The Day in May DCR $500 Gadget Giveaway!


It’s a day in May.  No, not May Day.  That, according to Wikipedia is May 1st.  Rather, it’s May 20th – which I reason is 20 times better than May 1st (albeit, less awesome than May 5th).  Why’s it better?  Because I’m giving away gadget awesomeness.  I originally planned to give away the Garmin FR935 GPS watch, the backorder is basically down to almost nothing.  But then I figured – you can choose anything you’d like.  Perhaps you’re more of a cyclist, or you just want a large pile of compression sleeves instead.  Your choice.

Speaking of coverage – if you didn’t see my tweet yesterday, there’s a BOATLOAD of sales on right now (both from Clever Training as well as others).  The best deal being 30% off the Garmin FR735XT GPS watch.  But also some solid 20% off deals on power meters, trainers, and 25% off on Suunto gear.  The full details are here!

In any case, the winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero5 Black to that Garmin FR935, to a random pair of socks to the PowerTap C1 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  With that kind of credit, the world is your oyster (except…they don’t sell oysters).

How to enter:

Simply leave a note about what athletic adventures you’re up to this weekend.  Easy as that!

Oh – and you’ll likely avoid the SPAM filters if you’re more detailed than just the word ‘run’.  Nobody likes to get sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM. Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.




    A triathlon that in only 30km in the bike leg has 750 m elevation gain.

  2. Dawn

    5k to benefit a local nonprofit….Run for Heaven’s Sake

  3. Leia

    The Golden Triangle: 320km of cycling through the beautiful Canadian Rockies!

  4. Tom

    Two mornings of Road bike work

  5. Wesley Hammons

    Easy run, easy bike. A decent brick today and a swim with my kids.

  6. Patrick

    14 mile run through the rain, and painting cabinets

  7. Scott Bauer

    Just lots of Spring cycling.

  8. Greg Purviance

    Bike ride on Saturday followed by a 1/2 marathon on Sunday

  9. Megan

    Saturday involved 30km on the Kickr riding around Watopia while yesterday it was a 60km ride outdoors!

  10. Rohan

    A weekend in the mountains. Mountain biking and hiking.

  11. Peejers

    Today 8 mile run, 7 mile hike with dog, 13.5 mile bike ride

  12. Matt

    Short run and pool swim on Saturday and a 25 mile ride Sunday morning

  13. Joe H

    Definitely planning to get on my new giant ride bike this coming up, and more than likely get a couple of runs in as well. I’m preparing for a sprint triathlon.

  14. Jeremy Hughes

    Saturday I did my first Time Trial at the Texas State Time Trial Championship.

  15. Pierre-luc

    One solo and one group ride on bike

  16. Sam

    I’ll be exploring Singapore by foot (given I normally reside in aus). If all goes to plan I’ll join one of the local park runs for a light hitout on Saturday.

  17. Adam

    Does building a fieldstone patio count as an athletic activity? My body says yes.

  18. Ronnie T

    Traded my typical indoor rock climbing and Cycling for weed pulling, garage fixin’ grass cutting sort of triathlon kind of day. The best part? Having a co-op wife buddy helping!

  19. Dale Berg

    25mile rip on the road bike in the AM, stained the fence, SUP 20miles down the N.Sask in the afternoon. Awesome work Ray, missing the podcast as of late :(.

  20. Reman Chim

    I’m gonna run my best HM in a race known as The Performance Series 🙂

  21. Carl

    Wallum lake trail 10k

  22. Reuben

    Family fun day Saturday, Capitol Hill Classic 10k on Sunday. Stroller racing!

  23. Rich Struna

    Running the Capital City Marathon in Olympia Washington with some friends.

  24. Timo c

    Wanted to ride my felt but it rained so I ran on the treadmill

  25. Adam Harrah

    Reach the Beach Oregon, a 100+ Mile Ride from Portland, OR to Pacific City on the Oregon Coast, benefiting the American Lung Association. Prefect weather this weekend.

  26. Scott F.

    I worked yesterday and got 8 miles done on the treadmill, at the firehouse. This morning, when I got home from work, I did yard work for a couple hours. That counts as an adventure because of the 2 snowstorms in the last 10 days in/around Denver. It was like a jungle.

  27. Kelly

    Reviewing, studying, and writing up my 10 week triathlon training program, then transferring it to my Google calendar! I also Zwifted in a Ladies Race yesterday 😉

  28. Stephanie R

    Zwift rides as I recover from a sprain

  29. Marcos

    run a couple of hours and bike three or four.

  30. Julian Petrowicz

    Rode 75 miles this weekend over 2 days.

  31. Efrain Aguiluz

    Walked for a pub crawl!!!

  32. Pawel

    Some uphills on Friday and 14k easy run on Sunday 🙂
    May the force be with you!

  33. Bobby L

    Went for a scenic hill run at the Thousand Steps in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. 945ft elevation means I’m recovering now!

  34. Richard Yulo Bringas

    Im doing a triathlon this weekend 1.5km swim 60km bike and a 12 km run

  35. Georgia

    Some running and some swimming!

  36. Jon Peatman

    108 mile sportive across the Yorkshire dales. Lots of hills!

  37. Elizabeth Church

    An early ride in the basement and tons of yard work!!

  38. Ryan Uchida

    Heading to Oak Mountain w/ my kid to pre-ride the Bump N Grind MTB Race he’s doing the following weekend.

  39. Kerry Morrison

    Well it is a long weekend for me so Friday night I did a quick spin on mountain bike then a 160km ride on sat morning and a few laps on mountain bike with the girlfriend later in the evening. Sunday a nature walk and Monday a 25 mile XC ride in morning and a 65km road ride at night with my club.

  40. Justin B

    Did a uphill TT on Saturday, 21miles with 2,500ft of climbing. Today did a 2,600yd swim with a 8mile ROTB, both days with perfect weather 🙂

  41. Alan Galang


  42. Robert Jenkins

    I Ran the Buffalo jump 1/2 Marathon in Montana today. Man I would love to win this. My Fenix 2 is getting old. Thanks for the chance.

  43. Bryan

    Mom is gone, so a casual bike ride with my two boys in tow and an evening row session.

  44. Jordi Saez

    Any training last weekend. It was my wife birthday and mine also. I enjoyed all the weekend with my family.

  45. Both days a 100 km bike ride. Good weather has finally arrived to Belgium!

  46. Dan J

    I did a 1/2 marathon in Massachusetts. Got 2nd and knocked 4 minutes of my 1st 1/2 last year

  47. Robin Satty

    Lifting weights and swimming!

  48. Sharon McNary

    Coach’s triathlon training camp in Solvang. Tough bike, ocean swim, high-intensity bike-run transitions.

  49. Marc Kirsten

    Gym on Friday after work and jog Sunday morning before it got too hot.

  50. Young

    I was up the Pinnacles mountain in Mulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Spent a whole week there.

  51. Simon Cox

    Dragon boat training session on Saturday followed by a day of racing at Mui Wo, Hong Kong.

  52. Ben

    I sat on the trainer as the rain poured down and then headed out to watch all the athletes running around at the Ultra Trail Australia 100km race.

  53. Drew Martin

    Marathon taper time! So some light runs and rest!

  54. Brant Henshaw

    I have run in several cities over the weekend.

  55. Ashley Masen

    80 miles, mostly zone 2. The heat really kept me from doing too much.

    Looking forward to recovering from some nasty cuts I got recently so I can hopefully spend some time in the pool as well.

  56. Tan Kok Pin

    Playing basketball like we were in our teens

  57. Eric Gross

    Trying to avoid the rain, hail, and lightning on the annual Real Ale Ride in the Texas Hill Country!

  58. Will Galdino

    Just run from Playa del Carmen – Tulum – Mx.

  59. Maddi

    I went for a 35km run with 6 friends along the river to complete our peak running week for our first marathon.

  60. Running at the Ecotrail of Oslo 80km on Saturday!
    Very good experience, w/ some very technical/tricky patches, nice scenery, and lovely crew and supporters!

  61. Ron

    Would love the garmin! I was at chatt 70.0 (short swim) run killed me

  62. Richard Szostakowski

    150km ride on Saturday followed by a long run on Sunday.

  63. Hillary Trout

    On an adventure to get my pedals to pair with my watch! 5 rides and 3 sets of batteries later, I’m thinking my situation is dire… hello tech support! It was around 80 miles total. Average watts: 6! Ummmmmm.

  64. Donald Pratt

    I went on a 7 mile Capitol and monuments run in DC, 200/400/800 intervals, and a 60 minute LSD run.

  65. Darren Augustyn

    Ran the Chicago Spring Half Marathon this weekend and actually PRed my half marathon time shaving 8 minutes off my time last year

  66. Dan Reese

    Gravel riding, paddle boarding and running.

  67. Robert

    Just a few short bikes and a hike.

  68. Davita

    Rode w the bike medics for a local fundraiser race and then finished up long ride in the warm rain!

  69. Joshua

    Went for a ride on Saturday down to the Indiana state fairgrounds. Then on Sunday I picked up a pristine 1983 Trek 620 and spent so much time on it that I couldn’t squeeze a run in. Good problem to have. Guess trail running will have to wait until after work on Monday!

  70. Jon Palmer

    Post surgery recovery ride with the kids.

  71. 3h bike + 1h run on sat
    2h run on sunday
    training for IM WI

  72. Greg

    Long run when the rain stops

  73. Tony

    I ran Bay to Breakers in San Francisco.

  74. Joao Veiga

    This weekend my adventure was to stay quiet to recover from my last crazy adventures

  75. Branden Lyon

    Yardwork and an endurance ride.

  76. Garrett G.

    Gym Friday. Brick Saturday, with the ride on the local 70.3 course. Group long run Sunday.

  77. Laurel

    Ran 10 in the beautiful Florida heat and humidity yesterday and cycled 60 today with a short run afterward!

  78. John Warren

    A 5k on Friday night and the Chicago Spring half marathon today.

  79. Bryan F

    Last long run before a race coming up.

  80. Eric Reynolds

    Raced a trail 5K in the heat and humidity with completely useless gps data from my 920xt.

  81. Jasmin Ten Have

    22nd was Trackday in japan, then next weekend will split between Cyclocross wood festival and the first legal fixed gear crit in Japan!

  82. Brian

    Beginning my training for my first marathon. I ran 15 miles and it felt amazing!

  83. Christina Chin-Hing

    I’m doing a preview ride of Rev3 Quassy with a short run afterwards. Maybe throw in a recovery swim since the weather has been so nice here in CT!

  84. Barb

    Cycling and hiking around with my husband!

  85. Sean

    Many miles of biking in the sun

  86. Ran Shenhar

    Working for my marathon next weekend, then tri season

  87. Daniel M

    I ran easy 4 miles on Saturday followed by 8 miles on Sunday.

  88. JoeD

    Pool opens for some quick laps this weekend.

  89. Mike

    I am hoping to het out on the bike and test a new set of wheels. Then off to the races with my 5 year old little boy and 3 year old little girl, they love to ride bikes.

  90. Jason

    Going for a road ride since the weather is so nice now!

  91. Jeffrey Kay

    Big weekend of training for me. 4:30 bike ride yesterday, 2 hour run and 2000 yard swim today. I’m ready for a nap! I enjoy your site – thanks for all of the great reviews and posts!

