The Day in May DCR $500 Gadget Giveaway!


It’s a day in May.  No, not May Day.  That, according to Wikipedia is May 1st.  Rather, it’s May 20th – which I reason is 20 times better than May 1st (albeit, less awesome than May 5th).  Why’s it better?  Because I’m giving away gadget awesomeness.  I originally planned to give away the Garmin FR935 GPS watch, the backorder is basically down to almost nothing.  But then I figured – you can choose anything you’d like.  Perhaps you’re more of a cyclist, or you just want a large pile of compression sleeves instead.  Your choice.

Speaking of coverage – if you didn’t see my tweet yesterday, there’s a BOATLOAD of sales on right now (both from Clever Training as well as others).  The best deal being 30% off the Garmin FR735XT GPS watch.  But also some solid 20% off deals on power meters, trainers, and 25% off on Suunto gear.  The full details are here!

In any case, the winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero5 Black to that Garmin FR935, to a random pair of socks to the PowerTap C1 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  With that kind of credit, the world is your oyster (except…they don’t sell oysters).

How to enter:

Simply leave a note about what athletic adventures you’re up to this weekend.  Easy as that!

Oh – and you’ll likely avoid the SPAM filters if you’re more detailed than just the word ‘run’.  Nobody likes to get sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM. Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.


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  1. Paul

    Biking and bbq

  2. Wai Meng

    Gonna try and rewrite my records on a climb I did 2 years ago!

  3. Titus

    Swim, bike, run, paddle, and hike.

  4. Tom

    Track racing at the Marymoor Velodrome.

  5. Hugh

    Skiing in some fresh snow. Wierd weather here.

  6. Sunday morning was a 1500m run test day, 1hr easy run afternoon.

  7. Peter Dougherty

    The usual, run every day!

  8. Agnès Sastre

    An easy run or hiking in the mountains, still deciding.

  9. Sebastien

    Probably nothing I have a cold!

  10. Trevor B

    Hoping to do some riding (road or MTB) in VT this weekend.

  11. JinHan

    60km cycle to Pitt Town and back

  12. Dmitriy Bondar

    MTB downhill this Saturday

  13. Tom

    I’ll be out for a couple of runs and some weightlifting this weekend.

  14. Jesse

    Moving boxes around… oh yeah, will also try to squeeze in a long run.

  15. veloneko

    Competing in my first multi-day bike race…and it looks like it’s going to be hot!

  16. Alex Chavez

    A very hungover run on Saturday, followed by a much more successful long run Sunday!

  17. John McCullagh

    mtb Saturday, open water swimming on Sunday

  18. Yaw Wei Ow

    Beers and 16km runs!

  19. Oscar

    Well, a little late but my weekend adventures mostly included running around DC…so less adventure more tourist dodging?

  20. Jon Nielsen

    Heading back to my home town to run a half-marathon, and fundraising for the national suicide prevention and crisis support phone service.

  21. Paul Voorend

    Long run Saturday, indoor bike trainer Sunday

  22. S. Lee

    I’m going to give open water swimming a tri … i know.. corny..
    with a group lake swim.. need a little bit of folks to edge me on. .

  23. Emily

    We were celebrating Victoria Day so enjoyed a run with the mosquitoes!

  24. Brian


  25. Mark

    Indoor zwifting.

  26. Seet

    A fun run with the girl, some hill reps on the trail, and track work!

  27. Nedim Altaras

    Will be dreaming about more training while driving to PA

  28. Ann Bischoff

    Hauling shrubs out and digging holes, yard is coming along. Cycling with my guy when the work was done, ahhhh

  29. Julie Nocito

    Hiking in the San Juans

  30. Michele

    Long run Saturday then training with my dog Sunday for her first 5k

  31. Tyler Burke

    Running rock creek

  32. Brent Robinson

    I’m stuck on a rowing machine for the weekend. Want to be running

  33. David Hernandez

    A short run just to keep in shape and motivated.

  34. Matthew Latrick

    Going on a 1 mile run with my 3 year old son and then a longer brick workout for myself.

  35. Jonathan Martel

    Some interval training on the kickr.

  36. Rachel Zambrano

    I’ll be preparing for the CVR race in London! Could definitely use a 935 to go with all the training. 🙂

  37. Mari

    Running Sunday with my coworkers. It’ll be their first official 4K! Aaaand of course it had to be a thematic run: Wonder Woman.

  38. Pavel Nouel

    Did the GFNY on Sunday for a hundred miles

  39. Thomas M

    A long and hot ride in the Arizona summer.

  40. Michael Francis

    To get some fitness back after a break.

  41. Dave Klotz

    A Sunday Morning Blossom Time 5.2 mile run in Chagrin Falls…. then parade watching.

  42. Jamie

    Ottawa Half Marathon!

  43. Kasey Curtis

    A long road bike ride plus perhaps an XC Mtn bike race.

  44. James Hardi

    I completed an inaugural, independent 140.6 mile triathlon!

