The Day in May DCR $500 Gadget Giveaway!


It’s a day in May.  No, not May Day.  That, according to Wikipedia is May 1st.  Rather, it’s May 20th – which I reason is 20 times better than May 1st (albeit, less awesome than May 5th).  Why’s it better?  Because I’m giving away gadget awesomeness.  I originally planned to give away the Garmin FR935 GPS watch, the backorder is basically down to almost nothing.  But then I figured – you can choose anything you’d like.  Perhaps you’re more of a cyclist, or you just want a large pile of compression sleeves instead.  Your choice.

Speaking of coverage – if you didn’t see my tweet yesterday, there’s a BOATLOAD of sales on right now (both from Clever Training as well as others).  The best deal being 30% off the Garmin FR735XT GPS watch.  But also some solid 20% off deals on power meters, trainers, and 25% off on Suunto gear.  The full details are here!

In any case, the winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero5 Black to that Garmin FR935, to a random pair of socks to the PowerTap C1 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  With that kind of credit, the world is your oyster (except…they don’t sell oysters).

How to enter:

Simply leave a note about what athletic adventures you’re up to this weekend.  Easy as that!

Oh – and you’ll likely avoid the SPAM filters if you’re more detailed than just the word ‘run’.  Nobody likes to get sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM. Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Lynn

    Biking. Loads and loads of wet, windy weather biking this weekend as I train for Ironman Canada in a midwest spring that won’t warm up.

  2. Éric BRONSARD

    Nice swim yesterday, and a long bike ride today, even if it’s 10 degrees outside

  3. Kevin Leung

    First outdoor ride in a LONG time!

  4. Orange Theory, coaching kids soccer & baseball, then a run to finish it off

  5. Jun Zhao

    Long run and a long ride for the holiday weekend.

  6. Euan

    Riding bikes, as always!

  7. Erik

    No sports past weekend, just putting new flooring in my new house. So there was enough athletic exercise 🙂

  8. Brian Norton

    Got my personal best 5K 🙂 29:10!

  9. Quoc

    Did a long run on the Sammamish River Trail yesterday!

  10. Massimo

    Last fine-tune run training for my next race next-week: 100 Km del Passatore

  11. Kent Cowgill

    Running along the Mississippi River while I’m in New Orleans this weekend.

  12. Myria

    Moving heavy metal repeatedly for no apparent reason.

  13. cinzia

    I tried to improve my uphill prowess! 🙂

  14. Jarrett

    Winds 22mph gusting 31 🙁

  15. Jason

    Since I raced back to back weekends (a sprint and a half iron)…I’m taking a week off…watching my wife race a half marathon down in Fredericksburg, VA. I might hop on the rollers later on.

  16. Benjamin Morgan

    Group ride with friends in rural South Carolina. Approximately 24 miles on Saturday and a personal record of 17 mph.

  17. Erol Bayram

    Probably some running and cycling

  18. Aldo

    Well I have to be a little more specific then (if possible, you can cancel my previous entry): had a run yesterday and I wish I had the 935 with me.

  19. Mark A.

    Running adventures in the Colorado front range!

  20. Mike

    Sat on the couch- recovering form achilles surgery….

  21. Blaine Boxwell

    I have an easy 5 mile les on Saturday and a 2 hour tour of the waterfront on Sunday

  22. Bradley R Hammond

    Ramping up the running miles.

  23. Susan

    This weekend I participated in my first bike races. 40k individual time trial and 40k team time trial. I am beat today.

  24. Danny Gillins

    Got lost on a bike ride, but found a new area I haven’t explored before.

  25. Alex

    I walked around the zoo! That counts, right?

  26. Andrew

    Riding Zwift waiting for my wife to give birth.

  27. andrejs

    Constantly looking for something decent to run in Florida. It’s hopeless!

    Probably a longer run – 3,2,1 mile intervals.

  28. Ray Jasicki

    Sprint intervals on the treadmill to speed (Stupid Rain) up my 5K speed for my upcoming sprint Tri. Oh yeah, and I should probably do a few laps in the pool.

  29. Bartek_Zet

    Triathlon Sierakow

  30. Pat Cade

    State Track Meet. Coaching, not running.

  31. Ee Tze Tan

    I plan to complete a 1 hour swim and a 5k run this weekend beside daddy duty.

  32. Michael S.

    On saturday: sports meeting in the school of my sun – for the kids AND the parents! 🙂
    On sunday I jumped through a high rope course together with my 11y old sun. Very funny 🙂
    Of course we rode the 16 km to the high rope course on our bikes.

  33. Randy Hammons

    Hoping to get in 150+ miles of cycling with buddies across Saturday and Sunday!

  34. Bart

    Saturday morning group bike ride.

  35. Aidan Lightfoot

    Exploring XC trails in Ellison Provincial Park just outside it Vernon, BC

  36. Patrick Santana

    Starting with a long ride and ending with an easy run. 🙂

  37. Michal

    Some cycling with tacx and looong walk with dogie :).

  38. Artir

    awesome local trail run 🙂

  39. Glen

    Hopefully a run in NYC Central Park; nice change for a Texan

  40. Michael Black

    Biked and ran around DC

  41. Greg P

    Was supposed to race a half ironman but was rained out 🙁

  42. Joe

    Riding new route with good friends.

  43. Alex P

    Sat: 70k bike run
    Sunday: This is rest day!

  44. Jason C

    Have to make up athletic adventures next weekend. Stuck at work in Mission Control all weekend.

  45. Mark

    Enjoy the southern California weather with a ride along the coast.

  46. Hans

    Long run with beautiful weather.

  47. Marc

    25km ride to a bump that qualifies as a climb, a few repeats up to the temple on top, and back home again… if the roads are not too flooded!

  48. Lyen

    Running with the kids – we’re working on pacing and not just sprint, stop, sprint, stop!

  49. S A

    Slow and easy 90 minute run and a solid 40 mile bike around the reservoir.

  50. Axel M

    Wife is sick, so just moved around the children in the bakfiets to give her some rest…

  51. Laura Owen

    Friday: lots of climbing during my daughter’s field trip; Saturday: running with the dogs and bike ride; Sunday: Trail running. It was a great weekend!

  52. Oded

    I walked fast among hundred in the Recon expo in Las Vegas. That about 6 miles of pure sweat and enjoyment. For that I need good watch and good shoes to walk so much.

  53. Pat O'Leary

    Biking Skyline Drive end-to-end w/ the gang.

  54. Paul

    Did a triathlon simulation with my tri club on Saturday and a group bike ride on Sunday.

  55. Benoit Delhaye

    Going out for a sloid long run with long marathon pace portions !

  56. mike

    Getting out and enjoying the nice weather in Vegas before the heat gets turned up.

  57. Bouker Pool

    Long run through some new trails and the first outdoor ride of the season!

  58. Ja'far

    Mile TT?

  59. Mamour

    I ran on my “go to” trail one last time before my wife and I moved cities. It was bittersweet!

  60. Noah

    Shock Wiz tuning

  61. Alberto Fernández

    A duatlon Cross near my home.

  62. ErR

    5K running TT.

  63. Fernando

    Not much. I watched a marathon and cheered the runners, surely that counts!

  64. Dan Sherman

    Running injury so I started a new round of P90X. Funny how the legs workout takes me out for days when I typically run ~40 miles/week.

  65. Hidetake Yamanaka

    First open water swim of the season! Barely made it 200 meters.

  66. John

    Heading out for a long bike ride and hike.

  67. Julien

    A bit of cycling

  68. Mabel

    9k on Saturday,

  69. Tor Lien Mjell

    I doing what is called the “7 fjellturen”, which is Norwegian for 7 mountain hike. It is roughly 35 km with 2800 m incline. people normally hike it, but I will attempt to run hopefully most of it.
    The goal is below 6 hours, but what I have to beat (my former record) is 7 hours and 30
    Minutes 🙂

  70. Mike

    long ride in country

  71. Long rides – doc said I need more endurance training, so long rides to be!

  72. Nick

    Not so much training as ‘cross training’ doing some DIY in the garden

  73. Jacob Roth

    Simple run, gearing up for a big week.

  74. Sean Ormerod

    A couple of rides one in an epic headwind. Though the spring cleaning of the home was less fun then the headwind!

  75. Paul B.

    Weekend of running and strength training at the gym. Whoopee!

  76. Joakim

    Short run followed by a long bike ride throughout Stockholm looking for new Running shoes for The Girl.
    Upside, Got to try on the “Just arrived” FR935, Felt really good as I’ve been following the comments here on a daily basis for almost two months!
    And it looks like we will be needing two after comparison to the Fenix5s on The Girl 🙂

  77. Francisco Moreira

    I’m Training the fuck out because i want to win my AG

  78. Chris Rodriguez

    I got smashed by the Belgian Waffle Ride in San Diego, CA to much heat not enough water and dehydration set in….. you win some, you lose some

  79. Ryan Luetkemeyer

    Did a century ride and BBQ’ed this weekend!

  80. NPeter

    I want to ride my bike after days of illnes 😀

  81. John

    Long run, long bike, long nap!

  82. MJL

    It was a slow weekend here, unless a coach can vicariously count the exercise that his soccer players got in a few games. 🙂 I’d still be in the hunt for some prizes, though! The season is almost over.

  83. Roger

    Do the park loop on my bike. There is a KOM that’s just waiting for me, that I edge ever closer to attaining.

  84. Max

    The last of two simple ride with my singlespeed ended up riding for 15 kms with a flat rear tire. Very gently and very slow ’til home.

  85. Montserrat

    Sunny day in Autumn Buenos Aires, Argentina. I went for a run at Bosques de Palermo and did some jumping rope.

  86. Jorge Gonzalez

    Hi Ray. This weekend I was very happy testing my new wahoo kickr trainer. I did on Saturday some solid tempo intervals ( 3 x10 min) and on Sunday enjoyed testing the resistance on Road Grand Tours climbing the Stelvio.

  87. Gary Nolan

    Finally starting Triathlon season….Hammonton Triathlon. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

  88. Phil Mills

    long trainer rides in the late pm.

  89. Bill Shepard

    We did a 47 windy beach ride. The boss got a chance to ride her new P2. She has a Tri in two weeks and this was the first big ride and she loved it.

  90. Rick

    Long run and a long ride on the new tri bike-can’t wait…….and then a few tasty beverages!

  91. Chris Portman

    Long ride

  92. Scotty G

    This past weekend was a recovery weekend, having just run the Pacific Northwest Marathon last weekend. So upper body weights and an easy swim….no running this weekend! Besides, Florida is too humid after having been in Oregon. :/

  93. Zane

    Went for a ride up through New Hampshire.

  94. Matthew Patterson

    Adventures were merely watching my kids do a triathlon and a swim meet…..

  95. Ravi

    80 K ride, just for a picture.

    “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

  96. Fredrik

    Recovering from setting a personal best on the Göteborgsvarvet half marathon. An easy run at the start of the week and then some intervals mid week and a long run in the weekend.