  92. Eric F

    Does cleaning up the house and mowing the lawn count? 🙂
    Will try to get on Zwift at least once.

  93. Thomas Clément

    Long ride under the sun and a long run tomorrow to prepare my future half marathon 🙂

  94. Ben herrmann

    First time mountain biking with some mates. We all stacked it (me into a massive mud puddle) but had a blast! Acting like a bunch of kids!

  95. Arend

    Hopefully getting out for a ride and lots of walks with the dogs

  96. Dan C

    Mountain biking ?? and yard work……..

  97. Keith

    No training this wknd as taking a small break

  98. Ryan

    Finally getting to take a long ride outside!

  99. Rebecca

    Cycling, hiking, and golf!

  100. Samuli Jarvinen

    Mainly hiking and a longer bike ride.

  101. Chris

    9 mile trail run. The sun has arrived in Seattle!

  102. Matt Foreman

    Bike and run. Swim workouts are on hold til the shoulder heals.

  103. Chad Gardner

    Biking and canoeing with daughter at camp

  104. Steve

    Girls on the Run 5K with my 4th grade daughter 🙂

  105. Grayson Wright

    Swimming Biking and yard work.

  106. Jeff Spencer

    Training for IM Mont-Tremblant this weekend

  107. Shawn Tubre

    Watched a good friend compete in a half tri w/ equipment he purchased through D.C. Rainmaker & Clever Training.

  108. AT Spence

    Going for a long run and hopefully a bike ride, trying to get back in shape.

  109. Maggie Brock

    I’m doing a lot of walking this weekend!

  110. Frank Goehner

    Cycling, cycling, and more cycling

  111. Nick Dorsett

    Trainer ride on Saturday with a little run after, longer bike Sunday morning now that the weather is nice, a trip to the hot spring, and a run this evening.

  112. Gage

    Hiking in the UP!

  113. The weather is rainy and cold so I’ll be Zwifting tonight! I’m still getting started so it’ll just be 10 miles, but I’m really enjoying it!

  114. Mark

    Snowed here in Dunedin, New Zealand, so a lot of time spent in the pool getting that swim fitness up

  115. Lado Kumsiashvili

    Running and Football.

  116. Andrew Lawrence

    Dozer Day on Saturday…yes, chasing two kids around a construction truck expo is athletic.

    Team ride on Sunday. Finally able to get out with the guys, even if only 50 miles.

  117. Kav

    Gym, ran up a hill, ran down the hill, MTB up hill, MTB down hill, sleep, eat some pies. Standard weekend really.

  118. Mark McKillop

    I did the “hell of the northern suburbs” of Melbourne 😛 Saturday en bicycle (101km) and followed up with a 14 km longer run Sunday.

  119. J.Winter

    A swim in the sea

  120. Marcio

    Cycling 42 miles on Saturday and 32 miles on Sunday. A pace with my friends

  121. Michael Vetowich

    I’ve got a sprint tri in two weeks to ease into the season

  122. Benoit Lamarche

    Wish I can bike from Montréal to Québec this weekend… unfortunately this is unlikely to happen! Cancellation prize is a 100km bike ride with my speed skating daughter.

  123. giper54

    I rode my bike 50 miles on Saturday and Sunday. I am ready to get off my Assault air bike and get outside. Can’t wait until June 10th.

  124. Mark

    Treadmill miles for me this weekend…

  125. Nina

    1500 yard swim which is a lot nowadays for this 8 month pregnant lady.

  126. Robert N

    19 miler, which included a 10k race. 🙂

  127. Oleg

    Open water swim, then 1 hr run

  128. Tim Kehoe

    Put in 15K while setting up/announcing/breaking down at one of our local sprints. Then went home and ran another 8k.

  129. Henrik Engert

    Training for my next adventure! Marathon!!! 🙂

  130. James

    I’ll likely be on Zwift. Because I now like Zwift more than team life riding.

  131. Brian

    I made 100+ trips in my wheelbarrow to deal with a pile of mulch. Does that count?

  132. Arif

    I had half marathon race yesterday. Didn’t do really well. Crampings in the last few kms.

  133. Michael Padgett

    Race the local Team Time Trial with my best friend who is one month younger than me. 65-69 age group. We’re going to show the kids how it is done

  134. Sat I ran 10 miles with a brutal headwind on the way home

  135. Kim DuBord

    Masters bike races Saturday and endurance ride Sunday.

  136. Nick S

    Getting out and riding my new bike!

  137. Brian

    A nice 200k ride with friends. Beautiful weather for it.

  138. Diego

    Play soccer!!

  139. Thomas Knight


  140. Cody Jensen

    Late snowfall in Colorado meant more quality indoor trainer time this weekend.

  141. Christian Dela Cruz

    Went out for a long run yesterday even if it was raining hard! Got a PR on my 10km!

  142. Chris G

    Biking around a car racetrack for a couple of hours as part of a relay.

  143. Ken Platteau

    A Maryland bike ride along the Potomac it is!

  144. angelo marfa

    Gravel riding!

  145. Bhoj Rai

    Rest & eat!

  146. Peter

    Just got a new lightweight bike, so hoping to head to as many hills as I can!

  147. Rudy

    Swimming laps

  148. Steve Balk

    Training for a oly in June, brick Saturday and two hour bike today.

  149. Byron Poland

    Chasing after my 3 children 6 and under

  150. Simon

    Saturday football in Bangkok at 2PM. Insanity. Blistering heat. And barely a breeze to provide some respite. But the coldie afterward never tastes better!

  151. LanceB

    I’ll be out riding

  152. Brian Chabot

    I will continue my medium long run as I start my training for a fall marathon. A new watch would be most helpful!

  153. John Van

    Hiking this weekend! Love your site. Everyone reads it!!

  154. Mike C

    Hiking with the kids!

  155. Bill Capella

    Hiking in the Australian outback on my honeymoon.

  156. Mtthefirst

    Just a couple of recovery runs from last week half marathon race.

  157. Nick Anderson

    30 mile relay run at Texas Motor Speedway!
    Lots of fast fun with my team.

  158. tim elliott

    I am doing nothing but trying to recover from a torn achilles in three places, but would love to have a cool gadget to look forward to using when I recover.

  159. chris

    I did a Balke treadmill and weightlifting workout and high-speed walk with my wife…

  160. Bob pascucci

    Hand wax my truck in Florida hear, that’s plenty of excercise right there

  161. Stuart Schwark

    Training hard for Ironman Chattanooga 2017! Got in solid bike and run – swim session on Monday!

  162. Anth

    No exciting athletic adventures for me, but I did have loads of fun volunteering at a race.

  163. Amy H

    Biking and running. Mostly enjoying the nice weather.

  164. Josh henderson

    Rehabbing my ACL on the bike

  165. Juan Otavo

    150km bike ride + 18km run on sunday

  166. Tim

    Coaching high school baseball. Trying to lock up the number one seed for the Maine state playoffs.

  167. Satish Punna

    Easy run, long run, easy recovery ride yahooo

  168. Chris

    A big 180k ride on Saturday, rest on Sunday. Hopefully my legs will feel like another ride on Monday 🙂

  169. Mary

    Playing with my dog since I’m recovering from a concussion.

  170. Andjelko

    Little bikeing to frends place to have a coffy. I should run more, but have to work

  171. Rob P

    Riding a never ending series of roller in 90 degree heat

  172. Judith Warren

    Fri -Fierce Fiesta 5k with margaritas and tacos post-race
    Sat -Girls on the Run Chicago 5k with a young run buddy
    Sun – Chicago Spring Half

  173. gaberjet

    Bay to Breakers!! Could have done with a few less naked old men on the course tho lol

  174. Peter Leventis

    Long run Sunday (21k), and long run Monday (holday here, 20-25 km. Plus maybe a bike ride! I’d get the 735 or 935 from Garmin….

  175. Chern

    Ran my first 100km Ultra Trail… Long, and painful.. and yet awesome.

  176. Sheng Lin

    3km swim + 15km run!

  177. Nilesh

    Some CrossFit WOD and a nice easy pace run through scenic trails of Texas.

  178. Rusty Andes

    link to
    I will be riding the Horsey hundred on Saturday with pre rides Thursday and Friday.


    worked saturday. Had an athletic nap today..sitting on the couch watching tv and then cut up a large tree branch for the mrs. I also started the pool filter and took a door off in the kitchen for the summer. On top of all that activity I drilled a hole in a concrete flower pot for drainage and stared lovingly at my caad 10 and my supersix and then called it a day. Well after this post anyway 🙂

  180. Justin zebb

    Ran intervals yesterday. Ran a longer run today. HIIT class tomorrow. I’m training for my first half marathon in November and can’t wait!

  181. Kathy Moon

    Walking and running.

  182. Ian Bennett

    Saturday was riding the indoor trainer, and Sunday was riding outdoors. Evening were spend watching the Giro.

  183. Mike

    Easy run and soccer.

  184. Keaton S.

    I cycled 100km on Saturday. On Sunday I’ve just done weights and recovery. I also watched my friend’s 5 year old play his last soccer game of the season which I suppose counts as an athletic adventure. At that age it is like herding cats so it gets pretty entertaining as teams from the next field over inevitably drift onto their field when their ball rolls over, lol.

  185. James

    Nice jog/walk along side Lone Peak in Utah with the Mrs’. Now it’s time to get into some fermented grapes from New Zealand. Cheers all!

  186. Mike

    Mountain biking hiline trail in Sedona Arizona.

  187. Mark b

    Orienteering in a newly created regional park

  188. Marsi Koski

    Not so awful training run/walk yesterday, recovering with a pancake brunch & sushi dinner today. Next weekend…last training run before Bolder Boulder!

  189. Sharon Foster

    Saturday 7.3 mile run followed by 16 mile recovery ride. Sunday Metric Century Bike ride.

  190. Onnalea Gazzo

    I road 20 miles on my kicker with zwift then ran a mile off bike on Saturday. Sunday ran 6 miles.

  191. Daniel Muiño

    Trail running in the San Francisco Bay Area

  192. Andre Almeida

    Just resting and recovering from a cold. 🙁

  193. Oscar P

    Ride cause it is finally warm in Vancouver!

  194. Jamie Fortune

    Swim, bike and run…as long as the weather cooperates! Thanks for the chance!

  195. Jean Rojas

    Train for my firts triathlon in october

  196. Chris H

    Running around our understaffed shop like a madman, trying to get everyone else on bicycles I wish I had the time to ride 🙂

  197. Bob

    Preparing for a half marathon on May 27 and registering for my first full marathon in 15 years.

  198. Joe Wilensky

    Hiking the appalachian trail with my new Fenix 5

  199. Scott H

    Sprint tri, followed by mountain biking with my kid…then she did a tri on Sunday and I did 2 hrs on Zwift. Great weekend!

  200. Joshua Crowe

    Headed up to Mt. Pisgah in Western NC for some training.

  201. Jack Gazzo

    Rode my bike, and did a 6 mile run.

  202. Tyler M

    35 Mike ride and a 2.5 mile run after.

  203. Jonatan Leff Yaffe

    Taper running for next week’s marathon!