  45. Taking my kids to get new bikes. They’re both almost as tall as me and need to have better bikes for longer distance rides. Other than the cost, I’m really excited 🙂

  46. John

    Riding gravel in brisk temperatures. 🙂

  47. Patrick Terry

    Racing on Zwift, Long endurance run too!

  48. Michael Catania

    I will be climbing some hills and enjoying the descents.

  49. Mike Lwin

    A couple of 5k runs, an Orangetheory workout and paddle boarding the Potomac.

  50. Andrew Inman

    I’m riding the annual Tour de DMZ. It is an annual ride that we, American Soldiers, are invited to partake in with our South Korean hosts. Well try not to roll over any land mines!

  51. Will

    44k across two runs planned this weekend

  52. Mike P

    Trail running or climbing. ?

  53. Norm Worthington

    Thirty mile ride with intermittent sprints.

  54. Matt B

    Segment hunt all weekend long on vacation stealing course records on foot.

  55. Ben M

    Long ride and some coffee dates with the mrs!

  56. Matt Gardiner

    Long ride, long Brick run, long run and babysitting the nephew!!

  57. Ryan Bahm

    Racing cyclocross then a road century!

  58. frank medina

    long cycling, swimming and a nice beer after that

  59. kat

    swim with smooth long strokes
    ride out to national park and terrorize motorists enjoying nature from inside 2 ton steel boxes
    jog a bit on the treadmill
    chase the kids, cat and chickens around

  60. Carrie O

    Running to keep up with the kids

  61. jeff

    Long ride and a longer nap

  62. Nathan Brown

    Will go for a run.

  63. Khanh Labat

    Swim meet and resting my plantar fascia!

  64. Pete

    Conditioning for 10 days of Rocky Mountain backpacking in August.

  65. Kenneth Gillen

    The 3-day stage sportive in Scotland, the Tour of the Highlands.

  66. Dani Mo

    My first “long” group road ride, about 3h

  67. Anthony

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and, maybe (MAYBE!) a bit of a hike. Could use a watch to guide me…

  68. Adeel Ijaz

    planning a 10 mile run and a 45-50 mile bike ride

  69. Sai

    We went on hike in Canadian Rockies.. Get to see a few of grizzlies and lots of mountain sheep. A memorable trip 🙂

  70. Will do more Ironman Austria training. Lake swim, long run and bike!

  71. Brendan

    Family camping around SW Montana with a trail run or two and maybe a bike ride…hopefully it won’t be raining!

  72. Nik

    Long bike ride and a nature hike with my kids.

  73. Daniel Pawlak

    Checked out the RiverRock Festival.. it had mountain biking, slacklining, mud run, music, food and beer. Followed by an opera.. yep a opera.

  74. John Millard

    Riding until the week is but a distant memory.

  75. Andrew K

    Sneaking in a quick 10k before getting married!

  76. Emily

    Taper time for ironman cairns… a long bike at the beach!

  77. Nik Amir

    Good Day,

    To run errands in the morning in order to prepare for family lunch session before LSD in the evening.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  78. Pat Byrne

    Running 5 Mike’s Saturday morning

  79. Gareth Evans

    Going for a zwift ride as it’s going to be a bit hot outside ( in Oman) 🙂

  80. Uri Peliowski

    Went for a walk

  81. Joe rogalski

    Bike road race and swim practice

  82. Mandy Breen

    I will be doing a lot of walking at the Indianapolis 500.

  83. Fernando Peluffo

    Celebrate our Revolution Day (25th May) with a 10K competition

  84. John Nadolski

    Saturday long, hard group ride
    Sunday family bike ride on Town Lake
    Monday Memorial Day moderate ride

  85. Michael Stern

    I normally ride on weekends but this weekend will probably be stuck on rollers.

  86. Josh Mattix

    This weekend I have lots of intervals. Track intervals for the run and then some bike intervals on Sunday!

  87. Jeremy Patton

    Long progression run through Waikiki

  88. Nicole Welch

    Watched my husband run a half marathon.

  89. Rebecca

    Relaxing on the beach

  90. Padraig Bolger

    A light gym workout and run on Saturday followed by a hurling (Irish sport, check it out if you haven’t heard of it) game Sunday afternoon!

  91. Joseph Wright

    Tapering for my first 50k in 2 weeks. So only 18 miles this weekend!

  92. Joshua T. Benefield

    Starting the road trip to my first Dirty Kanza 200!!!

  93. Ken

    Got in a few miles on quiet country roads.

  94. Mike Boone

    Did nothing athletic on the weekend but got in a run Monday.

  95. Michael

    31 mile bike ride at Red Rock in Vegas!

  96. Jason B

    6 miles on my normal route

  97. Myrna Gonzalez Childress

    My athletic adventures this week will involve a brief swim and long run

  98. Jim Childress

    With a impending surgery on my surgical spine, the extent of my athletic adventures this weekend will be long walks, stretching and yardwork.

  99. Dustin

    A long run on a quite trail and some core exercises.

  100. TJ

    Plan on running every possible day and chase my three kids around daily, too.