The Day in May DCR $500 Gadget Giveaway!


It’s a day in May.  No, not May Day.  That, according to Wikipedia is May 1st.  Rather, it’s May 20th – which I reason is 20 times better than May 1st (albeit, less awesome than May 5th).  Why’s it better?  Because I’m giving away gadget awesomeness.  I originally planned to give away the Garmin FR935 GPS watch, the backorder is basically down to almost nothing.  But then I figured – you can choose anything you’d like.  Perhaps you’re more of a cyclist, or you just want a large pile of compression sleeves instead.  Your choice.

Speaking of coverage – if you didn’t see my tweet yesterday, there’s a BOATLOAD of sales on right now (both from Clever Training as well as others).  The best deal being 30% off the Garmin FR735XT GPS watch.  But also some solid 20% off deals on power meters, trainers, and 25% off on Suunto gear.  The full details are here!

In any case, the winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero5 Black to that Garmin FR935, to a random pair of socks to the PowerTap C1 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  With that kind of credit, the world is your oyster (except…they don’t sell oysters).

How to enter:

Simply leave a note about what athletic adventures you’re up to this weekend.  Easy as that!

Oh – and you’ll likely avoid the SPAM filters if you’re more detailed than just the word ‘run’.  Nobody likes to get sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM. Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Mordechai Brafman

    Hopefully ride at least 60 mi on sunday……hope to ride 250mi in the upcoming week.

  2. Minh Nguyen

    Just a usual weekend ride

  3. Colin

    I think I’ll try getting back up on the bike again after a long season of illness.

  4. Pascal D

    I need a recovery ride after last week.

  5. Nico

    I am allowed a 15km run since my baby was born – anyway, taking care of her is really some sport as well ?

  6. Felix

    Apart from some swimming I will by jogging through marshland for a few hours carrying a 2,5 kg super-tele-lens-plus-DSLR. Does that count? 🙂

  7. Scott

    Tandem ride with visually impaired children tomorrow, avoiding thunderstorms today!

  8. Iain Young

    Saturday, 30/8 brick and paddleboarding with the kids. Sunday, 50 mile ride and strawberry picking with the kids!

  9. Brett

    The weekend agenda includes a tennis lesson, rowing, and hopefully a bike ride.

  10. Paul Mackenzie
  11. Stefan C

    A long ride and a short ride after a week off traveling!

  12. Struan Lownie

    36 miles with Knutsford Tri club this morning, 30 mins of intervals this afternoon and a 2hr long run tomorrow

  13. JuhaN

    Just some cycling to train for the summer events.

  14. Joseph Wagner

    Ran a 5K this morning.

  15. Steve Clegg

    After a long run in the rain, I’ll be off to coach my daughter’s soccer game – also in the rain…

  16. Peter Nordlund

    Saturday 80km cycling and sunday is runday

  17. Jeff B

    Did a short ride this morning and hope to get a run in before the rain hits

  18. Brice

    Going for a ride today, and then a hike tomorrow, with some lifting in between!

  19. Chris Mcelwee

    Hiking all week in the smokies!

  20. Federico

    Sunday hiking in the Alps

  21. Tomas

    Friday: 68 km bike.
    Saturday: 145 km bike.
    Sunday: 90-120 km bike.

  22. Torben Nørgaard Madsen

    Running 8-10km have already done most of the work earlier this week…

  23. Daniel D

    A slow family ride

  24. Tim Lauwers

    Hope my anckle healed up by tomorrow so I can go for a nice century in nice weather 🙂

  25. Matt B

    First tri of the season at the Slateman in Wales tomorrow… the lake looks cold, the hills are hardcore… should be great fun! ??

  26. Ritchie Robertson

    Watching 10 year olds play basketball since i’m still in therapy for a back issue. Sounds like a good day for a short ride on the trainer to try out the new aero bars though.

  27. Erik

    Nice bike ride on Sunday

  28. Janka

    I’ll be riding my enduro bike and maybe some hiking.