  204. Emily Qualich

    90 Miles today with 5459 ft of climbing. Training for the Horribly HIlly Hundred in June.

  205. Mike

    Long bike ride then hiking in the mountains with the kids.

  206. Evin Wick

    Running Bay2breakers!

  207. Rick

    Long trainer and treadmill sessions because it’s been raining all weekend 🙁

  208. Michael Frazier

    50 mile ride in preparation for a 120 mile ride on Tuesday.

  209. Don

    Twins graduate this weekend and it’s cold. Couple short walks.

  210. Brad Clunes

    I’ve got parkrun on Saturday then a 27km long run as part of my Gold Coast Marathon training

  211. Geoff

    Race got cancelled!! Booo!!

  212. Carla

    Double ascent on Mary’s peak!

  213. Ajit

    Beat the pain in knee and completed annual bangalore TCS 10k

  214. Seth Revelle

    Wedding and long run

  215. Cindy

    I ran my first half marathon this weekend!

  216. Craig vincek

    Running like a mad man.

  217. Wilber Purwanto

    Just simple biking with many friends all across the city

  218. Pedro Ibarra

    Spending the weekend in NH in the white mountains cycling. Good way to start the cycling season. About 150miles so far.

  219. Darren mullarkey

    Nothing a part from gigs and beers.

  220. The weekend is over but here is the recap – kayaking at Mallows Bay in southern MD on Saturday; back to training on Sunday with a 2-hour bike ride in the W&OD trail followed by a 45 min run.

  221. Graham

    Riding the tandem

  222. Kyle

    Repainting two of the bathrooms while my wife is visiting her parents and getting some biking in while the paint dries.

  223. D. Sasaki

    I will be recovering from back spasms — a different sort of adventure.

  224. Damon Gardner

    Short sprint bike ride with my son… Rest for upcoming week of training.

  225. Adam

    Five mile run on Saturday and the same on Sunday.

  226. Sharon

    Playing with my granddaughter on the trampolines at Skyzone then a swim!

  227. easy long run

  228. Jason

    Riding a stationary bike in hotel purgatory

  229. Mark

    Running on a treadmill and using a stationary bike in Chicago while on vacation.

  230. Bill L

    Getting out for some bike rides after we had 10″ of snow just a few days ago!

  231. Marcos Caraballo

    Run a 10 mil with my Army unit and 50 mil bike in coast of Puerto Rico ??

  232. Andrew Stone

    The closest thing to athletic adventure was watching my son’s little league game and several hours moving branches and fallen trees from one side of my property to the other. After 2 weeks off following my spring marathon I’m hoping to resume running this week.

  233. Eric H.

    Typical training rides around New York City. One extra long ride thanks to the holiday weekend here in the U.S.

  234. Jean-Michel Pedroso

    I did an easy bike/ran last Sunday as part of my training for a duathlon next week.

  235. Completed Beech Mountain Metric and then some more

  236. Adrian Burroughs

    Road riding with my wife.

  237. Neil Trust

    A 2.5 hour bike ride ide and cheering my friends on at IMCHOO70.3

  238. Bikeman

    A normal 100 km weekend. The wind wasn’t normal but distance was.

  239. Alex Castano

    Completed a “super spring” tri in Pensacola, FL. First race of the year!

  240. John Frisbie

    Yoga for athletes!

  241. Raphael Amiot-Savard

    First 100k ride of the season.

  242. Tim K

    The usually two 30+ mile road rides

  243. Jeff

    Epic 112 mile bike ride around Oahu!

  244. Bernardo

    I’m getting to do some long workouts a 90km group ride with a race simulation and some 20-35 k running

  245. Shannon

    Riding local rail trails!

  246. Markus

    Swimming with pool buoy only due to broken toe

  247. Jim Leone

    Hit a pr for a 5k.

  248. Liz Milyko

    Some heat training running getting ready for Reno Tahoe Odyssey in 2 weeks

  249. Tony Marcus

    Rode in a organized ride to Montauk, NY

  250. William

    A short run around the neighborhood

  251. Christian LIm

    Last long run before Run to Remember, Boston.

  252. Keith

    Getting back into training after a bad ankle roll.

  253. Keasha

    I’m tapering so I ran to the park, played with my son and then ran to Arby’s to meet my husband and about 800 calories worth of junk food lol.

  254. Caroline

    First sprint triathlon in over a year. So excited to do a race that will be over in less than two hours.

  255. Steve

    Cleaning out my basement, the pain cave was flooded!

  256. Eugene

    I ran the local full marathon in Kuala Lumpur.

  257. Matt Dreyfuss

    A bunch of slow distance runs. And donating blood.

  258. Lirri

    Enjoying the beautiful sun!

  259. Abel Oyhamburu

    A few miles around the soccer field

  260. Allison Cotten

    Practice swim in wetsuit — first race of season next weekend!

  261. Shubham Dixit

    Since I am trying to fix my left ankle, completing 40MPW will count as an athletic adventure, won’t it.

  262. Exequiel

    Packed weekend! Long bike ride Saturday morning, immediately follow by a transition practice from bike to ride and off to a 30min run. Sunday morning is a long easy 1:15 run, then meeting family for a hearty brunch!

  263. Anthony

    Cross training to help with a sore Achilles :-/

  264. 6fattie

    2 hours on the mountain bike and another 2 hours on the road bike this weekend.

  265. Walter

    Probably just Zwifting with all the rainy weather.

  266. Michael

    Hey ray! Thank you as always, love your site. This weekend is week two of my marathon training. You know what that means…Long run!

  267. Three long runs to get ready for my first Ragnar relay!

  268. Mike O'Neil

    bike park riding with my 7 yr old!

  269. Sam

    Row row row your erg, gently across the garage…

  270. Christian

    Beautiful Hawaiian weekend means a run followed by a surf

  271. Ethan Gui

    Strolling with my family on California Highway 1 while nursing a cold from earlier of the week.

  272. Andrew

    Gym rat, too rainy out there

  273. seth

    Nice tempo ride and long 9 mile run this weekend.

  274. Luc comeau

    Deer Creek colorado to high grade
    And Colorado weather 🙂

  275. Annette Needham

    I had a fun packed workout weekend! Training for my first Irinman so I ran 8 mikes Saturday morning and swam 800 meters Saturday afternoon then today (Sunday) did a 15 mile bike ride followed by a 1 mile Brick run and then played golf all afternoon! Boom!

  276. Brit Buzhardt

    Going to do some hill training. Got a mountain relay coming up.

  277. Kevin Brice

    Biked 50 miles on Sat. and ran 10 miles on Sun. …still cold (40 deg.) rainy and windy here is Wisconsin.

  278. Scott Romney

    Adventures include: Crossfit and getting outside to enjoy the Spring.

  279. Craig

    Heading out for a 21.1km trail run for fun with some running buddies.
    Just a year ago I couldn’t run 21km and I was training towards my first half marathon.

  280. Allory

    Just hoping to get to ride. We had a spring snowstorm dump 14 inches Thursday evening and it’s been pretty cold.

  281. le tuyen

    First time, i run 10km in 1 hour. And, Im tired all sunday

  282. Richie

    70.3 triathlon in beautiful central Pennsylvania.

  283. khalid hasan

    Slow bike ride to up base fitness after injury.

  284. Matthew B

    Mountain biking, Running, and weight lifting.

  285. Steve mader

    Running to stay healthy!

  286. Mark Milliken

    Mont Tremblant riding, 90km rides everyday for next 5 days!

  287. Jeff Clowers

    Working an aid station at a race.

  288. Jennifer Nix McGerald

    I am on a much needed rest after completing Ragnar Cape Cod. I’ve been training and racing since last August.

  289. errol

    i ran 15 km

  290. GREGORY C

    Having a nice ride with the wife and kids in their thule carriers

  291. Wes Petree

    Interval runs on Saturday to prep for an upcoming PT test and a longer bike ride on Sunday 🙂

  292. Lee

    Recovering from leg injury– so my weekend was a 400yd swim Friday, 40 minute recovery ride Saturday and 30 minute hobble/walk Sunday. Slow and steady :-).

  293. Jim

    Compete in an Olympic distance triathlon.

  294. maria

    just ran 5k easy run

  295. Bret deardorff

    Riding and running training for half ironman.

  296. Tammy Reyes

    I’m walking as far as I can each day to help my recovery from foot surgery 2 weeks ago. Cannot wait to get back on my bike!

  297. KilkennY

    Running around The block While my youngest daughter trains on her bike.

  298. Christina Fleming

    Cycling and preparing for my next race!

  299. David

    Ill go this weekend mountain bike 10km to get ready to next week training

  300. Felix

    Ran the Vancouver marathon a couple of weekends ago, so just a 12k run on Sunday, taking it easy!

  301. Vivian

    Trail race Saturday (Dirty Dog 15K) Sunday rest day and watching some hockey with friends. Monday back at it, starting taper end of week for American Triple T.

  302. Aditya Ramdani

    Taekwondo training in my dojang and swimming with my wife in local pool ?

  303. Karen Cummings


  304. JP

    Helping my kids pace their first 1 mile runs

  305. melanie toelcke

    Running 11 Miles to Paradise!

  306. Steve z

    10k run and a 2500 yard swim

  307. Mathieu

    I have a 50k long run to do in preparation for the TDS at UTMB

  308. Anand

    10K run, followed by a 6hr training ride!

  309. Atilano Bullos

    Stuck in bed over the weekend, back spasms, after Tuesday 10K run Central Park.

  310. Alex Gregory

    Getting in a 25 mile ride followed by a 5k run while learning how people from Colorado breathe…

  311. Peter Vanleeuwen

    Unplanned triathlon weekend! Friday 1100m in the pool, Saturday 65km bike and an 8km running race on Sunday. Maybe I’ll relax Monday 🙂

  312. Henry

    Mountain biking in SoCal!

  313. Belgium Wafer ride

  314. Marc Aucoin

    Saturday, Tempo run
    Sunday, 140km cycle with 10km brick run, then 3 cycles of Air Relax leg massagers…

  315. Andy J

    Swimming in the DR. Taking a break from running and biking.

  316. David Primm

    First mountain bike race of the season. As my race ended, rain started. LOTS of rain. A couple of inches of rain. Made for an interesting next race!

  317. Scott


  318. ZQ Yeo

    Probably a longish run and some quality time in compression sleeves!

  319. Jurjen

    Nothing, on holiday in Bagan (Myanmar)! Can definitely recommend

  320. Nicholas Schiller

    Ironman Santa Rosa Preview Ride and Swim!!

  321. Brett

    Ran 10km then chased a golf ball around the local course!

  322. Ted D

    60 mile ride on Saturday, then watch my wife skydive.

  323. Bruce Dube

    Great weekend! Running, biking, swimming!

  324. Ernie

    Brooklyn Half and Gran Fondo New York!

  325. Jason

    Brick workout along the river for me this weekend! And a nice brunch afterwards.

  326. Amy

    My weekend training was quite pathetic. It was simply a 3 mile run. I missed out on my swim
    and 30 mile bike planned. My poor dad is in the hospital with a new diagnosis of cancer and I spent all weekend with him.

  327. Cason

    Just a couple of easy Z2 runs.

  328. Phil

    Marathon on sunday !