  97. Colin

    I went for a blast along the beautiful Columbia river on my new triathlon bike!

  98. Jeff Elmer

    This weekend ran 6 miles both Saturday and Sunday.

  99. Went for a 6 mile run and coached my son’s 7th grade AAU basketball team to a tournament championship…and wished for a new Garmin watch!

  100. Chris Blecher

    Couple of 30 mile rides around the town to work on climbing and cadence followed by a day of golf.

  101. Michael

    Recovering from the flu, so just an easy spin or two.

  102. Andrew D Reiter

    No real training this weekend, but did lots of cleaning for my new wife.

  103. Sorin

    short bike ride around town and suburbans with my visiting friend

  104. christian rasmussen

    finishing my master thesis so this weekend the only adventure is the adventure og huge amounts of coffee and writing jitters, maybe mixed with a short zwift session just to keep my sanity 😀

  105. Garrett Metz

    biking in circles

  106. Matt Henderson

    I’m going to go for a nice long-ish run, granted my plantar fascitis issues don’t act a fool. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  107. Michal

    I would be doing some intervals in the park, but I’ll be at a wedding out of town so instead I’ll be celebrating and making up for my missed workouts next week.

  108. CarlosS

    Putting finishing touches to IM 70.3 Raleigh and easy swims. Carlos

  109. Paul Erickson

    Hiking the Grand Canyon!!!! Would love to have a great GPS Watch for handling further adventures like that!!!!

  110. Joakim Wiren

    Weekend is over but tonight I’m going to take a slow ride to cure my aching back…

  111. Piotr Weber

    Well, not much of an adventure but I have Rossmann Run in Poland this saturday. 10km of hard work. This Garmin 935 is one sexy beast. Thank you for the contest.

  112. PC

    Did some bike riding with my two little girls aged 3 and 6, not much of a workout but fun nonetheless. Have also been preparing for a sprint triathlon (my first ever) in june… must say I`m a bit anxious 😀

  113. yann

    lots of running and lots of cycling

  114. Resting up… bulging disc in my back means not a lot of activity right now…

  115. Jasmin Zeger

    Heading out on a 12 mile run.

  116. Katie Bielat

    I’d love to win this! This weekend I’m moving, but I hope to squeeze in a workout if I can!

  117. Nick

    Went for 2 runs and hit the weight room! Weather is getting nice so it is time to get the bike back on the road.

  118. okrunner

    Was lucky enough to get in a short 20 mi. ride after coaching daughter’s softball team all weekend.

  119. Phil Clark

    I spent the weekend on a cruise ship, athletically drinking. Did get a pretty decent hike around Nassau in. Hope I win this!

  120. Chelle Janczewski

    Going on a 6 mile run with my husband, then dancing the night away at a wedding

  121. Jose Martin Miguel Suarez Sanchez

    This is a rest week. So i just spinned by two hours on Saturday.

  122. Edwin

    My last long run in preparation for a half marathon next Friday.

  123. Maddy

    Easy run and soccer with kids on Saturday, cheering and running around the race track and being good fan all Sunday (MTB WC in Nove Mesto). Love your giveaways!

  124. Chris Deraleau

    Riding along the C&O Canal with the kids!

  125. Thomas

    A simple belated Mother’s day hike in a backcountry area with the little one in tow.

  126. Jeff

    Mountain biking!

  127. greg padden

    I did a nice group bike ride

  128. Kyle Brubaker

    A brief round of gymnastic-esque activities followed by a hurried run through an airport, sitting at 600 mph and a bike home at the end of the day.

  129. Aaron B

    Last weekend was Air Show at Tinker Air Force Base and 55 miles of cycling around OKC. This weekend will be spent down in the DFW area. Considering a bike ride around White Rock Lake.

  130. Bruno Cunha

    I’d do just an easy run!

  131. Lauren Cooney

    Swim around the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, and a nice run and bike!

  132. Will Purba

    I’m going to attempt to ride the full Driftless Ten Thousand on Sunday!

  133. Joseph Madden

    Crit racing and a triathlon on sunday

  134. Joshua Rowe

    Since my wife was out of town I took my kids and dog for an easy 5.5 mile run through our local park, followed of course with a trip to the bakery.

  135. Hori G

    2017 CRW Spring Century – 104 miles

  136. Jonathan Perez

    I went on a 11 km run to practice marathon’s pace.

  137. Allyn Crowe

    Well, this past weekend was jsut a simple 7miler run, but this coming weekend (Memorial Day here in the states) is a triple header. Marathons on Sun, Mon, Tue! I’d LOVE a new 935 to reward myself for that 😉

  138. Joe

    Recovery weekend…so, cleaning out the garage, installing hanging bike racks, and getting the grill ready for the summer.

  139. Cameron Taylor

    Headed up to Flagstaff to run on the AZT

  140. Rolando Felizola

    My buddy got married! So I got my workout in by running groomsman errands.

  141. Matthew Ellard

    Absolutely nothing!

  142. Enjoying the fine Belgium weather this weekend and biking around town.

  143. Robert Digerati

    Continuing my running streak. Hopefully I’ll make it to the tri-sports shop to get help navigating tri training. Also, some tennis with my kiddos.

  144. Eric Levario

    Going on a trail run with my wife!

  145. Toni

    Bautiful weather in Seattle for a change.. with it came some baseball, swimming, running and ending weekend with swift 13mile bike dash.

  146. Mike Bishop

    I spent the weekend with the kids before my trip to Comrades in South Africa.

  147. Corban

    A Saturday hike and a long bike ride in the hills on Sunday!

  148. Robinson Milani

    Indoor cycling to test my new trainer!!!

  149. Mark S

    Crappy weather hampered my runs/biking activities, so I tilled the garden, cleaned out the shed and opened the pool..
    Hope this counts

  150. Stefan

    Enjoyed the great weather (finally!) and went for a nice run on a trail I haven’t run in years. Bring on the summer! 🙂

  151. carolyn Davis

    Love DC rainmaker! great reviews!

  152. Torben Reimer

    2×45 km MTB rides with some good mates. Preparing for 4 days of mountain biking in Harzen next weekend.

  153. Erin

    Cycling around the lake (and over the hills and through the woods).

  154. Spencer

    A little trail run or a swim with the kids.

  155. Miggue

    Just a little run to recover from the jetlag…

  156. Matthew

    Ride, ride & ummm…. ride.

  157. Lena Melquist

    Cleaning the garage and a lot of walks with the dog, while waiting for my knee to get better ☺

  158. Zachary Lazow

    Just ran 5.24 miles this morning for recovery. Felt great! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  159. Jeanne Bishop

    I am leaving to head to South Africa with my husband to run the Comrades Ultra Marathon – Up run this year. It will be quite an adventure!

  160. Sebastiano

    I had 2 swimming competitions

  161. Charles

    riding the sunny and warm French Riviera corniches around Eze, la Turbie and Nice. Lucky me 😉

  162. Robert

    Cycling through the Arizona desert.

  163. Paul S

    I went for my first real road ride of the year. ~39 miles and 3000 feet of climbing. A few PRs as well. 🙂

  164. Brian Smith

    Running and biking on the Chicago Lakefront Trail (LFT)

  165. Sean Chua

    Up to Pittsburgh and checking out some crossfit gyms!

  166. Vickie Hayashigatani

    My friends and I volunteered at the Auburn Triathlon this weekend, and I also helped out at my daughters’ swim meet.

  167. Robert

    It was a run (to much effort on Saturday) and a ride on Sunday.

  168. Tim Stevens

    I rode the Cheaha Challenge, and completed the Ultra course. 124+ miles, 12,000 feet of climbing in Alabama! Tough course, and I bonked pretty hard towards the end. But, I finished and my legs felt pretty good, so there’s that.

  169. Alan Hsu

    Had a nice 3 hour ride yesterday, checked out Cabrillo National Monument for the first time.

  170. Walter Cahall

    First Saturday of really warm temps here in Portland OR – perfect for a 31 mile TT ride to get ready for next months’ Tri season start!

  171. Javier Johnson

    Running up the foothills of Boulder.

  172. Michael Goscinski

    Training run to try to improve my time in my fall races.

  173. Allen Goodling

    I ran a lot …

  174. Andy Hill

    With the weather finally warming up, I am hitting the track from some 400m repeats with my running buddy, then doing the hard work of mowing the lawn and spreading 10 yards of mulch!

  175. MattS

    Running pushing son

  176. Alex

    Trail race and long run.

  177. Siddhu

    I just came back from a 2 week trip abroad, so I am looking forward to getting back to training and getting ready for my first half iron distance on June 4th!!

  178. Chris Kirk

    I’m planning on going kayaking this weekend!

  179. Walter

    Long, meandering ride exploring the Boston suburbs/exurbs to enjoy the great weather 🙂

  180. Matthew

    Hitting up the trainer to avoid the rain.

  181. Joel Sturgill

    Let’s see, this weekend held running, hiking, lawn mowing, and watching my town’s unique multi-sport event (alpine ski, nordic ski, cycle, run, paddle, run) event!

  182. Henri L

    Surfing the couch entire weekend! 😉

  183. Amy

    Pushing the double-Bob.

  184. Anna D

    Running the half in the Cleveland Marathon.

  185. Giulia

    Start to running again after a year! Probably gonna die

  186. Alexandre Ebert

    4k open water swim @ Itapua lighthouse

  187. Nives

    A swim in the lake

  188. Craig

    70.3 No PR but still a decent day

  189. chris archibald

    20k Trail run!

  190. Adam

    Did some miles with RunDetroit.

  191. Patrick Smith

    I twisted my ankle this past weekend, so I will probably take it pretty easy this coming weekend. I may go for a bike ride if my ankle is feeling up to it.

  192. Dan

    Couple quick hikes with the family!

  193. Kevin Weiner

    We had a family trail run, 3 kids soccer games, and one soccer game for me and some ikea adventure furniture building.

  194. Will

    Did some cycling, weights, and running. Beautiful weather to be outside.

  195. Mike Kohnle

    Two tandem rides with the COWS (Couples on Wheels…the Wisconsin tandem club).

  196. Simon

    Run in the sun! (hopefully)

  197. Saemundur Valdimarsson

    Rode 118 km with my wife from Geysir to Thingvellir (Iceland) and back in wonderful weather.

  198. Jonathan Osgood

    I will be doing another training long run, preparing for Mt. Washington Road Race in 4 weeks!

  199. Ben

    Yard work and rest weekend prior to a big week of running & riding… Oregon coast trails here I come!

  200. Cesare Pini

    Going for a 16 km stroll in the parks of Munich plus a 40 km MTB tour!

  201. Theo Katz Battaglia

    Half marathon+5k to complete marathon rehearsal

  202. Doug

    Long run Saturday, easy run Sunday morning. Ran past somebody who was walking on the road on Saturday. She says, “I’ve got you down. 10 mile run when you wear an orange shirt, 5 miles when you wear green.” I guess she’s been paying attention to when I come and go? Also, though shirt color is purely random, taking the top shirt in the pile, here’s me thinking, “not such a bad idea…”

  203. Christy

    I’ll be running for the first time in 42 days. Recovery from injury sucks!