  29. Gray

    Maybe a trainer session tomorrow as part of post-surgery recuperation.

  30. Nathan S

    Going for a swim with the kids

  31. Alex

    If it’s not still too cold, I’ll go for a swim in the local lake

  32. Jos D.

    I need to repair my bike first.

  33. Andras Beck

    I’ll go for a ride, planned a century ride with co-worker, but he couldn’t make it, so I’ll hit those hills alone 🙂

  34. Peter Gibson

    Short bike rides both today and tomorrow. A sunny long weekend here in Vancouver.

  35. Julian Evans

    Nice and easy long run on Sunday morning!

  36. Chris B

    sunny rides both days

  37. Tomaz V

    A hilly small local sportive today – 53 km with 800+ ascent meters. And tomorrow we have planned a reeealy easy club ride, but it’s supposed to rain. :/

  38. Fred Mieske

    Running 10k long run this weekend

  39. Mark Pierce

    Currently sailing around the islands of Croatia. Having a great time and the weather and wind had been great!

  40. Marcelo Bezerra

    Just doing some cardio workout in preparation to an epic ski trip to Svalbard.

  41. Jeremy

    Trails, trails, trails

  42. Rick Lindquist

    Strength training (hauling laundry and mopping floors)
    Cycling (indoors due to storms)
    Running (with the dog)

  43. Kristof

    Weekend of working and not much time.. However did squeeze in a 10k run today. Quick stop at the fitness tomorrow. And as a reward for all the hard work, off tot the Netherlands on monday for a ride on the Amstel parcours:)

  44. Dave

    Training for the next 10k im running next week!

  45. Viliam

    Big training weekend a week before my first triathlon!

  46. Karolin Wabro

    Due to a disk-surgery last week just some nordic walking. But I´m watching my son´s first aquathlon tomorrow.

  47. Turi Becker

    Silver State 50/50 trail half marathon, Reno, NV. Hills!

  48. Dan

    Resting and going to a 8 year old’s birthday party.

  49. Jodi Seevers

    Chase 2 preschoolers around the house trying to clean up their wake of destruction while dreaming about all the training I *could* be doing.

  50. miltos chidid

    TT race 40 km

  51. Dinant Geuze

    This weekend a nice groupride with friends of about 70km

  52. Os

    16 mile run Saturday, 7.5 mile run Sunday, and entering to win the giveaway as training for the sure to be exciting DCR giveaway extravaganza that usually happens in June.

  53. nirbr

    I will have a gym workout for 90 minutes, and maybe in the evening I will run 12 km. And this is my day off…

  54. Danie Mare

    Taking my 3 year old son for his first Mountain Bike ride as a new pedal bike cyclist (3 days with no stabilisers) on the lovely Stellenbosch mountains

  55. Rob Fogle

    Weekends are typically rest days for me, so pushing a stroller around a children’s museum is probably the extent of my athletic exertion this weekend.

  56. Corey W.

    Just wrapped up a rainy 85-miler. Possible race on tap for tomorrow.

  57. Tyler

    Put on new saddle, Specialized Power. Ride and fiddle around until it feels right.

  58. Ted Chen

    Going for a couple of “long” runs to get my base mileage back up.

  59. Matthew Greer

    Brick w/ a 60mi ride followed by a 20 min run.

  60. Rudertrainer

    Doing Some high intensity runs with my old polar rcx5, preparing for my next halfmarathon in Budapest, between learning for my anatomic exams next week.

  61. Marc Guerrisi

    Just completed my first sprint triathlon in 5 years; it was a slog, but I finished. Love your site and I don’t buy any gear without looking here first.
    Thanks Ray !

  62. Jason Tharp

    Coaching both my boys soccer teams all day today and tomorrow for tourney weekend. I will try to sneak in a 5k if I get a window!

