A look ahead to Interbike 2011

A little over a week from now the cycling world will converge on Las Vegas for the biggest show in the industry: Interbike.  While EuroBike has been hammering away at it for the last few days across the pond, the sheer number of vendors at Interbike puts it in an entirely different category.

And just like last year – I’ll be there to cover it all!


The last few weeks have been a steady stream of new products arriving on my doorstep, some related to Interbike and a bunch of other stuff just crashing the party.

Like last year I’ll be going for the inside scoop from those companies that are on the cutting edge of sports technology…or simply just randomly interesting to me.  It’s funny, over the past few months I’ve been getting all the typical media press releases from all assortment of products planned for Interbike – from organic-natural-made-from-aged-soybeans-and-mushroom t-shirts to ‘game changing’ water bottles to used bike tire dog collars. It never really ceases me what people come up with…or rather what might might buy (all at a crazy premium of course).

But there’s also a lot of cool stuff – some of which you’ve seen already, and some of which is still under wraps.  In both cases, I plan to get the skinny with up close interviews and photos on the information you actually want.  I’ve also got some timeslots lined up for some awesome hands on looks at products that you’ve been dying to see – out on the real road – all outside the normal show floor or official day demo channels.


If however, you’ve got a company or product you want checked out – drop it in the comments below.  I’ve been compiling a list and checkin’ it twice.  Time will definitely be at a premium, so I want to ensure I’m getting everything you want.

And if you’re in the industry and haven’t reached out yet – shoot me an e-mail and we can line up some time. I believe 4AM on Friday morning is still open. You supply Starbucks.

But you know what might be even cooler? Just two weeks later I’ll be giving a keynote speech at the ANT+ Symposium again this year.  And I think in some ways the appointments lined up during that time period might be even sweeter. So cool.

With that, I need to go cleanup the gigantic pile of boxes that have amassed in my office upstairs from all the recent shipments.  While probably a kids box fort dream stash, I believe it’s currently The Girl’s nightmare.  And she’ll be home in a few minutes…gotta go!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Hi there – can you please check out the 3iii HUD and see if there is any news on its release?

    Many thanks

  2. BOOTH 1041: Word from ANT+ group/symposium if their radio will be built into iPhone 5 or 6 (dreams but why not)?!

    BOOTH 20061: Cycleops booth stopover, new G3 release dates?

    If it caught your eye..a device that clip on your eyeglass and displayed vitals (speed/cadence/power) on your lens like a HUD, so you dont have to look down. Im sure some upstart has the tech!

    Have a blast @ IB!!

  3. BobVillanueva

    Will Cervelo be dropping their new TT bike the PXX or whatever it’s called? Be sure to cover that, I doubt many people will.

  4. I still want to know the total # of companies that end up using the term “Game Changer” in their marketing materials or presentations.

  5. Anonymous

    You mentioned you will be speeching at the ANT+ Symposium, will you be doing any speeching at Interbike? I have the opportunity to go this year.

  6. Please take some pics of the Ceepo Climax that I can drool over ;)

  7. Anonymous

    Probably doesn’t need to be said, but please for the love of god, FIND OUT EVERYTHING YOU CAN ABOUT GARMIN VECTOR!!!!

    Please :)

  8. DonQuix

    Yes, please ask Garmin why they decided to go with the Polar/Look also ran strategy.

  9. Please ask the crew from computrainer about the new software. Please fell free to haze them a little bit for the inordinate delays!!!!

  10. Hi All!

    Great suggestions thus far – keep em’ coming!


    Can you clarify what you mean? I may be misunderstanding. Garmin bought Metrigear right before Interbike last year. Polar/Look announced thier power meters around the same time. Metrigear had been publically working on it for a few years prior.

  11. Hey Rey, I am really interested in the cerebellum hindsight 35. Every week I hear about another about another cyclist being struck by car and killed. This product seems to have tremendous potential.

  12. CorrectIon. Cerebellum.

  13. Anonymous


    I am interested in the Tacx virtual trainers. Would like to know how the latest software is going and the thoughts on the bushido vs the fortius

  14. Anonymous

    Hey Ray,

    I remember when garmin first started discussing power meters/vector, there goal was a price point that brought power meters to the general public….

    $1500…they missed their target. Does garmin have any response to this, or is it just not possible to build a power meter <1000?

    (Although I believe cyclops entry level is now under 1000).


  15. Anonymous

    Any chance of following up on Cycleops VR software? Does this make the Powerbeam Pro and Indoor Cycle 400 comparable to Computrainer and Velotron respectively (with RacerMate One)?