  204. Josh k

    I biked and biked again

  205. ken

    Saturday: Ride 20 miles observe 1 softball game, 2 soccer games
    Sunday: Run, observe 4 soccer games

    Gotta love Memorial Day tournaments!

  206. ANDY Smiley

    Tee ball game Friday. Little bike riding. Hang out with the family. Exercising.

  207. Alejandro

    A easy bike ride and a short run , beginning the preparation for the Mexico City Half Marathon =D

  208. David B

    Training?! Supposed to be preparing for a triathlon. Not going too well so far.

  209. Phil A

    This past weekend included lots of driving, and participating in a fairly brutal triathlon. Definitely my worst finish in a race in the last 2 years, but not used to so much climbing this early in the season.

    Olympic distance with:
    2600 ft of climb on the bike
    640 ft of climb on the run

    I figure if you can do that one you can do just about any. May not have gone as well as I wanted but I finished.

    It was the French Creek Triathlon
    link to

  210. Tim H.

    Because of crazy work hours during multiple business trips over the past few months, my running has taken a turn for the worst. I’ll just be running and running!

  211. Rodrigo Ibáñez

    I was running in the mountain of Navacerrada, Spain

  212. Jacek

    Swimming and then some swimming.

  213. Thomas

    Run in the nature/forest.

  214. Kevin

    Biking along the San Diego coast. And some running in Southern Oregon next weekend.

  215. Jes


  216. Jef

    Last big running weekend before the taper starts.

  217. Alastair

    Upper capacity intervals Friday, endurance ride Saturday and sprints on Sunday.

  218. RodJa

    Easy Long Run

  219. sam

    I was out camping and hiking for the weekend

  220. Charles

    My usual loop: 40km with 800m of climbing. To change things up maybe do all the climbing in the big chain ring this time.

  221. Mike Parker

    Gemini run 5K run + 10K bike

  222. Mike R.

    10 mile run and 5k race, with some hiking and walking in between.

  223. Dustin F.

    captex tri!

  224. Kate Notman

    I spent the weekend training for my first ironman – IM Mont Tremblant in August. I’m doing a half in June so this was a race rehearsal for that – 56 mi bike and 5-mile brick on Saturday, then 2 more hours riding and a 3000 yd swim yesterday.

  225. cj

    Does BBQ count?

  226. Nic Porter

    Raced the Bikes 4 Kids Stage race in Utah!

  227. Greg

    Refereeing youth soccer tourney, then a leisurely walk with the family around the neighborhood.

  228. n!co

    200km bike ride and recovery jogging

  229. Jon Erickson

    Kayaking, walking, and recumbent trike riding.

  230. Joe W

    This weekend is a long run on my marathon training schedule.

  231. Ken Murayama

    More bike riding to get some fitness in.

  232. Jim Gould

    Cold and rainy so more zwift.

  233. Jose Quesada

    a lot of run and run all over the weekend.

  234. Tony Sabo

    Going to cycling throughout the hills in Cincinnati along with hiking with my two dogs.

  235. Matt

    Hit up some Hiking in Columbus, OH and a quick run after the 7 hour drive back!

  236. Wiley Hemphill

    Hoping to win from deployment aboard USS George H.W. Bush!

  237. Steven K

    Short run and weights. Getting back into it after work kept me swamped last few months.

  238. Myriam

    I’m discovering new trails on my mtb, and am very grateful for the gps guidance !!

  239. Doug Ennis

    Riding in the hills until my legs fall off!

  240. Florian

    Trailrunning with friends near Vienna/AUT

  241. Eric

    Hilly mixed terrain ride on Saturday. Cross training on Sunday.

  242. Matt Owen

    Long run through the hills where I live.

  243. Steven Knapp

    I rode my motorcycle quickly on twisty roads.

  244. Daniel Jump

    Ziplining, light hiking, tire flipping, sprints, and gardening! Phew!

  245. Tim Johnson

    Didn’t get much defined sports activity this weekend. Spent Saturday watching the kids hit the roller coasters. Sunday did manage to get some weight training in weather was not conducive to outdoor activities. I hope I win this would be really cool.

  246. Joe

    There were two adventures this weekend, which cost all my power: a 15km interval training and applying two children car seats in our new car. For the next time I would prefer the interval training….

  247. G. Zawadzki

    Did nice training 🙂

  248. Jeff H.

    Rocking a run on the Sierra Azul open space trail.

  249. Kate Ayoub

    Biking skyline drive north to south with 8 friends

  250. Joseph McLeod

    recovering from doing 70.3 races the past 2 weekends

  251. Paul Merian

    Tapering for Biel 100km Run

  252. Mike

    Saturday: Recovery week easy ride
    Sunday: Another recovery easy ride
    Monday: Back in business 70-80km ride with power intervals

  253. Dave

    Just a simple 10k

  254. Mike S.

    Just running this weekend and trying to get my base up.

    Thanks Ray!

  255. My first OWS of the year in the freezing UK lakes! Then a solo 50 mile ride on Sunday to test out all sorts!!

  256. Walton

    Cycling around Araxos airport.

  257. On Friday I was doing a Mountainbike Hillclimb Timetrial (got 3rd overall), Saturday preparing for Sunday, and on Sunday i raced a Mountainbike Marathon. Got 12th overall, happy with that, cause I got the KOM on the 2 hardest downhills with my hardtail.

  258. Andrew Sack

    I’m hoping to get a long brick session in, and maybe even a relaxing hike.

  259. I hit a new PR!!!! Because I ran my first 8k race ever. (I warmed up with a 10k 🙂 Over 4000 people raced to Beat the Bridge near the University of Washington in Seattle. I come in at just under 35 mins which was what I expected. Did I mention the PR? It’s also my personal worst too…

  260. Noel J Finegan

    Reckon I’ll try the Edinburgh marathon… again.

  261. Tony Butz

    Running after the 6 and 8 year old. Front yard olympics.

  262. Kathy

    Stand up paddle boarding in cabo!

  263. Nadia Valentino

    Spent the weekend walking around the golf course and chasing my 3yo twins everywhere. So it was certainly an *unstructured* workout.

  264. As I’m recovering from total hip replacement 2 weeks ago, my athletic endeavors included a lot of physical therapy and some long (2-3 mile) walks.

  265. Bob

    Just trying to make my first km’s on my roadbike after becoming a dad for the 2nd time

  266. Kamil

    I wanted to go swimming, but I ended up biking on Saturday and running long on Sunday 🙂

  267. Miles Taylor

    I’m running Edinburgh Marathon for charity. I’m aiming for a PB, but training has been a bit sporadic.

  268. Lee R.

    800m time trial Saturday, and then a 12 mile long run on Sunday. A few walks around the neighborhood with the family as well, of course.

  269. Yifan

    Went for a 19 mile trail run in the White’s, ended up finding out there were 8 stream crossings to wade through.

  270. David P

    Athletic endeavors this weekend consisted of sprinting through an Airport in a failed attempt to catch a plane then testing my flexibility by contorting myself into a too cramped space on a much later flight

  271. Muthiah Chandrasekharan

    Long run weekend

  272. Jon

    I’ll be running away from my mother in law this weekend, possibly tripling my long run distance 🙂

  273. Ivan

    It was open water swim on 17 degrees in 1,5 mm swimsuit. Cold.

  274. Inga

    Hi, this weekend I was just swimming for an hour and relaxing

  275. david

    Run to the ocean

  276. Greg DelBene

    Hill Training… With a BOB Double Stroller… With two kids in it

  277. Jonas Ehinger

    Renovering from a 21K / Half marathon race 🙂

  278. Tim

    Getting back to some running after recovering from a chest infection.

  279. Commutin’ commutin’ commutin’. The sun is blazing away so what’s not to like?!

  280. Rupesh Shah

    Trail hiking in the Ozark Mountains with my wife!

  281. Tanakorn Intaralak

    Maybe long distance bike ride in a remote area.

  282. Christian Domroese

    Will be running to work with is week, instead of cycling (8km along the Thames). Plus bank holiday on the Thursday, so I will head out early morning and try and run my own marathon. Weather forecast looks gorgeous for that. Betting with a friend whoever can make the most kms every month, loser pays a trip to the steakhouse.

  283. Ciril

    Romantic ride and picnic with my wife

  284. E. Felkerino

    We rode a 400K randonneur brevet with the D.C. Randonneurs this weekend. It was, as always – long! link to

  285. Petri

    First Lakeside of Espoo (Finland) by bike, then running at Hydepark London UK, both with great sunshine!

  286. Andy

    Parkrun and beer!

  287. The Eric

    Short family run with our 6 month old in the jogger for the first time!

  288. Jasper

    200k biking And some running and swimming for an IM distance.

  289. Chris K

    Getting a run in along the coast in Portugal followed by High Intensity Swimming with Kids (HISK).

  290. Hans Westermeyer

    Doing physical therapy exercises to get over my posterior tibial tendonitis :(.

  291. Alfonso

    Bed and breakfast and than all over again. With some jogging and biking between that.

  292. Taylor Shiver

    Lots and lots of running. Trying to drop some lbs before I head to the beach. Too little too late.

  293. Simon Cope

    sat 33km hike with dodgy hamstring
    sun 12km easy run

  294. Blake

    I did a whole lot of camping with a little bit of Trail Running thrown in for good measure.

  295. Watching unstable spring snow sinter into sublime skiability at Cascade Pass.

  296. David Downing

    going for 2 hour recovery bike ride!

  297. Marvin Noguera

    My wife and I went for 28km hill climb in Takasaki, Japan with our road bikes. Ended up walking / hiking the last 10km. Painful.

  298. Jose A del Cueto

    Some mountain bike in Mexico City, even is too hot here this days, the Desierto de los Leones Park is really nice. Mountain forest, great for some MTB

  299. hflack

    weight training + run. Trying to increase the level of fitness…

  300. Outlaw Half Triathlon (badly!)

  301. I’ll try to run my first <30m 5k !

  302. Eric McMinoway

    Hopefully go for a run at some point, but my main activity this weekend will be walking too and from the car at the Indy 500.

  303. Dan M

    Training for a race

  304. Picko

    Riding in the wet. Riding in the dry. Then riding in the wet again.

  305. Gary Ramsey

    A couple of hot humid early morning runs in the Houston area of around 1 hour

  306. Neil D

    I’ll be taking part in the first ever Casterbridge Half Marathon, at Dorchester, in the UK.

  307. JB

    IM training – long rides and long runs

  308. Kris

    I rode the Memorial Frans Schouben 200km

  309. Lance French

    Riding the apple orchards of Wenatchee, WA!

  310. Gus

    Long riding through the beautiful San Diego South Bay.

