Heads up: Stack of February Sports Tech Sales


Every once in a while the sports tech sales world syncs up.  Kinda like one of those crazy synchronized spin bike performances (yes, you need to check that out if you haven’t).  For whatever reason, today kicked off a wide swath of sales from numerous folks: Garmin, GoPro, Fitbit, TomTom, and Scosche.

So why the sales?  Well, I think we’re seeing some of those companies adopt slightly different sales strategies for 2017 – aiming for less ‘big bang’ type sales, and more frequent smaller sales.  If you look, for example, at these deals, they virtually identically match what was offered over the Black Friday-Christmas sales just two months two.  Like Groundhog Day.  And then there’s TomTom, which is basically perpetually putting products on sale.  They’ve conditioned all of us to never buy their stuff unless it’s on sale (to be clear though, the Spark 3 watch series is a great lineup).

None of these products are considered old, and nobody would expect any replacements of these specific products anytime soon.  This is purely drawing in interest in the traditionally quiet February time period.

In any case, here’s the listing of active sales over the next few weeks – all of which started earlier today.  Note that different companies have different end dates, with the Scosche sale ending soonest, on Wednesday.

Current DealsRegular PriceSale PriceStartEndAmazonClever TrainingOther siteSale Notes
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated December 11th, 2017 @ 4:46 pm
DJI Mavic Pro$999$200 off!!!Nov 23 2017Dec 20 2017LinkN/AN/A⚡ I love my Mavic and use it anytime I'm not using my DJI Spark. Simple line in the sand is quick vacations/cycling I'll take DJI Spark with me. Whereas for really cool destinations with lots of flying I'll take DJI Mavic Pro.
Fitbit Alta$129$30 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Fitbit Alta HR$149$20 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Fitbit Blaze$199$50 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A⚡Not too shabby a deal on this unit. It requires your phone for GPS, but otherwise it's a good option for a more full featured Fitbit.
Fitbit Charge 2$149$20 offDec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Fitbit Ionic$299$30 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A⚡About the best deal we'll likely see for a while on Ionic (it was down a bit more for Black Friday, but that's a rarity).
Garmin Edge 520 $299$219Nov 28 2017Dec 20 2017LinkN/AN/A⚡ ⚡ Note: This has an unknown end date. Could be in 2 minutes, or in 2 weeks. No idea, it's an Amazon specific deal.
Garmin Fenix5 (5/5S/5X)$599$100 offNov 13 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLink⚡ Definitely the best deal you're going to see this year on this.
Garmin Forerunner 235$329$30 offDec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Garmin Forerunner 35$199$30 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Garmin VIRB 360$799$100 offDec 10 2017Dec 16 2017LinkLinkN/A⚡This is the first US sale we've seen on this unit, and likely done to edge you to purchase it over the GoPro Fusion or Rylo cameras. While Rylo is in a different (lesser) category, Fusion is similar, but not yet as mature as the VIRB 360.
Garmin Vivoactive 3$299$50 offNov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLink⚡ Awesome deal $50 off the base unit (thus $249), or $50 off the Slate unit (thus $279). The slate has an extra resistant coating on the band which his why it costs more. This is a superb deal for a unit that came out a mere 2 months ago.
Garmin Vivofit Jr$79$49Nov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLinkThe lowest we've seen this unit. Was super popular last year (the most popular item ordered via DCR actually).
Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2$99$69Nov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLink⚡ This just came out 5 weeks ago, and so this is a solid deal. Note: This price was dropped $10 further on Dec 5th.
Garmin Vivosmart 3$139$99Nov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLink⚡ Note this just came out earlier this year, if looking for an activity tracker as opposed to a GPS watch, this is a great deal.
Garmin Vivosport$199$149Nov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLinkThis just came out back in September, so a pretty good deal.