  63. MKS

    Doing my best to shed the winter weight. LSD

  64. Alex Ralton

    Ironswim in a lake Saturday; tennis for fun then an 18 mile run in the sun on Sun then I’m done.

  65. Rob Weis

    I’m doing a 70.3 tomorrow. The start is less than a mile from my house, so getting to the race on time should be a breeze!

  66. Pascal

    Ce dimanche, j’ai rendez vous avec le Trail des Marcaires. Une petite course de 32km avec 1300m de dénivelé dans les Vosges alsaciennes. C’est une région de la France que tu devrais venir visiter. Avec le TGV c’est à 2 heure de Paris. Welcome to strasbourg.

  67. Sergio V.

    A recovery ride this Saturday and tomorrow a 2×20 mins at FTP in the mountains.

  68. burgess

    Too friggin’ cold to run. I’ll cut firewood.

  69. Phil

    Riding a 120km sportive tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

  70. Kjell Inge

    8K race today, try to do it with a negative split and tomorrow I will do a 4 hour bikeride 🙂

  71. Stash Rudolf

    At least three times mountain biking and some hill hiking.

  72. Jose

    50km MTB ride, or more if the weather allows 🙂

  73. Kevin Mark

    watopia mountain ride on Saturday and recovery ride on Sunday

  74. Jussi Broberg

    Long trailrun on Saturday and century ride on Sunday.

  75. Imelda

    Running the USMC Historic Half marathon in Fredericksburg, VA. Ps- the guys at Bonzai say hi and hope you are still loving the bike.

  76. Peter Benjamins

    First start with an easy 10k run and after that a visit to the museum for some culture 🙂
    Oh and…. binch watching some Netflix ?

  77. Jon

    Got a run planned. Thanks Ray!

  78. Ronaldo Covre Bastos

    Trainerroad Cave Ride. Just another weekend…

  79. Jeremy

    I had a long run this morning in some beautiful weather, and I simply have an easy recovery for Sunday. I might try to hit up some trails for it. Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  80. Rob Adam

    Unfortunately taking it a bit easier as I’ve twinged my calf muscle, light jog today and out on the bike tomorrow!

  81. Rhain

    I just finished a 75k ride, and I’m hoping to do a 22k run tomorrow!

  82. Matthew Miller

    This wknd flying to Majorca for some cycling!

  83. Bruno Raymakers

    30k bike ride / 3k openwater swimming / 30k bike ride !

  84. Toan

    Sleep, massage, and maybe some training of i feel like it!

  85. Thomas

    I finished a trail run with cramps 🙂

  86. Eric W

    Bike ride to the coast

  87. Stefan Wallström

    Running the world’s largest half marathon in Gothenburg

  88. Nemo

    Heading out for my first easy ride after a long week of being sick.

  89. Colin

    Probably bike again and a run in the rain tomorrow.

  90. Oren Shamir

    Ran 9k this morning, then spent the afternoon with my twin daughters at the rock climbing gym. Awesome Saturday!

    Thanks for one more great giveaway, Ray

  91. Andy AJ

    I’m doing Parkrun on Saturday and long easy run with the dog on Sunday

  92. Afternoon cruise around the neighborhood with my son today and then my last long gravel training ride leading up to the Dirty Kanza Half-Pint tomorrow morning.

  93. Bruno

    Just had a mtb ride this morning, tomorrow it is all about rest

  94. iain smith

    Training run around Norwich, 1st long run since London marathon last month

  95. Robbie

    Six tons of gravel to move and spread…

  96. nido00

    A tempo run in suburbia, a trail run in the local park, practice my kayak roll and a short open water swim in the lake :).

  97. Tyler Ellis

    Couple 3 mi jogs this weekend! Wish I could do more but its finals season with school 🙁 All the best!

  98. Frank Corrao

    Saturday – easy jog, relax
    Sunday – Sugarloaf Marathon

  99. Melanie W.

    Started today with a swim, will have my long swim tomorrow and hopefully a bike ride if the weather cooperates.