  311. benjamin

    hallow rain, just recovering from a bad start of the year :(, but hi got back on my feet starting my long 40” birthday gift the half iron man “israman” yap wish me luck on that (all my friends syas i lost it – but it’s a dream off my so why not).
    so it’s time to get a new watch don’t know wich one to pick yet, but a need a new one couse my suunto quest is to old no mater how u look at him , he was agreat watch for 6 year.

    thank u for all the intel u give us keep it going with touse deeeeeep review’s

  312. David M

    Still in a post A-race recovery state. My workout plans consist of yard work and beer.

  313. Pierre

    Perhaps the first OW swim this season…

  314. Ralph

    Biking the perimeter of Manhattan Island. Fun!

  315. Jake

    I guess the weekend is over, but for my brithday, I went for a couple of short recovery runs and biked to work!

  316. Josh Mars

    I’m running the Manchester half marathon this weekend!

  317. KaiB

    Played soccer with my kids after a long run focussing on heart rate and cadence.

  318. mcsaun

    Boys weekend with riding on Friday and Saturday.

  319. Charlie Barrows

    Somehow I missed this on Friday but my weekend went like this: Friday 5-mile trail-run; Saturday gym workout and rain-drenching; and Sunday 44-mile group ride sans rain-drenching. Great weekend!

  320. Martins

    Did 2x15k slowish run in a really warm weather. 🙂

  321. Tom S

    Hi Ray,

    I had a 5 mile fartlek run on Saturday. Then went to Reno for the State swim meet as a spectator. Sunday nursed my sore calf from Saturdays run.

    Thanks for the contest.

  322. Alberto

    A mountain bike race on sunday, expecting to better my ninth place the previous date.

  323. Travis B.

    No running cus of the knee, but lots of cycling!!

  324. Jim Nordin

    I had a great 13.5 mile trail run on Saturday followed by a 4hr bike trainer ride. Gotta love productive weekends!

  325. Francois

    Went on a 29 miles and 2,600 feet elevation gain ride yesterday before getting ready to attend a wedding!

  326. Greg Mauldin

    This weekend was all about the kids.
    Memorial Day weekend will consist of a long run, some golf, a nice ride, and of course a cookout to wrap things up.

  327. JimH23

    Time to log some yards in the pool or hopefully ocean!

  328. Steven Barnett

    I am in the process of moving so I am trying to squeeze runs in whenever I can.

  329. praveen

    running boston run to remember half marathon

  330. Marilyn Blythe

    A nice enjoyable run through my neighborhood. Getting my base for training for the New York Marathon in November.

  331. Dr. House

    I was busy with the classical tri stuff, by means running, swimming and cycling… and also windmill fighting like Don Quijote de la Mancha. That’s because of the strong wind.

  332. Andreas Sakellariou

    On Saturday a well known local tri-race event where I won the 50+ AG. On Sunday 1km open water race for recovery.

  333. Matthew Hertz

    Hiked several miles with my daughter and then ran 10K to enjoy the beautiful exercise weather. The next day did a short 25 mile bike ride to see Niagara Falls and beat the rain.

  334. Brian Hansen

    Mtn biking in South Dakota if the trails are dry. If not road cycling.

  335. Sietse

    resting for a week of riding, while watching a lot of youtube content about cycling….

  336. billc

    A bike ride, that turned into a swim due to pouring rain…it was a blast!

  337. This past weekend?? START early by volunteering at an Aid Station -hit the trails followed up by a sweet 10 mile run in the hills getting dirty…switch gears to Sunday with an early wake up to kick some balls around in a fun game of soccer and then head out for some more trail miles on two wheels!! Finish out with drinks in the hot tub with friends!

  338. Craig

    Sleeping, eating and relaxing. Training starts next week 🙂

  339. Sean

    I got out for my long ride, the sun finally came out!! Then I mowed the lawn, does that count as a brick workout???

  340. Bill Fader

    Stroller run w/ the nine month old

  341. alleexxiiss

    Tour of isle of wight!

  342. fisao

    HI, Saturday was an easy MTB ride with my dog and Sunday was the Club ride! great weather and fun.

  343. Elie Silver

    21k long run on Saturday and 40k bike with 5k run on Sunday

  344. Onur Altintas

    Pick up basketball games and run 5K around Highland Park (hopefully break my PR)

  345. Kevin Remhof

    Riding through beautiful North Carolina.

  346. Ramon

    Run 10k around my neighborhood.

  347. Dave

    Swimming and biking.

  348. Stavros Dendrinos

    17k run Saturday and Sunday

  349. Allan

    bike 100km, run 10km, swim 1km!

  350. Ben Alto

    providing rolling support to a double century

  351. Jeremy Richards

    Running the Equinox Marathon trail in Fairbanks, Alaska!

  352. Brian Hosty

    Swansea sprint tri on Sunday, followed by the Cotswold 113 the weekend after – love it!

  353. Ajith A B

    Cycling up the emigration canyon, Utah – climbing up around 500 meters.

  354. Lars

    Long swim, longer run, longest ride 🙂

  355. Jeff F.

    It was finally time for a bit of a taper. Some easy hiking fit the bill.

  356. Olivier from Paris

    First sunny roadbike training ride of the season, feels good !

  357. Cycling cycling and cycling.

  358. Bike around lake of Zug and swimming in lake of Hallwil

  359. Stephen Fitzgerald

    Longest run of the year Saturday, mowed lawn, and fell asleep early only to have to pick up family at airport at 1am due to flight delays.

  360. Eduardo Guemez

    25 k on the bike with 13 run afterwards in final preparations for Alcatraz.

  361. Tom Hollaender

    I Will ride the beutiful hils of Skanderborg, Denmark on my mountainbike.

  362. Jerome Ross

    Running a 6.5 mile 4000ft climb Mountain Race in Alaska called Kalgin’s Knoya Ridge Run. The race celebrates the life of my friend Kalgin who died during the race 8 years ago.

  363. Krzysiek

    Lots of walking, some quick cycling and one longer run

  364. Steve Rosenfeld

    Zwift on Saturday and 40m outdoor ride on Sunday.

  365. Ahmed Baroun

    Swim, Bike, and STRENGTHENING 🙁

  366. Amos

    After a busy ultramarathon season, it’s back to the track to work on leg speed and efficiency

  367. Michael O

    Taking my bike to the trails.

  368. David Cookman

    Road cycling on Saturday and tearing up forest trails on Sunday!

  369. Guillaume

    Run & Cycle in the sun!

  370. Simon Nigsch

    Biken in Austria

  371. Eric Newren

    Well…… Most likely riding/running indoors as I watch the little one play. Get it done anyway you can, right?

  372. Chris Nelson

    Long ride around the valley

  373. Marisa Ryan

    RESTING…after finishing my first marathon!

  374. Dave Veronese

    Just a couple of runs, it’s getting cold in the south of New Zealand

  375. Morgane

    Injured yesterday so rest today :((

  376. Patrick

    Teaching my kid how to ride the balance bike

  377. Martine

    Just walking…

  378. Jacob

    Exploring some gravel roads on a new to me toy.

  379. fx

    Waterford Marathon training : 16K on Saturday and 32K on Sunday!

  380. Mirko Surf&Run

    Long run 17 km with 3 km uphill. Difficult downhill and fast last kilometer. Training after the last race begins again!

  381. Fred

    I completed the half marathon in Gothenburg. Great run with great people. This weekend some soft short run, to recover.

  382. DS

    Greek Fest 5k and one-mile races, then roasted lamb, bad wine, and bouzouki-dancing.

  383. Ben Patton

    Hopefully a nice and peaceful ride out into the Cairngorm national park.

  384. David E.

    Running around Beijing!

  385. Half distance triathlon in Croatia 🙂

  386. Jake

    Running and picking strawberries!

  387. Francisco

    I run 8Km, followed by 1.5Km swim. Then I strolled by the seaside.

  388. Mark

    Attempted to race a tri but split a tyre 10 minutes into the bike. DNF!

  389. Andy

    A swimming session and a long zone 2 biking trip along canola fields.

  390. John

    Running and swimming !

  391. Debbie

    Biking around the neighborhood and swimming in the ocean

  392. Alexandra

    Long-ass bike rides and hopefully, at least one LSD run

  393. Oliver Christmas

    2 x runs in sunny Scotland! 1 x long and 1 x intervals – wahoooo!

  394. Keith Leazenbee

    Running the Peach Jam Half in Atlanta! I may do some trail running too

  395. Glen Preston

    3-4 hour ride on Saturday and a recovery ride on Sunday

  396. Ovi

    Saturday group ride, 103 km

  397. Andrew Broad

    Taking my boy climbing, and sneaking in a run while he is there!

  398. Justas Ba

    Swim. Bike. Run. As every other day 🙂

  399. Superbo!

    Having a run on the treadmill 🙂 Keep up the great work DC!

  400. David Bradway

    I went running before the baby woke up

  401. Eric

    Long run

  402. martin

    This weekend I just finish my first triathlon. I do exercise regularly so I know how my body behave, but it was very interesting to see my body such exhausted as never seen before. My fennix 3 is my best fella since it came to market. When was 1km to finish I told myself to speed up, but display showed the same numbers as before. One, two more tries, but Fenix showed me the cruelty of reality. I felt that im pushing it hard and flying like Bolt, but pace 4:50min/km was still there, not moving up or down. Mind was in different dimension for a while after finish. I couldnt talk, I couldnt move, I was just enjoyoing to be “not moving” a brathing calmly.

    Thanks DC, you have your part my first triathlon as well.

  403. Stockae92

    did both road and mtb this weekend. 🙂

  404. Jay

    Just doing a chill ride with some friends!

  405. James Grantham

    I ran with a friend who hasn’t run in a long time. While the pace was slower than my usual, the company was great and the time flew by. Glad to have him back at it!

  406. Anna Pry

    our adventure this weekend was to take 4 kids and a dog to a local campground, in the rain, while pregnant…i didn’t get a wink of sleep!

  407. Jason

    Bike stage race!!!

  408. Nate

    Hiking in GA

  409. Mira Barta

    13 km trail run with my White shepherds and some short biking in the woods.

  410. Cezary

    You can’t win if you don’t try, so let’s try again.

  411. Matt Jury

    Enjoyed the beautiful (albeit HOT) San Diego weather and got in a run, bike, and swim–although waaaaaaaay shorter than an actual triathlon!!

  412. Andrew Jenner

    On holiday in the Outer Hebrides. Alternating runs and rides with constant head wind

  413. Marcos Buosi

    Joined a Duathlon Race and finished 2nd im my category (30-34yrs)!!

  414. Daniel

    did Morgan Hill tri, and some beer repeats

  415. Brian

    Murph Workout: 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, followed by another 1 mile run.

    Possibly 20-50 mile road bike ride, pending on weather.

  416. Chipper Nicodemus

    My weekend adventures involve running, wine tasting and chasing around my 1.5-year-old daughter. Maybe not in that order.

  417. Kevin Dawson

    10k run and an hour’s off-road biking followed by a 5 hour flight to the Middle East ?

  418. Paul Burgess

    Cycle, cycle, CYCLE!!!

    Lots of cycling….

  419. Jonathan Patterson

    9mile run and London’s finest sunday roast dinner (in the basement of an ex Soho Brothel)

  420. Val

    Long run in the rain!!