GoPro Hero5 Black$399$100 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 31 2018LinkLinkN/A⚡ This is technically a permanent price drop effective Dec 10th, but now the GoPro Hero 5 Black is $299! I'm listing it here for now since it's a good deal if you don't care about the new Hero6 features.
GoPro Hero5 Session$299$100 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 31 2018LinkLinkN/A⚡⚡⚡ This is technically a permanent price drop effective Dec 10th, but now the GoPro Hero 5 Session is $199! I'm listing it here for now since it's a good deal, especially if you want a small camera that has 4K capabilities and is totally waterproof.
GoPro Hero6 Black$499$50 off + 32GB CardDec 10 2017Dec 16 2017LinkLinkN/A⚡ Awesome deal ! Also includes a 32GB micro-SD card tossed in. Amaze-ball deal for a brand new unit! CLEVER TRAINING ONLY
GoPro Karma Drone Hero5 & Hero6 Bundles$200 offDec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/AWhile I don't generally recommend the GoPro Karma drone...if you really want it, it's on sale for about 20% off. Instant price reduction for the Karma Hero5 and Hero6 bundles.
Polar Gadgets - 20% off everything!!!-20% offDec 04 2017Dec 13 2017N/ALinkN/A⚡ Only valid on Clever Training, and only with coupon code MERRY20. This includes watches, bike computers, sensors (like the Polar OH-1), and more!
PowerPod$299Dec 10 2017Dec 19 2017LinkLinkN/A$249 for the ANT+ version, $279 for the BLE version, and $299 for the dual ANT+/BLE version
PowerTap Refurb Sale-25-40% offDec 02 2017Dec 15 2017n/AN/ALink⚡ This is a great sale for refurb items. Incredible deals. And here's the thing, some folks will ignore this because they are refurb, but realistically, they go through the same QA process as other items (just with fancy new exteriors). Seriously, you won't beat these deals, and if I was buying a PowerTap unit right now, I'd take up some of these deals (unfortunately, I bought a unit two weeks ago...).
Scosche RHYTHM+$79$59Dec 10 2017Dec 13 2017LinkLinkN/A
TomTom Adventurer (Music + OHR + GPS)-$50 offDec 10 2017Dec 31 2017LinkLinkN/ADown to $299, includes music, optical HR, and GPS.Note: TomTom wearables division is being shut down however.
TomTom Spark 3 Product Line$149-$299 (Features Vary)Up to $100 offDec 10 2017Dec 31 2017LinkLinkN/AFull list of options: • Spark 3 Basic: $30 off (from $129 to $99) • Spark 3 Cardio: $40 (from $189 to $149). • Spark 3 Music + headphones: $20 off (from $169 to $129) • Spark 3 Cardio + music + headphones: $20 off (from $249 to $199)Note: TomTom wearables division is being shut down however.
TomTom Touch Cardio$89$69Dec 10 2017Dec 31 2017LinkLinkN/ANormally $89 for the 'Cardio' version. Note: TomTom wearables division is being shut down however.
TomTom Touch Cardio + Body Composition$89$99Dec 10 2017Dec 31 2017LinkLinkN/AThis is the version that includes the body comp metrics as well. Note: TomTom wearables division is being shut down however.
WatTeam PowerBeat Gen2From $25920% off!Nov 26 2017Dec 24 2017N/ALinkN/A⚡⚡ This brings it down to $207 for a single sided unit and $319 for the dual-sided unit - by far the cheapest direct force power meter out there.

So basically – consider the above some Valentine’s Day sales or something.  Just to provide some brief insights on a few of these products:

Garmin: This sale is somewhat modest, though does touch on more of the broader reaching products for them.  The Vivofit 3 being the baseline Garmin activity tracker, whereas the Vivosmart HR+ is their GPS-enabled activity tracker band with full smartphone notifications, music control, etc…. The Vivofit Jr. is the kids variant, which is surprisingly cool (and the feedback I’ve been getting from parents with kids old enough is also surprisingly strong).  Unfortunately, The Peanut is still a bit too young at 7 months to be using it.  The best deal here, in my opinion, being the Vivosmart HR+.

TomTom: I wrapped up testing of the Spark 3 over the last few weeks, and just need to write up my thoughts and take some pretty pictures.  But overall I’m pretty happy with the usage of it.  The new 24×7 HR pieces added with a firmware update last year are much cleaner now with the updated app.  The optical HR seemed OK at a glance, but I haven’t run the numbers through the analyzer yet to dig into any nuanced issues.  More on that in my in-depth review.  Still, the baseline watch especially is really the best deal out there in sports tech at $99.