  329. MrFlux

    Family reunion. No athletics.

  330. Neil Brodsky

    I’m pacing my friend for his 50k.

  331. Mark

    I suppose the 8 hours of gardening yesterday does not count but a long run this morning is what I got in.


    Longers ride in this season, rode 82 miles at a nice pace of 18.5 mph.

  333. Rick B

    This weekend I was on the trainer Saturday morning then swim and yoga on Sunday.

  334. Michael DT

    Running the toughest XC race in the region, followed by rabbiting at the local school’s xc races.

  335. Dana Abbey

    Leukotape got me through an 8-miler.

  336. Ron Green

    Did the Gran Fondo NY!!!!

  337. Josh Maisey

    ill be hitting out a 1hr tempo on Saturday and a 3hr long run on the Sunday!

  338. Alan Solot

    Riding my bike!

  339. Edmond Cheng

    I’ll be shuttling kids between a dance recital and a swim meet! In the between time, I’ll try to ride my trainer amidst all the rain this weekend. ?

  340. Pamela

    Taper this weekend in prep to head to the Grand Canyon next weekend to run 50k for my 50th birthday!

  341. Richard h

    Ran 5 in the pouring rain.

  342. Dan

    Run up and down Mount Uncanoonuk in Goffstown, NH. Did it 6 times today.

  343. Frederico Soares Falcetta

    Just two fast 30 min runs and some strength training

  344. Chad

    No athletic adventures this weekend. I’m taking some much needed rest days.

  345. Rafal Lacki

    Running rasy 5km this Sat and Sun.

  346. Mariana Falcetta

    I just ran 6km in 40 minutes!

  347. Thinking I might brave the weather and try and get out for a run! Thanks for everything you do ray

  348. Morgan Cochran

    Went to a Music Festival this weekend and instead of taking taxis I walked 3 miles each way to stay active. It was great until a storm came rolling through!

  349. Andy

    Oregon High School State Track Meet in Tracktown USA!

  350. aftron

    taking a break from running, and kayaking a little.

  351. Fermin Aportela

    I’m goingo to hit the bike fot some serious kms, and if all of yuo are readimg this, it means I won, yeah!!!!

  352. Lindsey McIver

    Olympic distance tri on Saturday in Pinehurst NC and drinking all the beer on Sunday!

  353. Chris Hodges

    Switching cycling shoes… Again!

  354. Carlos A

    EMS week 5k run and long bike ride

  355. Wyatt

    Getting back outside for some workouts after being out of action with a cold.

  356. Chris

    Regen after field test week

  357. Jeffrey J.

    Not much for me… One more week on crutches for a femoral stress fracture!

  358. Miko Santos

    Probably a trail run up a local mountain (assuming my left ankle injury feels well).

  359. Veronica Vargas

    I want to run soon

  360. jonathan hausmann

    Going for a walk with a stroller, my daughter and wife….does that count?

  361. Adam Harrison

    First open water lake swim of the year, plus cycling, and a dog walk.

  362. Christy Borgald

    Lots of biking on our anniversary long weekend 🙂

  363. puddlethumper

    16 miles on saturday – last long run done! 8 miles this morning on the course of the marathon. I am feeling ready!

  364. Brad Borgald

    Climbed Cadillac Mountain for my anniversary

  365. Adam baxter

    Mtb’ing and road biking

  366. Philip B

    A 75 mile bike race Saturday with a 56 mile preview ride as a recovery effort Sunday

  367. Doing a parkrun this Saturday and long trail fun this Sunday.

  368. Brian Hudon

    Grand Fondo New York!

  369. Mark Yancey

    Training for the M-22 Challenge triathelon.

  370. Brad D

    Since I have my first Tri of the season coming up next Week, I should probably start swimming again. And Eating a bunch of Recovery Pizza.

  371. david sabata

    L’Estartit Olimpic Triathlon!!!

  372. RobW

    somehow managed to fit a spinning class and 8Km run around working this weekend. Pretty happy with that

  373. Erwin

    5k on Saturday, 10k on Sunday and a 15 mile bike ride through Boston

  374. nicolas

    Ironman Brazil

  375. Brilly_AU

    Major rebuild weekend. Completely strip and clean the 650 for new everything. Fit new cables and hydraulic fluid for the 29er. Clean and check the Road Disc for it’s next outing. Fit the new Enve’s to the Crit bike. Who says cyclists don’t know how to have fun? :'(

  376. Gabi connor

    Grocery shopping on crutches….

  377. David B

    No adventures this weekend red foot plantar fasciitis

  378. Keith

    Got my eyes on a few things at CT!

  379. Sophia s

    Trail run 13 miles with 3000ft climb

  380. Galen Davis

    I coached little league. I built a waterproof cover for the atrium in my home. I exercised my liver before and during a concert. No actual workouts, but damn, I’m tired.

  381. Konnor Young

    I’m starting training for my first marathon, the St. George Marathon, this week!

  382. Mens Road Race Cat 5 and Kiddie Crit for my kids ages 7,7, and 10.

  383. Carl Thomas

    I am just riding the bike.

  384. Simon B.

    100 miles for $$ for diabetes

  385. Grace Xu

    Just moved back to my uni town! Ready for some nice runs by the lake 🙂

  386. Manuel Mococain

    20k Trail Run on saturday and 70k ir more route bike ride on sunday preparing an ironman !

  387. Roland

    3 hour bike ride around Griffith Park, 1.5 mile open water swim, and a 6 mile run. A leisurely hike to boot.

  388. Joshua

    It’s a long weekend on Canada so flexing my grilling muscles and doing a long run on Monday.

  389. Evren

    Not a great adventure but hit the trainer and 100 miles mark!

  390. Rafael

    XC mountain biking (on a very muddy trail given the current weather)

  391. Claudia Behring

    I raced the TX State TT Championships and am now the state champion for female cat 5 (that was yesterday) and today I did some low tempo running work.

  392. FrankG2

    Girls on the run 5k support. Half mary prepwork.

  393. A brick on Saturday and a hike on Sunday. Nice weekend, if a bit rainy.

  394. Cycling the NZ Great Alpine Highway
    link to

  395. Michael

    Went for a run, biked, and swam!

  396. Emilio Romano Diaz

    Saturday with a light bike ride and for Sunday a century ride!

  397. Michelle D

    Hit the gym for some weights and a quick run!

  398. Scott Harding

    Happy May 2-4 from Canada!! I plan on going for a run tomorrow on my day off, but nothing major.

  399. Brandon boucher

    Fun run at my local brewery, port city brewery in Alexandria va.

  400. Robert

    5K run and strength training, plus lots of walking.

  401. Heath Vanegas

    A great day of kayaking and hiking…..just what the doctor ordered.

  402. Bruce Belrose

    I plan on increasing my cycling base mileage to prepare for the family’s annual bike on /Lake Shire Drive in Chucago next weekend.

  403. Tim Brown

    I finished planting my garden this weekend. But I did do running intervals on Saturday!!

  404. Ashish dipak

    Catch-up with my club and buds with a nice 50-70k ride after weeks off the bike.

  405. Joshua Miller

    trail race in CT

  406. Tom C

    Return to exercise after a very slight concussion–25 mile road ride.

  407. Jon Storey

    Unfortunately, I’m recovering from a calf tear. So, a 5km walk, lots of stretching and foam rollering, maybe a bike ride.
    Hopefully , I’m not too far away to putting my running shoes back on.

  408. Dave C

    Multiple bike rides!

  409. Hany

    Walking for hours in a foreign city

  410. I was lazy and merely did a 4 mile and a 3 mile treadmill run. I am still on target to run 1,000 miles this year. However my cycling has taken a hit the past few months.

  411. Tushar

    Did my first ever video swim stroke analysis with the Swim Smooth guys. Amazing to see direct visual feedback of exactly how badly my stroke sucks 😀

  412. Craig T

    Trail run in national forest

  413. Chris Lutes

    Been playing with 2 YO in parks, duck ponds, and small curbs around town!

  414. Robert H

    40 mike bike on Sat followed by a 13mi training run Sun.

    All sandwiched between baseball and other family ordeals

  415. Vollenteering with the Boise Fire department filling sandbags to help with the flooding rivers from all the snow we’ve had this winter. Sunday I went on a 60 mile bike ride up to Bogus Basin Ski area, it was amazing!!!

  416. Mike Sinclair

    Spent the weekend on a mountain bike as a paramedic covering two different trail races, an ultra, and a marathon.

  417. Alfredo

    Not much of an adventure but running 9000km far from home (Rome) in Dallas

  418. Eric W.

    Ran the MCM Half. Beat my target time by a whopping 2 seconds!

  419. Charlie McVicker

    I’m doing a TrainerRoad workout and a long ride

  420. Josh

    Lots of speed work

  421. Kelly Mollet

    Hopefully a run tonight and Crossfit in the morning
    Thanks You

  422. Jenn K.

    Ice baths and ibuprofen … torn ligament 🙁

  423. Vikram

    Focus on strength training, Sunday is for long run.
    Btw need to fix my Rapide cycle for cross training..

  424. Lynn

    State Time Trial Championships, both Individual and Team. Love me some TT’ing!

  425. Patty Tracey

    Started the weekend with my sisters wedding and lots of dancing. Ended with a long ride and some hiking.

  426. Tim Pfluger

    Climbing hills on the bike on Saturday, volunteering at a 5k and running a tough 15 miler on Sunday.

  427. Robin Benson

    Biking and running. And cleaning the pool.

  428. Andrew

    Just wanted to get a run in.

  429. Prathan

    I did half marathon without proper preparation in a very humid weather in Bangkok, Thailand. It rained the night before the race.
    On the race day, my feel were soaking wet at KM 8; and I could barely run afterward.
    I got my PB for 10 KM, but not for 21 KM.

  430. Ricky

    A 50k trail run/walk then a rest day for kids =)

    Lucky that I can still catch this after the weekend… sweet!

  431. Kevin McCormick

    More seat time in prep for a 135 mile, 15000 ft ride to Tahoe in a month!

  432. Appu Thomas

    Was on call at the hospital. So cycled 50 miles around the hospital

  433. Dan Aponik

    A weekend is not complete unless I get at least 100 miles in on the bike with at least 6,000 feet of climbing. A 4 to 6 mile brick run after the Sunday ride will cap off the perfect weekend.

  434. Scott

    A MTB ride, some tennis, yard work, and a little yoga to recover.

  435. Julius

    Race and avoiding GFNY

  436. Stuart

    This weekend? Training wise, I have a short, easy bike ride (two and a half hours), and a fifty minute run. Other than that, I’ll be doing my usual finger lifts – that counts, right? (Think of what you do as you move your fingers from one key to the next on the keyboard…)

  437. Wayne Schaap

    CX racing this weekend

  438. Goran

    Saturday enjoying storm, Sunday having a beautiful lonely solo 50k bike ride

  439. Peter

    50mi bike and 3 mi brick run on Saturday and 12 mi trail run on Sunday.

  440. Greg Reznich

    I got a solid 2 hr ride in before the baby got up. That is a win these days! Time to set some PR’s as a dad now.