  421. Bramble

    Does shopping for athletic adventures count?

  422. Wendy Burgess

    This weekend I just hit the gym…thanks DC!

  423. Laco Kader

    running ridge of Mala Fatra

  424. Jason M

    Riding up to Laguna and spending the weekend with friends. Thanks!

  425. Jon

    5.5 hour ride on sat. 2 hour run on sunday

  426. Ruben kuperus

    The coming weekend starts early for me, thursday I’m going to the Eifel in germay for 4 days of cycling. The weather is nice, the traffic is low and a beautifull scenery.

  427. Kent Dale

    Open water swim and a run

  428. Dennis Vukelic

    I’m going to try and fit in a couple runs between coaching my kid’s soccer team, then get on the ice and play some father son ice hockey.

  429. Petar

    Finally getting back on my bike after a month of not riding at all ☺️

  430. Lauren

    Going on a kayak/hiking trip 🙂 much needed relaxation and quick escape from a hectic life!

  431. Mahesh V

    14mi long run followed by a 3.5mi/900ft climb trail run near Pullman,WA. My ancient tech FR210 is falling apart from all the sweat (sorry about the visual)…

  432. Josu

    Long tri training in NY for the weekend!

  433. I had my biggest training weekend yet. 45 miles swim, bike, run. Training for my first olympic distance triathlon next month!

  434. Terrance Ramirez

    I’m running in my 24th Bolder Boulder 10k.

  435. Glaucos

    I think I’ll go for a bike ride in the mountain near Torino… nothing special! 🙂

  436. Ryan

    An early morning run then a dip in the pool.

  437. peter p

    Did a trial run of last 20k for upcoming 50k race

  438. matt greenhill

    I will be racing an Olympic Distance draft legal triathlon in Calaponte Italy.
    Calaponte Tri week, puglia, Italy.

  439. George

    Running a long 32k in Nicosia – Cyprus

  440. John G Wilson

    Saturday was an easy 6 mile run to a bakery with friends followed up by a swim at the pool. Sunday was an easy 20 mile mountain bike ride on some local fireroads.

  441. ailsa c

    Took the running clinic participants out on a run

  442. Damian Sowa

    I am building a fence! It’s athletic because I jackhammered out 4 2′ deep 12″ diameter concrete posts!

  443. Tom Short

    I’ve got an FTP test lined up and a long ride before Monday rolls in.

  444. Alison

    Having been inspired by my old training buddies who recently completed Ironman, I’m determined to get back to some pre-babies level of fitness and (hopefully) return to Ironman training. I’ve set up the trainer so hope to do some Zwifting and will jump in the pool before the toddler has his swimming lesson. No running yet as it’s pretty soon post-birth of my baby but if I can manage it I might throw in a walk with the Chariot and the kids. Would love a new multi sports watch as mine is pretty dated now!

  445. Tony B

    Well, the weekend is over, but it was the Soapstone Trail Race for me on Sunday, and track meet for the kid on Saturday.

  446. Ed

    Continuing my recovery runs from my most recent marathon three weeks ago!

  447. Patrick Lankeit

    I will ride unknown paths in my home forest with the MTB! Just to enjoy nature!

  448. Steve Yates

    I’ll be going for a bike ride, exploring some new roads around where I live, to fill in some more explorer tiles on my veloviewer!

  449. Beatriz Salvat

    I had bronchitis all last week so I was out of training until Saturday when I decided I was good enough to go our and rise some 40 miles…. bad idea….

  450. Brian Kelleher

    Building for a big day of climbing on the bike in the near future.

  451. Marcin

    Bike ride, Mazurialake district in Poland

  452. Mike

    A round of golf, a 10k road race and SUP with the wife before a Memorial Day partying!

  453. Bike trip to the seaside with my hockey team mates.

  454. Larry Y

    Trail runs! May 21 race 5k at the NY NJ Trail Conference headquarters. They make the maps, and maintain many of the trails.

    Then a leisurely trail run on Memorial Day weekend.

  455. Mario Talavera

    This weekend I am going to run a trail, twice. because Ragnar…

  456. Adrien

    Pre-work run, nice and easy

  457. Chris

    Camping weekend – slept under a poncho.

  458. Aris Koutsomitopoulos

    Summer for good here in Greece so I’m just planning a 20k long fun-run with the rat-pack 🙂

  459. Edgaras

    Try to do longest bike ride 60km!

  460. Sven

    Friday evening i had a nice swim, saturday was lazy and sunday I had a nice trip with my new bike – great weekend.

  461. Shawn M

    Getting some National Bike Challenge miles in and getting started into running more…next up will be swimming.

  462. Leo Goodstadt

    Track training on Vibram five fingers: not because I am going barefoot running and all but because three weeks after stepping on a strategically placed sharp lego block, I still can’t run in normal shoes…

  463. Gael

    Running through Point Lookout State Park in Maryland or Rock Creek Parkway in DC

  464. John gee

    5:30saturday ride along the Durban coast line, awesome sun up this time of year, no wind, beaut 25 degrees

  465. John Rampulla


  466. Mark Precious

    This weekend – hoping to get in the longest long trail run and first bike ride since a nasty crash and broken bone.

  467. porek388

    Today 30km ride.

  468. Jacco

    Sadly not much I think. Rebuilding our bathroom! Hope to sneak in a run though!

  469. Carly

    On holiday right now but will be getting a run in tomorrow.

  470. David Faria

    Recovery weekend at a friend’s wedding!

  471. Fabian

    Swim, Bike, Run. What else?

  472. Grega

    open water swim race on saturday and a long bike ride on sunday

  473. Stephen Harding

    Ran ran and ran. New marathon training cycle started. Whole new crowd of folks to coach.

  474. Ana

    An easy 8 km. run on Sunday.

  475. Leon

    Being on a training camp

  476. Greg

    On saturday easy bike and 7km below and above the threshold. On sunday swimming pool and easy running.

  477. Bryan

    Eat a lot of food in Houston, TX.

  478. Shirley


  479. Aasen

    Have been out running several meters along Alcudia beach in Mallorca.
    Hoping to get in a bikerida soon.

  480. Robert Kallin

    Most likely a 3-4h bike ride with friends.

  481. Anca G

    running a 5k. Thanks!

  482. Keith Shuker

    MTB at a trail centre this weekend, followed by an actual mountain after that!

  483. DoDaDum

    Did a short bike ride on one day, and a short run on the other.

  484. Doug

    My athletic achievement for the weekend was to slog it out in the rain for an hour. Take your moments away from childcare at any time! 🙂

  485. Jens

    Recovery ride/run after my 1/8 triathlon of Maastricht!

  486. Francis Oliver

    Hard triple brick workout on Saturday and long run on Sunday… legs are fired!

  487. Loren

    This weekend I am running the trails in Bastrop, Tx in a much anticipated trip home. The goal is to knock out 8 miles and then hang with the family next to the BBQ pit.

  488. Jade

    I’m gonna do my first sub2 21k challenge!

  489. James

    50 K bike ride

  490. Ian Cullen

    Getting lost somewhere in the midlands in my bike.

  491. Andy C

    Start running again after a long break do to a hectic past couple of months.

  492. Mark A

    I’ll probably go for a sail.

  493. simon cotton

    Easy recovery run Saturday, hanging on to the boys to the best of my current ability for 12 miles Sunday morning.

  494. Amy H

    Taking my nephews and niece camping!

  495. Nicolas

    Bike ride to the beach, an amazing sandwich, and losing a phone…but found it in the end! Beautiful weather here in Seattle!

  496. Giovanni Corradini

    Long run in Reggio Emilia, Italy!

  497. Sean Dooley

    Did a half ironman

  498. James A

    Park Run with the 2 kids in the buggy and then a family cycle ride and a picnic in the sun.

  499. Jason C

    Hill climb race this weekend.

  500. Michael J Smith

    Training for IMCDA 70.3!

  501. sophia

    morning walk with my son

  502. Gijom

    Running Bay2breakers with family in San Francisco.

  503. Jeff Hinrichs

    I did a 9-mile run with 500 feet of climbing in preparation for an upcoming half marathon.

  504. Tom S

    Long training ride followed by brick run on Saturday. Easier day in the saddle on Sunday.

  505. Went out for a double on Saturday and helped out an Ironman friend to keep up the pace in his long run on Sunday.

  506. Mike G

    I’ll be running around at my daughter’s graduation 2500 miles away. I can’t bring my bike for the trip. 🙁

  507. Ryan Menze

    I will be racing my bike in Bend Oregon for the Bend don’t Break road race.

  508. Deva Solomon

    Mountainbiking in Carbondale Colorado

  509. Ryan S

    Mountain biking with friends

  510. Mikko

    Changed tyres to our car. Thats all.

  511. jason flowers

    my athletic adventure this sat will be swimming / running in San Francisco bay training for escape alcatraz triathlon .

  512. Thomas Larsen

    No biking. Taking the bike apart. Painting the frame and putting it back together as DI2. So maybe a little running (while the paint dries).

  513. Amar

    Taking my daughter(23 months) for a hike!

  514. Christopher Ashford

    300k ride!

  515. Ron

    Short ride on the trainer

  516. Joel

    Pretty much long run Sundays! Feels great!

  517. Domas

    Trail running

  518. planning to go for first run after ankle injury

  519. Dom ultra

    Long run with my teammates

  520. Dow Walker

    Going for a long run and some core work.

  521. Aina

    I would like to run 10K in order to train for a half marathon next month.

  522. K Larsen

    1 run and a promised bike ride with my 4 1/2 yo 🙂 on his new pedal bike!

  523. Linas

    I know how to use it for the purpose 🙂

  524. Antonio Alonso

    I very much enjoyed a nice bike ride in the southern roads of Gran Canaria 😉

  525. Keegsieb

    Not much- just finished track season. We will see if I can get ready for summer!

  526. Miguel Guimarães

    Bike Ride on the camino de Santiago

  527. Robert DeMeulemeester

    100 mi ride to Island Beach State Park, then 100K Biergarden ride, and an hour spin.

  528. Heiko Heiko

    Team Triathlon this weekend, 3x500m swim, 40k group ride w\ drafting and 10k run.

  529. Cristina Gama

    Just going for a walk

  530. Bobby B

    The wife and I plan on hiking a 12 mile loop in the Ouachitas

  531. Jar

    Most likely running three laps around Central Park-training for the San Francisco Marathon!

  532. Semi Ennafaa

    Just crosscountry running And having fun

  533. Vincent


  534. Sangiometti

    Strength Training followed by OWS on Saturday. Long bike ride on Sunday.

  535. Steven Weber

    NYPD Memorial 5k

  536. Oren Rabinovitch

    Running mountain to valley race in northern Israel

  537. Ricardo Hernandez R

    Duatlon on Saturday to return with everything to the trialon next year.
    Well, actually just running and swimming.:)

  538. Andy

    No riding and running because of a hamstring pull.
    14000 steps (Garmin 920xt) on Saturday and lots of yard work on Sunday.

