The Day in May DCR $500 Gadget Giveaway Winner!

Last week was giveaway time!

A rather respectable 7,467 of you entered the giveaway to pick up anything you wanted with a $500 credit to Clever Training for a gadget of your choice.  Which appears to smash the previous single-giveaway entrant record around these parts.  Well done folks, well done!

As is usually the case, I hopped over to my lovely friend,, and stuck in the total number of entries and had it find me a winner:


Then I went and found #7166 in the comments section:


Congrats Bambang!  You’ve just became $500 in gadgets richer! I suspect most of us would like to see a picture of your cat on a leash while you go for a run in the park.

As for everyone else?  Well, you can still go buy some love for yourself from Clever Training, and by supporting the site through them you’ll also save 10% on basically everything they sell, either using the DCR 10% coupon code of DCR10BTF, or for some products the VIP points program.  Plus, don’t forget the huge list of sales that continues for another day or so, over here on the sales page!  Highlights include:

– Garmin FR735XT for $315 (30% off)
– PowerTap P1 pedals for $959 (20% off)
– All Suunto gear 25% off!

And if you’re in Europe?  You can simply use Clever Training Europe to save a bundle there without any tax/duty complications – it’s now up and live with free Europe shipping on many items plus the usual DCR 10% coupon savings on everything (no VIP stuff required).

Thanks to them for the giveaway, and everyone for the support!


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  1. flarunner

    Congrats Bambang! And yes, I’d love to see a pic of the dog-like cat on a leash.

  2. Melanie W.

    Way to go Bambang! Yes, we absolutely need to see pics of the dog-like cat! Here is a cat-like dog perched on the back of my husband’s chair.

  3. Kevin LaCour

    He needed to win just for the comment alone! LOL …

  4. Sean Lally

    Someday I’ll win!

  5. Paul

    It could be a bengal cat. It’s very common to walk them on a leash or harness

  6. John McCullagh

    Thanks for the tip about the 30% discount on the Garmin 735. Unfortunately the 30% discount doesn’t apply to Clever Training UK. With 10% discount the watch is still 100 USD more expensive than US. Is the 30% discount likely to apply in Europe?

  7. Ron

    Ray question about the fenix 5s. Can you get longer bands or are they all short? I like the look and size on my wrist but it’s a little short.

  8. Bambang Sadewo

    Holy Moly! Thanks Ray for the great surprise!
    Didn’t quite make it to the park on the weekend, but here are some pics of my Balinese catdog on her recent outing. link to
    Among other things, Lana loves playing fetch and chasing me around the house (vice versa).
    Again, thanks and good luck next time guys.

  9. Wow, what a luck! Congratulation, Bambang!!!

  10. Ileana

    I’m not an athlete, but an enthusiast runner, i use SportMe marathon training which calculates distance, time, pace and calories.