  441. Chris Powers

    Recovery, wait for med visit @ Vanderbilt. My hips know a guy… Unfortunately that guy will have two long needles…

  442. jeffrey k

    Broke my ankle on Tuesday. Had an MRI Saturday morning. Going to see the orthopedic surgeon Monday. Was supposed to do Eagleman 70.3 in a couple weeks. 😛

  443. Robert J Moore

    I’ll be biking and running this weekend! No matter the activity, I could always use new gadgetry!

    • Nicholas Browne

      Swimming in Kitsilano pool, Vancouver Canada. 137m of salty goodness. Plus a track running workout, 80k bike practicing Aero position, and a 5k brick after.

  444. Gerrard Leach

    3 orienteering races with my 8yr old son.

  445. Rebecca Unitt

    I just completed the Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon! My fourth triathlon and had a blast with all my Santa Cruz tri club teammates.

  446. Victor

    A Super Heroes triathlon that was held after we raced earlier in the day. Nothing beats being down on the aerobars on your TT with your Wonder Woman cape flying out behind you.

  447. David

    10 mile run.

  448. Mike

    This week I’m hoping to run along the San Antonio river walk while I’m here for work, but once back home, I’m doing some cave exploring at Mammoth Cave.

  449. Alex

    Visit a wedding ceremony and took a 15km run.

  450. Jim Lai

    I’ve been biking my butt off all weekend on the trails of South oc.

  451. Jeff Noon

    Ran the Cellcomm Green Bay Half Marathon.

  452. Lori Terzopoulos

    Half marathon Saturday morning, easy 4-mile recovery run Sunday morning with my dog and easy 6-mile leisure ride in the evening!

  453. yasuyuki

    Long run with group, and Sunday walk with my wife and son.

  454. Jonathan Brunelle

    Running with my 4 years old son for his first run !:)

  455. Patrick Myers

    Sadly, nothing. Pulled my hamstring last week, so I’m mainly hobbling around trying not to reinjure it.

  456. Tammy H

    This weekend I ran 10 miles in the morning and then walked around Helen, GA drinking wine and eating. A perfect outdoor adventure day. ?

  457. John MacDonald

    Getting back of on the bike

  458. Tatiana Samuel

    Triathlon training camp for ironman Canada

  459. Arno

    I plan on a late Monday afternoon ride on my gravel bike in the rain in Gatineau Park.

  460. John Branum

    I’ll be trying to stay dry (from the rain, not my sweat) while doing some climbing intervals 🙂

  461. Jilyan Ampog

    I will trail run with my friends, a training run in preparation for our upcoming race this June 11. -Soon to be unemployed 22years old from Philippines

  462. Patrick W. Anderson

    Planning on biking and hiking.

  463. Mik

    Just some gentle walking around as recovering from surgery.

  464. Hans F


  465. Scott

    Biking and running, and playing with the kids

  466. Jason

    A couple of runs one being a trail run.

  467. Betsey

    First open water swim of the season

  468. John

    Track season starts at Lehigh County Velodrome on Saturday! Time to go fast and turn left!

  469. Vince

    Already rode yesterday
    Spin on the trainer today
    Either run or ride tomorrow

  470. Jean Ayotte

    Back from travel, I resume training on monday…

  471. Shannon

    First longer ride of the season. Finally some good weather here in the northeast usa

  472. John S

    Just a run followed by a day at the beach.

  473. John Bowman

    Saturday- open water swim series
    Sunday-indoor trainer session due to weather
    Recovery- Summer brews…Prost!

  474. Andrew

    Bike ride with the family after fixing the kids’ flats.

  475. Greg K.

    Getting about 24,000 steps / day at Disneyland.

  476. Dufton Lewis

    100km ride and recovery with DQ Blizzard.

  477. 3underscore

    Trail run in preparation for a tough mudder. Having done ~10 miles on Thursday for the first time in a long while it was a sore affair…

  478. Edward Sampelo

    I’m doing a long run on the weekend..;)

  479. Mike

    Run. Just run

  480. Lara

    Between shopping for flowers to plant, a sore foot, and rain…not much, unfortunately.

  481. Ran the CellCom half marathon in Green Bay, WI. It was my first half.

  482. Jonathan

    Just the regular stuff saturday biking, running, and repeat on Sunday biking, running!!!

  483. Cristina De Leon Quintero

    Preparation run for my first marathon:)

  484. Margaret K

    Just some ordinary training bike rides against killer winds through farmland near my home. I also swam for an hour testing out some new goggles and tri kit to see whether I will switch from last years

  485. Dave

    I plan to hit Trainer Road hard and work in some runs on the off days.

  486. Allison

    This weekend I got in a run, a nice long bike ride (first of the season!), and a short hike. I’m looking forward to the pool opening this coming weekend!

  487. Chris M.

    Jemez Mountain 50k yesterday, followed by a 17 mile mountain run today.

  488. Troy Brown

    Gentle heart based recovery run through a nearby national park.

  489. Dustin

    1.5 masters pool swimming and enjoying a Canadian long weekend!

  490. Sam

    An easy 5k as I try to get back into regular training…

  491. Tina reilly

    I ran the Harpoon 5 miler!

  492. 80k ride yesterday, rest today, and 10k tempo run tomorrow, with family fun rides with baby trailer in the afternoon!

  493. Matt B

    A little cycling and a lot of helping my girlfriend buy a dress. (Its a sport, trust me)

  494. Tatnai Burnett

    Zwifting with some sweet spot training was on the menu this weekend.

  495. Justin R.

    Road biking for an upcoming 60 mile ride, plus running for an upcoming 5 mile local race. Next week begins open water swims, if the water is warm enough …

  496. Ryan Bertrand

    Some road biking and Squash!

  497. Justin L

    Took a break from my bicycle this weekend and took hiking back up with the wife.

  498. Ferenc Kumin

    I’ll bike from NYC Midtown East to Piermont, NY and back

  499. Ron

    I have 3 months to train for a local crit. My goal is to finish on the lead lap. This weekend was a short ride with hard short intervals at high RPM.

  500. Alvaro Cruz

    On Saturday will do a Brick (bike-run) and on Sunday get to do MTB on awesome trails, country back roads and through a river stretch of more than 2 miles!!!

  501. Jen Jacobs

    Lifting some heavy ass weights!!

  502. Jeffrey

    Just a morning run followed up by the rest of the day doing yard work. My Polar M400 says 28,000 steps worth.

  503. Greg Grandgeorge

    “Enjoying” 3.5 hour trainer ride this weekend… hiding from the cold and rain.

  504. PeterE

    10k run and 60k bike sandwiched in between shopping and other weekend chores.

  505. Ikaika B

    Seattle is going to hit 70 degrees for the first time since last fall! Hitting the bike trails with a buddy who got just got his first bike as a adult lol! Can’t wait!

  506. Shawn Rizza

    Running the BolderBOULDER, and then up to Glacier to bike the Going to the Sun Road before it opens to cars!

  507. Ryan M.

    I’d like to say I went for nice runs since the weather is great, but a sinus infection meant the only thing running was the snot from my nose.

  508. Martin

    Armchair mountaineering by reading Mount Everest blogs!

  509. Jeremy L

    I’ll be running some hills in prep for a 100 miler coming up. 🙂

  510. Choong Kit

    The weekend is filled with recovery hike up some steep mountain and loads of carbo loading for no particular reason 🙂

  511. Samuel Medway

    Doing what I can on the Kickr!

  512. Santos

    Did some swimming this weekend.

  513. James Gray

    Enjoying being outdoors this weekend with a nice LSD run and some lumberjack “cross training” (tree felling).

  514. Grogor Globocnik

    Shoveling for new propane line and mowing the lawn 🙂

  515. Katherine Carvajal

    After being in a car accident in the Fall, I was back on the bike. It was great to get back out there. I’ve already signed up for a 10K, so I’ll start training for that this weekend. Finding my groove again.

  516. Moad Fahmi

    Just some push ups 🙂

  517. A Klein

    Excellent weekend biking with friends, working at a wildlife rehab, and running. All getting ready for Eagleman 70.3.

  518. Laura McKean

    1st long run after injury. Slow and steady. Finish strong!

  519. Johnny G

    Summit Mt Diablo… = done

  520. Paul Morrison

    Long run on Saturday morning, long ride on Sunday. Exploring my new home in Boise, ID!

  521. Karlheinz

    100 km bike ride

  522. Chris

    Running and yard work.

  523. Puneet

    Saturday would be rowing and Sunday would be grueling squash!

  524. Kyle Mit

    Went for my last long run over my 18 week training period in preparation for my first full marathon. Can’t wait until next weekend! Wore my garmin (of course)

  525. Ken

    Easy taper weekend. Light bike riding

  526. Jim

    A couple short runs just taking it easy before training for another 70.3 starts up.

  527. Wendy Ditterline

    Swimming Saturday and couch surfing Sunday. I may or may not have fractured my foot and am having to stay off it til I can get x-rays Monday.

  528. Martin H.

    Olympic Triathlon in Bintan, Indonesia, in prep for my first Ironman. A power meter would be really helpful for execution of my bike leg..

  529. Dylan

    A run around the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.

  530. Daniel Condon

    Kids Soccer, My Soccer & 2 Birthday parties (Parents will know how must “Athleticism is involved here!”)

  531. Eric

    I ran the Brooklyn Half and then a Recovery run after a day of traveling to Kanab Utah (from sea level to 5K’).

  532. DJ

    Road and trail running. Beautiful weather so some cycling too.

  533. Russ

    Family bike tour up the Coeur d’Alene river. Great fun to kick off summer.

  534. Tim G

    After hanging out at the kids swim meet I will be slogging through an afternoon run in the heat of South Texas.

  535. Rob Spear

    Training ride and baptism.

  536. Brad

    First OW swim of the season, followed by some good biking and running. Good wether finally here in the North East US!!

  537. Jamwes

    Sleeping in and resting my Achilles this the only athletic adventure I was up to this weekend. Hopefully everything will be healed up for my half marathon next weekend.

  538. Gearing up – so to speak – for a Duathlon! Then off to Colorado for a Tri.

  539. Scott Thomson

    Just completed my first tough mudder this weekend.

  540. Mike P

    Will be doing a trail run in Jasper Park, Alberta

  541. Jamie Madson

    couple runs with the dog and the new Tuff Mutt leash

  542. David Brown

    Watching my daughter compete in the Houston Texans Kids Triathlon at NRG Stadium.

  543. Jordan

    8 mile hill run on roads Saturday (trails are snowed in) and 50 mile groad ride on Sunday.

  544. Francisco Migoya

    Bike on saturday

  545. Richard Fecteau

    2 long rides, preparing for Granfondo Vermont….

  546. Malinda Cirimele

    Went to first over Sacramento Open Street event. Included a free fun run put on by a local running club and brewery. Fun day!

  547. Morgan ryan

    Plan to ride my bike to the trail, run 10 miles then bike to the pool and back home

  548. Derick Anhalt

    Long run out to Creve Coeur lake through the St Louis triathlon.

  549. Yuriy

    15k Run-to-Beer Toronto!

  550. Sean

    Tapering this week because of a half marathon next weekend. Nice easy 10K today!

  551. Arapito

    Squeezed a short run into a small gap in an otherwise very busy weekend.

