying to figure out how to export my 3 years worth of PPT5 data :-)


  24. Anonymous

    IBike GenIV that i am interested in. Either Pro or Aero.

  25. link to youtube.com looks pretty cool – are you making a review??