The Day in May DCR $500 Gadget Giveaway!


It’s a day in May.  No, not May Day.  That, according to Wikipedia is May 1st.  Rather, it’s May 20th – which I reason is 20 times better than May 1st (albeit, less awesome than May 5th).  Why’s it better?  Because I’m giving away gadget awesomeness.  I originally planned to give away the Garmin FR935 GPS watch, the backorder is basically down to almost nothing.  But then I figured – you can choose anything you’d like.  Perhaps you’re more of a cyclist, or you just want a large pile of compression sleeves instead.  Your choice.

Speaking of coverage – if you didn’t see my tweet yesterday, there’s a BOATLOAD of sales on right now (both from Clever Training as well as others).  The best deal being 30% off the Garmin FR735XT GPS watch.  But also some solid 20% off deals on power meters, trainers, and 25% off on Suunto gear.  The full details are here!

In any case, the winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero5 Black to that Garmin FR935, to a random pair of socks to the PowerTap C1 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  With that kind of credit, the world is your oyster (except…they don’t sell oysters).

How to enter:

Simply leave a note about what athletic adventures you’re up to this weekend.  Easy as that!

Oh – and you’ll likely avoid the SPAM filters if you’re more detailed than just the word ‘run’.  Nobody likes to get sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM. Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Liz

    Watched my kids do their first tri this morning, then long run tomorrow.

  2. Joel

    Nice easy run…climbing Kilimanjaro at the end of the week!

  3. Marios

    Running Bay to Breakers 12k in San Francisco on Sunday, such a fun race!!!

  4. Jochen Jonckheere

    A normal, 100k, sunday morning ride with my race bike.

  5. Ferry

    Went to athletic training with my two oldest kids (9 & 7). While they were improving their laptimes and their vortex throwing (no spears at their age) I tried to improve my own running form doing a 7k run in the fields surrounding the athletic track my kids where training at. For tomorrow we might take the bikes with the entire family. But that plan will also be depending on the weather. Good luck with all your weekend plans!

  6. Nicolas Bernier

    I’m gonna go make my May Starve Gran Fondo! Gotta do those challenges!

  7. Keith Chant

    3rd rest day for 2017 followed by an OW swim first thing on Sunday and then a bike ride

  8. Theo

    Supersprint tri on Friday, swimming on Saturday, and a long cycling trip on Sunday. Finally the sun has found Norway as well!

  9. Doug Cleary

    My workout will included vacuuming, yard work and some time on my trainer using TrainerRoad. Sunday I’ll be cheering on a crowd at the Hair of the Dog 5k @ Working Dog Winery

  10. Hannah

    I’m loaded with the cold at the moment so nothing for me but I will be standing on the sidelines tomorrow watching my boyfriend run his first marathon!

  11. Antoine Warnier

    Cycling like every weekend ! ?

  12. Matt

    Long run around the nation’s capital

  13. Nimrod

    Today, 32K long run

  14. Daniel lindgren

    get motivated by watching the giro then go for a long run!

  15. David Stephen

    Lots of cruise intervals in 90 degree weather. Wish me luck

  16. Hannah

    I’ve got a 5km run tomorrow ahead of my half marathon next weekend

  17. Rickz

    Getting the legs lose after a winter on the trainer.

  18. David Misbaer

    A 7km run before breakfast 🙂

  19. Alex Nobre

    Removing popcorn ceiling, so climbing ladders for me.

  20. David J

    Out for a shortish ride on the MTB this evening then volunteering at Junior Parkrun tomorrow

  21. Terry Rasmussen

    30 mile bike ride Sunday

  22. Joe Barrett

    Planning on some quarter mile intervals today, then a longer run tomorrow. Thanks for the chance!

  23. Maty

    Resting on Saturday, then a long run on Sunday.

  24. Edvard Major

    Swim run bike not necessarily in that order

  25. Jason

    I’m running two-ish sides of the the SF peninsula, then off to a truly cool city, Melbourne!