  552. Benoit Faivre

    My athletic adventures for the weekend have been very easy: a few rides with my son on his tag along bike, and my daughter on her MounTain Bike

  553. Kevin

    Stair workouts. Training for World Trade Center stair climb!

  554. Mark Cvetkovich

    A couple quick runs and a whole lot of yard work this weekend!

  555. Mike R.

    I’m going to enjoy my new Fluid Rower from First Degree!

  556. Jose

    Went hiking with our kids to the mountain. Only issue was some dirt bikes and atvs forced us to go out of the trail!

  557. Alwin

    just had my first virtual run for 5km last sunday.

  558. Assaf porat

    Cycling, mountains, and a lot of it….

  559. Greg Dufour

    50 mile bike ride with a 5k uphill time trial thrown in, followed by a 25 min run off. Sunday will include an 80 min run with 2x 3 miles @ 6:40 min/mile pace, just to keep it interesting!

  560. L

    “Long” run…coming back from injury. Again.

  561. Vincent Needham

    Blowing a brand new bike tire on a fast descent! Sad panda 🙁

  562. Graeme Lue Qui

    Spent the weekend catching up on training missed from being sick
    Fri – Zwift mountain
    Sat – Group Hammer
    Sun – Zwift mountain
    Mon – Solo 50 + 50K training a friend for Cancer Ride
    All followed by 30 min run OTB

  563. Dean Goodwin

    local Parkrun, at least one game of 20/20 cricket, mowing the lawns and probably chasing our loan dog around.

  564. Khoo Teng Hin

    Feed, burp and diaper change repeat.. Pretty much grounded..

  565. Justin Hahn

    Just a training run on the trails!

  566. Eric Boltz

    My athletic adventure of the weekend was recovering (still) from a Wednesday, intense handcycle effort. (I’m a cyclist turned paraplegic 19 months back thanks to a distracted driver).

  567. Daniel

    Probably just some city riding. Would like to go mountain biking but it is raining all weekend.

  568. Steve

    I was able to get some good training in this weekend. A couple of runs, a good bike trainer session today, and some solid weight training to go with it.

  569. Tim L

    Road ride that unexpectedly was part groad ride.

  570. Raur Meilleur Harvey

    I was up in a hilly race… and didnt got dropped like 2 years ago! 😀

  571. Peter

    An FTP test on Saturday (they always hurt) followed by a longish ride on Sunday with some tempo hill climbing intervals.

  572. Michelle Novotni

    Ran 10 miles
    Ice skated
    Walked the dog several times

  573. Mike Gathy

    Pull carpet and padding out for four hours

  574. Rajendra Abella

    In preparation for my wife and myself’s second overseas marathon race, our weekend itinerary consists of the usual Sunday LSD run just around the vilage…but having the Saturday as a rest day schedule leaves me no choice but to grab the opportunity for a cross training ride to the mountains! 🙂

  575. Sreeguru

    Picking up my specialised and taking her for a spin. Have been waiting around a month now to purchase it.

  576. Josh Cohen

    Just a couple of runs through central park!

  577. Graham

    On Friday I did a brick in 90 degree weather – it was hard! Saturday I did a swim workout and today I did a 63 mile bike ride through the hills of Marin. I am getting ready for my upcoming triathlon, the HIM at Kona on June 3rd.

  578. Mike Mason

    I got to stand on the sideline for a change and support my son on Saturday morning and my wife on Sunday morning… I did squeeze in 2 rides and a gym session though..

  579. Brett Goodrich

    The local trail has been closed due wet conditions but opened this weekend so I did lots of single track trail exploration.

  580. Brian

    Soccer with my 3 boys. Early morning bike rides and runs training for my first 70.3.

  581. Rod Gibson

    long ride & long run

  582. Philip

    Dreadmilling it due to bad weather all week.

  583. Chris K

    Finishing my second ever Triathlon a sprint Saturday morning

  584. Russell Dockery

    Oak Mountain Xterra Regional Championships Olympic distance off-road triathlon in Pelham, Alabama. It was my first Olympic distance Triathlon. We traveled from Indiana for the weekend. It was an Amazing adventure, so many great people. 21st of 35 AG 40-44. My 4th tri ever.

  585. Brad L

    Mountain biking on the local trails… before the rains come.

  586. Anton

    For me its a 15k trail run and a 2k swim on Sunday night.

  587. Nina

    Kayaking Deep Cove

  588. Chris Bates

    Long bike ride! Whew!

  589. Ty P

    Marathon training begins!!! Sunday 10 miler planned

  590. K Ferguson

    Running a LSD run with friends, bike riding to get groceries and then a hike with my fiancé on the nearby mountains!

  591. Rob

    Recovery weekend / easy run

  592. Denis McCarthy

    Trail run early morning Friday or Saturday, still trying to beat plantar fasciitis so taking it easy.

  593. Alex

    Long TrainerRoad workout indoors!

  594. Marcia Skinner

    Long hilly bike ride for training. Riding the RAIL next month. East to west across Illinois using the Trans Am bike race route. My Garmin died on me last week from heat exhaustion! Had to use a phone app argh!! Need a replacement 🙂

  595. DBNY

    Getting back into riding this season after a winter/spring off the bike due to injuries. Upcoming long weekend should be a nice jumpstart.

  596. Kenny Pfeiffer

    Long run Saturday and sleeping in on a rainy Sunday morning.

  597. Steve Lindauer

    42 mile ride with an 8 mile run afterward

  598. Patrick Young

    After a long wedding weekend getting back out to a couple of group rides and maybe a CRIT race

  599. Glen Smetherham

    Just completed the Wild Goose Chase running festival Ducks Nuts event in the Avon Valley of Western Australia. 3 days, 19km, 106km, 53km with approx 6500m of elevation on some technical terrain (add in some heavy rain for fun)
    Had an awesome time.

  600. Eric G

    Hiking in Yosemite!

  601. Scott

    It’s my birthday, so birthday swim with a bike and a run.

  602. Karen clemens

    9 mile run on Saturday and 3 hour trainer ride on sunday. Getting ready for IMWI!!!!!

  603. Henry

    13km recovery run 🙂

  604. jeffrey schmidt

    I did the Chocolate City bike ride. 43 miles with a lot of 22mph winds from the west.

  605. Felipe Rodriguez

    Una carrera de 7 K para empezar de nuevo a entrenar.

  606. Run and then run again, then Zwift for a solid 40k ( Longer on the trainer can drive me nut 🙂 )

  607. Gurinder Singh

    Trail fun run in lower shivalik Himalaya. (Alone)

  608. Jason rose

    Training for my first 70.3 in Canada. Almost race day. I could really use a watch to help me train and on race days.

  609. BrianC

    Three runs, one with my 13 year-old daughter, and two Pilates sessions.

  610. Matt Bennett

    Marathon recovery runs.

  611. Jonnie

    Out Running in the Woods

  612. Simone

    Eat. Run. Ride. Repeat. Eat. Run. Ride. Repeat. BEER

  613. Shane Meade

    Just doing a Sunday afternoon ride.

  614. Jeff Plotzke

    3 weeks from IM boulder. Long bike and long run before the taper 🙂

  615. Stephen T. Hart

    Running on my own, some time on the trainer and pushing the stroller around with my daughter!

  616. Al Berry

    Long ride on Saturday with recovery and Yoga on Sunday.

  617. Derek Lee-Wo

    Ran 10 miles today… longest run in a long time

  618. Lisa Kurdziel

    4 hr brick on Sat, 2 hr trainer ride and a swim on Sun! Recovering from an injury so super happy to be back! Oh, and my 910xt is on it’s last legs so could really use a new watch. 🙂

  619. Noah Tibbetts

    Playing basketball with my 4 y/o at the park.

  620. Seung Kim

    I’m going to run at the Grand Canyon!

  621. Dustin Carey

    Did a mud run

  622. Ben_i

    I’m moving house with 4 flights of stairs

  623. Shan

    Weights & circuits session on Saturday, and a few hours of beach cricket yesterday!

  624. Jason

    I will go for a 300km ride this weekend.

  625. Meghan Books

    Today I ran 5.6 miles in the Colfax Marathon Relay! This marathon relay is hosted in Denver, CO and runs along some of the oldest streets and neighborhoods in Denver. This was part of my training plan for a half marathon in June!

  626. Mike

    40 mile training ride for my first road race

  627. Mike

    Quick 4 mile hike with my family.

  628. Stefan Ottesen

    Woods larges 1/2 MT GöteborgsVarvet 2017

  629. Pek

    Just had a toughtough 140km ride – 5km run brick yesterday as a ‘STEAM-ulation’ for my training buddies’ upcoming 70.3.

    So this Saturday, it would be a fun 3km evening open water swim event followed by a east 100km ride on Sunday.

  630. Steve

    Playing on Barr Trail on Pikes Peak

  631. Daniel

    Riding my first 40 Miler then traveling to Atlanta for my wife and I to run a Half (she’s going for one half every month of the year)

  632. David Tucker

    Crawfishman triathlon!

  633. Pareet shah

    Training for a tri on the beach in 35c temperatures !!

  634. Leo B

    nursing an injury, back at it this week. I hope!

  635. Shawn Benbow

    Just finished a 63km ride in Banff in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, while pulling my 3 year old in a chariot!

  636. Tommy N

    I did my first Duathlon this weekend and went up Zion Natuonal Park on my bike the day after.

  637. Scott

    Getting back to a routine, easy swims, rides, and runs after an injury

  638. Gary

    Due to family illness, spent most of weekend in doctors. Not much time to get in a workout. There is always next weekend.

  639. Ian Thomas

    A little cycling and a little but of running. I have a 5k coming up relatively soonish.

  640. Thomas Driussi

    I would like to do some workouts. Especially some hard intervals on the running track.

  641. Steven

    Trying to sneak a run in DC around the conference I’m attending

  642. Jason

    First open water swim for the year.

  643. Andrew

    A light weekend, only a 10km run and a 40km bike ride. Friends and family this weekend (unfortunately??).

  644. Riza Shaharudin

    Under the weather a bit, so just some easy session on the trainer.


    A run around the neighborhood with my friend.

  646. Erko Kurvits

    A longer bike run. About 4 – 4,5hours

  647. Jesus Antonio Cabrera

    A 26km bike ride with the family! Nice recovery day!

  648. Tan Yee Hou

    I recently restarted running, and I’ve been tracking my runs religiously using a watch I won from YOU.

    It’ll be nice if I could win again because we’re not limiting ourselves to third time being the charm right?

  649. Tim

    Just started base training outdoors, made two easy runs.

  650. Jon Chow

    Mountain bike both days

  651. Raymond Fong

    I have just cycled 42KM this weekend on my first ever road bike in over 20 years. I just bought a Giant TCR Advanced Pro 2 and loving every bit of the bike, its very fast, I managed to hit top speed of 42.5KM/h!

  652. Alan

    Training 21k run through the hills on Sat, and then 1,5k swim on Sun.

  653. Hamish Glen

    Run home from work on Friday (15km), paddle Surfski on Saturday (15km), rake leaves for 3 hours on Sun, then a 12km clifftop trail run.

  654. Dome Deli

    I’ll be doing two Audax 200km rides on a recumbent at Forbes, NSW, Australia

  655. Steve

    I went on three family bike rides this weekend; one with my wife through a trail in a local park, one with six year old who is just learning to use breaks on his handlebars, and one with my four year old who is just learning to ride. Awesome every time.