  539. david coles

    competing at Tour of the Battenkill in beautiful upstate NY

  540. Juwon Suh

    Off to a long run!

  541. Kristof Van Hemeldonck

    Planning to race either saturday arvo or Sunday morning, which will be the first one after competing in Grafton 10 days ago. Hope the form is still there

  542. Mike freestone

    A little swim. A little bike and a little run.

  543. Marco

    45km road bike
    1500m swim
    14km run

  544. Allan Møller

    Went to Rome with mother in law, nephew and girlfriend and the chosen one
    Walked around the sights in Rome doing 16km Friday, without any complaints from the 79 year old mother in law. Most complaints from the young ones 🙂

  545. Justin

    Cycling! Getting ready for a ride from Ottawa to Kingston and back!

  546. Karim M. Demirdache

    Bike in Hollywood hills…on vacation so taking it easy!

  547. Joris

    I was working on my running form in the woods on Saturday and played a field hockey match on Sunday. Both in really great weather with lots of sunshine but not too hot.

  548. Jim Peters

    Running a half marathon on Sunday

  549. Patrick Hopewell

    Lake Cane swim then 3 hr bike

  550. Bret Bartness

    Whitewater kayaking class.

  551. Erik Molina

    Kicking this bug and cycling through town, over pali, through Waimanalo, past Makapu’u down heart break, and around Diamond Head!

  552. Joshua Ebersole

    I enjoyed a typical Saturday run and Sunday hike with my GSP

  553. Chong Pak

    Riding my bike, and trying to do laundry. Not at the same time.

  554. Joshua Blazzard

    Enjoying some trail running and mountain biking!

  555. Aaron Simmons

    Heading up to Austin to run Town Lake…afterwards head down to Shady Grove for some pecan-crusted catfish!

  556. Eli

    Getting more miles in on the bike before BRAG next month

  557. Pete

    I’m running a local 10K race this Sunday 🙂

  558. Steven Camilleri

    Two triathlons. A sprint on Saturday and an Olympic distance race on Sunday…

  559. Turner S. Thompson III

    Had to skip Saturday’s “Beat The Train” ride to volunteer for a golf outing (so not a golfer). Sunday was a rain-out before a family BBQ. So I’ll consider this a recovery weekend, but still filled with good times & most conversations ended up including cycling. But then again, don’t ALL conversations include cycling, or is it just me?

  560. Rafael Olea

    Running in Ibirapuera Park Sao Paulo Brazil

  561. GB qualifier for Rotterdam ITU champs at Dorney… My early season has been too disrupted to be at the pointy end this time but fun racing along side Tri2O, Savage Tri and GB team mates!

  562. Bryan

    checking out some back roads that I haven’t explored yet

  563. Mauricio Solis

    60 mile bike ride to loose the legs after yesterday Century ride in VA

  564. John

    10 Mile trail run with hills

  565. Mark Jenneson

    Going to Greece. A week of running, cycling and swimming in the sun. (And maybe some beers and nice food)

  566. Osman mir

    Recovery by doing nothing.

  567. Dave


  568. DonB

    Bike ride and a run.

  569. Charles Z.

    Ran my first marathon this Sunday.

  570. Thobias

    Going for a 3+h ride around the lake to test out my 2 month old bonk free diet. That is low on carb, high on fat 🙂

  571. Justin kusterer

    Does yard work count?

  572. steven

    Gardening… don’t laugh it’s hard work.

  573. Garrett McCullough

    Saturday is my long day for my running plan. I’ll be running 2hrs or so

  574. Matt Coarr

    Cooling down during a recovery week with a 50 mile ride and some race volunteering!

  575. Mike Smith

    last long training ride for Dirty Kanza

  576. Hey Ray!
    Next weekend is memorial day weekend in the US, so I’ll be doing some beach runs. My calves are hurting already.

  577. Greg

    I’m gonna do something. Something sounds good

  578. Jake s

    Belgian waffle ride

  579. Steve

    Buying my first road bike and taking that sucker for a spin!

  580. Adrian Cowan

    Park run in Brisbane and then building a deck!

  581. jaymaker

    Swimming, biking, running, napping, yard working, and kid adventuring, hopefully.

  582. Jake


  583. Matt LeGrand

    Off to Seattle for a little run / bike.

  584. Maureen

    Currently on a cruise through Alaska so running in every port and working out in the gym on sea days.

  585. D Pindell

    Training for my first sprint tri.

  586. Dirk

    Easy runs in between conference events and transcontinental flights

  587. XJing

    I went on a hike to the mountains! It was beauuutiful, couldn’t have asked for anything better. Shame I don’t live near the mountains, so trips like that are much too infrequent

  588. Sara M. in CA

    Hopefully going for a swim to get back into triathlon training!

  589. Roland

    Parkrun on Saturday

  590. Chris Howell

    150 Miles of gravel grinding!

  591. Mark Z

    A week ago I decided to change my habits an live more active (healthy) life. I tought that running would be a good start. Found your site. Pretty exited. A lot of usefull information. Deep diving into gear reviews and other usefull information. Thank you.

  592. alejandro ponce

    I run and swim…no time to bike…

  593. David

    Just an easy run, I have an race the next weekend after. Ok, maybe 3 easy runs, since it is a 3 day weekend!

  594. Therese Soco

    Brooklyn Half and relaxing day at a vineyard

  595. Tom

    If the sun is shining will be out amongst the hills on the bike – if not then in the pool and watching our boy George Bennett kick ass in Cali…

  596. Tom

    Maybe a ride and a run but lots of rest!!

  597. Tanya

    Busy week so lots of feet-up time, but can never say no to a run if the weather is agreeable!

  598. Slav

    Hiking around 12km in Mont Megantic Québec

  599. Dean

    Watched my older daughter’s first swim meet! That’s how it is these days but I did ride my trainer. 🙂

  600. Stephen Cooper

    I rode around a campsite with my boys and their friends for hours. Traditional western Canadian start of summer camping season in all its glory!

  601. Stephen G

    I’ll be doing a long run, thinking about whether I should get a power meter or a trainer with my winning credit

  602. Andrew Clarke

    Not much of anything, unfortunately. Recovering from flu.

  603. Andy

    Trying to crank up the running mileage for a swim/run in 6 weeks.

  604. Joshua S

    Either a long run (7-9 miles for me) or a hard medium distance ride (20-25) miles. Maybe I’ll squeeze in both. It’s a 3-day weekend after all.

  605. Kim

    Yoga and rowing (not necessarily in that order)

  606. Michael

    50k trail race 🙂 I love the woods so

  607. Keith Rees

    Tri training with my buddies. Ride/run for sure. Take the kids to the park. Enjoy spring.

  608. Chris

    Riding plans were sidelined due to food poisoning, but would be excited to use a power meter in the future.

  609. Victor

    Hauling my family and new to us trailer around town.

  610. Took the weekend off. Rest was nice. Tomorrow starts into taper before my C race 4 June.

  611. Matt

    Ran the Beach to Bay marathon relay in Corpus Christi.

  612. Going out for a hilly ride preparing Ironman Whistler!

  613. Dennis

    Recumbent Trike ride (trike=health reasons) Desoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge iowa.

  614. Tony Goncalves

    Camping & hiking at Larrabee State Park.

  615. David

    ride and hike this weekend. miles and miles

  616. Jerry Andry

    light run then soccer tourney

  617. Andrew

    Trail race midweek.. and the usual long miles on Saturday AM!

  618. Kevin Heberlein

    Training for my first marathon in December

  619. Matt Mallet

    I’ll be training for my first 70.3… Eagleman!

  620. Charles Lee

    Saturday was a back roads hilly ten mile run. Sunday was three hours of cross training via yard work.

  621. Paul

    Long run and bike, plus help my Tri teammates prepare for a 70.3

  622. Emmanuel Millan

    Easy endurance run on Saturday, road ride on Sunday

  623. Chappo

    Going for a SUP on the Port Hacking (Sydney, Australia)

  624. Baomin Li

    I am preparing for my first marathon Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle on June 18, ramping up to the long run of 22 miles.

  625. Shannon Field

    Well the weekend already happened, but I went on a 4 hour hammerfest, and an easy MTB ride the next day.


    I’ll Prepping for the Mohican 100 MTB race in Loudonville, OH! Last chance to get some miles in!

  627. Rudy

    A little interval workout and an easy run, followed by a marathon (Netflix).

  628. jean

    21,1 km 🙂 yippi!!

  629. Joshua Schiffman

    It was a pretty quiet workout weekend for me: just a casual half- in the rain, followed by live tracking several friends in their efforts to PR in various marathons. Oh, and then there were homemade chocolate waffles. #whyIrun

  630. Jeremy T

    Run up Mt Lemmon!

  631. Yousef

    Well. i’ve broken my arm while playing football, a bit depressed as i have just finished my first 70.3 Ironman 2 months ago,

    i’m planning to srtart indoor biking again this weekend on my trainer and bike with one hand

    no excuses

  632. T-Jizzle

    This weekend, I did my first triathlon! (Mixed feelings)

    I wish I would’ve trained for it though, due to work tempo I could only run. However I got 3rd in my age group and 21st overall. I killed the swim, 4th overall, and the run 1st overall. My bike leg killed me, not last but not great. So, I’m hoping to spend more time in the saddle this summer to become more competitive triathlete.

  633. Erin Quintana

    I’ll be completing 2 open water swims in the chilly SF Bay, preparing for the Alcatraz Sharkfest Openwater Swim on June 4th!

  634. Ryan Quintana

    I am training for the iconic Double Dipsea (maybe the Northface 50miler later this year) and would love to know how my workouts play out on the crazy hills of Marin County as well as the Dipsea stairs.

  635. Bryan

    I kicked the weekend off with a 17 mile run with 10 miles of MP, and then rushed to my group’s semiannual beer mile. For this go-round, I relayed with a friend so that we could maintain some modicum of sobriety. We weren’t the last team to finish, but we were close – we’re both decently fast runners, but incredibly slow chuggers.
    I brought the weekend to a close with a 10 mile run.

  636. Roger

    Starting final TrainerRoad plan leading up to Ironman Boulder 70.3.

  637. Valentino

    Run during a track race event in Beijing

  638. Ken Cestari

    1.2 OWS on Friday, track wko Sat. 3 hr bike, 20 min brck run Sun.,,,,,oh and my Medicare card came today.

  639. Bill

    Crossed off first century, first 200km, first 150mi ride on Saturday, and did it on gravel.

  640. Happy runner

    Thane a happy run around campus.

  641. Jim

    Interval training and walking the dog!

    • Matthew Gonzales

      Last weekend, 21-22, I did a short 18 mile bike ride around the bay in San Diego. Next weekend I plan on taking the kids out in the double BOB for as long as they’ll let me (hopefully 8, but only if the stars align correctly).

  642. Juan vela

    Short runs this week and a bike ride with my kid on Saturday

  643. Brad Horton

    Recovery Running

  644. Stefan

    Early morning mounting bike ride in Minnesota

  645. Sarah

    3 mile run without stopping, I’ll consider that a good run. Running doesn’t come easy for me.