  26. Denali Boon

    10km race-first one pushing my 10 month old in a jogging stroller.

  27. Wally R

    Trainer and then easy bricks today and tomorrow.

  28. Anton Peterson

    Out on a ride with my dad. Old vs new. 1980/90s bike vs 2010s bike. 2×7 vs 2×10. Who can keep up with who.

  29. Pavel Les

    Saturday: easy run with girlfriend and dog, easy ride;
    Sunday: long ride to visit grandma and grandpa 🙂

  30. Charlie

    Long run Sunday in the rain

  31. Petr

    Just returned from 10 km run, plan to do shorter one tomorrow or maybe I’ll go for a bike ride, depends on the weather.

  32. Mike

    Foot in a boot. Sadly, for the time being , workout plans all involve a remote control now!

  33. 50k run for the weekend… 20k on saturday, 30k on sunday.

  34. Luke

    Taper for 24 hour race in two weeks.

  35. Stephen

    Hill reps. In the rain by the look of it.

  36. I will make a nice ride trough the viennese forest and maybe take a depart to the danube. Could use a newer garmin edge for navigating new routes.

  37. Maria


  38. My athletic adventures are simple yet fulfilling this weekend. I’m in week 6 of recovering form a minor traumatic brain injury (TBI) following a cycling accident on my commute. I wasn’t allowed to run, cycle, or drive for 6 months but the running ban has now been lifted (after 6 weeks & follow up scans). I’m healing up well and starting to feel normal again. I’m excited to be running again and despite the urge to hit it hard, I will running an easy 7KM on Sunday through London’s Regents Park.

    The Garmin 235 survived but it a bit scratched up. My next sport watch will have to have a screen protector or gorilla glass.

  39. Randy

    Swim Saturday and Sunday morning. Then a bike ride Sunday afternoon.

  40. Dan

    It’s cold and rainy just gym time.

  41. Crispin E.

    Out running with my husky bagging some more segments hopefully 😉

  42. Robin

    Ran a short 6.5k at the gym today, hoping to overcome my intense dislike of rain for an outdoor run tomorrow!

  43. Manos

    Nothing is the plan. I am getting some rest after my last Marathon and from Monday I start the preparation for the Classical Marathon. I feel so excited !!!
    Be happy folks. Life is short. Shorter than you think!

  44. Jay

    Just few bike rides

  45. Ben

    Long run on Saturday and then attempting a bike roller session on Sunday.

  46. Anthony Anicete

    Saturday: 2 hour Long Trainer Ride + 20 minute off the bike run
    Sunday: Open Water Swim; Track Speedwork

  47. Joel

    I have two runs planned for the weekend.

  48. Jeff

    Hit the gym this morning, rollers tonight with rain coming in. Lots of stuff in the air with grandchild #2 due imminently!

  49. James Huntsinger

    A ride in the rain.

  50. 5 miles on hotel treadmill between my son’s hockey games.

  51. Wim Schelfaut

    Training for a 50k in july.

  52. Niels

    A nice and easy 5km run on Saturday and some diving on Sunday…

  53. Niels

    Saturday afternoon swim. Sunday morning bike ride.

  54. I’m taking the road bike off the trainer, and into the real world for the first time this year (I live in Lapland, so I have a good excuse for being so late).

  55. Mike

    Cross training this AM and an easy run tomorrow

  56. Nick

    Too hot to train outside in Abu Dhabi – so inside skills training instead.

  57. Todd Thorsgaard

    Poring rain and cold in Minnesota. Will do intervals on the trainer while watching the Tour of California.

  58. Mikael Jonsson

    Checkning if my “Zwift-muscles” can do something irl, so off the Neo and out in the woods on my MTB chasing a old PB 🙂

  59. Hugo Paredes

    This weeks started with a full body workout at the gym and on Sunday, tomorrow, I’ll go for a bike ride.