    Keep up the good work. Really enjoy your blog.


  16. Robert (tri coach)

    News about Tacx ANT+ turbotrainer and compatibility with ANT+ powermeter (which one are really compatible), new TTS and power feature (customization of data in view)

  17. need any help clearing the box pile?
    you can send some my way, any time …

  18. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,

    Please could you note any info on the Cycleops Powerbeam Pro and if it will be coming with the new Joule computer or with the Joule 3(soon to be discontinued?)

    Thanks so much.

    Ps Keep up the fantastic work.

    Jason uk

  19. Dude, you are living the dream! Have fun for the rest of us :)

  20. david


    Would be great if you could ask the Garmin Vector people if there are plans (and a timeframe) to release the vector PM so its compatible with speedplay pedals and also given the initial metrigear publicity was indicating that the system was going to be using speedplay what the reason for the change is.

    Cheers (and have fun)

  21. Hi Anon-
    RE: Vector Price Point

    I suspect that what we’re seeing is a price point to be able to meet demand, and then I suspect we’ll see a drop. Keep in mind there are other new competitors also coming onboard (O-Synce) as well as the solid drop in price by CycleOps in thier PT lineup. I suspect you fast forward to next fall and things will look quite different.

    Hi Jason-
    RE: PowerBeam Pro

    Actually one of those will be arriving shortly around here. They were trying to get it sent out last week to me, need to check on that.

    Hi David-
    RE: Vector q’s

    Yup, definitely have those on the list for my Vector Interbike post.

    Thanks all for the awesome suggestions thus far, there’s a few in there I hadn’t thought of – so really appreciate them, keep them coming! Plus, it also helps me focus on the areas that you really want to hear about.

  22. Anonymous

    Ray, I may be alone here, but is Garmain doing any updates to the GTU10 to make it more user friendly/better mapping/updates? I would love to see this technology incorporated into the Edge 800. . . that would push me to the upgrade for sure.

  23. Anonymous

    After reading your awesome reviews I’d love to have you stop by our Strider Sports Booth #2090

    Check out our bikes for Toddlers!

    Kent Jacobs
    Strider Sports

  24. The Tacx Genius Mulitplayer T2000

    Its scheduled release date is November 2011 or January 1 2012 depending on which webpage you read.

    There is a cool clip of it on this web page at the bottom:

    link to tacxvr.com

  25. Tony

    Hi,thanks for you “offer regarding Interbike report”:

    1-The Genius look great and i saw that they’re planning a new software too, BUT what would be nice to know is if there’ll be now the possibility to create “lap” during VR, RLV, RLT and visualize the Power Zone (instead HR, since is the actual effort you’re doing at the moment) also helpful for further training analysis.
    Which the difference between Genius, Bushido and Vortex motorbrake?

    2-Vector, Power2Max

  26. Please ask CycleOps if and when the G3 hub will be available in Smart Enve wheels. I’m getting conflicting info that only the old 45 and 65mm rims will be used for 2012.

  27. Racermate One update would be good. Should be shipping soon I hear :rolls-eyes:

  28. Cant wait to see pics. Shoot some video if you have time. Can you take some time to compare some of the new Zipp 404 knock off wheels. So many out there to compare against the 404’s. If you have time do a side by side or multiple wheel comparison that would be really cool.

    I just left Vegas on Saturday and it was HOT 110 to 102 everyday. If your wife is going with check out the Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor. It is amazing. If she loved the movie she will love the exhibit. Trust me.

  29. Fuji_Racer

    Vector (again) + one other ……
    At least one person I spoke with at Garmin wasn’t sure if the GSC 10 would be necessary anymore if you have the Vector system. Maybe someone at Interbike could clarify. If yes- what for? In other words, could the crank magnet at least be removed? (Might have to be in order to install the Vector). Also ……replacement policy of the little knob that hangs off the crank arm (seems like that is just hanging there waiting to be destroyed). I almost wonder if at $1,500. they don’t include a head unit (bundle)? I also wonder how “solid” that March 2012 date is. I think there are a bunch of us that would buy something else if it’s any further out than that (you’re really looking at getting into the 2012 season at that point). Lastly- what’s up with the new Garmin 310XT replacement? Any details on the watch itself and a release date for it (Vector compatibility, etc., etc..)? In addition…..are we going to have to buy all new quick release stuff for it if we already have it on several bikes for the current Garmin 310XT?

  30. Anonymous

    I agree with Tony, BUT what about the power distribution (that were advetize for Tacx Bushido and TTS) between L and R legs?

    Garmin FR 910;

    looking forward to your Interbike report :-)