  656. Lesley

    I’ll be Swimming Cycling and running this weekend?

  657. Lisa K.

    Hiked 4.15 miles in the Catskill Mountains of NY in just under 2.5 hours.

  658. Anthony

    Stairs climbing with some circuit work out.

  659. Ben N

    Didn’t get to a real run/bike ride in this weekend, but I did get a 2.5 mile walk in with our 6-month old son around the neighborhood and an ice hockey game in as well. I know exactly what I’d get – Tacx Flux (if possible to pre-order) or Neo trainer! Much harder to get out and ride with a baby around as Ray Maker knows!

  660. Micha S

    Plan on doing a long ride and swim intervals.

  661. Avishai Moscovich

    Going for a 5 k run after a year long injury.

  662. Noi

    Run with my family in the sunday morning.

  663. koolUSA

    Couple of bike rides and an easy 5K.

  664. Mario Tello

    Nothing for this weekend! I will come back to swimming tomorrow after a week off since doing 70.3 Monterrey!

  665. Ken Swim N Bik

    Past weekend, I participated in the South Side Six in Hk, swam 7.8 K over four legs.

    I had a blast!

    link to


  666. Conrado

    Cycling to the top of Mount Royal!

  667. Noah

    Running after a quick visit to my nephew for his first birthday. Trying to get him into triathlons early

  668. Alex k

    100km+ ride with friends!

  669. Jerome

    This weekend is actually going to be fun with some road cycling in the mountains and a homemade swim/run event with friends!

  670. Chris

    Cheering for random people in a local 10k to pass some time with the kids. Doing week 5 of C25K in my attempt to get back in shape.

  671. Jay Thomley

    Training to do barefoot runs.

  672. Josh

    The highlight of my weekend was running the Girls on the Run 5K with my daughter!

  673. michael khamsot


  674. Stanislav Miroshnichenko

    Bintan Triathlon – first ever triathlon, Olympic distance.

  675. Ng Shi wei

    Great for 100mi!

  676. Alan W. Yueh

    An easy long run of about 7 miles.

  677. Katie B

    I ran a super muddy, puddle-filled 10 mile trail race today. Temps were great for running, but the muck definitely slowed me down. But it was fun!

  678. Richard

    Doing a 80 miles Bike Ride!! Just to star over

  679. Daniel Corredor

    Riding 180 km on Sat and Sun 50 🙂

    Plus watching the Giro

  680. Tony Race

    Had a particular windy-wet-cold ride up in the Waitaks (hills) of Auckland.

  681. Tim J

    Lots of travel to an out of town wedding. Only workout I got was on the dance floor.

  682. Richard

    easy jogging with my kids

  683. Alejandro Montelongo

    EZ run in Austin, still recovering from ironman Texas

  684. Matt dokken

    I plan to ride the mountain bike this weekend!!

  685. Tim

    Just finished PADI open water scuba certification! (didn’t dare wear my Fenix 5)

  686. lynn Lascola

    My son had a swim meet all weekend, so in between his events I went for 3 mile walks, exploring the area.

  687. Casey gourley

    Planned on a 60 mile ride but tweaked my back and had to lay up for the weekend!

  688. Hadar e

    Start Half Marathon training for the first time

  689. Bradley

    Whatever we’re doing, pretty much on our own. Two weeks until Comrades, the most paranoid time of the year.

  690. Craig

    Well there is the gym session on Friday but apart from that, mowing lawn, tidying a space in the workshop for my stationary trainer so I can get some time in to prepare for a 24hr MTB race I have my eyes on, more real life Tetris this weekend than exercise…

  691. Cameron

    Big training ride with my cycling team yesterday(20th). Gilbert, AZ to Globe and back. 132 miles, 6300 feet of climbing. Today is lots of relaxing with the family. Replenishing some calories as well of course. Everyone have a great week and train hard!

  692. Alan McEntee

    Did a couple of loops on Zwift after 4 straight days of rain.

  693. Brandon

    Ran a 5K with my daughter in the stroller for the first time!

  694. Jason

    Squeeze a run and bike trainer session in between basketball and soccer tournaments for the kids.

  695. Ben

    Ran my first half after injury recovery. Finished without further injury, so I’m thrilled

  696. Scott Davis

    Row, row, row your boat…..

  697. Mark Flavin

    Just a few easy runs. I’m tapering for a marathon in 2 weeks.

  698. JeffH

    Freeze my hands off riding the hills down under in NZ

  699. Jennifer wolf

    I ran a half-marathon!


    Trainer Road!

  701. Cristian Tudorache

    A 50km easy bike ride.

  702. Harshad

    A hike in the Rockies.

  703. Norman Kwong

    Weather permitting, a hike in the local escarpment area

  704. benoit valery

    Small run between two rains

  705. Tyler

    Quite a busy weekend.
    4 soccer games for my 3 kiddos, 2 of whom I coach. A birthday party at a trampoline park.
    30+ dawn bike ride, mowing a large yard with a push mower, and my kids first cross-highway bike ride to a dinner spot; quite a feat in my just-now-becoming-bike-friendly city.

  706. Donna

    Core work as I’m training for a 5 miler next weekend.

  707. Louis Stone

    My wife has been angling for a GPS watch for a while. So, that seems like the most logical course of action if I were to win. That and running socks.

  708. Francisco Guzman

    Raced a Sprint triathlon sporting the awesome TRS Racing kit… but who cares about me? My son (7) did his first Splash and Dash 150 swim / 1/2 mile run at the same race… and won! We celebrated a double family AG win! Ray, isn’t that worthy of a giveaway prize?

  709. Jeff b

    Ran a 10k in prep for upcoming triathlon. Pumped to use my new garmin edge 820 I just bought from clever training!

  710. David

    On call this weekend so it was a cross training weekend only

  711. marian

    sad to have no adventures this weekend. had dental surgery.
    can’t wait to be on the trails again

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  712. Bruno

    No activity for me – just recovering from pneumonia.. looking forward to be back on my bike again..

  713. Sebastian Neumair

    Went on an epic 270k ride, battery was about to die… You all know what I need, don’t you?

  714. Martynas

    Our running club had a camp by the sea. On Saturday everybody did long run and some orienteering (so more km than usually). Anyway on Sunday we had a race and EVERYBODY (including me) did 5 km PB 🙂

  715. BJ Elliott

    Golfed 18 holes and went a nice long run!

  716. Kim MacDonald Cameron

    Getting some biking in and hopefully a run.

  717. Peter

    I ran the 6k fulda challenge run with another 7500 People .. was Great fun and best Weather for this. to do some more km i started from Home .. to geht 15 k 😉

  718. Mikko Turtiainen

    Long run +30km

  719. Rheigel Golosino

    Speaking of adventure. I will now start my real training for Milo Marathon (Philippines) with a 21k LSD run and 30km bike. I just had my injury and I think its a previllege to have this kind of technology with me to reach my goal.

  720. Fiete Marie Baldenius

    Start with a good swim, continue with a little run and finish with a long bike ride. And then? Repeat… ?

  721. Don Pendergraft

    I’m going to try to go for a hike around the lake.

  722. Antti H

    Going to explore new regions around my home city!

  723. Whitney

    Go for a hike with my family! It’s always nice to get out and get some fresh air!

  724. Lucian Pavel

    Going out with the mountainbike first time in 6 months after a back injurie 🙂

  725. Brad Baldwin

    Intervals and intervals of course.

  726. Andrey Nakov

    A couple of runs by the sea.

  727. Ryan G

    Chasing children around the house and yard.

  728. Mark douglass

    Raining so on zwift doing the pretzel.

  729. Adam Lucas

    I ran the Dirty Dog 15k trail run and I came in dead last.

  730. Mathias Papapetrou


    Saturday was a nice little recovery day, followed by a nice 80km ride on Sunday up the mountains.

  731. Roelof

    I’ll be running along the river 🙂

  732. Richard Chapman

    Flying to French Alps to attempt the Col De Jeux.

  733. Conner

    I am doing a long run on Sunday and am babysitting Sunday afternoon!

  734. Natraj Ponna

    Bike intervals plus endurance bike followed by progresssive brick run on Saturday and straight recovery bike ride on Sunday!

  735. Ryan

    Running 10K with my team this weekend for charity. It’s a fundraiser organized by the Tim Tebow Foundation (yes, that’s the former pro-football player) to help children with orthopedic needs.

  736. Rodney E

    Outdoor spin to get away from the indoor training screen.

  737. Alexandru Popescu

    This weekend I’ll have a fast training 5k and in the middle I’ll have some 1000 steps to climb.

    • Nadeen

      This weekend I’m going to do a 5k run/walk with my beautiful boys and play tennis

    • Ash

      Got hit by a car whilst doing the kinglake climb. Luckily im slow so no damage done, just a few bruises

  738. lepadatu ionut

    30 min run arround the block

  739. Stefan

    Bike weekend in Läde/Mora Sweden, 3 days off with friends chasing KOMs..

  740. Jonathan Burchmore

    I ran 3 hours in nearly 100degF heat.

  741. Martin Nel

    I rode the local mountain bike trails.

  742. Daniel

    Step training: moving out of second floor.

  743. KamilN

    Mountaint bike with my fiance.

  744. JM

    Marathon race day!

  745. Max B

    Running in the the knee deep snow!

  746. Borna Prpic

    I would like to fix my watch and go swimming 🙂

  747. Joe Drury

    I hope to get a few runs in and maybe swing some kettlebells

  748. antonypapa

    Triathlon in Shanghai. Enjoy a happy and sincere life of training.

  749. Chase carter

    Biked easy 20 mins on Saturday. Ran Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga Sunday (finished in under 6 hrs, which for my first time I thought was pretty good).

  750. Adrian

    Training up for Tri!

  751. Erica

    Getting back to running and cycling, just off an injury. Yay!

  752. José

    Went for a ride Saturday and then a run Sunday. So much slower than my normal slow.

  753. Jim Ford

    Would $500 to spend on some new sports tech really motivate me to get out and run again? I don’t know, but I sure am willing to try!

    Just kidding D.C., I’m going to start running again on Tuesday over lunch…even without a fancy new watch. Just a 10-min pace mile out and a brisk walk back.

    For real though, I sure would love to get something new and modern. My FR305 still works, but boy is it ancient!

  754. Stefan

    Local half marathon 🙂

  755. Bree

    The weather warmed up enough that I could finally get all my workouts done outside! A nice 2:00 brick on Saturday and easy 2:00 ride on Sunday!

  756. Robert Olasz

    This weekend we organized an orienteering race, where i ran a lot to deploy check points, and had 50k road bike ride.

  757. Rico Mundy

    Riding Tour of the Unknown Coast in northern California. Beautiful but was really fun on my adventure bike.

  758. Veveroiu

    This weekend in my first 21k this year… A week after a grueling cross-country bike contest and two weeks after my best 10k in a race ( just under 50 – I know it doesn’t seems much… But for me it is). So… If a live after that I will be happy !