  60. Daniel A Hirsh

    Recovering from a cold

  61. Anders Sørensen

    Today Legoland with kids while the missus is at conference nearby. Tomorrow a bike ride

  62. john crozier

    biking with the wife 🙂

  63. Patrick Utrecht

    Doing a Giro themed Cycling tour of 75km on sunday.

  64. Philip Gerrity

    Went on a nice ride this morning. Now spending the rest of the weekend doing yard work.

  65. Sascha

    Today I helped a friend carry furniture and later on I’ll do some Zwift training. Tomorrow I’ll go and watch some football in the stadium (I guess that doesn’t count).

  66. Steve

    Ride today, group ride with the bike shop if I am sufficiently recovered from my Saturday night.

  67. Bradley Owens

    Plan to do a long bike ride on the Monterey Bay Recreation trail with friends.

  68. Had a ~90 minute swim this morning and plan to visit Watopia (or London) tomorrow. I’ve got a knee thing going on right now, so no running in the near term.

  69. Levente

    Sunday morning run 10-15k.

  70. Marko

    Finally is a warm and sunny weekend, I run 10km.

  71. James

    a ride on some relatively flat ground and then a game of ultimate!

  72. Martin Levasseur

    As usual, this weekend will be about running. Still training for my first half-marathon. Got my short run in this morning…. long run up tomorrow.

  73. Chris

    I already knocked off a triathlon this morning and tomorrow is a swim and long bike ride!

  74. Nir Oren

    Morning training run, and then off to the local loch for a quick dip with the kids.

  75. Kevin Dunn

    If I get over this sickness I will go for a bike ride. I’m training for a century.

  76. Kristian Jones

    Highgate night of the 10,000m PBs..

  77. Michael paxton

    Five mile easy run

  78. Tobias

    Heute Wettkampf Berglauf in 30:10 gefinisht!

  79. Chet S

    Riding , Running and Kayaking this weekend!

  80. Brent Gustafson

    Swimming & Riding the The Pretzel on Zwift

  81. Fulltimedad

    Spending some quality time with the kids, biking the local trails. Some good early morning road rides for myself before it gets hot.

  82. Scott Thomas

    Long ride on Sunday in the heat and humidity of Florida

  83. Timo

    Ran 11k today and maybe some more tomorrow.

  84. Marco Hartman


  85. Mark

    Just finished an easy brick workout ahead of the season’s first tri in 2 weeks. Yeah baby!

  86. Marcos Blasque

    Running 16km on my preparation for half marathon target. But the most exciting: my wife birthday dinner (with the kids)!!

  87. hypnotik

    Early Saturday morning half marathon, no PR, and now afternoon brunch!

  88. Oscar

    The usual.. swim, bike and run..

  89. It’s all about the trails and finding as much vert as possible this weekend!

  90. David DeGuzman

    16 mile run this morning. Trainer bike tomorrow since it looks like it’s going to rain. A lot.

  91. Jim

    No training this weekend. Just fishing for tarpon, Ten Thousand Islands, Florida.

  92. jason mant

    Little hill climbing around snowmen north Wales 50K 870m of climbing + wind and rain

  93. Joelle Briskin

    I have already done a run this weekend. I may go for another depending on how I feel. Oh, and I am going to do archery tomorrow.

  94. Elliot Johnson

    Training for Comrades!

  95. Christophe Cnop

    Saturday interval runtraining of 16km and on sunday going to belgium ardennes for a 160km bike ride with 2600m of positif elevation in preparation for ironman

  96. Twinaxx

    Started the day with a run, and spent the rest of the day working on CIQ apps for the Fenix 3. Tomorrow it will be a bike ride, and a very high probability of more Monkey C tinkering!

  97. Steven Wooldridge

    Ride with the girlfriend and run at the bayou

  98. john

    Yard work

  99. Luca

    This Sunday I will do a Super Sprint Triathlon while my 8 years old son will do his first triathlon

  100. Trenchdog

    Running in the Ardennes, what’s not to like!