  646. Tran

    Had a busy weekend but did manage to get in an easy 4 mile run.

  647. Sandra Prestia-Bolling

    I will be cycling 70 miles, followed by a 5 mile run on Saturday and running 10-12 miles on Sunday. Please!!! ???

  648. kevin

    trying to fit a running session and a roller riding session between diaper changes

  649. Chris Jacobi

    Do Greek weddings count as athletic? There is a lot of sit – stand – sit – stand.

  650. Mike W

    Training for Ironman Chattanooga in week three. Swim Friday, cycle for 2 1/2 hours and 30 min brick run on Saturday and then another 1 hour bike ride Sunday.

  651. Vincent R.

    Long run and cold beer

  652. Fan Yang

    Two bike rides and a swimming, get back to summer shape

  653. Christine

    Bay to Breakers!!

  654. Jim C

    20 mile training run for Eastern Divide Ultra.

  655. Carl Belanger

    Short run and long ride! 😉

  656. Patti Crookshank

    This weekend I ran the NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon & then volunteered at the NYPD Memorial 5K run in lower Manhattan! Then lots of city street hiking – lol!

  657. Kyle

    I’m currently injured and relegated to pool running, so my weekend included a few hours jogging in the deep end.

  658. Jerry

    Ended up cancelling everything to work around the house.

  659. Jeffrey Held

    Hoping to do a couple 10-12 mile runs in-between my daughters soccer games, while out of town at a tournament.

  660. Art

    Training for my Italy bike tour.

  661. Bevan Moss

    Headed down to Leavenworth for some mountain biking!

  662. Edouard Fuchs

    Gonna find a Zwift event to join and try to hang onto the back of the pack for dear life.

  663. Chris Goebel

    I’m training for my first Olympic triathlon (Chicago) to prepare I ran 7 miles on Saturday (new personal best distance especially when you consider that a year ago I had never done ANY running) and swam for 2000 yards, both measured using my garmin vivoactive hr that I purchased after scouring rays reviews…thanks for all the great info keep it up!

  664. Keith Brown

    Strava on my Apple Watch 2 didn’t record properly during a PR race, which was helpful!

  665. Ben

    Cycling if the weather is good 🙂

  666. Kate

    Headed to the mountains to camp and get some off-road training in to mix it up a bit.

  667. Ryan Lisowski

    Run on the beach before chasing my kids around all day. Rinse and repeat x 4 days!

  668. Marcos E. Kurban

    Just keep up and keep my weight on check by: running at least 45 mins. and cycling 1 more hour.

  669. Rob

    Saturday run, Sunday golf

  670. Erik

    Celebrating my wife’s birthday with a long hike!

  671. Sébastien Gagné

    Nothing fancy, a 70km training ride if the weather allows it.

  672. Kelvis

    making most of the sunny warm weather before the cold weather comes and getting out there to do some cycling!

  673. Chris O.

    Oh as my fractured rib and damaged cartilage heals (which I did by crashing on my MTB), my athletic adventures often are limited to walking the dog as of late.


    Will run an easy 10K this weekend after 2 weeks off due to colds.

  675. Sak

    Bike in the park that what i love to do

  676. Deborah

    I’ll be competing in a 5000m track race on Saturday!

  677. D Goh


  678. Jay Lowell

    Looking at getting on my MTB for the first time in over a month!

  679. John unruh

    Graduation weekend for my son. Hope to get in a couple road rides with wife. Hopefully a 40 mile and maybe a 20 mile

  680. Wendy Smith

    Training for my first IM.
    Ran a lake loop and one loop of the bike course.
    Hills hills hills.

  681. Sam

    Saturday should be a long training ride,
    Sunday will be a rest day.

  682. Kevin F

    I am going to do some walking and hope to have time to put in a spin class if I can. It will depend a lot on the weather whether it be indoors or outside.

  683. Nate

    I was in Mackinac Island this weekend so we did some biking, lots of walking, and reloading all those burnt calories!

  684. Bob Hayssen

    Road miles on Sat, more on Sun. Lots of new territory to explore.

  685. Frank M

    Ran 2 mi with my 12 y/o, helping him get a base back after he had almost a year and a half away from running due to a soccer injury. Then 6 mi of tempo on my own.

  686. Keith G

    I’m not training for anything, so probably just some easy running or a bike ride. If I’m lucky, I may get my sons out for a short run.

  687. Ben S

    I was out on Lopez Island this weekend hiking.

  688. becker

    biking 100km as usual.

  689. Rob L.

    Just a quick 3 mile run.

  690. Sarah S.

    Hiked on Lopez Island, saw eagles and harbor seals!

  691. Sefi

    Some 10k running close to the house and then running with/after my little kids which is sometimes more challenging than a marathon 🙂

  692. James Dowd

    Marathon training starts this weekend!!!!

  693. Toyette Dowdell

    Spent time on some hidden trails!

  694. Karen Lesko

    Rode 20 miles on my road bike Saturday and 22 miles on my mountain bike Sunday.

  695. Tom

    Long Ride, Swim, Not be at work.

  696. Mike S

    Relaxed 50 mile rides both days.

  697. Mr Nofish

    I’m not even sure the deadline isn’t gone already (my Win 10 clock won’t come up!) and the weekend is over already. Since the prize is denominated in dollars I guess it doesn’t matter anyway – here goes nothing!

    I’m recovering from an injury and the last days have been all about going back to log some time in the saddle. My 2 hours, flat terrain ride won’t win any prize, but made me happy nevertheless.

  698. Ming Lam

    Easy 6 miles run after a road trip.

  699. ernesto

    10k easy run

  700. brad

    Finally riding my mountain bike! After I finish cleaning the garage

  701. Just hangin’ out!

  702. Chrisd

    A run, a swim and some board gaming

  703. Jim

    I’ll be racing a criterium in newton.

  704. C

    Going for a long ride.

  705. Ross

    6:00am 5k in the pool in 73:20.
    10:45am Coach my sons soccer team.
    Afternoon nap.
    4pm Stretch and core work.

    4:30am 40km road ride in 80 mins.
    7:00am 2k recover in the pool.
    8:30 Auskick with my son’s local club.
    Afternoon spent running around with kids . . . beach, soccer, cycling or maybe just playing with lego.

  706. Marcello Canuto

    Planning on doing some running along jungle trails in the next few weeks!

  707. Steve G.

    First outdoor ride(s) of the season.

  708. Brayden

    Training for another Tri. Brick day this week. Long ride up Right hand Fork and a 10k.

  709. Aryeh a

    Running as far as I can with a messed upknee

  710. Melissa D

    Swim, bike, run and then relax!

  711. Stephen Hemminger

    Did Reach The Beach (charity ride for American Lung Association). Rode to start for a total of 148km in 5hrs. Good day, sun, low wind, good tempo and all the toys worked (Edge 520, Forerunner 735xt, and Powertap).

  712. Shaun Burke

    Jémez 50 Miler Mountain Run!

  713. Jonathan

    We were camping. My exercise was walking to the cooler to get a beer. Oh and I went kayaking.

  714. Anouk A

    A long bike ride and a swim in prep for a 70.3

  715. Tristram

    Freeride mountain biking on Vancouver’s North Shore.

    From 7th Secret to Leppard, Crinkum and Kirkford down to the Griffens.


  716. Mike

    This weekend got eaten by some technical work stuff having a failure cascade, so I only got a short run in. Next weekend, weather permitting, hopefully both some cycling and more running in addition to a bunch of yard work.

  717. Martin

    Doing a first run after weeks of injury and grief related idle time

  718. Ripon

    bike riding with my wife !! Hopefully Smokies!

  719. Haribabu Krishnan

    I went on a two hour easy run

  720. steven

    Driving up to Bonn for a short break, options limited to some runs.

  721. Brenton Cleeland

    Not this weekend, but next weekend we’re heading to Sydney to do the Bundeena to Otford costal walk. 26km of hiking along one of Australia’s most beautiful coastlines.

    Here’s hoping we spot some whales!

  722. Roy Mathew

    Rode 110km per day for 3 days this weekend in Rocky Mountains, Alberta,Canada this weekend.

  723. JB

    Went for a run with my triplet teens, my advantage is rapidly diminishing…

  724. losanze

    did a ride of 112km on my road bike! aweseome.

  725. Philloody

    Attempting to fit in a couple of runs in NYC around 3 kids, including a 4 week old!

  726. Thebo

    Athletic adventures? Simple plain 10k workout after i completed my vegetable garden…summer is coming

  727. MikeG

    Riding the road bike in the morning, mtn bike in the afternoon

  728. Matt

    Just slowly trying to get back in shape with some easy running (pending my bruised ribs healing).

  729. Mark G.

    More PT for a torn meniscus, and spending time with the kiddo (picnic at the zoo?)

  730. Hadar Raz

    running da trail…

  731. Marcin

    cross run!

  732. John

    Building mileage running!

  733. Jérémy


  734. Tim

    an easy weekend long run after last weekend’s race

  735. Barry Brown

    Training runs for upcoming marathon and some pedal time on the old ProFlex 856 mtb!

  736. Adrian Moy

    Testing my legs in a club race!

  737. I’m riding to the coast with my 5 year old son on the tandem! 40 miles and 3500′ of climb!

  738. Rune Iversen

    After returning from a trip to Norway this Saturday and attempting to race a 10-miler on Sunday, next weekend will probably bring a long run on Saturday and a bike ride on Sunday morning.

  739. Riding Cypress Mountain and Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver with friends 🙂

  740. Randel113

    Ill be camping this weekend and even though rest and recuperation is as important as any workout I might run a short 10k or two.

  741. Kels

    Rest weekend: elliptical for 1hr each day

  742. Adam

    Two long aerobic rides and a short 4K run for some recovery 🙂

  743. Dylan

    Slowly getting back into running after a bit of down time. Plus riding the electric skateboard around, but I wouldn’t really call that athletic. :p

  744. Colin H.

    3 decent bike rides, nice weather is finally here!

  745. Ry Mas

    Chasing 5 year old on his bike the with three year old on balance bike on old rail trails. Next is the lacrosse championships

  746. Chris

    Road bike ride on the American River Trail

  747. Tristan

    Finally back into running following some minor injuries!

  748. Chris Gasken

    Went for a memorial club cycle for a friend that passed away 1 year ago whilst doing what he loved, cycling. A local cycle shop has been kind enough to create a european style mountain marker, and we’ve marked a local hill with the monument and his name… It’s also a strava segment too 😉 Fitting tribute to a dedicated cyclist, who helped bring many into the world of cycling. Kudos.

  749. Tri-Training mode: swim, bike, run & repeat

  750. Konstantinos

    120Km bike ride

  751. This weekend is my 20k trail race in Metsovo, expecting loads of rain and mud! Great playground

  752. I’ve got a long week-end ahead of me. Some trail running is going to happen!

  753. Dave F

    Riding at Longchamps and Vallée de Chevreuse.