GoPro: These deals are ‘credit’ deals, meaning you get back credit at a retailer.  GoPro isn’t a fan of straight-up discounts on their products.  Out of the three cams on offer, my favorite here being the Hero5 Black.  It’s more or less my day to day action camera, except when I’m shooting something with data overlays (in which case I use the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30).  The reason for siding with GoPro as my daily driver? Simple: Fully waterproofed without a case.  I just don’t have to think about it.  Though, from a sports-focused standpoint, the VIRB Ultra 30 pretty much slaughters it in functionality.  In any case, you could pick up that Hero5 Black and then with the $60 credit you’d only be a couple of dollars short in picking up my favorite GoPro 3-way Pole, or three extra Hero5 batteries.  Not too shabby.

Fitbit: The Blaze got some nice updates over the past little while, including legit smartphone notifications (finally!), as well as a pretty solid update on the mobile app side.  Both of which are worth noting.  Of course with the Blaze you’re really buying into the Fitbit social ecosystem more than anything else.  Do keep in mind the Fitbit Blaze doesn’t have GPS built-in, but rather uses your phone’s GPS (which Fitbit cleverly calls ‘Connected GPS’).  In either case, if you pick up a Fitbit unit, the winner deal here is that accessories are 50% off for both the Blaze and Alta.

Scosche: This is simple – it’s $20 off, and remains my ‘most favored nation’ status for an optical HR sensor.  The fact that it’s dual ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart means it works with basically everything out there these days.  And the accuracy is unbeatable from an optical HR standpoint (in part because it’s typically strapped on your upper arm).

So there ya go – just a quick bit of coverage on these sales, in case folks are looking to pick things up following the frenzy of the holidays.  And for everyone else, I return you to your normally scheduled postings.  Except, you know, minus any actual schedule.  I mostly just float with the wind.

Oh – and obviously – if you use the linkage above you help support the site and increase your awesomeness.  And everyone wants to be awesome…especially going into a Monday.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. robert day

    I’m looking at the New Balance RUNIQ android watch . Looks interesting . I would be coming from the basic To Tom runner . I was going to grab the Garmin 235 as it would be a great upgrade for me for marathon training . The only reason I held off was because of this New Balance watch . Have you had a chance to see it in Las Vegas ? Any thoughts ? Are you considering reviewing it ? Thanks .

  2. David

    Ray: is it your feeling that the Vivofit and Vivosmart line is an “update every year” line or since we saw the HR+ and Vivofit 3 we won’t be seeing updates any soon… wondering if this is just clearing inventory for new models…

    • I don’t think we’ll see a new Vivofit variant soon. I could see something like end of year (September timeframe). And probably the same for Vivosmart HR+. Basically, at this point they’ve got a pretty competitive product, so waiting a bit makes sense.

  3. Adam

    Target.com is selling the Vivoactive HR+ for $149

    link to target.com

  4. Goran

    This is a US-only sale?


  5. Brian

    Still rocking my Garmin 910xt (although the altimeter has gone out on it.) I do use it to race with an because of that I have the quick release kit. I know the 920xt has that same kit but the 735 doesn’t. My question is do you see a replacement coming out for the 920xt that I should wait for or do you think there will be a quick release coming for the 735? Don’t want to put money into something that is just going to be replaced in a couple months. But really like the quick release.

    • The quick release is the tricky part, since it took them forever to create one for the Fenix3, and there’s still no current plans for the Fenix5 (illogical to me, given tri is a big target market).

      I think the bigger question is where/how a FR920XT would fit into the overall landscape.

    • Patrick Utrecht

      Since Ray doesn’t like to talk about rumors, or he’s under an Non disclosure agreement, let me refer you to some early rumor talk about the 935 (replacing the 920) link to appelmoessite.wordpress.com Mind you, this isn’t official news but it’s likely that an announcement will be coming, seeing this ‘appelmoessite’ had the same early intel about the fenix 5.