  759. Akhil Alex

    A 10km local run(peacock run)
    20 km ride in the evening 🙂

  760. bart van vlierberghe

    funny mtb rIde in belgium with our gang
    link to
    that’s why we train .. For the fun with the friends

  761. Arnd D.

    2 quick Rides around the block as my daugther ist visiting us.

  762. Jerod Harper

    Started cycling this year. Rode for 1.5 hours to Birch Bay in NW Washington state.

  763. John M Echeveste

    Taking a break for a beer and food festival! Better ride my eyes out this week in prep…

  764. Marc-Antoine Mauger

    Long bike ride in preparation of a fundraising 1000km event

  765. Daniel cowan

    Training for my first marathon! Been a goal for many years and I’m finally making it happen on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia!

  766. Nate T

    Run on saturday, ride on sunday

  767. Matthew

    Did a 5K with the family today

  768. Lodhammar

    Running all weekend

  769. David R

    Wallpaper stripping repeats and paint roller sprints… does that count?

  770. Tom

    Running after my two kids on their bicycles.

  771. Christina

    Open water swim practice and dry land training Saturday. Escort kayaker for a 10K open water swim Sunday.

  772. Scott H

    Working this weekend, but beautiful weather for commuting on the bike

  773. Josh S

    It was a busy weekend of life stuff so I just did a couple moderate runs. But they were at the beach, so there’s that

  774. Keith

    A couple of tiddly 10k-ers in the fantastic British sun.

  775. Mike

    First time squatting in my home gym !

  776. Janus egenby

    I an doing a 24 hour MTB race ??

  777. Urs Rudolph

    Brick Run
    First 30k Bike, then 7k Run

  778. Murray

    Hard to beat the guy who ran the Great Wall Marathon in China! Did my first bike race in over 30 years! Did 69km in 1:43 and pretty much cooked these old legs!

  779. Saturday: Easy Trainer ride with Fast efforts
    Sunday: easy jog

    Ironman AZ 70.3 training has begun just as the weather starts heating up!

  780. Matt

    Starting training for 1st tri in 2 years

  781. David Diener

    Went on an outride to a local MTB trail, took a bit of a tumble down a slope.

  782. Jason Eley

    Ready for a new running watch

  783. Ryan Panganiban

    A little swim and some kms on the bike

  784. Gertjan van den Eijkel

    Just a short ride. Still recovering from the last surgery

  785. John Phoebus

    On Saturday, we ran five miles before watching the Preakness. On Sunday, we biked 20 miles to get ready for the first metric century of the season next weekend.

  786. Patrick Chan

    Simple hiking up Victoria Peak (and all the way up to West High Mount) in Hong Kong 🙂

  787. Ben

    Hiking around Hong Kong!

  788. Carlos Restrepo

    I did my last ride before the next sunday Gran Fondo in Colombia. It will be great

  789. KeithS

    Having a ball on my brand new trek.

  790. Kraig

    “Lifting weights” by cleaning up broken tree limbs from an odd heavy and wet winter snow storm in May in Colorado.

  791. Nik Felbermayr

    2h10 Sweet Spot Ride on my Sworks Shiv with 330W Normalized Power. Preparation to smash the middle distance relay next weekend…

  792. Yuri G

    A 20km trail run on Saturday and a 30km hike on Sunday

  793. Fred

    I will run in Caucasus for pleasure

  794. Michael Bauer

    Triathlon training: 80km bike + 10km run

  795. Alicia Amaro

    On Saturday I’ll be cheering 570 girls, encouraging them to cross the finish line of a 5k, for many their first. On Sunday, going for a much needed run.

  796. Pierre Fourie

    This weekend was all about getting healthy again first after falling ill.

  797. Matthew Roach

    Run around Greenlake (in Seattle) with my 14 year old tracking it on my Garmin fenix 5!

  798. Adam

    I have injured left foot so no running, but I am fine on bike and did 2 rides this weekend.

  799. Daniel Grosu


    I will have a bike Tour of approximately 100 km with 600m difference of height. 🙂

  800. Moe

    Running and cycling. Nothing fancy.

  801. Adrian Wong

    Looking forward to a Sunday spin with some friends plus great coffee afterwards at Pattison’s in St Ives.

  802. roy george

    soccer soccer and seoocer

  803. Chad

    Xterra Oak Mountain off-road triathlon, then beer, then rest!

  804. Markus

    Did a couple of sprint sessions (run & bike) this Weekend… hope it will work for the

  805. Patrik

    A bike ride on saturday. Finally getting some decent weather here.

  806. Andreas Mouskos

    2,5 hours cycling on Saturday
    1:15 trail run on Sunday an 30 min open water swimming 🙂

  807. Leon Booyens

    First rest weekend in ages.

  808. Naz

    Preparing for Elsinore Ironman 70.3 , long race pace bike sessions followed by long run in very warm conditions in Dubai.

  809. Jaco

    This weekend only a easy run.

  810. Aurimas

    Easy ride with coach on Sarurday looking what to improve in technique, hard vo2max intervals on Sunday

  811. Stefano


  812. Tom van de keere

    This weekend My girlfriend and me raced the European championship duathlon in sankt wendel Germany.
    I have a 920xt but she has a basic tomtom watch and every transition she has to stop and start a new session so she looses time. She was 3 overall and won her age group. I would buy a watch for her. (Also, its her birthday the 23th!) gr.

  813. Keijo

    Trailrunning in the Finnish forests.

  814. Chris Brown

    41 mile bike ride Saturday – with 10 of that volunteering to be the bike lead/course sweeper for a local charity road 7k race followed by 2000 meters in the pool Sunday

  815. Lars Ejaas

    I will do tons of running as always 😉
    But on Thursday I will do a local 10K training race: Think I will try to hold my predicted Half Marathon Pace for a half marathon coming soon!
    Sunday I will do my first Vo2max test as a runner. Full lactate and Spiometry – looking forward to the results: Not so much the test!

  816. Matt B

    I had to hike through the airport traveling

  817. Kate

    Hiking at Mt Bromo on Java, Indonesia!

  818. Anders Ryman

    I went for some hill training and then some flat roads with a nice tailwind.

  819. Julius Griškevičius

    70+ km MTB marathon!

  820. James

    Past or future weekend….

    This past weekend went for a peaceful hike in the woods in a light rain marveling at all the wildlife doing there thing rain or shine. Also gauging the trails for future trail running this summer.

    Watched a bunch of 20 somethings gather in the cold drizzle to play kickball of all things. To be young again.

    Sunday was another rainy morning but was able to get a nice ride in on the cruiser bike enjoying a break in the clouds and a bit of sunshine.

    Next Weekend hoping for a repeat of finding new Adventures, maybe little less rain and more sunshine but either way plan on getting out and enjoying the trails and wildlife as never know what is around the next corner, sometimes a little frog may jump out of your way startling you into a fit of laughter.

    Also plan on tweaking the newest “old” gravel bike for future exploring of the road less traveled.

    Oh can’t forget the possible find of an 80s WindSurfer that can also be used as a Paddleboard, or so they say….

    May just have to test that theory….


  821. Jin

    Half distance triathlon race. I was very excited pre-race but my performance didn’t meet my expectation. Nutrition plan needs lots of work….

  822. Duong Le

    Hey, thank you for the give away!

    I have decided to advance my half ironman journey 1 year, meaning I will race my first event next month! Of course I’m scared ? The shit out of me but it should be fine! This coming weekend I’ll run a half marathon and probably try open water swimming for the first time! Tick tock!

  823. John keighley

    Hoping the delivery of my new bike happens this week, so I can take it on my holiday for a trip into the Welsh mountains!

  824. Sebastian Haager

    A weekend in the Rockies – big ride and a few shorter runs

  825. Anders Rothman

    A lot of walking done, sadly no running

  826. Jesse

    24k run in two hours, including 6k in 25 min. Hottest day of the spring!

  827. Karl

    Training-Tri for the 14.06

  828. Mark

    My athletic adventures were quite limited- they involved mushroom hunting in the woods and wading up a trout stream in the rain. Running had to be delayed since I didn’t pack warm enough gear for a getaway weekend :-(. But the fishing was great!

  829. Stephan Salzer

    Preparing my first triathlon debut with swim and bike at saturday and bike and run on sunday! All with my new Aeoroad bike delivered on friday ?

  830. Lalit Sharma

    Planning a 4 day cycle journey that will bleed over into the weekend.

  831. Christine Purviance

    This weekend (today) I ran the Windermere Half Marathon with my husband and son. Ok, so our son kicked our hiney, taking 1st in his age group and in top 20 finishers.

  832. Tuomas Tuisku

    Orienteering in Finish nature.

  833. Jon P

    Missing training due to child care, doh!

  834. Risto Rautiainen

    Good long bike ride!

  835. Adam W

    A bit late, but a mate and I went for a Sunday morning recovery ride. (Recovery from a night for me though)

  836. Calle

    No training at all this weekend! Instead two days of successful rest.

  837. Tom

    I had a nice and easy long run in Berlin

  838. JamesC

    Hitting the trails on Saturday with recovery run on the Sunday

  839. Lucas

    Cyclist trying my hand, or feet at running.
    Saturday I ran 7.3km, Sunday managed 13km.

    Thanks for the comp.

  840. Erik

    Joined a half marathon and knocked out some extra miles.

  841. Mads Frederiksen

    On saterday i did a bikerun for 40k alone on a hill route, on sunday a did a 100k bikerun on a flat route on a sonny day

  842. Ward VR

    Practicing my speed work with a 10k. Aiming for my old fitness level back again (42min).

  843. Anand

    hilly 60K bike on saturday and an easy 10K on sunday

  844. Magnus

    Spent saturday with an easy run and sunday with a 150km road race, with the longest ride this year, prior to sunday, being 70km.

  845. Alex Viva

    Training for a century!

  846. Ekku

    No training, just trying to get rid of this flu 🙁

  847. Phil Wilson

    Some running, some family time and some sort of strength work.

  848. Fabian

    Run-Bike-Run 4h in total on Sunday!

  849. Luk

    Aiming for a marathon sub 3:30 and a 10 K in 42:00. Will need help from CT

  850. Viral Patel

    Hockey training!

  851. markus

    Time trialling and a granfondo.

  852. Randall McQuade

    Was out for a windy bike ride Saturday.

  853. Zukkis

    Half marathon in Oulu, Finland, on Saturday.

  854. Joel Flores

    Rest, rest, and more rest. I am trying to recover from a cold so that I can feel good doing some training on my Boston trip next week.

  855. Nick

    Riding a new groupset for the first time

  856. Alain Zancaner

    This weekend came back from holidays and ran Sunday a short 10km race in Ghent (Stadsloop De Gentenaar) in stead of a LSD. Next stop Marathon of Bruges

  857. Kelly Harper

    This fat ol’ man is simply trying to train for below 2 hours on a 1/2 marathon next month. Did some brutal speedwork over the weekend and wishing I wasn’t so old!

  858. Zdenek

    Moving to new apartment and some swimming for recovery…

  859. A 23k easy run on Saturday before the Cyclotour du Léman – a 176k bike ride around Lake Geneva – on Sunday.

  860. Nico74

    I did a big 200+km bike ride!
    Hard as hell but so good

  861. Staffan Nilsson

    Go for a 10 k run and then do something gym training.

  862. Ricky

    I rode my bike in a casual grou