  754. Johnny Stone

    I think I’ll do an easy 8km run

  755. Adam Krzesinski

    Racing a half marathon in Ventura this weekend!

  756. Darin Paton

    Just flew home from Cape Breton, NS to Calgary, AB. Took a day off, then had a great swim and today a run to the pool;swim; and run home. Awesome weekend. A duathalon in 2 weeks so just starting to taper.

  757. Leta C

    Only 15km btt and 500m swim this weekend in Girona, Catalunya, this weekend. Are u all @ sea otter!!!!!

  758. Mark Contreras

    Doing a couple of runs – maintaining fitness while I work out what race to do next – and a bike ride with the family!

  759. Eric

    Run, bike ride, love.

  760. Ajef

    Saturday morning river loop around the river!

  761. Nicole

    Half marathon training! And hopefully some cross training at the gym and yoga studio as well.

  762. Darren Hinks

    I get to take it easy with some easy runs and some family bike rides as I am running a marathon next week.

  763. Kaila Shaw

    Going to the Tonto Natural Bridge along with a short run paired with a long bike ride the day before!

  764. Sven

    Actually, no sports this Weekend. I will have been running, cycling and swimming Monday thru Wednesday. Thus gives me the right to relax on this long weekend. (Thursday is holiday, Friday – day off) and spend it Camping somewhere.

  765. Dan Reed

    Went on a 35 mile road bike ride with my 11 year old son. He’s getting quicker!

  766. Kris Bray

    Finishing my first week of training and spending a lot of time in the water.

  767. Pat

    Enjoyed another beautiful weekend in California hiking in Tahoe.

  768. Russell

    Hopefully a bike ride and a hike with the family.

  769. Ryan

    Just coming off the Pole, Peddle, Paddle race this past weekend up next is some cycling around Walla Walla this weekend. A new gps unit sure would help 🙂

  770. Christian

    Doing a 5k charity run for kids and trying to get consistent again with my bike training.

  771. Julian

    Triathlon sprint distance

  772. Mark Osten

    Sunday: my first ever half marathon (Manchester)

  773. Ruben

    Some swimming, mountainbiking and running. weather predictions are excellent 🙂

  774. speedy2day

    Was just a short ride with my TT-Bars remounted.

  775. Scott M

    Running and biking with friends.

  776. Bond

    Easy run, after leg injury

  777. Ulrika Nordling

    Will be out running, getting those miles in, in preparation for my half marathon in October.

  778. Lee Weikert

    Recovering from an illness.

  779. Luca Barani

    Should go for some reco/easy 1h ride on saturday to prepare for the mtb race I’ll have on Sunday: last race of the local mtb League and I’ll have the chance to rank myself as the 2nd of the champioship of this Spring!

  780. Julian

    Swimming with my daughters

  781. Jan Stahlberg

    Just some recovery at the late evening on the Trainer. On the Weekend i’m always to busy for bigger things, because i’m a chef in a restaurant.

  782. Koly

    I’m up to a long walk with my wife and our infant girl in the parks around.

  783. John Galletta

    Hopefully the Bay Run in Sydney on Sunday as cycling on Saturday will be replaced by a wine lunch….

  784. Mhin

    Training for another ultramarathon. My last ultra was more than a year ago.

  785. Crystal

    I going jogging at the Eno State Park in the Dirty Durham!!

  786. Retzel Orquiza

    Will start swimming and biking over the weekend. Just taking a break after a hundred mile trail run 3 days ago

  787. Jo

    I was dreaming of a powermeter once again, so now I’m dreaming to win here 🙂

  788. theodosis iacovou

    will do some stretching and strength exercises

  789. Vencislav Kostadinov

    Just the average running. A few kms as usual.

  790. taniwha

    run, run and run. It might as well be row, row row my boat.

  791. Kasper

    Walking with dogs and baby – later on going to gym.

  792. Mike

    Triathlon competition sprint race!

  793. mohsein

    I want one for my anniversary!

  794. Balázs

    Training on weekends? Not really, just chasing my daughters, which is much more fun!

  795. Annelies Baars

    Love running in de woods this weekend with the warmth.

  796. Chris

    Run & Row! With my new FR935…which Garmin already sent me as a replacement for my defective FR935XT ! Great customer support! (the FR935 now has rowing profiles!)

  797. Žilvinas Grigaitis

    I have my first triathlon of the season this weekend!

  798. guy

    cycling, cycling, cycling

  799. I managed to squeeze in a MTB ride after getting back from a family vacation.


    Was a simple weekend, morning run then sightseeing in Stockholm + good food, and then hiking on Sunday

  801. Torgeir

    A trip to Sweden to attend a wedding, maybe even squeeze in a run if im lucky.

  802. Lars

    I’m up to the hardest athletic advanture of ’em all: revover by basically doing nothing.

  803. Gouke

    Long rowing training of 36 kilometers in beautiful sunny weather on Sunday.

  804. Jay C

    I’ll be in California, so I’m looking forward to a nice beach and trail run around the lagoons north of San Diego.

  805. Antoral

    Orienteering in La Arboleda, Vizcaya, Spain! Then, with Quickroute & my Fenix 2 I will know where I went wrong… 🙂

  806. Eelco Wiersma

    Recreational cycling with the family… Not much of a workout… but mostly fun.

  807. Rafa

    I’m starting running every morning at least 5k. (Is not that much, but is a beginning)

  808. Mario

    Spent the weekend hiking and I tried zipline (not really a sport but fun nevertheless).

  809. Sergei

    mix of cycling and swimming

  810. Lauri

    Continue the openwater season 2017 of course! The local water temps just passed 12C 😀

  811. Boyd Park

    I ran the first Stirling Scottish Marathon through beautiful scenery, with fantastic crowds and finishing below a castle. Fabulous stuff!

  812. Simon Carter

    I will be making the most of the UK bank holiday this weekend by cycling in the countryside

  813. Vika

    Just the first MTB race of the season.

  814. Oskar L

    Recovery weekend so I was carrying building material instead of running.

  815. Nicolas

    Running near Bordeaux training for the “10 km l’Equipe” race.

  816. Lionel Gimelfarb

    Fitness (spinning, Bodypump and workout), maybe some biking (time…) and a 3 day father-son camp with many sports activities !

  817. Peter Van Quaethem

    I will be running the 20km race in Brussels

  818. Sander Kommeren

    I’m doing my first ride after knee surgery a couple of weeks ago! 😀

  819. Wayne Usher

    Last long run before Comrades

  820. Richard

    Went for a run through the local woods and canals near Leeds, England. Got the Triathlon ‘bug’ and striving for improvements after my first race.

  821. Armin Hadziosmanovic

    I had my first triathlon race!

  822. Isabelle

    This week-end is time to relax and recover from the long nights with my sick son.

  823. vincent

    3 day bank holiday tour with friends. Sunny miles!

  824. Matteo Cavicchi

    Granfondo WHY SPORT in Valdagno, Italy!

  825. Christoph

    a bit of running and cycling

  826. Judit

    Running Ultrabalaton with my team.

  827. FJ

    As I’ve been away from my bike on vacation, mostly swimming and some running (and lots of beer based recovery drinks)

  828. Tunde Cz.

    Would be great for my gym classes and running on Margaret island! 🙂

  829. My atlhetic adventure were a typical training run and a Small 5K running race.
    Just easy!! 😉

  830. Markus

    Bike Tour in the Alps

  831. Adam

    Just the next training sessions preping for the marathon in Valencia later this year

  832. Ari

    Next weekend, orienteering for me!

  833. Gary

    Bunch ride with some friends.

  834. Jernej

    I was on a bike trip with my wife. We went to a village near our beautiful town Velenje.

  835. Adam Godwin

    I had a weekend in Wales, first kite surfing and still trying to nail my first back loop, then on sunday taking to the waves on a paddleboard with my 10 year old Border Terrier on board. He loves it more than me!! Good times 🙂

  836. Alex Palatnik

    15 mile run at easy pace

  837. Matthias

    I won a private beer mile race. I’m pretty happy with my 8:19, almost a minute faster than last years time.

  838. Rokas

    I’d go hiking to the woods

  839. Andrey Barabonkov

    This weekend I’ll rest, as the last one on Prima Evadare race due to crash I damaged my bike… Now it needs repairs…

  840. Andy Collins

    Cycling to a campsite about 30m away to introduce my toddler to camping!

  841. Joe Cooper

    Continuing my training for the Maratona dles Dolomites!

  842. Hans Zwickler

    30k run during our weekend breakaway

  843. piotr

    Relay race – bike part on 1/4 triathlon – average speed 34,5 km/h on road race.

  844. Florian

    I went on a 25 km hike around some local lakes. The weather was gorgeous and not too hot.

  845. Dan wilson

    Doing a 70.3 race rehearsal ahead of the Grand Rapids Michigan Tri 70.3 in a few weeks…

  846. Peter

    Nice and easy run after yesterday last long run before Stockholm Marathon.

  847. Andrew

    I’ll be just getting out for a few training rides this weekend. AF Cycling Classic comes to DC in a few weeks and I’m going for Gold!!

  848. Pieter

    A nice long run trough the hills in Portugal

  849. Baksteen

    I played the last football tournament for this this season. Coming weeks I have got crossfit and MTB planned!

  850. Weekend: Long rides in preparation for Raid Pyrenean.
    My lovely LBS upgraded my riding position and everything component-wise (bar the seatpost) on my 2008 vintage Cervelo RS. Awesome difference!

  851. Oran

    Nice and easy 10k run 🙂

  852. Richard

    laps of richmond park

  853. Aidan Campbell

    Continue my plan of running every day this year for at least 30 mins! Adventuring through bush trails both days.

  854. Alan

    Sad to say, I’ll be icing the bursitis in my heel in hopes of getting back out soon.

  855. Steve

    Going to try and get back out for a run after far too long – probably nothing fancy, just a gentle 5k.

  856. Alain

    On the 20th I participated on the first edition of the Schleck Gran Fondo.

  857. Marci L

    Plan is to swim OWS 1 mile practice swim Saturday, then local sprint tri on Sunday. But a lot of this is contingent on what the vet says about my dog (she had an ultrasound) and what the my dermatologist finds in his exam of me. Fingers crossed for both my dog and me

  858. Bartek Sadaj

    A long group ride on the riverbanks near Hamburg and the 20 km run Strava achievement. A lot of Giro watching! Forza!

  859. Anders Naucler

    Watching my 10 year old daughter participate in a 2 days triathlon camp followed by a race on Sunday!

  860. Luka

    I hit the trails in London with my running buddy for the first time in 4 years. Good times!

  861. Júlia

    Not much of a sports person myself but my husband is and I know he would love to get this watch.

  862. Sandeep Krishna

    Hope to get in a long run. Thanks DCR!

  863. Eric Boyd

    Will be heading out to a hike in the Georgia mtns.

  864. ruva

    Going from marathon to 5k: gotta do gym+intervals

  865. Sara

    I’ll run on saturday to cel