    • Craig Hoskin

      PS. With your altimeter problem … try washing/soaking in warm water with soap, and a brush with a toothbrush, the two small holes for the altimeter on the back of the watch. Worked a treat for mine.

    • Brian

      yeah the quick release is a killer for me. I may have already been into the 735 otherwise…

    • Brian

      Interesting Patrick…thanks

    • Brian

      Thanks Craig I have tried just about everything including contacting garmin and they said I could send it in an have it fixed or received a refurb for $100. The watch still works just don’t get my elevation info and here in MN that isn’t a complete deal breaker…Thanks for the suggestion though.

  6. fisao

    Every time I come to your site, I learn a little something or other, but your link to the synchronised spin bike thingy…awesome, It made me laugh out loud and I thank you very much for this tidbit :)

    minor rant on/ regional sales suck! / minor rant off

  7. Matt

    Does the Rythm+ work as a Bridge?

  8. Scott H

    Any indication from Garmin they might match GoPro’s promotion with the Virb Ultra 30?

    • I haven’t seen anything there. I’d agree that a well-designed VIRB promo could go a long ways. I can’t think of the last time we’ve ever seen any VIRB promo. Maybe in that very first year there was one. In the second year, there were cases where once the products left MAP Policy (Minimum Advertised Price), we saw some crazy good deals. But that’s more on the retailer than Garmin at that point.

      I’d think something like a $299 for 7 day sale would go bonkers. But…what do I know. ;)

  9. Peter

    Few hours ago our 11,5mo old baby girl Nina made first 10 steps alone.
    As we are Garmin positive family, I think it should be cool to be able to track her progress …
    Do you think buying Vivofit Jr is for birthday is a totally stranbe idea of fanatic Dad? :)

    • Molly G

      The Vivofit Jr is designed for kids aged 4-9 and the band is not adjustable. I would not recommend buying this for a 1 yr old.

  10. Marcel

    I had the Scosche in my cart… at Clever Training no less (Amazon doesn’t offer the $59 price anymore), and then I hit the shipping cost wall. It has happened more often, but after a while, I forget, and I try again, and I cancel again. A 50% shipping fee, which is what the flat rate amounts to this time, is just silly for such a light item. That is the one thing preventing me from ordering at Clever Training – wish they would do something about it. I don’t mind paying actual shipping costs, but this is nonsense.

    • Hi Marcel-

      Sounds like you’re trying to ship from US to Europe or similar. I do agree the shipping fee is a bit wonky for the size of this particular item. Most times the flat-rate works out, but in this case for such an inexpensive and small item…not so much. I’ll poke them about seeing what can be done longer term.

      Note that you can also purchase from CT UK though, which may help a bit. Though no sale there unfortunately right now (but there is still the 10% deal).


  11. Dan Morse

    I bought the Scosche but find it horribly unreliable. In the 6-7 months I’ve been using my Garmin HR chest strap I’ve only had one ride ruined (from a HR measurement standpoint anyway) by it. In a couple weeks on the Scosche, I’ve lost 3-4 times as many. I let my wife use it, but it literally only works half the time. Thinking of getting a Tickr in order to get ANT+/BLE. Here’s one of the rides my wife did with the Scosche on. It defaults to 72 when the connection drops.

  12. Jessica Lister

    Any idea if the Fenix 3 or Fenix 3 HR will drop in price with the Fenix 5 hitting shelves soon?

  13. Nancy

    I am not what one would call a young runner and I like simple-to-use gadgets. I had a Garmin runners watch which I may have used 40 times and now the battery dies after 45 minutes and that is after a full charge. I would like to buy a very simple user friendly watch that has distance, time and pace per mile. Heart monitor would be a bonus but not necessary. Any suggestions. Thanks so much.

  14. Tom

    Just noticed Amazon has the Garmin 235 (Black) on sale for $269 (marked down from the usual $329). Maybe this is old news… but I just noticed it.

  15. Pablo

    There is a better deal on the Scosche Rhythm+ on their website, I think the best deal so far $50.39 using coupon SCOSCHE37

    link to scosche.com